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Concept of Faith: Its Ontological and Gnoseological Aspects

Sergei Nizhnikov
The concept of faith is defined as a universal path to the spiritual knowledge born in the "Axial Age" (K. Jaspers) as a way of understanding the transcendent origins underlying all the world religions and associated philosophies. The author of the article asserts the significance of faith from the philosophical,...
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Short-Term Wind Power Forecasting Based on Spatiotemporal Correlations

Jinli Dou, Chun Liu, Bo Wang
Wind power forecasting is of great significance for promoting the new energy resources accommodation and the economic efficiency, security and stability of power grid operation. The traditional wind power forecasting model has monotonous elements for input and demonstrates a lack of spatiotemporal correlation...

Spread Development of Short Video App Analyzed by Fast Hand

Xing Hua, Ke Li, Zongyuan Tan, Jian Zhou
With the rapid development of social media, people began to be dissatisfied with the way of transmission of text pictures. The short video app came into being and opened a new way for users to socialize. As the short video app with advanced users, the fast hand has experienced the development of stage...

Is the integration of pop art an important factor in giving birth to the art market?

Yao Wang
Pop art is a new style of art. Its characteristics are popular, popular and mass production, and the characteristics of the art market are to serve the masses and retail a large amount of cheap daily necessities produced in mass production. Pop art is closely related to the supermarket. Andy Warhol is...
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Body Fluid pH Balance in Metabolic Health and Possible Benefits of Dietary Alkaline Foods

Wataru Aoi, Xiaobo Zou, Jian Bo Xiao, Yoshinori Marunaka
Pages: 12 - 23
Living cells have several mechanisms to avoid acidic conditions created by excess protons. The protons are extruded to the extracellular space via the plasma membrane by various types of transporters such as the Na+/H+ exchanger and monocarboxylate transporters, which hereby contribute to the exclusion...
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Characteristics of Asphalt Concrete Mixed Using Aggregates Coated by Low Density Polyethilene (LDPE) Plastic Waste

Ni Luh Setyarini, Anissa Tajudin
Road is one of the important infrastructures in facilitating the mobility of goods and services in order to improve the national economy, but most of the roads are damaged by the effects of weather. The rain water interusion into the pavement layer make accelerates erosion process. The asphalt erosion...

Analysis on Semantic Relations of English Nominal Anaphora

Yuqing Xu
Anaphora plays an indispensable role in discourse cohesion since it tells us how discourse is constructed and arranged. The present paper aims to analyze anaphora from a semantic angle. In this paper, definition and types of anaphora are presented firstly, and then moves to focus on nominal anaphora....

Costing Information System Design for a Clinic Registered as a First-Degree Healthcare Provider (Case Study: Ismal Medika Health Clinic)

Gamal Batara, Machmudin Eka Prasetya
This study aims to analyze and design a costing information system for Ismail Medika Health Clinic, registered as a first-degree health clinic in Badan Penyelenggara Jaminan Sosial or BPJS (the Indonesian Social Insurance Administration Organization). The Indonesian Ministry of Health suggests that healthcare...

Exploration on the Teaching Practice of Entrepreneurship Management Course in Business Universities

Yonghui Dai, Nianwen Du, Qianfeng Zhu, Peng Zuo
Innovative entrepreneurship education has attracted the attention of colleges and universities as a national strategy. The work explores the curriculum teaching practice of 320 entrepreneurial management students of Shanghai University of International Business and Economics. And the results show that...

Enhancing Students' Engagement in TBLT: The Implementation of Mind Mapping

Raka Sitawati, Dyah Hudiananingsih, Rai Jaya Widanta, Dana Ardika, Ketut Suciani, Paulus Subiyanto
Task-Based Language Teaching (TBLT) has been found effective to improve students' comprehension on language and communication skill. This study aimed at investigating whether (or not) mind mapping, as a part of learning technics, was potential to increase students' engagement in learning English in English...

Novels by Gaito Gazdanov and Mental Changes in Literary Consciousness of Russian First-Wave Émigré Writers of the 20th Century

Nikolay Nikolaev, Svetlana Dulova
The first wave of Russian émigré writers of the 20th century has attracted attention as an internally heterogeneous phenomenon for quite a long time. There are two generations of this wave traditionally distinguished by the researchers: the older (I. Bunin, I. Shmelev, and others) and the younger (V....

An Argument against Registration of Religions

Jeremy Patrick
The paper examines how is the perspective of freedom of religion and human rights, the official registration and recognition of religious groups is inevitably problematic in democratic societies. Several arguments against the practice follow, but many share a common theme: scepticism of government power....

Village Government Leadership Towards Optimizing Society Participation in Development Planning

Adam Latif, Irwan, Ahmad Mustanir, Jamaludin Ahmad, Geminastiti Sakkir
This research is to find out the leadership of the village government and to find out society participation in development planning in Pattondon Salu Village, Maiwa District, Enrekang Regency. The hypothesis of this study is that village government leadership has a significant effect on optimizing society...
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Common battery storage for an area with residential houses

Eberhard Waffenschmidt, Till Paulzen, Alexander Stankiewicz
In this publication the technical benefits of a mutual battery storage compared to a solution with three individual battery storages is investigated. This has been done in the context of the EU funded project “GrowSmarter” in collaboration with Rheinenergie in the living area Stegerwaldsiedlung in Cologne....
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The Complience of Hypertensive Patients in Health Center Pengasih I Kulon Progo

Andriana Sari, Muhammad Adjie Cakrawardana
Hypertension is a condition where blood vessels have persistent high blood pressure. Compliance is a behavior to adhere to doctor's advice about using medicine. The purpose of this study is to determine the compliance, the use of antihypertensive and the relationship between characteristics of patients...

Peace Guidance and Counseling Based on Indonesian Local Wisdom

Agus Supriyanto, Wahyu Saputra, Budi Astuti
Conflict and violence arise in the behavior of aggression. Aggression behavior in the industrial era 4.0, such as hitting teachers, insulting teachers, uncontrolled emotions, hatred, intolerance, and spreading negative information. The most significant impact is the negative perception of students about...
Research Article

Associations between smoking and alcohol use and arterial elasticity in patients with newly diagnosed essential hypertension: A cross-sectional study

Noor-Ahmed Jatoi, Waleed-Ibrahim Al-Baker, Afnan Al-Muhanna, Fahad Al-Muhanna, Stella-Maria Kyvelou, Faisal Sharif
Pages: 12 - 18
Objective: To assess the relationship between smoking and alcohol use (separately and combined) on arterial stiffness in patients with essential hypertension. Materials and Methods: We assessed never-treated newly diagnosed patients with essential hypertension (n = 446) aged 18–80 years (52% males)....
Research Article

Left atrial appendage dysfunction in acute embolic stroke young patients with sinus rhythm: Correlation with Tissue Doppler mitral annular systolic velocity

Rania Gaber, Mai Salama
Pages: 12 - 18
Background: Trans-esophageal echocardiogram (TEE) is a gold standard test for diagnosis of left atrial (LA) appendage function. Aim: To evaluate left atrial appendage (LAA) dysfunction using mitral annular systolic velocity measured by tissue Doppler imaging “Sm” in acute embolic stroke young patients...

Identifying the Issues of Digital Literacy Skills of Undergraduate Students in Universitas Negeri Padang in Applying Internet as Online Learning Resource

Dedi Supendra, Septriyan Anugrah, Fitri Maiziani
Engaging with online learning materials and resources have been common activities undertaken by undergraduate students in discovering knowledge and in particular situation, assisting them doing their assignments. However, there are some problems emerged during this process so that it cannot reach the...
Research Article

Adiponectin negatively correlated with carotid arterial structure in the leptin-resistant Zucker diabetic fatty rat

Emmanuel Cosson, Paul Valensi, André Bado, Hubert Dabiré
Pages: 12 - 20
Background: Despite adipocytokines are implicated in arterial hemodynamic and stiffness, their effects on arterial histomorphometry remain poorly explored. The aim of the present study was to evaluate, in Zucker Diabetic Fatty (ZDF) rats, a model of type 2 diabetes with leptin resistance, carotid arterial...

Categories of Space and Time of the Concept “Reindeer Breeding” (in Even and Evenki)

Ekaterina Krivoshapkina, Svetlana Prokopieva
In the context of development of cognitive linguistics, the concept “reindeer breeding” must be regarded more extensive, namely, as a basic category of being for most indigenous peoples of the North, Siberia, and Russian Far East. Using the cognitive approach, its conceptual content must be addressed....

Optimizing the Value-at-Risk Measure in European Countries to Better Quantify Market Risk in Banking Industry in Sweden

F. Akhmedov, Mhd Shaker Zeitoun
Market conditions can change rapidly. Empirical evidences from Europe markets show that there can be several years between risk being taken, revenues being generated, and losses flowing through. This is the lesson that the recent financial crisis of 2008 taught us. Stress market conditions in Europe...

Problems and Countermeasures of rural water ecological civilization construction under river system

Min Xiang, Yan-wen Shi, Wei-liang Li, Yi-ming Zhou, Zheng-jia GU
Rural water environment is an integral part of the construction of rural water ecological civilization and an important part of the construction of "beautiful countryside”. But in recent years, rural water ecological environment is deteriorating.This paper analyzes the present situation and causes of...

Entering Children’s Literacy Through Whole Language Approach

Ari Susanti, Mustaji Mustaji, Umi Anugerah Izzati
The aim of this research was to determine the influence of the whole language for kindergarten students, especially in early literacy. The researcher chose a whole language approach to help children age 4-5 years understanding early literacy because it integrated 4 language capabilities: reading, writing,...

Independent Assessment of the Quality of Education in Russia: Results and Development Directions

Yulia Fedorchuk, Sergey Neustroyev, Anna Arinushkina
The article considers certain elements of the world and national system of independent assessment of the education quality. The structure of the system at the federal, regional, and local levels, the regulatory framework, and the results are considered. The paper also analyzes the normative changes in...

The Effects of Health Educational Lessons using Learning Activities that Make Students Apply The Knowledge

Hideaki Tanimoto
The Japanese Education Ministry guidelines were revised in 2008 with an emphasis to elevate the thinking levels, judgment capacity and an expressive faculty. This will be passed down by the next guidelines revised in 2017. As in any health education, handling the Content of the Education Ministry guidelines...

The Application of Multiple Intelligences Theory in Mathematics Teaching

Nan Wang
The construction of high-end technical and skilled personnel training project in Beijing is not only the need of social development, but also the need of school education development. Through the application of multiple intelligences theory in mathematics class, teachers can correctly treat the diversity...

Putative Dehalogenase uptake gene from Rhizobium sp. RC1

Adam Izzuddin Nasir, Aliyu Adamu, Yilmaz Kaya, Mohamed Faraj Edbeib, Fahrul Huyop
Halogenated compounds that are polluting the environment is becoming a huge concern that demands an efficient solution. The rising priority in the use of microorganisms that have the potential to be the most environmental-friendly way to degrade and dispose of halogenated compounds is crucial in solving...

Arguments in Critical Thinking Ability

Nonik Indrawatiningsih
The ability to think critically is an essential skill and becomes one of the primary goals in college. A person who can think critically will be able to use appropriate criteria to evaluate an argument. There must be clear evidence and accompanied by a plausible explanation. This study aims to investigate...

Research on Financial Support Game New Urbanization Process in China

Xiaohong Dong
Theoretical and game analysis of the new urbanization of financial support. Propose solutions to the problem of rural financial conflicts financing needs of both supply and demand, improve rural financial market stage presence financial suppression. Game analysis of the process of urbanization problems...

The Transformation of the MPAcc Talent Cultivation Model in Colleges Based on the Financial Shared Environment

Jun Dai, Mengting Yu
The MPAcc education reform needs to be based on the developing trend of the accounting industry. Exerting the advantages of standardization, process and intelligence, nowadays the financial shared service is leading the revolution of the accounting industry by the modem information technology. This paper...

The Effect of Using English Videos on Vocabulary Achievement at the Fifth Grade of Elementary School 10 Poasia

Ni Nyoman Ayu Novayanti, Meilan Nirmala Shinta, Mr Mursalim, Amir Jaya
Vocabulary is often regarded as the foundation of four main skills of English; listening, speaking, reading, and writing. It is important to look for the ways how teaching vocabulary can be effective and integrated into those skills. This study aims at finding out the effect of using English videos on...

The Construction of University's Smart Library

Haibo Zhang, Peifa Lin, Xiaoyan Li
Due to the limitation of objective conditions, some university libraries can hardly change their “physical conditions” such as library buildings. In order to improve service quality, it is an effective method to use information technology to build “virtual conditions” of libraries. As an important content...

A Comparison Study of The Registration System of Trademarks in Indonesia and Australia

Agung Sujatmiko, Ria Setyawati
Trade Mark as a part of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) has very important function in goods trade, especially for products with famous trade mark. The famous trade mark has high economic value if it is compares to others products. On the other side, it is also fragile to falsification which done...

Implications of Regional Autonomy for National and Local Coal Mining Development Companies: Case Study of The closure of PT. BA-UPO in Sawah Lunto, West Sumatra

Ade Saptomo
This paper aims to analyze the relationship between the implementation of regional autonomy policy with the National Coal Mining Company and the emergence of the Local Coal Mining Company in Indonesia with a particular case study on the case of coal for mentioned Coal located in Sawah Lunto, West Sumatra....

Monetary policy transmission mechanism: A survey

Wang Zuyi
The transmission problem of monetary policy plays an important role in the theory of monetary policy. Its conduction effect determines the performance of macroeconomic regulation and control, which influences the current and future policy decisions of the monetary authorities. The effective transmission...

Professional Legal Ethic in Australia

Reid Mortensen
This paper is a short account of the deep moral structures of Australian legal professions. In attempting to understand how the ethics of any legal profession compare with those of other countries’ professions, the social, political and historical foundations of the profession help to explain the moral...

Learning Style Preferences of College Student

Arda Purnama Putra, Sutansi Sutansi, Achmad Badawi
Research on preferential learning styles has long been carried out since 1981. Several studies reveal that learning styles can affect one's learning outcomes. However, there are several studies which reveal that learning styles do not affect one's learning outcomes. This difference is interesting to...

Descriptive Study of Efforts Integrates Character Values to Students

Sultoni Sultoni, Imam Gunawan, Sari Oktavia Ningsih
The purpose of this research is to describe the level of internalization of student character values. The approach used in this research is to use a quantitative approach. The sample was 46 students. Sampling technique in this research is quota random sampling. Closed questionnaire is a research instrument...

3. Filtering and Fact-checking as the Antidote to ‘Fake News’

Eric Loo
In this modern era, journalist also plays an important role as the one who will decide how an information will be delivered to public. Especially with the development of technology recently, people tend to use the easiest online news platform (whether it is reliable one or not) as their sources and unreliable...

Time Delay Compensation for a Class of Dual Loop Networked Control System with Different Sampling Rate

Hong Zhao, Ke Che, Shenglan Zhang
This paper investigates a class of dual loop networked control system with different sampling rate. Smith predictor is used to eliminate the influence of time delay. However, uncertain time-varying delay and different sampling rate in the actual production process make the system with conventional Smith...
Proceedings Article

The Mechanical Behaviour during Multiple Injections and its Influence on Fracture Network

Li-Feng Yang, Yu-Zhang Liu, Yun-Hong Ding, Yong-Hui Wang, Xiao-Sen Shang
Many cases show that multiple injections fracturing serves as an effective method to increase the probability of creating complex fracture network for shale gas reservoirs. However, its mechanism is unclear. This paper, therefore, intends to use numerical simulation and theoretical models to explore...
Proceedings Article

Analyzing on Filtering Effect and Energy Saving Mechanism of Dynamic Harmonic Filter

Yifei Wang, Youxin Yuan, Jinming Mao, Yongming Jiang
The harmonic suppression must be applied to the power equipment in distribution system in order to improve the power quality and saving energy. So the author developed the dynamic harmonic filter, and it was successfully applied. Based on the previous research, Firstly, the paper analyzed quantitatively...

Word-list-based EAP Vocabulary Teaching to Science Students in China

Yu-Yan Du, Zong-Rong Wang, Pi-Yi Du
Since EAP (English for Academic Purposes) teaching is being paid greater attention to in China, a trend appears that EAP courses are becoming the mainstream university EFL (English as a Foreign Language) courses. This paper looks into science-specific college students in China in the pedagogical EAP...
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Optimization of the Bay Resources in Substations Based on Hierarchical Model

Wen-Fei Liu, Jun He, Cheng-Gang Shi, Hai-Tao Pan, Tao Chen, Chong Pan, Yi Jiang, Yun-Ting Song, Yin-Shun Wang
The increasing access requirements of distribution network in urban centers and the limited bay resources in power grid have formed a great contradiction. Ac-cordingly, the bay resource optimization method based on hierarchical model is proposed in this paper. Outer planning selects attributive substations...

TBI in ESP class: the Advantages and Limitations

Ivonne Susan
English for general purposes (EGP) could not suit in all work field, community realize that English for specific purposes (ESP) is needed. As we know that ESP course is aimed to prepare the learners to execute specific task or set of tasks. Unfortunately, a research revealed that there was some problems...

On the importance of stage performance in vocal music performance

Lei Ning
Vocal music cannot be separated from the performance of the stage, and the stage performing arts must be accompanied by national vocal music. The two promote each other and influence each other. The charm of the stage show is that it can make the theme of unwritten music art more vivid, so that the vocal...
Proceedings Article

Determination of titanium content in pyrotechnics used for fireworks and firecrackers based on Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry (EDXRF)

Jun-yi Wu, Huan-xin Xiao
Methods used for the determination of titanium content in pyrotechnics are mostly based on traditional chemical method, which is lengthy and cumbersome. If inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometry or atomic absorption spectrometry are used to determine the titanium with high content,the sample...

From Need Analysis to ELT Study Program Learning Outcome Development: Meeting the Standards of the ASEAN University Network Quality Assurance (AUN-QA)

Refnaldi REFNALDI, Fitrawati FITRAWATI, Aryuliva ADNAN
Learning outcome, within the context of higher education, is the most important element in the curriculum of a study program because all courses, learning activities, and assessment methods should be alligned with the learning outcomes. This study reports a research on mapping the program learning outcomes...

Vlog: the Mean to Improve Students' Speaking Ability

Izzah Maulidah
Technology and social media are great combination for English learning process since they provide a chance to improve students' ability in English. A lot of media can be used to facilitate it and one of them is vlog. It is the mean to increase students' speaking ability. This paper is aimed at exploring...