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Researches and Applications of Ant Colony Algorithm

Xiayun Hu, Yanfei Zhu
Ant colony algorithm is a typical algorithm of swarm intelligence algorithm. This article introduces the recent development of this algorithm both in principles and in applications. From the basic principle of ant colony algorithm, the paper evaluates its future development.
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The Design and Implementation of FFT Algorithm Based on The Xilinx FPGA IP Core

Jin Zhu, Jun Luo, Shuang Zhang
This paper introduces a kind of FFT algorithm design and realization based on the Xilinx IP core . On the analysis of FFT algorithm, Rely on Xilinx Spartan -3A DSP FPGA series as platform, by calling FFT IP core, validating the feasibility and reliability in FFT algorithm medium or lower end FPGA.
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Some Improvement upon Algorithm IrrCharSer

Fangjian Huang
Li presents the U-set to improve the algorithm CharSer that can compute a characteristic series from any given polynomial set. We modify the definition of U-set and present a new version of the algorithm IrrCharSer. Examples are given to show that the improvement can avoid the redundant branches of the...
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A Novel Algorithm for the Weak GPS Signals Acquisition

Huan Li, Yubai Li, Wei Peng, Bolong Wen
The acquisition of weak GPS signals is a challenging problem. The current methods for acquisition of weak GPS signals mainly depend on aiding, in which the GPS receiver needs priori information from base-station to promote weak GPS signal acquisition and tracking. It is unavailable in some remote locations...
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A Surface Fairing Method Based on Torus Tool Machining

Bochang Zhang, Rufeng Xu, Tao Ning, Zhitong Chen
In order to solve the problems of failure of tool-path generation or a relatively narrow processing row span ,which are initiated by unfairness of surface of engine blade , this paper according to the blade actual design, machining and testing method, combining End-points error controlling method for...
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Research Progress of Computer Automatic Classification Technology and Methods Based on Remote Sensing Images

Hebing Zhang, Shidong Wang
In this paper, the research progress of computer automatic classification technology and methods based on remote sensing images is introduced. Firstly, the traditional classification methods of remote sensing image are discussed, which include supervised classification and unsupervised classification....
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A New Attack Model of Anonymous Communications System Based on Rerouting

Zhili Chen, Tiezu He
A new attack model is presented in the foundation of the model of anonymous communications system based on rerouting. Based on this model, it proposes one kind of attack algorithm. The premise of this algorithm realization is that only one sender and one receiver are in the anonymous system, and the...
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Application of DELMIA on Maintainability Design of Aircraft

Yongsheng Shi, Yu Liu
The quality of the maintainability is the key to success of modern large aircraft, In this paper, the flow of interactive maintenance design (Design For Maintenance, DFM) is introduced based on the DELMIA software, Also the requirements of maintainability design. We established the models of Boeing 737-300...
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Evolved Discrete Harmony Search Algorithm for Multi-objective No-wait Flow Shop Scheduling Problem

Guang Xie, Junqing Li
In this paper, an evolved discrete harmony search (EDHS) is proposed. Firstly, a job-permutation-based encoding scheme is applied to enable the continuous harmony search algorithm to be used in all sequencing problems. Additional, a new method is proposed to generate new solutions, while an efficient...
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System Design and Control Research for New Quadrotor Searching and Saving Aircraft

Qi Wang, Mingxin Yuan, Peng Zhang, Fei Cheng, Yuqiang Cao
In order to realize on-side rescue after destructive natural devastation or biological and chemical contamination, a new quadrotor aircraft is designed, which can fly into some dangerous areas to detect and search. This system is consist of controller, gesture detection, quadrotor motor and drive, wireless...
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Research Progress of Fire Detection Based on Remote Sensing

Shidong Wang, Hebing Zhang
In this paper, the principle of forest fire detection was discussed firstly, and on the basis, the research progress of forest fire detection based on AVHRR AND MODIS was discussed at home and abroad. In general, the AVHRR and MODIS data are used as the main tools for forest fire detection. In recent...
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Modeling of a Decision-making System for the Balancing of a Ship Based on Variable Weight

Xianglie Yi, Jinshui Qiu, Boyun Liu
this paper presents a new method to build a decision-making model for the balancing of a Ship with variable weight. The main point is to show how to build a decision-making model for the balancing of a damaged ship more precisely than they do before, and can provide the decision maker to balance a damaged...
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Weighted Wavelet Estimate in Semiparametric Models with Heteroscedastic Errors

Wenjing Cheng
Using wavelet smoothing method, we consider the semiparametric regression model with independent heteroscedastic errors. We investigate the asymptotic normality and weak consistence rates of wavelet estimators.
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HSGS Investigation for Limiting the Secondary Arc on UHV Parallel Lines

Xu Zhang, Xiaoqing Yan, Zhenyu Xu
The HSGS characteristic for secondary arc limitation on UHV parallel lines is investigated versus singlephase to ground faults and cross-country faults, respectively by theoretical analysis and RTDS verification. The influential factors such as electrostatic induction, electromagnetic coupling, line...
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Hybrid Control of Interconnected Diesel-generators for Marine Power Station

Guichen Zhang, Jiqing He
The conventional control strategy of speed regulator in marine power paralleling system is respective control for interconnected diesel-generators. Taking into account the influence of the ship power paralleling system, a hybrid control model is presented in this paper. It is proved that both speed control...
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Genetic Simulated Annealing Algorithm for QoS Routing

Hui Zhang, Jihai Huang
This paper proposes the math model of QoS routing. Then we present a genetic simulated annealing algorithm is proposed of QoS routing. The results show that the new method to enhance the search ratio and the speed of convergence have been markedly improved, the phenomenon of premature convergence was...
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Compressed Sensing Applied to Wireless Sensor Networks Security

Jianxun Zhao, Jihai Huang
Secure communication in wireless sensor networks (WSNs) is a challenging problem due to the scale and resource limitations. This means that most existing security protocols such as cryptography are not applicable in WSNs. However, more recent researches argue that encryption based on compressed sensing...
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A Novel High-sensitivity ADS-B Receiver Based on RF Direct Logarithmic Detecting

Wei Peng, Yubai Li, Huan Li, Bolong Wen
ADS-B will significantly increase the availability and quality of air traffic surveillance of future air traffic management systems. The circuit design of traditional ADS-B receiver based on superheterodyne receiving is complex but the sensitivity is not so satisfactory. This paper proposes a novel high-sensitivity...
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Water Fire Fighting System Semi-physical Simulation Based on Simulink’s RTW

Xianglie Yi, Jinshui Qiu
This paper presents an approach to integrate simulation model with Visual C++ easily by translating simulation model to embedded C++ code. Then the advantages of Simulink and Visual C++ are fully used by this approach. According to a real example the development steps and realization of water fire fighting...
Proceedings Article

Dynamic Data Mining Based on Cloud Model

Zhenguo Zhu, Ying Kong, Gen Pei
With its continuing in-depth research, data mining has become gradually mature. In comparison with static data mining, dynamic data mining is being appreciated for its capacities of dealing with the data which are uncertain, irregular and obviously time-related. This paper, based on the cloud model theory,...
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The Research and Implementation of Uplink Transform Precoding in TD-LTE System

Haiwen Li, Yu Wang, Gang Yu, Binde Luo
The implementation of transform precoding is one of the important steps for SC-FDMA baseband signal generation of physical uplink shared channel in TD-LTE. According to the definition of transform precoding, the mixed radix DFT which is made up of the radix-2, radix-3, radix-5 should be realized, and...
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Computer Simulation of The Inducing Effects on the Phase Morphology of PS-b- PMMA Copolymers

Jianquan Li, Dan Mu
The phase morphologies of three groups of designed polystyrene-block-poly(methyl methacrylate) (PS-b-PMMA) copolymers were studied at 383, 413 and 443 K by mesoscopic simulations. Eighteen patterned surfaces of four series were designed and designated as “ci”, “co”, “gra” and “rg” to study their influence...
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Decision Tree Construction Algorithm Based on Association Rules

Yong Peng, Yanming Ye, Jianwei Yin
With the rapid development of Internet, there are more and more products information exist on the Internet. In order to facilitate the retrieval, how to classify these information automatically is becoming much more essential. So far there are many text-based classification models such as Decision Tree...
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The Simulation of Seawater Fire-Fighting System Based On Graph Theory

Xiang-lie Yi, Jin-shui Qiu
This paper presents an approach to establish model of seawater fire-fighting system based on Graph theory. Follow the steps given in this article, you can easily realize most of the functions of a given seawater fire-fighting system. Firstly, translate a given physical seawater fire-fighting system graph...
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A Real-time Underwater Speech Communication System

Jingsai Jiang, Xiaofeng Ma, Ye Li, Yanhong Fan, Qiuyun Hao
With frequency hopping (FH) communication system and ultra-low-rate speech coding technology, the paper designed a real-time underwater speech communication system, for which the hardware solution is also given. In the system, the part of source coding is a 300bps vocoder based on enhanced mixed excitation...
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A Pitch Detection Algorithm for Ultra-low-bit-rate Vocoder

Ye Li, Jingsai Jiang, Qiuyun Hao, Yanhong Fan, Xiaofeng Ma
Pitch is one of the most important parameters to describe the speech characteristics. The paper proposed a new pitch detection algorithm for ultra-low-bit-rate vocoder based on dynamic programming as well as frequency-time domain analysis to eliminate the multi-half pitch errors. The algorithm detected...
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Simulation Analysis of Train Disc Brake Temperature Field

Libo Tang, Guoshun Wang
Simulation calculation of temperature field of train disc brake system under 500r/min fixed speed condition is carried out by using the software ABAQUS. The result shows: the heat quantity generated by braking firstly forms tailed area using friction radius as center; with continuous development of braking...
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Apply with WASP Water Quality Model

Lifen Hao, Xingwen Bi, Lianbiao Cheng
WASP(The water quality analysis simulation program) was recommended by EPA used as water quality model. It has been applied widely , It can simulate steady or unsteady water quality processes in such diverse water bodies as streams , lakes , reservoirs , estuaries. This paper introduced the compositions...
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Face Tracking Based on Skin Color and Motion Prediction

Jing Sun
Aimed at the disturbance caused by illumination variations and similar skin color regions in the video scene which will greatly affect face tracking accuracy, and in order to enhance the real time performance, a novel approach for face tracking based on skin-color information and motion prediction is...
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RASN: Resist on-off Attack for Wireless Sensor Networks

Pengzhi Shi, Haiguang Chen
Reputation Based Framework for Wireless Sensor Networks(RFSN) represent soft security mechanisms that complement traditional information security mechanisms. RFSN can prevent malicious of data from internal adversaries or faulty nodes. In this paper we add a new architecture called Trust-Holding-Agent...
Proceedings Article

Design of Helicopter Training Simulator

Wei Chen, Jingchao Lu, Rui Nie
Based on the aerodynamic parameters and control law of certain helicopter, a helicopter training simulator is designed. The recursive execution procedures of the actuators are written by C language, the helicopter equation of state is solved by Runge-Kutta, the navigation calculation module is designed...
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The Application and Research of Remote Video Surveillance System

Xinxin Sun, Wenhong Hu
This article is on the application and research of remote surveillance system in the statement of the functions of video surveillance system. It overall introduces a whole set of the system structure of video surveillance system, the general design of the hardware and the communication protocol in the...
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A Spatially Adaptive Denoising Algorithm Based on Curvelet Transform

Peng Feng, Feng Yang, Biao Wei, Deling Mi
A new approach for image denoising based on the Curvelet transform is presented in this paper. The existing theory for Curvelet and Ridgelet suggests that these new approaches can outperform wavelet method in certain image processing including image denoising, edge detection and image enhancement. However...
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Comparison Analysis of Atmospheric Methane Absorption Cross Section

Xiuying Liao
Methane is an important anthropogenic greenhouse gas and is increasing steadily since the industrial revolution. SCIAMACHY on ENVISAT is the first satellite instrument whose measurements are sensitive to concentration changes of methane gas at all altitude levels down to the Earth’s surface where the...
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A Multi-target Tracking Algorithm Based on Auxiliary Information

Chao Chen, Wenyi Qiang, Xiaowei Shan, Shiyou Hu
This article presents a study for reducing the complexity of data association in multi-target tracking by using the target location data and associated Doppler information measured by radar. A scenario of using characteristic parameters to modify the nearest neighbor algorithm is illustrated in the study...
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Parameter Optimization Design of Hard Rock Roadheader Cutting Head Based on PSO

Xiaohuo Li, Zhisen Liu, Dan Wang, Yejian Li
In order to choice reasonably cutting head parameters for a hard-rock roadheader, to improve its cutting performance, to make better the economy of cutting, taking a rotating speed, a horizontal swing speed, an average diameter and a length of a cutting head as design variables in the paper, objective...
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Two-parameter Alteration of B-splines

Yajuan Li, Mingzeng Yang
Altering one or more knots of B-spline curves and surfaces, points of curves and surfaces will move on well defined curves called paths. Letting the knot value tend to infinity, the limit of the paths will be computed in this paper. The effect of two-parameter alteration of B-splines is discussed.
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Micro Mechanical Force Sensor Application Situation and Expectation Analysis

Hao Ding, Jin Zhu, Yuping Qin, Shuang Zhang
Sensor’s microminiaturization is one of the important developing direction of the sensing technology. Micro mechanical processing technology is based technology of micro silicon sensor, and is also used to make micro actuators and microelectromechanical system technology, The appearance of micro mechanical...
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1D Infrared Camera Distortion Based on Polynomial Model

Wenjian Qin, Zhicheng Li, Jia Gu, Ke Chen, Xiaoping Zhang
In this paper, we propose a novel method for 1D infrared camera distortion based on polynomial model. We derive a 1D camera calibration algorithm and then estimate the distortion parameters by means of minimum calibration error. The used polynomial model is linear, such that the estimation can be finished...
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A Scheduling Algorithm for Fork-Join DAG in Bus-based and Heterogeneous Environment

Lisheng Wang, Liguo Chen, Kete Wang
The Fork-Join task graph is one of the basic modeling structures for parallel processing. However, many previous scheduling algorithms ignore to economize processors and minimize the total completion time. What’s more, many algorithms don’t consider the competition caused by bus-based clusters and the...
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Static Thrust Measurement for Propeller-driven Light Aircraft

Mingtai Chen
Since in-flight thrust is a calculation based upon a number of separate measurements. Only on the ground, either in an engine cell or during a static thrust run, do we actually measure thrust using load cells. In this thesis a device was devised to measure the static thrust of propeller-driven light...
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Design of Drive and Control System for “Bird”

Xiaoqing Zhang, Weijing Zhang
In order to control the rotation of hydrofoils of “bird”, further to control the position and orientation of marine seismic streamers, a design solution for drive and control system is provided in this paper. Worm Gear Drive mechanism is used as transmission mechanism, some sensors and intelligent meters...
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A Selection-route Model and Its Algorithm for Military Logistics Delivery in an Emergency

Guiqiang Wang, Jidong Qi, Yuyi Zhang, Jinhua Li, Fuqian Yang
A vehicle routing problem in a war is discussed, in which some routes may be destroyed uncertainly by competitor. A two-stage integer program model is constructed. The value of a route in a uncertain situation is analyzed. Find a method to simply the computation of the object value of the model. In the...
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A Novel Routing Algorithm in Wireless Ad Hoc Network

Zuchun Ding, Wenying Mo, Jian Chen, Lei Lei, Xinghong Qin
This paper suggests a novel algorithm of wireless ad hoc network. This algorithm has the features of adaptive clustering, multiple layering and treelike topology, with excellent abilities in autonomous network construction. The algorithm also suggests effective measures for handover and communication...
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Design and Implementing of Meteorological Data Management System

Xiong Jia, Weimin Zhang, Yi Yu, Yaolei Qin
Based on characteristic of meteorological data, meteorological data management system(MDMS) is designed and implemented. It is divided to client-side and server-side parts. The server-side which is responsible for meteorological data archived retrieved uses two-tier design, including logical server and...
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Test Frequency Selection of Analog Circuit Based on Discrete Particle Swarm Algorithm

Zhigang Zheng, Liang Wu
A method of optimal test frequency selection for analog circuit fault diagnosis is proposed. The method simulates the circuit faulty states only in the bands with highest fault sensitivity and that reduces part of simulation cost. Test frequency selection is considered as a multi-objective optimization...
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An Improved Quantum Evolution Algorithm and Performance Analysis

Yi Zhang, Xiuxia Yang, Shaolei Zhou
To tackle the shortcoming of deficient using of feedback information in quantum-inspired evolutionary computing and catastrophe such as quantum mutation, the improved quantum-inspired evolutionary algorithm (IQEA ) is proposed. The crossover and mutation operators of genetic algorithm are introduced...
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Research on Anomaly Intrusion Detection Based on Rough Set Attribute Reduction

Cuijuan Liu, Yuanyuan Li, Yankai Qin
With growing amount of network information flowing, the limitations of the traditional network IDSs are more and more outstanding, it couldn’t adapt to the trend of increasing novel network attacks and data quantity. Rough Set’s reduction theory can effectively avoid redundancy, reduce the extra attributes...
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Research on Three Phase Rectifier Based on one Cycle Control Used in Aircraft

Shutuan Zhang, Yan Li, Dongmei Wang
The three-phase rectifier that adopted one-cycle control technique used in the aircraft is introduced in this paper. The One Cycle Control (OCC) principle and the operation principle of the rectifier are presented. The double loop control is adopted in this paper. According to the mathematical model...
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Control Algorithms and Control Strategies for Variable Primary Flow Chilled Water Systems

Jinming Yang, Yi Lin
In recent years, variable primary flow control technology for chilled water systems has played an important role in energy saving. How to design the control system with appropriate control algorithms control strategies is particularly important This article described the prerequisite for the realization...