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The Exploration of the Revenue Distribution Based On Revenue-sharing Contract of Supply Chain

Hai-yue Piao
With the development of informatization and the commodity economy, the coordination in supply chain becomes more and more important, in addition, revenue-sharing contract is an efficient method to motivate members of supply chain to coordinate. This paper analyzed the revenue-sharing contract modes without...
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A Study of the National Policy on Suppressing Real Estate Speculation: Based on the Comparative Analysis of China, Britain, Singapore and Germany

Quanhong Liu, Quanbing Luo, Yayun Xie
This paper discusses the shortages of the national policy on suppressing real estate speculation based on the comparative analysis of China, Britain, Singapore and Germany, and brings forward corresponding political suggestions Combines the national conditions of our country based on making use of the...
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How does market orientation affect product innovation in China’s manufacturing industry: The contingent value of dynamic capabilities

Jing Liu, Jingqin Su
We conceptualize and empirically test a mode that links different types of market orientation and product innovation, moderating by dynamic capabilities. Survey responses from China’s manufacturing industry firms indicate that niche market orientation is more strongly positively related with product...
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An Empirical Study on the Factor Structure of Organization

Jingzhao Yang, Hongqi Ma, Jiajia Zhu
In view of the importance of organizational structure and the current situation of lack of documentation which discuss the measurement of organizational structure this paper has verified that three factors-complexity, normalization and centralization can be used to measure organizational structure, which...
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Dynamic Inventory and Pricing Policy with Ordering and Price Adjustment Cost

Baimei Yang
In this paper, we study a dynamic inventory control and pricing optimization problem in a periodic review inventory system with fixed ordering cost and price adjustment cost. At the same time, the ordering quantity is limited. We show that the optimal inventory control is partially characterized by an...
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Evaluation Studies of Leisure Agriculture in Hebei Province

Wei-Li Shi, Qing-shu Kong
Leisure agriculture has dual features of agriculture and tourism, and its basic features include the marketability, science & technology, spectator, experience, culture, education, ecology etc. Leisure agriculture and rural tourism demonstration sites are typical cases who selected out by the Ministry...
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Culture Creative Industry Cluster Development Evaluation Index System Construction

Yumei Wang, Shuyan Liu, Yongguo Wu
Culture creative industry cluster is the enterprise agglomeration and cluster enterprise headquarters, the trading platform cluster and professional industrial chain form of enterprise cluster, is the creative planning products trade, industry research, works show, personnel training and exchange advice,...
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An Empirical Study on E-commerce’s effects on Economic Growth

Sixun Liu
With the rapid development of computer network technology and information and communication technology, e-commerce has become an economic hot spot and trend. Based on the GDP accounting by expenditure method, this paper analyses and expounds the impact mechanism of e-commerce development to the national...
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The Platform of Undergraduate Science and Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Service

Jinbao Song, Jinliang Wan
This paper firstly introduces the construction planning, analysis, design and implementation of the undergraduate science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship service platform for the Communication University of China. Secondly, this paper analyzes the new mode of science and technology innovation...
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ZhongYuan economic zone grain security and the adjustment of agriculture structure research

Zhiqiang Feng
Grain security is always related to the development of national economy, social stability and national independent global major strategic issues. This paper mainly study in Henan province of Henan province grain safety and agricultural structure adjustment problems, through the stable grain safety and...
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Research on Architecture of Knowledge System of Emergency Management

Chunjuan Li
The management of emergencies, no matter resulting from natural or man-made disasters, requires enough information as well as knowledge. Knowledge management is an important foundation and support for integrating emergency department, optimizing the distribution of emergency resources, sharing emergency...
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Research of R&D Marginal Productivity Driving Economic Convergence

Lingyu Ren, Zheng Wang
The convergence mechanisms of regional economics have become one of hot issues. In this paper we propose the concept of R&D marginal productivity to study economic convergence, which is defined as the economic marginal product relative to R&D capital stock. We find: whether from the angle of convergence...
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Exploration on Curriculum Rationality of Financial Management Offered in Undergraduate Major of Applied Financial Management

Dali Xie, Chunji He
Based on the research on China’s current curriculum system of the undergraduate major of Applied Financial Management, it is found that there are lots of overlaps between Financial Management and other courses. The offering of the course of Financial Management in the major of Financial Management is...
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Market Share and Cooperation of Telecom Operators and Agents based on Channel Conflicts

Xingyou Zheng
As to the internal behavior of the telecommunications industry, channel conflicts play an critical impact on the entire supply chain system. The channel conflicts in telecommunications industry source from profit motive between operators and agents, as well as competitive market pressures. In this paper,...
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The Regional Differences Analysis of Bank Credit support and Economic Growth ---based on the panel data of HeBei province

Yuan-yuan LI, Hao Jin
In order to avoid the effect of spatial heterogeneity on the relation between bank credit and local economy development, this article have reduced the range of study to HeBei province. This article have set a Variable coefficient individual fixed effect model and used Section weighted estimation based...
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Study on Tourism Management Professional Experience Type Design Model

Bing Mi
China's tourism education follows the traditional "classroom teaching as the center, take the teacher as the center, take the knowledge infusion as the center" the teaching model, this pattern of trained personnel finally just in creative and pioneering consciousness of defective adoptive talents. In...
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“Practical Based” study for Practical Based Financial Management Undergraduate Program’s Textbook

Yanfei Tang, Dali Xie
Base on personal researching and lecturing experiences, This paper bring out the facts that the inappropriateness of the textbooks for practical based financial management undergraduate program is one of important reasons why graduates of applied financial management cannot be quickly adapted to their...
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Mixture Models of Human Resource Management Flexibility and Firm Performance

Ling Xu
Numerical flexibility and functional flexibility are the two dimensions of human resource flexibility.The mixtures of the two dimensions form four models.They are HH model(high functional flexibility and high numerical flexibility), LL model ( low functional flexibility and low numerical flexibility),...
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Research on Cultivating Innovative Talent for International Economics and Trade Based on CDIO Concept

Ruirong Wang, Shouhua Gao, Zhibin Li
With the deepening of globalization and the sustained and rapid development of international trade, the need for international trade talents becomes larger and larger, and for innovative talent of international economics and trade becomes stronger and stronger. How to keep pace with the development of...
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The Gray Relevance Analysis about the Affecting Factors of China’s Demand for Money

Ronghua Chen
GDP, interest rate, price level and stock market are the main factors affecting monetary demand in China. In this paper, the gray relevance analysis is used to analyze the relevance degree between monetary demand and its main affecting factors. The result shows that the affecting factors from strong...
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The Impact of China's Foreign Exchange Reserves on Currency Mismatch

Ronghua Chen
At present, China is facing very serious currency mismatch, and this has brought about some negative impacts on China’s economic development and financial stability. This paper makes an empirical study of the impact of foreign exchange reserves on currency mismatch. The results of the study show that...
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Positive education significance analysis of educational psychology on armed police officers and soldiers

Jie Gao
Educational psychology can help teachers understand students’ psychological phenomenon and change rules in the process of taking in knowledge, skills training and psychological counseling, and grasp the relationship between education and psychological development. Armed police trainers need to master...
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The Application of Corpus in Distinguishing English Synonyms

Fang Xie
This paper mainly deals with the application of corpus in distinguishing English synonyms. Traditionally, English learners tend to rely on dictionaries or reference books to distinguish English synonyms, but it turns out that these kinds of books can be of little help. With the revival and the aid of...
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The impact study of large sports events on mass sports consciousness training

Guang-xue LI
In recent years, our country has hosted many large sports activities such as the Olympic Games in Beijing and Guangzhou national games. Large sports activities not only show sports technical level, but increase the enthusiasm of Chinese residents in participating in physical exercise. The larger number...
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An Empirical Research Testing the Effects of Multimodality on English Listening Teaching

Yongjin Hu
The research aims at investigating the effects of different modalities and combinations of them on English Listening Teaching, exploring the factors influencing the pattern of multimodality with optimal function and setting practical example to improve the quality of English Listening Teaching. The result...
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The Correlations between County Economy and Rural Surplus Labor —Taking CangZhou City of Hebei Province as Example

Xing Hui, Suying Guo, Xueyan Hu, Jianzhao Liu
Being as a typical agricultural city of Hebei Province, Cangzhou City is bearing large employment pressure from rural surplus labor. So how to solve rural surplus labor becomes the key problem. Some experiences show that county economy can enhance the level of the transfer of rural surplus labor, which...
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Rebellious attitude counseling effects of engineering students on English teaching

Xingwu Chen
Due to weak foundation in English, thinking structural differences, and knowledge structure system, it is more difficult for engineering students to establish English thinking mode in the process of college English learning. It’s easy for them to have rebellious attitude toward college English learning,...
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Practice and Exploration of the Dual-track Project Teaching Method in University Teaching

Hua-ji Wang
The dual-track project teaching method can improve the students' practical ability, innovation skills, collaboration skills and the construction of knowledge system. In the dual-track project teaching method, the role of the dominant position of students is fully developed, the enthusiasm of students...
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College students internship education research based on sports club model

Xing Zhao
In recent years, physical education reform is constantly carrying out in our country, and sports related student-recruitment number has increased almost five times in 10 years. Traditional sports major internship teaching mode can't meet the needs of the society for sports talents, besides, sports internship...
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Research on the task-based Chinese teaching based on a multidimensional perspective

Xiang Chen
China's social economic has maintained rapid growth all years since the reform and opening up. Moreover, China has kept growing influence in the process of world economic integration due to the show of stronger potential for economic development in coping with the financial crisis. Therefore, the Chinese...
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The Construction and Thinking on Entrepreneurship Pilot Classes in Vocational Education

Jing-lan Bai, Ai-sheng Zhu
In 2010, Wuxi Institute of Technology begun to build the pilot classes of innovation and entrepreneurship aiming at training and educate comprehensive talents with certain sense of innovation and entrepreneurship. The pilot classes combine the innovation and entrepreneurship education with the talent...
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A study on the cooperation of vocational education and applied degree education courses

Bingzhi Cao
By the analysis of the existing type structure of higher education in China and the contradictions and problems of the current structure, the exposition of the relationship between academic and applied education, vocational education and higher education, the analysis of the essential characteristics...
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Research on the Personnel Training Mode for the Automotive Technical Service and Marketing Major

Xueming Liu, Chunlan Liang, Jingang Ma
The increasing development demand of auto market incurs the advent of automotive technical service and marketing specialty in higher vocational education. Focusing on the quality of professional education in the higher vocational education, while aiming at constructing an idle personnel training mode,...
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Capability-oriented “Point of Purchase Advertising" Teaching Reform Research

Ruili Wang
Point of Purchase Advertising in recent ten or twenty years is inseparable from the popularity of the supermarkets, however, the growing competition between the supermarkets is better improved the development of Point of Purchase Advertising. Facing to the rich assortment products in the supermarket,...
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Simulation Research on the training mode for sports talents based on system dynamics

Shi-yi Pan
Introducing the demand trends and training modes of sports talents, the paper points out that the urgent need of colleges, trained in universities is far from the requirement, the misunderstanding in as training units of sports talents, is to establish proper sports training model. The paper presents...
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Exploration and Practice of foreign student education

Songzhu Xia, Chuheng Tang, Qiaosi Ge
Higher education globalization has become a common trends, the foreign student education in China is also rapid development. Cultivation of high-level foreign students graduate quantity and quality, and has become a measure of the important symbol of the levels of running a university. Exploring study...
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Inquiry into Effective Education and Management Method of Promoting Employment of College Graduates

En De Yu
The employment of college graduates has been a problem for Chinese higher education system. According to the low employment rate of college graduates, we put forward some thinking and exploration, analyze principal contradiction and problem existing in the current employment of college graduates, it...
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Analysis of Major-setting Leading Role for Vocational Education

Xuan Qi
Economical development is upgrading from-labor intensive to skill-intensive. In transformation period, the reasonable major setting determines career development of laborers to some extent, and similarly determines the future development of vocational education. It is of importance for the leading role...
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Chinese School Physical Education Ideas analysis and Countermeasures Background of the “Strong Sports Country” Strategy

MingChang Liu, HuaJie Chen
Era after the Olympic, background of build the “strong sports country”. Through the investigation and analysis on the current of school physical education thought, combining the current of school physical education, it should strengthen comprehensive, humanistic permeability, Bases on the students' physical...
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The Primary Exploration of the Teaching Mode ofCollege English Writing Based on Modern Technology

TingTing Wang
In the current college English education of our country, the writing education has not got the attention it deserves because of few teaching hours and lacking systematization. The writing education is interspersed among intensive reading course and its tasks are also undertaken by the teachers of intensive...
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Exploration and Construction of Teaching Quality Evaluation System

Xiuhong Zhang, Jie Wang, Donghai Su, Kai Zhang
The teaching quality evaluation is an important part for judging teaching effect. How to establish a set of scientific teaching quality evaluation system has always been a problem concerned by education administrators and teachers. The guiding ideology, evaluating content and evaluating mode of the evaluation...
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A Study on Interactive Teaching Methodology in Design Art

Jia Hu
The paper elaborates the significance of the application of interactive teaching in the training of useful talents for the society based on the features of design art teaching in the theoretical and practice teaching and learning of design art, and how to guide students scientifically to obtain more...
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The Enlightenment to School Education of Positive Energy Obtained from the Principle of Performance

Hao Sun
As the founder of American psychology, William James puts forward the great psychological principle of “performance”. Richard Wiseman associated principle of performance closely to positive energy to reveal that people’s behavioral patterns can affect their beliefs, emotions, willpower. As a branch of...
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Discussion on Reform of Practice Model for Higher Education

Rongbo Wang, Qiang Feng
The practice and training was taken in a very important position in the in the higher education system. According to the defects of the practice model in current higher education, and combining with the situation of poor adaptability in career for the college graduates, some suggestions and considerations...
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Probe into the Construction of Logistics Management Specialty Cluster in Vocational College

Yun Wang, Huixia Hao
The construction of specialty cluster is essential for the specialty setting, characteristics as well as long term development of Vocational College. With the change of economic growth mode and industrial upgrading, by analyzing the core development power of Vocational College, using the SWOT analysis...
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Modularity Curriculum Design and Effective Evaluation Analysis

Ye Ren, Sa Xiao
This paper analyzes the goal of modularity teaching curriculum and curriculum module design, and then, the paper establishes a effective evaluation model based on factor analysis and multiple objective decision theory. The aim is to evaluate the implementation of modularity curriculum design effect....
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The Improved Methods of Teaching Practice Based on C Language Programming

Shukun Liu, Zhen Chen, Jinpeng Tang
Practice teaching is a very important step in the teaching process of many courses especially in the course of program design for computer teaching. C language program design is one of the basic courses of computer major in many universities. Because it is the prior course of the follow-up courses such...
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A Research on the Effects of Cell Media upon Ideological and Political Education of University Students and Countermeasures

Baoyu Liu
Cell media, as a new carrier of information communication, has not only posed severe challenges but also brought great opportunities to the ideological and political education of students in universities. Educators in the field should take active action to make full use of the functions of cell media...
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Applied Research of Cloud Computing on the Sharing of Educational Information Resource

Gang Zhao, LiJuan Chen, QiuXu Ye
The sharing and optimized configuration of educational information resources is very important of the realization of fair education. Cloud Computing is a new service computing model, which can integrate, manage and allocate the computing resources distributed on the Internet. In this paper, we discussed...
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Construction difficulties of training base in Higher Vocational Colleges and Countermeasures of Accounting Specialty

Hongling Lv, Xiangmei Xue
Practical teaching is the key to the development of vocational education, is the "core" and "breakthrough" of higher vocational education personnel training mode reform. And the construction of practical training base is the premise and guarantee of training education, China's higher vocational education...