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Data Fitting-based SNR estimation algorithm for the Adaptive Transmission

Zezhou Sun, Chenghua Wang, Xiaofei Zhang
Adaptive transmission system selects the suitable transmission rate on the basis of the current channel state. In this paper, we exploit the signal to noise ration (SNR) as a benchmark of standard to measure the channel state. We employ data fitting (DF) to estimate SNR, which is a key technology of...
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Interception of the near space hypersonic weapons based on the partial integrated guidance and control method

Bin Fu, Hang Guo, Jie Yan
The interception of the hypersonic weapons in near space is the main problem considered in this paper. The designed interceptor is assumed to have much lower speed than its target and very limited maneuverability in the near space atmosphere. To deal with this problem, a two-loop Partial Integrated Guidance...
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Alarm Correlation Research and Implementation Based on Similar Data Sources

Yi Tang, Dahai Jin
In the modern society, static defect detection technology become an effective way to build reliable software. But the phenomena of misinformation and failing to report in the result of static defect detection makes testers needed to confirm the false alarms one by one manually. It is necessary to improve...
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Water Tunnel Experimental Research on Vortex of Delta Wing

Song Li, Wei He, Kai Luo, Limin Song, Yuankai Li, Jicheng Zhang
Flight or maneuvering at high angle of attack is one of the most important parts for the modern fighters. When the angle of attack is within the usual range, the aerodynamic characteristics have a linear relationship with the dynamic of aircraft. With the increase of angle of attack, the airflow separation...
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Research on Structural Random Response Based on C Type Gram-Charlier

Xiaokai Wang, Tao Zhang
The main research content is a quantitative description of the structural uncertainty problem (Quantification Uncertainty) based on the finite element theory. For the first time, reduction integration method is used to decompose multi-dimensional random response function, the multi-dimensional function...
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Research and Practice of Security Technology in Computer Network

Qinghong Qu
The arrival of the information age has gradually expanded the practical application of computer networks, provided more convenience for people's lives, and promoted the rapid development of Chinese information industry. In this situation, the process of using computer network has gradually produced network...
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Construction Mechanics and Time-Varying Mechanics in Civil Engineering Analysis

Li Wang
With the development of city construction, civil engineering construction scale becomes bigger, safety problems is gradually serious. This paper introduces the main contents of construction mechanics and time-varying mechanics in civil engineering. We hope to analysis the safety problems in civil engineering...
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Technical Framework Research on Critical Information Infrastructure Cybersecurity Classified Protection

Weihong Ren, Jing Yuan, Lei Jiang, Tai Zhao
The technical framework of critical information infrastructure cybersecurity classified protection in this paper is established from the three levels of decision-making, managers and executives which ensures the information security technical framework of an organization is consistent with its strategic...
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Research on Comprehensive Evaluation of Freeway Traffic Safety in Heilongjiang Province

Jia Liu, Weiwei Yan
Through the statistic analysis of the accident data of Heilongjiang freeway from 2010 to 2014, it is concluded the regularities of distribution of the accidents on the Heilongjiang freeway, as well as the factors influencing the security of Heilongjiang freeway system. Then, the evaluation index of Heilongjiang...
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Research on Communication Networks Effectiveness Evaluation Based on AHP and Fuzzy Clustering

Yan Ding
Communication networks effectiveness evaluation directly determined whether the communication networks system is successful. This paper investigated the communication networks effectiveness evaluation based on Analytic hierarchy process and fuzzy clustering method. Indicators of communication networks...
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Exploration on the Management Method of Low Frequency Load Shedding in Regional Power Grid

Guowei Ren, Rui Ren
Based on low frequency load-shedding practice experiments of Xinyang power supply company, work principles as 'three reports, one examination and a table modification' is proposed to improve the management of power grid in substitute district. The methods introduced in the paper is proved to be effective...
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Intensive Traffic Resource Scheduling based on Map/Reduce in Multi-domain Optical Networks

Li Du, Xue Sun
In the intelligent optical networks, there are two key problems in the long-distance and high-speed intensive service transmission. First one, the sharing scheduling problem of the optical networks resources, namely the privacy problem. Second problem, users of network services require high-quality,...
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Development of Modern Technology in Electronic Engineering

Fang Liu
The rapid development of science and technology provides reliable protection for the expansion of electronic engineering applications, and gradually improves the production efficiency of related industries. With the influence of this situation, in order to meet the people's demand for electronic engineering,...
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Study on the Characteristics of Low-speed Boundary Layer Flow Separation

Peng He, Lei Li, Zhongyin Chen, Man Li
The boundary layer theory is proposed by German scientist Prandtl. When the fluid motion in the large Reynolds number, a thin layer will be concentration to produce in the fluid surface. Because the thin area is very close to the object surface in which the viscous force plays an important role, which...
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Calculation and Data Processing Method for Aircraft Maneuvering Performance

Limin Song, Xiujuan Liu, Wenbi Cao, Song Li, Lei Yuan
The quality of flight performance directly determines the execution of flight tasks. For the establishment of a simple and effective methods and calculation of maneuver performance, a lot of work were completed. By the principle, method and steps of calculation maneuvering the aircraft flight performance...
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Synthsis and Photophysical Properties of a copper (I) complex emitting material containing 1-(9H-fluoren-2-yl)-1H-imidazo[4,5-f][1,10]phenanthroline ligand

Cheng Yi, Shaobo Liu, Feng Zhao
A new copper(I) complex, [Cu( Flu-imPhen)(POP)]PF6, where -Flu-imPhen = 1-(9H-fluoren-2-yl)-1H-imidazo[4,5-f][1,10]phenanthroline , POP=bis(2-diphenylphosphanyl)ether, was synthesized and characterized. The corresponding photophysical properties were investigated using UV-vis and emission spectrometry....
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Design of adventure game based on Sanxingdui culture elements

Jianhao Yu, Yinfang Zhang
Traditionally, Chinese traditional culture elements always exert an effect on development of modern Chinese game thanks to its rich visual models and profound intrinsic implication. Sanxingdui culture, with its inheritance, individuality and mystique, has unique culture connotation. The paper used Sanxingdui...
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Design and Implementation of an Android EPUB3.0 eBook Learning System

Mao Chen, Miao Dai, Hang Luo, Xiaozhen Zou, Sanya Liu
With the rapid development of mobile Internet technologies, mobile learning has become a new way of learning, which is playing an increasingly important role in classroom teaching and autonomous inquiry learning. EBook realizes the perfect combination of traditional learning resources and mobile learning,...
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New Periodic Wave Solutions for MNW Hierarchy with the Aid of Computerized Symbolic Computation

Sheng Zhang, Luyao Zhang
Computer has received more and more applications in various fields. In this paper, many new periodic wave solutions expressed by Jacobi elliptic functions of the Mikhauilov-Novikov- Wang (MNW) hierarchy are obtained by using the extended F-expansion method. In the limit cases, the obtained Jacobi elliptic...
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A New Variable-Coefficient AKNS Hierarchy and its Exact Solutions via Inverse Scattering transform

Sheng Zhang, Xudong Gao
In this paper, a new variable-coefficient AKNS (vcAKNS) hierarchy is derived from the associated with linear spectral problem and its time evolution equation. The derived vcAKNS hierarchy is a solvable mixed hierarchy which contains isospectral nonlinear partial differential equations (PDEs) and nonisospectral...
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Effect of Maturation Time of Coagulum of Fresh Natural Rubber Latex on Oxidation Kinetics of Natural Rubber

Bei-long Zhang, Hong-hai Huang, Yong-zhou Wang, Li Ding, Ping-yue Wang
The oxidation kinetics of natural rubbers prepared by coagulum of fresh natural latex coagulated with formic acid or microorganisms were studied. The maturation time of coagulum is 6, 12, 18 and 24 hours respectively. The results show that the oxidation activation energies of natural rubbers prepared...
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A method to improve the annotation mechanism based on Readium

Mao Chen, Hang Luo, Tengbaao He, Sanya Liu
With the rapid development of information technology, great changes have taken place in people's reading habits, and paper books are being replaced by eBooks. Digital annotation tool allows readers to highlight or insert notes into eBooks during the process of reading, which is an important way for readers...
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Modified stochastic gradient estimation algorithms for Box-Jenkins model based on auxiliary model

Jianxia Feng
An auxiliary model based stochastic gradient estimation algorithm in proposed in this paper. The unknown variables in the information vector can be estimated by using the auxiliary model. Then the unknown parameters can be estimated by the stochastic gradient algorithm. Furthermore, in order to increase...
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Research on Dynamic Gesture Recognition Algorithm Based on Multi-touch Human-computer Interaction Devices in Classroom Teaching

Zhao Zhang, Xiuling He, Zengzhao Chen, Ke Wu
In this paper, we propose a dynamic gesture recognition approach based on multi-touch devices. This method contains three stages: dynamic gesture stroke collection, gesture feature extraction, gesture analysis and recognition. In order to recognize nine kinds of gestures in classroom interaction process,...
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Building Integrated Lightning Protection Technology and System Design

Xianjie Feng
This project is a residential area, the project is composed of two towers and commercial podium, is a collection of commercial, office in a body's comprehensive construction, where two towers total height 46.8m. The project according to a class of building lightning protection grounding design, roof...
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A kind of Prefetching Data Way to Hadoop MapReduce Environments

Hui Xia, Peng Wu
In MapReduce environment, problem of data redundancy,a large number of tasks to be processing and mass data storage come up, in order to solve these problems, we put forward the way of data prefetching , preprocessing of hid the remote data access latency, by adjusting the allocation of resources to...
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Application of Swarm Intelligent Algorithm Optimization Neural Network in Network Security

Hui Xia
A network traffic detection model based on swarm intelligent optimization neural network algorithm is proposed in this paper. QAPSO algorithm is used to optimize the basis function center and base function width of RBF neural network,and the connection weights of the output layer and the hidden layer...
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A Constraint-Based Approach to Web Service Simulation

Hui Zhou, Han Wu
Web services have been widely used in complex software systems. To guarantee software quality, many researchers have been devoted to the testing of web services. Traditional web service testing approaches mainly focus on the automation of testing process, test case generation etc. However, the web service...
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No-Reference Image Mosaicing Method Based on the Generalized Evidence Theory

Yi She, Junjie Wu, Xin Chen, Guoqing Ding, Lihua Lei, Xiaoyu Cai, Jiasi Wei
No-reference image quality assessment is the future research direction in the field of image evaluation. A new no-reference image quality assessment based on the generalized evidence theory was proposed in this paper in order to deal with the measuring problem of the large scale samples under the optical...
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Different Terms Fluctuations of Solar Power System

Yindong Liu, Changchun Hu, Miao Miao, Fei Peng
The generation of solar power are known to be seriously influenced by many factors, such as temperature, humidity, et al. These factors cause the fluctuations of solar power system. This paper considers those fluctuations of different terms by using actual historical data and the different distribution...
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Research on the Fine-grained Plant Image Classification

Zhifeng Hu, Yin Zhang, Liang Tan
The similarity between different subcategories and scarce training data due to the difficulties of Fine-grained recognition. Even in the same subcategories, there can be some differences due to the distinct color and pose of objects. We propose some models for fine-grained plant recognition by taking...
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Feature Extraction of Ground-Glass Opacity Nodules using Active Contour Model for Lung Cancer Detection

Yanli Miao, Jianming Wang, Weiwei Du, Yanhe Ma, Hong Zhang
The proportion of the solid part portion in a GGO nodule is one of features to detect lung cancer. It is difficult to segment the solid part in a GGO nodule completely because tissues surrounding GGO nodules include some impurities like noises in image processing technology. This paper proposes Active...
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On the Existence and Uniqueness of the Formal Solution to a Singular Partial Differential Equation

Pingli Li, Sihui Li
According to the theory used in researching certain type of doubly singular differential equations, by computing directly, we find out that a singular partial differential equation in two complex variables has a unique formal power series solution which is in a special form and whose coefficients can...
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Security Analysis of Two Inter-Organization Cryptographic Schemes

Fanyu Kong, Jia Yu, Dashui Zhou, Yali Jiang, Jianwei Shang
Data sharing among organizations is a practical application problem. In 2015, T. Miyamoto, Y. Murakami and M. Kasahara proposed two inter-organization cryptographic schemes for secure communication among organizations. Firstly, we give a security analysis of their RSA-based inter-organization cryptographic...

[WITHDRAWN] Credit Decision Behavior Model of Bank Manager Based on Prospect Theory

Wenjie Xing
In the traditional financial theory, the expectation utility theory gives an accurate description of rational behavior under uncertain conditions. But in reality, faced with the loan application customers in the same objective conditions, due to differences in individual behavior preferences, loan managers...
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Sustainable Renovation and Low-Energy Retrofitting of Houses in Rural Areas of Southern China

Xing Hu
This article focuses on the low-energy retrofit in the context of rural areas in southern China, where countless houses are being renovated to enhance their facade appearance. It explores the feasibility of the integration of present facade renovations with energy retrofit strategies to turn this vanity...
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Stiffness optimized research of high damping rubber bearing for beam bridges

Yu-min Zhang, Ling-bo Wang
Damping and isolation effect of high-damping rubber bearing with different combination have been studied for a continuous girder bridge. Dynamic time-history analysis has been taken by earthquake waves with exceeding probability to be 40 percent, 10 percent and 2 percent. The influence for seismic responses...
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Study on Car Seat Ease-of-Use Rating Based on Safety Factors in China

Kai Liu, Yubin Qian, Lingyun Xiao, Honglei Dong, Wenhao Hu, Yan Wang, Jinhuan Zhang
Children are one of the most vulnerable groups in traffic accidents. Correct use of car seat can effectively reduce the children's injury and fatality in traffic accidents. First of all, this paper analyzes the trend of the children's injury and fatality caused by traffic accidents in China, and introduces...
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Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Algorithm Based on label of tourist spots and User Preference

Ya Zhou, Cailin Hu, Han Xiong, Ling Li, Xiafei Wei
The traditional collaborative filtering recommendation algorithm relies on the user's scoring relation to the item. However, user's behavior data in the filed of tourism industry is sparsely, and the interaction between the data are few. These problems lead to the traditional algorithms are lacking of...
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Real Terrain Modeling and Application Based on DOM

Yongsheng Wang, Xiao Liu, Qizhi Zhang
When creating artificial 3D natural scene, the terrain is complicated and working quantity is huge, relying on traditional modes for field investigation, mapping and modeling usually needs to consume rather quantity of manpower, material resource, financial resources and vigor. Rapid interception method...
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A Brief Talk on the 3D Scanning Reconstruction Program Based on Kinect and its Application

Yongsheng Wang, Qizhi Zhang, Xiao Liu
By combining the Kinect (a somatosensory device) with a supporter and a rotary wheel and using a 3D scanning software named KScan3D to realize a quick scan of the human body, this paper constructs two scanning systems, one of which is equipped with a handheld single-camera comparing to the other adopting...
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Research on Unified Application Development Framework for Real Time Data Center

Sheng Zhou, Min Tao, Xianhui Li, Shengpeng Ji
Real Time Data Center is a centralized place for time sequence data storage and management. With the continuous improvement of the practical level of Real Time Data Center , more and more applications are developed based on it. However, the applications upper on the Real Time Data Center are lack of...
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Classification of debit card customers based on AHP and K-means

Chunxin Jiang, Weidi Dai, Wenjun Wang, Yunqiang Jia
Debit card business is a very important business, bank debit card and bank users the most on the one hand, so every year the debit card user transaction data is very huge, in what is now the era of big data, data is wealth, we have huge debit card transaction data, you need to use big data technology...
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Research on The Efficiency of Commercial Bank Branches Based on Weight-restricted DEA Model

Yunqiang Jia, Xuewei Li, Wenjun Wang, Chunxin Jiang
Financial industry is facing unprecedented challenges, especially fierce competition between commercial banks, so it is urgent for us to solve a problem of comprehensive analysis and appropriate suggestions for the development of commercial banks. This survey uses a commercial bank's input and output...
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Traffic Flow Prediction Based on Combined Model of ARIMA and RBF Neural Network

Yuqiong Wang
In this paper, a combined model of ARIMA and RBF neural network is proposed by combined the good linear fit ability of ARIMA and the strong dynamic nonlinear mapping ability of RBF neural network. The velocity of microwave is predicted in real time with the consideration of the temporal characteristics...
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Throughput analysis and real-time evaluation algorithm design of neighbor nodes for multi-hop mobile ad hoc network

Qingchao Zhu
Recently, distributed coordination function (DCF) protocol, standardized by IEEE 802.11 group, has played a dominant role in medium access control (MAC) layer of mobile ad hoc network (MANET). However, due to nodes mobility and topology dynamics, theoretical analysis models of DCF are limited to single-hop...
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Design of mooring system

Zheng Hu
The main research of this paper is that the optimal scheme for the design of a mooring system in a different state is to balance the whole system. In order to accurately describe the relevant position, length, shape and tilt Angle of the object, this article is based on the minimalist principles, in...
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Maximum Admission Capacity Model of Distribution Generation in Active Distribution Network

Wenjun Cao
The optimal planning of distributed generation which intends to maximize the capacity genetration of distributed generations (DG) is mainly studied in this paper. Firstly, the probabilistic models of wind power generation and photovoltaic power generation are established under the premise of considering...
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Some Searching Methods For Lost Planes

Yuxuan Yang
In the morning of the 8th march 2014,the Malaysia Air's MH370 scheduled flight which was flying to Beijing lost connection with land. There are 227 passengers and 12 flight crews.A fter losing connection, the authorities started to the fragments of MH370, but they didn't find any fragment. Motivated...
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The optimization of DG capacity using PSO based on immune algorithm

Rui Ma
For the model of optimization of DG accession capacity, improved Newton-Raphson algorithm is used to calculate the power flow. The particle swarm optimization algorithm based on immune is used to optimize the model, and the maximum capacity of DG is obtained. Finally, the IEEE 33-bus distribution system...