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Implementation of Five C’s Marketing Analysis at the Alia Sport Indonesia Entrepreneurship Start-Up

Teddy Siswanto, Wawan Kurniawan, Ratna Shofiati, Hartini Hartini, Rahman Nur Hidayat
Starting as a Futsal sports athlete, Rahman, a Trisakti University student, founded a business making T-shirts with the Alia brand. The production process of making shirts based on orders is done at his Bekasi area. Problems encountered are related to financial management and sales that are not yet stable....

Teacher’s Corrective Feedback to Students’ Oral Production in EFL Classrooms

Nida Mujahidah Fathimah
Corrective feedback which requires the appropriate strategies in treating learner errors during the classroom interaction is known to have a greater impact on younger learners than to the older ones. Regarding this issue, this research paper investigated teachers’ strategies in providing corrective feedback...

Management Ecology: A Modern Concept of Sustainable Development for the Digital Economy

Artem Salamatov, Darya Gordeeva, Vladimir Belevitin
In the article, the authors raise the question of developing a modern concept of sustainable development for the digital economy – the concept of “management ecology” – an innovative research area, which includes a complex system of high-tech educational and financial-economic forms of management in...

Discussion on the Reform of Accounting Teaching in Colleges and Universities Under the Student-Oriented Concept

Zhang Li
Student-oriented is one of the key concepts in accounting teaching in colleges and universities. It requires teachers to take students as the center of the classroom to ensure that all activities are carried out based on their actual learning ability. However, as far as the implementation of the text...

Investigating the Influence of Self-Directed E-Learning Toward Students’ Academic Writing Ability

Yulia Rizki Ramadhani, Rizka Safriyani, Rini Kesuma Siregar, Elisa Evawani Tambunan, Yuswin Harputra
This study aims to investigate the influence of self-directed e-learning of improving students’ academic writing ability independently and learning face to face in the classroom. Self-directed e-learning is a model of learning based on technology that is designed for independent learners, the objective...
Proceedings Article

First Record of Mealybug (Paraputo odontomachi Takahashi) and Two Ambrosia Beetles (Amasa sp. and Crossotarsus sp.) on Clove in North Sulawesi

Jackson F. Watung, Max Tulung, Christina L. Salaki
A mealybug Paraputo odontomachi (Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae) and two species of ambrosia beetles, Amasa sp. (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Scolytinae) and Crossotarsus sp. (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Platypodinae) on clove trees were recorded for the first time in Minahasa, South Minahasa and South Bolaang...
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The Influence of Myristicin Lost in Myristica Fragrans Volatile Oils to Antimicrobial Activity Against B. Subtilis, E. Coli and S. Aureus

Anita Nilawati, Agatha Tyva Julian Atmajaningtyas, Hery Muhamad Ansory
Objectives: Myristica fragrans volatile oil has presented strong antimicrobial activity against a wide variety of bacteria. The antimicrobial activity would be expected to relate to the respective composition and their relative percentage, and possibly synergistic interaction between its components....

The Effect of Academic Supervision and Teacher Participation in Subject Teacher’s Meeting on Improving Teacher Performance of Islamic Junior High School

Casmito, RC Achmad Rifai, Muhammad Harlanu
This study aims to determine the effect of supervisory academic supervision, teacher participation in the MGMP on improving teacher performance. The population of the study was MTs (Islamic Junior High School) teachers in Kendal Regency. Samples were taken by simple random sampling technique from each...
Research Article

Measurement of Instantaneous Wave-free Ratio through a Diagnostic Catheter: Comparison of the Results between 4Fr and 5Fr

Shinichiro Masuda, Ryota Uemura, Yoshiyuki Saiki, Tatsuo Haraki, Takeshi Lee
Pages: 143 - 147
Background: Clinical evidence of coronary pressure assessment through a diagnostic catheter is limited. The aim of this study was to assess the difference, safety, and rate of successful measurement of Instantaneous Wave-free Ratio (iFR) through 4Fr and 5Fr diagnostic catheters. Methods: This single-centre...

Analysis the Roots of Cultural Confidences From the Perspective of High and Low Context Cultures — A Case study of Burberry’s Advertisement

Gao Yanmei, Wang Yuan
Burberry’s New Year advertisement was introduced as a case in this article to illustrate the differences and conflicts between high context and low context cultures. The main differences between high and low context cultures lay in the following two aspects: the conveying of information and the interpersonal...

Research on Shaping of Chinese Corporate Image in Myanmar

Jiao Li, Wei Wang, Yang Zhou, Hong Yi
Based on the corporate image theory and the basis of the Chinese Foreign Languages Bureau’s Overseas Corporate Image Survey and Analysis Report (2014, 2015, 2016), this paper conducts on-the-spot investigation and in-depth study of Chinese companies in Myanmar. On the basis of in-depth analysis and summarization...
Review Article

What’s Important and New in Hemochromatosis?

Pierre Brissot, Eolia Brissot
Pages: 143 - 148
Major advances in the understanding of genetic iron overload have led to a clarification of the nosology and terminology of the related diseases. The term hemochromatosis should be reserved to the entities where iron overload is related to hepcidin deficiency or hepcidin resistance. The diagnosis of...

Value Conflicts in Counseling Muslim LGBT Clients: Muslim Counsellors’ Experiences

Syarifah Rohaniah Syed Mahmood, Ssekamanya Siraje Abdallah
The counselling profession has an affirmative stance towards LGBT clients. It is contradicting to the religious beliefs upheld by majority counsellors in the Muslim society. The difference between the stance of the counselling profession and religious beliefs create value conflicts among Muslim counsellors...

Travel Journalism: News Framing Policy of Five Super-Priority Tourism Destinations in the Contemporary Online News Media

Kencana Ariestyani
The Media has imperative role in promoting tourism by establishing a good awareness and insight to comply the needs of the travellers both domestic and international. Since the last two decades, the digital media environment has increased rapidly. In Indonesia, based on survey conducted by Nielsen Indonesia...

The Attitude of Young People Towards Environmental Issues and Green Products

The main objective of this study was to analyze the attitude of young people towards environmental issues and green products, using gender as control variable. This research was conducted in the Faculty of Economics and Business, Trisakti University, where the students represented the Indonesian young...

Symbolic Deixis in Persuasive Discourse: Review of Learning Media with Forensic Linguistic Perspective

Sri Waljinah, Khudzaifah Dimyati, Harun Joko Prayitno, Chryshnanda Dwilaksana, Purwadi Wahyu Anggoro
Persuasive speech becomes a strategy to attain certain goals and objectives in the communication process. The present study aims at revealing symbolic deixis in persuasive discourse on road signs/lane markings, specifically popular jargons as learning media based on the perspective of forensic linguistics....

Marginalized People Self-Actualization in the Short Story “Anak Ini Mau Mengencingi Jakarta?” by Ahmad Tohari

Budi Agung Sudarmanto, Dian Susilastri, Nofita Anggraini
This paper describes the actualization of marginalized people in the capital city of Jakarta based on the theory of humanistic personality perceived by Abraham Maslow. The stressing on the marginalized people in this paper becomes important since the self-actualization of these people is extremely different...
Proceedings Article

Theoretical Framework to Assess Peripheral Intravenous Catheter Insertion and Care Practices in Paediatric Patients: A Literature Review

Ferika Indarwati, Judy Munday, Samantha Keogh
Theoretical frameworks are used to guide research processes as well as to accommodate the multiple constructs of the phenomena being evaluated. A literature review was undertaken to identify a theoretical framework to inform a study of paediatric peripheral intravenous catheter (PIVC) utilization in...

Method of Sugar Production From Arrowroot Starch: A Review

Enjang Rohman, Rama Tiyana, Sarah Amelia Nur Wahidah Al Falah, Mustika Nuramalia Handayani
Sugar production from sugar cane, palms, and beet plants could not be able to fulfill domestic sugar need in Indonesia. Moreover, there is a shift in sugarcane as a raw material for ethanol. An alternative solution to this problem is sugar production from other sources such as starch, which is widely...

The Influence of Teacher Pedagogical Competence and Teacher Professional Competence on Students’ Environmental Care Attitudes in Craft and Entrepreneurship Subjects at SMK Negeri 1 Barabai

Titi Febrianti, Dwi Atmono, Supriyanto
The purpose of this research is to be able to know the impact and influence of Pedagogical Competence, expertise and professional competence of educators towards students’ Environmental Concern Attitudes in Workshop and Entrepreneurship lessons at SMK 1 Barabai. The one used for this research is correlational...

Comparative Analysis of the Activities of Universities’ Legal Clinics in the Context of Domestic and Foreign Experience

N.V. Dryanykh, A.E. Lodkin, D.V. Uglitskikh, T.V. Lodkina
The need to intensify the educational process in higher education is due to the social order of society, which aims to train specialists who can be competitive in the labor market, including through the introduction of adaptive, practice-oriented and flexible educational programs, the formation of intolerance...

Role of Ascertainment Bias in Determining Case Fatality Rate of COVID-19

Maia P. Smith
Pages: 143 - 145
Case fatality rate (CFR) is used to calculate mortality burden of COVID-19 under different scenarios, thus informing risk-benefit balance of interventions both pharmaceutical and nonpharmaceutical. However, observed CFR is driven by testing: as more low-risk cases are identified, observed CFR will decline....

Analysis on the Influencing Factors of the State-Owned Enterprise’s Implementation of Stock Incentive

Sun Lichun, Wang Dan, Guo Kuifeng
With the introduction of a series of policy documents on mixed ownership reform, employee stock ownership, and equity incentives, many types of state-owned enterprises have initially met the policy conditions for exploring and implementing equity incentives. State-owned enterprises need to carefully...
Proceedings Article

Data Quality and Digital Twins in Decision Support Systems of Oil and Gas Companies

Tatyana Pavlovich, Elena Dron
In the modern world, most enterprises implement digital technologies to improve business performance and enhance their competitive advantages. All digital technologies are based on data. Global digitalization leads to huge amounts of data. It is impossible to talk about IT development without understanding...

Study of Macro Variables in Excogitating Stability of Indonesian Economic Growth as OECD’s Development Center: An Error Correction Model Approach

Zulgani, Faradina Zevaya, Amril
OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) stands for promoting the economic welfare of its members. It also coordinates its effort to help developing countries outside its membership. Indonesia is selected to become DC (Development Center). The goal of DC-OECD as a liaison for developing...

Consequences of Risk for a Start-Up Business and the Effect of External Setback on Cooperation in a Public Goods Experiment

Nanrui Gong
Every start-up business has to cope with is risky, whether it is originated internally or externally. Even if a business start-up functions without major deficiencies on the inside, external factors such as a market crash, a government fine or an attack from business competitors might seriously undermine...
Proceedings Article

Knowledge Reconstruction for Medication Nursing Based on Working Thought of Vocational Elderly Nursing Oriented

Jing Bo, Liu Chang, Sun Dongming
The course of medication nursing for vocational elderly nursing students belongs to basic medical knowledge and skill course, which plays an extremely important role in clinical practice. Because the elderly nursing-oriented students mainly serve elderly patients with chronic diseases, patients suffer...

Think, Talk, Write Strategy in French Writing Skill Learning

An Online Teaching Context

Dante Darmawangsa, Yuliarti Mutiarsih, Iim Siti Karimah, Ariessa Racmadhany
There have been many studies show that there are still problems and difficulties in obtaining writing skills in foreign language learners. Various methods and strategies for writing learning have been developed and studied, one of which is the Think, Talk, Write strategy. On the other hand, the evolution...

Analysis of The Life You Save May Be Your Own From Deconstructive Perspective

Hao Sun
This article takes a short story The life You Save May Be Your Own as an experimental case to analyze deconstructive ideology of excavating the paradoxes and conflicts. Selecting this story is because of its canny design of the fusion of succinct plot and whimsical characters, elevating the possibility...

Comparison of the Performance of the k-Nearest Neighbor, Naïve Bayes Classifier and Support Vector Machine Algorithm With SMOTE for Classification of Bully Behavior on the WhatsApp Messenger Application

Irwansyah Saputra, Puput Irfansyah, Erlando Doni Sirait, Dwi Dani Apriyani, Michael Sonny
WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application in Indonesia. This causes the emergence of cyberbullying behavior by its users. Cyberbullying is a dangerous problem because it has a very serious impact on the victim’s psyche such as feelings of hurt and disappointment. This study aims to classify...

Strengthening Students’ Tolerance in the Context of Plurality

What are the Relevant Methods?

Bartolomeus Samho, Ace Suryadi, Kama Abdul Hakam, Dasim Budimansyah
In the context of religious plurality, tolerance is one of the potential values to prevent conflicts between religious adherents. Therefore, educational praxis in schools is important to encourage religious tolerance or facilitate students to think critically about multicultural contexts. This study...

IPO Underpricing and Corporate Governance: Evidence from Indonesian Equity Market

Firly Irhamni
The purpose of this paper is to examine whether and how the effect of the board strucure and the ownership structure toward the underpricing of firms conducting initial public offerings (IPOs) in the Indonesia as well as through auditor reputation and underwriter reputation. This research using partial...

Estimation of Average Value at Risk (AVaR) on Sharia Joint-Stock Index Using Glosten, Jaggnathan and Runkle (GJR) model

Sri Muslihah Bakhtiar, Ermawati, Ilham Syata, Wahidah Alwi, Risnawati Ibnas, Sri Dewi Anugrawati
The average value at risk (AVaR) is a measuring tool used to assess the worst loss experienced by an investor on a portfolio investment at a certain time. Furthermore. AVaR’s level of confidence needs to fulfill all the axioms regarding the nature of risk for risk-varse investors. This is because the...

Cross-Cultural Models in International Advertising and Consumer Behavior Research

Syed Hassan Raza, Bahtiar Mohamad, Diah Kristina
Past advertising and marketing research has employed two distinct approaches to understanding consumer behavior. Some studies have used the informational social influence approach by operationalizing the consumer behavior outcome domain as a psychological phenomenon wherein individuals are intended to...

Design of Integrated Agro-Tourism Business Ecosystem (Case Study in Batu)

Arman Hakim Nasution, Dewie Saktia Ardiantono, Ninditya Nareswari, Ribka Anintha Miyagi, Aang Kunaifi
The tourism industry and the agricultural industry are the main economic pillars of Batu City. The concept of Agro-tourism was promoted to collaborate these two potential industries. Thus, this study proposes a business ecosystem design for integrated agro-tourism. However, agro-tourism will also contribute...

An Ethical Analysis Model to DuPont’s PFOA Event Based on Consequentialism Perspective

Zirui Liu, Xintong Li, Shang Shi
Contemporarily, companies making unethical decisions when doing business is still a common phenomenon even facing hefty fines and reputation risk. In this paper, we focus on analyzing the consequences of DuPont’s decision to dump chemical waste - perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA, toxic chemical material)...

The Use of Youtube to Increase the Students’ Autonomous Learning in the Online Learning Situation

Dedi Supendra, Winanda Amilia
The implementation of online learning insisted the students obtain learning materials from various digital media by applying a self-directed learning approach. Youtube as one of the emerging video-based technological applications gives people opportunities to access information from several resources...

Exploring the Path of Strengthening the Education and Management of Student Party Members in Colleges and Universities in the New Era

Yuanshu Gong
Since the new era, strengthening the education and management of college student party members has played an important role in realizing the all-round development of college student party members, establishing the original mission and improving the quality of college party construction work. Then, we...

Hierarchical Modeling & Simulation Curriculum Systematism Promotes the Development of Interactive Inquiry Teaching of Semiconductor-related Courses

Shuai Ma, Fengjin Xia, Guanghai Guo
Implementing the interactive inquiry teaching (IIT) method in higher education could substantially promote the process to construct the first-class disciplines as well as universities. In this paper, the hierarchical modeling & simulation (M&S) curriculum systematism is creatively proposed, by...

Differences in Youth Students’ Emotional Intelligence from Parent Patterns

Rianto Rianto, Agoes Dariyo
Emotional Intelligence is a set of skill for someone to recognize other’s emotion and the person itself. One of the factor that effect emotional intelligence is family. Being a family, the parents need some style to nurture their child and it’s called parenting styles. There are four parenting style...

A Virtual Sacred Space

Some Theological Considerations

Tony Salurante, David Kristanto, Malik Malik, Lewi Nataniel Bora, Nelly Nelly
The growth of technology in the last few decades has made the church opts for technology to comply with the social distancing policy during the Covid-19 pandemic that forbids worshipping on-site. Technology allows churches to worship, conduct church events, and have fellowship online. That situation...

The Analysis and Design of E-CRM Information Systems to Maintain Consumer Loyalty

Arie Gunawan, Munir Munir, Wawan Setiawan, Chairul Furqon, Puspo D Dirgantari
As companies grow, the understanding of the importance of consumer data and the opportunities for its use is be-coming more diverse. The marketing strategy also developed, which initially used conventional methods to attract and retain consumers, turned into a systemized using E-CRM information system....

Opportunities and Challenges of Waqf Management in Indonesia: A Narrative Review

Fivin Choerotun Nisa, Fahmi Medias, Andi Triyanto
Various countries have proven that waqf is an economic instrument to boost the welfare of the people. Indonesia is a country with a majority Muslim population of 87.18%. With a large Muslim population, Indonesia has a high chance of waqf. Cash waqf in Indonesia is even assumed to reach 3 trillion annually....

The Impact of Knowledge Sharing on Knowledge Management Implementation in Improving Employee Performance

(A Case Study at the Maintenance 3 Department of PT Petrokimia Gresik)

Arianto Dwi Leksono
PT Petrokimia Gresik is a complete fertilizer factory in Indonesia, which is also one of the subsidiaries of PT Pupuk Indonesia (Persero). To meet fertilizer needs in order to maintain national food security, in its development Petrokimia Gresik has developed new products by increasing production capacity...

Development of Student Worksheet Based on Ethnomathematics Traditional Engklek Games on Cube and Rectangular Pyramid

Mar’atush Sholihah, Soffil Widadah, Dewi Sukriyah
The math learning associated with traditional games will make students learn while playing, but unfortunately not many teachers have developed learning devices related to ethnomathematics. The purpose of this study is to describe the process and result of the development of student’s worksheet based...

Animal Mythology in Lampung Folklore

Diah Meutia Harum, Mukhammad Isnaeni, Evi Maha Kastri, Roveneldo
Myth as a symbolic narrative, usually of unknown origin, is related to religion and practice and is believed to be something that exists. As part of world culture, Lampung has a lot of folklore. Lampung folklore contains values that reflect the richness of the soul, philosophy, character, and civilizational...
Proceedings Article

Myasthenia Gravis with Mediastinal Tumors

Alfansuri Kadri, Utami Tarigan
Introduction: Myasthenia Gravis (MG) is an autoimmune disease caused by antibodies targeting acetylcholine receptors to reduce the depolarization ability of extraocular, bulbar, and proximal muscles. Mediastinal tumors associated with MG are known as paraneoplastic syndromes and are primarily found in...

Chasing Dream and Change Destiny: Understanding Gender Gap in Film Ali & Ratu-Ratu Queens

Ranny Rastati
Being a wife and mother are two words that become the ultimate weapon to label women and their role in Indonesia. A woman’s life will be considered perfect if she is married and has children. If a woman has achieved all that, she will be questioned if she still wants something else. This study will discuss...

Efforts To Improve Mathematics Learning Achievement Addition Material Through Team Assisted Individualization (TAI) Type Learning

Hindun Maryatun, Muhardila Fauziah
The purpose of this study was to improve learning outcomes in mathematics addition material for grade I students of SD N Gunungsaren Srandakan Bantul semester 2 of the 2022/2023 school year. This research includes classroom action research. The subjects of this study were all class IA students at SD...
Proceedings Article

Endurance of Pencak Silat Athletes: Palm Sugar and Coconut Water Treatment

Rasyidah Jalil, Ahmad Ahmad, Rachmat Hidayat, Irsan Kahar, A. Heri Riswanto, Suaib Nur
Pencak silat is a sport with a complex aerobic and anaerobic energy system. The energy system used in the pencak silat sport is predominantly anaerobic, so pencak silat athletes need food intake so that their endurance during competitions does not decrease drastically. Physical activity carried out at...