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Development of Intelligent Technology for Sports Training

Haisheng Zou
Intelligent technology is a new computer technology applied in the field of sports in recent years, which can effectively improve the effect of sports skill training. This paper analyzes the characteristics of intelligent technology, describes in detail the importance of virtual reality technology in...
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The Rt of Analysis Model under the Adiabatic Shear Mechanism

Yucai Dong, Jianjun Wang
A-T model of the modified hydrodynamics, is widely used in metal projectile and target materials, good prediction accuracy for penetration depth in penetration process. But the Rt (target defense force) is determined relatively difficult, lack of real physical meaning to widely accepted the Rt of calculation...
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Research of Pure Bending Beam Based on Workbench and Experimental Technology

Zhongfang Li, Yinhu Qiao
In this paper, the ansys stress simulation technology under workbench environment is applied to the normal stress on the cross section analysis of pure bending of curved beam and beam deformation analysis, the results of simulation image intuitive shows the normal stress distribution on cross section...
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Design of Intelligent Pronunciation Training System based on Android Pslatform

In recent years, with more and more Chinese learning English, there are more and more English learning software, but most of the software are lack of good pronunciation evaluation and feedback correction. However, in English pronunciation learning, especially for non-native English learners, effective...
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Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Process for Applied Mechanics, Mechatronics and Materials towards Sustainable Development -Sustainability excellence achievements

Vijayan Gurumurthy Iyer
This research has been focussed on to the design and development of sustainable ozone layer to restore back global warming potential into original conditions . The Sustainable ozone layer is a kind of new Ozone layer development that meets the needs of the present generation’s ultraviolet radiation protection...
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Application of BIM Technology Based on Big Data Analysis in Autonomous Learning of Civil Engineering Teaching

Ya Qin
In the information age, big data, an important modern information technology, has been developed rapidly and has realized the penetration into many fields. The higher education is one of them. In the view of big data, the civil engineering course teaching in Colleges and universities must take the way...
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Research on Current Situation and Countermeasures of Sichuan New Energy Automobile Industry Development

Tao Yang, Yinghua Liao, Dehui Zhao
Based on the situation of the development of new energy automobile industry in Sichuan Province, this article analyzes the problems in the development, demonstration and popularization of new energy vehicle industry. Combining Sichuan's “13th Five-Year Plan” strategic emerging industries planning, it...
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Energy Big Data Application based on Energy Big Data Center

Jia Liu, Jiangbo Sha, Zhenhua Yan, Rui Ma, Dongge Zhu
Energy big data has great potential application value in promoting the flow of energy resources on demand and the optimization and transformation of energy structure. Based on the investigation of national energy information system and energy industry enterprise big data platform, the development orientation...
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Design and Implementation of Analysis System based on Data Mining

Wen Pan
In recent years, China’s investment in intelligent education and informatization is increasing, and many English intelligent education and online education platforms emerge as the times require. These platforms have changed the traditional English education mode and effectively supplemented the traditional...
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Separate Source Predictive Control of Gas Emission based on psobp AdaBoost

Tao Xu, Tong Cheng
Gas disaster is a great challenge for coal mine enterprises to work safely. Once gas disaster happens, people’s life and property safety will face great threat. High precision prediction of gas emission is an important measure to improve gas prevention and gas control, and it is of great practical significance...
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Intelligent Question Answering System for Internet of things data analysis and educational technology

Yanzhuang Chen
Question answering is an indispensable part of the teaching process. The effect of question answering largely depends on the form of the link and whether it can meet the individual needs of students. The traditional teacher learner face-to-face question answering and e-mail question answering can not...
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Natural Image Classification Method based on Deep Learning

In this paper, natural image classification based on deep learning is studied. Image classification is an important research direction in the field of computer vision. With the rapid development of Internet and mobile terminals in recent years, the number of pictures in various social networking sites...
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Privacy and Security of Internet of Things Data in Financial File Management

Lili Fan
With the advent of the information society, the new technological revolution represented by the development and application of modern information technology is bound to accelerate the process of enterprise informatization in our country. As the basic work of enterprise management, financial archives...
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Virtual Simulation Teaching Course Design based on Internet of Things Data Transmission

Gao Yushu
Accelerating the construction of educational informatization and leading the construction of virtual simulation experiment teaching center is an important reform plan put forward by the Ministry of education in the information age. Today’s era has entered the information age. Advanced science and technology...
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Analysis of Educational Big Data Mining Based on Deep Learning Technology

Jianwu He
Behavioral data comes from a large database that collects data on students’ use of their campus smart cards. The main work of this paper includes: (1) firstly, this paper summarizes the research status of student behavior analysis and educational data mining technology at home and abroad, and further...
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Design and Implementation of Internet of Things Big Data in Computer Application Basic Course Examination System

Caihua Kong
With the development of computer technology and network technology, the application of computer in the field of education is more and more widely. In modern teaching, many subjects are gradually using computer as a tool for examination, that is, paperless examination. So as to save human and material...
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Construction of Classroom Dynamic Evaluation Model based on Internet of Things

Yinling Li
With the development of computer technology and Internet technology, the current information exchange processing and analysis sharing has entered the era of big data. In the new era, the society puts forward higher requirements for students’ English learning. As the main standard to test the quality...
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E-commerce Service System for Cloud Stall Application of Big Data

Jing Liang
With the country’s comprehensive recovery of “stall economy”, the accompanying problems can not be ignored. Based on this, in the field of Internet technology and big data, e-commerce system as an online trading platform, has a pivotal role. Due to the continuous expansion of user groups and the increasingly...
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Autonomous English Online Learning System based on Web

Jiaying Liu
With the update and development of the Internet, online English learning has gradually become the mainstream teaching method. At present, the traditional form of teaching has been difficult to meet the needs of modern education, so more and more students begin to use the network environment platform,...
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Application of Multisensor Technology in Training

Mengran Niu
In high school sports training, through competitive sports, more diversified training of students’ physical quality, promote the all-round development of students, enrich the content of high school sports teaching, enhance the interest of high school sports classroom, stimulate and cultivate students’...
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Application of Internet of Things Data Analysis in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Feng wang
In order to deeply analyze the key factors and their potential interaction that affect the Job-hunting of college students in Yingjia, the author makes extensive statistics on the decision-making factors of the graduates of Nanjing Institute of information technology in recent years, such as recommending...
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Construction of College Students’ English Autonomous Platform based on Virtual Cloud Terminal System

Heng Wang
Aiming at the low initiative of students in traditional offline teaching and online MOOC teaching in programming course teaching, this paper analyzes the function of virtual English platform, summarizes the experience of using virtual English platform, constructs hybrid classroom teaching based on virtual...
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Flipped Classroom Mode of Cloud Computing and Internet of Things Visual Data Analysis

Yingying Wang
As an important platform for students to learn English systematically and construct English knowledge system, colleges and universities play an important role in cultivating students’ awareness of cross-cultural communication and improving their comprehensive English ability. In the process of the reform...
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Design of Internet of Things Analysis and Management System for Quality Data

Peng Xue, Min Liu
Through the application of data mining technology and database technology, this paper designs and develops a three-tier framework of B / s technology for college students’ quality analysis and management system. System development software environment is as follows: SQL Server 2005 database, C language...
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Construction of Humanistic Training Mode of Self-learning Applied Talents based on Internet of Things

Xiaoyan Yin
At present, both liberal arts majors and science and engineering majors are advocating the goal of cultivating applied talents, and strive to improve students’ practical ability and innovation ability on the basis of enhancing students’ mastery of theoretical knowledge. For the major of Chinese language...
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Application of Internet of Things Big Data in Early Waring Management of Enterprise Human Resource Crisis

Yang Yu
As a new management concept, human resource has stepped on the stage of society. As an important force to promote the healthy development of enterprises, it has been paid attention to by various industries. The lack of early warning mechanism is an important factor leading to human resource crisis. The...
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Internet of Things Analysis in Classroom of Visual Communication Design Specialty

Hua Zong
In recent years, with the rapid development of multimedia technology and the improvement of people’s understanding of multimedia teaching, the application of multimedia teaching in the field of education has become a hot spot of teaching reform. The means and technology of courseware making are also...
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Design and Implementation of Financial Intelligent Data Management

Liwen Zuo
With the in-depth study of artificial intelligence technology, various industries have been deeply affected, including the securities industry. The emergence of artificial intelligence has greatly strengthened the efficiency and accuracy of financial management of securities companies. The emergence...
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Innovative Design of a New Type of Civil Aviation Aircraft in the Epidemic Era

Qinghan Yang, Lijun Xu, Xinke Pan, Guodong Liang, Xin Chen
the epidemic will accompany our lives for a long time, but the needs of economic development will continue to promote the development of the aviation industry. The delivery mode of traditional civil aviation aircraft can only passively respond to major disasters, including epidemics. Through the research...