Proceedings of the International Conference on Trends of Technologies and Innovations in Economic and Social Studies 2017

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Current state and possibilities of development of long-term bank lending to non-financial institutions in Russia

Maxim M. Sytnik, Olga S. Miroshnichenko
The article analyzes the current state and the dynamic trends of long-term bank lending in Russia, the main indicators characterizing the development of long-term lending to non-financial corporations, commercial banks and its impact on the real economy. As a result of the study of the dependence of...

Impact of regional policy on evolution of innovation clusters in Asia-Pacific region

Natalia Victorovna Trifonova, Irina Samvelovna Vardanyan, Yana Yazepovna Klementovichus, Aleksandra Sergeevna Proshkina, Anastasia Aleksandrovna Melnikova
This article develops the crucial points of Sapience Integra model concerning the dynamics of intelligence core of the innovation cluster, determining the enlarged division of innovation clusters into technological and research-entrepreneurial types. The authors define the intelligence core as a structurally...

Marketing Research Prospects for Bioenergy Development Based on Use of Wood Fuel

Sergey Zalesov, Anton Opletaev, Roy Damary, Galina Astratova, Natalia Pryadilina, Mikhail Kuklinov
One of the youngest and most promising sectors of the Russian economy is bioenergy. Research of the Urals scientists shows that bioenergy based on wood fuel has several economic and technical advantages. These issues are considered in some countries as a question of priority fuel, especially in the framework...

Transformation of the Structure of the Gross Regional Product in Siberian Regions

Valeriy V. Gamukin, Olga S. Belomyttseva, Larisa S. Grinkevich
Stability of the national economy is determined by the capacity of regional economies to adapt to the phenomenon of damping external and internal risk factors. In this paper, the authors consider the following main strategies for developing the structure of regional economies: (1) uniforming of the structure...

Analysis and assessment of economic state of enterprise in context of strategy of import substitution

Galina Mihaylovna Beregova, Alexey Olegovich Klipin
The article analyses the concept of import substitution in a complex geopolitical situation in the world. It identifies and reveals the problems with establishing a fund for industrial development and its vulnerability to market conditions. For various example, it reveals the rapid development of import-substituting...

Classification of innovative activities in universities

Aleksandr Sergeevich Bovkun, Alena Olegovna Troshina
The article deals with different classifications of innovative activities in universities. The innovative activities are analyzed. The article concludes that the existing approaches to the classification of innovative activities pay insufficient attention to the business role of universities. The authors...

Financial Provision of Contract by Limiting Price of Products

A.F. Hernenko, O.A. Afonina
In some cases, the product price, which is the output price for the enterprise, does not reflect the actual costs of the product. In this way the organization is to minimize its losses that appeared due to the discrepancy of established and real figures. In case of production output in accordance with...

Concept of Lean Production Using Marginal Analysis in Conditions of Innovation Economics

E. Dolzhenkova, L. Iurieva
The article develops an algorithm for optimizing the orders portfolio of iron and steel companies based on marginal profitability analysis, which allows one to reduce "overproduction losses" of rolled metal products, as well as losses for carrying out the calculations - "expectation losses", in conditions...

Managing educational process in university based on database management system

Ljudmila Ivanovna Mironova, Alexander Sabirjanovich Kadyrov
In the article, the process of informatization of education from the point of view of automation of document flow in higher education institutions is considered. Management of the office-work process, proceeding in higher education institutions, deals with the sphere of educational management. A technical...

Intellectual property as instrument for implementation of innovative technologies

Sergey Mihailovich Nikitenko, Maria Anatolievna Mesyats, Evgenia Olegovna Pakhomova
This article is devoted to the study of features related to the pledge of intellectual property in foreign and domestic practice. Carrying out pledge transactions on objects of intellectual property accelerates the pace of creating innovative systems in the economy. In present paper, the modern scheme...

Comparison of banks of China and Australia by Return on Assets and Capital

Evgeniia Rubinshtein, Maxim Saltykov, Artur Nagapetyan, Yulia Diachenko, Anna Brizitskaya
Banking systems of two countries of APEC are the subject of the presented paper. Since 2014, Russia has been in partial isolation because the country is affected by the restrictive political and economic measures, so it becomes rational to strengthen economic relations with Asian countries. This region...

Distribution of Households by Equivalent Income

Ruslan Sadyrtdinov, Dmitry Rodnyansky, Tatyana Strelnikova, Viktor Kolesnikov
Article presents the results of the Russian Federation household distribution by equivalent income in the form of stratification scale. Household equivalent incomes are estimated by authors using equivalence scales. Based on the research, the following conclusions are made.

Relative Poverty Measurement by Equivalent Income

Ruslan Sadyrtdinov, Dmitry Rodnyansky, Ivan Makarov, Olga Shirokova
In the article results of the relative poverty measurement by equivalent income for households of Volga Federal District in the Russian Federation are presented. Using equivalence scales, the authors estimate equivalent incomes and distribute households in the form of the stratification scale. Based...

Dynamics of cancer in Republic of Tatarstan and approaches to development of mathematical methods for analysis of clinical trials

S.N. Savdur, Yu.V. Stepanova, Ye.L. Fessina, A.V. Kostromin, I.A. Kodolova
The official statistics enabled one to analyze the dynamics of epidemiological indicators of oncological pathology in the Republic of Tatarstan over 2011-2015. The paper considers analysis results of the epidemiological prevalence of cancer in the region based on the indicators of the overall morbidity...

Market Architecture as trigger of regional development

Nataliy Sidorova, Vladimir Osipov , Aleksey Zeldner
The market field is formed as a result of the interaction of firms that produce a product within a single reproduction process, but at the same time, they vary in volume, quality, structure and types of capital they have. Proceeding from the fact that "architecture - the art and science of building,...

Small innovation businesses attached to higher schools as new funding source of Russian higher education

Sergei Sazonov, Ekaterina Kharlamova, Irina Ezangina, Maxim Pridachuk
Modern conditions of development of educational sphere actualize new, additional funding sources of higher professional education capable of reproduction. Under conditions of market economy, higher schools, on the one hand, have to increase efficiency of using budgetary funds, received from the state,...

Econometric models for evaluation of marketing activities` indicators of social network

E. B. Gribanova, I. V. Shirenkov, A. V. Katasonova
In recent years, the analysis of social networks has received considerable attention in the literature because they have a global reach and the large number of data available. For organizations, there are the social networks attractive from the perspective of the promotion of their products and services....

Organizational Management Technologies for Maintenance and Repair of Power Grid Company Facilities

Larisa Ismagilova, Larisa Sitnikova
The article deals with the issue of organizational management of equipment maintenance and repair in a power grid company. A new concept of management has been formulated which reconciles the controversial requirements of cost efficiency and reliability. The peculiar feature of the proposed concept is...

Periphery of Old-Industrial Region Challenged by New Industrialization

Elena B. Dvoryadkina, Catherine I. Kaibicheva, Irina I. Shurova
The article addresses the concepts of an "old-industrial region", "periphery", "new industrialization", offering a generalized view of some current approaches to the evaluation of processes associated with the new industrialization. Having analyzed the statistical data available, the authors describe...

Influence of Network Interaction Assessment on Regional Economy

Mariia A. Kamenskikh
Regions become more and more dependent on the level of innovations, because in recent years innovations have been developing as a resource of economic stability and growth. The region is an optimum platform for new knowledge commercialization. Thus, territories initiate the processes, which are connected...

Implementing standard of competition development in markets of educational services and socially important services assessed by entrepreneurs of large city

Alexandr Kokovikhin
The article presents the results of studying satisfaction of customers and small and medium-sized businesses with the competitive environment in the markets of Yekaterinburg. Data on satisfaction with the competitive environment in 2016 were obtained in the survey of more than 500 respondents in the...

Monetary and financial risks in International relations

Julia Alexandrovna Konopleva, Svetlana Vyacheslavovna Zenchenko, Olga Nikolaevna Pakova, Alfiya Ahmetovna Sokolova
the topical risk management issues in the world financial market are given a closer look in this article. Also, the risk factors are revealed and their classification is given. The risk management model is presented and the risk insurance is examined. Risk assessment methods are studied as well