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Traffic Flow Registraton for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Detection

Gui-Yuan Xiao, Rong-Yi Du
Registration of detection data is to ensure the time-space consistency and effective fusion of air-ground traffic detection data. In this paper, we aim to propose a space-time registration method for the vehicle detection data of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Considering temporal and spatial distribution...
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Mobile App for Plant Watering System with Verticulture Planting Technique

Iman Setiawan, Junaidi, Fadjryani, Fika Reski Amaliah
The conversion of agricultural land into residential areas has resulted in a decrease in the availability of agricultural land, so it is necessary to implement an intensive agricultural pattern with a high level of productivity. One of them is by applying a vertical farming pattern or known as verticulture....
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Hydrothermal Preparation of High Purity of Expandable Graphite

Yan Wu, Ji-Yang Ma, Bo Zhou, Yao-Qun Huang
Hydrothermal preparation of expandable graphite, which is mixing natural flake graphite , oxidant and intercalating agent to hydrothermal reaction. Hydrothermal could improve the oxidicability and intercalating ability of oxidant and intercalate agent, ensuring the smooth progress of the oxide-intercalated...
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Determinant of Medication Adherence Among Patients with Hypertension: A Cross-Sectional Study

Sri Andala, Hizir Sofyan, Kartini Hasballah, Marthoenis
Hypertension means the increase of systolic and diastolic blood pressure upper 140 mmHg and 90 mmHg, respectively. Hypertension is a major problem in health that can be caused sudden death in patients. Globally the percentage of adherence towards HTN pharmacological treatment is poor due to the faint...
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Self-assembly of 3D Graphene and Its Superior Adsorption Ability for Heavy Oil

Bo Zhou, Yan Wu, Yao-Qun Huang, Shu Wang, Guo-An Zha
Three-dimensional graphene (3DG) samples were prepared using template-free solvent- thermal synthesis route with graphene oxide (GO) as a precursor. With the GO concentration (CGO) increasing gradually from 4 mg/mL to 10 mg/mL, the morphology of the 3DG evolves from nanoparticle to 3DG monolith material....
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The Design of the Infrared Spectrally Selective Low Emissivity Coating

Liang Peng, Jun-Sheng Li, Wen-Wei Zheng
The traditional low infrared emissivity materials do not have the infrared spectrally selective low emissivity characteristic, it brings the problem of compatibility of the infrared stealth and heat radiation. With the help of the one-dimensional photonic crystal(1DPC), selecting the infrared window...
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A Study on the Preparation and Characterization of Curcumin and Gold Nanorods-loaded Albumin Nanoparticles and its Treatment of MCF-7 Breast Cancer Cells in Vitro

Chen Liang, Hao Zhang, Lin Wang, Dong-Sheng Zhang
This work aims to study the preparation and characterization of curcumin and gold nanorods-loaded albumin nanoparticles and investigate its treatment for MCF-7 human breast cancer cells in vitro. Gold nanorods (GNRs) were prepared by seedless method. While the curcumin and gold nanorods-loaded albumin...
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Influence of Aging Time on the Mechanical Properties and Bendability of 2A12 Aluminium Alloy

Ling-Yun Zhang, Gui-Bo Wan, Samuel Ngugi, Yi-Pan Zeng
In this paper, the mechanical and forming properties of 2A12 aluminium alloy sheet were determined by using the uniaxial tensile test, including the yield stress , the ultimate tensile stress , the strain hardening exponent n, the strain ratio r, the elastic modulus E and the elongation at fracture point...
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Parameters Determination of GTN Model and Damage Analysis of Aluminum Alloy 6016 Sheet Metal

Yu-Mei Hu, Min-Zhi Chen, Yue Xiao, Jin Xiao, Xi Tan, Qi Tang, Ying-E Zhou, Tai-Song Cui
Taking the material of AA6016 (Aluminum Alloy 6016) which is widely used in automobiles as the object of this study, the mechanical properties based on GTN (Gurson-Tvergaard-Needleman) model had been investigated. The parameters of the GTN model which were used for simulation were identified by uni-axial...
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Electrical and Magnetic Transport Properties of Pr0.1Ca0.9MnO3

Y.M Yan, Y Zen, D.W Shi
Ceramic Pr1 xCaxMnO3 (x = 0.1) samples were prepared by solid-state reaction and the electrical and magnetic transport properties were studied by direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC) methods in different fields. A Curie temperature of 125 K determined by I-V measurements of ceramic Pr1 xCaxMnO3...
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Ab-initio Calculation of Structural and Magnetic Properties of Annealed Cu2MnAl Heusler Alloy

Hang Shi, Xin Wang, Nan Zhang
Heusler alloys attracted considerable interest for their versatile magnetic properties. In this paper, Cu2MnAl Heusler Alloy samples were prepared with high vacuum melting furnace under the atmosphere of pure Argon. Then the samples were crushed and milled by planetary miller to get a uniform grading...
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Effect of Electron Beam Irradiation on Viscosity and Degradation of Corn Meal

Shuai-Ling Yang, Le Xu, Song-Yi Lin
Corn meal was exposed to electron beam irradiation with doses ranging from 0.00 to 5.40 kGy. The effects of electron beam irradiation on corn meal pasting viscosity and degradation were compared. Pasting properties, viscosity and amylase content decreased significantly (P
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The Production of Alkaline Protease from a Recombinant Strain Expressed Apr

Mei-Shuo Zhang, Ya-Nan Yang, Xue-Nan Li, Song-Yi Lin
The alkaline protease gene, Apr, from Bacillus licheniformis 2709 was cloned into an expression vector pET - 28b(+). The pET-28b(+) - Apr was expressed in a high expression strain E. coli BL21. In order to develop and optimize mathematical model of protease activity, three variables were investigated,...
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Modeling and Analysis of the Dynamic Behavior for Interacting Cracks on Circular Cavities in Piezoelectric Material

Dong Li, Hui-Cong Wang
The present paper is exposed theoretically to the influence on the dynamic stress intensity factor (DSIF) in the piezoelectric material model with two permeable radial cracks emanating from the edges of two circular cavities, subjected to the dynamic incident anti-plane shearing wave (SH-wave). Green’s...
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Study on Synthesis and Self-assemble Nano-materials of Tetra-substituted Phenoxy Nickel Phthalocyanine

Li-Xian Ma, Yan-Fen Wang, Jun-Shan Gao
Tetra phenoxy substituted nickel phthalocyanine nanofibers were preoared in large scale by self-assembling via a simple solvent diffusion method. The size of them was 100-200 nm in diameter and several micron in length. The formation mechanism of nickel phthalocyanine fibers was discussed and studied...
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Design of the Lightweight Structure Inspired by Beetle Elytra and Its Mechanical and Thermal Properties

C. Guo, T. Xu, Y. Zhou, D. Li
Based on the microstructure of the cross section of the beetle elytra, a kind of bio-inspired lightweight structure with fibre-winding pattern was designed and made by the carbon fibre material. The mechanical and thermal properties of the lightweight structure were studied with finite element method....
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Reverse Reduction Ratio Effect on the Bonding Strength of 7075 Al/AZ31B Mg/7075 Al Laminated Composite Fabricated by Hot Rolling

Quoc Dinh. Cao, C.Y. Li, F. Chen, S. Chen, X.P. Zhang
Reduction ratio is one of the most important parameters that affect final bonding strength of laminated composites fabricated by hot rolling. In general, the bonding strength increases with the reduction ratio. However, it was found that the reduction ratio had a reverse effect on the bonding strength...
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Preparation of Polyimide Films Derived from a Novel Precursor Pre-imidized Poly (amic acid) Ammonium Salt

Liu-Cheng He, Bai-Qing Tang, Li-Xing Dai
In this paper, a series of polyimide films were prepares through a novel precursor pre-imidized poly (amic acid) ammonium salt (PI-PAAS). The chemical structure of PI-PAAS films was confirmed by 1H NMR, and the degree of pre-imidization was confirmed by FT-IR spectra. And the intrinsic viscosity of the...
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The Study of Design Semiotics and Architectural Space Semantics

Pu-Hua Yan
This paper summarizes the main theory and development status of semiotics in the field of architectural design. Using the basic principles of design semiotics, it analyzes the context of space capabilities in the field of architectural design, space syntax building mode, and the aesthetic and spiritual...
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Hot Compression Behavior of Al-Zn-Mg Aluminium Alloy: Experiments and Simulations

C.Y. Li, G.D. Gao, X.P. Zhang
The hot deformation behavior of Al-Zn-Mg aluminum alloy was investigated by means of compression tests and Finite Element analysis method in the temperature and strain rate ranges of 350oC to 500oC and 0.1s-1 to 0.4s-1, respectively. The load-displacement data and the maximal cross section area S predicted...
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Effect of Process Factors on Viscosity of In-situ Particulate Reinforced Aluminum Matrix Composites

Zhi-Hong Jia, Dao-Cun Xie, Lan-Lan Xiong, Chi Zhang, Yu-Tao Zhao
Viscosity of aluminum matrix composites reinforced by TiB2 particle has been studied systematically by using the rotating cylinder method. The results show that the viscosity of melt decreased with the increase of temperature, and the changes are abnormal when the temperature is between 710 to 730 ....
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Research on Processing Technology of Calcined Kaolin Powder Using A Fluidized Bed Jet Mill at Different Temperatures

Cui-Ping Yan, Ming-Xing Zhang
The calcined kaolin powder was obtained using a fluidized bed jet mill at the temperatures 17 and 280 .The theoretical arithmetic, numerical simulation and experiment were used to compare and discuss the results at the two temperatures. The particle size D50=2.401 m D50=2.003 m of kaolin powder was obtained....
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The Microwave Synthesis and Photocatalytic Activity of Sb3+-doped TiO2 Nanocomposite

Xiao-Mei Jia, Cong-Sen Wang, Yuan Li, Xue-Hong Liao
Stibium doped titanium dioxide nanocomposite was prepared with stibium( ) chloride, titanium sulfate as raw materials and Sodium dodecyl sulfate as surfactant under microwave irradiation. Then the X-ray diffractometer (XRD) and the scanning electron microscopy (SEM) were used to observe the antimony-doped...
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Inhomogeneity of Microstructure of Aluminum Alloy Welded Joint

Xian-Min Tang, Hai-Gen Jian, Jing-Fang Wu, Ling Ou
Al-Mg-Mn alloy hot-rolled plates with 10mm thick were welded by multipass MIG welding with the Al-Mg wire, and inhomogeneity of microstructure of the welded joint were examined by the methods of metallograph, scanning electron microscope (SEM) and energy spectrum. The results show that the inhomogeneity...
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Influence of Copper(I) on Europium-containing Micelles

Zhao-Ye Li, Zhao-Jun Xue, Li-Jun Kong
This paper explains and demonstrates influence of copper (I) on europium (Eu)-containing micelles. Main influence contains hindering formation of Eu-containing micelles and quenching luminescence. That is because of coordination of copper (I) with 4-vinyl pyridine (4VP). Competition occurred in coordination...
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Research on the High-Temperature Strength of Heavy Drilling Tool in the Rough Machining Process

Geng-Huang He, Chong-Hu Wu, Xian-Li Liu, Shou-Quan Zhang, Ling-Li Zou, Dong-Jin Li
In the rough machining process, the thermal fatigue fracture is the destructive phenomenon which often affects the service life of cemented carbide insert. This paper explores the problem of hot crack production of super-heavy turning tool, and the 3D cutting model is established. In order to simulate...
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The Micro-mechanical Property of Porous Alumina Film on Glass Substrate Prepared by Oxalic Acid Oxidation

Pei-Tao Guo, Yu-Hong Man, Yong-Ping Zhang
The mechanical properties of anodic aluminum oxide (AAO) on glass substrates prepared by 0.3mol/L oxalic acid solution are investigated by nanoindentation. The micro hardness, friction coefficient and Young’s modulus are all associated with the porosity. The substrate is an important factor of the mechanical...
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Antioxidant Synergistic Effect and Formulation Optimization of Several Common Natural Pigments

Yi-Hua Jiang, Xin-Long Jiang, Hui-Qiang Bao
Under DPPH system using the method of free radical scavenging, synergetic effect and optimal formulation of compound antioxidant among the solution of gardenia yellow, black bean red and sorghum red with the response surface method were determined. The results showed that, the component ratio of optimal...
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Adsorption and Precipitation of Organic Phosphonates onto the Calcite Stepped Surfaces

Wu Lei, Chun-Yu Chen, Ni Bai
The inhibition of calcite growth in the presence of seven phosphonates (AMP~ DTPMP) was investigated by means of molecular dynamic simulation in industrial water environment. It has been found that the phosphonic molecules can energetically interact well with the calcite (104) stepped surfaces at the...
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Study of Heat Flux Sensor Test Containing Metal Phase Change Heat Sink

Xiao-Heng Ding, Song-He Meng, Fa-Jun Yi, Yan-Wei Zhu
Heat flux is a key parameter to characterize energy transport process in the fields of energy, metallurgy and aerospace. Traditional heat flux sensor can bear load and guarantee normal work of instrument through heat capacity or air cooling and water cooling system of own materials. However, application...
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An Exploratory Study on TiO2 Film Thickness Related Photocurrent Decreasing in Dye-sensitized Solar Cells

Xiao-Jiao Zheng, Zhi Wang, Xiao Tang
This paper studies the effects of titanium dioxide films with different thickness on the photocurrent. The results show that titanium dioxide itself is not able to reduce Isc as long as the film thickness is less than 50 m-100 m (the electron diffusion length).The real factors affecting the photocurrent...
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Nanocomposite Reinforcement Effects in Millable Polyurethane Elastomer with Low Content of Halloysite Nanotubes

Chun-Fa Ouyang, Bing Gong, Qun Gao
Millable polyurethane / halloysite nanotubes nanocomposites with high tensile strength and elongation at break were prepared by adding halloysite nanotubes (HNTs) during the preparation of prepolymer. Tensile test revealed that the nanocomposites have both higher tensile strength and elongation at break....
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Research on the Effects of Different Types of Materials on Micro-membrane

Zhao-Chen Yao, Yu-Mei Ding
Four types of micro-membrane modules made of polyester621 (180 mesh), nylon6 (100mesh and 180 mesh) and polypropylene (180 mesh), which are available materials on the market, have been used as the membrane of Dynamic Membrane Bio-Reactor(DMBR) to treat simulated domestic sewage, and the results were...
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The X-ray Powder Diffraction Data for Al8GdNi4 Compound

De-Gui Li, Liu-Qing Liang, Chang-Sheng Qin, Bing He, Ming Qin, Shu-Hui Liu, Pei-Lin Qing, Zhi-Jun Xiao, Ling-Min Zeng
The new ternary compound Al8GdNi4 had been synthesized by melting in arc furnace and annealing in vacuum. The crystal structure of Al8GdNi4 was analyzed by X-ray powder diffraction technique. The whole pattern of Al8GdNi4 had been indexed, and the lattice constants had been refined with tetragonal structure...
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Modification of Regeneration Polyurethane by Blend with Ternary Nylon

Chun-Fa Ouyang, Xiao-Ting Ji, Qun Gao, Chun-Ye Xu
Regeneration polyurethane was completely originated from waste polyurethane fibers by solid-phase alcoholysis under dynamic shearing condition, and then modified with ternary nylon. The effect of ternary nylon on the process of solid-phase alcoholysis has been investigated by infrared spectrum and torque...
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Influence of Er on Microstructure and Properties of Al-0.2%Zr-0.06%B Heat-resistant Alloy Conductor Prepared by Continuous ECAE Forming

Tian-Guo Zhou, Zhe Zhang, Fang-Fang Zhang
By using OP SEM double arm direct electric bridge, electronic universal material testing machine and electric heating high temperature drying box instrument. The effect of Er on the properties and microstructures of Al-Zr-B alloy electric conductors was studied. The results show that additive Er can...
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Preparation and Electrical Properties of (1-x)LiNbO3-xBiYbO3 Ceramics

Xiao-Yan Zhang, Xi-Wei Qi, Yan-Yan Wang, Rui-Xia Zhong
A series of (1-x)LiNbO3-xBiYbO3 (x = 0, 0.01, 0.02, 0.03, 0.04, 0.05, 0.06) lead-free piezoelectric ceramics were prepared by conventional solid-state reaction. The effect of BiYbO3 content in LiNbO3 system on crystal structure, microstructure, dielectric and piezoelectric properties have been investigated....
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Microstructure and Wear Behavior of Spray Deposited Zn-30Al-1Cu Alloy

Feng Wang, Hong-Wei Liu, Bai-Qing Xiong, Yong-An Zhang, Zhi-Hui Li, Xi-Wu Li
In this study, Zn-30Al-1Cu (wt.%) alloy was prepared by the spray atomization and deposition technique. The microstructures of the spray-deposited and cast alloys were investigated by means of optical microscope, scanning electron microscope and X-ray diffraction. The wear resistance of the alloys was...
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Effect of Cationic UV Absorber on Light Fastness Property of Reactive Dye

Zahid Latif, Fan Liu, Shu Wen, Shao Long, Xin-Yue Xiao, Li-Na Lin, Ying-Jie Cai
This article focuses on the improvement in light fastness of reactive dyed fabric. Cotton fabric was dyed with Liyuan Yellow F S reactive dye and cationic UV absorber CANFIX SUN was subsequently applied by exhaust method in order to improve light fastness property. The light fastness property of the...
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The Influence of Reinforcement Ratio to the Mechanical Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Column

Hong-Yu Deng, Bai-Tao Sun
Steel and concrete were the most important building materials, reinforced concrete was widely used in building structures. For the study of the influence of steel bar content in reinforced concrete columns, three specimens were designed for pseudo static test. The test shows that: the stirrup ratio does...
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Determination of Micro Impurity Element Potassium in Sodium Metavanadate by ICP-OES

Yong Cheng
The sodium metavanadate samples are digested completely by hydrochloric acid and nitric acid (VHCl: VHNO3=5:1), and then made a directly determination of micro element potassium of 0.010 to 1.0% by inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry (ICP-OES). In the coexistence medium of 42% vanadium...
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The Marketing Strategies of New De-icing Robot

Chan Lu, Li-Yan Wang, Hui-Ping Liang, Guo-Xiong Ruan, Li-Hua Ning
With the acceleration of economy globalization and industrialization process and the growth of knowledge- economy, high-tech products are becoming the major impetus of economic development. Industrial robots are considered as the best tools to produce and solute problems for Government and many companies....
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Conventional and Single-step Pretreatment Process of Cotton Woven Fabric

Mohammad Amir Hamzah, Fan Liu, Shu Wen, Shao Long, Xin-Yue Xiao, Li-Na Lin, Ying-Jie Cai
In this experiment grey fabrics (woven) were treated by using various concentrations of multifunctional scouring agent (M.F.S.A.) and H2O2 in case of single-step process. Also optimized required number of chemical used for whole process; here only two chemicals have been used. No additional chemicals...
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Effect of TIG Weld Current on 1Cr18Mn8Ni5N Austenitic Stainless Steel Welding Microstructure and Mechanical Properties

Zhong-Bao Huang, Cheng-Gang Yang, Nan-Song Zheng, Zhen Lv, Hao-Yu Bin
1Cr18Mn8Ni5N austenitic stainless steel is welded by the gas metal arc welding process to study the effect of three kinds of current on the microstructure and properties of welded joints. The experiment finds that the microstructure of weld metal is austenite and the morphology of austenite are thin...
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Study on Histocompatibility and Biodegradability of Polylactic Acid Gel in Rats

Ting Wang, Pei-Ling Cai, Xin Heng, Li-Jia Cheng
Objective: To investigatethe effects on histocompatibility and biodegradability of bioabsorbablepolylacticacid (PLA) gelin rats. Methods: Longitudinal incision of 30 mm was made along the spine, and subcutaneous tissues were separated bluntly to make four subcutaneous pouches, and PLA gel of different...
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The Influence of Dissolved Oxygen Concentration on the Corrosion Resistance of 316L Stainless Steel under Simulated BWR Primary Circuit Water Environment

Wan-Wan Wang, Ke-Xin Liang, Xiang-Jian Li, Yu Tan
Austenitic stainless steels have been widely applied in the primary circuit of BWR. However, the corrosion caused serious damage to the equipment, affecting the service life of the plant, and lead to many security and economic danger. The oxide film generating on metal surface can slow down the corrosion...
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The Structure and Electronic Properties of C80 Carbon Nanotube

Zhong-Shuo Zhang, Xiu-Rong Zhang, Jiang Gu, Pan-Tao Ma
The possible geometrical and electronic structures of C80 carbon nano-tube (CNTs) are optimized by using the density functional theory at B3LYP/6-31G level. The stability of the ground state structure has been studied, and its electronic properties have been calculated. The calculate results showed that...
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Hot Compression Deformation Behavior of the Mg-5Sn-2.5Pb Magnesium Alloy

Pin Xie, Yun-Peng Zhu, Pei-Peng Jin
Compressive deformation behavior of Mg-5Sn-2.5Pb magnesium alloy was investigated at the temperature range from 250 to 450°C, strain rate range from 0.001 to 10s-1 and the maximum deformation degree of 60% on Gleeble-3500 thermal simulator. The constitutive equations were established by taking peak stresses...
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Research on the Properties of Rigid Polyurethane Foam with Heteroaromatic Polyol

Hong Guo, Qun Gao, Chun-Fa Ouyang
Rigid polyurethane foams (RPUFs) were prepared by heteroaromatic polyol as the matrix polyol, methylphosphonate (DMMP) was added to improve its flame retardancy, and the relative performances were studied. Thermal stability were measured by dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) and thermo gravimetric analysis...
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The Analysis of Main Parameters on Shear Capacity of Steel Tube Steel Reinforced Concrete Composite Column

Bing Wang, Xiao Liu, Tian-Cheng Xu
In this paper, establishing finite element model of ABAQUS, selecting the reasonable component parameters, we calculate and analyze the shear capacity of the steel tube steel reinforced concrete composite column under the effect of lateral horizontal displacement. It is concluded that increasing the...
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Hot Compression Deformation Behavior of AE42 Magnesium Alloy

Rui Zhang, Bin-Bin Tang, Pei-Peng Jin
The hot compression deformation behavior of AE42 magnesium alloy was investigated at the temperature range from 250 to 450 , the strain rate range from 0.001 to10 s-1 and the maximum reduction of 60 %. The relationships between flow stresses, deformation temperatures and strain rates of AE42 magnesium...
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Design and Analysis of Mechanism Based on Topological Theory

Jian-Guo Luo, Jian-You Han
Based on the analysis of current developing state of graph theory, define the description of spatial moving capability of common couples and translation base and rotation base of mechanism, based on the fact of mechanism consists of components, a new description method by topological graph theory of...
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Decoupling Analysis of Input Parameters of Cubic Mechanism

Jian-Guo Luo, Jian-You Han
A new cubic mechanism with 6 degree of freedom based on the S (P) [T] output base and P input base presented, upper and lower chains composed of up and down, back and fore, left and right linear drivers, two chains connected with the hooke joint and ball joint respectively, a passive P joint connect...
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Synthesis and Photocatalytic Activity of M–doped CaBiO2Cl (M = Ag, Co, and Ni) under Visible Light

Bin-Qing Zhu, Chao-Hao Hu, Ying Feng, Xue-Hui Yin, Yan Zhong, Huai-Ying Zhou
CaBiO2Cl-based photocatalysts doped with M (M = Ag, Co, and Ni) were synthesized by solid state reaction method. The microstructure and morphology of catalysts were characterized by using X-ray diffraction analysis (XRD), field emission scanning electron microscopy (FESEM), energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy...
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Research on the Key Technologies of a New CNC Turret Vertical Drilling and Milling Machine

Chun-Xian Wang, Fan Zhang, Yan-Fei Zhu, Shuo-Shuo Wei, Sheng-Lai Hu
The key technologies and design methods of a new CNC turret vertical drilling and milling machine, which functions between ordinary CNC drilling machine and vertical machining center, are studied in the paper to solve the problems such as high cost, low accuracy and efficiency and labor intensive in...
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The Effect of Iron Tailing Powder on the Cement Mortar Strength

Yun-Fen Hou, Si-Ru Zhao, Wu-Bao Si
The iron tailing powder can increases fluidity of cement mortar because the fluidity ratio of iron tailing powder whose fineness is 340m2/kg is 105%, and the fluidity ratio of grinded iron tailing powder whose fineness is 680m2/kg is 120%. The strengths increase with increasing of iron tailing powder...
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Preparation of Molecularly Imprinted Polymers Functionalized with Core–shell Magnetic Nanoparticles for the Recognition of Glycoprotein

He-Ye Wang, Li Li, Yong-Fu Zhao
A method to prepare molecularly imprinted polymers (MIPs) coatings on magnetic Fe3O4 nanoparticles (MNPs) with core–shell structure for the recognition of glycoprotein was developed. The factors that influence the Fe3O4@MIPs, such as polymerization time, extraction time were investigated.
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The Research on the Microstructure and Electrical Properties of Nb2O5 Doped PBSFCZT Ceramics

Jia-Qiang Han, De-Yi Zheng, Wen-Yin Zhao, Yong-Song Huang
In order to improve the electrical properties of PZT piezoelectric ceramic material, the effect of sintering temperature on the microstructure and electrical properties of the Nb2O5 doped PBFSZT ceramic material. The crystalline phase and microstructure of the PBSFCZT+0.5% Nb2O5 ceramic were analyzed...
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Effect of Nano-ZrO2 on Properties of Room Temperature Vulcanization Phenyl Silicone Rubber

Huan Yang, Qun Gao, Hong-Qin Liang, Chun-Fa Ouyang, Xiao-Ting Ji
In this study, nano-ZrO2, which was treated by silane couple agent, incorporated in phenyl silicone rubber at low concentration ( 3.0%) and cured by Room Temperature Vulcanized (RTV) method. The effects of different additive amount of nano-ZrO2 on the mechanical properties, thermal conductivity and electrical...
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Analysis of pH Dependent Luminescence of an Europium Complex

Fang Xie, Hao Liang, Gui-Qiang Diao, Fu-Sheng Luo
The pH dependence of the photoluminescence of an europium complex in aqueous solution was measured and investigated. The fluorescence emission spectra showed pH sensitivity. The analysis of the relative intensity ratio (R) of 5D0 7F2 to 5D0 7F1 transition and Judd-Ofelt experimental intensity parameters...
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Study on the Photosynthetic Efficiency of the Dracontomelon Duperreanum Leaves by Using Photo-acoustic Tomography Spectroscopy

Gan-Wen Lie, Guang-Hua Lie, Song-Xi Liu, Wen-Chang Deng, Jian-Chao Liang
By using a new kind of single-beam normalized photo-acoustic tomography spectroscopy (PAS-CT) technology with non-damage detection, the photo-acoustic tomography spectrum, optical absorption properties and photosynthetic pigment content of the green and yellow leaves of Dracontomelon duperreanum were...
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Deformation Mechanism of Mg-4Sn-1.5Pb Alloy

Chao-Yan Teng, Wei Zhang, Jin-Hui Wang, Yun-Peng Zhu, Pei-Peng Jin
The hot deformation behavior of Mg-4Sn-1.5Pb Magnesium Alloy was investigated by hot compression test in the temperature range 250 -400 and strain rate range 0.001 s-1-10 s-1 on Gleeble-3500 simulator. The calculated hot deformation activation energy Q is 158.144 KJ/mol. Stress exponent is 6.6. The deformation...
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Experimental Study on Pretreatment of Preparing Phosphorus Building Gypsum with Yunnan Phosphogypsum

Chen-Xi Du, Zhi-Man Zhao, Shuai Li, Zhi-Yu Liu
The effects of washing method, lime neutralization, flotation method and microwave method of different pretreatment process of Yunnan phosphorus building gypsum strength and crystal morphology. Through, a lot of experiments comparing the four kinds of pretreatment effect, the results show that: after...
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Removal of Pb by Adsorption of Amidoxime Group Modified Carbon Nanotubes

Wen-Ling Tang, Lei Xie, Hui-Juan Wang, Sai Wang
Multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWNTs) were modified by amidoxime group, characterized by fourier transform infrared spectrometer (FTIR). The adsorption experiments of Pb(Pb) on raw MWNTs and amidoxime group modified MWNTs(AO-MWNTs) were studied under different conditions. Results showed that, the adsorption...
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Electromagnetic Simulation of Metallic Pipeline for Non-destructive Testing

Zong-Jing Zhang, Shou-Qiang Men, Lei Han
The magnetic field intensity distribution near a circular defect of a metallic cylinder was computed using finite element analysis. It is found that there is an obvious interference to the local magnetic field intensity when the pipeline with a defect was placed inside a Helmholtz coil, which provides...
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Development of A Smart Insole System for Gait and Performance Monitoring

Kaur Leemets, Tõnis Terasmaa, Paul Jaakson, Alar Kume, Tarmo Tamm
The present paper reports on the development of an autonomous, lightweight, and robust insole pressure sensor array system. The system measures plantar pressure on the go and channels the information to a mobile device but also stores it onboard, enabling post-measurement data analysis. The collected...
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Low-Resistivity Indium-Tin-Oxide Transparent Conducting Films: Dependence of Carrier Electron Concentration on Tin Concentration

Yutaka Sawada, Shigeyuki Seki, Takayuki Uchida, Yoichi Hoshi, Mei-Han Wang, Hao Lei, Li-Xian Sun
Indium-Tin-Oxide (ITO, tin-doped In2O3) films with low resistivity (7.7×10-5 ohm cm) and high carrier electron concentration (1.8×1021 cm-3) was successfully prepared by spray chemical vapor deposision in air and post-deposition annealing in reducing atmosphere in our previous papers; Y. Sawada et al.,...
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The Influence of Environment Temperature on the Degradation of Lead Zirconate Titanate Ceramic

Fei Huang, De-Yi Zheng, Shun-Min Hu, Gui-Gui Peng
Lead zirconate titanate (PZT) ceramic, as a kind of piezoelectric material, is widely used in the field of electronic industry because of its excellent piezoelectric characteristics and low cost. Research works found that during the working time of the PZT ceramic, an electrical degradation phenomenon...
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A Study of Preparation and Performance of the PCMs of the CA-LA Swelling Vitrified Beads

Li-Guang Xiao, Shuang Song, Shi-Zhe Gao
We prepare binary phase change materials by using decanoic acid-lauric acid and use swelling vitrified beads as adsorption carrier, adoptting vacuum adsorption method to prepare composite phase change material. We measure that the phase change temperature and phase change latent heat of different proportions...
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The Comparative Analysis between Truss Aqueduct and Cable-stayed Aqueduct

Xue-Jian Chen, Dong-Lin Liu, Li-Ting Wang, Yong Ye, Run Zhou, Zhen-Dong Zhang
Aqueduct is a kind of overhead conveyance structure crossing the river, road, thrust, valley and so on. Analyzing the truss aqueduct and the cable-stayed aqueduct through model design, structure calculation and comparative analysis. Through the static load experiment, bearing quality of cable-stayed...
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The Research of Low-Carbon Economy Assessment

Chen-Ling Shi, Hai-Liang Ma, Ze Tian
Recently, greenhouse effect caused by greenhouse gas emissions is becoming an increasingly heated topic. Developing a low-carbon economy is becoming a trend both abroad and at home. China is a main carbon emission country as well as the largest developing country. It is important to take prompt actions...
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Numerical Simulation on Impacting Experiments of the Projectile Recovery System

Yi-Xia Yan, Gang Chen, Zhi-Ming Hao
The dynamic mechanical response process of the projectile impacting on the recovery system was analyzed by numerical simulation method. The deformation and failure morphology of the recovery system under the impacting experiments, including deformation data at any time during the impact experiment, were...
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Application of Decision Tree and Neural Network Algorithm in Water Quality Assessment Forecast

Bing-Xiang Liu, Xiang Wan, Xu-Dong Wu, Ying-Xi Li, Hui-Qiu Zhu
The paper builds water quality assessment forecast model by adopting four algorithms which are decision tree, BP neural network, Logistic recursion and RBF neural network and analyzes the result. The forecast result shows that RBF neural network is the fittest method and its rate of accuracy is high...
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Classifications and Development Frameworks of Tourist Resorts Based on Geospatial Division Theory: A Case Study of Sichuan Province, Western China

Jian-Xiong Qin, Min-Min Zhang, Jia-Cuo Chenlai
This paper suggests that Natural condition and ecologic environment and spatial dimensions are the first important factor. Different kind of tourism resort locates at various districts with different characteristics of natural setting and ecologic environment within Sichuan Province, western China. Different...
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Determination of the Fluroxypyr Ester by HPLC with Internal Standard

Hua-Jing Zhu, Ze-Li Chen
An HPLC method to determine fluroxypyr esters was established. Methods The SinoChrom ODS-BP (5 m, 4.6mm×200mm) column was used. The mobile phase was consisted of methanol-water(volume ratio 85:15). The flow rate was 1.0mL/min. The column temperature was room temperature. The wavelength was 235nm. Results...
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The Long Correlation Option Pricing based on Binary Tree Model

Gui-Bin Hu, Rui-Jia Zhang, Xiang-Xing Tao
In order to price stock option better, it gets a new process of stock price which has a long correlation of binary tree based on classic financial random binary tree with no-arbitrage asset pricing model. We think investors drive the price of the stock and suppose that the premise of stock price which...
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Bertrand Pricing Games under Differentiated Products and Distinct Cost Condition

Zhi-Gang Wang
Under differentiated products and distinct cost condition, companies will not price at marginal cost, therefore they can achieve positive profits. Bertrand paradox can be solved to some extent. On the basis of price competition, companies can adopt price cooperation to improve their profit. With equal...
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Reading Correction of Two-dimensional Electric Rotating-mirror Based on Optical Transmission Matrix

Ying Wang, Jin-Song Wang, Shi-Bao Cui, Zhi-Yong An
Aiming at correcting two-dimensional rotating-mirror’s reading in optical scanning or rotation,in this paper,a reading correction method based on optical transmission matrix is proposed. A mathematical model based on the measurement principle of two-dimensional turntable in the system is applied to get...
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Application of Hydroxamic Modified Calix[6]arene for Selective Extraction of Uranium (VI)

Yan Lin, Jing-Song Wang, Jie Zhou, Feng-Rong Fang
Calix[6]arene hydroxamic derivatives were synthesized by two steps using calix[6]arene, ethyl bromoacetate and hydroxylamine hydrochloride as the main raw materials, and were characterized by infrared spectroscopy. The extraction of U(VI) by calix[6]arene and its hydroxamic derivatives on various experimental...
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Investigation of High Efficiency SIMPLE Algorithm Based on Single Staggered Grid for Sewage Treatment System

Guan-Nan Liu, Mao-Chang Duan, Feng Gao, Yu-Gui Yang
Aiming at the problem of wastewater treatment system, the Navier-Stokes equations of incompressible flow were calculated by one-direction staggered grid method. The reason and inhibiting method of the unreasonable pressure field was dicussed in the article. The expressions of correction equations of...
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Simulation Study of Phase Demodulation in Resonance Band for Gear Tooth Cracking Fault Detection

Jin-Long Guo, Yu Guo, Shou-Bao Sun, Yan Gao
Due to the phase modulation is more sensible to early local gear faults than the amplitude modulation. This paper proposed a new method using phase demodulation based on resonance band for early detection of gear tooth cracking fault. The proposed scheme based on the fact that gear tooth crack can excite...
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The Review of Construction Technologies Using Fuzzy-Ball Workover Fluid in Well C22 and Well F20 of SZ36-1 Offshore Oilfield

Shan Wang, Yao Liu, Jian-Hua Bai, Xin Meng, Jian Song
SZ36-1 oil field is an offshore oilfield with serious lost circulation as well as formation damage. To avoid lost circulation and formation damage during workover in offshore oil fields, a novel multi-functional Fuzzy-Ball Workover Fluid (FBWF) was developed and used in well C22 and well F20 of SZ36-1...
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Research on the Dynamics of Red Tide Algae Density Evolution Mechanism and Control

Dong-Wei Huang, Shen-Xin Yu, Yu-Xia Fu
In this paper we investigate the interrelation between the concentration of nutrients and the density of Chaetoceros and algae I (algae with appropriate external replenishment), we establish mathematic model to describe the dynamic evolution behaviors between the three; The stability state of material...
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Gold Catalyst in PROX: The Role of Dopant and Reaction Exothermicity

Fang Wang
Reaction exothermicity over -alumina supported gold catalysts could be well controlled by addiing appropriate dopant. The addition of adopant FeOx and CeO2 could transfer active species Au0 to AuIII resulted in different reaction mechanism of CO oxidation in the absence and presence of H2.
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Scaffolding Teaching Design of College English Based on Constructivism

Hui-Min Zhao
The development of social economy puts forward higher demand for English personnel. Traditional college English teaching mode has low efficiency and leads to the deficiency of comprehensive ability for students. The scaffolding teaching method based on constructivism can improve the learning autonomy...
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Optimization Analysis on Electrical Insulation Performance of ITER Axial Composite Insulation Break

Yun-Lai Qiu, Chang-Chun Yang
Optimization analysis on Electrical Insulation Performance was conducted using ANSYS soft for ITER axial insulation breaks. The optimal parameters of Li, and R have been achieved. The analysis results showed that the value of the maximal electric field in GFRP section is 3.396kV/mm. This position locates...
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The research Status of Steel Reinforced Recycled Concrete

Jiang Zhu, Xiao Liu
Steel reinforced recycled concrete as a kind of new environmental protection structure. The steel is arranged on the recycled concrete can make up for the defect of recycled concrete and can improve the loading ability of components. It has good mechanical properties so that attracted more and more attention...
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Model of ELID Grinding Material Removal Rate

Ji-Cai Kuai
This paper studies the model of ELID grinding material removal rate, proposes a new model of material removal rate and then conducts theoretical analysis and experimental verification. Studies show that the theoretical calculation results of the model and the actual measurement results are in good agreement,...
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Liaoshen Old Industrial Relocation Area Contaminated Soil Treatment Method

Xu-Ming Ye, Shao-Hui Ma
This document first determine LiaoShen regional old industrial relocation area soil type and the type of soil pollution, on the basis, comparing different foundation soil pollution treatment methods, confirmation has different processing methods according to different requirements.
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A New Process of Nonferrous Metal Surface Processing-nylon Brush Roller Grinding

Xu-Ming Ye, Shuo Li
The new process method of combining nylon brush roller grinding technology as agrinding and polishing with the grinding of high precesion, high efficiency, loe coast and other advantage, is a kind of processing method can be used in grinding process and objective, new abrasives used for new this procedure(nylon...
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Effect of Calcium Addition on the Inclusions Composition in the Cast Microstructure of HSLA Steel

Yan Liu, Kai Wang, Yang Liu, Jian-Ming Wang
A new technology to obtain a fine-structured and high-toughness HAZ of HSLA steel for high heat input welding is developed using metallurgical thermodynamics, physical chemistry of metallurgy and material processing methods synthetically in this study. A kind of HSLA steel is designed in this experiment....
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Effect of Calcium and Magnesium Addition on the Cast Microstructure of HSLA Steel

Yan Liu, Kai Wang, Yang Liu, Jian-Ming Wang
Using the oxide of high melting-point and high stability to pin the grain boundaries is an effective method to improve the welding performance of the HSLA steel in this study. A kind of HSLA steel is designed in this experiment. The thermal stability second phase particles which would not be dissolved...
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Effect of Calcium and Magnesium Addition on the Inclusions in the Cast Microstructure of HSLA Steel

Yan Liu, Kai Wang, Yang Liu, Jian-Ming Wang
A new technology to obtain a fine-structured and high-toughness HAZ of HSLA steel for high heat input welding is developed using metallurgical thermodynamics, physical chemistry of metallurgy and material processing methods synthetically in this study. A kind of HSLA steel is designed in this experiment....
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Effect of Magnesium Addition on the Inclusions Composition in the Cast Microstructure of HSLA Steel

Yan Liu, Kai Wang, Yang Liu, Jian-Ming Wang
The rapid development of the large steel structure brings a great opportunity for steelmaking industry. The steel plates not only have the strength and toughness but also can withstand the high energy input welding. Using the magnesium oxide of high melting-point and high stability to pin the grain boundaries...
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Clean Energy Development and Its Policy in China

Zhi-Xing Xiao, An Xu
For the international and environment pressure, it is urgent for China to reduce pollutant and greenhouse gases. One of the very useful method is to use clean energy. But for the complicated technology and high price of clean energy, it is very difficult for clean energy industry to self-commercialized....
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Talking about the Responsibility of Media in Guiding Public Opinion under the Network Environment

Ting-Ting Xu, Han Liu, Jing Hu
The development of Internet technology promotes the growing popularity of Internet applications. The relatively free and open network environment makes mass communication pattern changed. Wide sources of information, fast speed of transmission and the boost of the public free speech cause the public...
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The Manufacturing Technology of Aluminum Foam Material and Some Special Equipments

Guang-Chun Yao, Hong-Jie Luo, Zhuo-Kun Cao
It was found that aluminum foam material have sound insulation and absorption, electromagnetic shielding, anti explosion, anti bullet penetration, special high strength sandwich plate.etc. So the aluminum foam material can be used to manufacture carrier deck, light-weight and quick mounting bridge, the...
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The Application of High Efficient Fatigue Testing Method on Engineering Machinery Steel

Huan Xue, Rui Ge, Wen-Jie Peng, Yu-Xi Ma, Long Yan
The fatigue performance study of high-strength engineering machinery steel is of great significance, as they often bear the reciprocating cycle load, which prone to fatigue fracture damage. Recently, the requirement of fatigue test of kinds of high grade steel is increasing rapidly. However, the existing...
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A Research on the Application of MTI in Motion Parameters Measurement on Human-rifle System

Peng-Han Gong, Ke-Dong Zhou, Hong Huang, Xiao-Yong Kang
This paper mainly focus on the principles and methods for measurement used in MTI (Motion Track Instrument) in an effort to study the feasibility of the inclusion of MTI in parameters measurement on human-rifle system. Focused on the fixation of MTI on the rifle and the motion features of human-rifle...
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Fatigue Strength Research on Aluminum Alloy Car Body for Railway Vehicle Based on Finite Element Analysis Method

Ning Xie, Yao-Hui Lu, Zhen Feng, Tian-Li Chen
As the aluminum alloy car body was used to the lightweight design of railway vehicle, the fatigue reliability has become a key issue. In order to analyze the fatigue strength of aluminum alloy car body, the Goodman fatigue limit diagram was drawn according to the mechanical characteristics of aluminum...