Proceedings of the International Conference on Social Science, Psychology and Legal Regulation (SPL 2021)

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The Use of Sociological Methods in Criminological Research

Oleksandr Korystin, Nataliia Svyrydiuk, Alexander Vinogradov
The article focuses on the need to use sociological methods in criminological research. The current situation in Ukraine is characterized by inconsistency in state statistics on criminality in the country. And the only alternative can be an expert survey in this area and analysis of relevant data. This...
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Coping with the COVID-19 Pandemic: Efficiency and Prospects in Plasma Donors’ Perceptions

Artem Lytovchenko, Olena Muradyan, Dmytro Chumachenko
In connection with the continuation of the Covid-19 pandemic, the relevance of information promotion of anti-pandemic measures is becoming more urgent. Public opinion on these measures is mixed; there is an active movement of the so-called anti-vaxers. The article explores the possibility of involving...
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Socio-group Agents Promoting Vaccination against Covid-19: A Comparative Analysis of the Positions of Medical Workers and Blood Plasma Donors

Oksana Nekhaienko, Dmytro Boyko, Tatyana Chumachenko
The paper concerns the issue of perception of various aspects of vaccination against COVID-19 by representatives of two social groups - employees of medical institutions and blood plasma donors. Since both of these groups are institutionally and / or practically connected with the healthcare industry,...
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Social Demand for Healthy Food for Pupils in Ukraine: Case of Kharkiv Region

Vyacheslav Nikulin, Oleksandr Kizilov, Daria Yashkina
The relevance of the sustainable development concept is increasing in modern society. The aims of the concept cover a wide range of issues including the issue of healthy nutrition and human health. The issue of healthy food in Ukraine namely a social demand for healthy food and, as a consequence, demand...
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Digital Reading Practices as a Factor in Identity Formation

Yuliia Polovynchak, Viktoriia Bondarenko
The article is devoted to studying the influence of modern digital opportunities related to books and reading on the formation of a sense of belonging to the cultural and national community. Reading practices are seen as repetitive joint actions that are part of the formation of national identities....
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Adaptation of the RepTrak Model to Measure the Reputation of Higher Education Institutions

Yaroslava Bratus, Mykola Sydorov
Increasingly, the main criterion for the classification and grading of higher education institutions is reputation, that in contrast to other criteria – the number of citations, the percentage of employed graduates, lecturing staff and international cooperation – is understudied. In Ukraine, there is...
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Sentiment Analysis Based on the BERT Model: Attitudes Towards Politicians Using Media Data

Svitlana Salnikova, Roman Kyrychenko
The latest analysis methods of sentiments borrowed from computational linguistics are relevant in the age of big data, which is difficult to process through traditional content analysis. These methods have made it possible to analyze information over a long period, which allows us to trace the dynamics...
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Respondent’s Housing Conditions as a Factor Influencing the Probability of Contact with the Respondent in an F2F Interview (on the Example of ESS Paradata Analysis)

Yeliena Kovalska, Maria Dzhevaga
Paradata is used to improve the quality of analysis and data collection in F2F interviews. Its collection allows to increase the response rate by analyzing non-responses. Based on the binary logistic regression constructed for datasets including ESS 2010 (ESS-5) and 2018 (ESS-9) data in Germany, was...
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The Image of Ukraine Through Regions: The Actual Experience with Free Association Method

Alla Petrenko-Lysak, Olga Bezrukova
The aim of the article is to demonstrate capacities of a qualitative analysis of data collected by the free association method. The empirical base of the research included results of a research by students, aimed at comparing ideas about the Ukraine by students. To establish a group typology of the attitudes...
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Mental Features of National Development in the Information Society

Svitlana Horova, Valerii Horovyi, Olena Ufimtseva
The article considers the issues related to the restoration of the importance of mental factors as grounds for social development. In this case, the focus is on the restoration, because at the previous stage of social development these factors were largely overshadowed by industrial processes, which...
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Evolution of Constitutional Norms in Post-Soviet States: Democratic Procedure or Approval of Quo Status?

Svitlana Bulbeniuk, Vira Haponenko, Yurii Maneliuk
The paper focuses on the political and value-ideological aspects of the evolution of constitutional norms in the post-Soviet space and in Ukraine, in particular, which determine such specific features of the constitutional process as approval of changes by trial and error, “compromise”, mobilization...
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Institutional Interaction in the Network Society: Public Authorities, Opposition, Interest Groups

Liliya Yakovleva, Liliana Yarova, Vitalii Koltsov
The paper focuses on the institutional interaction in the network society. At this stage of Ukraine’s political development, the process of further institutionalization (formation of institutions of a democratic society) requires the improvement of mechanisms of institutional interaction. First of all,...
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Formation of Community Security Policy in the Conditions of Decentralization as a Component of National Security of Ukraine

Tetiana Lushahina, Natalia Hromadska, Svitlana Matviіenkiv
The article is devoted to the study of the main perspective policies of community security in the conditions of decentralization as a component of National Security of Ukraine. It is emphasized that national security depends on the lowest level of government organization – local, namely how communities...
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Debate on Foreign Policy Choice in the Media Landscape of Ukraine

Denys Yakovlev, Artur Amirov, Anastasiia Stoliarova
The paper is devoted to the study of political debates in the mass media on Ukraine’s foreign policy choice. The political debate in the mass media about the foreign policy choice today concerns not only the existential dilemma of the Ukrainian establishment “East – West”, which has its roots in history....
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Impact of Social Media Influencers on Public Policy and Political Discourse

Iuliia Shmalenko, Natalia Yeftieni, Inna Semenets-Orlova
The paper focuses on the study of the impact of social media influencers on social networks on the formation of the political agenda. The main problems and tendencies of using the potential of social networks for the formation of public opinion are identified. It is emphasized that an active public and...
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Study of Labor Intensity of Employees of the Department for Combating Drug Crime of the National Police of Ukraine

Sergii Korsun, Yurii Orlov, Jozef Zatko
The article is devoted to the study of labor intensity of employees of the Department for combating drug crime of the National Police of Ukraine. The intensity of work of employees of this department has not yet been studied by domestic scientists, which determined the importance and relevance of our...
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Psychometric Properties of the Ukrainian Version of the Scale of Positive and Negative Experiences (Spane)

Valerii Olefir, Valerii Bosniuk, Katerina Malofeikina
Conceptualization and measurement of well-being have been carried out from different positions in positive psychology. In this cross-sectional study, the Scale of Positive and Negative Experiences (SPANE) has been adapted and validated on a sample of 458 Ukrainian adults. Confirmatory factor analysis...
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Factor Structure of Basic Personality Characteristics of Police Patrol Officer

Yuliia Boiko-Buzy, Liudmyla Piankivska, Ihor Pampura
Research article is devoted to the study of a number of basic personality characteristics of a patrol police officer and the procedure of factor analysis of the obtained results. Specific conditions of the service of a patrol police officer cause personal changes that may cause certain difficulties in...
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Career Orientations and Professional Responsibility of Ukrainian Women with Different Sexual Orientations. Are Sexual Minorities Worse Adapted to Professional Activities?

Olena Lutsenko, Oleksii Nalyvaiko, Nadiya Kreydun
Purpose of the article: to identify and compare career orientations and professional responsibility peculiarities in women with different sexual orientations to determine whether members of sexual minorities (SM) in Ukraine are less adapted to professional activity than members of the heterosexual majority....
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Professional Stress of the National Police of Ukraine: Psychological Dimension

Zoriana Kisil, Viacheslav Blikhar, Halyna Katolyk
The article consolidates the theoretical and methodological analysis of stress determinants that affect employees of the National Police of Ukraine in the procedure of performance of their official duties; includes methodological substantiation of methods and main tasks of experimental research of stress...
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Psychological Aspects of Official Activities of Police Officers of Cargo and Mobile Objects Security Orders

Volodymyr Ostapovich, Vadym Barko, Liubov Protsyk
The article is devoted to the generalization of psychological aspects of the service activities of police officers of cargo and mobile objects of the security police as one of the components of the National Police of Ukraine. On the basis of a large-scale experimental study with the participation of...
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Neurotic Factors of Self-Attitude Disorders in Adolescents

Denys Aleksandrov, Ivan Okhrimenko, Olena Tyshchenko
The article analyses the relationship between different types of neurotic states with the functioning peculiarities of different components of the system of adolescent’s self-attitude system. The most important factors of certain neurotic states, which are associated with disorders of adolescents’ self-attitude...
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Psychological and Pedagogical Conditions of Successful Assimilation of Psychology and Conflictology by Law Students

Ruslan Kalenichenko, Hryhorii Kaposloz, Iirina Petukhova
The article, based on an empirical study of the relationship of psychological characteristics of law students with the success of the discipline “Professional Psychology and Conflict Studies”, proposes an approach to increase the success of students of non-core specialties in psychology and conflict...
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Personal Dissonance as a Factor of Destructive Hostility of the Cadets of Military Educational Institutions

Liudmila Herman, Iryna Khanenko, Olesia Khodanovych
Modern psychological research of servicemen covers a wide range of issues, from the analysis of professionally important qualities to the study of negative mental phenomena related to various areas of their service activities. A separate category of servicemen are cadets of military educational institutions,...
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Professional and Psychological Potential of an Attorney: A Look at the Problem

Viktoriia Vladyshevska, Ivan Okhrimenko, Andrii Kubaienko
The article investigates the expediency of checking the psychological readiness of a person to independently engage in the practice of law at the stage of access to the profession, as a guarantee of compliance with the high ethical principles of the profession in the future. In this context, the problematic...
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Personality Motivation for Successful Functioning in Today’s Conditions

Natalya Ivanova, Yuliia Andrusyshyn, Olha Palyvoda
Defining the essence, formation and development of personality motivation is an important prerequisite for the development of constructive behavioral strategy in today’s complex conditions, as it will contribute not only to comfortable and productive activities, but also effective interaction and quality...
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Translation as a Psychological Strategy of Self-Fulfillment in Lesia Ukrainka’s Epistolary

Lesia Voitenko, Tetiana Karavayeva, Lidiia Shvelidze
The article explores Lesia Ukrainka’s translation activity in her epistolary from the perspective of creativity psychology. The idea of creating the “European library” in Ukrainian is seen through the lens of how the translation of world-class creative works into Ukrainian performs a nation-building...
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The Role of Memory in Consecutive Translation

Khrystyna Pavliuk, Polina Melnyk, Viktoriia Antufieva
In modern conditions, translation activity is associated with the semantic processing of information, the value of which is determined by socio-economic and legal categories, and translators are considered as subjects that ensure national security in the information sphere. A translator today is a person...
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Judicial Practice of Bodies of Constitutional Jurisdiction of Foreign States on Restrictions of Human and Civil Rights Imposed in Connection with the Spread of Covid-19 and Quarantine Measures

Yurii Voloshyn, Maryna Holovatenko, Redion Luli
The article analyzes the restrictions on human rights and civil rights and freedoms imposed by states to overcome the spread of COVID-19. The article considers some decisions of the Constitutional Courts of foreign countries on the restriction of the constitutionality of human and civil rights and freedoms...
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The Value and Use of the Internet of Things During the Pre-trial Investigation of Criminal Offenses

Oleksandr Zaiets, Serge Yeskov, Yuri Kononenko
This article introduces the active dissemination and development of new social relations related to the Internet of Things. The concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) is seen as a growing network of facilities, from industrial devices to consumer goods and services that can share information and perform...
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Psychological Description of Investigative (Search) Actions

Yuliia Chornous, Valentyna Drozd, Liudmyla Havryliuk
The scientific literature highlights various aspects of investigative (search) actions, but this study focuses on their psychological description, which currently has not been developed sufficiently. The study of the psychological description of investigative (search) actions contributes to revealing...
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Use of Electronic Evidence in Criminal Proceedings in Ukraine

Roman Blahuta, Anatolii Movchan, Maksym Movchan
The article deals with the issues of documenting and using electronic evidence in criminal proceedings in Ukraine. The task of the study led to the use of dialectical, historical-legal, comparative-legal, system-structural, statistical and formal-logical methods. It is emphasized that the features of...
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Legnaturalistic Law as a Basic of Legal Regulation of Safe Society Development

Oleksii Shmotkin, Anna Shmotkina, Viktor Kolonyuk
The purpose of modern civilization is its secure development without which it is impossible to exist in the future. Activities in this development begin with its modeling, which is carried out through the legal regulation of this process. The basis of legal regulation is law. Without his correct understanding,...
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Modern Problems of Countering Certain Types of Criminal Offenses

Volodymyr Yusupov, Svitlana Okhrimenko, Yuriy Pilyukov
The article analyzes the current state of criminal activity and the corresponding needs of judicial and law enforcement agencies to provide necessary counteraction. Based on the conducted sociological research, generalization of statistical data, correlations were revealed between the needs of the practice...
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Persecution as a Socially Dangerous Phenomena in Ukraine

Ganna Sobko, Alina Denysova, Alla Bochevar
Fairly large number of researches have been surveyed on domestic violence. It is known that both men and women use physical and psychological violence, but despite this, law enforcement practice is surprisingly more focused on protecting women. If the issue of violence is more or less clear, and the...
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State and Legal Policy for the Protection of Children in the Digital Environment

Yuliia Hradova, Oleksandr Zhytnyi, Sergei Tereshchuk
Digital technology and the Internet have made our lives much easier by providing opportunities to work, study, and shop online. Today half of humanity uses the Internet and social networks, which have brought risks and dangers despite significant benefits. In the digital environment the most vulnerable...
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Comprehensive Analysis of Innovations in the Criminal Legislation of Ukraine on the Protection of Animals from Cruel Treatment

Natalia Semchuk, Sofiia Lykhova, Diana Maistro
The paper reveals the content of the main changes in the Ukrainian legislation on the protection of animals from cruel treatment. With the development of society and changes in international regulation, attitudes toward animal cruelty have transformed. This study first of all takes into account the latest...
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Methodological Principles of Using International Experience to Ensure the Transparency of Decision-Making: Legislative Regulation of Public Consultations in Ukraine

Oleksandr Yarmysh, Tetiana Tielkiniena, Anna Kondratova
The article defines methodological principles of using international experience in ensuring the transparency of decision-making on the example of legislative regulation of public consultations in Ukraine. Factors that encourage the intensification of scientific discourse on this issue: the practical...
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Substitution of a Child: Features of Definition of Object and Victim of the Criminal Offense

Sofia Lykhova, Tetiana Lysko, Viktoriia Sysoieva
The scientific article examines the problems of determination of the victim of the criminal offense “Substitution of a child”. The authors are right when argue that the object of the child’s substitution is to recognize social relations that ensure the realization of the child’s right to live and be...
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Formation of Russian Policy Towards the Baltic Countries: Historical and Legal Lessons for Modern Ukraine

Oleksandr Ivanov, Yuriy Ivanov, Volodymyr Okipnyuk
The article considers the main factors that had created historical prerequisites for development of the Russian expansion in the Baltic States. The main directions of this process are highlighted both in retrospect and at the present stage. The problem of formation of the Estonian community in the Crimea...
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Communication System of Documentation of the Legal Sphere: The Concept and Place Among Documentation Systems

Lubov Dubrovina, Alla Hrebeniuk, Iryna Manzhul
In the conditions of formation of documentation systems of Ukraine, being integrated into world similar systems, the development of branch documentary mechanisms, their integration among themselves at the national and international level becomes relevant. Of particular importance among such mechanisms...
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Results of Covert Investigative Actions and Operational Investigative Measures Related to Temporary Interference in Private Communication: Problem Issues of Use in Criminal Proceedings

Vitalii Hrebeniuk, Serhiy Lashket, Leonid Shcherbyna
Compliance with the set of requirements for the legality of temporary interference in a person’s private life by the authorized bodies of the state is one of the urgent scientific problems related to the protection of legitimate interests, human rights and freedoms. The use of covert methods of gathering...
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Actual Threats of Defence of National Critical Informative Infrastructure, Ways of Decision

Dmytro Melnyk, Oleksandr Shamsutdinov, Yevhen Yudenko
The actual state of the legal adjusting of defence of critical informative infrastructure of Ukraine is reflected in the article. The reference list of objects of domestic critical informative infrastructure is offered for the use in scientific researches and practice. Actual threats are marked to safety...