Proceedings of the 1st UMGESHIC International Seminar on Health, Social Science and Humanities (UMGESHIC-ISHSSH 2020)

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Nationalism Education Based on International Indonesian Schools

Case Study of the Role of Human Resource Teachers and School Culture

Agus Masrukhin, Hari Sriyanto, Rusliansyah, Mario Nugroho Willyarto
This article described nationalism education based on the Indonesian international school Mecca in Saudi Arabia. National education is very important for the awareness of Indonesian citizens, especially among the younger generation who live abroad, with a background and environment far from home. How...
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Relationship Between PPKN Subjects and Increasing the Spirit of Nationalism of Indonesian Students in Saudi Arabia

A Masrukhin, H Sriyanto, M N Willyarto
This study aimed to obtain an overview of the relationship between Civics subjects with the spirit of nationalism of Indonesian students. This study used a qualitative and quantitative approach with the correlation study method. The research data were obtained through questionnaires and tests given to...
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Construction of Indonesian Values in the Culture of Indonesian Student Education in Makkah

H Sriyanto, A Masrukhin, M N Willyarto
This research was motivated by the efforts to discover Indonesian values in the culture of Indonesian schools in Makkah. Research problems included multicultural values, Indonesian culture, and Indonesian nationalism in the education culture of Indonesian students. The purpose of this research was to...
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Rhetorical Analysis of Stand-Up Comedy: A Case Study of Indonesian and Canadian Comedians

R M Panjaitan, R R Simanjuntak
This paper focuses on analysing the aspect of rhetoric between Women Overthink, Men Underthink, Russell Peters and Cowok Pasti Bohong, Tentang Cowok dan Cewek, Raditya Dika. The purpose of the analysis is to find the aspects of rhetoric are used by a script. This paper applies qualitative research and...
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Strengthening the Character of the Nation of NU Students Through PPKN Learning at International Indonesian Schools

N M Daud, A Masrukhin, H Sriyanto, M N. Willyarto
This study aimed to analyse strategies for strengthening the national character through the implementation of PPKn learning and evaluation of character strengthening in PPKn learning. The method used was qualitative with the Indonesian International School as the object of the research. Data was gathered...
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The Improvement of Understanding and Tolerant Attitude of Bina Nusantara University Students Through Character Education

Sukron Ma’mun, Ramot. Peter, Catarina. Manurung
This study aims to determine whether character education can improve the understanding and tolerant attitude of Bina Nusantara University students and how the Binus University students implement the tolerant values in daily life. The methods used in this research are quantitative research methods with...
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A Corpus-Based Model for Successful Computer Science Research Rhetoric

R R Simanjuntak, D M Bourne, I I Dewi, Muhartoyo, A A Sasongko
Many good research publications were not getting the attention of prospective readers due to a lack of structure and persuasive arguments. This paper investigated the rhetorical strategies to identify the generic structure and language features in successful research rhetoric. Research abstracts as representations...
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Above Word Equivalence and Strategies in the Indonesian Dubbed Series of We Bare Bears

A Anggraeni, R R Simanjuntak
This study aimed to analyze the above word level translation strategies by Mona Baker that being applied, mostly used and its potential factors in 3 We Bare Bears episodes. The data was analyzed using qualitative method. Analysis was done by comparing the English script and Bahasa dubbing. From the analysis,...
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Presupposition and Entailment in the Amazing World of Gumball Series by Mic Graves

V Olivia, R R Simanjuntak
The research analyses presupposition and entailment used in cartoon television series. The research uses qualitative method, using text analysis and observation on the three episodes of The Amazing World of Gumball. Data were taken from dialogs among the characters, identifying the use of the types of...
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Code Switching in Dedy Corbuzier’s Hitam Putih TV Show

M C P Tadji, R R Simanjuntak
This study investigated the use of code switching in a television talk show. Data for this study were from three episodes of Hitam Putih and analysis was conducted following types and functions of code switch. The results showed 168 utterances containing code switching used by the host, consisting of...
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Language Maintenance of Tanjung Pinang Chinese Students at Bina Nusantara University

Susanty, R R Simanjuntak
This research was aimed to observe the language maintenance of Tanjung Pinang Chinese Students at Bina Nusantara University. It was a qualitative method by spreading questionnaires to 30 participants of Tanjung Pinang Chinese students at Binus University and doing face to face interview to 5 participants...
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Lecturers’ Resistance to Implementing Distance Learning

Ribeh Najb Muhammad, Paulina
There has been extensive research in the field of distance learning all over the world including Indonesia. However, most of the research tends to focus on improving effectiveness of distance learning implementation and on students’ perspectives as the main subjects. In fact, this leads to neglecting...
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Improving Speaking Skill Through Instruction About Oral Classroom Participation in Madura University

M D Zuhri, M Amiruddin, M Rudiyanto
Method is one of the key where in Teaching Learning Process is success or not. Studies in language learning have addressed the necessity of classroom interaction or students’ oral participation in class. However, getting students to respond in a language classroom, especially a foreign language class...
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A Case Study on Indonesia EFL Learners Acquisition of Inflectional Morpheme –S in the Third Person Singular Present

R. Agus Budiharto, Yanti Linarsih, Sri Widjajanti, Evha Nazalatus
Inflectional morpheme – s in the third person singular present becomes one of the most problematic morphemes that the L2 learners encounter while learning English. In spite of this fact, learners continued learning this bound morpheme in the initial phases of learning English no matter what their mother...
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The Form of Culture in Parébhâsan (a Genre of Oral Literature) Madura

M T Supratman, Rahmad, Y Linarsih
Parébhâsan Madura as a genre of oral literature in Madura contains various values of life that are still actual with the spirit of the times, especially the Madurese community. Parébhâsan Madura as a result of folk literature, in fact contains certain values that need to be preserved and imitated by...
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The Effect of Authentic Problem – Based Learning in Enhancing Reading Comprehension

Halimatus Sa’diyah, KhoirulAnwar, Agus Wardhono
Limited background knowledge, lack of student motivation, limited vocabulary, and difficulties to comprehend materials are still problematic commonly for students’ in reading comprehension. The purpose of this study is to enhance reading comprehension through authentic problem-based learning of eight...
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Sustaining Local Culture Through Development Model of Realistic Culture of Madura (RE-MADU)

S I Hasanah, S Irawati, M Zayyadi, H Basri
This study aims to preserve local culture through the development model of RE-MADU (Realistic Berbudaya Madura), as well as its learning Media that meet the valid, practical, and effective criteria. This research is a development research that refers to the general education development model of Tjeerd...
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Madurese Literature: Media for Character Education in Pesantren

A R Hafsi, H Harsono, L Amalia
This article discusses Madurese literature as an alternative media for character education in Islamic boarding schools. Madurese literature describes the qualities of character values and good traits. The purpose of this research is to describe the literary form of Madura which can be used as a medium...
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The Effect of Classcraft on Enhancing Grammar Performance of Adult Learners

I Witari, K Anwar, Y Arifani
This study aims to investigate the effect of Classcraft on enhancing grammar performance of adult learners. A quasi-experimental study employed involved 27 adult learners from graduate and postgraduate program. The participants were from beginner level and divided into Control Group (14 learners) and...
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Surfing the Mystery of J. C. Dawn’s Ripple of Existence: A Stylistic Study

Sheline, I Rifai
Existentialism is not a new concept to poets. As part of philosophical theory, existentialism is a concept built upon an understanding that human search for their own meaning in life, thus strive to make rational decisions in response to the world’s phenomena. Generally philosophical, poets often ponder...
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Beyond the Spoken Words: The Roles of Body Postures in Supporting Reading Aloud Activities

D M Ramadhani, I Rifai
This paper explains the importance of reading posture / body posture during parent-children read aloud sessions and how they support intimacy as well as maximize the process of knowledge construction during their reading sessions. As part of a larger ethnographic study of home literacy practices, we...
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The Significance of Book Selection: An EFL Parent’s Criteria for Selecting English Story Books

D M Ramadhani, I Rifai
There has been an increasing awareness on the importance of home literacy practices Indonesian societies. Reading and literacy events such as “21 Hari Seru Membaca Nyaring” was the manifestation of this increasing awareness. Despite the numerous efforts initiated by local communities to promote enthusiasm...
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In the Loop of Meaning Making: Exploring the Impacts of Drama Strategies to Students’ Reading Comprehension

I Rifai, A A T Kariko, U P Dewi
This article presents a case of two students who worked individually and collaboratively by using two drama strategies for providing in depth meaning making after reading. The case study was part of a one-year study that investigated the integration of educational drama strategies in an Islamic school...
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Ways with Words: Exploring Children Author’s Voices in Indonesia’s Children Book Series (KKPK)

R Akbar, I Rifai, J Lee
Voice in literacy studies has been defined and redefined from different theories or perspectives. Current studies on voices in children literary work have explored the relationship between the authors’ voices with their agency, identity, or even ideologies. Authors of young children’s literatures are...
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How Complex are Indonesia’s Senior High School Textbooks? A View for College Readiness

P Suryadi, I Rifai
In some Indonesia’s higher education, English language has been used as elective language of instruction. The textbooks read at this level of education are mainly written in English too. Thus, the skills to speak and read in English fluently are two very important skills at this level. With the focus...
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Problem-solving Abilities Through Integrated Learning Nested Models in Terms of the Initial Abilities of the Pre-service Elementary School Teacher

A D I Sari, T Herman
The low problem-solving ability of prospective pre-service elementary school teachers needs serious attention. Because students are prospective teachers who when they become teachers must equip their students with problem-solving skills. Therefore it is necessary to have a solution to overcome these...
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Analysis of Andragogy Theory and Practice

M. Givi Efgivia, Erminawati, Elli Fitriani, Herni
Andragogy is the art and science of teaching adults to learn, how to help adults learn according to their needs or to motivate adults to learn to use their experiences to achieve new learning experiences. Adult education (andragogy) is different from children’s education (pedagogy). Children’s education...
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Implementation of Andragogy Theory in Arabic Learning Class XII at Islamic Senior High School Azzhahiriyah

M. Givi Efgivia, Farrah Zhahiriyah, Marfie Widiyanti, Emelinny Iskandar
The success of a nation’s education is largely determined by the approach used by educators in delivering learning materials to students and currently many approaches have been developed by experts both targeting children and adults, including the concept of andragogy education which is expected to be...
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Analysis of Behaviorism Learning Theory, STEM Learning Model and Gamification

M. Givi Efgivia, Anggi Arista, Reni Kurniawati, Kasori
Learning theory will be related to curriculum making or curriculum design. By studying learning theory, it is possible to observe the behavior of students. While the behaviorism approach focuses on guiding students to achieve predetermined learning outcomes. Learning is considered to occur when students...
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Implementation of Cognitivism Theory in the Learning Process at Riyadlul Jannah Middle School in the Pandemic Era

M. Givi Efgivia, Ulfi Ukhrowati, Maria Ulfah, Maliatu Fitriah
The COVID-19 pandemic has led to changes in various aspects of life, especially learning. Education that must be carried out online (online) at any level from kindergarten to major academies. Indonesia is one of the countries affected by the virus. Various government policies have been taken as an effort...
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Implementation of Behavioristic Learning Theory in the Online Learning Process at SMP PGRI Gandoang Class VII

M. Givi Efgivia, Cucu Ardiansyah, Taufik Rusmayana, M. Zuhdi
Currently the learning process requires educators to be more creative in the learning process, and requires every educator to use a cooperative learning theory, and which can be implemented in online learning, so that it is no longer an ongoing problem just to deliver learning materials at SMP PGRI Gandoang....
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Analysis of Constructivism Learning Theory

M. Givi Efgivia, R.Y Adora Rinanda, Suriyani, Aang Hidayat, Irfan Maulana, Anthon Budiarjo
The constructivist revolution has deep roots in the history of education. This revolution relies heavily on the work of Piaget and Vygotsky as sources, both of which emphasize that cognitive change only occurs when the previous conception undergoes a disequilibration process because it emphasizes new...
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Modification of the PJBL Learning Model to Become HBL as an Alternative to Learning During the Covid-19 Pandemic in Science Subjects for Grade 3 Elementary School at Indonesian Nature School Cibinong

Rima Aulia, Herawati, Karwati, Asep Tajussobirin, Ramdhan Sukrilah
This research is development research to develop a learning model during the Covid 19 pandemic, to analyze the feasibility and effectiveness of the model. The problem in this study is formulated as follows: how to apply HBL as a form of adaptation to PjBL in the era of the Covid-19 pandemic at the Indonesian...
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Study of Aggressive Behavior Teenager in Bogor

Putri Ria Angelina, Reni Sinta Dewi, Ani Khairani, Anis Fitria
This study aims to obtain an overview of aggressive behavior teenager in Bogor. The method used in this research was descriptive survey category. The subjects in this study were 83 students from 8th grade. The aggressive behavior type instrument is a questionnaire in the form of a rating scale. The research...
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Theory and Practice of the Constructivism Approach in Learning in Smart Exelensia SMP in the Pandemic Era

M. Givi Efgivia, Eka Kurniasih, Novi Utami, H.U Tazkiyyah
Constructivism learning theory is a theory that focuses on meeting learning needs or seeking their needs with the ability to find these desires or needs by being assisted by other people or the environment, so that with this theory it will provide opportunities for activeness for humans to learn to find...
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Comparison of Naive Bayes and Random Forests Classifier in the Classification of News Article Popularity as Learning Material

Utomo Pujianto, Ilham Ari Elbaith Zaeni, Khalida Izdihar Rasyida is a website that provides news texts with Lexile level information for each text. The Lexile level information feature is useful as a consideration for visitors to choose text that has a level of difficulty that matches their age. With such information, any news text on the site can...
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Performance Comparison of Ensemble-based k-Nearest Neighbor and CART Classifiers for the Classification of Adaptive e-learning User Knowledge Levels

Utomo Pujianto, Harits Ar Rosyid, Aditya Cahyadi Putra
A person’s learning style that refers to the preferred way of learning is the basis for the development of the Adaptive Educational Intelligent Hypermedia System (AEIHS) or adaptive e-learning. By knowing specific learning styles, the system can provide recommendations and offer instructions to someone...
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Differences in the Cognitive Processes of Autism Spectrum Disorder Students in Understanding Mathematical Problems Based on the Level of Intelligence

N Fauziyah
The porpose of this study is to determine differences in the cognitive processes of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) students in understanding mathematical problems based on different levels of intelligence. The subjects of this study consisted of 3 ASD high school students who had high, medium and low...
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Regulation of Private Land Banking During the Agrarian Reform in Indonesia

Erni Herawati, A S Hutagalung, S Sujadi, R Lestarini
The land banking institution is one of the provisions stipulated in the Job Creation Law that must be implemented by the government. Meanwhile, it is known that land banking is one of the business strategies by the private sector. On the other hand, there is no provision for the maximum amount of land...
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The Effect of Book-Tax Conformity, Investment Opportunity Set, and Audit Quality on Earnings Response Coefficient

Sasya Sabrina, Chandra Wijaya, Edwin Hendra
The purpose of this study is to determine the impact of book-tax conformity, investment opportunity set, and audit quality to earnings response coefficient. This research is conducted on Indonesian manufacturing company listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange 2016-2018. The data of this research are obtained...
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Influence of Ability, Experience, and Independence of Investigative Auditors on Effectiveness Implementation of Audit Procedures to Uncover Fraud

Armanto Witjaksono, Rosyidah Keumalasari
This study aims to study the effect of Third Party Funds, Capital Adequacy, Non-Performing Loans, Operational Expenses and Operating Income on the profitability of Islamic banks. The sample of this study was determined by purposive sampling and obtained 12 banking companies listed as Islamic commercial...
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The Influence of Professional Skepticism, Independence, Competence, and Experience on Auditor’s Ability to Detect Fraud

Armanto Witjaksono, Yudistira Yudatama
This study aims to determine the effect of professional skepticism, independence, competence, and experience on the ability of auditors to detect fraud. The design of this research is causality research or causal relationship. The sample used in this study amounted to 74 respondents who work as auditors...
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Analysis of the Effect of Third Party Funds, Capital Adequacy Ratio, Non Performing Financing, Operational Expenses and Operational Income (BOPO) on the Profitability of Sharia Banks (Evidence from Indonesia)

Armanto Witjaksono, Junadhitya KP Natakusumah
This study aims to study the effect of Third Party Funds, Capital Adequacy, Non-Performing Loans, Operational Expenses and Operating Income on the profitability of Islamic banks. The sample of this study was determined by purposive sampling and obtained 12 banking companies listed as Islamic commercial...
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Bridging Supply Chain Concept in Healthcare Services

A Systematic Review and Future Challenge

Abi Hanif Dzulquarnain, Sukaris, Indro Kirono
Health services, over time, experience changes and developments by promoting many stakeholders to support excellent service, the use of technology has been implemented in various health services ranging from hospitals, clinics, to community health centers. This study tries to find a bridge between supply...
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Efficiency Analysis of Islamic Microfinance Institutions: Case of East Java

Imron Mawardi, Sri Ningsih, Wisudanto, Tika Widiastuti, Muhammad Ubaidillah Al Mustofa
This study examines the efficiency of Islamic Micro Finance Institutions (IMFIs) in East Java using a two-stage study. The first stage is to test the efficiency of the IMFIs using the Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) approach and the second stage is to look for factors that affect efficiency using the...
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Overview of the Oportunistic Claiming Credit Card: Consumer Versus Company

W Krisnawati
Credit cards are now part of the lifestyle of urban people. There are not many complaints that come. Complaints from business or individual customers are of course something that must be avoided. If the complaint is present in the middle of running a business, it is feared that it will make the business...
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Discretionary Accrual Public Companies in Indonesia

Rahmat Agus Santoso, Nimas Pamesty
The purpose of this study is to analyze dividends on company earnings management, with return on asset as a moderating using partial least square. Data analysis techniques using Partial Least Squares (PLS), with PLS will help in predicting data on the theory with small amounts of data and parametric...
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Asian Zakat Management Organization (ZMO) Productivity Analysis: Evidence in Indonesia

Tika Widiastuti, Anidah Robani, Muhamad Nafik Hadi Ryandono, A. Syifaul Qulub, Eko Fajar Cahyono, Nova Rini, Safika Rosyidatul Arifah, Taqiyah Dinda Insani
The Covid-19 pandemic made several countries in the asian world especially Indonesia is a decline in various aspects, especially the economic aspect, namely poverty. whereas in economic instruments there is a solution to overcome it, namely by means of zakat. But unfortunately zakat management in Indonesia...
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Implementation of Theory Z William Ouchi in Pesantrenprenur: Study on Organizational Culture

Heri Cahyo Bagus Setiawan, Aries Kurniawan, Beni Dwi Komara
Life-time employment, Slow promotion and evaluation (evaluation and promotion process is relatively slow); Non spesialized career path (wide career path); Collective responsibility (responsibility as a group); Implicit control mechanism (control attached) and Wholistic concern (thorough attention to...
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Tourism Village Development Strategy to Increasing Tourist Visits

Aries Kurniawan, Beni Dwi Komara, Heri Cahyo Bagus Setiawan, Nanang Bagus Setiawan
The purpose of this study was to determine the strategies used by the management of Hendrosari Tourism Village in increasing the number of tourist visits. Hendrosari Village, located in Menganti District, Gresik Regency, East Java Province, has a Wista village called Eduwisata Lontar Sewu. Education,...
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The Role of Strategy Towards Business Performance in Hijab Small Businesses

Suaibatul Aslamiyah, Rahmat Agus Santoso
This research is to describe and explain the role of the strategies used and their effects in improving business performance in the Azky Collection hijab small business in Melirang Wetan Village, Bungah District, Gresik Regency. This research Methodology uses a case study approach with qualitative descriptive...
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Business Sustainability of Local Consumption Products in Village Owned Enterprises from Gresik Regency, Indonesia

Vembri Aulia Rahmi, Nanang Bagus Setiawan, Hadi Ismanto
Various local products have been created, but the ability to support businesses and increase MSME income is not in accordance with the number of products presented in complementing Indonesian’s government program “one village one product”. Field studies show that Gresik Regency as an industrial city...
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Determining Factors in the Development of Religious Tourism Destination Marketing Strategy (A Case Study in Greater Malang)

Kukuh Lukiyanto, Etsa Astridya Setiyati, Choirul Huda, Albert Verasius Dian Sano
Religious tourism in Indonesia is growing rapidly, along with the improvement of the community’s economy. Culture and the community’s beliefs are among the factors affecting it. Greater Malang has many potential and developable religious tourism destinations. Learning from the two well-known religious...
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Retailer’s Strategy in Reshaping Consumers’ Satisfaction and Wellbeing During a Pandemic

Fani Sarika, Suryani Murad
The Covid-19 pandemic has given several challenges to retailers. Changes in the situation caused by this pandemic resulted in retailers having to make new strategies in order to satisfied consumers as well as pay attention to consumer wellbeing during their shopping experience. Changes also happened...
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Village Community Business in Maintaining Traditional Food “Opak Ladu” Based in Creative Economics

Beni Dwi Komara, Laily Maghfiroh, Heri Cahyo Bagus Setiawan, Aries Kurniawan
This study aims to determine the existence of traditional Opak Ladu food in society, the development of producers, and the efforts made to maintain based on a creative economy so that it is able to be a solution to the problems of economic inequality and welfare. This study used descriptive research...
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The Response of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in the Face of the Corona Virus Diseases (COVID-19) Pandemic Situation

Fandi Prasetya
Several business actors run the economy of a country. MSMEs are a place for people to be productive through labour-intensive businesses. However, currently, MSMEs players and several other business actors face tough challenges because they meet the COVID-19 pandemic. This pandemic has a terrible impact...
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Campaigning Environmental Conservation During the Pandemic: A Social Media Reception Analysis

Lila Nathania, Asih Zunaidah, K Yanuarita, Haifa Imansyah, Evan Reinaldo
In modern days, environmental journalism is deemed essential as the issue of global warming is alarming to a greater extent. In response to extreme climate change, scientists urge people around the globe to take an active part in preserving the environment. Before the pandemic, many activists protested...
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Customers’ Satisfaction and Preferences Using Sentiment Analysis on Traveloka: The Case of Yogyakarta Special Region Hotels

Novi Diah Wulandari, M Helmi Zain Nuri, Lilis Kurniasari
The rapid development of internet use today shows a shift in technology that is increasingly leading to online-based media. Consumers tend to browse the completeness of product and service information via the internet by making purchases online because of limited time and perceived convenience. We analysed...
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Rural Tourism Sustainable Business Performance: Dynamic Capability Perspective

Sukaris, Sri Hartini, Dien Mardhiyah, Hendra Suwardana, Heru Baskoro
Currently, Indonesia has a product portfolio of promising tourist destinations, especially rural tourism which has good potential in the future. Therefore, it is important for tourism managers to develop sustainable tourism in terms of performance, because thus managers have a complete understanding...
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Influence of Interpersonal Communication and Teamwork on Organization to Enhance Employee Performance: A Case Study

Tri Cicik Wijayanti
The business world is facing the problem of falling demand while at the same time experiencing overproduction. This condition results in a threat to the decline in company profits. This condition also occurs in PT. X also experienced a decrease in net income. Many methods of measuring performance can...
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Critical Review of Social Safety Net in COVID Era Based on Maqashid Sharia Framework: Indonesia Case

Tika Widiastuti, Muryani, Puji Sucia Sukmaningrum, Sulistya Rusgianto, Aufar Fadlul Hady, Anidah Robani
The high number of layoffs, bankruptcy, and increased poverty has forced the government to provide Social Safety Nets (SSN) programs to the public suffered from the COVID-19 pandemic. Problems arise when SSN programs failed to reach the basic needs of society. This paper aims to provide a Critical Review...
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Consumer Switching Behavior: An Effect of COVID-19 in Jember Regency

HP Agustin, Saiful Amin
COVID-19 has caused economic disruption which is connected globally. The Covid-19 pandemic caused consumer switching behavior as a result of government policies in handling Covid-19. This research aims to obtain an overview of consumer switching behavior during the Covid-19 Pandemic. This research is...
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The Day of the Week Effect in Return of the Five Cryptocurrencies Market

Triasesiarta Nur, Narendra Dewangkara
Cryptocurrency works on a system that admits people to make payments all over the world without the requirement for any intermediary. Most digital currencies experience frequent periods of intense volatility. This paper examines the day of the week effects in return and volatility on Bitcoin, Ethereum,...
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The Utilization of Village-Based Participation in Community Empowerment in East Lampung District

Muhamad Rudi Wijaya, M. Bahri Ghazali, Shonhaji, Heni Noviarita, Kholid Hidayatullah, Ahmad Hadi Setiawan, Khoirurroji’in
This research departs from the many problems faced by village governments in their readiness to carry out development through the use of village funds, which is a government program in implementing development on a national scale. Village funds should be a driving force for the welfare of the community...
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Learning a Foreign Language During a Pandemic: Developing Podcast for Listening Skill of Beginner-Level BIPA Learners

Asih Zunaidah, Mufidah Nur Amalia, Candrika Citra Sari, Gamal Kusuma Zamahsari, Zidan Febrian
In a digital era, the process of learning is no longer limited to space and time. In recent educational technology, Podcast serves as a useful alternative since it can be used for learning of a language digitally and independently. Accordingly, the Indonesian language is currently one of the languages...
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Media Literacy in Preventing the Spread of Radicalism in the Millennial Generation

F M Gasa, A Wasita, B Hartanto, A B Gunawan, J A Citra
This study aims to deepen the understanding of the millennial generation in Malang on the importance of media literacy skills in preventing the spread of radicalism through social media. The units of analysis in this study were students from Brawijaya University and Muhammadiyah Malang University who...
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Factors Affecting Psychosocial Problems on the College Students Who Experience Smartphone Addiction

W Wiwik, Widiharti, F S Firman
The number of smartphone users worldwide is increasing. This number has been estimated to reach 3.3 billion people. With all the features that a smartphone has, it can be a double-edged sword. Excessive use of smartphone results in physical and psychological problems. This study aimed to identify psychosocial...
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The Influence of Ring Cards on the Knowledge and Attitude of Mother With Toddler 0-24 Month in the Prevention of Stunting

Nanik Cahyati, Mega Dewi Lestari
Indonesia is still facing nutritional problems that have a serious impact on the quality of human resources, one of the problems of malnutrition that is still quite high in Indonesia is especially the problem of stunting. The incidence of stunting is one of the nutritional problems experienced by toddlerren...
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Community Empowerment Through Independent Family Health Evaluation (IFHE)-based Healthy Villages

Diyan Indriyani, Asmuji, Triawan Adi Cahyanto, Astrid Maharani, Wahyuni A Sri
Partners are Tutul Village, Balung District, Jember Regency. The objectives of this study are 1) identification of the community paradigm in the health sector, especially independence in recognizing changes in health status, 2) identification of entrepreneurship in the health sector that supports the...
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Seasonal Incidence of Guillain-Barre Syndrome in Rumah Sakit Islam Jemursari Surabaya

S Syifak, D Yuniati
Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS) is the leading cause of acute flaccid paralysis. Former study showed the highest GBS incidence, particularly in April-May, during seasonal transition from rainy to summer period. Indonesia has only limited study about demographic profile of GBS incidence. Rumah Sakit Islam...
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Influence of Environmental Setting on Maternal Comfort and Satisfaction

A Meiranny, DS Siagian, FN Khoirunnisa, L Lestari, dan N Cahyati
Childbirth is a valuable experience for women. Pshychological disorder such as anxiety is often felt by women during labor, it can be solved by physical environmental support in terms of environmental modifications that put women in comfort to reach labor satisfactory. By modifying a home-like labor...
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The Influence of Posyandu Cadre Training on Knowledge and Attitudes in Efforts to Prevent Stunting in Karawang

Siti Sopiatun, Sri Maryati
Stunting is the delay in the growth process in children under five years of age as a result of chronic undernutrition so that children are too short for their age. Prevention efforts to prevent stunting include involving cadres in the First 1,000 days of life program which is the front line in posyandu...
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Internal and External Factors That Influence Development of Childrens Independence

Endah Mulyani, Nourma Yunita, Siti Mudlikah, Diani Octaviyanti Handajani, Munisah
The independence of children is the assets of childrens to become prime human resource, independence not to depend on others is one of the steps that must be trained from an early age. This study is a cross-sectional analytic study that was conducted to identify the external and internal factors that...
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Determinant Factors Affecting Influencing Eligible Women with the Selection of Contraceptive Intrauterine Devices (IUDs)

RE Safriana, A Rachmawati, SD Sitaresmi, NP Ningrum, ER Agustin
Intrauterine Devices (IUDs) contraceptive method is a practical and effective long-term contraceptive method for use by eligible women. Many factors cause the low interest in eligible woman in choosing the IUD method as a contraceptive. This study aimed to analyze the determinants that influence eligible...
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Culture of Religious Moderation Through the Actualization of Islamic Education Wasatiyyah to Improve Religious Reconnection and Tolerance in Indonesia

Mohammad Ahyan Yusuf Sya’bani
Many issues and actions reflect the behavior of terrorism, extremism, radicalism, intolerance, understanding takfiri (happy to worry), and unilateral truth claims, and so on. This makes the nation-state necessary to seek solutions and prevention (preventive/anticipatory) one of which is to inaugurate...
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The Empowerment Model for the Poor Based on Spiritual Skills and Life Skills in Productive Age of the Youth at Rumah Gemilang Indonesia

Kholidhidayatullah, Bahri Ghazali, Shonhaji, Rosidi, Ahmad Hadi Setiawan, Muhamad Rudi Wijaya, Khoirurroji’in
Rumah Gemilang Indonesia is a community institution that focuses on empowering youth of productive age. This study aims to describe the empowerment model of productive age youth at Rumah Gemilang Indonesia LAZ AL-Azhar. This research was studied qualitatively through a descriptive approach. The method...
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The Role of Roudlotur Ridwan Islamic Boarding School in Empowerment of Islamic Communities Through Life Skills in the Child Social Welfare Institution (CSWI) Program in East Lampung District

Khoirurroji’in, HS Achlami, Jasmadi, Fitri Yanti, Kholid Hidayatullah, Muhamad Rudi Wijaya, Ahmad Hadi Setiawan
This research focuses on the role of the Roudhotur Ridwan Islamic boarding school in empowering the Islamic community through life skills at the Child Social Welfare Institution (CSWI) in East Lampung Regency. This research is qualitative research; qualitative research is a research procedure with the...
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Curative Da’wah and the Implication Towards the Changes of Convict Religious Conduct in Penitentiary Class I Bandar Lampung

Ahmad Hadi Setiawan, M. Nasor, Bahri Ghazali, Hasan Mukmin, Kholid Hidayatullah, Muhamad Rudi Wijaya, Khoirurroji’in
This research is aimed to see how significant the effect of Curative in the permanent changing of convicts’ religious conducts. The focus of the problem in this study is to analyse how prison role in implementing the curative da’wah model and its implications for behaviours change in Penitentiary Class...
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The Limitation of the Right to Assembly and the Right to Movement in Order to Fulfil the Right to Health of Society in the Covid-19 Pandemic in Indonesia

Erna Ratnaningsih, Siti Yuniarti
The Corona Covid-19 virus has officially known as a global pandemic by World Health Organization (WHO). Many countries have other ways to avoid the spread of Covid-19 such as the prohibition of people to assemble, the limitation of activities in public places/facilities, social distancing and lock down....
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Regulation of Illegal Fintech Lending in Indonesia

Abdul Rasyid
Presently, fintech lending in Indonesia is increasing significantly. Fintech lending is regulated with the Financial Services Authority Regulation Number 77 of 2016 concerning Information Technology-Based Money Lending and Borrowing Services. Until November 2020, there was 154 lending fintech registered...
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Justice as the Aim of/for Formation of Labor Law in Indonesia (A Review of Philosophy of Law)

Iron Sarira
It is necessary to not only study the phenomenon of manpower in Indonesia from the normative perspective of law, but it is also necessary to expand to labor law in philosophical order which should be able to make the practitioners and involved parties understand the essence, implementation and the meaning...
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The Nature of the Judge’s Imposition of Penal Supervision Against Children Conflicts With Justice to Realize Justice

IP Hapsari
Judicial power is an essential element in the constitutional structure of a country’s legal system. The rule of law includes the concept of Rechtstaat and the rule of law, and Islamic nomocracy. Judicial power becomes the pillar of support for a legal state to work. In a state of law, judicial power...
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Marine Casualty Caused by Ever Judger in Balikpapan Bay: Human Error or Technical Factors?

Nirmala Many, Muhammad Reza Syariffudin Zaki, Cecilia Elisabeth Agatha
A marine casualty involved MV Ever Judger has occurred on 30 March 2018 in Balikpapan Bay. The vessel was about to leave the terminal and headed to Malaysia. Unfortunately, the ship underwent problem on main engine and the departure was delayed. Later in the evening, the crews resolved the issue and...
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The Force Majeure Clause Amid New Normal Covid 19

Hardian Iskandar
A force majeure clause is a contractual provision that frees a party to perform a contract due to circumstances that make it impossible to perform the contract. A contract is an agreement made by one or more people. contracts are often made in a written form which contains provisions concerning force...
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Legal Subject Interpretation of Law Number 18 of 2013 Concerning the Prevention and Eradication of Forest Destruction

Ahmad Sofian, Batara Mulia Hasibuan
Law Number 18 Year 2013 concerning the Prevention and Eradication of Forest Destruction (Law 18/2013) specifically regulates crimes committed by organized individuals and corporations. The definition of being organized is clearly regulated in Law 18/2013. However, it is still inaccurate. Thus, this research...
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Children’s Privacy and Data Protection in Judicial Decisions

Ahmad Sofian, Besar, Bambang Pratama, Mark P. Capaldi
Children’s privacy and data protection is essential in maintaining and fulfilling legal obligations in protecting children’s privacy. The child is appointed as a defendant, witness or victim and legally the trial is declared closed to the public in order to protect the child’s privacy. Since the trial...
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The Independence of the Trustee as an Organ Formed by the Public Company

Muhammad Reza Syariffudin Zaki, Agus Riyanto, Okta Auliazahara
Research on the independence of the trustee as an organ formed by the public company aims to find out about (1) how the independence of the trustee appointed by the public company; and (2) who should appoint a trustee in the framework of independency of the trustee. This study uses a normative legal...
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Legal Protection for Child Victims of Violence in Primary School in Palembang City

Austin Al Hariz, Nashriana, Vera Novianti
Violence to children can occur anywhere, including in the world of education. This research is the form of legal protection for child victims of violence in elementary schools and how to prevent legal protection against child victims of violence in primary schools. This research aims to know and explain...
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Development of Legal Protection Protocols for Victims of Domestic Violence to Improve the Quality of Life and Reproductive Health of Women During the Covid-19 Pandemic in Medan

Alvi Syahrin, Nur Asiah, D. K. Dewi
Domestic violence (KDRT) is usually a female victim or wife whose effects include physical pain, mental stress, decreased self-confidence and self-esteem, experiencing feelings of helplessness, post-traumatic stress, depression, and even the desire to commit suicide. Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic...
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Legal Problems in the Job Creation Act in the Environmental Sector

Prastiyo Triwibowo, Alvi Syahrin, Suhaidi, Ningrum N. Sirait
The government revokes the environmental permit as a condition for obtaining a business license in the Job Creation Law. Environmental permits are integrated into business licenses which simplify the process of business licensing when in fact the future of the environment is threatened. This is because...
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The Functionalization of the Ultimum Remedium Principle Towards the Implementation of Criminal Actions Environmental License in the Perspective of Environmental Criminal Law in Indonesia

Dahlia Kusuma Dewi, Alvi Syahrin, Suhaidi, M. Hamdan
Environmental law is a juridical instrument for environmental management which basically includes structuring and enforcement consisting of administrative law, civil law and criminal law. Environmental law enforcement is considered a tool (an end) which functions as a statutory regulation regulating...
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Mine Workers’ Psychology

Zufra Inayah, Wiwik Widyawati
The roster work system, which has day and night working hours for mine workers, can cause occupational stress. This study aims to examine the quality of working life and occupational stress. This is an observational research with cross sectional design. The samples were 107 workers based on probability...
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Building Constructive-Communicative Model for Rural Communities in Using Death Ritual as a Manifestation of Social Virtue

Suyoto, Fery Adhy Permana
This study aims to elaborate the meaning of the Rukun Kematian as social virtues; identify the process and implications of the institutionalization of Rukun Kematian and their implications for local initiatives in rural development; and to elaborate communicative actions from Rukun Kematian initiators...
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Psychological Conditions of Medical Personnel in Facing the Pandemic of Covid 19: Systematic Review

Anggia Riske Wijayanti, Yosefina Dhale Pora, Ode Irman, Yosefina Nelista, Yosephina Maria Hawa Keytimu
The Covid -19 outbreak brought global tensions because the transmission process was so fast that it caused health workers to experience psychological problems. Long-term psychological disorders lead to weakened social relationships, mental health problems, local and economic dynamics. Purpose Review...
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Mental Toughness as Character Required in Learning in the Age of Change

Arcadius Benawa, Benny
The purpose of this paper is to show that distance learning motivates and inspires the students. Distance learning showed the enthusiasm of the students, with their active participation to ask, answer, and share experiences about their mental toughness as students. The conclusion of this research has...
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Analysis of Women Participation in Improving Family Income in Sade Lombok Tourism Village

Nanik Rianandita Sari, Nur Makkie Perdana Kusuma, Irwina Meilani
In a family, the role of women is not only as a housewife (domestic) but also in the public sector. Some of the motivations that encourage women to work are husband is not working, low household income, while the number of family dependents is quite high. Sasak Sade women work in the public sector as...
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The Effect of Professional Identity, Personal Cost and Seriousness of Violation of the Intention to Do Whistleblowing

Armanto Witjaksono, Ratna Laras Wiganitingyas
The purpose of this study is to empirically examine the influence of professional identity, personal cost, and the seriousness of violations of the intention to whistleblowing. This research is a quantitative study that distribute questionnaires. The population in this study is employees/workers who...
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Comparison of Agricultural Mantra From the West Sakerta Kuningan With Agriculture Mantra Sri Baduga Museum Collection Bandung

Leni Nur’aeni, Agus Saeful Anwar, Hermawan
The manuscript has various contents. Even though it has the same title and comes from the same area, it could be that the contents in it are different, it can be reflected in the agricultural mantra manuscripts from Sekerta Barat and also the agricultural mantra collections from the Sri Baduga Museum...
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How Indonesian Students Write Job Application Letter

Sri Hapsari Wijayanti
A job application letter is a document containing an applicant’s skills, abilities, and experiences regarding a job opening to an employer. Writing this letter is a major determining factor for applicants to secure a job because it is the first screening process before they undergo the recruitment phase....
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Semiotic Study in the Muput Tradition from Taraju Village Sindangagung District Kuningan Regency

O Ropiah, E Puspitarini, H Triwahyuni, B Agustan, I Ripai
This research was conducted because of the fact that many people, especially young people and women, have not preserved the muput tradition. This study aims to describe the implementation of the muput tradition, to analyze the semiotic elements that exist in the Muput tradition. The method used in this...