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A Multi-product Newsvendor Problem Model Based on Demand Transfer and Mental Accounting in the Context of E-Commerce

Yuan Qiao, Wenhao Yang, Ziyao Sun
With the development of digital economy which multi-product co-management is an essential feature, e-commerce becomes harder to make decisions in the process of management. This paper studies the Multi-Product Newsvendor Problem with demand transfer, budget constraints and mental accounting under demand...
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Variance Analysis of Negative Impacts of Offshore Construction on Marine Environment

Zhengbin Chen, Huan Wang
With the advancement of technology and social development, China has witnessed a gradual increase in offshore construction activities. However, this has led to the destruction and pollution of the marine environment, resulting in severe disruptions to the survival of marine life. Therefore, this paper...
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Design and Implementation of Smart Logistics Big Data Management Service Platform

Xianjuan Shang, En Guo, Yuxin Song, Yusen Li
With the overall informatization level of the logistics industry increasing day by day, the logistics data information shows explosive growth. The traditional logistics information management system lacks corresponding processing methods for large-scale, real-time and heterogeneous data information,...
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Cost-Based Storage of the R-tree Aggregated Values over Flash Memory

Wojciech Macyna, Krzysztof Majcher
The flash memory due to its shock - resistance, power economy and non-volatile nature is considered as a very popular storage device. It is widely used in mobile phones, sensor networks and hand-held devices. What attracts the attention is the data storage in the flash memory. Database vendors try to...
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Power Quality in Smart Distribution Systems with Electric Battery, Large Loads and PV Generation.

Miguel Muñoz Ortiz, Idar Petersen, Ralf Mikut, Henrik Landsverk, Stig Harald Simonsen
A change in the electricity consumption is taking place, where one of the main reasons is the large increase in Distributed Generation, as photovoltaic (PV) systems and electric batteries in the low voltage (LV) distribution grid. This could translate in specific cases into a situation of increased peak...
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Study of the Delignification Process of Kelutuk Banana Stem (Pseudostem of Musa Balbisiana) as Raw Material for Bioethanol Production

Erlinawati Erlinawati, Aida Syarif, Irawan Rusnadi
Research on new and renewable energy (EBT) continues to be developed to reduce dependence on fuel oil whose availability continues to decrease. Currently, an alternative energy product that has the opportunity to be developed is bioethanol because it has a high oxygen content so that it burns more completely...
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Kinetic study of thermal decomposition of Shivee-Ovoo and Tavantolgoi coals

Jargalmaa Soninkhuu, Avid Budeebazar, Purevsuren Barnasan, Shiirav Gandandorj, Ilchgerel Dash, Namkhainorov Jargalsaikhan, Battsetseg Munkhtaivan
The present research work deals with the behavior of the thermal decomposition of the coals from Shivee-Ovoo and Tavantolgoi deposits and the determination of the kinetic parameters of their thermal decomposition. Thermal decomposition experiments were performed at five different heating temperature...
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Optimizing E-Methanol Production: Effect of Electricity Price and Renewable Energy Volatility on Optimum Dimensioning and Operation

Jaakko Hyypiä, Hannu Karjunen, Nashmin Hosseinpour, Eero Inkeri, Tero Tynjälä
Renewable energy can significantly reduce global CO2 emissions, both directly by reducing the use of fossil-based energy sources and indirectly through power-to-X pathways. These pathways facilitate the production of various fuels and chemical feedstocks, offering alternatives to fossil-based products....
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Comprehensive Evaluation of International Market Competitiveness Based on ANP-Grey Theory

Yi-Hsin Lin, Yi Zhang
This study is aimed at formulating competitiveness index system for Chinese medium-sized construction enterprises entering overseas international construction markets and evaluate a company’s competitiveness by adopting grey theory. An analytic network process (ANP) method is adopted to establish a set...
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Effect of Fabrication Parameters and Material Features on Surface Roughness of FDM Build Parts

Xinlong Huang, Zhenhui Shen, Shuanqiang Yang
The part fabricated by fused deposition modeling (FDM) process is influenced by fabrication parameters viz., layer resolution, processing quality, fill mode and the processing material on surface roughness. In this work, effects of fabrication parameters are investigated experimentally. The test specimen...
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Development of an Industrial Heat Storage Using High-Temperature PCM-Graphite Composites

Herbert Zondag, Gertjan Herder, Michel van der Pal, Simon Smeding, Gerard Elzinga, Robert de Boer
A material development study is carried out on high-temperature PCMs with graphite. D-Mannitol and adipic acid are tested as high temperature PCM materials for application in industrial steam systems. The study concludes that adipic acid is easier to use because of better chemical stability and much...
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Practical Learning Based on Virtual Reality Methods as a Solution to Increase Evaluation Level 1 Results in Practical learning at PT PLN (Persero) UPDL Palembang

Fajrie Agus Dwino Putra, Supli Efendi Rahim, Zulhipni Reno Saputra.
During the Covid 19 pandemic, all learning cannot be carried out face-to-face, especially with learning that requires a practicum. Based on these problems, the authors researched the form of research and development based on quantitative research methods. Practical learning based on the virtual reality...
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Regional-Scale Landslide Hazard Analysis in Sensitive Clays Using an Integrated Approach

Ali Saeidi, Blanche Richer, Rama Vara Prasad Chavali, Maxime Boivin, Alain Rouleau
The Saguenay region in Quebec is largely covered by sensitive marine clays that are highly susceptible to large retrogressive landslides. This work addresses the development of a methodology to forecast slope failure and zonation of landslides in sensitive clays. This is demonstrated by applying an integrated...
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Research on vibration comfort of steel structure pedestrian bridges in slow moving systems

Zhenwei Xiong, Yongping Zhang, Changgen Wu, Shougui Zhang, Genqin Li
The current urban life needs a public, very attractive, leisure and entertainment space that can enjoy ecological services. Based on the above requirements, the slow traffic system bridge plays a role of “stringing beads into a chain” in the ecological park around the city. Its design complexity and...
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Research on Water Environment Improvement in Urban Rivers and Lakes Connected Areas——Taking “Shanghai Fish” Lake as an Example

Hongkuan Liu
In order to clarify the spatiotemporal variation patterns of water quality in urban river lake connected areas and improve the regional water environment, this research takes “Shanghai Fish” Lake and its surrounding backbone river network as the research objects. One-dimensional and two-dimensional hydrodynamic...
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Improving the Quality of Goat Sperm through the Implementation of Fermented Feed based on Water Hyacinth: Fermege Formula 3

Evie Ratnasari, Herlina Fitrihidajati, Isnawati Isnawati
Fermented feed made from water hyacinth contain high nutrition, increase goat weight, improve carcass quality and improve the reproduction system of goats. The aims of this study were determining the effect of fermege formula 3 on the quality of goat spermatozoa was compared to conventional feed. This...
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Delignification and Characterization of Fiber from Durian Peel Waste

Emma Savitri, Prayogo Widyastoto Waluyo, Leonardus Edward Layantara, Nathasya Fabiola Rusly
The limited availability of natural fiber sources makes durian peel waste an alternative source of natural fiber. The characteristic of durian peel waste, which is mechanically strength, has the potential to be developed. During the durian season, the amount of durian consumption by the community increases...
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A Study of Dual-Channel Supply Chain Promotion Strategies

Xia Zhang, Ying Wang
With the development of e-commerce, the e-promotion and dual-channel supply chains has become a common phenomenon in society. And the promotional strategies of dual-channel supply chain members have become a popular studying topic. In this paper, a Nash equilibrium model is used to investigate the optimal...
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Safety evaluation of station settlement pipeline based on physical-information fusion

Cheng Xie, Tiefeng Shi, Yao Wang, Liwen Chen, Yinan Zhang, Shaohua Dong
The foundation of the station built in the coastal area is often weak in lithology, and uneven settlement is easy to occur in the station. The safety risk system of station pipeline under uneven settlement involves many elements and complex components. Therefore, to evaluate the safety level of station...
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Research on Fire Fighting Scheme of Indoor Fire Fighting Robot Based on Multi-sensor

Tian Junwei, Ding Ruimin, Li Jintao, Zhang Yanling
How to find the fire source point is the key technical point of the indoor fire-fighting robot in the operation process. The proposed low-cost comprehensive detection fire source solution using multi-sensor and surveillance camera photo recognition can successfully solve the problem that the fire-fighting...
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The Warm Blanket of Geotechnical Databases and the Reality of Rock Mechanics

Julian Watson, Antonio Verduzco Mendez, Patricia Robertson
The limited success of simplified slope stability assessment tools and concerns related to slope performance resulted in a review of an open pit mine located in South Western United States. 3D numerical was used to assess the LOM design which led to improved slope stability, while maintaining key safety...
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Face Recognition Using Local Binary Pattern (LBP) and Local Enhancement (LE) Methods At Night Period

Abdurrahman Fi Zhilali'l, Muhammad Nasrun, Casi Setianingsih
Face recognition is a technique that is widely used in the field of identification of a person or in the field of security. This technique basically determine the similarity on each face of a person who will be identified with the face already stored in a storage (database). In this paper the facial...
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Oil Palm Empty Bunches as an Alternative Raw Material for Making Bioplastics

A Husaini, M Zaman, S Chodijah, Hilwatullisan, Ibrahim
The purpose of this research is to obtain bioplastics that are biodegradable and safe if disposed of in the environment. This bioplastic is made using Empty Bunches and white rice and plasticizer. White rice flour as a source of starch with variations in the addition of chitosan additives and glycerol...
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Model simulation of reconstructed fiber yarns

Josef Vosáhlo
These abstract deals with fiber yarn model simulation, a technique used to optimize realistic simulations associated with the fiber manufacturing process. Filament yarn is produced using a complex process that involves spinning the fibers into a single thick and continuous strip called yarn. The objective...
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Consecutive Operation of a Rock Bed Thermal Energy Storage - CFD Analysis

Yousif Muhammad, Kai Knobloch, Henrik Lund Frandsen, Kurt Engelbrecht
High temperature thermal energy storage units can provide the flexibility required, by storing the excess energy in the form of heat and suppling it back either into the electric grid or as heat to any energy intense industrial process. DTU Energy has constructed a vertical flow high temperature thermal...
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Analysis of the Ways to Create Intrinsic Safe Enterprises

Yajing Bi, Yi He, Qi Wang
Intrinsic safety is the inherent safety feature of an integrated enterprise system. The realization of the intrinsic safety of an enterprise depends not only on improving the safety level of “equipment” and “environment” through science and technology, but also on improving the safety quality of the...
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Tensile Properties of Concrete with Irregular Aggregate Shapes

Lei Tian, Yawei Li
Concrete is an important heterogeneous material used in engineering structures and infrastructure projects. Studying its mechanical properties and failure mechanism from meso-scale could provide supplementary insights for experimental research. In this study, the geometric concrete model of three aggregate...
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Hydrolysis Reaction Kinetics of Baggasse and Banana Peel in the Process of Bioethanol Production

Indah Purnamasari, Endang Supraptiah, Rima Daniar, Cindi Ramayanti, Tri Lestari, Eti Nurmahdani
The alternative biofuel that is inexpensive in terms of production and environmentally friendly is the development of bioethanol from agricultural wastes (biomass) which contains a lot of lignocellulose such as bagasse (solid waste from the sugar industry) and banana peel (waste from markets). One of...
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Research on Mix Design and Impermeability Test of Fully Recycled Concrete Based on Building Materials

Yun Xiao, Meng Zhang, Qi Liu, Wenjing Guan, Jinyan Li, Mingming Dai
Reclaimed concrete may successfully accomplish concrete recycling, cut down on resource waste, and advance environmental and green development. This work studies the impermeability performance of totally recycled coarse aggregate concrete by designing the mix ratio using the coarse aggregate found in...
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Applications of a Clamping Joint in a Rail Vehicle Design

Lukáš Hruzík, Jiří Struž, Jiří Začal, Květoslav Kaláb
This paper deals with design problematics of a clamping joint for the tanker frame in a rail vehicle. This car body is made from aluminum alloy. The main requirement of the joint is safe transmission the load given by the norm ČSN EN 12 663-1. At the beginning of the study is make the analysis of friction...
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The Optimal Contract for Land Trusteeship

Cuiling Li, Qiuling Hou
Land trusteeship, as a new management mode to realize large-scale and intensive land management, has been paid more and more attention by the government and scholars. This paper develops a model to study the optimal contract of land trusteeship via principal-agent theory which is based on Tirole's...
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Improving the Quality of Tofu Liquid waste by the Sedimentation Process and the Phytoremediation of Water Hyacinth (Eichornia crassipes)

Herlina Fitrihidajati, Fida Rachmadiarti, Dwi Savitri Vidyawati
Waste from the tofu industry produced the pollutant like NH3, NO2, NO3 with high content that caused environmental pollution. Hence, the processing of tofu liquid waste was needed. The purpose of this research was to determine the effect on the levels of pH, NH3, NO2, NO3 and to determine the biomass...
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Making Herbal Tea from a Mixture of Butterfly Pea Flower (Clitoria Ternatea) and Ginger Powder (Zingiber Officinale) by using Drying Method According to Indonesian National Standards (SNI)

Sofiah Sofiah, Arizal Aswan, Isnandar Yunanto, Cindi Ramayanti, Putri Desty Amelia, Aliyah Nahda Utami
Herbal tea is a term for herb flowers, leaves, seeds, roots or dried fruit that is not derived from the tea plant (Camellia sinensis). One of the plants that can be used as herbal teas are butterfly pea (Clitoria ternatea) and ginger (Zingiber officinale). Butterfly pea is known traditionally as an eye...
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Probability of Correct Decision–Making at Triggering of Load–Shifting, Intended for Low CO2 Intensity and Low EEX Trading Prices via Simple Grid Frequency Monitoring

Stefan Krauter, Lin Zhang
To provide a simple control signal to operate residential Load–Shifting or Demand–Side–Management, the monitoring of actual grid frequency seems to be an appropriate method. Due to the present inflexibility and the lack of sufficient throttling capabilities of residual lignite and nuclear power plants,...
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Structure-Related Non-uniformities in Composite Bars Made of Hybrid Dammar-Based Resin and Reinforced with Natural Fiber Fabrics

Alexandru Bolcu, Sabin Rizescu, Nicolae Dumitru
The paper presents the factors characterizing the non-uniformities that might occur during the technological process of making composite materials. These factors were analyzed in cases of two types of composite materials made of hybrid Dammar-base resin and reinforced with hemp and linen fabric, respectively....
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Study on the influence of Peripheral Hole Interpolation Angle on Tunnel Overcut and Undercut

Jun Wang
The parameters that control the smooth blasting effect of tunnel driving include peripheral hole spacing, charge structure and external interpolation Angle, among which the peripheral hole external interpolation Angle is an important parameter to ensure the quality of smooth blasting. This paper uses...
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Analysis of the influence of the universality of aviation equipment parts on the probability of spare parts support and equipment availability

Wang Junke, Jiang Tiejun, Li Zheng, Chen Bing
To study the impact of universal parts on spare parts support probability and equipment availability, first, the calculation method of spare parts support probability is given. According to the difference in equipment and spare parts number, the change of spare parts support probability is mathematically...
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The Frame Structure of Underwater Robot for Shallow Water

Zhang Yunhui, Sun Lina, Qiao Lu, Feng Qiang
In order to monitor and detect the turbid water in the shallow water channel, this paper designs a frame underwater robot. In this paper, according to the depth of diving and the thrust of the size of the frame, shell, underwater light detection, propeller and battery compartment structure distribution...
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The Effect of the Catalyst (NaOH) on the Processing of Waste Used Oil Into Liquid Fuel

Azharuddin, Syafei, Didi Suryana, HB Indra, M R Rahmaddy, Y Pratomo, M A Ariasya
The use of lubricating oil is increasing every year the resulting waste is also increase. Based on the waste criteria issued by the Ministry of Environment, used oil is included in the category of B3 waste. Although used oil can still be used, if not managed properly, it can be dangerous for the environment....
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Case Analysis of Seismic Evaluation of Existing Nuclear Facilities

Xiaodong Li, Guixiang Yi, Chen Sun
Earthquake is one of the main external risk factors for nuclear power. Especially after the March 11 earthquake in Japan, the Fukushima nuclear power accident has attracted worldwide attention. The seismic margin of existing nuclear facilities in all countries has been evaluated. However, the seismic...
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Research on the Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility in the Digital Economy Based on Intelligent Consumer Behavior Algorithm

Ruibo Zhao
This research brings up an adapted consumer utility model based on marginal utility to describe the relationship between corporate social responsibility (CSR) and corporate development in the age of digital economy. It then conducts verification based on the controversial gambling industry in Macau....
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Research of Vulnerability Security Detection for Video Surveillance Equipment

Pang Tianyu, Chen Rui, Shen Quanjiang
Abstract—Aiming at various security vulnerabilities in video surveillance system, the paper proposes a vulnerability security detection method for video surveillance equipment. The method scans the TCP / IP different ports services of the target video equipment remotely, records the response content...
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Slope Stability Analysis for Optimisation of Overburden Dump Capacity in Opencast Coal Mines

Sravan Kumar Gara, Nirbhay Narayan Singh, Randip Singh, K. S. Rao
Slope stability study of Over Burden (OB) dump needs to be carried out for maintaining them at the steepest possible angle without any danger from the stability point of view. One of the most important input parameters for stability analysis is the shear strength i.e., cohesion and angle of internal...
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Live E-Commerce Multi-entity Value Co-creation Behavior: A Consumer Engagement Motivation Perspective

Yu-miao Chang, Ying Zhu, Hui Li
Consumers, anchors, platforms, manufacturers, and other multi-type subjects constitute the value co-creators of e-commerce live streaming. The virtual presence and real-time interaction between multiple subjects and consumers through the live e-commerce scene directly convert traffic into sales and become...
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The phonon dispersion of graphene

Myagmarsuren Genden, Amartaivan Tsenddavaa, Gantulga Tsedendorj, Enkhtor Lkahmsuren
In frame of De Launay model we calculated phonon dispersion of graphene in ГM direction using radial and tangential force constants for first four neighbor atoms. Calculated phonon dispersion is in satisfactory agreement with experimental phonon spectra of graphite. In long wave approximation we estimated...
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Development of Project Document Management System Based on Data Governance With DAMA International Framework

Hanung Nindito Prasetyo, Regina Nathania Djepapu, Ferra Arik Tridalestari, Irman Hariman
Information will continue to grow in an organization, Various forms of information formed such as file documents, archives, policies, procedures, and so forth. In the current era of information technology, document management becomes an absolute thing for the organization. All business processes, activities...
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Batteries and pumped-hydro: Pooling for synergies in the frequency response provisioning

Louis Bahner, Achim Schreider, Ralf Bucher
Battery electric storage systems (BESS) are characterised by their fast ramping, pumped-storage plants (PSP) by their relatively larger storage capacity. In this paper the pooling of PSP (with ternary set) and BESS for the common provision of frequency containment reserve (FCR, primary reserve) is analysed....
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District Battery for Optimized Use of Photovoltaic Energy

Kira Meisenzahl, Eberhard Waffenschmidt
The aim of this work is the comparison of a common storage to individual batteries for an improved use of generated photovoltaic (PV) generation for a planned residential area of 22 houses. For this purpose, a simulation tool has been developed. It compares the storage concepts regarding grade of autarky...
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The Smart Combination of a Novel MicroCHP, PVs and Various Energy Storage Possibilities to Provide the Household Energy Needs All year Round

Joseph Cilia, Andrea Brincat, Carmel Ellul, James Attard, Neville Azzopardi, Matthew Schembri, Redeemer Axisa, Markus Thiry, David Cilia
The problem of seasonal energy storage, where excess renewable energy in the summer months is stored to cater for the winter season, is an active topic being researched [1, 2]. The solution being proposed in this paper targets residential homes, and is the result of the development of a microCHP with...
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Glycemic Index of Snack Bar from Pedada Fruit Flours (Sonneratia caseolaris) and Legumes Flour

Jariyah Jariyah, Sri Winarti, Inka Agrita
Snack bar is a snack in the form of bars made from cereals or nuts, has a high protein content which is usually consumed on the sidelines of meals. Pedada fruit is one of the mangrove fruits that contain high dietary fiber, while the legumes a good source of protein, and it also contains carbohydrates,...
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Application of ABC-Kraljic Classification in Inventory Management Within Traditional Small Foreign-Related Manufacturing Enterprises

Feiyan Zhong
Inventory management is a crucial part of supply chain management and plays an important role in the business operation and development of manufacturing enterprises. The outdated inventory management methods and extensive material classification methods adopted by traditional small manufacturing enterprises...
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Analysis of factors affecting the stability of high-fill embankments on slope foundation

Chao Yang, Guang-hui Yang
In order to clarify the influence characteristics of various factors in the stability of high-fill embankments with slope foundation, the stability of high-fill embankments with slope foundation was systematically analyzed from the aspects of embankment height, pavement width, embankment gradient, slope...
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Research on the Influence of Curved Shield Tunneling Construction on the Deformation of Existing Bridge Piles

Qingqu Fu, Xuanrong Zheng, Pengcheng Ding
The ABAQUS software was used to establish a finite element model of the existing bridge piles for curved shield tunneling, and the impact of each stage of curved shield tunneling construction on the upper surface and adjacent pile foundations was analyzed. Research has shown that the main settlement...
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Renewable Metal Fuels as Sustainable Seasonal Energy Storage

Covering Winter Peaks of Heat and Electricity Demand

Yvonne I. Baeuerle, Michel Y. Haller
Renewable Metal Fuels (ReMeF) have great potential to store renewable energy for several months. A thorough criteria evaluation of possible candidates was conducted, considering (1) abundance in the Earth's crust, (2) world reserves, (3) market price and its development, (4) energy density, and...
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Energy supply performance of air-, water-, and dual-cooled PV/T systems in different climatic zones of China

Peiyuan Xu, Jinkun Zheng
This paper investigates the performance of PV/ T (photovoltaic/ thermal) system operating in air-cooling, water-cooling and dual-cooled scenarios in different climatic zones in China, and explores the effects of different coolant on the efficiency of PV/T systems, which can provide references for the...
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Photovoltaics and battery storage—Python-based optimisation for innovation tenders

Philipp Schreiber, Mathias Hofmann, Marco Wieland
One of the main concerns in extending variable renewable energy (VRE) is the electric grid stability due to the sources’ volatility. Germany is introducing a new auction mechanism within the German Renewable Energy Sources Act called “Innovationsausschreibung” (innovation tender) to grid- and system-supporting...
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Realization of Multi-point Navigation and Obstacle Avoidance Based on ROS

Wang Qin, Feng Yupeng, Li Jintao, Wang Li
At present, in ROS core framework system, the realization of autonomous cruising and obstacle avoidance is the only way for robots to become more perfect. For this reason, this paper proposes and establishes a physical model of a two-wheel differential-driven mobile robot with nonholonomic motion constraints....
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Mesoscopic Numerical Analysis of Concrete Damage Based on Random Aggregate Model

Yawei Li, Lei Tian
Concrete is defined as a three-phase composite material consisting of aggregate, mortar matrix, and interfacial transition zone (ITZ). To investigate the influence of various phases on the strength and damage of concrete, this research constructs a two-dimensional random aggregate model of concrete based...
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Evaluation of Core Competitiveness of Aerospace Enterprises Based on Dual Competence Perspective

Chugui Zheng, Dong Li, Gui Tang, Wenjing Zhang
In the face of the complex and fierce competition situation, it is very important and urgent to evaluate the core competitiveness of aerospace enterprises scientifically. This paper constructs the evaluation index system of the core competence of aerospace enterprises from the perspective of double capability,...
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Design and Prototype of Paving Block Making Machine

Ella Sundari, Soegeng Witjahjo, Eka Satria Martomi, Dodi Tafrant
Paving Block (Conblock) is a kind of the building materials used for footing or roads. As same as bricks, paving block made from a mixture of cement, sand and water. Currently, home industries generally still use manual paving block printing tools. Where the paving block dough is put into the mold, then...
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Comparison of Raw Materials for Making Liquid Smoke with Pyrolysis Method as an Alternative to Formalin and Borax in Food

Nurul Izza, Teuku Rihayat, Rima Dhinta Dewi Astuti, Atiqah Aida, Isra Adelya Izzati, Nurhanifa Aidy, Aida Safitri
The manufacture of liquid smoke from the comparison of raw materials for teak and pine wood powder waste is carried out by the pyrolysis method, purified by distillation and filtration which will be applied as a preservative in food. The pyrolysis process was carried out using a reactor with a capacity...
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Model reconstruction of fiber yarn from CT images

Josef Vosáhlo
The Image analysis of fibers is a key technique in the field of materials research and industrial engineering. The purpose of this work is to present a solution for fiber image analysis using MATLAB, a high-performance software environment for numerical computations and data visualization. This work...
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Pressure consistency for binary hard-sphere mixtures from an integral equation approach

Banzragch Tsednee, Tsogbayar Tsednee, Tsookhuu Khinayat
The site-site Ornstein-Zernike equation combined with the Verlet-modified bridge function has been applied to the binary hard sphere mixtures and pressure consistency has been tested. An equa tion of state has been computed for the case where a packing fraction is η = 0.49, diameter ratios are σ2/σ1 = 0.3...
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Lean and Green Value Stream Mapping: Case Study of an East Java Furniture Factory

Reyhan Iskandar, Moses Laksono Singgih
Research on lean principles in developing countries remains limited, highlighting the need for exploring alternative methods that have a positive environmental impact. One such approach is the utilization of the Value Stream Mapping (VSM) method to develop a system for waste reduction in production processes....
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Effect of Thermo-oxidative Aging on Properties of Compound High Viscosity Modified Asphalt and Mixture

Chunlei Ge, Zhaoyang Li, Yue Qin
The aging of asphalt is the main reason for the performance degradation of porous asphalt pavement. The purpose of this article is to investigate the aging behavior of high-viscosity agent / styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS)-modified asphalt and asphalt mixtures. To this end, samples of asphalt and asphalt...
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Research on sales forecasting of fresh chicken based on ensemble learning for a broiler processing enterprise

Huiting Xia, Yu Cao, Xu Cheng
In order to ensure the freshness of fresh food and reduce the inventory of enterprises, enterprises need to predict the sales volume of tomorrow before ordering fresh chickens. The effect of the traditional model on sales forecast is not ideal, so a sales forecast based on stacking model is proposed....
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Prototype of Kempelang Fish Dryers Reviewed from Energy of H2O that is Evaporated to Air

Ida Febriana, KA Ridwan, Anerasari M, Taufik jauhari
Kempelang is a typical food of Palembang City. The hallmark of ths food lies in the prominent taste of fish. The use of fish will affect the distinctive taste and price of this food. Kempelang crackers are one of the small industry products that are quite popular in the community. In order for kempelang...
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Research on the Thermal Performance of a Helical Coil Heat Exchanger

Zuti Zhang, Hanyang Liu
Helical coil heat exchanger has been widely used in hydraulics engineering, and plays an important role in modern industry. The distribution of fluid field which would be influenced by helical coil structural parameters is an important factor affecting its thermal performance. In this paper, CFD analysis...
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Adding Some Remarks Concerning the Dzahanibekov Effect

Sabin Rizescu, Alexandru Bolcu, Leonard Marius Ciurezu-Gherghe
The paper further investigates the Dzhanibekov effect. This effect was noticed for the first time in 1985 aboard the Salyut 7 orbital station. Several different rigid bodies, each and every one of them with its main moments of inertia having close values, are analysed. Rigid bodies, each and every one...
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Decreasing Organic Containers in Slaughterhouse with Photocatalyst Method using TiO2 and UV-C Rays

Okik Hendriyanto Cahyonugroho, Kiki Indra Cahya, Agil Harnowo Putra
The slaughterhouse waste generally contains blood, protein, grease and suspended solids which cause the burden of high organic materials that can contaminate the rivers and environment. Therefore, efforts should be made before the waste with this high organic content in order not to pollute the environment....
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Load Profile Analysis of Medium Voltage Regulating Transformers on Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)

Robert Beckmann, Ewald Röben, Jens Clemens, Frank Schuldt, Karsten von Maydell
Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) already cover a large part of the Frequency Containment Reserve (FCR) in Germany. If these are built at locations of conventional power plants, the infrastructure available there may be utilized. In this paper we investigate how the secondary voltages of two medium...
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On the Relationship of Travel Time and Energy Efficiency of Industrial Robots

Kai Eggers, Zygimantas Ziaukas, Jens Kotlarski, Tobias Ortmaier
This paper presents an approach to quantify the energy saving potential with regard to travel time of industrial robot motions. In order to minimize the influence of the exemplary considered trajectories and, thus, provide general results, the evaluation is done on a large set of automatically generated...
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A Design of Camera Adjustment Mechanism Based on Automatic Visual NC tool Detector

Su Yu, Zhang Leimeng, Tang Bo, Qu Wang
Aiming at the camera adjustment mechanism of the automatic NC tool detector based on automatic vision affects the measurement accuracy of the tool parameters, the camera adjustment mechanism is designed. The geometric nature of the camera adjustment mechanism is studied, and the camera rotation and its...
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Design of Ground Pressure Monitoring System in Fully Mechanized Mining Face

Shuhao Yang
A stable mine pressure monitoring system in fully mechanized coal mining face is an important guarantee for safe mining in the working face. In order to effectively monitor the change of roof pressure, roadway surrounding rock displacement, roof separation, bolt (cable) stress and advance stress in the...
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Welded and Bolted Frames of Freight Electric Vehicles

Ladislav Ševčík
In the contribution is made FEM calculation of frames of freight electric vehicles. A comparison is made between welded and screwed frame joints of high strength steel. A strength check was carried out on the basis of the tensile tests of the welded material and a check with screwed version.
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Application Exploration of BIM Technology in Integrated Fusion Power Supply System

Qiangjian Chen, Xinjie Zhu, Li Jiang, Ge Gao, Hong Lei
BIM technology has gradually been widely applied in all aspects of social production and daily life. Especially in terms of engineering management and design requirements. However, adding BIM technology to a project will inevitably increase the cost to some extent. In order to maximize the implementation...
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Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Large Stratified Thermal Storage Systems in transient states

Robin Fick, Robert Honke, Dieter Brüggemann
Mid-sized thermal energy storage (TES) systems, especially in the distributed sector, have received little attention for public buildings. Validation of such systems, especially for the use of multiple renewables with different operating modes using CFD simulations, is still pending. The objective of...
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Intelligent and controllable synchronous lifting slipforming technology for super-high bridge piers

Qingru Yu, Ming Li, Cailiang Ma, Yang Chen
There are still many problems to be solved in the rapid construction of unequal-span continuous rigid bridge, and it is urgent to study the key technology of high pier construction. During the impoundment period for the non-navigable, high water level floating bridge project in the reservoir area, water...
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Photoionization cross section of a hydrogenic impurity in a piezoelectric core-shell nanowire

Sihua Ha, Jun Zhu
The photoionization cross section (PCS) of a hydrogenic-like impurity in a piezoelectric core-shell nanowire is investigated by a variational method combined with a finite-difference algorithm. The quantum Stark effect caused by the piezoelectric field, the quantum confinement effect due to structural...
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Analysis of Syngas Results of the Maindepth Coal Gasification Process with Gasification Downraft Methods

Erlinawati Erlinawati, Aida Syarif, Arizal Azwan, Tahdid Tahdid
According to the Geological Agency (2015), Indonesia’s resources total are 106.845 billion tons and coal reserves are 32.263 billion tons. Behind the reasons for choosing coal as an energy source, there are still some disadvantages of using coal directly. One of them is the coal contains a lot of pollutant...
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Infrastructure Management Based on Vulnerability to Landslides

Alex Cuéllar Díaz
This study analyzed the vulnerability of the assets of an oil field exposed to landslides, based on the potential loss of value due to damage to people, the environment, property and/or business, with the objective of making visible, prioritizing, planning, and executing actions to address risk areas,...
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Research on Agricultural Product Logistics Information System Based on “Internet +” Modularization

Lin Yang
With the proposal of “Internet +” concept and the progress of modern logistics technology, “Internet + agricultural products” continue to occupy the mainstream field, logistics information service system is also constantly upgraded, under the “Internet +” concept, the modular method to sublimate. “Internet...
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A Review of Researching on Dynamic Taint Analysis Technique

Peiwu Dai, Zulie Pan, Yang Li
Taint analysis technique is the key technique means for analyzing the robustness of programs and vulnerability mining. By marking the data which are sensitive or untrusted, one can observe the flow of these tainted data during program execution, then determine whether the marked data affects the key...
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Novel Thermogravimetric Characterization Method for Adsorption Cycles of TCM

Gayaneh Issayan, Bernhard Zettl
The ongoing process of thermochemical material development for improved thermal storage applications relies on flexible material characterization in terms of storage capacity, mechanical stability and cycling durability. This work purposes a time-efficient thermogravimetric method and the corresponding...
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Experimental Study on a New Type of Earth Pressure Measurement Device for Retaining Structures

Xiao Wu, Xuefeng Huang, Fengxi Zhou, Xiaohui Yang, Nan Guo
To address the challenge of precision in existing earth pressure measurement techniques, this study introduces the use of rebar strain gauges. This novel approach utilizes the tensile forces in reinforcing bars to accurately determine the earth pressure on retaining structures. Employing a bespoke experimental...
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Design of Spinning Resistance Control System Based on MCU

Zhao Peng, Yang Gaoxiang, Wang Jia, Zhang Yan
Aiming at the problem of resistance control of spinning bicycle in the process of riding, in order to improve the resistance control of spinning bicycle to be more intelligent, a research on controlling the resistance of spinning bicycle by controlling the Angle change of steering engine based on single...
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Topology and Efficiency Analysis of Utility-Scale Battery Energy Storage Systems

Anupam Parlikar, Holger Hesse, Andreas Jossen
Energy storage is an important flexibility measure to stabilize and secure the electrical energy supply system. Lithium-ion battery energy systems (BESS) are, owing to their characteristics, uniquely poised to support and augment the functioning of the energy supply system. It is crucial to identify...
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Performance of Algae Reactor for Nutrient and Organic Compound Removal

Agil Harnowo Putra, Aulia Ulfah Farahdiba
The excess content of nutrients in the water can cause eutrophication which has an impact on increasing turbidity and causing anoxic conditions in a waters. High Rate Algae Reactor (HRAR) is wastewater treatment and nutrient recycling based on symbiotic interactions between heterotropic bacteria and...
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Performance Evaluation of a Cylindrical PEM Fuel Cell and the Stack

Suseendiran S. Ravichandran, Gowri Mohandass, Amit C. Bhosale, Raghunathan Rengasamy, Ramya Ramkumar, Suman Roy Choudhury
Air-breathing fuel cells, due to their ability of using oxygen directly from air, have the potential to emerge as a primary power source for various applications. Cylindrical fuel cells offer the advantage of higher gravimetric and volumetric power densities compared to conventional planar fuel cells....
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Water Quality Monitoring System in Guorami Fish Cultivation Based on Microcontroller

Sujito, Abdullah Iskandar Syah, Ilham Ari Elbaith Zaeni, Danny Mayrawan, Muhammad Solihul Hadi, I Made Wirawan, Faiz Syaikhoni Aziz
The growth of gourami is not only influenced by food but also by the quality of water as its habitat. Water suitable for use as a habitat for gourami is freshwater. Therefore, goramy farmers need to maintain water quality for the survival of gourami. Water quality is influenced by several parameters...
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Effect of Seawater on the Mechanical Strength of Geopolymer/Cement Stabilized Sandy Soils

Parisa Samadi, Ali Ghodrati, Pooria Ghadir, Akbar A. Javadi
Freshwater supply for stabilizing sandy soils is one of the significant challenges in coastal regions. On the other hand, Ordindary Portland cement (OPC) has several limitations in the exposure to saline environments. Geopolymers, as environmentally friendly soil stabilizers, have been widely used in...
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Research on Deformation Control of Power Shield Tunnels Undercrossing Rivers Based on Orthogonal Experimental Method

Qingqu Fu, Xuanrong Zheng, Jiahui Qi
When the shield tunnel is constructed under the river, the shield machine is excavated in the water-rich sand layer with rich water content and strong permeability, and it is difficult to control the stratum disturbance deformation during construction. In this paper, based on the project of Xi’an 330kV...
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Research on the Security Assessment of Cloud Communication in Intelligent Connected Vehicle

Shihao Xue, Yuqiao Ning, Yang Chen, Qingyang Wu, Shiwen Shen, Quanrui Huo
This paper introduces a theory and method for vehicle Telematics BOX (T-BOX) communication security assessment. The exponential growth of data generated in vehicles now raises a great deal of data leakage security risks, while there are a large number of data interaction scenarios. This paper will analyse...
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Compressive Strength Study of the Recycled Mortar From Waste Tiles

Lijun Chen, Wenjie Du, Yuan Zhang
To achieve the resourceful utilization of waste ceramic tiles and reduce the usage of sand in construction, this paper employs waste ceramic tiles to produce recycled fine aggregates. Simultaneously, the recycled fine aggregates undergo surface modification treatment using a silane coupling agent KH550...
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Design of Double Oscillating Sliding Mechanism

Valentin Corzanu, Andrei Corzanu
The major objective of this paper is to solve a synthesis problem, namely the design of a mechanism with a double oscillating slide that has the role of rotating a rocker at 180°; the relationships between the lengths of the elements that ensure its rotation without blocking are established. The geometric...
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Analysis of Cross-Border E-Commerce Customer Information of Chinese Jewelry Enterprises Based on Cross-Border E-Commerce TMCIE Model—Taking Dongguan BD Company as an Example

Fei Lei, Liangmei Luo, Yangyang Yan, Kun Xiu Lu, Chenghua Li
In the post-epidemic era, although the cross-border e-commerce sales performance of Chinese jewelry companies has increased to a certain extent, challenges and opportunities coexist. Although there are a large number of Chinese jewelry companies doing cross-border e-commerce, most of them have low information...
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Mathematical analysis of propeller flight simulation

Jakub Fiačan, Slavomír Hrček, František Brumerčík, Jozef Ondriga, Ján Steininger, Pavol Michal, Zdenko Šavrnoch
The thesis focuses on the analysis and calculation of the aerodynamic lift force of the propeller that is applied to the drone. The unmanned aerial vehicle, a drone, can be remotely controlled or capable of autonomous flight using pre-programmed flight plans or more complex dynamic autonomous systems....
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Localized Island Model Genetic Algorithm in Population Diversity Preservation

Alfian Akbar Gozali, Shigeru Fujimura
Premature convergence in island model is a consequence of the selection in migration mechanism. It is a process of migrating several individuals (usually the best one) from a source into destination island to keep its diversity. The main reason is the similar characteristic of relocated individual because...
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Design and Performance of Small-scale Downdraft Biomass Gasification: A Case Study of Rice Husks

Ozkar F. Homzah, Rachmat D Sampurno, A Junaidi, Dodi Tafrant
Energy consumption and environmental pollutants have to become present issues. So, the reduced of energy fossil in the community is to overcome the highly prices of oil and gas. Therefore, an alternative energy innovation from biomass is needed. Gasification is to energy produces from solid material...
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Research on the Matching Model of Talent Team Management of Enterprise A Based on BP Neural Network

Hui Fang, LiLi Song, Yong Wang
The job matching system occupies an important position in human resource management and plays a pivotal role in the healthy and orderly development of modern enterprises. This study takes BP neural network as the theoretical basis and establishes the human-job matching measurement model for managers...