Proceedings of the Tarumanagara International Conference on the Applications of Social Sciences and Humanities (TICASH 2019)

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Effectiveness of Expressive Art Therapy Group to Reduce Stress Level in Mothers of Children with Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Monica Sri Sunaringsih, Sri Tiatri, Soemiarti Patmonodewo
Children with neurodevelopmental disorders often need intense help or assistance in carrying out their daily activities. Children’s difficulties in communication, socialization, certain characteristics, and maladaptive behaviors become the frequent stressor factors. Consequently, mothers who are responsible...
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The Role of Perfectionism Dimensions to Psychological Well-Being in First Year Students with Stress as a Mediator

Fransiska Xaveria Aryani, Rismiyati E. Koesma, Zamralita
Mental health problems in Indonesia are expected to increase in the next 20 years. Individual mental health needs more attention, including psychological well-being. One aspect that affects psychological well-being is excessive self-expectations or perfectionism. Perfectionism consists of three main...
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Ethical Aspects and Laws of Reproduction Cloning in Humans

Yuwono Prianto, Narumi Bungas Gazali, Viony Kresna Sumantri, Swara Yudhasasmita
The original clone that was naturally further evolved into artificial cloning since the end of the 20th century continues to grow rapidly and became a hot issue as ‘ Dolly the sheep ‘ sticking up the surface. There are many obstacles, misperceptible and controversies especially for biomolecular researchers...
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Utilization of Peatland Technology for Food Availability in a Legal Perspective

Jeane Neltje Saly, Christine S.T. Kansil, Adriel Michael Tirayo
The results of this research revealed that problematics with the use of peat technology due to the rate of conversion of agricultural land, expansion of agricultural land, and increasing production of food crops is not optimal, despite long-term solutions to the crisis of fire and haze, therefore it...
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Flight Dispute Resolution (Based on Law Number 8 of 1999 Concerning Consumer Protection): Lion Air JT 610 Accident Case

Ahmad Sudiro, Liana Noviyanti
In carrying out air transportation, there is always a possibility of a risk that can be detrimental the passenger. Nowadays not all the risk can be accounted by the carrier. But it does not rule out the possibility that passenger can sue the airline as a business actor. The passenger who suffered by...
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Integrative Happiness Model: Spiritual Aspects as the Local Content of Indonesian Happiness

Happiness has been influenced by culture and it is important to find out the model of happiness from a culture. The model to be tested of Indonesian people is hypothesized as an integrative model of happiness, which is formed by three dimensions: hedonia, eudaimonia and spiritual. The goal is to prove...
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Are You Entrepreneur or Just an Opportunist? an Analysis on Neo Liberal Theory

Faradilla Fadlia, Ismar Ramadani
This paper seeks to see the difference between entrepreneurs and opportunistic and trying to define both categories. The entrepreneur intended in this paper is a person who does business, has a brilliant idea, this person is very good at seeing opportunities and execute those opportunities and have moral...
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Design of the Element Interior with Betawi Culture Ornaments Made of Portable Diffusor for Interior Acoustics and Aesthetics

M. Nashir Setiawan, Hartini Laswandi
The results of Betawi culture need to be preserved, developed and interpreted as a legacy of Indonesian cultural wealth that has high aesthetic value. Interior elements are part of building space, also need to be processed aesthetically. The purpose of this study was to develop ornaments of Betawi culture...
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Correlation Between Internal Working Model of Attachment and Marital Satisfaction of Young Adult

Gabriella Rosalina, Sri Tiatri, Roslina Verauli
Marital satisfaction can be influenced by attachments that are formed at an early age and represented in adulthood, which are better known as internal working model. This research was conducted to determine the importance of marital satisfaction in married couples and knowing more about their partner....
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Visual Process Study of the BI-Wayang Creation Applied into Art and Design Installation

Augustina Ika Widyani
The creation of BI-Wayang came from personal concern into the lack of a sense of belonging from Indonesian youth to batik and wayang. Both are known as the Indonesian heritage, assumed as traditional culture, ancient and so backward. Some opinions said that technology is an achievement, but it is also...
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The Role of Social Skill and Parental Involvement in the Quality of Life of Working Individuals with Intellectual Disability

Devi Ariya Paramita, Ediasri Toto Atmodiwirjo, Naomi Soetikno
This research was conducted to find the role between social skill and parental involvement toward quality of life of working intellectual disabilities. Quality of life in intellectual disability require special attention hence the increase amount of intellectual disability. Social skill was measured...
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Trust in Dating Couples: Attachment Anxiety, Attachment Avoidance, and Perceived Partner Responsiveness

Elvina Jesslyn, Fransisca Iriani Roesmala Dewi
Emerging adults have development task to form intimate relationships, one of which is formed through dating. An important aspect for a healthy relationship is trust. Low trust in relationship is associated with higher relationship uncertainty. This study is aimed to examine the role of attachment anxiety,...
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Challenge to Transforming the Limitation on Overseas Investment in the Business of Internet Protocol TV Due to the Regulation in Indonesia

Vera W. S. Soemar
Indonesia has advanced to a new technological development era via digital television. The challenged was adopted in 2009 and later on was revised through the Regulation of Ministry of Communication and Informatics Number 6 Year 2017 about the Management of Internet Protocol Television Services (IPTV...
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Quality of Life of Early Adults that Become Celebrity Worshipers

Larasati Nawardi, Riana Sahrani, Debora Basaria
Being a fan of singers has often happened, as evidenced by the many music concerts held in Indonesia. Being a celebrity worshiper is not limited by age, but the behavior should decrease with age [1]. Even so, there are studies that state that individuals in early adulthood are still become a celebrity...
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Overview of University Student Organizational Citizenship Behaviour in X University

Keanen Gregorio, Pamela Hendra Heng, Kiky D. H. Saraswati
Most studies regarding organizational citizenship behaviour (OCB) are focused in the industrial and organizational settings. Khalid [1], in his study regarding lecturer OCB, stated that there is a scarcity of research towards students’ OCB. By understanding OCB, the university could improve students’...
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Causes of Bank Runs in Indonesia

MN Nuryasman, Deviana, Kartika Nuringsih
This study aims to examine the cause of bank runs in Indonesia. This study used all conventional commercial banks in Indonesia of the years 2007-2016 as the sample. Statistical analysis tool used was Eviews. The technique of data analysis used was time series regression analysis with Error Correction...
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Psychometric Evaluation Professional Quality of Life in Special Education Teachers

Bianca Sutjiono, Samsunuwiyati Mar’at, Widya Risnawaty
Professional Quality of Life (ProQOL) is a general instrument to measure positive and negative aspects that affect the quality of helping professionals. Although ProQOL has been widely adapted, only few have evaluated its psychometric properties and predominantly used in medical nurse populations. The...
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Quality of Life of Social Media Users of Adolescents from Affluent Families

Biondy Ganda, Riana Sahrani, Debora Basaria
The goal of this research to acquire a descriptive measures of the quality of life of affluent adolescents and their general social media usage. This research involves 422 participants ranging from 15 to 19 years old from two private schools in Jakarta using descriptive and non-experimental methods....
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Factors Affecting the Victory of Kuwu Election

Kuwu is the village head directly elected by the village people. The village people have the freedom to use their right to vote in the candidate of the kuwu in accordance with their wishes. Every kuwu candidate and his supporters try to influence the people’s suffrage in order to win the kuwu election....
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Implementation of the Use of Project Based Learning Model in Making Organic Pesticides to Improve Creativity and Learning Outcomes of Students

Asep Ginanjar Arip, Anna Fitri Hindriana, Danang Margono
Research objectives: analyze the feasibility, increase creativity, learning outcomes and student responses to project based learning (PjBL) learning models in making organic pesticides. This type of research is quasi-experimental, with non equivalent control group design. The population is class VII...
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The Effectiveness of Bioinformatic Module Based on Problem-Based Learning Toward Technology Literation Skills of Biology Master Program Students

Mohamad Amin, Muhammad Khalil, Betty Lukiati, Yayoi Kodama, Umie Lestari, Dina Maulina, Muhammad Aziz, Hugeng Hugeng
Bioinformatics is one of the elective courses in the master degree of Biology study program, Universitas Negeri Malang, which prepares student technology literacy skills related to the field of biology through the use of available technology and information. This is in accordance with the learning outcomes...
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Effect of Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Corporate Social Disclosure Characteristics (Empirical Study on Companies Listed on the Stock Exchange that Enter the CGPI Period: 2010-2016)

Herman Ruslim, Sumarni Hasim
This research will follow up by analyzing how the relationship between characteristics, index of governance ranking, and company performance on CSR disclosures, especially companies listed on the IDX and included in CGPI in Indonesia. This study uses a quantitative approach that aims to test the hypothesis....
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Quality of Life of Caregiver for Children with Blood Cancer

Angelia Bun, Riana Sahrani, Debora Basaria
Having a child who has blood cancer is certainly not easy for a mother, especially a mother who become the primary caregiver for a child. This certainly can have an impact on the quality of life of a mother. The purpose of this study was to look at the picture of quality of life in mothers of early adulthood...
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Quality of Life of Adolescent (Korean Pop fans)

Nurul Aini Safithri, Riana Sahrani, Debora Basaria
One of the phenomena of idolizing celebrities in adolescents who are widely discussed in Indonesia is Korean Pop or K-Pop. Based on previous research, high level of celebrity worship is directly proportional to the decrease in quality of life. But the current phenomenon shows that adolescents who become...