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Stability of the Forest Evolution System with growth functions

Huihui Bai, Dingjiang Wang
This paper discusses the dynamical model of the Forest Evolution System, and the Existence and Uniqueness of the equation are have been proved by applying the theory of integral equation. Furthermore, we discussed the stability of the solution by applying the stability theory of Lyapunov.
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Path Planning of a Mobile Robot Using Real-coded Genetic Algorithm Based Simultaneous Exploration

Chih-Jer Lin, Yen-Lin Chen, Cheng-Hsin Liu, Shenkai Yu
In mobile robot researches, path planning and obstacle avoidance plays a very important role and has been a very challenging research topic. For path planning, it should produce continuous path from the starting point to the destination without colliding obstacles. Therefore, we proposes a genetic algorithm...
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High Resolution DOA Estimation Algorithm based on Nonuniform L-shaped Array

Lanmei Wang, Zhihai Chen, Guibao Wang
A parameter estimation algorithm of direction of arrival (DOA), based on a nonuniform L-shaped array, is presented for plane-wave signals. According to relation of the two x-axis and y-axis subarrays, a set of rough but unambiguous direction cosines estimates in x and y direction are obtained. By disambiguating...
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An Efficient Biogeography Based Face Recognition Algorithm

Daya Gupta, Lavika Goel, Abhishek Abhishek
Extracting the optimal features from images is always required in face recognition algorithm to achieve high accuracy. In this paper we have presented an efficient face recognition algorithm based on Biogeography Based Optimization (BBO). First we extract the features using the principal Component Analysis...
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Effectiveness Evaluation of Software Protection based on SAMMPN

Huaijun Wang, Dingyi Fang, Ni Wang, Yuanxiang Gu
Evaluate the effectiveness of software protection technologies is still an unsolved problem. This paper presents a new evaluation method considering attack cost as the metric to evaluate the effectiveness of software protection under the circumstances of fulfilling assumptions that all software can be...
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A Dynamic Quality-Based Harmony Search Algorithm for Solving Constrained Engineering Optimization Problems

Ali Kattan
Meta-heuristic algorithms overcome the computational drawbacks of the existing numerical methods where they are commonly used to solve constrained engineering problems and find an optimum solution. Solving this kind of problems is considered of high value in many engineering and manufacturing processes....
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RESTful Digital Web Services for Market Price Forecasting with RAn Application on Equity Markets Using Garch Models

Mihai Calciu, Christiana Tudor
Web services (WS) are originally and typically SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) based. SOAP based web services offer a powerful architecture and communication protocol that allows model based marketing decisions support (MMDS) to be integrated, served and get discovered over the Internet. Lately...
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Test and Computer Modeling of Steel Braces for Earthquake-Resistant Structures: Dual-Core Self-Centering Brace and Sandwiched Buckling-Restrained Brace

Chung-Che Chou, Ying-Chuan Chen, Sheng-Yang Chen
This work presents mechanics, tests, and finite element modeling results of a proposed steel dual-core self-centering brace (SCB) and a sandwiched buckling-restrained brace (BRB) for earthquake-resistant structures. The mechanics and cyclic behavior of these two braces are first explained, followed by...
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Clustering the Tropical Wood Species Using Kohonen Self-Organizing Map (KSOM)

Ahmad Azlin, Yusof Rubiyah
This paper discusses on how the Kohonen Self-Organizing Map (KSOM) is used as a tool to cluster and classify the tropical wood species. Wood features have been extracted through the use of two features extractors; Basic Grey Level Aura Matrix (BGLAM) and Statistical Properties of Pores Distribution (SPPD)...
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IROTS: A Proposed COTS Evaluation & Selection Methodology for Component Based Software Engineering in Under-Development Countries

M. Shakeel Faridi, Zahig Javed, M. Haris Abid, Ahmed Mudassar, Asri Bin Ngadi
Component Based Software Engineering (CBSE) methodology deals with software systems by evaluation and selection of appropriate components. CBSE offers software developers a compact software development life cycle, reduce development times, cost effective and less strenuous efforts. In under development...
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Knowledge-based Auto Repair Diagnosis System and Application

Xiaofen Fang, Kunli Fang
Auto repair is a process which solves the problem iteratively and constantly. It is required to establish the knowledge base model and the inference base model. Meanwhile, it develops the knowledge-based auto repair diagnostic system through the integration of the auto repair experience and the repair...
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Structural Relaxation Solutions Formetallic Amorphous Condensed Lattice with Activation Energy Spectrum Model Applied Computational Physics

Kazu Yamada
Development of amorphous-material devices and specimen modification methods is closely related with the obviousness of high thermal stability and stability of relaxation, additionally general ground characteristic investigations of glass, transformation of the liquid-system to glass one is an enormous...
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Longitudinal Data Based Research on Web User Interests Drift Modeling

Huimin Li, Liying Fang, Pu Wang, Jianzhuo Yan
User interests drift modeling is the fundamental and key technology of Personal Recommendation System (PRS), and is arising more and more attention by researcher from home and abroad. At present, web user interests drift model is in its original phase for the reason of many aspects, and there also exist...
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Computer Implementation for Analysis of Complex Masonry Shell Structures

Jerzy Szolomicki, Piotr Berkowski
The increasing interest in historic architectural complex buildings and the need to understand the behavior of historical structures has led to development of computational methods used for analysis of the masonry vaults. The paper deals with some of the explicit and numerical methods used for modeling...
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Service Oriented Cost AccountingUtilization-based Accounting and Charging of IT Service Costs

Christopher Schwarz, S. Schmidt, A. Sellner, E. Zinser
Due to the immanent complexity of Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO) partnerships and their underlying service technology, a sustainable management proofs to be highly challenging and inefficient. Being confronted with multidimensional business relations and complex services meshes, the accounting...
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An Efficient Algorithm of Convex Hull for Very Large Planar Point Set

Guangquan Fan, Liping Ma, Bingru Yang
In the paper, we present and prove Castle Theorem of Convex Hull, design and realize the Fast Rampart Searching Algorithm. The algorithm can be treated as the preprocess of Convex Hull calculation of very large planar point set. When calculating the Convex Hull of a very large planar point set, we can...
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A Neural Network Enhanced Stereo Vision Obstacle Detection and Avoidance System for Unmanned Ground Vehicle

Fanjun Liu, Binggang Cao
This paper presents a neural network enhanced stereo vision obstacle detection and avoidance system for unmanned ground vehicle. In this paper, we build a neural network to learn the mapping for the left image to the right image under the assumption of a flat road. Using the trained neural network we...
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The Application of Chaos Immune Genetic Algorithm in Sequencing Problem of Sports Meeting

Ying Pan
The sequencing of sports meeting is quite complicated due to the huge number of people and events. A new immune genetic algorithm aiming at solving the sports meeting sequencing problem is proposed in this paper, namely the chaos immune genetic algorithm, which combines the immune algorithm, chaos algorithm...
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Statistical Properties of Chinese Near-synonyms Network

Jinze Li, Shuangwen Chen, Xiaoyue Luo, Feng Xiao, Jianyu Li, Hao Shen
We investigate Chinese near-synonyms (include synonyms and near-synonyms) based on complex network theory. In the study of near-synonyms network, scale-free effect and hierarchical structure features are found in this complex system. In particular, we find that n-node cliques exist widely in near-synonyms...
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The Analyze of Curriculum Reform in Public Computer Course in Universities based on Foster Ability

Hua Xiang, Bin Yan
By analyzinge the problems in public computer course in universities, it is aim to increase the students’ comprehensive abilitiey, innovation ability and autonomous learning ability. It is proposed that the public computer course is divided into six modules, different computer courses is set in each...
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Analysis of Chinese M-commerce development strategy

Xinmin Zhang, Shengjun LI
M-commerce is an e-business system which is the organic combination of various mobile communications equipment and wireless network technology. At present, the awareness and trading habits of M-commerce need to be further developed and improved in China, and the technology, content, cost and safety issues...
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Constructing a Diversified Teaching Evaluation System for Computer’s Public Course

Ying Tu
Teaching evaluation could enhance students’ motivation and inspire students’ interest while helping teachers to adjust and improve their way to teach and finally achieve the goal to improve teaching quality. In the teaching reform of Computer’s Public Courses, how to build a diverse and open teaching...
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Research on Rural Credit Capital Allocation Efficiency in Heilongjiang Province of China ----Based on the analysis of the DEA model

Lin Guo, Chen Guo
To accelerate the development of the agriculture, we can not only increase the financial support but also pay attention to the allocation efficiency of the rural financial resources, so as to change the development of financial support from extensive to intensive. Therefore, it is necessary to make a...
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A Research on the Science and Engineering students’ College English Learning Behavior from the Perspective of Constructivism Learning Theory -- Based on the “Outstanding Program”

Jiajia Liu
This paper analyzes the curricular and extracurricular English learning behaviors of 243 science and engineering students, and then makes ??a description of their learning behavior patterns: the students’ curricular learning behavior is static, extracurricular learning behavior is passive, and extracurricular...
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Potential-position Method for Human Organization Relationships

Weiliang Cheng
It is not the direction and ultimate goal of today society that monopole effect of personal heroism are pursued unilaterally and partially, and the realization of human-maximum-effect strategy are the unchangeable truth consciously or unconsciously. Therefore, it has the urgency sense and guideline that...
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The study on experts’ evaluation index system of city appearance and environmental sanitation

Xuwen Gao, Chao Xu, Jiancheng Chen
Recently, the quality of the work of the city appearance and environmental sanitation has been constantly improved, however, the assessment of the work has not been standardized and institutionalized and the existing professional assessment and social evaluation are certain one-sided. In that case, it...
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Relationships among the Oil Consumptions in China, Japan and India

Gao Lu Zou
Previous studies have focused on the analysis of energy consumption within a given country or a region. The paper aims to examine the short-run and/or long-run cross-regional relationships among the oil consumptions in China, Japan and India. These three countries are geographically close. I introduce...
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The Study of the Digital Clothing Virtual Showcase and Network Customize Business System

Shouzhong Hu, Changkuan Gao, Hongyan Hu
With the development of digital and information technology, the position of E-commerce in the retail formats is increasingly important. This article studies the core technology of public E-commerce platform in clothing industry chain, including personalized virtual display system for three-dimensional...
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A Contrastive Study on Three English Versions of Han Hong’s Poem Hanshi (Cold Food Day) ----From the Aesthetic Perspective

Junjie Zhang
Three English versions of Han Hong’s poem Hanshi(The Cold Food Day) are compared and studied from the aesthetic perspective. The merits and demerits of each version are appraised based on Xu Yuagzhong’s Three-beautification theories. It is found that each version has its advantages and disadvantages,...
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Research on Improvement of GEM Listed Companies’ Performance

Ying Xia
This paper makes an empirical analysis on the two important factors -- ownership concentration and sustainable growth rate --that influence company performance based on the samples of 2010-2011 GEM ( Growth Enterprise Market ) listed companies. The results show that, in terms of the GEM, there is positive...
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The Rural Market Cannot Be Separated from the Food Safety

Dongmei Hou, Yan Zhu
In the vast rural market, food safety plays a vital role. Why the food safety problems emerge in an endless stream is that producers, customers and supervisors can not perform a good cooperation. They all make choices out of their own interests. Thus, they formed a tripartite confrontation among each...
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A Further Study of Financing Support Ways of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Dongmei Hou, Qian Huang
Small and medium-sized enterprises plays a very important role in the process of China’s economic development, which are emphasis of China’s strategy for developing economy. But their financing difficulty has been the most prominent problem which hinders the healthy development of China’s small and medium-sized...
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Research on Chinese Language Learning Strategies for University Students

Yonghong Sun, Xiangdong Xu
This paper aims at investigating the Chinese language learning strategies employed by university students. Quantitative research methods are used. The paper presents our findings on the learning strategies of university students who study Chinese as a foreign language. 48 valid questionnaires have been...
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The Basic Principles of Instructional Design of TEFL Based on Knowledge Management

Xianzhi Hu
This paper focuses on the basic principles of instructional design of TEFL based on knowledge management. It can integrate discipline-specific learning resources to efficiently proceed with actual instructional design based on knowledge management, thus, enhancing personal knowledge accumulation for...
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The Matriarchal Societies’ Case - How Chinese Data about the Dong Nuguo Could Entice Western Scholars to Re-Open It.

Frederique (Martine) Darragon
My 15 year research of the star-shaped towers of the Tibetan-Qiang-Yi Corridor has lead me to study and research, in ancient Chinese texts, the clues about an ancient matriarchal society, the “Dong Nuguo”, documented until the Tang Dynasty. Surprisingly the matriarchal quality of this ancient society...
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Analyzing Jump Risk and its Contagious Effect of Stock Asset in Jump-GARCH Model with Threshold and Variable Intensity

Ran Huang, Qiao Ke, Qiming Tang
we build the threshold-based state-dependent autoregressive jump intensity-GARCH model to study smooth fluctuations and jump changes of individual stocks listed in China. It makes the jump intensity not only driven by idiosyncratic factors, but impacted by external state variables. Comparing with the...
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Breast Milk: a Publik Health Priority

M. Giovannini, S. Barberi, E. Salvatici, A. Lops, E. Poli P.C. Riva, G. Banderali
Substantial evidence documents the superiority of breastfeeding for mothers and breast milk for babies. Breast milk, with nutritional but also functional components, is a real biological system. According to present knowledge, it is associated not only with improved parameters of growth, but also to...
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Work careers of Chinese Republic Peers women

Jing Bian, Chao Lu
From the perspective of life course, We focused on Chinese Republic Peers women’s work careers, exploiting 16 interviews on women born in Beijing between 1945 and 1959 and discussed the factors which impact on the formations of their work careers. Job shifts across different workplaces were found from...
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A General Theory of Market Competition - M Theory

Chih-Hung Yeh, Tsung-Huai Chang
We elaborate the firm theory on market structures (with consideration of behavioural doctrine, industry- and firm-specific features) into a General Theory of Market Competition (or M Theory for easy referring) to explore and construct a clearer and more complete theory on essence of the market competition,...
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Research on the education idea of people-oriented and the application in the sergeant training

Wujun Zhang
People-oriented is the need of social development, is a sign of progress of human civilization. Education is the "human spirit" project, is the cradle of all kinds of excellent talents. Keep up with the development of The Times, people-oriented has been introduced into education field in the 1960 s,...
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Rate of Returns to Education of Persons with Disabilities in Rural China

Juan Liao, Jinbo Zhao
The aim of this paper is to estimate the returns to education in the disable people in rural China in the past 20 years. The regression of Mincerian wage equation as the method is used, and the data is based on CHNS data in 1991-2009 survey. The results show that the education level has significant positive...
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Context Adaptation and Marine Engineering English Translation

Ranran Wang
On the basis of Verschueren’s theory of contextual adaptation, the paper discusses the influences of context adaptation to marine engineering English translation, especially to the restriction of word meaning. Translators should choose the word meaning complying with the scientific context of marine...
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How do the Contexts impact the Habit Formation of Information System Users?

Liqun Zhang, Hui Liu
What elements impact the usage continuance and the habit formation of information system users? How to utilize these elements in the field of user experience design? It is worth noting that both goals and contexts play key roles in helping information system users forming habits. Before the habit is...
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Research on Nexus among Urbanization, Economic Growth and Energy Consumption in Shanghai

Pinjie Xie, Quansheng Shi, Jianchao Hou
Using the time serial data of Shanghai from 1978-2010, this paper studies the long-term equilibrium relationship, short-term dynamic relationship and Granger causality among Shanghai’s urbanization, economic growth and the energy consumption. The results indicate that urbanization, economic growth and...
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Study on the Base Data’s Application in the People’s Bank of China’s Performance Auditing

Wen Qin
This paper classifies the People’s Bank of China’s performance auditing indexes into 3E objective indexes and internal control management indexes. objective indexes are used to measure the economy, efficiency, and effect of audited unit’s performance, and we discuss specific internal control indexes...
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Text Mining on Chinese Herbal Medicine Rule Exploration for Ovarian Cyst

Dan He, Aiping Lu, Miao Jiang, Guang Zheng, Ning Zhao, Minzhi Wang
Ovarian cyst (OC) is one of the biggest concerns of women around the world. With the increase in the number of cases of OC, it seems like no woman is safe from this dreaded disease. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has its advantage in OC management, while due to the complexity and opacity; it is hard...
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An Empirical Test of SCP Hypothesis in World Telecom Manufacturing

Yaozhong Chang
In order to verify different SCP hypothesizes of industrial organization, relations among market structure, R&D conduct and performance in world telecom manufacturing are empirically tested. As found in research, in middle-low oligopoly market of telecom manufacturing, there are significant influence...
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An Empirical Study on the Relationship between Different Motivations of Stock Investors and the Investment Decision Behavior

Wenchao Liu, Xin Xin, Wei Wang
From the China's stock market formal establishment, the investors’ number is increasing exponentially. It need to be further studied what is the motivation for these ordinary investors. We know the motivation would impact people's behaviour significantly. But the relationship between stock investors’...
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An Empirical Research on the Relationship between the Number of Varieties in Distribution Terminals of the Manufacturer and Consumer Buying Behavior

Wenchao Liu, Jiexia Li
The majority of consumers purchase decision is made in the retail terminal, so manufacturers pay more and more attention to the point of sale influence consumer buying behaviours. This paper selects specific types of retailers as the experimental environment, selects the specific products as the research...
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The Framework and Standards of Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage Metadata

Peng Ye, Yao-lin Zhou
The paper analyzes the requirement of digital protection practices of Chinese intangible cultural heritages. It compares the mainstream metadata standards system and the demands of Chinese intangible cultural heritage protection. It put forward metadata standards of Chinese intangible cultural heritages...