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Research on Legal Governance of “Decentralized” Digital Currency

Hanying Zhang, Zihan Zhang, Fan Zhang
The continuous development of block-chain technology and “decentralized” digital currencies has brought many conveniences to daily life and economic trade. At the same time, however, the economic and legal risks, as well as a series of issues that it exposes, including legislation, law enforcement, and...
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The Teaching Monitoring Mechanism Based on The Idea of “OBE”

Lishuang Sun, Qi Zhao, Hongtao Yao
In order to improve the level of engineering education in Liaoning province, establish a talent training system that connects enterprises and universities in the province, and improve students’ international competitiveness, it is of great significance to establish a teaching monitoring mechanism based...
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The construction of resource of educational technology program design based on MOOC

Liying Cao, Helong Yu, Guifen Chen, Tingting Yang
according to the characteristics of current higher education, the status quo and the network development, the development of the MOOC course has been imminent, online curriculum resources by the user is completely open, self-organization, has been generally recognized learners and teachers in the world....
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Crops in the Americas and Planting Regulations in the Southern Shaanxi Mountains

Xingying Wang, Teng Ma, Jian Zhang
Based on the Chinese local chronicles, this article adopts a literature analysis method. From the perspective of environmental history, it discusses corn, sweet potatoes and potatoes at different times and was introduced for the purpose of economic development and the solution of famine, because of population...
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Study on Predicting Sustainable Growth Level of the city

Shaohui Jin
We choose a city named Zurich and establish a city sustainable development evaluation index system with economic status, social status and ecological environment. First, we analyze the city's current situation, and draw up a new plan for it. Also, we get four sustainable growth levels: Excellent, Good,...
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The Analysis of Churchill’s Speech Germany’s Invasion of Russia from the Perspective of Stylistics

Hongping Chen, Haiyan Lei
Speech is an important part of English stylistics, especially the speech delivered by politicians. They use many kinds of methods to convey their political purpose. In this thesis, the author selects Churchill’s speech at the moment when Hitler attacked and invaded Russia. In the speech, Churchill uses...
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The Factors Affecting Residents in Developed Coastal Areas to Travel: Taking Haiyan County as an Example

Yilin Liu, Naipeng Bu, Haiyan Kong
In response to the Central Government's request for "beautiful China" and the call of the Zhejiang Provincial Committee for the strategic deployment of "two beauty Zhejiang", the tourism industry will be further cultivated as a strategic pillar industry of Haiyan national economy and a strategic emerging...
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Understanding the Forest Conservation Society actions "Tengger" ethnic Based Local Wisdom "Sesanti Panca Setya" in East Java - the Republic of Indonesia

Ms Sumarmi
Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park is the location where "Tengger" ethnic people live. The Tengger ethnic people are mostly farmers around the protected forest area. This study aims to understand the Tengger ethnic community in conserving the forests based on local wisdom "Sesanti Panca Setya" or ”sesanti...
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The Construction of "Internet Plus and Convenient Campus"

Hainan Liu, Simeng Zheng, Wenming Lv, Chunyan Niu
In this article, the author launches the "Internet plus and convenient campus" project. This project can effectively avoid crowding and ensure the safety of the food we use. It not only solves the college students' demand for having the food in convenient and fast way, but also allows the universities...
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Study of Classroom Teaching Mode Innovation based on Mobile Internet

Yibo Hu
Under the impact of the information technology revolution, the mobile Internet to "moisten things silently" gesture quietly changing the traditional education model, and even subvert the traditional classroom teaching, prompting people to think to find a new classroom teaching. So it appeared buzzwords...
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Cultivation of Ability of Talents in Textile Art Design Specialty from the Perspective of Market Situation

Dongdong Li
Continuous development of technology and productivity and change of new printing methods and forms lead to the situation that traditional teaching of textile art design specialty has been unable to meet the requirement of market in the new period for ability of students in textile design specialty. It...
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Governance Path of Rural Gambling Prevailing in the Context of Rural Revitalization Strategy

Jiejie Zhang, Yixuan Huang
The problem of rural gambling has a long history. Many scholars have carried out a lot of analysis on its causes and ways of governance, but most of them are based on legal construction and propaganda, which cannot solve the problem fundamentally. From the perspective of sociology, this paper takes the...
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The Theory of Civil Engineering Talents Cultivation of Circular Economy Theory

Xiaoxing Shi, Biao Gao, Yumin Han, Li Wang
Facing the environmental problems of the civil engineering industry, we need to reform for civil engineering personnel training. First we from the talent-training objectives, professional skills training, and comprehensive quality training three aspects combined with the concept of circular economy....
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Discussion on the Mode of Thinking Oriented Environment Art Design Work

Haijiao Xu
Environmental art design is a creative thinking process with its own special logic and thought ways, according to which people think and work consciously and unconsciously. By knowing about this process and then consciously utilizing creative approaches, the design can be bettered scientifically, orderly...
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Research on Young Teachers Training Model Based on Agricultural Characteristics

Dichen Shen
development is inseparable from young teachers, young teachers in agricultural colleges and universities is the main force of the future development of the university, plays an important role in higher education. Therefore, the strengthening of youth agricultural colleges and universities teacher training...
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An Investigation and Analysis on the Current Situation of College Students’ Recognition on Socialist Core Values

Zhaohui Du, Jing Dong
This study mainly investigates the current state of college students’ identification on socialist core values, analyzes the existing problems, and forms a feasible training strategy. The results of the study show that the major existing problems are that college students have poor recognition on socialist...
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Analysis of Influencing Factors of Refugee Crises

Han Guo
Multiple conflicts, persecution, violence and violations of human rights contribute to the continuously growing number of refugees. The number of asylum-seeker is also increasing with the refugee number. The total number of refugees has increased significantly and consistently over the past few years....
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Application of Regional Music Culture in College Music Teaching

Qingxun Li
Regional music culture is important content of college music teaching system as well as cultural symbol in ethnic minority areas of our country. Regional music represents humanistic characteristics and cultural history of various regions. The development of it also receives extensive attention of the...
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Demand Research based on Shared Interests of Member in Farmer Professional Cooperative Economic Organization

Bin Pan
The paper analyzes interest demands of members in farmer professional cooperative economic organization, and finds out the facing problems of interests demands, meanwhile appeal process dilemma model analysis. The study finds when achieving the Nash equilibrium of interest demand between farmers and...
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The Impact of Free Trade on the Development of China’s Intellectual Property Strategy

Yi’nan Zou
As the international trade model of free trade prevails worldwide, China has begun to establish pilot free trade zones in some regions to promote the economic development in China. The free trade zone measure facilitates international trade but also produces a series of intellectual property disputes....
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Discussion on the Applicability and Limitation of Distributed Leadership Against the Background of Contemporary Chinese Culture

Chongyang Li
In recent years, distributed leadership has been paid increasing attention in the field of education. In the context of contemporary Chinese culture, the applicability of distributed leadership to school education lies in the following aspects: the urgent need to change teaching methods, teaching objectives...
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Study on the promotion effects of stock market on Guizhou economy development

Chenggang Li, Yandan Xue
Studying on the relationship between the stock market and economic development in Guizhou Province can help to promote the development of the stock market and economic development in Guizhou Province. Selecting the data from 2000 to 2013 of Guizhou Province, this paper uses multivariate regression model...
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Study on Historical Memory Fault and Structural Amnesia of Kan Li Siberia Multiple Transmission from Tsinghua Jane "Qiye"

Zhenming Yang
"Kan Li Siberia," since the Song Dynasty, has become a koan academic history, the traditional research mostly on the "Kan Li person" who is in the discussion, Tsinghua Jane "Qiye" come out, understanding the Qin Dynasty "Siberian Kan spread of Lebanon, "the text provides new evidence. From the description...
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The Influence of Core Strength Training on the Physical Quality of Students with Disabilities

Mei Zhang
This study selected 25 students from the Society-adaption Department of Leshan Special Education School as the research object, and used the core strength training program to train different projects for 15 weeks, 3 times a week, 45 minutes per exercise, and rest in weekend. The physical response of...
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Some Discussions about the Effective Path for the Reform of Education, Teaching and Connotation Quality Construction in Local engineering and Polytechnic Universities in the New Era

Yuxi Zuo, Yong Yuan, Hongtao Yao, Wenhao Lv
China's higher education has gradually entered the universalization stage. With the method of empirical research, this article is based on the teaching reform practice of certain J University, and analyzes the characteristics of higher education in the new era, and further discusses the effective path...
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A Feasibility Study on "Jin Mo Brownouts"

Zhenyu Fan
This paper mainly studies the influence of "Jin Mo brownouts" policy of the city traffic system, using the idea of mathematical modeling to prove the scientificity and feasibility of the policy. Taking the example of Changsha City, this paper analyzes the consumption of time and space resources of the...
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On National Music Theory Teaching Reform in Colleges

Ying Qin
As for the college students specialized in national music, the important learning task is to grasp the theory knowledge of national music and strengthen their own music achievement in the learning process, which will affect students' innovation and development in the field of music in the future. National...
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Research on the Measuring Equipment Management Methodology for the manufacturing process

Haixia An, Meiqing Wang, Ming Huang
The methodology of measuring equipment management for the manufacturing process, the use of measuring equipment, the health condition and the verification period planning for the measuring equipment is proposed on the basis of the research on the measuring equipment management and application in aviation...
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Study on Reaching a Consensus in the Collaborative Network-editing -- A Case Study of Wikipedia

Gang Li, Jing Cao
Wikipedia, as a representative of the online encyclopedia, has destabilized the way of traditional book editing and publishing. It becomes the foretype of the multiplayer cooperative mode of knowledge production in the Internet age. Although anonymity and decentralization of the network broke the discourse...
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Study on the Development Model of Accounting Mathematics

Xiling Liu
With the development of science and technology, although the mathematics and accounting changes have occurred, there are simultaneous development in the long history of the development process is a trace and a necessarily link, both of them take the "number" as the basis and everything begins from "math"....
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Research on Defense Right Systems in Bilateral Contract

Suxin Liu
The “Contract Law of the People’s Republic of China” promulgated in China in 1999 for the first time stipulated three types of defense right systems in bilateral contract: simultaneous execution of defense right, first execution of defense right, and unsafe defense right. They are of great value to the...
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Reference on Evaluation Index System of Humanities and Social Science Research in German Universities

Lihong Li, Wanbing Shi
Exploring the evaluation index system of humanities and social sciences in German universities is of great value to improve the management of humanities and social sciences in China. On the basis of defining the core concept scientific research evaluation, university scientific research evaluation and...
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A Plan for Cities of Growth

Xinhua Jiang
This paper proposes reasonable metric to measure the success of smart growth of a city and obtain the wise plan for cities. The whole work is carried out by means of comprehensive analysis under some hypothesized settings.
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Price Discovery from the Chinese A-Share Market: Trend Break Tests Using the Perron Mixed Model C

Gaolu Zou, Yan Xing, K.W. Chau
We argue that in 2007, the Chinese A-share market held a significant change in its entire progressing process. The China Petroleum listing may be a noteworthy event causing the trend change. The paper aims to test whether or not a structural break occurred in the stochastic trend of stock index data....
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A Research into College English Curriculum Development ——From the Perspective of General Education

Chengfang. Guo
Based on the philosophy of general education and the theories of curriculum development, and under the guidance of College English Curriculum Requirements (2007) and National Medium and Long-term Educational Reform and Development Plan (2010-2020), this study aims to explore the feasibility of College...
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On the Importance of Art Theory in Art Education

Yi Wen
With the continuous completion of Chinese educational system, teaching course content of higher education has been increasingly richer and people's philosophy of receiving education is also increasingly stronger. In order to respond to the nation's call of developing comprehensive education, some universities...
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The Feasibility Analysis of All-in-one Teaching Mode of Public PE Elective Course in Universities

Gaosheng Li
With the quick development of national educational system reform, many universities begin to try some new ways in different teaching activities. The thesis focuses on the study of the teaching mode of public PE elective courses of some universities. It tries to solve the problems in public PE elective...
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E-commerce Supply Chain Routine Evolution and Dynamic Capability Formation Mechanism of Integrating Situational Knowledge

Shuyi Wang, Jianwei Xu
The dynamic capability of e-commerce supply chain determines the competitiveness of e-commerce to a large extent, and it is the key for enterprises to gain competitive advantages. However, there is a lack of relevant research on the dynamic capabilities of e-commerce supply chain. This paper takes the...
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The Problems and Countermeasures Faced in the Process of Implementation of "Jin Mo brownouts" Policy

Zhenyu Fan
In order to make the policy "Jin Mo brownouts" supported by the majority, it is necessary to demonstrate it without ideology of science. This paper builds a mathematical model, makes a quantitative analysis of "Jin Mo brownouts" policy in the implementation of the problems facing and analyzes the causes...
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Study on Research of Women and Child’s Development

Hao Yong
Whether it is foreign or domestic, preschool education is very important to the society, the school and the family. They pay attention to the development of the young child while women are the key factor. The article will state the importance of the female to the child’s development and analyses the...
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The Aesthetic Meanings and Value Manifestation of Jade Carving Works Integrated with Overseas Chinese Hometown Culture

Dejing Huang
Overseas Chinese hometown culture (qiao xiang culture) and Lingnan jade carving culture have a long history with abundant contents and forms. From the point of the connotation of qiao xiang culture, the paper discusses the relationships between qiao xiang culture and jade carving works in terms of social...
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Classification Model of Online Review Credibility on E-commerce Platform

Zimo Li
With the increasing popularity of e-commerce, the phenomenon of network ghostwriters brushing praise, merchants deliberately denigrating competitors, and users using comment templates to cope with the comment task is emerging in an endless stream. Starting from the credibility of online reviews, this...
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Education and Research Concept for College Innovative Music and Dance

Song Guo
With the deepening of college education reform, music and dance education in Chinese colleges has undergone a new development. But the colleges are still restrained by the traditional ideology in terms of teaching concept, and the teaching mode is too old. This paper has discussed in-depth the innovation...
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The Mathematical Culture in Huayao Dai People's Costumes of Xinping

Ping Wen, Danting Sun
The Dai people is one of the ethnic minorities with deep national culture. This article uses the field investigation method to study the Huayao Dai people in the County of Xinping County in Yunnan Province and explores the mathematical culture contained in Huayao Dai people's costumes from the mathematical...
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Dynamic Evaluation Model of Urban Public Transport Service Level

Lang Liu
With today's urban public transport system's functions becoming increasingly perfect, how to make the dynamic evaluation of the existing traffic facilities and service based on the card consumption data of bus and the GPS data of taxi or other large data information, whose target is to improve the quality...
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Measures on Painting Theory Course Teaching Reform in Colleges and Universities

Jiawei Zhang, Yi Wen
he art theory courses have a full-scale influence on the students. They can not only improve the students' professional skills on painting, but also help in cultivating the students to be a thinking and moral comprehensive talent. However, the courses on painting theory in many art schools are not properly...
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A Mathematical Sustainable Development Model

Shaohua Wu
To construct an evaluation system to define when and how a county is sustainable or unsustainable, we describe metrics in eight aspects: health human, food security, access to clean water, local environmental quality, energy access, livelihoods, community vulnerability, and equitable sustainable development....
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On the Basis of the Formulation of the Balance Sheet of Natural Resources

Youde Wang, Shan Liu
Preparation of natural resources assets and liabilities table pilot program has been examined and approved by the Central Committee, and in Hulunbeier, Inner Mongolia and other five cities to carry out exploration and preparation of land, forest and water resources real assets, liabilities table pilot....
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A Study of the Relationships Between Lexical Richness and Writing Quality: Taking the English Majors at Guangxi University as an Example

Y.J. Xie, Y. Shen
The present paper aims to investigate the correlation of lexical richness with writing quality by measuring lexical richness in EFL English writing. The research was performed by measuring timed compositions of 56 senior English majors with four indices of lexical richness, including text length, high...
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Anxiety of Accommodation: Kiao-Iology and Comparative Poetics

Xiteng Wang
Kiao-Iology is the theoretical production of the interactions of the great eastern and western theories and economic activities. Not only is it a response of the “anxiety of theory” in the domestic academic circles, but also a tremendous contribution of Chinese schools in the third stage of comparative...
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Research on Accountants' Professional Judgment Ability and Its Cultivation Path

Jie Xie, Hong Zhou
As we all know, the development of accounting keeps pace with the economic progress. Since the essence of accounting is that the accountants express the objective economic matters with their subjective idea under the norms of accounting standards, and therefore the accounting professional judgment is...
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Study on Pottery-art Course Teaching in Colleges and Universities Based on Regional Resource Advantage

Wenjuan Zhang
With arising of modern pottery-art, people gradually understand aesthetic education effect of pottery-art. Many comprehensive academies and local colleges and universities successively set up pottery-art course. As one of local colleges, our school also set up pottery-art course according to its own...
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On Implementation Scheme of Agriculture Industrialization APP Based on Industrial 4.0

Yanfei Sun, Pen Wu
the Intelligence based on the information physics system will enable humans to enter the fourth industrial revolution led by intelligent manufacturing in the next ten years, that is the industrial 4 era. Product of the whole life cycle and manufacturing process of digital and based on information communication...
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Research on Development and Application of University Students Off-campus Internship Management Platform under Mobile Internet

Shangbao Huang
In recent years, Chinese mobile Internet technology has developed rapidly. Mobile Internet has had strong influences on development of various industries and improvement of people's life and it has been applied in Chinese higher education. This paper takes university students' off-campus internship management...
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Research on The Coordinated Relations between Population and Land in the Urbanization Process of Hebei

Qiaona Yan, Zhanbo Qv, Shuai Ma, Yinchuan Wang
Urbanization is one of main reasons for world progress and development. In order to understand the urban population size of Hebei as well as land scale development law and status, this paper analyzes the coordinated relationship between urban population and land to guide the future urban development....
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Research on Chinese Think Tank Evaluation Based on Bibliometric Analysis

Yuqi Luo, Chunfang Guo
In recent years, the research on the evaluation of think tanks in China has been increasing day by day. Through the combing and summarization of the existing research results, the research hotspots and weak links in this field can be summarized, so that the field can get better development in the future....
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Pipe Dream——A Water-Recycling Dream

Lang Liu
Our basic model is that to make some predictions for Billings next thirty years development. The major assumption is that the whole industry of the city can be divided into three parts: the agricultural area, the industrial area and the domestic area.
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Study on the Impact of New Accounting Standards on Earnings Management

Jinping Sun
Earning management is a very hot and disputed topic can be influenced by many factors. Compared to old standards, our new accounting standards can restrict earning management in lots of aspects. Inevitably, as immature standards, it can’t avoid and eradicate all the situations in earning management....
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Investigation into Residents' Fertility Intention of Heilongjiang Province under the “Universal Two-child” Policy

Shujun Chen, Xiaoyu Liang
Since the implementation of the universal two-child” policy, the fertility rate in Heilongjiang Province has increased slightly but has not reached the expected level. This paper conducts a sample survey on fertility intention of the residents in Harbin, Qiqihar, Jiamusi, Jixi and Qitaihe cities in Heilongjiang...
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A Comparative Study of College Students' Attitude to The Sunny Sports in the Exercise Stages

Jing Bao, Shanping Chen, Liping Liu, Shaopeng Song, Xia Jin
This paper studies college students' attitude to The Sunny Sports in different stages of exercise behavior based on the trans-theoretical model of exercise behavior and the attitude theory of social psychology. The results show that: first, totally, college students' attitude to The Sunny Sports in the...
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An Empirical Survey of the Present English Learning State of Male Students in Rural Areas

Lei Yang
According to some theories on Second Language Acquisition and English Teaching Methodology, this thesis studies on the present English learning state of boys in rural middle school. First, taking the advantage of being an internship teacher in Mont, Lu Bai Lu Foreign Language School in Jiujiang, Jiangxi...
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The Multidimensional Construction of Theories on Literary Translation Criticism

Chunhua Shen
Translation criticism is a significant part of translation science, and plays a valuable role in guaranteeing translation quality. So, this essay aims to help foster the development of translation criticism in a theoretical, systematic, and comprehensive manner, and enhance the all-round development...
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Teaching Reform of Clothing Drafting Course in the Major of Fashion Design

Wenqiang Chen, JunLei Chen
Clothes drafting and technology are core courses of the major of Fashion Design at present. Fashion Design is mainly to cultivate students' actual operational ability and conform to current social development requirements so as to provide excellent inter-disciplinary talents for clothes production. In...
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Cluster Analysis on the Development of Agricultural Economy in the Cities (Zone) of Shaanxi

Yong Li
In this paper, a system for evaluating the development of agricultural economy is developed with nine Level III indicators. By cluster analysis, the 11 cities (zone) of Shaanxi are divided into three classes, including leading areas in agricultural economy, relatively developed areas in agricultural...
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Initial Discussion on the 2015 Revised National High School Mathematics Curriculum of South Korea

Zhangpei Li, Changun Park
This paper bases on the 2015 revised national high school mathematics curriculum of South Korea to discuss the characteristics of academic education and vocational education in South Korea, and establishes the educating model based on curriculum theory and practice. Through a new round of curriculum...
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Investigation and Analysis of Mental and Behavior Symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease Patients

Zhenghai Sun, Huimin Han, Fengwu Yan, Jianzhong Li, Wenlin Wang, Yunfeng Han, Jingwen Meng, Na Wang
To assess the mental behavior of patients with senile dementia. Methods: A stratified multistage cluster sampling method was used to identify the subjects. The screening and clinical diagnosis was performed. The screening phase was carried out by the Simple Mental State Scale (MMSE) and the Daily Living...
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Experiment Research of a Certain Pb-Zn in Guangxi

Huawei Yuan, Quanjun Liu, Yichao Zhang, Hui Zhang
By summarizing and analyzing the results of the condition experiments and considering the process mineralogy, for the oxygen sulfur mixed lead-zinc in Guilin, Guangxi, it has been determined lead sulfide - zinc sulfide - lead oxide flotation processes.
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Balance and Optimization of Sewing Production Line Based on Action Attention

Mengcheng Qin, Jiayi Yao
Sewing technology has high particularity in textile enterprises and plays an important role in production. So this paper takes the sewing line of plush toys as the research object. According to the characteristics of the enterprise and the problems in the production process, the operator needs to pay...
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Investigation and Study on the Causes of College Students' Poor Academic Performances and Intervention Mechanism Taking College Students in Xi'an as an Example

Bo Wu, Yali Xin
This paper uses questionnaires, interviews and statistical analysis methods to investigate the learning situation and influencing factors of 314 college students with poor academic performance in 10 colleges and universities in Xi'an, trying to find the subjective and objective reasons for the poor academic...
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Study on Product Sensory Quality Assurance System Based on PLM

Jingwen An, Miao Wang
Sensory quality is an important product feature. It can affect consumer judgment and behavior. We put forward a kind of sensory quality assurance system with the concept PLM theory, to improve the enterprise management status of sensory quality.
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Bibliometrical Analysis of the Smart Grid Research

Jinrong Zhu
Based on the information of 1924 articles collected from China Academic Journal Network Publishing Database (CAJD), bibliometrical analysis methods are used to analyze the smart grid research. The results showed that: 1) the smart grid has got the attention of many researchers, core authors have been...
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Research of College Students' Physical Training and Lifelong Physical Education

Jie Zhang
Lifelong sports consciousness is a sportconcept advocated in today's knowledge-based economy and fully train and develop students' lifelong sports consciousnesswill be the inevitable trend of historical claims.The status of college students' physical of physical educationquality in this paper was discussed...
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A Brief Analysis of E.E. Cummings’s Poem from the Style as Foregrounding

Hongping Chen, Zheng Zhao
E.E. Cummings is considered as the represent poet of American modern experimental poem. He has remained as a symbol of the pioneering spirit of modern poetic practice because of his unusual artistic style of poem. This paper discusses E. E. Cummings’ Poetry on the basis of foregrounding theory from three...
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Analysis of the Influencing Factors of Tourism Income

Xu Zhang
The contribution of tourism income to China's economic growth has become increasingly prominent. The composition of tourism income has shown a diversified trend. The development of the downstream industry chain driven by tourism has also been continuously extended and integrated. This paper uses the...
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Stability Analysis of Xujiazhuang Dam during Construction Period

Xiaocheng Su
Through the stability of the construction process of Xujiazhuang dam is analyzed, the main problems in the dam construction process can be clarified. In this paper, the dam model is established by using the finite element software P LAX IS to simulate the settlement displacement and stress variation...
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Research on Safety Protection of Oil Depot Diversion Tunnel

Jian Tang, Jichang Zhao
As for the safety of oil depot, the safety of diversion tunnel is very important. In this paper, the safety of oil depot diversion tunnel is regarded as the research object, and the main factors which impact the oil depot diversion tunnel are analyzed. Take the safety of diversion tunnel in the earthquake...
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Experience in Qiandongnan: Discussion on the Protection and Development Path of Traditional Villages

Pan Chen, Xiaoqin Ye
Currently, there are 409 traditional villages in Qiandongnan Prefecture (Southeast Guizhou), ranking first in the prefecture-level cities nationwide. The experience of traditional village protection in Qiandongnan is summarized as “the government exerts its strength and perfects its policies; linkage...
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Research on the financing efficiency of urbanization construction in Guizhou Province

Chenggang Li, Ke Xu
Researching on urbanization construction financing efficiency in Guizhou Province is benefit to improve the financing efficiency, and enhance the level of urbanization. In this paper, Using correlation analysis and multiple regression model, this paper empirically analyzes the urbanization construction...
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Research of the Application of the Installation Art in Contemporary Design

Ling Chen
The twentieth century was a period of rapid development of post-modern art, which had profound impact on postmodern art design in form, concept, aesthetics. Contemporary design have different levels of absorption and extension of the creative way modern art, ideas, techniques, forms. Under this background,...
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Analysis on the Translation Errors of Chinese-specific Words in Government Work Report

Li Zhang, Xiaoyue Wang
As a representative document of the government, Government Work Report consists of looking back at both achievements and defects of the past five years, which recently becomes the window for foreigners knowing about China. However, the most conspicuous feature of Government Work Report is the applications...
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How does Washback of PRETCO Influence College English Teaching

Xiaoling Zhang
The Importance of tests on teaching is obvious in education system, and Madaus states that: 'It is testing, not the "official" stated curriculum, that is increasingly determining what is taught, how it is taught' (as cited in Spratt, 2005, p.5). The present study examined the washback effect of a high-stakes...
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Build Sustainable Cities!

Qian Yang
Many communities are implementing smart growth initiatives. Smart growth is about helping every town and city become a more economically prosperous, more socially equitable, and more environmentally sustainable place to live in. This task is more important than ever because the world is rapidly urbanizing....
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Analysis and Countermeasures of Factors Affecting Farmers' Income Increase under the Background of Urbanization

Xianghua Luo, Yingqin Zhang
This paper studies the factors that affect the increase of farmers' income and analyzes the restricting factors of the income increase of rural migrants and left-behind farmers under the background of urbanization. It is proposed that advances should be made in the process of urbanization, such as raising...
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On the almost unbiased Ridge and Liu estimator in the Logistic regression model

Xinfeng Chang
This paper is concerned with the parameter estimation in logistic regression model. To overcome the multicollinearity problem, Schaefer et al. (1984) and Urgan and Tez (2008), respectively, proposed the logistic ridge regression estimator and logistic Liu estimator for the logistic regression model....
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A Tentative Research on the College English Reading Teaching Mode Based on the Theory of the Flipped Classroom

Sufen Lu
Flipped classroom, which focuses on improving the students' autonomous learning, is dissimilar to the traditional teaching mode. With the fast development and popularization of modern technology, people's life and study have undergone great changes and the traditional college English teaching mode can...
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Process Features of CAST Wastewater Treatment and Its Application in China

Jiaxin Huang, Guori Dong, Qingwei Li, Wei Song, Jibin Wang
CAST, an advanced process of wastewater treatment, has achieved great attention and application. This paper gives an overall introduction on CAST development, principles, features and its current application and research in China. This paper focuses on comparison CAST with SBR, the traditional process,...
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Carolyn Merchant's View of Nature from the Perspective of Ecofeminism

Chunhua Lv, Ziyan Wang
This paper analyzes the Carolyn Merchant's ecofeminism perspective of nature. Merchant argues that there exists an artificially-constructed connection between nature and women. The root cause for which both nature and women are kept in subjection stems from the man-centered world outlook of “patriarchy”....
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Analysis of Status Quo and Paths of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Among Undergraduates in “Internet Plus” Era

Zun He, Danyi Zhang
With the fast development of internet information technology, high coverage of smart mobile devices, Internet industry in China enjoyed a blooming growth. Problems of development of innovation and entrepreneurship nowadays are mainly caused by unclear guiding policies, unbalanced allocation of teaching...
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The Study of Guide Policy to the Internet Public Opinion in Micro-era Higher Vocational College

Jiqiang Liu
The crisis in new media environment is a new normal of the social transformation. With the growing popularity of micro blog, we chat and other new media, the micro era is coming. When emergencies occur in higher vocational colleges, vocational colleges public opinion in new media environment has a new...
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The Realization of Population Zero

Qian Yang
This study is about setting a policy model including the factors of income, education and equality to result in a set of policy recommendations which would be implemented to the Population Zero. The mission of Population Zero is to create a sustainable society by maximizing both economic output and happiness...
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Gender Differences of Advertising Spokespersons in Marketing

Yanni Li, Lingling Ma, Yiqun Liu, Longqun Li, Shuang Sun
With the mature of the market economy, marketing becomes more important day by day. Advertising is one of the most popular way in marketing strategies. As the carrier of the product information, advertising spokesperson holds the balance of marketing, and the function of the gender differences of advertising...
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Digital Determination and Manipulative Strategies

Tatiana Leshkevich, Anna Motozhanets
Acquiring knowledge in the digital world is connected with transformations in meanings, orientations and values of modern existence. This paper reveals the features of digital determination and related manipulative strategies. The article relies on contemporary research into the issue in the context...
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Investigation of the present situation of China's private enterprise internal audit and the study of improvement measures

Yongchen Li, Jingxiong Tang
Along with our country socialist market economy unceasing development, the reform unceasing deepening, the private enterprise obtained the development opportunity which front has not had, According to the statistics, our country Enterprise above 90% is the family firm. Many private enterprises all are...
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Research on the Development of Industrial Parks in China and Suggestions for Future Policies

Tianjiao Yi
Based on the former research into industrial parks at home and abroad, in this paper, we define the concept of industrial parks, and classify some of the existing industrial parks in China into different types. With the classical economics theory, we analyze and explain the intrinsic economic motivation...
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Research on Disclosure of Food Safety Information

Fan Xiong
In recent years, food safety events occur frequently in China, which have become problems which are widely concerned by the whole society at present. Improvement of management philosophies, supervision modes, technical means and other aspects is deeply integrated with information disclosure for solving...
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Research on metrics of refugee crises

Qinfei Long
We set up key implicating metrics to evaluate the specific factors which can enable the safe of refugees. The metrics are adapting Gray fuzzy evaluation on the basic of Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP), involving the physical conditions of the refugees, the number of refugees, the distance of migration,...
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Experimental Research on beneficiation Technology for a Bulk Copper from Yunnan

Hui Zhang, Quanjun Liu, Huawei Yuan, Yichao Zhang
In this paper a experimental research on beneficiation technology for a sulfur-bearing bulk copper in Yunnan. Ore slime content is higher in the ore ,chalcopyrite is closely associate with pyrite ,the raw ore grading 0.95%Cu and 17.88% S .The flow sheet of raw ore-washing, stage-grinding, stage-concentration,...
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Tendencies and Prospects for the Application of Natural Science Methodology in Social and Humanitarian Knowledge

Vitaly Y. Ivlev, Marina I. Ivleva, Marina L. Ivleva
The laws of the intensity of the application of natural science and mathematical methods in social and humanitarian knowledge are observed, depending on the specifics of the philosophical foundations of the latter, in particular, the doctrine of human being. The possibility of applying these methods...
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Research on the Influencing Factors and Improving Path of Contemporary College Students' Happiness

Ying Sheng, Changlin Zhu
Purposes: the stage of university learning is the key period for college students to transition from the role of student to good socialized individual role. Such important stage is of great significance in shaping students' cognition, emotion and will, and then affecting the acquisition of happiness...
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Research on the Construction of Practical Teaching System of Application Oriented Undergraduate Logistics Management Specialty-- Taking Wenzhou Business College as an Example

Xiaozhen Dai, Pingyu Yang, Pingguo Chen, Zhenkai Lou
The construction of practical teaching system is the key to the success of the practice teaching. Taking Wenzhou Business College as an example, the basic framework of practical teaching system of application oriented undergraduate logistics management specialty is analyzed. This paper expounds how to...