Proceedings of the 1st UMGESHIC International Seminar on Health, Social Science and Humanities (UMGESHIC-ISHSSH 2020)

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The Effect of Charismatic Leadership on the Sustainability of Tourism Destination with Entrepreneurship Orientation and Community Empowerment as a Mediator

Glory Aguzman, Adler Haymans Manurung, Yosef Dedy Pradipto, Lim Sanny
Tourism is an industry that continues to grow in Indonesia and has become one of the most active sectors in the last four years. In Indonesia, tourism continues to rise in ranking in terms of visitors on a local scale, both Asia and the world. Foreign exchange income from tourism is the focus of the...
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Community Communication Network in Preserving Culture: A Case Study in Betawi Setu Babakan Cultural Village

Sri Hartati, Damayanti Masduki, Riyana Putri Nurkhalisa, Edwin Karim
The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship of the Betawi community communication network through two stages of analysis, namely describing the flow of the community communication network and explaining the relationship of the Betawi community communication network. The method used in...
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The Role of Pekanbaru Food and Drug Administration Centre in the Circulation of Snacks for School Children Containing Harmful Substances in Pekanbaru

Ahmad Fuadi, Rosyidi Hamzah, Admiral, Fadhel Arjuna Adinda
Advances in technology and science have changed the way food and drug are produced. The circulation of Snacks for School Children (PJAS) that contained harmful substances in Pekanbaru City calls for serious attention. In buying snacks at school, children tend to only see the external appearance of the...
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The Obstacles Faced by The National Agency of Drug and Food Control (NA-DFC) of Pekanbaru in Performing the Responsibilities for The Distribution of School Children Food and Snacks (PJAS) Containing Hazardous Substances in Pekanbaru

Ahmad Fuadi, Rosyidi Hamzah, Admiral, Fadhel Arjuna Adinda
The high number of business practitioners selling food and snacks that do not comply with the standards established in the laws and regulations at the elementary school areas in Pekanbaru city should be a special concern for authorized officers. Food and snacks containing food additives will be dangerous...
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The Sociological Review of the Role of the National Agency of Drug and Food Control Pekanbaru on the Distribution of School Children Food and Snacks Containing Harmful Substances in Pekanbaru

Ahmad Fuadi, Rosyidi Hamzah, Admiral, Fadhel Arjuna Adinda
Food is basically primary human need and right. Food supply is not only about quantity but also safety. The aspect of food safety is very important since it is closely related to public health. The quality of a nation depends on its food. The role of the National Agency of Drug and Food Control (NADFC)...
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The Role of Sensing Capability in Enhancing Small Business Performance

Lasmy, Tirta Nugraha Mursitama, Asnan Furinto, Setyo Hari Wijanto
Entrepreneurship has a significant role in a country’s economy. Entrepreneurs such as Indonesia SMEs have a workforce absorption of up to 116.6 million people or 97.02% in 2017, reaching 64 million units in 2018, able to contribute more than large-scale businesses to Indonesia’s GDP amounted to 61.07%...
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VBL Implementation of Flipped Learning at Binus University: Failures Experienced by Students

Norma Pawestri, Aryusmar, ST Sela, JY Luke
Since the global pandemic strikes, many universities in Indonesia begin implementing online-based learning to replace lectures in the classroom and reduce the transmission of the Covid-19 outbreak. Many educators start to apply flipped learning due to the massive development of virtual classroom as well...
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Perceptions of Satisfaction That Motivate Tourists to Visit Religious Tourism Destinations During COVID-19 Pandemic

Kukuh Lukiyanto, EtsaAstridya Setiyati, Choirul Huda, Albert Verasius Dian Sano
Religious tourists have a unique character and are different from tourists in general. The desire to visit religious tourism destinations is more based on obligation instead of interest. Therefore, during the COVID-19 pandemic, many tourists are still visiting religious tourism spots.Purpose: This study...
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Creativity Enhancement of Studio Workspace by Using Sensory-Based Ambience-Maker in 24 Slides Office Relaxation Room

Aurellia Cintana Satya Nagara, Hana Kireina Widiyanti, Mellani Vionita, Rizquita Tsania, Ira Audia Agustina
In the creative industry companies, the employees are required to always have a freshly innovative ideas for their work. Based on that professional demand, the centre of these industries are creative solutions from the workers of the company offered for its clients. Creative ideas become intangible valuable...
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Passive-Aggressive and Antagonistic Repercussions in RPG Game as Shown in Devil May Cry

Risa Rumetha Simanjuntak, E A Putra
This research analyzed the complexities of human characters as represented through RPG games. As a case this research used an RPG game entitled Devil May Cry. In specific the data were taken from two main characters in the game, Dante and Vergil, who were identical twins. Both characters were antagonists...
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An Analysis of Politeness Strategies in Sitcom Tetangga Masa Gitu from NET TV

I N Fatimah, Risa Rumetha Simanjuntak
The aim of this research is to figure out politeness strategies which is used by four character in the sitcom. The tool of analysis mainly used is Brown and Levinson^s (1987) theory of politeness. Furthermore, the research method in this study using qualitative method and the writer are gathered the...
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Racial Stereotype and African American Resistance Against the Authority in Straight Outta Compton (2015) by Felix Gary Gray

D Agustinus, Risa Rumetha Simanjuntak
Racial discrimination and stereotyping are major social issues that create sense of difference towards a person or groups of people. This research will be analyzing about racial discrimination, stereotyping, and resistance that are portrayed in the movie Straight Outta Compton directed by Felix Gary...
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Woman’s Representation and Shifting Value in Koplo Dangdut Song

Windaningsih, Nur Kholis, Herma Retno Prabayanti
An interesting phenomenon of the rise of Koplo dangdut today are the lyrics that are sung are becoming increasingly varied and get a quick positive response from their fans. Lyrics that tell about infidelity become natural. East Java is in second place in the province with the highest number of widows...
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Legal Protection Towards Copyrighted Music and Song by Websites That Offers Copyrighted Infringing Content Under Indonesian Copyright Law

Sholehaturidlo, Syafrinaldi, Abd Thalib
Music and songs are works of art created with full of complexity and ideas. The creating process requires a lot of time, effort, thought and money. Consequently, these music and song has to be be protected in order to reach the goal, that is a sense of justice, legal certainty and the benefits of the...
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Responsibility of PT Telkom Towards Indihome Fiber Users Concerning Network Disruption According to Law Number 8 Of 1999 On Consumer Protection (Case Study: Pt Telkom Tanjung Balai Karimun)

Eno Dwi Puteri, Syafrinaldi, Surizki Febrianto
The background of this study is the existence of an imbalance between Law Number 8 of 1999 on Consumer Protection and the Responsibilities of PT. Telkom Regional TanjungBalaiKarimun that occurs in the field related to the problem of slow and lack of internet connection which causes losses to Indihome...
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VCD And DVD Copyright Protection in Pekanbaru According to Law Number 28 Of 2014 on Copyrights

Moch Roseno Eri, Syafrinaldi, Admiral
Copyright infringement in a form of VCD and DVD piracy is a despicable and disgraceful act. Piracy is carried out with an intent to earn maximum benefit using someone else’s creativity, innovation, and creation. Copyright protection is stipulated under the Law Number 29 of 2014 on Copyright. Each creativity,...
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The Application of Proportionality Principle in the Implementation of Outsourcing Work Contract (Switch of Power) Cleaning Service PT. Atalian Global Service Pekanbaru

Werdi Simanjuntak, Admiral, Thamrin
Unwittingly the application of proportionality principle in the implementation of outsourcing work contract has become part of contract legal system in Indonesia which in the practice level is frequently done. Nevertheless the workers, labor union, entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurs association in Indonesia...
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The Effectiveness of the Implementation on Parate Execution of Mortgage Right as Alternative in Resolving Problematic Loans at Banking Institutions in Pekanbaru

Nino Sampurno, Surizki Febrianto, Yusri Munaf
The research entitled “TheEffectiveness of the Implementation on Parate Execution of Mortgage Right as an Alternative in Resolving Problematic Loans at Banking Institutions in Pekanbaru” is motivated by the large number of financial institutions that function distribute the loans to the public. Lending...