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Micro Empirical Evidence on Price Adjustment

Mengfei Xiao, Yue-Da Hsieh, Peiyuan Xie
This essay categorizes the empirical evidence by developed countries firstly and developing countries secondly. Within these two groups, this essay divides each group into two subgroups, by general and specific evidence. In addition, we allow the inclusion of evidence on seasonal price changes on developed...
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Status and Countermeasures of Ideological and Political Education of College Students under Internet Environment

Xia Li
With the popularity of the Internet, China gradually into the Internet era. College students as the ideological advanced group, become the main group of Internet users. The Internet also won the general recognition of college students' groups with its openness, sharing and interactive advantages, and...
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Combining Contexts and Hyperlinks for Named Entity Disambiguation Based On Knowledge Base

Jiangying Yu
Name ambiguity is one of the most common problems in natural language processing and has raised an urgent demand for efficient, high-quality named entity disambiguation methods. In recent years, with the emergency of knowledge base such as Wikipedia, there are large amount of method proposed based on...
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The effect of R&D novelty and openness decision on firms' catch-up performance: Empirical evidence from China

Yuquan Zhong, Hongru Wu
This paper explores the strategic dimensions of R&D decisions toward novelty and openness in explaining the performance of latecomer firms in a developing economy. A structural equation model of R&D decision-making is formulated using survey data from 50 Chinese firms. The dimension of R&D novelty is...
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The significance of Confucian cultivation theory under the view of "great power craftsman"

Xian Guo
The artisan spirit is in all directions to the pursuit of aesthetic (perfect), exquisite in the spirit of the Internet era, let this culture really popular, everywhere can reflect the excellence of the artisan spirit, a little less quick success, a little more careful. To improve the students' moral...
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Analysis of current situation and reform ideas of humanistic quality education of private college students

Yunling Zhang
This article from the connotation of humanistic quality education and to explore the value of rational analysis of the status quo of private college students, expounds the students' Humanistic Quality Education in Colleges and universities in private colleges, presenting the status quo of humanistic...
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Government intervention in developing a circular economy---A case study of waste management in Sweden

Xupeng Lu
This paper focuses on the roles of government intervention in developing a circular economy. At first a definition and pattern related to circular economy are given. Then a framework of government interventions based on literature is drawn. The framework is categorized into three aspects: state regulation,...
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Summary on fruit identification methods: A literature review

Fangyuan Liu, Leonid Snetkov, Dimas Lima
(Purposes) This paper shows the importance and necessity of intelligent identification technology of fruit detection. (Methods) We enumerate several state-of-the-art methods and illustrate the specific application in the process of recognition, by selecting eleven highly related literature. (Results)...
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An Investigation of Ethics of Communication in Tourism Translation

Jun Chen, Shanshan Luo
This article explores tourism translation from the perspective of translator's ethics of communication. By collecting data of Chinese tourism resources through field surveys and making a comparison with parallel texts in English-speaking countries, it proposes that though both of Chinese and English...
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Discussion on education strategies of personality integrity for young athletes in China

Fan Zhang, Bo Zhou, Changzhi Jia
At present, China is in the key node of social transformation, and the market economy already has a series of problems, which need to be reformed. In this process, the wrong thoughts, such as money worship and individualism, have a greater influence on young athletes, and many of them turn to have different...
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Exploration on the implementation path of psychological health education improvement of China's young athletes

Fan Zhang
A young athlete is at first a developing and growing student, then a hard-training athlete who wins the glory for the motherland. Therefore, the psychological health education of young athletes should be based on the contents of the psychological health education of the primary and middle school students....
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The Impact of Rural Financial Development on the Income Gap of Rural Residents in China: An Empirical Analysis Based on Semi-parametric Additive Model

Kunming Li, Hongcheng Zhao, Xia Liu
Based on panel data of 24 provinces of China from 2000 to 2015, this paper uses the semi-parametric additive model to explore the impact of rural financial development on rural residents' income gap in China. The empirical results show that rural finance development has a tendency of positive influence...
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Analysis on the Current Situation of University Budgeting under the Guidance of Government

Lanqing Ren
This research focuses on how the budget making of Chinese universities is carried out and affected. And for that there are certain organizational characteristics in the universities engaged in public service as public institutions, this paper studied the characteristics of budget management in universities....
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Social Media in Contemporary China: A Transformative Public Sphere?

Bei Guo
Weibo is a Chinese invented social media platform integrating key features of Facebook and Twitter, which make it a seemingly freer channel for individual to individual communication, so bypassing the gaze of authority. It has been extolled by its supporters as offering a vital public sphere, as a space...
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Reflections on the Construction of Modern Chinese Universities' Academy System

Zhuoning Dong
After clarifying the development of modern Chinese Academy system, the present study digs into its essence and connotations, and illustrates the multiple meanings of implementing Academy system. Finally, based on the educational philosophy and talents cultivation objectives of Chinese universities' Academy...
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Cross-border - Integration - Newborn - Advertisement Design Cross-border Research in New Media Times

Hui Huang, Junjian Liu
Cross-border breaks barriers in expertise, skill, culture and other respects and integrates irrelevant elements with interpenetration. In this paper, it analyzes methods of advertisement design cross-border integration transformation (cross-technology sound & photo-electricity mixed experiential integration...
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Research on the Inheritance of Ceramic Industry civilization in Jingdezhen Post-industrial Landscape Design

Dong Cui
The formation of Jingdezhen industry civilization has a closed relationship with the development of ceramic industry after the founding of the nation, the industry civilization of which has experienced the process from developing, thriving and wearing off. It has left lots of ceramic industry sites....
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Application of Ceramic Materials in Modern Urban Sculpture

Maomao Liu
As a very special material, ceramics are increasingly favored by sculpture artists and attracting more and more attention of the public. The paper analyzes the characteristics of the ceramic materials, such as naturality, strong flexibility and strong tranfomative quality etc. Through the description...
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Chinese College Students' Typical English Pronunciation Errors

Yifan Wang, Shiqian Zhou, Chuang Chen, Yue Ban, Lu Zhao, Xiaoqing Zhang
This paper studies the transfer impact of Chinese dialects on English pronunciation. Through the contrastive analysis of the recordings of all freshmen majoring in English from different dialect regions, and through related literature review, this paper analyzes the common and individual English pronunciation...
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An Empirical Analysis of Real Estate Residential Investment and Economic Growth - Taking "Shanxi Province" as an Example

Yucong Ye, Huangjin Liu
This paper take Shanxi Province as an example using unit root test, cointegration test and Granger causality test to analyze the real estate investment and economic growth in Shanxi province. It is found that the real estate investment and economic growth in Shanxi Province are balanced in the long run,...
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Research on Evaluation Mechanism of Teaching Management of Military Professional Degree Postgraduate Education

Jie Luo, Yanhao Zeng
It is an essential guarantee to improve the quality of teaching by cultivating high-end comprehensive application talents for the army and the evaluation mechanism of teaching management. It is an indispensable role for the comprehensive strength of the institutions. It is an important part of the management...
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The Analysis of Schedule Control of Construction Project Using AHP Methods

Ke Liu
The schedule control is a method which keep the tasks, resources and time balanced to achieve project's goal. And with the development of the construction,the time limit for a project control has become more important than ever before. The article uses Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) method to find...
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Visualized Musical Narrative in The Great Gatsby

Xin Lin
As one of the most famous modern American novels, The Great Gatsby is a symbolic master work describing the urban life during "Jazz Age" (1919-1929). Music, especially Jazz music, played a dominate role in social and entertainment activities among the young generation by influencing their attitude and...
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A Study on the Standardization of Micro-blog Language in Local Metropolis Newspapers

Chen Li, Li Wang
Since the beginning of the 21st century, in the face of the crisis brought by the rapid development of new media, local metropolis newspapers set off a wave of micro-blogging, which is an important way for traditional media to seek transformation. In this paper, choosing Chengdu Economic Daily and Chengdu...
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Research on Cross-border Design Language in New Media Time Visual Communication Design

Hui Huang, Junjian Liu
In the face of changes in new times and new media, the visual communication design is faced with transition and development. In the paper, it analyzes the development motivation (catalysis of digital technique, intersection and integration of design boundary, collaboration of operating type) and summarizes...
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A brief analysis on the new trend of logo design in the digital information era

Wenyan Zhao
The digital expression form and the new media technology application make the brand logo tend to be diversified in art style and expression form and also show a new development trend under the dissemination of the current social ideology and emerging media. The reform in the digital information era also...
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Research on the education reform of TRX suspension training method applied in physical fitness course in Police Colleges

Fan Zhang
Total Body Resistance Exercise (TRX) suspension training system has been a popular method for athletes to improve their sports performance and enthusiasts. There are different training needs of groups began to try to use TRX as the training equipment, such as athletes, forces, fitness trainer, physical...
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Analysis of the Plight and Countermeasures of Young Peasant Workers Returning Home to Start Business under the new normal

Jun Wang
Young migrant workers as an important force for national innovation driven development, its return home, entrepreneurship, innovation, and effectively promoted the new rural construction, the construction of new urbanization and urban-rural integration development. Young migrant workers returning home...
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New Teaching Mode Practice of Basic English Course in Flipped Classroom

Huiying Xie
As a core course for freshmen and sophomores of English major, Basic English teaching still exists lots of complexes such as the restrained teaching mode, little teaching duration, less interaction between teachers and students and unsatisfied teaching results. In this paper, the author has conducted...
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Research on Media Ethics of Network's Special Report on Women

Delong Gao
There are many special reports on women in cyberspace, and now the cyberspace is becoming the home of reports on women by many means of communication, such as text, pictures, motion graphs and videos. However, the image of women in these reports tends to be vulgar and kitsch, with the prejudice to materialize...
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Animation Industrial Chain Development in the U.S.A and its Enlightenment to the Animation Industry in China

Dingbang Wu, Zhihong Li
The further development of the animation industry in China is urgent as the animation market is growing rapidly. To develop the animation industry more efficiently in China, the paper first analyzes the animation industry chain and its features in the U.S.A. Then, by adopting the comparison analysis...
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On the Reporting Characteristics of Chinese Infotainment App: A Case Study of Tanzi App

Mei Xie, Qianru Wei
Infotainment rose in the late 1980s and early 1990s and boomed at the end of the twentieth century via Internet and multimedia. Now, with the rapid economic development, the audience wants to get more amusement through news media after work, so plenty of infotainment sites and apps have sprung up, maximizing...
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Comparative Analysis of Two Chinese Major Online Review Platforms in Customer Concern Identification

Jing Wang, Xiangbin Yan
Analysing online reviews is a good method to identify customers' needs and concerns. We conducted a comparative analysis of two Chinese major online review platforms (JD vs. ZOL) in customer concern identification using the LDA model. We find that there is a big difference between customer concerns of...
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The Form Explorations about the Network Reproducing of the Screen Art at "Internet +" Era

Jie Cai, Yuzhen Cao
Under the context of the China Internet rapid development, the development of screen art has been transfer from the dependency on the network transmission to the new audiovisual form which is fusion the network reproducing. The network reproducing of the screen art will generate new value, new culture,...
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A New Historical Approach to Midnight's Children

Yang Gao
As a representative writer of postcolonial literature, Salman Rushdie gained his reputation for his second novel Midnight's Children, the best Booker Prize winner of all time. The novel is set in the context of actual historical events as with historical fiction. Most critics interpret the novel from...
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Teachers' Role in Students' Autonomous Learning in Culture

Qifeng Meng
Autonomous learning is a process of active construction on knowledge which takes place in a certain situation. For foreign language learners, the acquisition of linguistic knowledge is achieved under the related cultural background. Language and culture are inseparable. Therefore, the understanding of...
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The Relationship between University Students' Work and University Students' Development in China

Haijun Ni
From the perspective of student participation, this paper comprehensively analyses the research and date of college students' development in recent years in Peking University Graduate School of Education, and summarize the relationship between university students' work and university students' development...
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The Hotspots and suggestions of MOOC research in China

Shenghu Tian, Jianfeng Yao, Fan Yu, Tongyi Cui
The aim of this study is to examine research hotspots of MOOC in China.We conducted a keyword co-occurrence analysis of more than 6000 MOOC papers recorded in CNKI. The study reveals that there are five hotspots. In future, we should pay attention to the following aspects, including development strategy,...
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Research on the Optimization of Goods Location Based on Greedy Algorithm

Hongmei Ju, Qiqi Liu
With the rapid development of China's economy, the competition between enterprises is increasing day by day, and it is difficult to form a strong competitive advantage by the advantages of product quality, product type and product cycle. The logistics service for the purpose of cost saving is becoming...
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Intraday Trading Patterns in the SSE 50 ETF Option

Tongtong Xu, Susheng Wang, Ke Peng, Dandan You, Mingzhu Hu
The purpose of this article is to explore the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) 50 ETF Option's intraday trading patterns which include return and volatility. We get the SSE 50 ETF option's intraday trading patterns by charts, descriptive statistics and Wilcoxon rank sum test. We find that the call option's...
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Research on practice teaching of IOT application based on fresh agricultural product logistics

Yongjun Zhang, Shenggang Wu, Xugang Zhu
Practice teaching is a very important part of the whole teaching system. It plays a significant role in training and improving the practical ability and creative ability of college students. In view of the problems existing in applying teaching on the Internet of things, a set of modular practical teaching...
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On the Construction of Business English Writing Network Resources

Weilong Huang
The traditional teaching of business English writing (hereafter referred to as BE writing) has been lagging in the construction of resource with many problems, and calls for the construction of BE writing network resources. Under the guidance of Connectivism, this paper analyzes the practical foundation...
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The research and practice of computer innovation ability of college students in TPACK frame

Zhiying Han
Computer innovation ability to promote technological innovation in the field of the information age has an important role, promoting college students' computer practice innovation ability has become the important mission of basic computer education in university. This paper puts forward the "design driving...
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Analysis of university table tennis teaching reform

Fanwei Meng
table tennis originated in the UK, and then to China, the United States, central Europe and other places, and gradually from the original entertainment activities gradually developed into the world of sport. In our country, ping-pong as a competitive sport has become a strong fitness program for Chinese...
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Research on the risk of Shanghai Composite Index based on VaR and GARCH model

Bing Yang, Chenggang Li, Di Wang, Xin He
Analyzing the risk of Shanghai Composite Index is beneficial to investors in stock investment, and provides reference for investors. This paper selects the daily data of Shanghai Composite Index from January 1, 2005 to December 30, 2016 as the research object, and uses VaR and GARCH model to empirically...
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The Impacts of Social Enterprise from an Organizational Perspective: A Case Study in China

Lipei Huang
In recent years, social entrepreneurship plays an important role in the process of social governance and gains increasing attention from scholars. This research focuses on a famous social enterprise in China to identify its impacts on employees. The results show that the social enterprise has impacts...
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Analysis of "Utopia" Narration in Verne's science fiction

Bin Qin
As a famous contemporary science fiction novelist in France,Jules Verne is hailed as "the father of modern science fiction", he has created nearly a hundred novels in his life, most of which are science novels, his science works have been widely translated around the world, and it has millions of readers....
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The Research on Order Parameter of E-commerce Industry System Based on The Theory of Coordination

Liping Zhang, Xiaodong Li
As leading industry, e-commerce industry becomes more important to the market operation of our country economy development. At the same time by the scientific community attaches great importance to the system of e-commerce industry. But the research of e-commerce industry also stays on qualitative analysis,...
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How to Do Well the Ideological and Political Education Work of College Students in the New Situation

Jiangping Liu
Political work relationship forces building the overall and direction. The political work of the university is directly related to the overall direction of the school construction and development, which is related to the successful completion of the personnel training goal. In order to ensure that the...
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Study on the Independence of China's Central Bank

Shuang Wang
At present, strengthening the independence of the central bank is the trend of the world, but also a major trend of national bank legislation. Since China's reform and opening up, the independence of China's central bank has been increasing.But there are still many problems. After studying the historical...
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Evaluation on Comprehensive Ability of Inspection and Testing Organization of Legal Person in Hebei Province - Taking Construction Engineering Field as an Example

Jiaxing He
This paper starts from the field of construction engineering, discusses the comprehensive ability of inspection and testing institutions in Hebei Province, uses the entropy method to determine the weight of each part, and uses the TOPSIS method to sort out the comprehensive ability score of the construction...
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A Study on Inherent Mechanism of Collaborative Innovation to Promote the Reform of Science and Technology Research Organization in Modern University

Chun Liu, Zhi Zhu
Collaborative innovation is a new paradigm of modern university science and technology research, which is based on the needs of social development. It is not only the inevitable choice for the university to improve the innovation ability and the efficiency of scientific research, but also the endogenous...
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A Comparative Study on the Spatial Fractal Comparison of the Tourism City System of Urban Agglomerations in the Central Region

Chun Liu
With the comprehensive economic strength of urban agglomerations in the central region, the tourism economic ties more closely within the region, a higher demand on the regional tourism spatial structure. This paper comparatively analyses tourism spatial structure of 6 urban agglomerations in the central...
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A Comparative Study on the Spatial Structure of Urban Agglomeration in the Middle Reaches of the Yangtze River Based on Fractal Theory

Chun Liu
With the comprehensive economic strength of the urban agglomeration in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River, the more closely the economic linkage between urban system within urban agglomeration, the higher demand on spatial structure of urban system. This paper comparatively analyses spatial aggregation...
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Research on green university operation mode based on "Mercedes-benz models"

Kaiyuan Zhao, Hong Zhao
Great progress has been made in the construction of green university in China, but there is still no efficient operation mode. This paper has conducted a survey on the current situation of building green campus in Colleges and universities of China, through the analysis of the current situation and problems,...
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Analysis on the Utilization Efficiency and Influencing Factors of Local Government Debt Based on DEA Model

Chang Liu
Local government debt reform is an important part of supply-side structural reform. Accelerating the deleveraging of local government debt, and improving the utilization efficiency of local government debt can provide a good financial environment for the implementation of supply side structural reform....
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Design of Mental Health Education Management System for College Students

Huanchang Qin, Meisuo Wang
With the development of society and technical level, the internet has become a new transmission mode, and gradually penetrates into people's daily production and life including mental health education in colleges. Mental health education management system is established to further improve the level of...
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Feasibility Demonstration for the Transformation of Excellent Higher Vocational Colleges into Applied Technical Universities

Xue Gou
In order to construct the modern vocational education system and make the vocational education go through, the government has put forward the idea of constructing the application of the technical university. The application of technology-based universities by local colleges restructuring or by the existing...
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The application of LDA model on user profile

Yao Wei, Suling Jia, Qiang Wang, Hao Yu
This paper puts forward the method of user profile technology based on LDA model. Abstracting the behavior and transaction information of the research object into the document, the LDA model can be trained and the research object can be described into the property tags, thereby to realize the user profile....
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On the Miserable Female's Fate from A Thousand Splendid Suns

Shengai Li, Tingting Liu
Khaled Hosseini is an Afghan-American writer whose works are deeply and richly rooted in the culture of Afghanistan. His second novel A Thousand Splendid Suns is set in Afghan wars, which reveals almost a half-century of miseries and sufferings faced Afghan women. This thesis aims to interpret the miserable...
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On the Artistic Expression of Balzac 's Novel " Pere goriot "

Bin Qin
Balzac is a great French writer in the 19th century, and also the founder of realist literary theories. His masterpiece The Human Comedy not only attracted people's wide attention at that time but also occupied a great status in the history of literature nowadays. However, as the opening of The Human...
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The Acoustic Analysis of Kazak Vowel /e/

Rui-qing Xin
Phonetic experiments with Kazak words including vowel /e/ in different positions were undertaken, and formant values of the onset point and the offset point of the sounding process of each /e/ have been extracted and analyzed. The results and finding indicate that vowel /e/ in Kazak is not a diphthong...
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Experimental research on citation tone of Guangling dialect

Hongjie Wang, Yonghong Li
This paper will use the method of experimental to study the tone of Guangling dialect and the normalized, analyzes the types and differentiation of tones in the dialect, summarize the value and range of Guangling dialect tone. Finally we find that there are four tones in Guangling dialect: Yinping(52)...
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Han Chinese festive costumes form of inheritance

Bo Du, Manqian Wang
Han Chinese traditional festivals carrying rich historical connotation, is a Chinese rituals has been preserved and most representative cultural heritage. Featured festival apparel goods is an important carrier of people expressing joy, but also reflects the window beautiful country folk culture. Festival...
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Study on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ability Training System for Students in Information Science

Hui Wang
In this paper, the current situation of and existing problems in innovation and entrepreneurship education for students in information science and affecting their innovation and entrepreneurship ability are analyzed, based on which the innovation and entrepreneurship ability training system for students...
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Critical Thinking Applied in Case Teaching of Professional Master Degree

Yuxin Ning, Dan Liu
In teaching case for professional master students, we could introduce the critical thinking. The paper firstly introduces the definition, characteristics of critical thinking and analyzes the correspondence to the case teaching, then the paper analyzes the processes and methods in case teaching. Finally,...
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Loan Loss Provisioning Based on Cyclicality

Yuxin Ning, Huanyin Wang
We make use of the listed commercial banks' 2004-2012 half-yearly panel data to test cyclical effects of loan loss provisioning. By GMM estimating some factors which influence loan loss provisioning, we find that our commercial banks loan have countercyclical effect owing to the existence of discretionary...
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Research on the Curriculum Design of Cloud Computing Technology and Application Specialty

Haiyan Liu, Xiaomin Liu, Yue Yang, Guo Li
Cloud computing and application specialty are carried out in the high vocation colleges and it is of great significance to study the professional curriculum. Firstly, this paper summarizes the development of cloud computing technology, analyzes the jobs of cloud computing technology. Secondly, the paper...
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Using the Multiple Assessment Method to Improve the Teaching Quality of University non-test based Course

Chifu Yao
Based on the analysis of the non-test based course in the teaching method and effect still has many relatively problems, analyzing its characteristics and importance, especially what the test course cannot be replaced with. Next, how to use the multiple assessment method for teaching of the non-test...
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The Progressive Training Mode of Computer Hardware Talents

Shu Shen, Yue Shan, Zhaoqing Wei, Weile Jiang
The discipline of computer hardware is an important part of the computer professional training system. With the rising social requirements of computer hardware talents and the occurrence of some general problems in the process of computer hardware talents training, the quality of hardware talents training...
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Exploration on Personnel Training Mode of Internet of Things under the universities Transformation and Development Background

Shuilong Zou, Yong Li
In this paper, the development and transformation of innovation and pioneering new requirements around the networking requirements engineering professionals, in-depth analysis of characteristics of training talents in Colleges and universities, from the professional training curriculum system, practice...
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Research on the Aesthetic Experience of Consumers in Product Design

Bing-qian Wu
Consumer aesthetic experience in product design can influence his/her product perception and purchasing behavior. The mechanism of aesthetic experience involves three parts, research on neuroscience, information processing model and process of emotional responses. Specific figures and structures, generalized...
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Research on the Application of Computer Music Production in College Music Teaching

Zhiqiang Wei
Music teaching plays an important role in quality education, which could not only improve students' artistic attainment and cultural quality, but also their professional skills. The nature of teaching computer generated music production technology requires consensus of audio and visual experience. Recently,...
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Research on the Development Trend of Electronic Archives Management in Higher Vocational Colleges

Li Yang
The extensive application of electronic documents has had a profound impact on the archives business management of higher vocational colleges from the aspects of paper archives, archival entity classification and custodian duration, and made profound influence on the research contents of archives theory...
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Research on Optimal Location of Logistics Distribution Center Based on the Improved Gray Relation

Shuguo Zhang, Qian Li
Based on the analysis of the existing logistics and distribution center location methods, this paper builds the evaluation index system of logistics and distribution center selection and establishes the gray relational location module as the model. It applies the improved entropy method to the evaluation...
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Research on the Psychological Course and Development Trend of Vocal Performance

Ning Zhang
The psychology of vocal music, which is separated from the art of vocal music, has already been formed as an independent discipline and guides the development of vocal music. The purpose of studying psychology of vocal music performance is to theoretically clarify the performers' psychological phenomena,...
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Analysis of BIM Technology to Optimize the Effect and Economic Benefit in Project Management

Shuguo Zhang, Hong Xu
With the continuous development of society and economy, the development of science and technology has far exceeded the phenomenon of people. It has brought a lot of convenience and help for people's daily production and life. The development of BIM technology provides a lot of convenience for the production...
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Comprehensive Comparison and Analysis of Municipal Sludge Resourceful Treatment Technology

Shuguo Zhang, Ce Liang
China's urban sludge production is still growing, and it can cause secondary pollution if it is not handled properly. Sludge treatment is the process of stabilizing, reducing, harmless and recycling sludge. With the increased importance of sludge, sludge recycling technology develops rapidly. It has...
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Research on the Application Development of Data Science in Customer Segmentation

Yuxuan Xu
Data science is an emerging discipline that extracts knowledge from data, and is formally put forward in the context of the "fourth paradigm" of scientific research. The data used for business decision-making and scientific research have radically changed, characterized by the original mainstream sampling,...
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Research on the Development of Data Scientific Analysis Tools in the Big Data Age

Yuxuan Xu
According to the features of big data era, this paper analyzes the main challenges that massive data bring to the analysis tool of data science. The paper introduces the big data analysis tool in response to challenges. Then, the paper carries on the comparative analysis of R language, Rapid Miner and...
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Research on the Development of College English Education in China under the Background of MOOC

Qing Song
With the influence of elite universities and famous greats, MOOC brings unprecedented impact and challenge into traditional higher education mode by providing free online courses and personalized learning style. Facing the oncoming education revolution, English education of Chinese universities is the...
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Research on the Ecological Dilemma Analysis and Countermeasures of Chinese College English Education

Qing Song
The college English education is a unique ecological system that is composed of unique ecological subject and ecological environment, which is influenced by a variety of factors within and outside the system, and has special properties such as interactivity, professionalism and culture. The plight of...
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New Ideas of Ideological and Political Course for College Students

Yanhui Zhang
With the development of the times, people's self-cultivation constantly improve, the social demand for education is also getting higher and higher. Higher education is one of the ways to improve their self-cultivation and the knowledge level of contemporary college students. They have sharp thinking...
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Energy Consumption Forecast Based on Coupling PSO-GPR

Xinli Wang, Shijian Liu, Liping Yan, Ning Wang
Consumption for energy has a great influence on sustainable development of economy and society. The scientific and rational energy development strategy can effectively guarantee social and economic stability and orderly development and energy development strategy is inseparable from the right to accurately...
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Theoretical Logic and Forward Path of Chinese Opening-Up Strategy

Wei Yan
China's opening strategy proceeds in phases, moving progressively from economic zones, open-up along the coast and along banks of major rivers and then on the national borders. For different value system we get different evaluation of opening strategy and its performance, a Chinese style criterion and...
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Study on Energy Finance Risk Warning Model --- Based on GABP Algorithm

Xiong Zhong, Jiaying Tu
Based on the developing features of the energy finance in our country, this paper designs the warning index system covering the systematic features of energy finance risks, which is BP neural network method based on genetic algorithm optimization; the energy finance risk warning model can provide information...
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The Study on the Development Mode of Ningxia Rural Grass-roots Economic Organizations

Miao Zhang, ZhuoWen Jin
As a backward area in China, how to improve economic level of farmers is a key to be considered. With the constant development of social market economy, Ningxia rural areas need to enlarge support for financial institutions and enter into the recycling economic development mode based on advantages of...
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Research on Higher Vocational College English Teaching Mode Reform and Innovation

Li Feng
In recent years, China has in-depth economic development in language market, and foreign exchange has also been strengthened. The application of English has been rapidly penetrated into all aspects, and the society needs talents who master English and can use English freely. However, traditional English...
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A study on the comprehensive evaluation method of teachers' teaching quality based on Z-score

Bingjiang Zhang
The comprehensive evaluation of the quality of the teacher's teaching is an important part of the teaching quality evaluation in which the scientific rationality of the method is very important. Based on the four quartile method and the students' score of the teachers obtain Z-score of teachers and judge...
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A Study on Chinese Teaching Strategies for Foreign Academic Students in Local Agricultural University

Shuo Song, Xiaoming Wei
Chinese language teaching for foreign academic students in Local Agricultural University is the comprehensive need for talents cultivation, cultural literacy promotion and internationalization development of higher agricultural education. There are some problems in Chinese teaching in Local Agrcultural...
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Problems and Innovations in the Teaching Reform in Colleges and Universities

Zhongchen Xing, Rui Wang
The rapid development of society and economy has put forward higher and more diversified requirements for the cultivation of higher talents. This urgently needs that colleges and universities adopt effective reform measures to further deepen the teaching reform, adjust the teaching contents in time,...
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Strengthening the management of scientific research funds and improving the efficiency of scientific research funds

Yang Yu, Xianjiao Liu
The management of scientific research funds is the most important part of scientific research management in universities. Scientific and standardized management methods can greatly improve the efficiency of scientific research funds. Based on the actual work, this paper discusses the situation, the management,...
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On the Ideological and Political Education of Dragon Boat Culture in Colleges and Universities

Zhi-quan An, Meng Li, Pei-wen Guan, Kai Wang
The dragon boat culture is an innovative university culture that is newly developing as an ancient tradition,it is the embodiment of the national spirit,sports competitions and festival celebrations,it also has injected new vitality to the extracurricular games,campus activities an athletic competitions,etc...It...
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Studies on Interaction between Materials Manufacturing and Graduate Education --Illustrated by Hubei Province

Wei Sun, Yu Xu
In this knowledge economy age, postgraduate education is closely related with regional materials manufacturing industry development, both of which interact with each other. As a big province of education and materials manufacturing, Hubei is of great theoretical and practical significance for the systematic...
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Study on the Risk Prevention and Management Countermeasures of Convention and Exhibition

Zhiming Mo
With the continuous development of the socialist market economy, a variety of economic activities have become more frequent, exhibition industry also will be developed. In the process of exhibition industry development, it will change with the socio-economic activities of the corresponding changes in...
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The Research on Cultivation Mode of Engineering Innovative Talents of "Internet plus Education"

Xiao-Dan Zhang, Yan-Ming Cheng, Yu-Xiang Hao
The cultivation of engineering innovative talents of "Internet plus education" is proposed with the development of economic globalization and multi-polarization of the world. It is a necessary demand for national development. The setting of cultivation target and type is the preliminary basis for cultivation...
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A Professionalization Framework in Understanding Migrant labors' Adaptation to China's Industrial Restructuring

Xiuli Yang
Migrant labors' professionalization can satisfy the urgent need for China's industrial restructuring, which also helps to fulfill the dream about citizenship of this group in weak position. Through analysis, migrant labors' lack of employment ability accounts for this awkward situation. Migrant labors'...
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Research on the Construction of Information Sharing Space of University Library Aiming for the Construction of Key Disciplines

Qingsong Zhang
Through the analysis of the background and current situation of the information sharing space and the subject service, it is proposed that the construction of the library information sharing space based on the construction of key disciplines is an important transformation and service innovation of the...
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Research on Architecture for B2B E-commerce Platform

Lijun Wang, Linchuang Zhang
B2B refers to Business to Business, that is, between enterprises and enterprises through the Internet for products, services and information exchange, but also for the strategic cooperation between enterprises to provide a basis. In order to improve the efficiency and quality of B2B e-commerce platform...
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Research on Evaluation Index System of Rotating Classroom Teaching Model for College English

Xueqin Li
Rotating classroom teaching mode is to re-adjust the time inside and outside the classroom, transferred the decision of learning from teachers to students, teachers through assistance and communication to help students learn. This paper aims to promote the reform of college English teaching model. According...