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Students’ Response on Collaborative Translation Model

Rudi Hartono
Translation is a complicated activity for students to do individually. They face many linguistic and cultural problems alone, so their products of translation are poor grammatically, lexically, and mechanically. Through this research I surveyed their response and described how their opinions on the application...

Ornament Art on Traditional Boat: Creative Expression of Fishermen Community in Jepara Coast

Triyanto Triyanto, Mujiyono Mujiyono, Eko Sugiarto, Ratih Ayu Pratiwinindya
Human as the part of culture has the desire to decorate equipment that they possess to look prettier and aesthetic. The desire to realize pretty look is human natural desire including the fisherman in Jepara coast. The fishermen need to express visual form that is comfortable and harmonic to be seen....

Traditions: Radical or Peace-Building

Dian Eka Indriani, M. Sahid, Bachtiar Syaiful Bachri, Umi Anugrah Izzati
Indonesia is a nationality and multicultural state surrounded by different ethnic, linguistic, religious and ideological backgrounds and geographical areas among its regions as it is separated by tens of thousands of islands. The risk of conflict among communities is considerable. A number of these each...
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A Comprehensive Management Control System Design Method

Yong Sun
This paper proposes a simulation system comprehensive management control software design method, which is used to monitor, manage and maintain the simulation system, and manage various hardware, software, data and information in the control system. It is management software that considers various types...

Jiaozhou-Jinan Railway and Demographic Change

Man Xia
As a symbol for the modern industrial civilization, Jiao-Ji Railway (shorted for Jiaozhou-Jinan Railway) is the first railway of Shandong Province, and exerts an influence on the demographic change. The influence manifests in migration craze, demographic change and distribution, and people’s identity,...
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Spontaneous Innovation in the Reuse of Ruins of Buildings in Post-Earthquake Buildings as Sustainable Building Construction Models

Kahar Sunoko, Amin Sumadyo, Hari Yuliarso
Some earthquake victims carried out housing reconstruction activities independently before the government or other parties provided reconstruction assistance. They are reusing the ruined building materials to make post-earthquake building construction. The building survived and became the main building...

Empirical Analysis of Cash Dividend Capability of China's Listed Home Appliance Companies based on Free Cash Flow

Ruocan Yuan, Xin’e Zhao
Stock Price of GREE Electric Appliance, Inc. fell sharply without cash dividends distributed in GREE annual report on April 25, 2018. Based on fee cash flow and surplus free cash flow, this paper presents the evaluation criteria of dividend capability. Using the detailed data of sampled China’s listed...

Analyzing Concept For Developing STEM-Based Integrated Science Teaching Materials Themed "Blood".

Arya Dwi Susetyadi, Anna Permanasari, R. Riandi
Innovations in learning science is needed to answer the needs of the paradigm in 21st century. Innovation in learning science can be achieved with STEM education because STEM education can accomodate STEM literacy and 21st century skills learning. Teaching and Learning involves three important components,...

Critical Thinking as a Trigger of the Creativity of Teaching Music

Diah Latifah, Henry Virgan, JL Hestyono Moeradi
This study examines the power of critical thinking to produce music creative teaching performance. The study participants were twenty music teachers who had participated in teaching music training, based on twenty-first century learning practices, with the desired peak of achievement targeted at improving...

Development of KKNI-Based Enterpreneurship Learning Model

Dihin Septyanto, Erman Anom, I Joko Dewanto
Research Aims Learning System Development of Entrepreneurship for Higher Education. Problems of entrepreneurial learning, such as: low entrepreneurial motivation, difficult to develop business ideas, not running feasibility studies, weakness of grand design and low start up entrepreneurial business....

Campus Loan Risk Prevention under the Context of "Internet +"

Yan Li
In the context of "Internet +", the application of campus loan is born, and the emergence of campus loan also accords with the law of market development. However, in real life, there are still many risk problems in campus loans, which gradually deviate from its original anticipated development direction...

The Influence of Hedonic Shopping Value and Store Atmosphere and Promotion of Impulse Buying through Positive Emotion on the consumer of Sogo Department Store in Samarinda

Ahyar Muhammad Diah, Heldina Pristanti, Reni Aspianti, Syachrul
The purpose of this paper is to to analyze the influence of Hedonic Shopping Value and Store Atmosphere and Promotion of Impulse Buying through Positive Emotion on the consumer Sogo department store in Samarinda. This study uses a quantitative approach using path analysis processed with IBM SPSS Statistic...

Exploring the Islamic Culture in English for Islamic Studies (EIS) Classroom

Naf’an Tarihoran, Rahimah
The aim of this study is to explore the Islamic culture in English for Islamic Studies (EIS) classroom. In the course of EIS, the priority should not only be given to increase international understanding by enabling the students to speak another language but also understanding the cultural values. The...

A Review on Writing Anxiety and Metacognitive Strategy in the Process of EFL Writing

Lisha Yan
EFL writing is an English learning skill which is a huge challenge for learners. It is influenced by cognitive and emotional factors. Cognitive factors cover language learning strategies and learning styles; emotional factors involve foreign language learning anxiety, learning motivation and attitudes....
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A Design of Frequency Synthesizer based on DDS for Ka-band Radar Signal Simulation

Weiliang Gao, Dalong Li, Dong Xia
This paper puts forward a design of frequency synthesizer based on DDS for Ka-band radar signal simulation. RF signal is generated through the AD9854 DDS chip driving the PLL and VCO. The testing results showed that this Ka-band frequency synthesizer has low phase noise and wider bandwidth, and can generate...

Literation of Al-Quran for Early Age with Playing Techniques

Muhamad Imam Pamungkas, Dewi Mulyani, Dinar Nur Inten
Al-Quran literacy in early childhood is introduced through learning and experiences related to the child's world and according to its development. Good and pleasant experiences will have a positive impact on children's development. Playing is the main thing for early childhood learning. This study uses...

Dialect Attitude, Dialect Environment and Dialect Degradation: Evidence from Hukou Dialect in China

Jinfeng Li
This paper investigates dialect attitude and “dialect mingled by Mandarin” phenomenon of 782 family residents in Hukou County, Jiangxi Province, China. OLS model was established to analyze the relationship between dialect attitude and dialect degradation. Results showed that: first, the distribution...

Implementation Program Linus Bahasa Inggeris 2.0

Abu Bakar Bin Yusuf, Nik Mohd Zaki Bin Nik Mohamed, Zaini Bin Abdullah, Nur Adibah Binti Abdul Latif, Ikhsan Bin Othman
The study aims to identify the implementation processs of English 2.0 Linus Programme using Stufflebeam Model (CIPP). The study is carried out in all primary school in the district of Lipis, Pahang involving Year 3 English teachers. The research methodology uses quantitative method with support from...

Digital Literacy in the Use of Technology-based Information System

Ade Romi Rosmia, Melly Suziani
Digital literacy is an urgent need for society today, because technological advances that are not balanced by intelligence in using modern technology tools will have a negative impact on human civilization. Surveys conducted by the Indonesian Internet Network Organizing Association (APJII), for example,...

Authentic Assessment Model in Problem Solving Learning for Kindergarten

Rini Agustiningsih, Amir Syamsudin
This study aims to produce an authentic assessment model in problem-solving learning for children aged 5-6 years. Specifically, the purpose of this study is to find out: 1) the feasibility of the authentic assessment model, and 2) the results of the students' ability assessment in problem solving learning...

On the Positive Interaction Between Modern Self-media and College English Teaching

Min Deng
In the era of self-media, information is transmitted to people or specific individuals through modern electronic information technology. Yi class or Easy Class is an efficient and convenient network virtual community, which is closely related to the college students ' life. How to make full use of the...

Study of Political Preferences and Type 2 Errors in the Traditional Correlation Approach

M. Basimov
The complex nature of the subject of research was shown using the example of the study political preferences of young people, and the problem of "significant" correlations. An approach to errors that completely change the researcher's worldview was considered. The specific results were shown demonstrating...

Applying Data Mining in order to Motivate Inclusive Finance

Che-Chang Chang, Fang-Tzu Chen
Without doubt, administering inclusive financial assistance to relieve the poor of poverty has been put under spot light recently. This present study itry to apply data mining, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and financial technologies to promote the project of inclusive finance in rural areas...

Impacts of Fully Implementing "Business Change to Increase" on Economic Development of Qinghai Province

Liping Xu
Since May 1, 2016, China has fully implemented the policy of "Business Increase" and the market economy has developed rapidly. Qinghai Province was once one of the pilot areas of "Ying Chang Zeng", and its economy has undergone tremendous changes. At present, China has fully implemented the "business...

eKTP Services Policy in Bandung

Ika Widiastuti
EKTP is an important element in the population administration, whose creation is the government of basic services to the people. In accordance with Presidential Decree No. 52 of 1997 that every resident aged 17 years or never marry must have identity cards. The purpose of this study are: (1) to assess...

The Possibility of Indonesia and United Kingdom to Form Free Trade Agreement After Brexit

Endah Ayu Ningsih, Fithra Faisal Hastiadi, Risna Triandhari, Leo Mualdy Christoffel, Fitri Tri Budiarti
On June 23, 2016 held a referendum which resulted decision that United Kingdom or Britain determined to exit the European Union membership that we call Brexit. The exit of UK will absolutely impact UK’s trade with its trading partner including Indonesia. In connection with this issue we conducted a study...
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Analysis and Compensation About Temperature Influence to Optical-Fiber Gyro Zero Bias

Zhou Haiyuan, Yang Heng, Wang Qianxue, Liu Xinming, Pan Liang
Compared to other gyro the dynamic performance of optical-fiber gyro was better and the price was cheap. Optical-fiber gyro was suitable to build SINS. By the way, zero bias of optical-fiber gyro was sensitive to temperature, and the compensation technique was a hot point in INS research. According to...

The Innovation of Human Resource Management in Education to Improve School Quality

Nurochim Nurochim
Human Resource Management education is any effort in the form of policies, activities, considerations intended for human resources in this case educators and school personnel can afford and prosper in working optimally to achieve educational goals. The purpose of this research is to know the human resource...

Evaluation and Empirical Analysis of Local Financial Risk

Peizhe Li, Shanshan Pei
The objective evaluation of local financial risks is of great practical significance to the prevention of local financial risks. Through the selection of financial risk index, design of local financial risk evaluation index system, build evaluation model based on the local financial risk by factor analysis...

The Impact, Trend and Corporate Strategy of the FinTech Industry

Lei Xu
This paper explores the impact FinTech is exerting on financial business, its future trend, and suitable strategies of market players based on a dataset of 892 global representative entrepreneurial firms and interviews to some of them. We find that FinTech will profoundly influence six business sections...
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An Electrochemical Sensor for Prothrombin-Time Test

Lifei Xin, Hong Liu
As a new interdisciplinary, blood coagulation and thrombosis, being involved in the development and progression of many diseases, have a prominent clinical significance. Prothrombin time (PT time) is the time when calcium and tissue factor is added into the blood sample until when the blood sample completely...

Theoretical Study on Enterprise Composite Relationship and Its Inspiration to Management Practice

Meng-Wei SHI, Chun-Mei SONG, Fan-Hua MENG
This paper introduces the concept of composite relationship among enterprises, that is, the relationship between two parties in a business is composed of many simple relationships. The article defines the essential characteristics of the composite relationship, revealing the importance of enterprises...

Problems and Countermeasures of Performance Management Operation in National Procurement Programs

Shan-Nv Song, Gen-Zhe Huang
This research is focused on the several problems that have presently existed in national procurement programs such as high price compared to market price, complicated purchasing procedures, and long period of purchasing. The problem-solving countermeasures is to introduce the performance appraisal system...

The Effects of Social Definition for the Village Development Planning Process of the RKPDES Drafting Team towards the Document Quality in Bumiaji, Batu Indonesia

Aditya Prasaja
RKPDES is a yearly Village Development Work-Plan in Indonesia. It is also part of the whole Indonesian development planning schemes. The quality of development planning document reflects the ability of the team in interpreting the legal guidelines. If the document quality is good, it will correlate to...

Modelling of Socially Responsible Pareto-Effective Stakeholders Interaction Formation under the Mass Media Influence

Ghandir Hatem, Mark Liuty, Sviatoslav Kis, Oleh Yatsiuk
The purpose, role and functions of modern mass media influence on all socially significant components of society by forming in the last public opinion, aimed at a joint search for pareto-efficient solutions of sustainable development, are yet to be subjected to further thorough scientific and theoretical...

Effects of structural changes in intermediate use on employment using the input-output analysis and the index theory

Karel Šafr, Kristýna Vltavská, Jakub Fischer
The aim of this paper is to investigate the effect of structural changes in intermediate use on employment in the Czech economy. We combine the input-output analysis with the index theory. For the analysis, we use input-output and employment data for the period between the years 2005 and 2015. We focus...
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Distribution of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) in Regards to Age and Sex in Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Tri Kesetyaningsih
Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) is a disease that has a rapid geographical spread and the number of occurrences is increasing. The disease is transmitted through the bite of Aedes aegypti or Aedes albopictus which sucks human blood during the day, so that the tramission might be related to human activities....

Literacy Movement Read Al-Quran through Habits of Reading Fifteen Minutes every day

The content of multicultural education in curricula in Elementary School or Madrasah Ibtidaiyah is an integral part of strengthening character education, one of which is religious attitudes which are part of the superiority of religiously labeled Madrasah Ibtidaiyah. One of the excellent programs offered...

Personality Digitalization as a Quantum Discord of Social Reality

Nenad Yanich, Valentina Maykova, Eduard Molchan, Pavel Tihvinskiy, Andrey Maykov
The paper studies personality development trends in the digitalization era and determines moral and spiritual dimension of social systems. Socio-philosophical analysis of pressing challenges of objective reality was used as a research methodology. Close attention is drawn to the fact that educational...
Review Article

The Role of E-health in 24-h Monitoring of Central Haemodynamics and Vascular Function

Stefano Omboni
Pages: 11 - 17
Recent advances in Pulse Wave Analysis (PWA) technology enable Blood Pressure (BP) measuring devices to combine the non-invasive estimation of different vascular biomarkers in ambulatory conditions. This approach allows obtaining a dynamic assessment of vascular function during the 24-h in the conditions...

The Issue of Zoomorphic Ornaments in the History of Studies of Gunch (Stucco) Carving in 9th to 12th Century Central Asia

Guzel Zagirova
The article examines the issue of what is termed "hidden" zoomorphic images in the architectural ornament of early Islamic Central Asia. For many years, zoomorphic motifs were considered intentionally concealed in floral ornament in order to circumvent the Islamic prohibition of depicting living creatures....
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The study of the antibacterial and antimycotic activity of nanostructures based on antibiotics, plant extracts and salts metals

Alexandr Sirotin, Alexandr Krolevets, Violetta Klyueva, Nikita Lyakhovchenko, Vladislav Senchenkov
The antibacterial activity of nanostructures based on antibiotics, plant extracts and metal salts against Escherichia.coli, Staphylococcus sp. and Aspergillus niger was shown. A statistically significant increase in the inhibition effect of ceftriaxone in the poludan was shown by 33,3%, copper sulfate...

On the Qing dynasty Tongzhi Daoguang Xuantong period of anti-smoking policy

Yu Zhou
The anti-smoking policy in the Tongguang Xuan period of the qing dynasty was mainly represented by the "ten articles of anti-smoking regulations" issued in the Guangxu period in 1906, which was introduced nearly half a century after the legalization of opium trade in China in 1858, reflecting the final...
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Irrigation Distribution System for Agriculture using Fuzzy Control and Android-Based Water Monitoring

Son Ali Akbar, Sunardi, Harianto, Fiftin Noviyanto
Water is a critical element in agriculture fields. One of them, paddies. In this research developed the smart irrigation system to real-time monitoring, that provided the water level information based on Android. The prototype system made using the ultrasonic sensor (HC-SR04) to detect the water level,...
Research Article

Concomitance of atherosclerotic lesions in arteries of the lower extremities and carotid arteries in patients with abdominal aorta aneurysm

Piotr Kaźmierski, Michał Pająk, Katarzyna Bogusiak
Pages: 11 - 17
Atherosclerosis was considered the main cause of abdominal aorta aneurysms. Many researchers suggest the presence of the association between these two entities. The aim of this paper was to evaluate the presence of atherosclerosis in the aorta and the arteries of the lower extremities, as well as stenoses...
Research Article

Hemodynamic investigation of intraluminal thrombus effect on the wall stress in a stented three-layered aortic aneurysm model under pulsatile flow

Mohammad Alagheband, Shahrokh Rahmani, Mansour Alizadeh, Alireza Karimi, Mahdi Navidbakhsh
Pages: 11 - 19
Purpose: Aortic aneurysms occurs when the wall stress exceeds the strength of the vascular tissue. Intraluminal Thrombus (ILT) may absorb tension and reduce the aortic aneurysm wall stress. The purpose of this study is to test the hypothesis that the presence and growth of ILT alters the wall stress...

Inquiry into the Permeation of Moral Education in Primary English Teaching

Qiutan Yu
Moral education in English teaching refers to the moral education infusing in the process of the instruction of English language knowledge, the cultivation of English language and communicative ability in the way of permeation; it also refers that English teachers interpret and expound English teaching...

Self Alienation of Adolescents with Visual Impairments

Rika Vira Zwagery, Mr Akbar
Psychologically, the social characteristics of a special need person have differences with normal individuals. Special need person having low self-esteem due to physical limitations tend to avoid social interaction with others. This study aims to identify the self-alienation of an adolescent with visual...

Perception Comparisons on Packaging Design Elements toward Purchasing Decisions between People with Art Sensibility and Those without Art Sensibility

Khwanrat Chinda
Perception on product appearance could enhance customers’ credentials for product quality and increase the purchasing potential. In this study a testing by using a set of 3D simulated pictures as stimuli is designed to evaluate how consumers perceived product necessity of cognitive and affective perceptions...
Proceedings Article

Rice Farming Feasibility Using Subsidized And Non-Subsidized Rice Seeds In Sekar Putih Village, Widodaren District, Ngawi District, East Java, Indonesia

Pujastuti Sulistyaning Dyah, Lestari Rahayu, Arien Sisca Maharani
Rice is a food crop that is widely cultivated in Sekarputih Village. Farmers use more non-subsidized rice seeds. This study aims to determine the costs, income, profits and feasibility of non-subsidized and subsidized rice farming in Sekar Putih Village, Widodaren District, Ngawi District, East Java,...