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Research on the food packaging migration of chemical substances

Gang Liu
Safety and hygienic of food material have become an important aspect of food. Poisonous and harmful chemicals in the food packaging materials research of migration is one of the hot research topics in the field of technology. Firstly, this paper designed a kind of joint motor fruit harvesting robot so...
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Modeling and Analysis of Linkage Fluctuation Network for Complex Industrial Process

Gao Jian-min, Gao Zhi-yong, Xie Jun-tai, Gao Xu
Industry process includes a variety of monitoring variables, there are strong relevance between variables. Time series from different monitoring points can reflect the relationship of system’s linkage fluctuation. Using coarse graining method, monitoring series has been changed into a sequence of characters....
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Dynamic Model and Simulation of a MW-class Variable Speed Constant Frequency Doubly-Fed Wind Turbine Generator System

Shaobo Li, Wanxia Wang, Jie Hu, Guanci Yang
By using Matlab/Simulink as a development and simulation platform, a wind turbine simulation-testing system was designed with the data from GH Bladed software and IEC61400-1 standard. Moreover, a whole dynamic model of a MW-class variable speed constant frequency Doubly-Fed wind generator is presented,...
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Investigating the Energy Efficiency of TD-LTE Private Network

Ying Sun, Yuqing Zhong, Xuanni Lin
TD-LTE private network is embracing unprecedented popularity due to its support of broadband services and ease deployment. However, due to the limited applications of power industry and the more urgent bandwidth requirements of telecommunication industries, the availabe bandwidth TD-LTE private network...
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Concept of service provisioning and realization

Raymond Wu
Service transformation is one of the big challenges in this century from a scale and complexity perspective. The main objective is to increase service levels, enhancing both customer satisfaction and productivity. To reach this goal requires multi-dimensional approaches from business innovation, service...
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Toolbox for Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Systems

Mohsen Zamani, Hossein Nejati, Amin T. Jahromi, AliReza Partovi, Sadegh H. Nobari, Ghasem N. Shirazi
Type-2 systems has been becoming the focus of research in the field of fuzzy logic in recent years. Comparing with type-1 systems, type-2 fuzzy systems are more complex and relatively more difficult to understand and implement. We developed an interactive graphical user interface (GUI) based toolbox,...

Reduct Driven Pattern Extraction from Clusters

Shuchita Upadhyaya, Alka Arora, Rajni Jain
Pages: 10 - 16
Clustering algorithms give general description of clusters, listing number of clusters and member entities in those clusters. However, these algorithms lack in generating cluster description in the form of pattern. From data mining perspective, pattern learning from clusters is as important as cluster...
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The Application of Authorware to the English Teaching in the Multimedia Environment

Xu Tian, Yanling Lv
The development of multimedia technology in computer science enriches the traditional English teaching methods. As soon as the new technology applies to the English teaching, it arouses the attention and is welcomed by the English teaching professors both abroad and at home. At present, the multimedia...
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OpenCV Detection of Athletes in Long Jumping Videos

Ailing Song, Kai Chen
The precise analysis of long jumper’s technical videos can provide the im-portant information for the coaches to formulate the training program. To real-ize the analysis of technical videos, we must firstly detect and track the long jumpers in the video. OpenCV technique (open source computer vision...
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Design and research of Wind powergenerati on power controller

Zhi jie Tang, Ping long Liu, Jia li Shen, Jun Luo
Wind energy is a kind of inexhaustible and clean renewable energy. Wind power system has some characters of simple structure, convenient maintenance and easy management, which gets a lot of attention. This paper analyses the composition and the principle of wind power system. Based on variable speed...
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Research on the Influence of Group Dynamics Mechanism on Individual Performance in ESL System

Yifei Weng
In this thesis, group dynamics mechanism in ESL teaching and learning system is researched. First of all connotations and significance of ESL are introduced. And then group dynamics mechanism of ESL system is qualitatively analyzed from the views of system, psychology and behavior, with main viewpoints...

Decision Support System for Determining Employees Staying Using the Simple Additive Weighting Method

Memed Saputra, Davy Jonathan, Harco Leslie Hendric Spits Warnars
Assessment of employee achievements is an absolute thing to do to find out the achievements that have been achieved by each employee, a problem that also exists is that employee assessment data is still stored in the form of archives / notebooks, there is no protection for each data. Follow-up assessments...

Design Thinking and Evolution—Introspection of the Context from Zen Aesthetics to Narrative Design in the Age of Big Data

Wenying Pei
Zen aesthetics and narrative design have great differences with respect to their respective disciplines. Their social background, historical development, and theoretical framework are completely different. However, there is a systematic interoperability basis for the origin of the art design and the...

Technological Development of Teacher-Training System Under the Conditions of the Transformation of Higher Education

Valeryan F. Gabdulchakov, Ildar T. Khairullin, Azat A. Zaripov
The problem of the research is determined by the conditions of the transformation of higher education in the first decades of the XXI (in many post-Soviet countries (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, etc.) century when following the transformation of the economy, society, culture, etc. in many countries, the...

Comparison Analysis of Added Value of Organic Rice and Inorganic Rice

Dwi Eva Nirmagustina, Sri Handayani
Domestic rice consumption increases every year. The demand for organic rice by community has increased as well. In this case, whether organic rice provides added value to farmer compared to inorganic rice, and whether organic rice varieties (Mentik susu and Sintanur) provides different added values as...

An Analysis of the Viewing Demand of Chinese Audience from the Narrative Strategy: Take the Well-Received Television Series in China from 2015 to 2018 as an Example

Kitio Mou
Although with over billions of people China has a huge TV series market, there are only few TV series currently that can leave a good impression on the audience. The scarcity of quality and the mediocrity of quality have become common problems in the moment. In this context, the narrative strategy with...

Analysis of Suitability Between Professions and Educational Backgrounds (Preliminary Study of Professional Identity)

Amalina Khairunnisa
Professional identity is a description of how individuals refer to themselves as a professional, and consists of a set of expectations developed by individuals about themselves and their abilities, based on their experience and personal background. Personal abilities and background are related to the...

Blockchain technology as the basis for digital transformation of the supply chain management system: benefits and implementation challenges

L.I. Malyavkina, A.G. Savina, I.G. Parshutina
In the context of globalization, the problem of creating an integrated ecosystem of national and international supply chains becomes actual. Currently, the organization and supply chain management (SCM) are characterized by the inefficient use of existing assets, lack of flexibility and transparency...

Ontological Character of the Language Actualization of Temporality in the Political Discourse

Flera Ya. Khabibullina, Iraida G. Ivanova, Galina A. Trapeznikova
The article deals with the temporal localization of language from the standpoint of a fundamental ontology in political discourse on the example of grammatical means of expression of futurality in the difference-structured languages. The grammatical means of the different-structural languages are studied...

The relationship of proactive coping and severity of symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder

Elena Belinskaya, Alexandr Vecherin, Elena Agadullina
The goal of this study was to examine the relationship between proactive coping strategies and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The study used Proactive Coping Inventory to measure the severity of proactive coping strategies. ICD-11 criteria were used to study the symptoms of PTSD. Data was collected...

EAEU Cross-border Capital Flow Spatial Analysis

Dmitry E. Morkovkin, Pavel V. Stroev, Rafael V. Fattakhov
The paper deals with topical issues of capital cross-border movement within the common economic space of the Eurasian Economic Union. The key development factors of interregional financial and economic cooperation in the EAEU are identified. In the course of the study, the role of the widespread introduction...

Study on Ontology of Evil

Valery Gubin, Helen Nekrasova
This paper is dedicated to the analysis of the place and role of evil in a human life, in society and culture. The authors put into the spotlight some aspects of the phenomenon of evil, previously overlooked by the philosophers. Among those aspects, the idea of the inevitability and necessity of evil...

Comparative Analysis of Educational Reforms in Russia Following Technical Areas of Training in the Field of Transport

Alexandra Smyk, Lev Zimanov, Alexey Solntsev
The article reviews issues of higher engineering education reformation in Russia since the establishment of the first technical university– Institute of Railway Engineers by the Emperor Alexander I till modern technical university which provides training for country automobile and road system specialists....

Preservation of the ‘Maedeng Godel’ Tradition Before ‘Tawur Kasanga’ in Pakraman Village Susut-Buahan Payangan Gianyar-Bali

A. A. Kade Sri Yudari, I. B. Gde Yudha Triguna, I. A. Komang Arniati
The legacy of various local traditions in Bali is diverse in shape and continues to be preserved for generations by the community according to the interests of each region. One of the local traditions in the village of Pakraman Susut-Buahan Payangan which is classified as unique is 'Maedeng Godel'. This...

Formation of a System for Predicting the Reliability of Structural Materials

N.G. Shakurov
As the complexity of the machines and equipment construction, the expansion of their use, increasing automation in the oil and gas sector, increasing loads and speeds the requirements for the reliability of technical facilities will continuously increase. This article resents the system of evaluation...

The Assesment and Reserach on Translation Studies

Anam Sutopo
This article aims at describing the development of translation theories, presenting the assessment in translation studies and describing the current paradigm of the research on translation. This article is written based on the qualitative approach. The data are taken from documents and informants. The...

Study of Building the Emergency Logistics Supply Chain based on the Reliable Technology

Lei Ding, Jinjin Zhou
Emergency logistics is an important channel to provide important emergency and relief materials for public health events and sudden natural disasters. With the continuous development and improvement of social economy, improving the supply capacity of emergency logistics and improving the supply chain...
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Support of Collective Decision-making for Forecasting of Energy Technology

Alex Kopaygorodsky, Ilia Khairullin
The article considers a methodological approach for organizing the distributed work of scientific and expert groups and knowledge management in the implementation of joint projects for forecasting energy technologies. Collaboration is based on a system of ontologies and documents based on hierarchical...

The Application Value of Virtual Reality Technology on Visual Transmission

Ping Chen
Virtual reality technology is the Chinese translation of English Virtual Reality, referred to as VR, refers to auxiliary devices such as docking control devices, processing and computing information through computer programs, and finally interacting, simulating natural state and three-dimensional environment...

Research of Tourism Destination Image Based on Web Text: a Case Study of Yellow Crane Tower

Xiaoyan Liu, Qianqian Gu
This paper takes the Yellow Crane Tower as the research object, uses the network crawler program, collects the scenic spot official propaganda image and the domestic traveling website community to publish the tourist comment content, unifies the SPSS/EXCEL statistical analysis method and the text analysis...

Modeling The Efficiency Of Implementation Of Energy Saving Policy At Enterprises Under Uncertainty Conditions

Mykhaylo Voynarenko, Viacheslav Dzhedzhula, Iryna Yepifanova
In the article a mathematical model of the intellectual support of decision making for the evaluation of the efficiency of implementation and operation of energy saving policy of the enterprise under uncertainty conditions with the help of Mat Lab’s mathematical package has been developed. The main factors...

Dividend Policy and Compliance of Corporate Social Responsibility in Strengthening Financial Performance of Consumer Goods Industry Companies in Indonesia

Widya Sari, Namira Ufrida Rahmi, Dwita Sakuntala
The study aimed to analyze the financial performance of companies in the consumer goods industry sector in Indonesia which might affect the stock price using Return on Assets (ROA) variable and moderated by compliance with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities and dividend policy. The sample...

Analysis on How to Improve the Equity Incentive System of High-tech Industry in China: Taking Tencent as an Example

Sinong Chen
With the rapid development of economy and the intensification of competition, the competition of high-tech industry is particularly fierce in the information age. As the equity incentive is a necessary factor in the development of any company including high-tech industry, this study will take Tencent...
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Effect of 1,2-Dimethylhydrazine on Spleen Immunomorpholog

O.M. Arlashkina, G.Yu. Struchko, L.M. Merkulova, M.N. Mikhailova, O.Yu. Kostrova
The article presents the main morphological and immunohistochemical changes of the spleen in rats in 1 and 4 months after the course injection of 1,2-dimethylhydrazine. The increase in the number of CD68+-cells in the red pulp and S100+-cells in the germinal centers of lymphoid nodules was registered...

Strengthening the Construction of Educational Informationization to Help "Internet Plus Teaching"

Guocan Ren, Guowei Ding
With the rapid development of cloud computing, Internet of Things, big data and artificial intelligence technology, and the continuous integration of the Internet and education, the impact of information technology on education and teaching has attracted more and more attention from many scholars and...
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Design of Intelligent Monitoring System for Power Distribution Equipment Based on Cloud Edge Collaborative Computing

Xu Erbao, LI Yan, Yang Mingshun, Chen Xi
With the development of sensor technology, when facing the explosive growth of large power data, the existing data acquisition and monitoring system (SCADA) is increasingly inadequate in data processing ability and lack of intelligence. In this paper, a novel intelligent monitoring system for power distribution...

Developing the methods of factor analysis of the socio-economic diagnosis of the status of transboundary regions

Kh Ksenofontova, E Balashova, I Chernova
The article discusses the socio-economic diagnosis of the status of transboundary regions on the basis of the factor analysis method. Also, it provides our analysis of the mathematical properties of an index method, considering the proposed index model of the socio-economic diagnosis of the status of...
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A Novel Sub-regional Key Management Scheme for Distributed Wireless Sensor Network

Yinghong Liu, Yuanming Wu
Encryption technique is one of the key technologies in wireless sensor networks. In this paper, a novel key management scheme of sub-regional based on bivariate symmetric polynomial key is proposed for distributed wireless sensor network (WSN). A certain amount of bivariate symmetric polynomials are...
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Research on Traffic Sign Recognition Algorithm based on SVM of LBP

Ziyi Zhou
For the problem of road traffic sign, this paper proposed the traffic sign recognition algorithm based on SVM of LBP. Firstly, colour space conversion, binarization processing, expansion, demonizing and filling are carried out for the collected signs to obtain the target area in the image. Then, LBP...

The Analysis of the Coherence of the Change in the Financial Situation

Jana Kliestikova, Maria Kovacova, Pavol Kubala, Andrea Drugau Constantin
Nowadays, businesses face many challenges. Changes in the economy are not one-off; change of state of the company from going bankrupt to financially healthy and vice versa is a gradual process. This process is dynamic and influenced by many macroeconomic and microeconomic factors. Therefore, the knowledge...

Model of Customer Lifetime Value with Two Customer and a Former Customer State

Dony Permana, Syafriandi, Nonong Amalita
A model of Customer Lifetime Value can be designed by a stochastic process of Markov Chain. In the model, there are several states that must be passed by a customer. Every two states have a transition probability as a representation of state moving probability by a customer. Transition from a state to...

Improving the Student’s Cooperation and Environmental Care Skill using Outdoor Learning Strategy Outbound Variation

Akhmad Riandy Agusta, Noorhapizah
This research describes the impact of learning process use the outdoor learning strategy outbound variation based on Banjarese local wisdom to improve student's cooperation and environmental care skill. The type of research method was classroom action research, and the research subject were students...
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Tendencies of Poecilus Cupreus Morphometric Alteration Depending on Habitation Region

R.A. Sukhodolskaya, T.A. Avtaeva, V.V. Brigadirenko, A.L. Antsiferov, Sh.A. Kushaliev
The article presents the changes in physical dimensions of Poecilus cupreus under the influence of various ecological factors. The field data comprising 7 habitats of 4 regions (Tatarstan, Ukraine, Chechen Republic, Kostroma region) was gathered. The morphometric study comprised 6 measuring criteria...
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Service vs Transformation: A Comparative Study of Two Kinds of Leadership Behaviors on Work Engagement

Jingxuan Zhou
It has always been the core issue of leadership research to stimulate employees' work engagement through leadership behavior. However, previous research has focused solely on single leadership behavior, ignoring the complexity of the dual leadership behavior in an organizational context. This paper mainly...

The Rise of Russia-China International Cooperation in Higher Education

Katkova Evgeniya, Sidorov Dmitry, Wu Ruochen
The article is devoted to the scientific and educational cooperation of Russia and China and discusses the priority areas of Russian educational services’ export to China which can become an effective tool of the “soft power” in Russia's foreign policy. The authors examine the history of Russian – Chinese...

Moral Values and The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Muhammad AR
This article attempts to discuss the role of moral values in the era of the fourth industrial revolution. The industrial revolution will decrease man’s involvement in workplaces. The production number increased significantly, but job opening dropped that might cause fewer people to work. As we know,...

The Influence Analysis on the Elements of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Culture Environment in the Universities——Based on the Quantile Regression Results about Entropy

Sheng-Juan HAN, Jing-Ping ZHU
Through the decomposition of the elements of innovation and entrepreneurship culture environment in universities, measurement tables are formed. Based on the survey data, the entropy value is used to comprehensively measure the innovation and entrepreneurship culture environment of universities. It is...

Ecological Political Commitments: Measuring The Ecological Leadership Visions of District Head In Bangka Belitung Region

Rendy, Ibrahin, Pratama Sandy
Bangka Belitung is an area rich in natural resources, especially tin. The tin mining process has also continued for hundreds of years, leaving massive environmental damage in the region. Therefore, a leader is required to be able to guarantee political and legal commitments as a regional head. This paper...

The Problem of Professional Burnout of Railway Personnel

A.S. Danilova, А.V. Kutuzova, L.V. Bogdanova
Professional burnout is a burnout syndrome associated with a person's professional activity. This article addresses issues of professional burnout. The concept of the "professional burnout" term is revealed, its assessment tools are described, the reasons for the professional burnout of conductors are...

Intellectual Security as the Leading Factor of Economic Development

Marina Vinogradova, Valeriya Sizikova, Anna Rybakova
Our paper discusses the problem of intellectual security within the concept of economic development represented by the regional development. We argue that in today’s complex world, intellectual security is becoming the leading factor of economic development. The paper discusses such issues as human...