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The Malay version of the brief questionnaire on smoking urge: Translation and psychometric properties of the questionnaire

Ali Qais Blebil, Syed Azhar Syed Sulaiman, Mohamed Azmi Hassali, Juman Abdulelah Dujaili, Alfian Mohamed Zin
Pages: 15 - 22
This study aimed to evaluate the psychometric properties of Malay translated version of the brief questionnaire of smoking urges (QSU-Brief). The translation procedure was done following the standard guidelines. The reliability and validity of the Malaysian version scale were evaluated based on the data...
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Evaluation of Available Land Resources Based on Three Types of Space: Town, Agriculture and Ecology —Taking Panzhou City, Guizhou Province as an Example

Weiyi Tan, Zhongfa Zhou, Yuting Hou, Quan Chen
The rational use of limited land resources is of great importance to the division of land space and the coordination of man land relationship, strictly implement the ecological function orientation of Karst mountain area, on the basis of scientifically defining three kinds of space: Town, agriculture...
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Models and Methods of Optimal Information Operations Use for System Functioning

Alexander Geyda
The article outlines models of system functioning and methods to use these models for solving problems of optimal information operations use for systems functioning. Models provide means for estimation of information operation effects and as a result, the operational properties of systems and their functioning...

Emotional-volitional regulation of the activity of a chief of law enforcement agency

Irina Berdnikova
Paying attention to the increased emotionality and stressfulness of professional situations of a chief of law enforcement agency, the author of the article emphasizes the importance of the emotional-volitional regulation of his activity. The article highlights the basic provisions of the empirical research...

Favor Consumption: An Empirical Study on Chinese Villagers

Li You
The Chinese villagers lay great emphasis on face earned from exceeding consumption on renqing, with the expectation of receiving respects and fames. This study empirically tests the relationship between face and consumptions of renqing and reveals various effects. This study makes up the research gap...

“Networking Strategy”, Business and Media Content Strategy of Print Media Industry in Digital Era (Case Study of Kompas Gramedia Media)

Nigar Pandrianto
The widespread use of digital technology has affected the print media business landscape in Indonesia. As a result, newspapers or magazines publishers have to reduce the number of copies of every newspaper or magazine they publish. This condition has reduced the income stream from copies sold and advertising....

Anti-Corruption Education Model for Millenial Generation in School

This article aims to (1) create anti-corruption education model for millennial generation in school; (2) design anti-corruption education application method for millennial generation in school (3) create particular strategies on the implementation of anti-corruption education for millennial generation...
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Music Emotion Recognition Using a Variant of Recurrent Neural Network

Huaping Liu, Yong Fang, Qinghua Huang
Searching music by emotion has always been strongly needed by users. Since music streaming applications usually have tens millions of music pieces in database, it is impossible to label emotion tags for each music piece manually. It is desired that an intelligent algorithm can recognize emotion expressed...

Community Technology Science Approach To Improve Results Of Science Learning In Elementary School

Roos M.S Tuerah, Philotheus E. Tuera
This study aims to improve the learning outcomes of science using the Community Technology Science approach. Preliminary data show the results of fourth grade science learning at SD GMIM I Tomohon have not yet achieved the expected learning goals, because students tend to be passive and lack enthusiasm...

Perspective of Wayang Kulit Purwa Figure Creation Product by Bambang Suwarno (A Case Study on Sanggar Ciptoning [Ciptoning Art Studio], Sangkrah)

Bagaskoro Ardhi, Slamet Supriyadi, Zaini Rohmad
Javanese wayang kulit (leather puppet) performance is a form of art living and developing in Java. The word Wayang in Javanese means “shadow”. The objectives of research were 1) to find out the important position of wayang kulit purwa position, and 2) to find out the visualization of wayang kulit purwa...

The Literary Value of "The Figures and Exposition of Suppression and Pacification in Tibet"

Xiangfei Fan, Juntao Wang
The Figures and Exposition of Suppression and Pacification in Tibet is the work of the Minister of Tibet Songyun. Although the research on Songyun and its works is a research hotspot in recent years, there are relatively few studies on the research of "The Figures and Exposition of Suppression and Pacification...

Discussion on the Planning and Design of Waterfront Space-Take Shanghai as an Example

Jing Wang, Yue Huang
Waterfront green spaces are valuable natural resource of the city, which has the functions of purifying air, cleaning waste water, maintaining water source and improving the climate environment, and it is an important part of the urban ecological lung and ecosystem of ecological city. This paper summarizes...

R&D Leap and Operational Efficiency: The Moderating Roles of Environmental Dynamism and Environmental Munificence

Li-Tian Chen, Mei-Mei Zhang
Based on the theory of ambidextrous innovation and dynamic capability, our study investigates into the relationship between R&D leap and operational efficiency. Thus, using panel data of 257 GEM listed firms from 2011 to 2016, we show that R&D leap is negative to operational efficiency. In addition,...
Proceedings Article

Study on Method for Field Secondary Signal Simulation of Optical Current Transformer

Jin-bo Wu, Quan Hong, Hui Li, Si-yuan Guo, Hao Xu, Wei-jun Zhu, Fan Ouyang
The optical current transformer play an important role on the security and stability of the power system especially HVDC. The HVDC control and protection system cannot be field verified without field simulation for the optical current transformer secondary signal. But the existing method for field simulation...

The Cultivation of Translators’ Terminological Competence in the Era of Globalization: a Case Study of Translating “Well-positioned Seismic Measurements” in Oilfield Review

Yali Liu
How to cultivate translators’ terminological competence in the era of globalization has become a new topic in the field of translation practice and theoretical research. In this paper, the author makes some reflections on the translation process of “Well-positioned Seismic Measurements” in Oilfield Review...

Sociolinguistic Profile of English in East Asia

Irina Khokhlova
In modern world all spheres of people's life - politics, economy and culture - are under the influence of globalization process. People should have a common means of communication -a lingua franca - if they want to cooperate mutually beneficially in modern world. The English language is such lingua franca,...
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Predicting Pulverized Coal Plasma Ignition Performance by BP Neural Network

Lei Shi, Yi Zhang, Yu-bin Men, Ji Cheng
To make sure the major factors and their influence for pulverized coal plasma ignition(PCPI), the way predicting the PCPI was investigated in this paper. The back propagation(BP) neural network was used to established a prediction model which can study by itself for PCPI. Then the sample database was...

The Effect of Cause Brand Fit on Brand Credibility through Altruistic Attribution and Moderated by Altruistic Value

Adrianto Trimarjono
This study aims to examine the effect of cause brand fit on brand credibility through altruistic attribution and moderated by altruistic value. The research was conducted on aqua consumers in East Java by using purposive sampling technique. To test the hypothesis used Moderating Regression Analysis (MRA)...

Identification and Evaluation of Mortgage Financing Risk of Agricultural Land Management Right

Liuqing Liu, Yixuan Liu
In view of the various drawbacks of the current agricultural land system, China began to explore the collective ownership of farmland, the contracting rights of farmers and the management rights of the three powers, and achieved remarkable results, including the financing of farmland management rights....

Models of Phase Equilibrium of Water in Ideal Models of Rock at Negative Temperature

N.A. Protodyakonova, A.V. Stepanov, O.N. Kravtsova, N.I. Tappyrova, A.V. Malyshev, A.M. Timofeev, E.G, Starostin
The article analyzes models of phase equilibrium of water in rocks, where a mineral matrix is treated as an assembly of particles with a determined effective molar mass, depending on dispersibility and surface properties of the mineral matrix. This provides an opportunity to develop a model of phase...

Need Assessment as the First Step to Developing A Model for Enhancing Student’s Emotional Intelligence based on Developmental Counseling Approach (A Study of the Students Development of the Senior High School in Padang City)

Helma, Ahmad Zaini, Fitria Kasih, Yasrial Chandra
The present study is aimed at: (1) profile students’ emotional intelligence of senior high school; (2) composing guideline for the implementation of the model which is acceptable both theoretically and practically as well. The study applies research and development approach, involving senior high school...
Proceedings Article

The Application Study of Consumer Credit risk model in Auto Financial Institution Based on Logistic Regression

Cuizhu Meng, Bisong Liu, Li Zhou
Credit scoring technology is a kind of statistical model, which is widely used for Risk Assessment scoring for loan applicants, which can predict credit risk of applicants, based on information provided by customers, historical data of customers and data from third-party platforms (sesame score, Wechat...

Factors Influencing Corruption Actions with Parliamentary Behavior as Moderating Variables (Polewali Mandar Regency DPRD Study)

Jamaluddin M, Mediady, Harryanto, Abdul Hamid Habbe, Lili Aprilianti
This study aims to examine the greedy effect of greed, opportunity, need and disclosure on the behavior of APBD corruption with parliamentary behavior as a moderating variable. This research is a quantitative research using a descriptive approach. The method of data collection is by handing out questionnaires....

Research on the Professional Layout and Professional Structure Adjustment of H Colleges and Universities from the Perspective of Graduates' Dynamic Change

Juan Xu, Yuan Wang
The rationality of professional layout and professional structure adjustment directly affects the advantages and disadvantages of higher vocational colleges in cultivating high-quality talents and serving regional economic and social development. This paper selects data from the data collection platform...

Study on the Influence of Mothers' Quality on Children's Development

Tingpimei Zhang
China's next-stage demographic dividend needs to be stimulated by the use of population quality and population structure. Therefore, the quality of the population of future generations is crucial to promoting social and economic development. By combing the literature, this paper finds that the quality...

Marketing provision of transformational economic processes

Svetlana Kovalchuk, Alona Tanasiichuk, Svetlana Sirenko, Yevhena Zaburmekha
It is substantiated in this article the necessity of the global market of goods formation and also capital, labor force, information technologies, internationalization of production and capital, increasing the efficiency of foreign trade and foreign investment as well as increasing competition in commodity...
Proceedings Article

A New Neutral Point Voltage Control Strategy for NPC Three Level Inverters

Shuxi Liu, Shan Li, Xiaoduo Yang
Multi-level inverter is now becoming an efficient and promising technology in sorts of applications, especially in high level voltage inverters. However, the unbalanced voltages between two DC-link capacitors while operating the Neutral Point Clamped (NPC) three-level inverters is an inherent problem,...
Proceedings Article

Earthquake Damage Predicting System of Songyuan Based on GIS

Su Zhenjiang, Huang Meng, Xie Shaohui, Zhang Dian, Wang Zhe
With the rapid development of cities, the research on urban seismic damage prediction should have a breakthrough based on the modern technology. The paper takes Songyuan of Jilin Province as the research object, and creates a spatial database by field data and Baidu maps. We simulate the earthquake by...

Results on Cumulative Measure of Inaccuracy in Record Values

Saeid Tahmasebi, Ahmad Nezakati, Safeih Daneshi
Pages: 15 - 28
In this paper, we propose cumulative measure of inaccuracy in lower record values and study characterization results in case of dynamic cumulative inaccuracy. We also discuss some properties of the proposed measures. Finally, we study a problem of estimating the cumulative measure of inaccuracy by means...
Proceedings Article

Observation of synergistic effect of End statin and cisplatin On Calu-6 cell

Xin Cheng, Qiuju Lin, Wenhui Li
End statin is an endogenous inhibitor of angiogenesis, specifically acting on endothelial cells, inhibiting its migration, inducing its apoptosis, thus inhibiting the forming of new vessels and tumor growth. But it is not clear about the synergetic mechanism, action characteristic and best regimen. This...

A Comparative Study on the Delisting Ratings of Firms from the UN Global Compact in the International Management Environment

Kanako Negishi
Pages: 15 - 18
This study clarifies unique characteristics of Japanese manufacturing firms in the international business management environment using the United Nations Global Compact delisting ratio through a comparative study on Japan, China, Spain, and the US. Analyzing the number of countries and delisting ratios...

Development of the Associative Memory Intelligence Test for High School Students Based on Cattel-Horn-Carrol Theory

Hidayati, Dewi Maulina
The objective of the study was to develop and validate the Associative Memory Test (AM Test), as a subtest of the intelligence test (Tes Inteligensi Siswa SMA, TISS), based on Cattel-Horn-Caroll (CHC) theory of intelligence. The AM Test was used as a psychological assessment tool for determining high...

Management of Commuters’ Travel Behaviors: A Tradable Credits Scheme Approach Based on Commuters’ Travel Utilities

Ting TAO
A novel Tradable Credits Scheme (TCS) is approached to effectively control the urban commuters’ travel behaviors in this study. To analyze the travelers’ behaviors affected by the TCS, a residents' travel utility model is established. Under the constraint of travel expenses, we analyze commuters’ travel...
Proceedings Article

Study on Improving Engineering Information Management by Integrating BIM and Internet of Things+

Yanyu Meng, Nan Wu, Hui Pang, Fan Yang
With the continuous and rapid development of the economy as well as the scientific information technology in China, the construction industry has ushered in a new market as a very prominent part of the national economic system. Under the background of the rapid development of both science and technology,...
Proceedings Article

Research on Platform Lighting Control System Based on Wireless Sensor Network

Ke Han, Shihai Zhao, Yunlan Hu, Xiaoshu Wang, Jiangye Xu
In view of the backward lighting control methods in many domestic railway stations,an automatic lighting control scheme using industrial PC as control core and wireless sensor network to collect illuminance information for feedback control is proposed.The wireless sensor network is designed to achieve...

Research on Managerial Entrenchment and Company Capital Structure

Xue-Xia Xu, An-Qi Liu, Yu-Hui Gu, Sun-Lei Yang
Under the modern enterprise system, it is an inevitable problem for the management to act according to their own interests when making decisions. Therefore, the attitude of management in making decisions will inevitably affect the proportional relationship in the capital structure of the company. In...

Stress and Self-Control as Predictors of Mobile Game Addiction Among Chinese University Students

Xiao Han, Mengjun Li, Ziqi Jiang, Zhouzhou Zhou
The main purpose of this study is to discuss the behaviors of using mobile games and the causes of mobile game addiction among Chinese university students. Based on uses and gratifications theory, stress and self-control, these three aspects were used to analyze the motivations of mobile games use among...

The Effect Of Caffeine Consumption On Attention: An Experiment Conducted on Psychology Students in Indonesia

Vanessa Arieputri, Virginia Hanny, Nicolas Kenji, Devy Permana
Caffeine, which contains a psychoactive substance that has a stimulating effect, plays a part in societal lifestyle, as well as being part of college students’ lifestyle. College students often consume caffeine during the night and morning to help them improve their attention and performance in doing...

A Financial Analysis of The Farming Business of Manalagi Apple: A Case Study in Junggo Village, Bumiaji District, Batu City, East Java

Adyla Mita Lestari
This study aims to determine the amount of production and income of apple farming varieties from a financial perspective. The results of the study showed that the initial investment in the farming of a Manalagi apple was IDR 20,335,000, and the average production cost per year is IDR 26.263.742.50. Monoculture...

Sharia Bank Resilience in Facing Macroeconomic Factors

Irma Setyawati, Tri Widyastuti, Adelina Suryati
The purpose of this study is to analyze the resilience of sharia banks in Indonesia in facing macroeconomic factors. This research data was taken from Bank BRI Syariah's publication of quarterly reports, period of 2009 – 2016. Multiple regression equation was used to determine the relationship between...

EFL Self-Concept in an English Drama Club: A Case Study of Two English Language Education Department Students

Arifah Mardiningrum
Self-concept has been considered as one of the determining factors of a student’s success in learning. A student organization such as drama club can be a place where students build certain self-concept. The current study is aimed at investigating students’ EFL self-concept in relation to their involvement...

New Technological Wave and Challenges to Professional Education: Signals from the Labour Market

Irina Akimova, Elena Gavrilina, Nadezhda Opletina
The problem of employment of young professionals in the conditions of changing technological way and the transition to innovative development is raised in the paper. It is shown that in the modern labour market new challenges are forming both for alumni and for the university system as a whole. Based...
Proceedings Article

Mathematical Modeling of Dynamics of Gene Expression Levels Circadian Rhythm

Darna Badgaeva
The present study focuses on mathematical modeling of the dynamics of gene expression levels of circadian rhythm. All living organisms exhibit daily (circadian) rhythms. At first glance, there is a feeling that circadian rhythms caused by external reasons, but they exist offline: these processes are...

Critical leadership and set-up-to-fail syndrome

Zhanna Gardanova, Natalya Nikitina, Wadim Strielkowski
This paper focuses on the issue of the so-called “set-up-to-fail syndrome” which is a situation when employees perceived to be ineffective and weak performers by their managers start living down to their low expectations. We argue that set-up-to-fail syndrome can be caused both by the lack of motivation...
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An Improved Algorithm of Parameter Kernel Cutting Based on Complex Fusion Image

Yongxiang Zhang, Tiantian Meng, Zhuhong Shao, Liang Yan
Aiming at the problem that the color image with more detailed textures is not highly segmented in the image segmentation process, a PKGC image segmentation method based on improved edge detection difference ratio is proposed. The method first constructs an energy function by using a parametric kernel...
Proceedings Article

Solving Office Ergonomics Problem Using Rapid Upper Limb Assessment (RULA)

Ken Erliana, Fuad Kautsar, Digitha Oktaviani, Dani Yuniawan, Samsudin Hariyanto, Djoko Andriono, Effendi Mohamad, Rizal Firdiansyah
This research took place in the Industrial computation laboratory, where the main function of the laboratory as a place of practical activity related to industrial engineering software for students. From the results of the Nordic Body Map preliminary questionnaire (NBM) showed that the highest percentage...
Proceedings Article

A Qualitative Analysis of Tannin Type and Tannin Content in Meniran Tea (Phyllanthus Niruri Linn.) with Permanganometry Method

Ai Sri Kosnayani, Liah Badriah, R.Reza El Akbar, Asep Kurnia Hidayat
Meniran (Phyllanthus niruri Linn.) extract is known to be a source of antioxidants and non-toxic. The content of antioxidants in meniran is donated by tannin. The use of meniran (Phyllanthus niruri Linn.) extract as an herbal medicine has been widely used. Meniran (Phyllanthus niruri Linn.) can be brewed...

New Teaching Mode of Cognitive Practice Course for Foreign Communication Engineering Students in China

Fangni Chen, Weiwei Qiu
Under the background of “The Belt and Road” construction, the scale of education for international students in China has been expanding. Improving the quality of foreign students’ education has become one of the urgent tasks of the internationalization of higher education in China. The cognitive practice...

Using results of the process-oriented approach for developing cluster policies for sustainable development of a region

N Vasilieva, V Nechaev, O Takhumova
The work reveals the priority directions of increasing the sustainable development of the country’s regions, ensuring the growth of the population's welfare and economic status in the national system and the world economy. The process-oriented approach is applied in the study. The article presents a...

Self -Concept of Generation Z in Parenting and Religiosity of Parents in Urban Society: Qualitative Approach in Dai Family

Azizah Fajar Islam, Nurwahidin, Thobib Al-Asyhar
The self-concept of Generation Z is influenced by many factors, i.e. the social environment with the developmeny of digital technology, and parents as the role of significant others. This qualitative case study examines parenting and the religiosity of parents in the formation of Generation Z’s self-concept...