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Mager (Lazy-Ass) as New Culture in the Society 5.0 Era (Semiotic Analysis by Charles Pierce in the Grab Food Ad “Laper Di Kantor” Version)

Ari Susanti
The article discusses the development of information technology and telecommunications fast-moving. This technological acceleration has an impact on world civilization which has entered the era of the society 5.0. The creation of an online application service makes it easy for humans to run all their...

Need Analysis on English for Hotel at the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality at Universitas Negeri Padang

Ratmanida, Sitti Fatimah, Muhd. Al-Hafizh, Ira Meirina Chair
The importance of English proficiency in tourism sector, especially for hotel staff is undeniable. This study aims to explore the needs of English for tourism sector, in particular English needs for hotels. The result of the analysis of the needs will become the factors to be considered in developing...

The Influence of Project Based Learning Model on Student Writing Skills

Desi Khairani, Tressyalina
Based on preliminary observations at SMP Negeri 1 Panyabungan, students generally had difficulty mastering writing skills. This condition is caused by the learning model used by the teacher that has not varied and is still lacking. This study aims to describe the effect of project based learning learning...

Education 4.0 and the 21st Century Skills: A Case Study of Smartphone Use in English Classes

Ratna Kasih, Nurachman Hanafi, Muhammad Amin
One of the most researched topics in education 4.0 is the learning process which is dramatically different from traditional approaches. Since the learners and teachers are suggested to acquire the 21st century skills, robotic utilizations are needed. This paper discusses the usage of smartphone for students...

On the Legalization of College Student Management From the Perspective of “Putting People First”

Zhu Jiaming, Wu Pengju
As the core of the scientific development concept, “putting people first” has profound and comprehensive philosophical connotation. It is not only a matter of values, but also a unity of world outlook, outlook on life and values. While establishing the “putting people first” management concept, colleges...

Executive Compensation & Companies’ Soft and Hard Investment

Dongxu Yang, Shizhong Xiong, Tian Tan
Executive Compensation is a critical issue today, since executives’ decisions, motivated by compensation incentives, critically affect firms’ value and stakeholders’ interest. Consistent with prior literature, we have documented a positive (negative) relationship between Vega (Delta) from executive option...

The Role of Teachers in Preventing Hoax Through School-Based Literacy Media Training at Tondano Senior High School

Aldegonda Evangeline Pelealu, Eka Yuliana Rahman
This study aims to minimize the spread of hoax news through the participation of educational institutions, in the form of media literacy training for high schools’ teachers at Tondano. This research is based on the negative influence of hoax news which later spread in the community. The media literacy...

The Use of Educational Technology in Teaching and Learning Process Towards Covid 19 Pandemic at Senior High Schools in Palu

Ernitasari Mulyadi, Surni Kadir, Fikriani A. Omolu, Rahayu Prasetyaningsih, Normawati
The objective of the research is to explore the use of educational technology in the teaching and learning process for Senior High School students in Palu during outbreak of corona virus pandemic. This research is an exploration research to find out the real condition of the teaching and learning process...

Educational Services for Students With Special Needs at Raudhatul Athfal

Akrim, Rizka Harfiani
Every child has the same right to education and teaching, including children with special needs in an inclusive education system. This study aims to analyze the types of educational services for students with special needs at the kindergarten or Raudhatul Athfal level. This type of qualitative research...

A Study on the Path to Improve the International Communication Capabilities of Xi’an in the Era of Intelligent Media

Xin Yu
If we want to take the road of development with Xi’an characteristics, we need to make great efforts to enhance the influence of Xi ‘an culture and its international communication capabilities. In recent years, shaping the popularity of Xi’an has played an important role in realizing the rapid economic...
Proceedings Article

Use of Fuzzy Neural Networks in Identification of the State of Data Transmission System Elements

A Aleksandr Oleinikov, Aleksandr Sorokin, Ilya Beresnev
The possibilities of using direct distribution neural networks with a different number of hidden layers and fuzzy neural networks in the process of identifying operational states of data transmission system elements are compared. As input, it is proposed to use the data collected by monitoring systems...
Proceedings Article

Improvement of Business Performance Through Strengthening Islamic Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurial Orientation: Study on Women Enterprises in Jambi City

Rike Setiawati, Besse Wediawati, Heriberta
Islamic financial literacy and entrepreneurial orientation are important factors needed by micro and small enterprises (MSEs) to run a business and achieve its performance. This study will examine the effect of Islamic financial literacy and entrepreneurial orientation on business performance. The research...

Practical Principles of Lean Management in Ukraine

Viktoriia Yevtushenko, Marina Kudinova, Viktoriia Liashevska
The purpose of the study is to summarize the applied experience of lean management in Ukrainian companies and compare it with the practices of foreign companies. The objects of the study were such companies as Starbucks (USA), Nike (USA), Philips (Netherlands), Volvo Cars (Sweden), Nova Poshta (Ukraine),...

Interpretable Monotonicities for Entropies of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets or Interval-valued Fuzzy Sets

Christophe Marsala, Bernadette Bouchon-Meunier
Monotonicity is a major property of entropy measures. In this paper, we focus on entropy measures for intuitionistic fuzzy sets and interval-valued fuzzy sets. We consider their polar representation which provides an easy interpretation of monotonicity for several entropy measures introduced in the literature....

Effects of Novelty Seeking, Destination Image, and Perceived Value Through Satisfaction on Revisit Intention to MICE Destinations

Nursiah Fitri
Revisit intention to MICE destinations and recommending them to other people can help tourists to come back and bring profit to the MICE destinations. This study aims to: 1) Analyze the effect of novelty seeking, destination image, and perceived value on satisfaction of tourists in MICE activities. 2)...

Shaping City Brand Ambassadoship Behavior Through City Green Resource Brand

The Imperative Role of Residents in City Branding

Anni Rahimah
Applying self-congruity theory, this research investigates how city green resource brands influence residents’ city ambassadorship behavior under the contingent condition of apathy. By employing cluster random sampling, research data were obtained from a sample of 266 residents of Surabaya, Indonesia....

Local Culture in Environmental Conservation: An Ecocritical Overview of a Novel Set in Meratus Mountains, South Kalimantan

Derri Ris Riana, Jahdiah, Rissari Yayuk
Environmental issues that we face today encourage efforts to increase ecological awareness. The green literature movement is used as a medium to raise awareness by voicing criticism of the environment. This movement highlights the increasing environmental damage along with the anthropocentric perspective...
Proceedings Article

Association Between CD30 Expression and EBV-DNA Detection Status With ABVD Chemotherapy Response in Classical Hodgkin Lymphoma Patients

Bethy S Hernowo, Hermin A Usman, Zahra Nurusshofa, Etis Primastari, Aryanti
CD30 is expressed in Hodgkin lymphoma (HL). To date, research efforts have focused on understanding its contribution to lymphomagenesis through anti-apoptotic mechanisms, and its effect on cell survival. It has been suggested that Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) plays a role in the pathogenesis of positive...

Analysis of Risk Management at Baznas in DIY with Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Approach

Syah Amelia Manggala Putri, Rizki, Safaah Restuning Hayati
This research aims to analyze the risk potential and risk management implementation of zakat (Islamic alms) on BAZNAZ (Badan Amil Zakat National/National Zakat Official Institution) DIY. The disparity between the potential and realization of zakat in Indonesia, especially in Yogyakarta, indicates that...
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Root Canal Treatment on Vertucci Type V Configuration – A Case Report

Hernawatiningsih, Yulita Kristanti, Dayinah Harman Subandhi
Root canal configuration influence the succeed of root canal treatment, because the morphological complexity of the root canal makes the procedure for preparation and obturation of the root canal more challenging. The anatomy and morphology of the root canal can be classified according to the Vertucci...

The Space Flexibility of Techno Park Facility for Vocational Education Development in Cimahi City

Winda Rahmawati, Tjahyani Busono, Diah Cahyani Permata Sari
Cimahi has an integrated area that allows the growth of creation, interaction, and collaboration between Creative Industry stakeholders (academics, business, government, community, and media). Cimahi Techno Park supports skills and competency development activities such as training, exhibitions, seminars,...

Influence of Project Management Certification on Project Managers’ Career

Tomislav Rastovski
Project Management as profession has been rapidly developing in last few decades. That has been followed by many different Certifications developed by different organizations. The aim of research was to explore how Project Management Certificate can influence on Project Managers’ career. The qualitative...

Ecopedagogic Based Education in Social Science Learning at Junior High School

Delpi Manik, Dwi Arifah Wiji Astuti, Lina Tarwati, E.K Liza Dwi
This education aims to make people have the ability to acquire, process, and use information about the environment intelligently. One of the subjects in Junior High School is the subject of Social Sciences. Learning Social Sciences at the Junior High School level includes at least four disciplines that...

Incorporating Internet-Based Applications in Teaching Integrated Language Skills to EFL Students

Phuong Thi Tieu Le
Nowadays, it has become more popular for teachers of English as a foreign language (EFL) classes to engage their students in language learning by using Internet-based applications. However, each application is often designed to teach a separate language skill, so there is a need to incorporate some applications...

The Study on the Translation of Anti-Epidemic TCM Drug Instructions from the Perspective of Skopos Theory

Dan Li, Yulei Shen, Hongling Que
Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) carries the experience and theoretical knowledge of Chinese people in fighting against diseases. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, TCM has been widely used in China and some other countries for epidemic prevention and control. Against the current international background,...

Biology Teachers’ Understanding of Argument-Driven Inquiry and Think Pair Share Learning Model Based on the Educational Background and Teachers’ Experience

Opnofti Prihandayu, Paidi
This research was a descriptive study with a census method that aims to describe the biology teachers’ understanding of Argument-Driven Inquiry and Think Pair Share learning model based on the educational background and teachers’ experience. This research used the research subject were 37 teachers, they...

The Influence and Enlightenment of Overseas Market on the Internationalization of Chinese Securities Market

Kai Yu
Since the 1980s, economic globalization has been evolving into an irreversible worldwide trend. With the acceleration of this trend, many new changes have taken place in international capital flow. These new changes have brought great influence on the pattern of international securities market, which...
Proceedings Article

Research on the Leakage Problems of a Campus Water Supply System

Ni Ruan, Xiaohua Que
In this study, it is researched four problems in relation to the leakage of water pipe network within a campus water supply system and established mathematical models. Firstly, superior water meters without corresponding subordinate water meters were removed at first, and then the tiered relationship...

The Importance of Work Motivation in Building Principals’ Work Performance and School Performance Quality in Senior High Schools West Sumatra

Hibban, Mukhaiyar, Rusdinal
This article describes the results of quantitative research on the importance of work motivation on the principals’ work performance and the school performance quality at SMA Negeri Sumatra Barat. The research applied direct survey as a research method. The data is processed using path analysis. This...

A Research on GDP Growth, Industrial Goods Export and FDI in Industrial Sector in Shandong Province

Bing Li
This paper is to aim at analysing the relationship of Shandong GDP growth with industrial exports and FDI in industrial sector. Test results show that a 1 per cent increase in Shandong industrial goods export will lead to an increase in GDP growth by 0.84 per cent, and that a 1 per cent increase in FDI...

Teachers’ Perception of Singing Activities in Early Childhood Education

Arumi Savitri Fatimaningrum, Nur Hayati, Rina Wulandari, Muthmainnah
The purpose of this study was to determine the teacher’s perception of singing activities in learning process in Early Childhood Education (ECE). This type of research was a qualitative research. Data collection techniques were literature study and Focus Group Discussion ((FGD) with 29 ECE educators...

Solutions and Lax Pairs based on Bilinear Bäcklund Transformations of Some Supersymmetric Equations

Lin Huang, Da-Jun Zhang
Pages: 48 - 61
The paper investigates solutions and Lax pairs through bilinear Bäcklund transformations for some supersymmetric equations. We derive variety of solutions from the known bilinear Bäcklund transformations. Besides, using the gauge invariance of (super) Hirota bilinear derivatives we may get deformed bilinear...
Proceedings Article

Morphological Features and Molecular of Plasmodium inui in Macaca fascicularis from Bogor, West Java

Upik Kesumawati, Lis Rosmanah, Susi Soviana, Uus Saepuloh, Huda Shalahudin Darusman
Plasmodium is causative agent of malaria in human through the intermediary of female mosquitoes Anopheles spp. Two of the most important human malaria parasites, P. falciparum and P. vivax, are derived from the complete transmission event of non-human primate malaria species to human. Late data shows...

Treatment Options during Cytokine Storm

Abdullah Alkattan, Kentaro Oh-hashi, Mahmoud Kandeel
Pages: 48 - 52
Cytokine storm is the major cause of death in patients with acute respiratory distress caused by COVID-19. Because cytokine storm is a life-threatening condition, it is important to treat patients with the most appropriate drugs depending on their infectious pathogen and medical status. In this short...

Exploration of Youth Characteristics on the Adoption of the Subang Batik Tourism Village Innovation

Iip Saripah, Jajat S. Ardiwinata, Nike Kamarubiani, Mohamad Hadi Ali Mutamam, Retno Dwi Lestari, Ari Putra
Changes in the situation, a health pandemic, and the low level of innovation among the youths threaten the sustainable development of the Subang Batik Tourism Village. Youth personality variables have a different impact on innovation adoption which can be used as a reference in designing innovative attitude...

Millennials’ Communication Style and Politeness Through Their Memes Using Multimodality Analytical Lens

Diah Kristina, Taufik Al Makmun, Sri Kusumo Habsari, Muhammad Thoyibi
Memes have been an important growing means of communication among millennials. They were used widely due to its ‘fluid’ nature and expressiveness. This study is a combined analysis of content and receptive aspects of memes. Employing 50 memes collected from twitter and 25 University students as respondents...

Research on Value Co-creation and Empowerment of Knowledge-paid Platform Enterprises — DeDao APP as an Example

Chen Guo
With the development of Internet economy, knowledge-paid platform enterprises constantly innovate their own business models to meet their development requirements. This paper mainly focuses on the innovation of business model based on the theory of value co-creation and enterprise “empowerment”. We adopt...
Proceedings Article

Analysis of Heavy Metal Content in the Coral Reef and Foraminifera Benthic in Coastal Regions of Lampung Bay

Endang L. Widiastuti, Benny, R. Supriyanto, Eva Octarianita
Coral reefs and benthic foraminifera are efficient pollution bioindicators for predicting heavy metal pollution due to their great tolerance to high ecological pressures, so that these biota are used as test animals in monitoring the accumulation rate of heavy metals of marine waters. The purpose of...

From “Kao Gong Ji” to “Tian Gong Kai Wu” Look at the Inheritance and Innovation of Traditional Creation Ideas

Wang Xueyang
As the first person to communicate between China and the West, Xu Guangqi pointed out that “the study of the history of technology in our country should focus on “Kaogongji” and “Heavenly Creations” underneath. This shows that “Kaogongji” and “Heavenly Creations” “Both take “sage creation” as the logical...

Study of Collaboration and Institutional Model on Kampung Kopi Development as a Part of Bandung 1000 Kampung Program

Location of Study: Kampung Kopi Margamulya Village Pangalengan District, Bandung Regency

Sugeng Mulyono, TL Endang Wirjatmi, Sait Abdullah
Bandung 1000 Kampung program is a priority program which is set up on Bandung Regency regional medium-term development plans. This program is focused on development issues such as education, health, tourism, investment and poverty. This program is using one village one product approach to encourage each...
Proceedings Article

Identification of Tourism Sport Developmrnt in Panji Anom Village, Kecamatan Sukasada Buleleng

Syarif Hidayat, Wasti Danardani, Ketut Chandra Adinata Kusuma
Tourism sports nowadays have started to get attention from tourism business actors. Buleleng Regency as one of the regencies in Bali Province has a superiority in developing tourism businesses. one of them is by developing an alternative tourism business, namely the sports tourism sector. Buleleng Regency...

From Domestic to Public: Representation of Working Women in Damar Kurung Painting

Aniendya Christianna, Acep Iwan Saidi, Riama Maslan Sihombing
Among the handicrafts of leather, brass, and plait in Gresik, there is the traditional Damar Kurung handicraft which is currently extinct. Damar Kurung is a traditional handicraft shaped like a rectangular lantern, decorated with paintings on the socio-cultural conditions of Gresik on each side. The...

Project-Based Learning (PjBL) Method: Improving Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills for Nursing Students

Yulastri Arif, Zifriyanthi Minanda Putri
Problem-solving skills and critical thinking are very important for nursing students in carrying out their roles as nursing managers after graduation. Many nursing managers cannot perform optimally in terms of their critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities within the hospital service units....

A PROMETHEE-GAIA Method-Based Appraisal of Higher Vocational College in Indonesia

Ronal Watrianthos, Ambiyar, Syahril, Fadhilah, Agariadne Dwinggo Samala
Universities have been rated by the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education since 2015. The goal is to create a database of Indonesian colleges and institutions. Non-vocational/academic colleges and vocational colleges are grouped under the term “college clustering.” Vocational schools...

Safir-Whorf Hypothesis in Covid-19 Isolation Policy

Anthropological And Religiosity Constraints of Social Distancing in Indonesia

Khirjan Nahadi, Herman Wijaya, Roni Amrulloh
This article explains the reality of the constraints of applying Social Distancing policies in reducing the COVID-19 outbreak in Indonesia in terms of anthropological and religious contexts according to the Sapir-Whorf (HSW) Hypothesis. Referring to the experiences of several other countries implementing...

The Meaning of Hijrah in the Qur’an Surah An-Nisa [4] verse 100: From the View of Esoteric and Exoteric Interpretation

Andilau Andilau, Andri Nirwana AN, Saifudin Saifudin, Abdullah Mahmud
The understanding of hijrah should not stop at only outward understanding. It is because, in the Islamic scientific tradition, the inner aspect also needs to be considered. Currently, hijrah is becoming a trend, but it is interpreted with meaning. Hijrah, in this case, is defined as a term for people...

Effect of Unemployment Rate, Inequality and Investment Against Economic Growth on The Island of Sumatra

Dikko Alrakhman, Didik Susetyo, Taufiq, Azwardi
This study aims to analyze and empirically prove the effect of unemployment rate, inequality, and investment on economic growth on the island of Sumatra in a recently half of decade. Using panel dataset among N=154 districts/cities as entities on the island of Sumatra in the span period of six years...

Mathematical Disposition in Algebraic Thinking Skills

Muhammad Riskon, Rochmad, Nuriana Rachmani Dewi’
This study aims to describe the algebraic thinking skills of grade 11th students based on mathematical dispositions. This study used a qualitative method with 6 students as the subject. The results showed that students with high mathematical disposition categories can complete 3 levels of algebra well,...

Understanding the Representation of Islamic Values Through Three Fiction Works by Asma Nadia

Ninawati Syahrul, Nurweni Saptawuryandari
The character of the nation’s religious children can be formed through reading fiction in literary works. Literary works with Islamic nuances can be used as a forum and means as alternative reading in forming a person with noble character. The purpose of this study is to describe the noble character...

Study on the Problems in the Medical-Nursing Integration from the Perspective of Policy Tools

Yuqian Du
The 21st century is the era of aging population. With the growing number of senior people, the issue of population aging is gradually becoming a major social issue in China. China has a large base of elderly people and a rapid aging rate. The senior care model in China is changing from survival to development,...