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Research on the Development of NVIDIA

Yuhang Jiang
Established in 1993, the NVIDIA corporation has been committed to developing the most advanced GPU in the world in order to provide the best image processing technology to its clients. The GPUs designed by NVIDIA have been widely used in a many kinds of computer systems, such as laptops, military navigation...

E-Commerce System for an Electronic Product (Case Study of an E-Commerce Company)

Allandreyanto Allandreyanto, Fitri Ismiyanti
The present study intends to aid e-commerce companies in making decisions concerning their midterm planning for new product expansion related to existing watch products or other products that might be easily distributed by packing well and being dispatched by an expedition company. This study helps a...

Designing Mathematical Models of Geometric and Technical Parameters for Modern Road-Building Machines Versus the Main Parameter of the System

R.V. Mogutnov, P.V. Tikhomirov, A.V. Skrypnikov, A.I. Zavrazhnov, V.G. Kozlov, A.N. Belyaev, V.A. Zelikov, N.V. Mikheyev
Fleet equipping for toting auto road construction should be planned with the account of projected road schemes, regional peculiarities and target growth of labour capacity. The state-of-the-art IT solutions should be found for programming methods. It has been determined that application of the developed...

Studying of the properties of composite materials (powder mixtures) during complex laboratory work

V. Brish, A. Sigov, N. Kuleva, A. Starostin, I. Akhmetova
The article deals with the methodology of complex laboratory work on related technical disciplines of the two departments of the University. There are presented difficult moments in the organization of such works are noted and positive results allowing students to master methods of research work.

Social Contracts: Relationship Balances between Aristocratic and People in South Sulawesi

Najamuddin, M. Rasyid Ridha, Amiruddin
This research aimed to; analyzing patterns of aristocratic relations with the people, and social contracts between nobles and people in South Sulawesi. This type of research was qualitative research with a historical sociological approach to describe patterns of relations and social contracts that occur...

Consistent Inverse Probability and Possibility Propagation

Dominik Hose, Michael Hanss
Given a probability distribution of an output quantity of a model, it is generally not possible to infer a unique probability distribution of the uncertain input quantity. In this contribution, it is shown that by reverting back to the coarser framework of possibility theory this problem possesses a...

Social Dilemmas and Cooperation

Agus Mulyana, A Iskandarsyah, AGP Siswadi, W Srisayekti
Social dilemmas is a situation where one’s must decide what action to take, whether to prioritize the interests of others or personal. In this situation, one’s often experience conflict in determining the action to be taken. One’s may cooperate by prioritizing the interests of others or choosing not...

Research on Cooperative Strategy of Clean Energy Grid-connected Subjects based on Evolutionary Game Model

Fengkai Qiu, Yan Yang, Jiaxin Zhao, Xiaochun Zhang, Ming Zeng, Yongli Wang, Chenjun Sun
Evolutionary game theory, based on the assumption of bounded rationality of individuals and taking group behavior as the research object, is the result of integrating evolutionary biology theory into classical game theory. Based on the complex braking dynamic equation between clean energy power generation...

The Contribution of Professional Competence and Organizational Climate to The Performance of Kindergarten Teacher in Solok City

Nisya Andifani, Ahmad Sabandi, Sufyarma Marsidin
This research is based on the observations of researchers that show the low performance of kindergarten teachers. Many factors influence teacher performance, such as teacher competency and organizational climate. The purpose of this study was to determine: 1) Contribution of professional competence to...

Application of 3D Printing Teaching Aids in Mechanical Drawing Class

Jin-ru Ma, Hui Yu, Rui-can Hao, Hua-gang Liu
Mechanical Drawing is a required professional foundation course for students majoring in mechanical specialties. However, as students don’t have actual engineering practice ability and are with poor spatial imagination, it is difficult for them to image plane figures as 3D shapes and to establish the...

Discourse Analysis on Reading Communism Via Independent Documentary Soundtracks

Mohd. Nor Shahizan Ali
Regarding the issue of independent documentary, the key question to be considered is whether the message conveyed to target groups or intended audiences is fully achieved. The usage of soundtracks to convey the message of an independent documentary is seen as an added value for audiences to digest the...

Local Wisdom And Harmonization Of Community Life In Pegayaman Village Bali

Diversity is the reality of Indonesian life, both ethnically, linguistically, culturally, or religiously. In that context, exploring the diversity of Balinese society is certainly very interesting considering that it is not just a "reality", but also a necessity and need. Thus, the pouch of community...

Archaic Aerophones and Idiophones in Modern Russian Culture

Vladimir Lisovoi, Angelina Alpatova
Such archaic aerophones and idiophones as horns and vargan (jew's harp) play important role in both traditional and modern Russian culture. The scientific interest to this problem is characterized by the archaeomusicology, ethnomusicology, musical anthropology and sociology. The article is dedicated...

Research on Patent Value Analysis System based on P2P Lending

Kun Qian, Ling Xiong, Zhongquan Huang
Patent backed financing has become a common mechanism for innovative firms. As valuation is a bottleneck in patent financing application. The construction of evaluation factor system can be used to screen out valuable patents. Based on patent analysis system of National Intellectual Property Administration...

A Study on Improving Ideological and Political Education in Private Colleges and Universities

Hong Hu
This paper analyses the affinity and pertinence of Ideological and political education in Colleges and universities from two aspects, including the content of affinity and pertinence, the measures of affinity and pertinence. It is hoped that through the analysis and discussion of this paper, we can promote...

Analysis of Administration Process of Academic Degree Equivalence (PGA) for Employees at Research Center for Biotechnology, Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) during the period of 2017-2018

Ayurisya Dominata, Firman Adityo, Novi Savarianti
This research aim to analyze the administration process of Academic Degree Equivalence (PGA) for Employees at the Research Center (RC) for Biotechnology, LIPI, 2017&2018. This research was carried out because there were complaints on the process of Civil Servant PGA Degrees at RC for Biotechnology-LIPI....

The Application of the Reference Book of Choral Pedagogy in the “Chorus Foundation” Course in a Non-state-owned Normal College in China

Xiang Hongxing, Yuan Zhen
There are a series of problems in contemporary normal school chorus courses in China, including the lack of national top-level guidance documents, insufficient professional teachers, insufficient class hours, and misalignment between design of teaching materials and reality. In response to the above...

Changing Hitting Chest to be Stroking Chest with Shaping and Differential Reinforcement of Alternative Behavior Method for a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder with Intellectual Impairment

Aryani Rahmah Utami, Rini Hildayani
Self-injury behavior is a behavior that can cause or potentially cause redness, bruising, or injuries to body parts. Some of the children who perform such behavior are children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Children with ASD perform self-injury to seek attention, avoid things they dislike, to...

Role of the Village Government or Village Officials Toward Poverty Alleviation Program in Jawa Timur

Abdullah Said
This research was conducted to identify the existing “poverty alleviation” program in village and sample urban village, to describe and analyze the implementation of the program, to describe and analyze the benefit of the poverty eradication program, and to identify and analyze the role of village government/apparatus...
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A Simulation Model of Longwall Coal Mining

Victor Okolnishnikov
A new simulation model of longwall coal mining is presented. This model intends to research processes by longwall coal mining and to solve a problem of increasing the productivity of a shearer-loader. Using the simulation model the solution of several optimization problems was obtained.

Calling and Membership in Intrinsic Motivation-based Leadership for Increasing Organizational Commitment and Productivity

M. Nadjib Usman, Romi Ilham, Agus Samekto
This research aims to contribute about the impacts of calling and membership for lecturers as professional through spiritual leadership. The proposed research model was tested using partial least square and 327 valid questionnaires were collected. According to the literature review and analytical technique,...
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Community Structure Of Seagrass In Ketawai Island, Bangka Belitung Islands Province, Indonesia

Wahyu Adi, M. Rizza Muftiadi, Okto Supratman, Dwi Rosalina, Fika Dwi Pratiwi, Sudirman Adibrata
The seagrass ecosystem of Ketawai Island has the potential as a shelter, feeding, spawning ground from various aquatic organisms and it has an important role for the coastal and marine environment. The utilization of coastal and Ketawai island as a tourist area becomes a threat to the growth of seagrass...
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Decision Support in the Management of Instant Payment Services

Nafisa Yusupova, Vitaliy Kotelnikov, Diana Bogdanova, Lada Yatskovich
The paper touches upon the issue of improving the efficiency of the process of providing services for the payments payment by the population through a distributed system of instant payments. Improving the efficiency of the service delivery process is achieved by supporting decision-making managers, system...

Research on the Construction of Urban Logistics Performance Evaluation Index System from the Perspective of Green Development Based on Entropy Weighting Method

Juan Xu
Green development is the current and long-term development concept. Considering the current high cost, low efficiency and great impact on the resources and environment of the logistics industry, it is necessary to build logistics demand, logistics investment and green logistics. The urban logistics...

Research on the Influence of Wushu Competition Media on College Students' Attitude and Behavior of Martial Arts

Wen Wang
Based on the literature and logic analysis method, and the theory of "use and satisfaction", this paper takes the martial arts event medium and college students' attitudes and behaviors as the research object, and conducts an in-depth theoretical analysis on the influence law. The results show that the...

Newest Digital Technology in Management of National Economic System

Nataliia Kraus, Kateryna Kraus, Oleksandr Manzhura
The content of some latest digital technologies in managing of national economic system, including Blockchain NEM technology are described in the article. Key benefits of using NEM in business management are outlined, including high efficiency, ease of use, flexibility and reliability. Among the advanced...
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Softball Referee Quality based on Reviewed Anxiety Level

Y Firmansyah, N Kusmaedi, Komarudin Komarudin
The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship with the performance of softball referees based on qualification levels. The research methods used correlational methods. The research sample was determined based on purposive sampling during softball that occurred in three championships. The data...
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Study of Relative Exposure to Natural Disaster Risk

Chongfu Huang
In view of the need of relative exposure, as background data, in the geospatial information diffusion model, this paper defines “exposure to natural disaster risk” and “relative exposure”. Dividing “the product of the disaster and the parameter affecting the disaster with respect to a risk bearing body...

Risk Evaluation of Terrorist Attacks against Important Chemical Industries in Urban Areas

Jiahao Yang
While terrorism is getting increasingly rampant all over the world, it is significant to identify risk and clarify possible damage mechanism for chemical industries. Aside from the national evaluation method of major danger source, we also consider judging the content of threatening against terrorists...

The Effect of Financial Literacy and Financial Management Behavior on Retirement Confidence

Dina Patrisia, Moni Fauziah
This research aims to analyze: (1) The effect of financial literacy toward retirement confidence (2) The effect of financial literacy toward financial management behavior (3) The effect of financial management behaviors toward retirement confidence (4) The mediating role of financial management behavior...

Creative Economy Development with Technosociopreneur: Case Study: Halal Travel

The purpose of this study is to formulate a development strategy to become a technosociopreneur for the Halal Travel Agency in order to increase tourism rates in Indonesia. The research was done using qualitative method with secondary data obtained from literature studies. The data is then analysed using...
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Model of digital transformation of the value chain manufacturing enterprise

Irina Brusakova, Dmitrij Shurgaev, Hamid Fattahov
The article presents the model of digital transformation of a value chain for manufacturing enterprise. The authors analyze terms of use of the digital twin of a full cycle of value creation for manufacturing enterprise

Content Validity of e-Psychological Testing Version-I for an Effective Flood Victims' Mental Health Digital Management

A. Nazilah, Nor Aizal Akmal Rohaizad, Raja Zirwatul Aida Raja Ibrahim, Mazidah Dagang, Syaidatun Nazirah Abu Zahrin
Floods are classified among sudden onset phenomenon and the highest natural disasters happen in Malaysia. Floods have a negative impact on mental health. Mental distress intervention and treatment need to a valid and reliable test to measure its symptoms. In Malaysia, there is a lack of such test. The...
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Physical and Mechanical Properties of Asphalt Concrete Contain Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement from National Road in East Java Province Indonesia

Ari Widayanti, Ria Soemitro, Januarti Ekaputri, Hitapriya Suprayitno
Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) is a paving stripping material with Cold Milling Machine. The RAP accumulation in East Java Province is estimated 50,000 m3 per-year. The RAP usage can decrease RAP accumulation, natural material, damage rate by mining or excavation. RAP mixture produced an optimum performances...

The Study on the Development of Private Higher Education based on the view of Non-contiguous Orbital Maneuver

Jianwei Shi, Maohua Li
The theory of “S-shaped curve” is of important guiding and practical significance for the transformation of the new and old higher education modes in China. On the one hand, the traditional momentum that supported the growth of higher education in China in the past has moved to the top of the “S-shaped...

The Influence of Engagement as a Mediator Among Leadership and Turnover Intention on Workers in Lembaga Pendidikan Indonesia Amerika

Tony Hartono, Yanki Hartijasti
The researcher organized this research on seventy nine permanent staffs from all branch offices of Lembaga Pendidikan Indonesia Amerika (LPIA) where spread across at all Java Island (including DKI Jakarta). This research objective was to investigation the influence of work engagement as a mediator on...

The Use of the Strict Liability Principle by the Indonesian Courts in Solving Environmental Conflicts

H. Achmad Romsan, Abunawar Basyeban, Moh. Idris
The inclusion of strict liability provision in the Indonesian EMAs has a long history. Since the enactment of the first EMA of 1982 up to the third EMA of 2009, there have been 45 community environmental disputes submitted to the District Court, but the Court verdicts have torn the sense of the people's...

Rating of Investments Funds Using the Capital Asset Pricing Model: Experience of Ukraine

Zoriana Matsuk, Vira Shyiko, Iryna Danyliuk-Chernykh, Lidiia Tryshak
The rating of the unit investment funds of the open and interval types, which invest more then 30 percent of their assets to the shares in Ukraine was done using CAPM. The sample of data from the investment funds that work on the securities market in Ukraine more than 5 years was compiled. The indicators...

Influence of population ageing on macroeconomic productivity

Martina Šimková, Jaroslav Sixta
Labour force of all European countries is ageing and this natural demographic process has its own consequences on economic output and productivity. This issue has been widely discussed in Western countries for several years, but a deep economic and social discussion is still absent in the Czech Republic....

Synergy, Diversification and Firm Performance in Mergers and Acquisitions

Stanley Septian, Christiana Fara Dharmastuti
Synergy from merger and acquisition (M&A) theoretically increases firm performance. However, diversification leads to coinsurance effect which reduces firm value. This study aims to analyze the relationship between synergy and firm performance measured using return on assets (ROA) and Tobin’s Q, with...

Ethical Challenges Faced by Students in the Educational Environment of Artificial Intelligence

Zhonghua Wang, Jing Zhai
With the development of new generation information technology, human society is entering the era of artificial intelligence, and the application of artificial intelligence has gradually entered the field of education. As the main body of teaching, information technology is applied to education to bring...

Study on the development strategy of homestay tourism from the perspective of eco-tourism

Jingchun Hu
With the rapid development of social economy, people's living standards gradually improve, more and more people choose to travel close to nature, relieve the pressure of life, to meet their pursuit of spiritual and cultural life, in this context, China's tourism industry is facing broad prospects for...

Preliminary Exploration on the Innovation of Marketing Teaching Model

Wenqin Jiang, Xia Li
T Marketing is a very practical and applied course. In order to match China's higher education to implement “the cultivation of innovation ability and practice ability”, exploring new teaching mode, carry out innovation education reform, and cultivating excellent marketing talents for the enterprise...
Proceedings Article

Mechanical Analysis of Environmentally Friendly Concrete Rubber

M. Rizki, Sri Sumarni, Ernawati
Tire production Indonesia has been increased by numbers from year to year along with a great amount causes the availability of abundant rubber tire waste, this waste has not been widely used and has unravel able properties leading into environmental pollution. In this research, we developed an environmentally...
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The Effect of Ageratum conyzoides L on Hepatocellular Carcinoma Rats Induced by DMBA based on In Vivo-In Silico Study

Heni Ratnasari, Aulia Rahma, Rifki Febriansah
Liver cancer is the second most common cause of cancer deaths worldwide. Treatment that has been carried out was chemotherapy which has many disadvantages. Bandotan Herb (Ageratum conyzoides L.) containing flavonoid compounds was used as chemopreventive agents. This research was experimental study using...

Investigating Written Feedback on Students’ Academic Writing

Andi Wirantaka
Written feedback in academic writing is an essential factor that enables teacher and students to interact with each other in order to improve students’ writing. This research aims to find out the types of written feedback the teachers use for students’ academic writing, the most useful feedback, and...

Applying The Twenty First Century Skills (4c Skills) in Present Classroom Instructions

The teacher’s skill in developing good and successful classroom learning has been high attention for the government for years. Several government decrees are issued to make standardized classroom learning to get the maximum achievement; among others, PP No 44 2015 on SNPT, Permendikbud No 022 2016...

Сadets' Creative Imagination and Agency Development in Military Higher School Educational Environment

Victor Panov, Margarita Selezneva
Using the ecopsychological approach for mental development, the authors study the problem of cadets' creative imagination in the structure of their agency not by itself but in the holistic unity within the educational environment. In doing so, cadets' creative imagination is considered as the highest...

The Financing Role of Sharia Banks Toward the Development of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Indonesia on Era Revolution Industry 4.0

Naning Fatmawatie
The development of the sharia banking sector in Indonesia is growing rapidly. The presence of sharia banks has a positive impact on the growth of the real sector, especially MSMEs. This is because mudharabah and musyarakah pattern is a direct investment pattern in the real sector. The Industrial Revolution...

Research on the Application of Panel Teaching Model in College Liberal Arts Classroom

Dequan Chen, Zihan Jin
The traditional interactive classroom teaching method has gradually revealed its disadvantages in practice. To find another way to build real communication between teachers and students is important. Panel teaching mode is an innovative teaching mode, which can truly reflect the students' subject status....