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The Research on the Construction of the School-enterprise Cooperation Course of the Network Interconnect Devices in Liberal Education

Kun Dong, Cundong Huang, Xianzheng Fu, Bo Yang
The paper introduces the construction of the network interconnect device course, which is a school-enterprise cooperation course, in Anhui vocational college of defense technology. In the construction of the course, combining the reality of the computer network technology specialty, the course development...
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The analysis of cultivating the autonomous learning ability of foreign students studying in China under the information technology environment

Rui Shen, Qingqing Yan, Wei Huang
Under the background of growing number of foreign students in China and relative shortage of Chinese teacher for foreigners, improving the autonomous learning ability of foreign students in China is very important. This paper starts out here from the analysis of meaning of foreign students in China's...
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On Collaborative Application of Multi Practical Teaching Model for High-quality Business Administration Talents

XueGao Zhang
Practical teaching is an important link in the business administration talents cultivation. This paper, according to the existing problems in the present practical teaching of business administration majors, draws lessons from other models of practical teaching and puts forwards some detailed measures...
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Impact of Technology on Program and Institutional Assessment in Higher Education

Chengxia Wang
This chapter explores the impact of technology on assessment and evaluation in higher education. The impacts on program and organizational assessment are discussed. Technology for organizational assessment has continued to boom in light of the dual push for both accountability and continuous improvement...
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An exploration of Accounting Teaching

Hongyi Shen
Aiming at the" theory and practice" of accounting teaching mode, this thesis deals with how to strengthen financial supervision as an example, explored from" problem, problem analysis, and then to solve the problem of" a new teaching idea, embodies the "practice - Theory - practice" teaching method in...
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The Development of Students’ Creative Ability in Mechanisms and Machine Theory Course

Yue Liu, Kaidi Yu
Mechanisms and machine theory is an important course which cultivates students' ability of creative design, system design and concept design. The design scheme about mechanical movement is the most creative content in mechanical engineering design, which plays a very important role in cultivating students'...
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Building Practice Teaching System to Cultivate Students’ Creative Ability

Yingshun Liu, Yue Liu
Practice teaching is an important form of cultivating students’ creative ability and practical ability. It is also an important platform to cultivating student to master scientific method and improve practical ability. Establishing practice teaching system is very significant for the cultivation of the...
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Empirical Research on the Correlativity between Intellectual Capital and Technological Innovation Performance

Zhilei Yang, Qing Wan
Along with the development of intellectual capital theory, intellectual capital is becoming more and more important to economic development, and has become the main source of enterprise competitive advantage, which plays a very important role in promoting enterprise technological innovation performance....
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Empirical Study of Student Complacence for Educational Consumption in the Colleges and Universities of Jiangxi Province

Jing Shi, Zhi Zheng
With the progressive intervention of market forces into the higher education filed, the students’ satisfactions with educational consumption in the higher learning institutions has become one of key factors that determine the success or failure for the competition between the colleges and universities,...
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Application of post simulation in Equipment Maintenance teaching

Xinming Gu, Jihua Zhao, Zhendong Tang, Tao Wang, Bin Shen
In order to study the effect of post simulation in Equipment Maintenance teaching, in recent teaching, we made some try. Actual situations of teaching, analog troops and equipment maintenance, under the guidance of a teacher, students group and allow them to deal with failure, for failure analysis equipment...
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Innovative Teaching on the Course of American Literature ——Some Practices in SXRTVU

Wanxiang Liu
Innovation sustains the progress of a nation, which has become a current trend all over China. China’s education is badly in need of innovation now, and the key to the innovation of education is innovative teaching which includes both the teaching content and teaching form. Teaching content contains...
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The Design and Implementation of Network Courses for Free Combat

Hailong Xu, Na Ma, Minqing Ma
Currently, network technology is applied to teaching generally and becoming the necessary demand of all types and levels of school. The paper provides the design of the overall structure of free combat network course, system implementation technology and system features, which will offer an effective...
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Design and Implementation of Teaching Activities Support Module base on ActionScript+XML

Fang Sun, YangNa Su
Computer-aided teaching software is the core of the digitized classroom teaching environment under the guidance of the constructivist learning theory and teaching theory. It provide the necessary support tools for learning situational creation, collaboration, communication, session, and the construction...
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Research on Networked Development of Physical Education

Hailong Xu, Yingqi Liu, Na Ma
The original meaning of sports education is to teach by physical exercise, in English it can be say as “physical education”. But with the development of sports, the connotation of modern sports has completed its transition from education and bodybuilding to physical culture, which has expanded the function...
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Discussion on Balanced Development of Network Education Resources of College Physical Education

Zhenlei Ma, Huabei Jiang, Hailong Xu
In this paper, internet survey has been taken to carry out a comparative study of regional distribution and development changes of network education resources of national college physical education. The result shows that the construction of network resources of national college physical education presents...
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Inquiry into the Position of Object of Network Education for Physical Education

Huabei Jiang, Zhenlei Ma, Hailong Xu
Starting with the characteristic of the network education and learning environment, the essential condition of network learners and the nature of school physical education, this article discusses the question to position the object of network education for physical education object, and presents the...
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Matched-Guise Experiment and Its Application to Measure Uyghur Trilinguals’ Language Attitudes

Huaying Chen, Chuanfeng Cao
Matched-guise experiment has been proved as a powerful attitudinal research tool. This paper is about the language attitudes that Uyghur university students in Xinjiang have towards Uyghur (their mother tongue), Chinese (their second language), and English (their foreign and third language). The language...
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The Evaluation of Innovation Talent Training in Universities Base on Ahp-Fuzzy

Ling Liu, Na Han, Zho-Xia Fu
In recent years, the question of innovation talent has become a major proposition of sustainable development in the world. As the main base of training innovation talents universities have still insufficient in evaluating innovation talents. This article refers to existing research results to build the...
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Influence of Network Teaching On College Public Physical Education Teaching

Zhiqiang Li
With the rapid development of computer network, a new teaching form, network teaching, which has the profound influence on college public physical education, has emerged in the teaching field. This article elaborates the present situation of college public physical education and the characteristics of...
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Virtual Classroom and Traditional Classroom

Sufeng Yan, Runjuan Song
The development of IT technology and the internet is important for the development of education technology. Virtual classroom is prevailing now. I analyzed carefully the differences between virtual classroom and the traditional classroom. The result is that traditional classroom is more suitable for...
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Analysis for Subjective Well-being of Xi'an Preschool Teachers

Jun Cai
The research used the Subjective Well-being Scale for Chinese Citizen (SWBS-CC) to measure the 102 preschool teachers’ SWB in Xi’an of China. The results showed that the surveyed teachers' SWB is not optimistic overall. Firstly, the higher the age, the lower the SWB. Secondly, the longer of service,...
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The Research of Software and Technical Personnel Training Mode Based on The Development of Regional Industry

Xiao-ping Lai
Based on the Pearl River Delta area software industry development present situation analysis, talent demand research and the private higher vocational colleges software technology professional personnel training mode analysis, we found the existing problem of software talent training mode, and reformed...
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Interpretation dimensions and research course of employability

Guanghui Chen
In this paper, we made literature research on the interpretation dimensions and research course of employabil-ity. Based on the research, we made literature comment, de-fined the concept of employability, and inquired into the rela-tionship between employability and talents training under the background...
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Contrastive Analysis of the Elision of Schwa in English Utterances by Chinese and Uyghur Learners of English

Tingbo Wang, Huaying Chen
An acoustic study on the elision of schwa in English utterances produced by a native speaker of English, a Han Chinese learner of English, and a Uyghur learner of English is presented in this paper. With Praat software, three acoustic parameters – fundamental frequency, the first formant and the second...
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Introduction of Culture into English Teaching

Xiuzhen Guo, Mei Wang
As language and culture are interrelated, language cannot go without culture. So, it is necessary to introduce culture to English teaching. This paper mainly analyses the major reasons for introducing culture to English teaching and how culture teaching can be conducted into English classroom and teacher’s...
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Reform on MCU Course of College Based on PROTEUS Platform

Hong He, Jin-Zhou Zhang, Lian LI, Hong-Jun Wang
The measures and proposals of teaching reform in the MCU course based on PROTEUS platform are introduced in this paper. The reform of theoretical teaching and practical teaching is presented. At present, many colleges teach theoretical knowledge and practical experiment separately in the MCU course....
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Theory of boundaryless career and employability training in higher education

Zhiguo Liu, Guanghui Chen
In the present work, we introduced the theory, faced predicament and defects of traditional career, the theory and development of boundaryless career, as well as its enlightenment on employability training in colleges.
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On Design and Implementation of Converse and Dynamic Curriculum Take the Accounting Informationization, the excellent course in Hainan Province for example

Dali Xie, Yanfei Tang
curriculum directly affects teaching results. Currently, since the applied graduates fail to adapt to the working life quickly, this paper firstly proposes the concept of “converse and dynamic curriculum design”, which means design the teaching goals based on the job requirements and in turn, determining...
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Professional English Teaching Practice for Electronics Specialty

Jin Zhou, Zhihua Hu, Haihui Song, Guanling Chen
This paper examines the existing problems in professional English teaching practice in engineering colleges, especially for electronics specialty. In order to further improve the teaching quality, measures involving four aspects - course setup, teaching methods, course contents, and performance evaluation...
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Discussion on Interference from L1 Culture to L2 Writing &. Handling Suggestions

Ruxiang Ye
In view of high frequent occurrence of mistakes in China’s college students’ writing, the paper tries to analyze and discuss the types and reasons of these mistakes, identifying that most of the mistakes in college students’ writing are caused by the interference of Chinese language, that is, negative...
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A Study into the Key Issues in Preliminary Disciplinary Construction of Local Universities and Colleges

Bin Huang, Tong Zhang, Xiaoqian Liao
This paper looks into the issues in the preliminary disciplinary construction of local universities and colleges, and discusses the thoughts and countermeasures in this regard from the aspects of team building, discipline management, quality of personnel training, construction of basic discipline and...
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Colleges informationization construction project analysis and evaluation

Jing Zhang, Meng Liu
This article through the domestic and international information level measurement methods, draw out college information level evaluation problems to be solved, information level of colleges factors analysis, fuzzy analytic hierarchy process is used to construct the evaluation system, the informatization...
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Discussion Reform of Education on Course of Discrete Mathematics

Yan Zhang, Hui Zhang
This paper confirms the importance of discrete mathematics, determining the teaching contents of the application of computer specialty. According to the teaching experience, this paper analyzes the problems existing in the discrete mathematics course and puts forward the method of teaching reform. These...
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Problems of Molecular Biology teaching for Food Safety and Quality Specialty and reforming idea

Xin Lü, Xiaoni Zhang
Because the people's living standard is keep improving and food safety accidents occurred frequently in recent years, food quality and safety problem, which is one of the most important research field in food science, is increasingly focused on. The specialty of food quality and safety was established...
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Equipment training education knowledge management with information condition

Meng Liu, Jing Zhang
This article from the public security education and training work, according to the new task of reform, the need for the equipment training education construction in introducing the concepts of knowledge management, this paper expounds the necessity of introducing knowledge management, and finally talked...
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Dynamic Assessment in ESL Writing Classroom

Tianshun Miao, Lyu Mian
Based on the Socio-cultural Theory and its key notion of Zone of Proximal Development, this study constructs a Dynamic Assessment writing Framework, which integrates three stages of writing process into the pre-writing – mediation – post-writing dynamic assessment model. The thesis conducts a detailed...
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The research and development of Cross-fault site based information systems

Wenchao Yue, Ruiqi Wang, Ning Wang
In view of location basic data that in cross-fault site based information management and use have incomplete, and many are the paper dielectric storages, inconvenient inquiry and use; venues of fault monitoring data and related foundation of geographic information location separates, does not help carrying...
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A Solution of Indoor Positioning System

Chunchang Fu
This paper describes the use of ultra broadband indoor location technology within the area of the unified all personnel and equipment in planning, scheduling solution, realize the full view of the systematic monitoring sites, coherent continuous tracking and track the extraction. Realize the visible...
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Demonstration of an optical switch based on SOA-MZI operation at 10 Gbit/s

Yalin Guan, Ruidong Wang
It was demonstrated that an optical switch which was operated at 10 Gbit/s was realized using SOA’s in a Mach-Zehnder(SOA-MZI) configuration, which based on cross-phase modulation (XPM) in semiconductor optical amplifier(SOA) and interference struct. An analysis was presented to describe the phase changing...
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The Infuence Of Noisy Data On Skype Traffic Classification

Linhua Niu, Xiangzhan Yu, Zhimin Yin
Because of its popularity, encrypted traffic and proprietary design, there has been difficult to detect Skype from other P2P traffics. The research of Skype traffic identification focuses on collecting traffic flow feature and using machine learning method to identification. The key of machine learning...
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A New DFT-HQ Channel Estimation Algorithm in OFDM Systems for Sparse Multipath Channels

Li Chen, Yuanan Liu, Jinchun Gao, Gang Xie
In this paper, we propose an improved discrete Fourier transform (DFT)-based channel estimation scheme for Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) systems. The proposed algorithm uses Hannan-Quinn (HQ) information criterion to estimate the number of most significant paths and the multipath...
Proceedings Article

Information Security based on Resource Conflict with SSH Architecture

Su Yu, Yin Wang, Ghassan M. Azar, Zhou Wei
Role-based access control has become the predominant model for advanced access control. SOD of RBAC is a good way to solve the problem of resource allocation and right management for improving the security of the system. According to the needs of the MVC-based information management system security,...
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Enterprise Network Business Process Incompatible Vulnerability Detection Method Based on FPN Model

Huaizhi Yan, Wenwen Ye
This paper proposes a kind of enterprise network business process characteristics, gives the definition of incompatible vulnerability, analyzes the formation mechanism of incompatible vulnerability. Then, we establish the FPN mapping model of incompatible vulnerability, propose an incompatible vulnerability...
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Application Analysis of Wall and Deck Numerical of Modelling Composite Ship EN AC-AlSi10Mg (b)+SiC*/15p By Using ANSYS ver. 12.0

P.H. Tjahjanti, Septia Hardy Sujiatanti
Composite Materials AC-AlSi10Mg (b)+SiC*/15p as alternative material for ship building and has been modeled well using ANSYS software ver. 12.0. Application modeling applied in wall and deck superstructure with the result that the reduction in thickness composite ship AC-AlSi10Mg (b)+SiC*/15p significant...
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Optimizing Gaze Typing with Pupil Size for People with Severe Motor Disabilities

Xiangsheng Wang
Thanks to recent technological advances in the field of eye tracking, eye typing provides means of communication for people with severe disabilities. Typing with gaze using dwell time has been made possible by the development of eye tracking technologies. Recent research indicates that pupil size is...
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Research on the Conceptual Modeling Method Base on System Six-view and Ontology

Wanghu Sun, Yanqi Bai, Xueming Zhang, Chuang Gu
With the application of simulation technology in the field of equipment support, how to solve the communication problems exist in the military field personnel and Simulation technicians has become a focus problem in the current research. On the basis of the research conceptual model approach, this paper...
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Malicious Code Detection Based on Software Fingerprint

Zhimin Yin, Xiangzhan Yu, Linhua Niu
The malicious code on the network is increasingly rampant that the traditional detection method of characteristic code has been difficult to deal with malicious code, with features of various variants, deformations and other problems. In this paper we present a new static analysis model based on software...
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Design and Implementation of the Inference Machine of an Intelligent Ultrasonic Emulsification Instrument

Aili Li, Zhiwen Yang, Xuyan Tu, Xuefeng Zheng
Based on the research of the intelligent cataract ultrasonic emulsification instrument, mainly discusses the principle of design and inference algorithm of the inference machine of intelligent ultrasonic emulsification instrument. Designing the cataract expert knowledge base by the use of relational...
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Neural network and improved method for wind power prediction

Rui Li
A single population genetic algorithm is introduced to optimize the weight value and threshold value of the BP network (SGABP) to overcome the issues of the slowly convergence speed and easy to fall into local optimum of BP neural network. Taking the premature of genetic algorithm (GA) into account,...
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Rehabilitation evaluation model of a rehabilitation robot Based on fuzzy comprehensive evaluation

Lei Chen, Changniu Yang, Wenquan Huang, Zegang Sun, Yucong Liu
To solve rehabilitation evaluation problem of rehabilitation training, rehabilitation evaluation method based on fuzzy comprehensive evaluation was presented for 6-DOF wearable lower limb rehabilitation robot. Relative degradation degree was introduced to represent the transformation of the actual state...