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Stability and bifurcation analysis in leukopoiesis models with two delays

Cuilian Zhang, Zhaozhuang Guo
We consider a nonlinear system of two equations, describing the evolution of a stem cell population and the resulting white blood cell population. Two delays appear in this model to describe the cell cycle duration of the stem cell population and the time required to produce white blood cells. We establish...
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Content based Image Retrieval with Color Invariants

Yahui Song, Xiao Chen, Shanshan Qu
Content based image retrieval (CBIR) is an essential task in many applications. Color based methods have received much attention in past years, since color could serve efficiently for image retrieval, especially in the case of large database. However, there are two main drawbacks for color based image...
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Multiple Data Source Discovery with Group Interaction Approach

Hao Wu
Medical researchers seek to identify and predict profit (or effectiveness) potential in a new medicine B against a specified disease by comparing it to an existing medicine A, which has been used to treat the disease for many years, called medicine assessment. Applying traditional data mining techniques...
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On Business-Oriented Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining

Hao Wu
This paper will discuss issues in data mining and business processes including Marketing, Finance and Health. In turn, the use of KDD in the complex real-world databases in business and government will push the IT researchers to identify and solve cutting-edge problems in KDD modelling, techniques and...
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Analysis of Network Management Technology and Development Trend In The Future

Lishen Yang, Qiang Wang
This paper introduces the typical network management technology and some hot technology. The trend of network management development in the future is prospected based on the analysis of the current network management technology.
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Mean-Variance Model for Optimal Multinational Project Adjustment and Selection

Xiaoli Su, Xiaoxia Huang
This paper discusses the multinational project adjustment and selection problem in which project parameters are regarded as random variables. In the paper, adjustment of foreign existing projects and selection of the new foreign projects are considered simultaneously. Typical cash flows and value sources...
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Application of Ontology Engineering in Satellite Network Simulation

Qi Lin, Yong Chen
Existed simulation works are always too dependent on a kind of particular techniques or tools to perform horizontal comparison and integration. There is no formal description for the simulation objects which leads to the lack of semantic support in the simulation. In order to guarantee the reusability...
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Heat Dissipation Simulation Research of LED Downlight and Optimization of Light Source Layout

Jie Chen, Zhong Chen, Xiaohong Li, Yafeng Shen, Jingkang Xiong, Yangxia Wang
In order to solve the heat dissipation problem of LED (light-emitting diode) downlight, CFD thermal simulation software was used to establish LED downlight dissipation model. Material’s thermal conductivity, thermal resistance, thermal emissive values, heat load forms and other factors were all taken...
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A Novel Performance Metric of Routing Algorithm

Minghua Tang
The widely used routing algorithm performance metric of adaptiveness cannot precisely measure performance of routing algorithm. In this paper, we propose a new metric of routing pressure for measuring routing algorithm performance. It has higher precision of measuring routing algorithm performance than...
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Analysis on Local Congestion of Network-on-Chip

Minghua Tang
In Network-on-Chip (NoC), adaptive routing provides packets multi paths to reach their destinations. Thus, packets can escape the hot-spot nodes. However, as our study indicates that adaptive routing cannot distribute traffic evenly in the network as expected. A local region will be injected more packets...
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Application of image processing to the vehicle license plate recognition

Chunyu Chen, Baozhi Cheng, Xin Chen, Fucheng Wang, Chen Zhang
At present, the traffic engineering and automation have developed, and the vehicle license plate recognition technology need get a corresponding improvement also. In case of identifying a car license picture, the principle of automatic license plate recognition is illustrated in this paper, and the processing...
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Multi-agent Based Modeling Simulation about VANET

Shanshan Wan, Dongliang Wang, Qing Cao
The self-organization characteristics and the interaction between a large numbers of self-organizing vehicles are complexity, to obtain a more accurate model of vehicular Ad-hoc network(VANET) and obtain a more profound comprehension of the complex behavior working mechanism of the vehicle in the VANET...
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A Fuzzy Based Clustering Protocol for Energy-efficient Wireless Sensor Networks

Md. Abdul Alim, Yucheng Wu, Wei Wang
Minimization of energy consumption is one of the most important research areas in Wireless Sensor Networks. Nowadays, the paradigms of computational intelligence (CI) are widely used in WSN, such as localization, clustering, energy aware routing, task scheduling, security, etc. Though many fuzzy based...
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Numerical Simulation of the Protection System of Explosive Reaction Armor

Wenhua Chu, Aman Zhang, Xiongliang Yao
There are some extreme conditions in the process of metallic jet penetrating the explosive reaction armor (ERA), such as high instantaneity, large deformation, et al. Based on the smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) method, the generalized density approximate formula is proposed and the Held criterion...
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Dsign of Low-voltage Power Supply Drive Circuit Based on the Piezoelectric Ceramic Transformer

Yueting Yang, Yan-song Ding, Jia-jian Liu
The piezoelectric ceramic transformer has the advantages of high conversion efficiency, high pressure, electromagnetic compatibility,etc.It overcomes the shortcomings of large electromagnetic interference, low conversion efficiency , a large volume, etc. Using IR2184,the paper designs piezoelectric ceramic...
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Research of LED lamp constant current driver software system

Ling Liu
The LED lamps replace traditional lamps is the direction of development domestic and abroad.It mainly introduced the LED lamp brightness control method from the aspect of software, then research and production of the LED efficient drive based on a IC chip digital boost constant current regulator, for...
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Performance Measurement Technique of Cloud storage system

Qinlu He, Zhanhuai Li, Lexiao Wang, Huifeng Wang, Jian Sun
Researches on technologies about testing aggregate bandwidth of file systems in cloud storage systems. Through the memory file system, network file system, parallel file system theory analysis, according to the cloud storage system polymerization bandwidth and concept, developed to cloud storage environment...
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The Application of Hybrid Genetic Algorithms Model in Solving Product Optimization Problem

Xiufeng Shao, Jian Zhang, Li Li
We introduce basic theory of genetic algorithms in this paper, Build one hybrid genetic algorithms model base on genetic algorithms in solving product optimization problem. And we realize the model by software. The disposal result of real data tells us that the model has good practicability and accuracy...
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An Approach of Advanced Optimistic Protocol Based on Time Dams

Zhongjie ZHANG, Jian HUANG, Zhijia WANG
Time Synchronization is a key technique which synchronizes the LPs (Logic processes) of PDES (Parallel and Discrete Event Simulation). After having described shortcomings of the existing algorithms for Time Synchronization, this thesis mainly proposes a new approach based on time dams. It introduces...
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Research on Image Feature Extraction Method Based on Orthogonal Projection Transformation of Multi-task Learning Technology

Xiaoyuan Jing, Li Li, Cailing Wang, Yongfang Yao, Fengnan Yu
When the number of labeled training samples is very small, the sample information we can use would be very little. Because of this, the recognition rates of some traditional image recognition methods are not satisfactory. In order to use some related information that always exist in other databases,...
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Cost-Sensitive Sparsity Preserving Projections for Face Recognition

Xiaoyuan Jing, Wenqian Li, Hao Gao, Yongfang Yao, Jiangyue Man
As one of the most popular research topics, sparse representation (SR) technique has been successfully employed to solve face recognition task. Though current SR based methods prove to achieve high classification accuracy, they implicitly assume that the losses of all misclassifications are the same....
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Kernel Feature Extraction Approach for Color Image Recognition

Xiaoyuan Jing, Kun Li, Songsong Wu, Yongfang Yao, Chao Wang
Color Image Recognition is one of the most important fields in Pattern Recognition. Both Multi-set canonical correlation analysis and Kernel method are important techniques in the field of color image recognition. In this paper, we combine the two methods and propose one novel color image recognition...
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A New Kernel Orthogonal Projection Analysis Approach for Face Recognition

Xiaoyuan Jing, Min Li, Yongfang Yao, Songhao Zhu, Sheng Li
In the field of face recognition, how to extract effective nonlinear discriminative features is an important research topic. In this paper, we propose a new kernel orthogonal projection analysis approach. We obtain the optimal nonlinear projective vector which can differentiate one class and its adjacent...
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Autonomous Aerial Refueling Modeling and Dynamic Inversion Adaptive Sliding Mode Control

Xun Sun, Xinguo Zhang
A dynamic inversion adaptive sliding mode flight control method for autonomous aerial refueling (AAR) is approved in this paper. The drogue model and refueling aircraft 6-DOF nonlinear model is built. In order to improve the flight control precision and performance, the dynamic inversion control method...
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PD Control Strategy Design and Simulation of Magnetic Bearing with Single Freedom of Degree

Guang Yang, Jian-Min Zhang
Based on the analysis of the model of the Single-Degree-of-Freedom (SDF) magnetic bearing system, the issue of design and simulation of PD control strategy in the system is investigated. First, the plant model of the AMB (Active Magnetic Bearings) with Single-Degree-of-Freedom (SDF) is found out to be...
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Three Conjectures about the Number Systems and Their Conversion

Yanhong Zhang
The conversion between Tetrad Notation and other notational systems has attracted people’s attention; addition conjecture: if the maximum digit of base-N notation is (N-1), then N-1 + N-1 is a binary digit, whose most significant digit is 1 and least significant digit is (N-2); multiplication conjecture:...
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Research on New Techniques and Development Trend of Software Testing

Hongchun Zhang
Some typical latest research results were summarized according to the analysis and research on the current situation of software testing both at home and abroad in this paper. On the basis of the current researches on software testing, the writer discussed the future research topic on software testing...
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Design and Implementation of a Digital Campus System based on the URP platform

Yanhong Zhang, Yunli Cheng
The development and construction of the university informationization has become the important means for universities to improve their management level and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness.Combining with the situation of our school, Researching an overall construction scheme of the Digital Campus...
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The research of improved Apriori mining algorithm in bank customer segmentation

GongXin Yang
The This paper studies bank customers’ segmentation problem. Improved Apriori mining algorithm is a kind of data mining technology which is an important method in bank customers segmentation. In practical application, the traditional algorithm has shortcomings of the initial value’s sensitive and easy...
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An Intrusion Detection Method Study Under the Environment of IPv6

Chao Wang, Bin Wang, Zhang Zong-li
The intrusion detection under the environment of IPv6 is an important security technology along with firewall in system security defense system, which can be used for real-time detection and monitoring of the system in the whole process of system invasion. This paper puts forward an intrusion detection...
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Cloud computing environment based on Web log mining algorithm implementation of test

Bin Wang, Jiang Yong-cheng, Jing Li
Software test is the important means that guarantee software quality and reliability and in this respect it plays the role that other method cannot replace. However software test is a complex process , it needs to consume huge manpower material resources and time which takes the 40%~50% of entire software...
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Energy saving design principle analysis of power electronic transformation system

Tao Wan
Power electronic transformation system is applied widely in industrial control and the application environment is complex. Big, small and medium-sized system power consumption improves continuously, so it is urgent to reduce the system energy consumption problems. This paper proposes a way to reduce...
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A case study of distributed network fault detection technology in distance education

Qianjun Tang, Yan Zhang, Yongju Li
The intrusion detection under the environment of IPv6 is an important security technology along with firewall in system security defense system, which can be used for real-time detection and monitoring of the system in the whole process of system invasion. This paper puts forward an intrusion detection...
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Research on Food Safety RFID Anti-collision Algorithm

Xiang-jie Niu, Hua Li
As an effective way to control the quality and safety of agricultural products, traceability system is aroused growing world attention. On the purpose of retrospective quality, this paper constructs a food safety management and quality traceability system from IT view. The paper makes a detail analysis...
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Series-parallel combined constant pressure water supply pipeline design of high-rise building

Shilei Li, Hui Chen, Qiang Wang
The existing parallel type pressurized water supply pipeline of high-rise buildings has been improved to build energy-saving high-rise building water supply systems. Series-parallel combined constant pressure water supply pipeline is designed. Antipollution high water tank is reasonably installed above...
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The application of Fuzzy clustering number algorithm in network intrusion detection

Gua Lang
In view of the defects of K-means algorithm in intrusion detection: the need of preassign cluster number and sensitive initial center and easy to fall into local optimum, this paper puts forward a fuzzy clustering algorithm. The fuzzy rules are utilized to express the invasion features, and standardized...
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Research on control method of complex time-varying system

Tian Hongbin
Because the charged objects have the factors of complexity, interference uncertainty and nonlinear, the time-varying system control method gains increasingly attentions. First, this paper carries the researches on the time-varying system classification and builds the control model of the time-varying...
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Circular Arc Gear Reliability Study Based on Modified FOSM Method

Zhong Li, Yu-cheng Bo
As different limit state functions are used to analyze reliability, there is a great distinctness among the calculated results. In this paper an improved LOSM method is proposed, namely, checking point method. The circular arc gear case is employed to demonstrate this method. In contrast to the results...
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A Fast BPNN Based Image Deblurring Method

Xiaozhi Ren, Binchao Bin
This paper proposes a fast deblurring method based on back propagation neural networks (BPNN), in which the symmetry of blur function is utilized to reduce the size of network. In the image block used to be training vector, the pixels that have the same distance with centrral pixel are set the same weight...
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Fuzzy Reliability Design on Mechanical Components under Normal Distribution Based on Entropy Theory

Zhong Li, Yucheng Bo
In fuzzy reliability design on Mechanical Components, the determination of characteristic value of subordinate function mainly depends on the experience that accumulated and summarized by researchers. Thus, it has strong subjectivity. In this paper, through entropy theory the relationship between determining...
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Research of Radiographic Image Enhancement Technology

Yan Chen, Yanling Shao, Zhiguo Gui
Image enhancement has applied widely in biomedical, nondestructive testing, satellite remote sensing and other fields. Especially for the low contrast radiographic images, usually there are some disadvantages for a radiographic image such as the local area image does not show a striking contrast. In...
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“Big Fire Control”in the Condition of Information War

Kejun Zhang, Wu Xu
Due to fast development of information technology, the form of human war is changing from mechanization war to information war. Fire control system should be built from the platform-centric warfare into the network-centric warfare. With the widely use of “big fire control”, information war in future...
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Research on three fierce exploders’reflected terahertz spectrum

Gao Wang, Jianquan Yao, Degang Xu, Xiaofang Ren
The rapid development of the Terahertz technology has been the essential focus among all application fields. In order to applying the spectral technology to the security and analyzing all exploders’ spectrum characteristics, the paper aims to three exploders’ spectrums researches including the HNS, DNMT...
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Study on Explosively Formed Projectiles Test System

Yangjun Li, Weiping Guo, Gao Wang, Su-jie Lian
Explosively Formed Projectile (EFP) is a new branch of the shaped charge technology. It is developed as an anti-solid target technology in recent decades. Velocity of EFP changes quickly with the change of EFP shape. It is very important to research the velocity and morphology change of EFP in their...
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Harmony Search Optimization Algorithm Based on Normal Cloud

Lifu Wang, Zhi Kong, Xingang Wang
The pitch adjusting rate (PAR) is an important parameter in harmony search algorithm, which indicates that the algorithm will choose a neighboring value with a probability. The traditional harmony search algorithm uses fixed value for PAR. However, PAR should be increased when all objective values are...
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Lymph Node Image Segmentation Based on Improved FCM Clustering and Multi-threshold

Yanling Zhang, Yuejia Zhang, Li Li
The pathological change of lymph node is an important basis of malignant tumor detection and judgment of metastasis of cancer (lung cancer, colorectal cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer, cervical cancer, etc.) An algorithm of lymph node image segmentation based on improved FCM clustering and multi-threshold...
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Research on PID Neural Network Control System of Temperature for Agricutural Film Unit

Yue Feng, Meixia Qiao, Shuai Zheng
The temperature of agricultural film unit affects the plastic film directly. Since unit heating process has the characters of time delay, nonlinear, time-varying and strong coupling. It is difficult to create a mathematical model structure of plastic melting process. Thus, temperature control is very...
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Practical Enhanced Topology Discovery Algorithm for MANET

Huasen Fu
In order to effectively manage the communication nodes in Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET), it is important to know the topology of such networks. Traditional Ad-hoc On-demand Distance Vector (AODV) protocol can not get the MANET topology due to the lack of the topology discovery mechanism. Aiming at this...
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Library Temperature and Humidity Remote Control System Based on Micro Controller Unit

Na Li, Yonggang Tang
This thesis has designed a remote control system which takes Micro controller Unit AT89S51 as the core for library temperature and humidity.The system consists of temperature and humidity data acquisition, wireless transceiver, Micro controller Unit and PC data display modules. The system can detect...
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Research of Transport Junctions of Flow Analysis Algorithm based on Decision-making Theory

Xiaofeng Li, Shuchun Ding, Bin Wang
Intersection traffic flow analysis and analysis of algorithms, design of algorithms, this paper, the vehicles unified identification as a standard car equivalent steps of the algorithm based on the decision-making on the flow of traffic junctions, the algorithm is applicable not only to single-coil detector...
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DC-modulated AC/AC converters

Fanglin Luo
Traditional methods of AC/AC converters have general drawbacks: output voltage is lower than input voltage, the input side THD is poor and output voltage frequency is lower than input voltage frequency by using voltage regulation method and cycloconverters. We introduce the novel approach - DC-modulated...
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Laddered Multilevel DC/AC Inverters used in Solar Panel Energy Systems

Fanglin Luo
Multilevel DC/AC Inverters have various structures. They have many advantages. Unfortunately, most existing inverters content too many components (independent/floating batteries/sources, diodes, Capacitors and switches). The author introduces the "Laddered Multilevel DC/AC Inverters” in this paper that...
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Research and Design on Vision System of the Mobile Robot

Xin Ma, Rongguang Sun, Yongfeng Dong
The paper presents the design of vision system of the mobile robot, and shows methods of object recognition based on color images in the system of mobile robot. To adapt to the different light conditions, HSI color space is used. The system is able to meet the demand on rapidity and veracity of system...
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The Accurate Method for Removing Misalignment Errors from Testing Rectangular Optics

Zhu Li, Xiaokun Wang, Song Li
The limitations of current interferogram reduction software with Zernike polynomials in analyzing rectangular interferogram are illuminated. The Zernike polynomials are no longer orthogonal over an rectangular region and have no explicit physical meanings. The reasonable mathematical model for removing...
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Mapping of Rescue Environment Based on NDT Scan Matching

Jinliang Li, Youxia Sun
This paper studied the mapping problem for rescue robots based on laser scan matching and extend Kalman filtering (EKF). Because of the non-structural rescue environments, it is hard to extract typical features. Scan matching method based on normal distribution transform (NDT) can avoid the hard feature...
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Feature Extraction Method for Wheat Diseases Based on Multi-fractal Spectrum

Feiyun Zhang
Wheat diseases image noise was effectively removed using lifting scheme multi-wavelet transform and multi-fractal analysis, and then it used multi-fractal theory to segment diseases image and extract eight multi-fractal spectrum values as wheat shape feature of diseases. Experiments showed that the shape...
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Study on the adiabatic temperature of Al-Ti-C grain refiner synthesized by SHS technique

Y L Li, T G Zhou
SHS technique and conventional melting and casting technology were combined and used for the preparation of Al-Ti-C grain refiner alloy. Experimental results show that when SHS reaction occurs to the Al, Ti and C powder reactant in Al melt and the composition proportion factor, n , is between 4 and 10,...
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The Application of Tolerant Rough Set Neural Network to Fighter Fault Diagnosis

Guoqiang Sun, Hongli Wang, Jun Tao, Xubing Li
Conventional rough set theory is based on indiscernibility relation, which lacks the adaptive ability to data noise or data missing. Furthermore, it may present qualitatively whether or not the faults exist, but it can’t compute accurately the value of the faults. Though the neural network has ability...
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A New Kind of Bi-Directional Three-Port DC-DC Converter for Vehicle

Yi Xie, Wenguang Luo
This paper presents the design of a new bi-directional DC-DC converter topology, which solves the problem that electric vehicle could not run consistently both in time and distance. This DC-DC converter topology has three ports, each of which can transmit electric power to another port independently,...
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Design of Fault Diagnosis of Automobile Lights Based on CAN/LIN Bus

You Ren, Wei Sun
Based on the research of the CAN/LIN bus communication protocol, an automobile lamps diagnostic system based on the CAN/LIN bus is designed. After the completion of the software and hardware designs of CAN nodes, LIN nodes and CAN/LIN nodes, the faults of automobile lamps can be successfully diagnosed....
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Nonlinear Analysis of Rotor-stator-bearing System Unsteady Oil Film Force

Guizhen Liu, Ying Yu, Bangchun Wen
According to the LaGrange energy equation, the establishment of the unsteady oil film force of the rotor - stator - bearing system dynamics model, the application of numerical method, the system with the speed change time domain waveforms, amplitude spectra and Axis Orbit, the results show that: the...
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The Security of E-commerce Data Transmission

Guofang Zhao, Zhanyou Yan
The amount of data transmission in Electronic commerce (E-commerce) is growing, and the security requirements are also increasing. During the data transmission , the data transmission module is divided into four parts, They are respectively: the Internal network, isolation module, firewall and the untrust...
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Based the Morphological Filtering BP Algorithm of SAR Image Recognition

Dingding Jiang, Derong Cai, Qiang Wei
SAR image recognition is an important content of of aviation image interpretation work. In this paper, the characteristics of SAR images a practical significance of morphological filtering neural network model and its adaptive BP learning algorithm. As can be seen through the experimental results, the...
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Numerical Computation and Analysis of Heavy Medium Cyclone Turbulence Flow Field

Yuming Xia, Zhiqiang Xu, Yanan Tu
The theory, model and algorithm of three products heavy medium cyclone flow field were researched, and the heavy medium cyclone flow field was simulated. Through the researches, the numerical discrete algorithm of heavy medium cyclone flow field was deduced, the calculation algorithms of heavy medium...
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Modeling and Simulation on Temperature Control System of Farm Products Baking Equipment

Jun Liu, Zhenwei Jia, Rongxing Guo
In order to design a kind of temperature control system of the equipment used for baking farm products. The main function of the system is controlling the temperature in the baking room, ensuring it varies with the technological requirement. First, establish the system state equation based on the Fourier’s...
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The research of remote sensing image fusion technology

Bin Wang, Chao Wang
Remote sensing image fusion is an important branch in the field of image fusion. Remote sensing image fusion mainly researches how to use different aerial remote sensor to obtain relevant image information. In view of the present research status in this field and the full analysis of remote sensing image...
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Design and Implementation of the Computer Monitoring and Management System for the Multi-mode Combination Timer Device

Pengfei Wu, Jianxun Li, Yujian Wang
The multi-mode combination timer device can receive the GPSGLONASS, No.1 BeiDou and loran-C at the same time. Since the multiple external frequency sources are introduced for the system, it is necessary to manage and monitor it. The wavelet decomposition atomic time algorithm is used to weight average...
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Analysis and Design of E-Shaped Dual-frequency Microstrip Antenna Based on CPSO Algorithm

Wei AO, Wan-Qin XIANG, Chun-Ming Chen, WEI TIAN, De-Bin ZHANG
In order to solve the problem of design and optimization for E-shaped patch microstrip antenna, chaotic particle swarm optimization (CPSO) algorithm was proposed to assist the procedure. First, the E-shaped antenna’s model was created, and then, the parameters of this antenna were adjusted according...
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A Prediction Model for Electromagnetic Radiation of Multi- system Base Station

Jie Yang, Lei Wang, Xianli Li, Jie Wu, Yongjin Chao, Cunzhen Pan
In order to understand the distribution feature of the electromagnetic radiation in nearby regions around the Multi-system mobile communication base stations, a theoretical prediction model of electromagnetic radiation at multi-system base station is proposed, based on the distribution characteristic...
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The Rrsearch of Permanent Magnet Sealing Technology in Vertical Hot Galvanized Pot

Jing Li, Hongyan Zhao, Sen Liu
In order to solve the confinement problem of liquid metal, permanent magnet sealing is discussed in this paper, and its principle is introduced. Based on calculations, some helpful conclusions are made, which are important for research on hot dip galvanizing process without sink roll.
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Bit and Power Allocation Algorithm for OFDM UWB Systems

Haiyan Li
Ultra-wide-band (UWB) is a promising short-range indoor wireless communication technology for large communication capacity, high transmission rate, low power consumption, etc. Multi-band orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing ultra-wide-band (MB-OFDM UWB) system can achieve much higher anti-noise...
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Chao Yang, Bing Yao, Hongyu Wang, Xiang'en Chen, Sihua Yang
Building up graph models to simulate scale-free networks is an important method since graphs have been used in researching scale-free networks and communication networks, such as graph colorings can be used for distinguishing objects of communication and information networks. In this paper we determine...
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Self-adaptive Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm with Mutation Operation based on K-means

Xue-mei Wang, Yi-zhuo Guo, Gui-jun Liu
Adaptive Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm with mutation operation based on K-means is proposed in this paper, this algorithm Combined the local searching optimization ability of K-means with the gobal searching optimization ability of Particle Swarm Optimization, the algorithm self-adaptively adjusted...
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Simulation of Vehicle’s Frontal Crash with Dummy inside

Yuanpeng Liu
The complete Finite Element Model of vehicle with dummy inside is established. Through analyzing structure deformation and acceleration of the vehicle, the rule of energy absorption and dissipation is obtained, the dummy’s respond and the collision capability criteria of the head, chest and thigh are...
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The Network Security Management Problem of Library

Li Zhao, Yun Zi
The application and development of computer network system bring a great convenience for library management and readers. At the same time, the security of computer network system in library is faced with all kinds of threats. How to guarantee the security of library computer network system has become...
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The Design and Realization of Wireless Sensor Network Gateway Node

Zhixiang Yuan, Jinxiang Cheng
this paper presents the design and realization of wireless sensor network gateway nodes based on s3c2410 Processor. And introduced the design of gateway hardware and software. Also introduced the implementation method of software. A new data transmit protocol was designed to eliminate the differences...
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An Evaluation Model to Human Factors in Information Systems based on Consistent Quantification of Index and Evaluation Equilibrating

Jianguo Shen, Zhiyong Shi, Jiao Wang, Yuan Zhao
In this paper, a comprehensive evaluation model to human factors is presented for information systems. The model can be used in the evaluation that the number of evaluation expert for every evaluated object or target is different. By introducing the concept of Gini coefficients, the coordinated and balance...
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Construction of Army Equipment Support Transformation Demonstration System Based on Integration

Zhan-biao Zhao, Hui-qi Zhang, Chun-liang Chen, Ou Qi
to accelerate the construction of army equipment support, the concept of army equipment support transformation demonstration system is put up and the theory of demonstration system is concluded. By analyzing the equipment support transformation, the connotation is discussed and the transformation frame...
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High-accuracy Modeling of Ship Deformation Based on Inertial Measuring Method

Er-kai Yuan, Gong-liu Yang
High-accuracy modeling is the key problem of ship deformation measurement based on inertial measuring method. This paper is to find a high-accuracy modeling method based on the ship deformation data measured by optical devices. According to different modeling methods, mathematical models are designed...
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An Adaptive Level Damped Algorithm based on PINS for Ship

Pei Yu, GongLiu Yang
The inertial navigation system error caused by sea current and log error greatly oscillates. In order to evaluate the effectiveness of damping attitude, the vehicle’s movement should be detected in real-time. For this reason, a novel adaptive level damped algorithm was presented in this paper. According...
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Carrier-phase Differential GPS/INS Integrated Navigation System

Lu Zhang, Gongliu Yang
According to high accuracy demand in the measurement field, this paper designs a high precision inertial measurement system by using DSP and ARM processor to realize carrier-phase differential GPS/INS integrated navigation. This paper chooses Kalman filter to estimate the systematic error, uses closed...
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Methods for Determining Differences of Attribute Weight between Evidences In Bridge Assessment

Xiao-feng Li, Shu-chun Ding, Xue-mei Wang
The attribute weights determined is a key issue in the decision-making. Attribute weights given in the form of distribution of the attribute value to language assessment and rating their trust completely unknown or partially unknown circumstances, the proposed method of weight determination of the two...
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A Novel Document Services Framework for Multi Process Site Based on SOA

Ruiping Wang, Gaofei Sun
In most document management system, all documents are stored in center database server. Actually in daily work, documents uploaded is always need to be stored in the client where the business processes is dealing accordance with the requirements ,but management information system and OA system can not...
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Modeling and Analysis of Grid-Connected Inverter for PV Generation

Neng Cao, Yajun Cao, Jiaoyu Liu
In order to improve the efficiency of photovoltaic generation as well as the power quality, grid-connected inverters for PV generation research was carried out for photovoltaic maximum power point tracking. Based on some current studies on the incremental conductance method, an advanced incremental conductance...
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LBS System Design and Prototyping of Digital Campus

Ying Hao, Shanshan Wan
Based on the analysis of the development of the digital campus at home and abroad, and campus LBS service status and problems of the construction and campus information needs of spatial information services is considered we research the existing digital campus architecture and proposed the overall framework...
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Comparison between live voice and voice over internet protocol

Ying Zhang, Hong Guo
With the development of internet, more and more criminals commit the crime via utilizing instant messaging services, which has aroused the forensic scientists’ interests simultaneously. And voice chat generated by those instant messaging services is generally treated as VoIP. This paper analyzes the...
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the Planning of Maintenance Support Capabilities of the Wartime Armored Equipment Autonomic Logistic System Based on QFD

Weilong Chen, Chunliang Chen, Wenhua Shi
In order to solve the problem of lacking development planning and unclear key development point for the wartime armored equipment autonomic logistic system, components, system structure, system requirements and competence objectives of the system is analyzed. A Quality Function Development model of the...
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Modeling and Attitude Control of a Spinning Spacecraft with Internal Moving Mass

Pengfei Guo, Liangyu Zhao
An attitude control system of a spinning spacecraft with internal moving mass is presented in this paper. This system consists of a rigid body and two internal radial moving masses. The mathematical model, including attitude kinematics and nonlinear dynamics equations, is established based on Newtonian...
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Design and Implementation of Remote Control Software for Nuclear Inspecting Devices

Chengze Liu, Yi Zhang, Baoliang Cheng, Xiaomin Zhao, Ran Duan
Remote control systems are usually adopted in nuclear facilities inspecting activities due to radioactive environments. Analysis on requirements and structural design are made, and functional modules are described in detail. Remote control software for nuclear equipment inspection is developed with combination...
Proceedings Article

ANN-Based Modeling for Load and Main Steam Pressure Characteristics of a 600MW Supercritical Power Generating Unit

Liangyu Ma, Zhiyuan Gao
A supercritical coal-fired power generating unit is a typical multivariable system with large inertia and non-linear, slow time-variant, time-delay characteristics, which often makes the coordinated control quality deteriorate under wide-range load-changing conditions, and can't well satisfy the unit...