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A Computer Aided Case Tool for Temporal Knowledge Visualization

Wang Yue, Ma Jixin
The Internet has become a very important information source. Take Twitter for example: the tweets people post various kinds of data on the internet, usually with rich temporal and spatial aspects such as valid time, transaction time, location, and so on. In this paper we introduce a computer aided case...
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A Novel Lightweight Authentication Protocol for YML Framework

Lv Xin, Chen Hao, Xu Feng, Mao Yingchi
YML framework is a well-adapted advanced tool to support designing and executing portable parallel applications over large scale peer to peer and grid middleware. It is necessary to introduce some security mechanisms for the improvement and extension of the framework. To secure the authentication process,...
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Airy pulses interactions with solitons

Wu Hao, Fu Xiquan
We investigate and analyze finite energy Airy pulses interactions with temporal solitons in nonlinear fiber at the same center wavelength, via split step Fourier numerical simulation. The results show that the Airy main lobe is partly trapped by temporal solitons, and the trapped pulse that can present...
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Application Research on The Equipment Measuring Sludge Thickness in Coalmine Channel

Qiu Xingguo, Fang Yisong
For solving the problem of measuring sludge thickness in coalmine channel,the paper discusses a new measuring method based on the difference of penetration when light spread in different medium.The method combines computer science,sensor technology,data communication technology,which measures sludge...
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Optimization Service Migration Scheme for Load Balance in Cloud Computing

Yingchi Mao, Jiulong Wang, Lili Zhu, Qing Jie
Large-scale development of Web services and cloud computing bring enterprises and users new experience. In the traditional service system architecture, large-scale number of service access and execution make some of the nodes overload and seriously affect the quality of services. Therefore, it becomes...
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An Improved Monte Carlo Ray Tracing for Large-Scale Rendering in Hadoop

Li Rui, Zheng Yue
To improve the performance of large-scale rendering, it requires not only a good view of data structure, but also less disk and network access, especially for achieving the realistic visual effects. This paper presents an optimization method of global illumination rendering for large datasets. We improved...
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Spectral Clustering Based on Multi-scale Stochastic Tree Image Segmentation Algorithm

Chen Yuantao, Zuo Jingwen
For spectral clustering is applied to image segmentation is difficult to calculate the spectral weight matrix of the actual problem, we have defined the pixel distance between the point and the class is given a sampling theorem, the design of a hierarchical image segmentation algorithm in the use of...
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A New Selection Model for the Adaptability Scheme of Graduate Employment Information System

Dong Li-Li
In order to improve graduate employment information system (GEIS) adaptability, the Improvement Scheme of GEIS adaptability is studied. Firstly, an index system for GEIS adaptability is established. Secondly, the selection model for the adaptability scheme is built based on QFD method, and the selection...
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Improved Grouping Genetic Algorithm for the Pickup and Delivery Problem with Time Windows

Ding Genhong, Mao Juncheng, Ding Yuchen
The Pickup and Delivery Problem with Time Windows (PDPTW) is an NP-hard problem. This paper studies the Grouping Genetic Algorithm for solving the PDPTW. The insertion heuristic algorithm which can generate feasible solutions was improved by adding a certain taboo mechanism, and then five adjustment...
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An Estimation Algorithm of Carrier Frequency Offset Based on Signal Reconstruction in Cooperative OFDM System

Bao Jingjing, Liu Yuan
In cooperative OFDM system, because of the OFDM technology, cooperative communication system is very sensitive to carrier frequency offset, a tiny carrier frequency offset will cause the inter-carrier interference. An estimation algorithm of carrier frequency offset based on signal reconstruction is...
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Application of Association Rules Data Mining in the Determination the Operation Target Values in the Thermal Power Plant

Xiang Wan, Niansu Hu, Min Huo
As the parameters from the thermal power plant DCS (Distributed Control System) data have closely relationships, the association rules data mining is tried to be applied in the determination the optimization values in the thermal power plant. A model is built by the mining tools Clementine 12.0 based...
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Secure Communication Scheme for Color Image Based on Index Technology

Peng Jingyu, Ren Yong
A secure communication scheme for true color image was proposed. It is aimed at the hiding problem of a huge amount of true-color image data in the covert communication and maintaining the good visual quality of carrier image. Secure communication is achieved by combining encryption and hiding. Encryption...
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A Framework for Providing Dynamic Context-Aware User Interface of the Secondary Devices using the SmartTV in Home Network Environment

Moon Jaewon, Lim Tae-Beom, Park Sungju, Kum Seungwoo, Kim Kyungwon, Park Jongbin, Yoon Myunghyun, Shin Dong-Hee
The growing number of smart devices having different capabilities, service providers want to provide a nicer user interface and experience to individual users with considering device status and other environments. And a second device also allows user to interact with the contents he/she is consuming....
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Effectiveness of Mental Model-Based Training for Complex System Operators: A Quasi-Experimental Study

Lin Xiaomin, Bai Xinwen, Hao Jianming
Previous research has indicated that operators of complex systems will achieve higher system operation efficiency and better job performance when they hold high quality mental models. Authors of recent studies have called for greater attention toward how to improve the development of mental models especially...
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The Information System Security Situational Awareness Based On Cloud Computing

Zhicheng Ma, Lin Jin, Peng Yang
With the increasing amount of data in the information network, various network threats are growing. Designing efficient and reliable security situational awareness methods becomes one of the main tasks of information security. By using the Apriori algorithm based on MapReduce in the cloud computing environment...
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Simulation Researches on Feed Method of GSM Microstrip Antenna for Impedance Match

Jian-wei Ye, Jian-fang Ye, Jia-le Tu
In present work, the feed method of GSM microstrip antenna for impedance match was studied. Firstly, Transmission Line Model (TLM) and impedance theory were introduced. Using three-dimensional electromagnetic simulation software ANSYS Ansoft HFSS, the effects of different feed points on the E-plane and...
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A Fast Mode Decision Algorithm for Intra Prediction in HEVC

Wei Li, Rangding Wang, Jiaji Wang, Dawen Xu, Jian Xu
To reduce the intra encoding complexity of HEVC, a fast intra prediction mode decision algorithm is proposed in this paper. According to different size of prediction unit, based on statistical data, the algorithm uses threshold method to exclude the intra prediction modes of small possibility, then reduce...
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Line Correction for Robot Go-Forward using Image Detection Approach

Hsia Shih-Chang, Fu Wei-Siang
In this paper, we present a line correction method for robot moving control based on image detection approach. By statistics of horizontal vector, the line deviation can be estimated, and then to control the speed of motor to trim the moving direction. For real-time control requirement, we presented...
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Realization of High-Performance Confidential Data Transmission Based on FPGA

Fan Yu, Peipei Yang
This paper uses advanced encryption standard, AES, to implement encryption algorithm and FPGA devices to achieve hardware encryption. AES commonly used to provide several security services such as data confidentiality. However, it is a challenge to design efficient hardware architectures with small hardware...
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Discovering the Potentials and Directions of Mobile Payment Applications Development an Exploratory Study in Taiwan

Liu Hsuan-Hung, Tsai Dwen-Ren
Globally, rapid growth of mobile payment, many consumer brands will be integrated into the trend of mobile payment applications, thereby displaying mobile payments continues to grow and change the Electronic Commerce and Mobile commerce of consumer habits. However, current literature pays attention to...
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User-credibility Based Service Reputation Management for Service Selection

Jiuxin Cao, Yi Dong, Yi Qin, Bo Liu, Fang Dong, Tao Zhou
In composite services, the atomic service reputation is becoming important when many similar functional services could be provided for selecting under the heterogeneous and loose- coupled circumstance . However, existing reputation measurement methods pay little attention on user credibility which has...
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The Application of Genetic Algorithm in the Optimal Offer of Stochastic Number of Bidders

Chen Guodong
Competitive bidding is widely used in international equipment procurements and construction projects for the moment. With the development of market economy in our country, competitive bidding is introduced in various industries, especially popular in the large-scale construction projects and government...
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Weight Calculation And Purity Identification Of Symplectic Self-orthogonal Codes

Kai Cao, Luobin Guo, Chaoyang Li, Yuxiang Zheng, Leinan He, Zhenpeng Zhao
The purity identification of quantum error-correcting codes and symplectic self-orthogonal is a pivotal problem in quantum code theory. This work is dedicated to some issues of symplectic codes. First, by the MacWillams identity, a fast algorithm to determine the weight polynomial of high-dimension symplectic...
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Development and Application of Integrated Services in Metropolitan Area Transmission Network

Shuyan Wang, Xiaohui Li
With the high-speed development of contemporary communication industry, Metropolitan networks is required to be a multi-Service platform for transmission. This article introduces the application of two key technologies, PTN and MSTP from the point of application, and the development process and construction...
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Research on stabilization control method for humanoid robot

Lou Jianming, Zhong Qiubo, Zhang Xiaohui
For the characteristics of humanoid robot in stability control, a method called second-order cone planning is proposed for controlling the stability of robot walking. The stability control of humanoid robot is configured to convert the second order cone to be suitable for solving the problem by derivating...
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A Two-Dimensional Cellular Automata Based Method for Multiple Image

Ping Ping, Wang Zhi-jian, Xu Feng
This paper presents a novel CA-based multiple image encryption by using a kind of two-dimensional (2-D) reversible CA, and by using a circular chaining mode of operation. The proposed method allows images to be processed in a 2-D way and makes the statistical information of each plain image in the group...
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The Technology Diffusion Effect of International Intellectual Returnees

Shuyun Li, Shaozhi Chen
By introducing returnees into the international R&D spillovers econometric model and using Chinese provincial panel data, we test the technological progress effects of returnees in various regions of China. The results show that returnees have played important roles in technological progress in various...
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Automatic MR Brain Tumor Image Segmentation

Lu Yisu, Chen Wufan
Traditional Dirichlet process mixture (MDP) models has the characteristic that the image segmentation can be done without initialization of clustering numbers. For the computing speed of the classical MDP segmentation is jogging, a new kind of nonparametric segmentation (DMMDP algorithm) combined with...
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Extracting Historical Information and Fault Localization Information that may Contribute to the Effectiveness of Test Case Prioritization

Lin Chu-Ti, Guo Sin-Ting, Wang Jiun-Shiang, Tsai Chang-Shi
The goal of test case prioritization is to schedule the test cases in an order so that the faults in the software will be detected early during the regression testing. So far, a lot of test case prioritization techniques have been proposed and received considerable attention. However, there is currently...
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Control Strategy on a Class of Control System

Wu Wei, Du Wencai
It is acknowledged to build nonlinear system modelis the crucial point for control problems, the utilization of conventional control strategies can improve the system perfor-mance, i.e., system accuracy, stability and fast convergence.From fundamentally view, a model does not touch changes of its structure...
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Security in Next-Generation Wireless Sensor Networks

Gao Lijie, Chen Zhigang
Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) have been widely used in various applications. Recent advances in micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) technology have enabled the development of WSN. Hardware constraints and application scenarios lead to safety problems become important problem that restrict the development...
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A MAC Protocol Optimization Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Network Based on Real Platform

Zhang Leilei, Luo Jian
For multi-hop wireless sensor networks traffic aggregation mode transmission characteristics, proposed optimization algorithm based on CSMA protocol. Adjust the channel access strategy based on the location of of the nodes in the network, The optimization algorithm improves the equalization channel access...
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Provably Secure ID-Based Signature without Trusted PKG for Smart Grid

Peng Wei, Bai Xia
By using Gap Diffie-Hellman groups, we construct an efficient ID-based signature scheme without trusted PKG for smart grid, which security relies on the hardness of the Computational Diffie-Hellman Problem (CDHP). In this scheme, PKG is prevented from forging a legal user’s signature because it only...
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Research of Converged Cable Access Platform in Tri-networks Integration

Ni Yepeng, Yang Cheng, Liu Jianbo
In an age of tri-networks integration, CATV operators are facing huge competitive pressure from telecommunication operators. The "transformation" is the only way of CATV operators to cope with the competition. Such CATV operators should transform a single TV service provider to a multiple service operator...
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Independent Component Analysis in development of Chinese Agriculture insurance

Xiaoxia Chen
Independent Component Analysis is a useful method to find some internal keyelement which play an important role in the development. This paper uses ICA to analyze agriculture insurance to try to find the major factorwhich has great impact. We take FastICA as analysis tool and designed parameters. According...
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Web Service Recommendation using Optimized Iterative Collaborative Filtering

Wang Binbin, Guo Jie, Zhou Zuojian, Pan Jingui
With the explosive growth of web services on the World Wide Web, service recommendation is becoming extremely important to both the service providers and the active users. In this paper, we propose a web service recommendation model which utilizes the prediction of Quality-of-Services (QoS) based on...
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Research on Quickly Search in Massive Remote Sensing Images Based on Hbase

Chen Wu, Jicheng Quan, Yuwei Yuan, Yu Liu, Hongwei Wang, Xiuying Zhao, Mingquan Yang
On the basis of analyzing massive remote sensing images storage and HBase, Hilbert Curve was applied in image pyramid model. A solution about quickly search in massive remote sensing images was put forward in this paper. The experiment showed that the solution not only could solve the storage problem...
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The Analysis of the Location Algorithm for Mobile Targets Based on Mono-Station Passive Infrared Method

Zhang Shi-quan, Yin Shi-min, Zeng Jun
The passive infrared mono-station location algorithm for mobile targets due to stationary platform are investigated. The passive location physical model and related algorithm of mobile target are established. The algorithm in this paper can be effectively applied to the location for both uniformly accelerated...
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Design and Realization of the Vibration Cylinder Barograph Data Acquisition System

Sha Feng, Wang Chang-hao, Li Hai-ming
Data acquisition system is the core module of the automated calibration software. In this paper, a vibration cylinder barograph data acquisition system has been developed, applying LabVIEW. The development environment of hardware has been described. In process of the automated calibration, the system...
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The Building of Naval Gun Dynamics Simulation Model Based on Adams

Yang Ming-hua, Wang Guo-gang
Because of conditions limit and expensive, the method of gun firing research naval gun system shooting dynamics equation generally less used. The paper carry simulates calculation based on Adams, analysis the character of naval gun system dynamics. And draw support from parts of test data checkout the...
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Topological Optimization of Hubs in P2P Network

Yanmei Liu, Huanhuan Cui, Yuda Chen
This paper further studied the hubs in P2P network, and presented a strategy based on hierarchical P2P network by controlling the logical topology structure and through enhanced mechanism to avoid the formation of hubs. It firstly introduced the idea of control model, and the specific implementation...
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The Study on the Development of Decision Support Systems in Response to Catastrophic Social Risks

Zhenhua Xie, Zhen He
After the catastrophe, the key to whether the government can effectively deal with and control social risks caused by the disaster lies in whether to make the right decisions under the unified leadership and the unity of command. Therefore, the establishment of Decision Support System DSS in response...
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Sinusoidal Steady-state Response Research Based on the Time Domain, S Domain and MATLAB Software

Yuying Liu, Zhijian Yin
Circuital sinusoidal steady-state analysis is the important content in such curriculums as Circuital Analysis and Signals and Systems.It is the essential knowledge for college students majoring in electric, signals and procession of signals, communication, etc.Studying the usage of time-domain method...
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An Effective Strategy of Area Reduction for Custom Instruction Based on Basic Cell

Liu Haiming, Ma Yuchun, Wu Qiang
Area reduction is very important for CI (Custom Instruction) on reconfigurable processor. However, for FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) structure, resource sharing method is inefficient for area reduction of data-path. In the paper, we propose an effective strategy of area reduction for custom instruction....
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An Improved Ant Colony Algorithm for Probabilistic QoS Routing

Ding Genhong, Guo Dongwei, Ding Yuchen
The actual dynamic network environment urgently requires us to give full consideration to the non-precision of the network state when we design the QoS routing algorithm. Mainly by substituting the piecewise function for the probability constant which is chosen by ants when a route is selected, changing...
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Design of IP Traceback System based on Generalized Bloom Filter

Chen Zhouguo, Liu Bo, Pu Shi, Huang Chen
With the rapid development of Internet, network security technology has recently attracted a lot of interest, both from academia and industry. By tracing and locating the source of network intrusion, IP traceback technology help defenders to take targeted defensive measures, counter attackers and collect...
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Scrambling Code and Channelisation Code Parallel Generation for WCDMA on Vector Core

Yu Yongguang, You Hongyan
In a Wideband Code Division Multiple Access (WCDMA) environment, each user is assigned a unique complex-valued spreading codes to encode its information-bearing signal. The spreading sequence composed of scrambling codes and channelisation codes spread transmitted symbols and despread received chips....
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Towards Cloud Computing Security Considerations in Smart Grid

Ma Shouming, Yu Chunlei, Gu Wei
Cloud computing is a flexible, cost-effective and proven delivery platform for providing business or consumer IT services over the Internet. The cloud computing technology is especially suitable for handling series of problems in smart grid. However, the development of cloud computing technology is currently...
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A New Data Transfer Scheme for eMMC Connected Subsystems

Deng Shulan
One of the issues in data transfer between host CPU and its eMMC connected subsystem is to determine when to send data from host to subsystem and when to receive data from subsystem to host with least CPU interference. The conventional approach to achieving data transfer synchronization is by polling,...
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A Promotion SAR Raw Data Compressing Algorithm Based on BAQ

Li Sun, Yuedong Zhang, Min Wang, Fufei Gu
BAQ algorithm is widely used in SAR raw data compressing, but SAR raw data does not perfectly submit to normal distribution in some cases. One of situation is fractional saturation of raw data. This paper proposes a promoted BAQ algorithm to compress SAR raw data by changing the quantization algorithm....