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Operationalizing the One Health Approach in Uganda: Challenges and Opportunities

Esther Buregyeya, Edwinah Atusingwize, Peninah Nsamba, David Musoke, Irene Naigaga, John David Kabasa, Hellen Amuguni, William Bazeyo
Uganda is considered as a ‘hot spot’ for emerging and re-emerging infectious disease epidemics. The country has experienced several epidemics including; Ebola, Marburg, plague, Rift Valley fever, yellow fever and Crimean Congo haemorrhagic fever. Epidemics overwhelm health systems, devastate economies...

Systematic Review: Awareness, Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice of Cancer Screening Program in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Demah AlAyadhi, Ghadah Alyousif, Afnan Alharbi, Zainab Alnjeidi, Ashraf El-Metwally
Cancer is the second most frequent cause of death worldwide after ischemic heart disease. Early detection of cancer is a cornerstone of cancer survival. The aim of this review is to summarize the current knowledge, awareness, attitude, and practice of cancer screening programs in Saudi Arabia. A literature...
Research Article

Regional Integration and Growth Spillovers: Is Africa an Economic Space?

Abdoulaye Seck, Founty Alassane Fall, Khadidiatou Aidara
Market integration is often associated with economic growth spillovers, to the extent that strengthened trade linkages would make economic growth in one country an opportunity for growth to its partners. This paper uses a spatial dynamic panel data approach to analyze the extent to which Africa and its...


Vahid Seydi Ghomsheh, Mohamad Teshnehlab, Mahdi Aliyari Shoorehdeli, Mojtaba Ahmadieh Khanesar
Pages: 0 - 0


Adrian Constantin, Lotfi A. Zadeh
Pages: 0 - 0

Book Review by P A Clarkson

P A Clarkson
Pages: 0 - 0
Peter E Hydon: Symmetry Methods for Differential Equations: A Beginner's Guide Cambridge Texts in Applied Mathematics, Cambridge University Press, 2000.

Book Reviews by F Calogero

F Calogero
Pages: 0 - 0
Four books published by Birkhäuser are reviewed.

Book Reviews by F Calogero

F Calogero
Pages: 0 - 0
Seven books published by Birkhäuser are reviewed.

Book Review by B A Kupershmidt

B A Kupershmidt
Pages: 0 - 0
Five books are reviewed, namely Bruce C Berndt: Ramanujan's Notebooks. Part I. (With a foreword by S Chadrasekhar). Springer-Verlag, New York Berlin, 1985. 357 pages. --: Ramanujan's Notebooks. Part II. Springer-Verlag, New York Berlin, 1989. 359 pages. --: Ramanujan's Notebooks. Part III. Springer-Verlag,...

Book Reviews by F Calogero

F Calogero
Pages: 0 - 0
Three books are reviewed, namely Masao Nagasawa: Schroedinger Equations and Diffusion Theory. Birkhaeuser, Basel Boston Berlin, 1993. 332 pages. David Wick (with a mathematical appendix by William Farris): The Infamous Bounary - Seven Decades of Controversy in Quantum Physics. Birkhaeuser. Boston Basel...

Book Review by P G L Leach

P G L Leach
Pages: 0 - 0
N H Ibragimov: Elementary Lie Group Analysis and Ordinary Differential Equations, John Wiley, New York, 1999, 347 pages.


Tianrui Li, Pawan Lingras, Yuefeng Li, Joseph Herbert
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Magnitude and Reasons for Gaps in Tuberculosis Diagnostic Testing and Treatment Initiation: An Operational Research Study from Dakshina Kannada, South India

Imaad Mohammed Ismail, Akshaya Kibballi Madhukeshwar, Poonam Ramesh Naik, Badarudeen Mohammad Nayarmoole, Srinath Satyanarayana
Background: In India, ensuring all Persons with Presumptive TB (PPTB) undergo TB diagnostic tests and initiating all diagnosed TB patients on treatment are two major implementation challenges. Objectives: In a coastal district of Karnataka state, South India, to (1) determine the number and proportion...