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On strengthening the management of special funds for universities

Zhi xue Lv
With the deepening financial reform, when universities applying for special funds need to change the concept, timely establish of special funds for scientific management system. This article start with the universities reporting of special funds, using the process of concluding the major management problems....
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Analysis of the Risk from Finance of the New Campus Construction in Colleges and Universities

Zhi xue Lv
With the constant development of the cause of higher education in our country .The enlargement of enrollment scale ,the existing education resources and educational.Condition already cannot satisfy the requirement of running a school under the order to development,regardless pf the financial...
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Study on intergenerational differences between the new generation of migrant workers and the first generation of migrant workers

Suqiong Chen
The paper studies the intergenerational differences on education degree, marital status, work type, migrant flow distribution and remittance between the new generation migrant workers and the first generation migrant workers, based on the survey in Liaoning province. Study shows that the education degree...
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Research on Subject Construction in Provincial University

Xin Chang, Zengquan Zhao
Subject construction has been a complex system engineering of colleges and universities. The subject construction of local engineering colleges in China are facing many propositions, such as the determination of subject status, the perfection of subject structure, the improvement of subject organization...
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Research on management of innovation and scientific accounting files in Colleges and Universities

Dongdong Weng, Xiaofang Wang
Accounting archives management is first carried out in developed countries and regions, how to do a good job with the international standards implementation of modern management, this is we engaged in education management workers are generally concerned about the issue of colleges and universities. How...
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On the Practice of Moral Education about Ecological Science and Technology in Universities on Ecological Civilization

Dongling Zhang
University students are the fresh troops of ecological civilization construction. In recent years, Shandong University of Science and Technology in terms of ecological and moral education made a good attempt, and achieved good results. Practice shows practical ways of university moral education include...
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Research on Knowledge Innovation in Quality Management Process

Congliang Chai, Yonggui Mu
At present, application of knowledge in the field of quality management theory and method can achieve improved quality and innovation. The primary means of knowledge innovation in quality management process are knowledge value chain and the quality knowledge innovation of the organizational knowledge...
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Setting up comprehensive and Researching Experiments to Reform Organic Chemistry Experiment Teaching Method

Ting Liu, Xu Li
Organic synthesis experiment is a obligatory course of senior students major in chemistry and it is also an important practical teaching link to prepare for the graduation thesis. The course aims to broaden the students' knowledge, cultivate the students' innovation consciousness, enhance their abilities...
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Reform of Teaching Mode of Basic Chemistry Experiment Course

Boquan Jiang, Zhengping Chen, Bing Xiong, Deyou Wang, Ting Liu
Reforming the teaching mode of fundamental chemistry experiment (FCE) course is important to realize the teaching target—cultivating the creative talents in the universities and colleges. For this goal, several measures are suggested in this paper: These measures involve “reforming the teaching contents,...
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Study on the measures to improve the learning atmosphere of Independent college

Ting Liu, Xu Li
Construction of independent college learning atmosphere is directly related to the quality of talent cultivation, the survival and development of the college. Due to its own characteristics, independent college should fully know the importance of the construction of study style. The article researches...
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Discussions on Improving the Teaching Quality of Fundamental Chemistry Experiment Course

Boquan Jiang, Ting Liu, Lei Xiong, Xiaoxing Wu, Zhengping Chen
Improving the teaching quality of fundamental chemistry experiment (FCE) course is one of the important ways to cultivate the creative talents in the universities and colleges. In consideration of the present problems in the teaching of FCE course, several measures are put forward in this paper, which...
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Pros and Cons: Web Based Education

Jingyu Liu
The world of web-based education is changing more quickly. Online education offers students an anytime/anywhere method of receiving an advanced knowledge. Proponents point out the increased access will level the playing field for all. Online course enrollment may be on the rise; however, with growth...
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Establishment of Comprehensive Evaluation System of Fundamental Chemistry Experiment Course

Boquan Jiang, Ting Liu, Min Xu, Xu Li, Zhengping Chen
The reform of fundamental chemistry experiment (FCE) course is one of the important gateway to cultivate creative talents. Establishing a scientific comprehensive evaluation system of FCE course is one of the important contents of the reform of FCE course. In order to scientifically, reasonably, objectively...
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On the Construction of University Archives Informatization

Shumin Cui
Accelerating the construction of university archives informatization is the objective requirements of standardization and modernization of university archives management. In order to promote the construction of university archives informatization, it is required to accurately understand the scientific...
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Reform of Basic Chemistry Experiment Course for Cultivating Creative Talents

Boquan Jiang, Zhengping Cheng, Lijuan Wan, Yang Shu, Ting Liu
Cultivating creative talents is the target of the university education. Reforming the basic chemistry experiment course is one of the important ways to realize the target. At present, the reform of basic chemistry experiment curse are being widely carried out in China's universities. Several measures...
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Impacts of Microsoft Pinyin Input Software on CFL Essay Writing: A Pilot Study

Yu Zhu
Collecting data based on experiment, questionnaire, and interview, this study compared Chinese as a foreign language (henceforth, CFL) learners’ attitude to, experience about, and scores on handwritten and computer-processed compositions. It was found that the majority of the subjects considered composition...
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Unique Features and Applications of Chlorine Dioxide on Disinfection

Chunhong Ta
Disinfection is an important measure to ensure the water quality security. Chlorine dioxide -as a strong oxidizer is widely used for disinfection of drinking water and wastewater. This paper firstly introduces the basic properties of chlorine dioxide, then detailly analyses its disinfection -functionality...
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Research on the Effectiveness of Technical Indicators with the Volume

Gang Li, Jin Zhu
The paper researches on the effectiveness of technical indicator with the volume by choosing the volume-weighted moving average (VWMA) which consists of the simple moving average (MA) and volume based on the 2139 stocks from January 1, 2003 to January 1, 2013 in China’s A-share market. There are four...
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Analysis of Transformation and Upgrading of China’s Private Enterprises during the Period of “Twelfth Five-year”

Linjing Chen
To promote the development of private economy is an important guarantee to expand employment, improve people's livelihood and maintain stability. The current development of private enterprises of China is not only facing many difficulties, but also has an opportunity to change the ways of economic development....
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Agricultural colleges and universities to build innovative talent training mode

Xiuying Li, Dongju Du
One of the core mission of universities is to cultivate innovative talents , and to achieve this goal, we must innovative training model . Innovative Talent Training Mode agricultural colleges and universities is a modern economy , a necessary requirement for agricultural development , the paper explore...
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On Building of Opening Laboratory and Campus Practice Base under Construction of School with Characteristic

Yuezhong Lin, Dongling Zhang
This paper studies the value of building campus practice base and opening laboratory, namely: improving the quality, cost, foster innovation and improving competitiveness. We can conclusion that it is very important to build the openness laboratory and campus practice base for building high-quality talent....
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Application and Performance Test of High Temperature Filter Media Used on Bag—house duster

Chun-xia Chen
In this article physical and chemical testing index and filtration effect index are explained in detail. Tested the filtration effect of the GLASS filter media PPS media METAMAX and FMS filter media by use of German AFC-131 filter media test rig. And Then tested their breaking strength permeability temperature...
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University Library Services Development Discipline Problems and Optimization Strategies

Qingsong Zhang, Xinyu Wang
The University Library services are subject to deal with the inevitable choice of today's complex environment , but also the future direction of the University Library . In this paper, the necessity of university library services connotation construction of subjects were discussed , through the analysis...
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Digital Library of personalized information services approach and Countermeasures

Qingsong Zhang, Xinyu Wang
personalized information service is an important trend in the development of digital libraries. On the basis of the analysis of user needs and the necessity Digital Library of personalized information services, we propose a personalized information services, the main form and service strategies.
Proceedings Article

Teaching Reform and Exploration of Information Curriculum Group

Shubin Yang, Lianying Zou, Yuanfeng Huang, Li Chen
In allusion to problems in information processing curriculum group practice teaching of information correlation majors, according to supervising thought of ‘one idea, two goals, three conformities, four steps and six embodiments’, a series of teaching reform and exploration are implemented through optimizing...
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The Influence of Service Recovery Strategy and Regulatory Focus on Satisfaction in Online Shopping

Chenglei Liang, Xiurong Li
In this paper, chooses service failure and recovery of online shopping as the study's objective, analyses the effect of two different regulatory focus (promotion focus and prevention focus) and service recovery strategy on satisfaction. The results find that: the regulatory fit which arises from regulatory...
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Exploration on Connection Issue between Graduate and Undergraduate Education

Fanghua Liu, Fei Lou, Guobin Miao
The present higher education is becoming increasingly popular, in many cases, undergraduate study has already can not meet the needs of themselves and society. In order to enhance research capacity of graduate, cultivate more outstanding fresh undergraduate, master's graduates. This article will focus...
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Exploration of college psychological health education

Di Jiang, Gang Lin
college psychological health education is very important for college psychological discipline construction, lodging the important role of college psychology in the reform and the change, emphasizes two related themes of the psychological health education - the empirical application and the overall adjustment...
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Research and Practice of Teaching Management Informationization of Colleges and Universities

Xiuying Li, Dongju Du
Teaching management information is an important way to improve the efficiency of the school, is the core of the modern university development work. With the establishment of the rapid development of computer network technology and the campus network, teaching management information already in practice...
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The Design of Automatic Scoring System for Document Operational Test Question of MS-Office

Li Hao, Qingguo Guan
Automatic scoring system is helpful to efficiently scoring the document operational test question of MS-Office. The existed scoring methods have done a lot of valuable works. But these methods record the operation track and lead to misjudge when modifying operations. In this paper, we propose a new method...
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Analysis of the Anti War Thought from Animated Film

Hongwei Wang
Art comes from life, so the artist's life experience will affect his creation. Hayao Miyazaki is so, living in the era of war, witnessed the brutal war, about the horrors of war. This is Hayao Miyazaki's childhood life experience. This is Hayao Miyazaki's childhood life experience, so it is also created...
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Exploration and Practice of Talents Training Model for the Application-oriented Universities

Yunlong Wang, Hongtian Zhang
when the higher education is popular education stage, the talent training mode will be faced with reform and transformation. The reform of education and teaching is important content that how to train the social development need, to shorten difference between talent training and corporation requirement,...
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Analysis Revelation of Successful Animation of Confucius on the domestic cartoon theme creation

Weifan Lai
As late Spring and Autumn Confucius thinker , educator and statesman , founder of Confucianism . Arguably one of the representatives of the ancient Chinese philosophy , and in the international community also has a considerable reputation , and the animated film " Confucius " is the world's first two-dimensional...
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Research on the Teaching Situation and Reform Measures of Specialty English

Ling Jing
Specialty English is an important course for training practical ability and international standards of college students in the new period. However, the current Specialty English teaching effect is not ideal in colleges and Universities. This paper analyzes the Specialty English teaching situation and...
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Study On The Evaluation Of Supply Chain Partner Selection

Yewang Zhou
With the aggravation of global competition and progress of the science and technology, modern management thought and means are improving and developing constantly, more and more enterprise begin to use supply chain management tactics. Partner selection play a very important role in supply chain management,...
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A New Approach to Teach College English Reading—The Application of Task-based Language Teaching

Zhou Dan
This paper points out the deficiencies of the former reading teaching models and thus introduce a new approach, that is, apply the task-based language teaching to reading teaching. It presents a general view of this method and shows how it is applied to reading class. Finally, it puts forward some suggestions...
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Omnidirectional Multi-scale Generalized Blur Minimization Mathematical Morphology Edge Detection Algorithm

Shubin Yang, Qianwen Qiu, Sai Zhang, Jinpeng Li
Owing to image noise and differ in thousands ways of edge shape, traditional morphological edge detection operators can’t detect the edge well and the edge detected by it is very blur. In order to gain the good edge, characteristic of morphological operators are used. Generalized morphological detection...
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Study on B2C Transactions of Agricultural Products in China

Yuan-Yuan Lai, Shu-Bin Zhan
This paper attempts to study the development trend and requirements of B2C e-commerce of agricultural products. The paper analyzed about the present situation of Chinese agricultural B2C found its characteristics of diversification of sales model and sales principal. By CNNIC survey data analysis, concludes...
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The Adaptive Teaching in the Setting of Big Data

Li He
Education is one of important application fields of big data, and with the technology developing of big data, education data in scale is becoming larger and larger, and the breadth and depth of data are expanding. Through techniques of learning analytics and educational data mining, educators can get...
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Teaching Study Based on Project Design and Independent Learning

Cunyuan Mu, Xuemin Liu
Students are the subject in the learning activities, and only the subjective initiative of students brought into full play can learn truly learned and genuinely talented. The teaching reform is an important task for training excellent engineers. Students' independent study is a purposive study under...
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The Study on the Development of Strategic Emerging Industry in Shandong Province Based on Factor Analysis

Jian Xu, Zhenji Jin
Since the Eleventh Five-year Plan, Shandong Province has issued a series of policies to promote the development of strategic emerging industries. Developing strategic emerging industries is a path to restructure the economy and transform the economic development pattern. This paper uses the factor analysis...
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Research on SaaS-based model of teaching resources platform

He Pan, Taihao Li
SaaS model as a new software model, can provide convenient, fast, low-cost way to build an auxiliary teaching platform for the user. The SaaS model based teaching resources construction platform, SaaS model summarizes the advantages compared to the traditional mode of teaching resources on the platform...
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A cooperative OA system based on SaaS supporting multi-tenant business process customization

Hua Huang, Yi-lai Zhang, Zaiwen Feng
The cooperative OA system is a subsystem of the ceramic cloud technology service integration platform, which is a multi-tenant application software based on SaaS. With the use of database accessing middleware and the technology of single sign-on (SSO) and role-based rights management, it integrates and...
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The empirical research on Social Media-oriented Interactive Marketing Strategy based on

Siyu He
The paper has made analysis on marketing environment such as micro-blog, companies and market, as well as advantages and disadvantages of with questionnaires. The author puts forward his online marketing strategy with micro-blog -- a social media-oriented interactive marketing means and offers...
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Dynamic CGE Study of Development Process and Change of P.E. Teachers since the Foundation of P.R.C.

Xinguang Wang, Chunyang Chen
Since the foundation of China, with the development of the sports teaching career, sports teachers has grown up especially after the Beijing Olympics, our nation pays more and more attention to physical education. After the implementation of new educational reform, sports teaching resources and teachers...
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Exploration of Full-time Professional Degree Graduate Training Mode Relying on Enterprise Workstation of Graduate Student

Jiyang Qi, Lingyun Wang, Feifei Liu
In order to meet the demands of economic and social development, China will develop postgraduate education for professional degree on a large scale. By virtue of successful experience in the construction of post-doctoral workstation, the Education Department of Jiangsu Province has established some graduate...
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Integrated Risk Assessment of Ship Engine Room Fire Based on Fuzzy Vector Similarity

Yu Liu, Yufeng Yang
Ship engine room fire is more common and more dangerous kind of accident due to fire, explosion caused shipwreck proportion rising year by year. First of all, to determine the evaluation index system, and then carry out random checks on the targets, calculation of the vector correlation of the indicators...
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Study on the Construction of the Teaching Resources Platform based on Cloud Computing

He Pan, Taihao Li
Cloud computing is the development direction of the IT industry in the future and the application of cloud computing is bound to exert a profound influence on the field of higher education. The construction of the network educational resources platform in universities is to integrate all sorts of educational...
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Feminist Utopia: A New Viewpoint of Interpreting British and American Literature

Shaobin Zhou
The literary history of feminist utopian novels has always not been concerned by the literature circles and even excluded from the research field of serious feminist literature. By the latter half of the 18th century, the feminist utopian novels was listed as an important literary phenomenon and recognized...
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Application of Virtual Simulation Technology in Electronic Technology Industry

Qing Zhao
As the upgrading speed of product design and production is very fast and the market demands are increasingly growing with the economic development, the use of virtual simulation technology can improve the upgrading of electronic products, to promote the technical innovation of electronic industry. This...