Proceedings of the 3rd UPI International Conference on Technical and Vocational Education and Training

Session: Professionalization Approaches and Experiences in Initial Teacher/Trainer Education and Continuing Professional Development

14 articles
Sukor Nordin Abdul, Razali Hassan, Azman Hasan
Professional in teaching development is a main thrust in human development. It is vital to the teaching development of individuals, communities and nations. The purpose of this paper is to introduce Teaching of Professional Trainers at Vocational Colleges in Malaysia. The teaching professional will...
Mustapha Chedi Jamilu
Ergonomics has to do with maximizing user’s/worker’s comfort, safety and health, productivity and efficiency while in the other hand Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) concern with knowledge, skills, attitude, and occupation. Ergonomics is yet to have the recognition it deserves in...
Rustam Asnawi, Istanto Wahju Djatmiko
Currently the vocational education has been oriented to the educational processes in which focusing on the development of the student in order to ready to work professionally and ready to improve their self-potential in particular field work. Meanwhile, today and future jobs in various business sectors...