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Primary School Pre-Service Teachers’ Perceptions of CourseLab 2.4 and Its Attributes as a Free E-Learning Content Creation Software

Theresia Yunia Setyawan
This research was qualitative survey research aiming at elaborating the primary school pre-service teachers’ perceptions of CourseLab 2.4 and its attributes a free e-learning content creation software. During the research, a questionnaire sheet containing five questions related to CourseLab 2.4 was distributed...

Political Connection, Profitability, and Capital Intensity Against Tax Avoidance in Coal Companies on the Indonesia Stock Exchange

Rizki Fitri Amalia
Tax avoidance is an aggressive tax strategy carried out by companies in minimizing taxes, so that these activities will pose risks for companies, including fines and bad reputation of the company in the eyes of the public. This study aims to determine the analysis of political connections, profitability...

On the Organic Relation Between Carrying Out Student Health Education and University Physical Education Reform in Colleges and Universities

Xu Zaifei
with the continuous development and improvement of the field of education in our country, the requirements for physical education teaching in colleges and universities have gradually changed. Nowadays, the teaching of physical education in colleges and universities pays more attention to students’physical...

Research and Educational Centers as a Matrix of Institutional Collaboration Between Business, Science, and Education in the Context of Digital Transformation in Society

K.A. Markelov, E.V. Polyanskaya, O.K. Mineva, A.M. Abbasov
The global economic and social changes prompted by digital transformation are a comprehensive process that alters both the structure and image of traditional goods and services markets. As the digital paradigm has been seeing enormously rapid changes, and since emerging digital jobs have not been assigned...

Students’ Revision Behavior in EFL Writing Project Assignment

Mister Gidion Maru, Nihta Liando
Writing is a result of a process involving idea development and language competence. This study reports the investigation of the pattern of students’ effort of revising a writing project. This qualitative study used in-depth interviews to collect the data from two classes of advanced level students in...

Analyzing Student Attendance and Academic Achievement from Student Experience in Higher Education Blended Program

Reikman Aritonang, Tata Sutabri, Gerald Ariff
E-learning has been widely applied in higher education institutions to provide opportunities for students to learn anytime from anywhere. Blended program as a form of e-learning program design is developed to facilitate a mixture of offline and online courses. Given the nature of blended program design,...

The Government Spending on Education and Health Care in Indonesia’s Economic Growth

Diah Astuti, Etty Puji Lestari
There are pros and cons in examining the relationship between education and health budgets and economic growth. The results of the study show a variety of research findings. This study wants to examine the relationship between government spending in the education and health sectors and economic growth...

Analysis of the Reasons for the Popularity of Teen-Campus TV Shows in China Since 2000

Dongrui Xiong
Through analyzing the TV shows’ market and investigating the tendency of the development of the mass culture, a new type of teen campus TV show has emerged. This kind of genre can meet the needs of the masses and will gain a high popularity among the audience. The storytelling in these new teen campus...
Proceedings Article

Baruk, A Traditional House of Bidayuh in Borneo, Its Space Related to Structure

Yunitha, Mandarin Guntur
Nowadays, not all traditional buildings are still standing firmly on. Many of them have disappeared by nature disruption or by cultural distillation. This study aims to promote Baruk spaces meaning as a traditional house of Bidayuh, who settled in the western part of Borneo Island. Through its structures...

English Learning Model With Application–Based on Mind Mapping Method

Grace Pontoh, Marike Kondoj, Maya Munaiseche, Christo Pua
The purpose of this research is to develop an application-based English learning model based on mind mapping model that can foster student creativity with innovative learning. Feasibility test of the learning model by involving the sample on 70 students by measuring the learning outcomes through measuring...

Social-Media Driven: The Phenomenon and Existence of Mainstream Online Media in Disruption Era

Achmad Rouzni Noor II, Niken Febrina Ernungtyas
The presence of social media has changed the habits of readers when searching for actual information. This phenomenon driven by social media can threaten the existence of mainstream media based online. In Indonesia, many new media are emerging thanks to the ease of social media and citizen journalism...

The Development of A Fairy Tale Text Learning Model Using Problem Based Learning Approach in Class IV Elementary School

Mursal, Syahrul Ramadhan, Ermanto, Atmazaki
The background of this study is due to the low ability of students in writing fairy-tale texts accompanied by personal opinions. This type of research is research and development. The development model in this research is to use a model developed by Thiagarajan, which consists of four stages of development,...
Research Article

Dual-stage Release of Ketoprofen from Electrosprayed Core–Shell Hybrid Polyvinyl Pyrrolidone/Ethyl Cellulose Nanoparticles

Pu Wang, Meng-long Wang, Xi Wan, Honglei Zhou, Heng Zhang, Deng-Guang Yu
Pages: 14 - 21
Dual-stage release, consisting of a first fast release for eliminating the uncomfortable symptoms and a later sustained release for a long time period for reducing the administration times, is highly welcomed by the patients. In the present investigation, a new type of core-shell Electrosprayed Nanoparticles...

The Antecedents Intention of Use Mobile Payment for Millennial Generation

Andreas Wijaya, Lelly Christin, William Andrean Wijaya
This research adopting Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) and Mobile payment system characteristics with perceived risk to ensuring and explore the model. The main purpose are determining Mobile payment system characteristics and perceived risk in the TAM model for millennial generation as the subject....
Research Article

Sleep Quality is associated with Central Arterial Stiffness in Postmenopausal Women: A Cross-sectional Pilot Study

Youngju Choi, Nobuhiko Akazawa, Asako Zempo-Miyaki, Song-Gyu Ra, Seiji Maeda
Pages: 14 - 19
This study aimed to investigate the associations between sleep quality and arterial stiffness in healthy postmenopausal women. A total of 31 healthy postmenopausal women aged between 50 and 74 years participated in this study. Objectively and subjectively measured sleep quantity and quality were concomitantly...

Research on Manager’s Overconfidence and Enterprise Financial Dilemma: A Case Analysis Based on LeEco company

Meijuan Zou, Wenwen Wu
Most business managers will overestimate their abilities, have greater confidence in the business situation of enterprises, easily overestimate investment returns and underestimate the risks in operation. Such overconfidence will easily lead to radical financial decisions and increase the probability...
Research Article

A Framework for Named Entity Recognition for Malayalam—A Comparison of Different Deep Learning Architectures

R. Rajimol, V. S. Anoop
Pages: 14 - 22
Information extraction (IE) is the process of extracting relevant and useful patterns or information from unstructured data. Named entity recognition (NER) is a subtask of IE that identifies entities from unstructured text documents and organize them into different predefined categories such as person,...

The Transformation of Outdoor New Media Advertising Communication Mode in the Era of Smart Media

Xiaolin Wang
With the application of 5G, algorithm, big data and AR, smart media has gradually become the trend of future new media. It also has a certain impact on advertising industry, especially for outdoor advertising, for which it has a richer form of media expression. The development of technology has given...
Proceedings Article

The Muyu Women and Their Birthing Culture: How to Move Labor to Health Facilities

Desi Ariwinanti, Nurnaningsih Herya Ulfah, JennyVeronika Samosir, Aan Kurniawan
The research was a part of participatory action research aimed to descriptively explore the issue and to suggest the possible solution to the high risk childbirth tradition. It was conducted in Mindiptana District, Boven Digoel Regency, Papua. The data was collected using in-depth interviews to Muyu...

Design of A UV Chamber Prototype With an Internet of Things-Based Control System

Fazrina Saumi, Fitra Mulyani, Halimatussakdiah, Rachmad Almi Putra, Juniar Afrida
A brief summary A UV-Reactor prototype in the form of a UV chamber with an Internet of Things-based control system (IoT) has been successfully developed. The UV chamber that was constructed is 180 cm in length and is made up of three main parts: two control rooms and one sterilization room. The sterilization...
Proceedings Article

The Convergence of Deep Learning and Computer Vision: Smart City Applications and Research Challenges

Deep Kothadiya, Aayushi Chaudhari, Ruchita Macwan, Krishna Patel, Chintan Bhatt
In recent years, deep learning strategies started to outshine traditional machine learning methods in a few fields, with Computer Vision being one of the most noticeable ones. The Computer Vision is becoming more suitable nowadays at identifying patterns from images than the human visual cognitive system....

Teacher Challenge and Tech Issues in Online Schools

Nur Aisyah Zulkifli, Mardia Hayati, Mirawati
While the study on distance learning and its challenges has proliferated, this study describes how teachers confide in the challenges of teaching when schools close and tech issues during the pandemic. Drawing upon the source of data, including an online survey via telephone interviews and Google meet...
Proceedings Article

COVID-19 Infection Among Hemodialysis Patients in Tikrit City

Israa Hashim Saadoon, Kamal Lateef Hussein
It has been widely documented that hemodialysis patients get a blocked secure response, that might result in a greater prevalence rate of viral diseases, according to Coronavirus epidemic 2019. (Covid -19). The point of this consider was to assess the recurrence of Covid -19 Immunoglobulin G (IgG) antibodies...

Dysfunction of Foreign Worker Employment Regulation to Prevent Xenophobia

Widiatama, I Gusti Ayu Ketut Rachmi Handayani, Lego Karjoko
This research studies the Presidential Regulation Number 20 of 2018 about Foreign Worker Employment. There is still a conflict of norm between the Presidential Regulation Number 20 of 2018 about Foreign Worker Employment and the Law Number 13 of 2003 about Manpower. The research method employed was normative...
Proceedings Article

Development of Phase Change Materials Based on Mixtures of Salt Hydrates Through Theoretical Prediction and Experimental Investigation

Christoph Rathgeber, Henri Schmit, Stefan Hiebler, Peter Hoock
Latent heat storage using phase change materials (PCM) provides thermal energy storage systems with high storage capacities in small temperature ranges. Most of the PCM used in applications undergo a phase change from solid to liquid and vice versa storing heat in repeated melting and crystallization...

Research on College Students’ Professional Quality and Cultivation of Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talents

Ke Tang, Mengxue Zuo, Min Tian
Through the cultivation of college students’ professional consciousness, professional knowledge and professional ability, we can improve their professional accomplishment of college students, make them meet the requirements of employers, and improve the employment rate of college students. Through the...

The Impact of Digitalization on the Initiative Budgeting Processes

Valentina Derbeneva, Natalia Starodubets
The digital transformation of interaction between local governments and the population is becoming an increasingly urgent task in the field of public administration. One of the areas where information and communication technologies are being rapidly introduced is the sphere of initiative budgeting. With...

Implications Imagery Practice Towards the Final Result of Prawira Watang Dance Learning Process in Isi Surakarta

Mega Cantik Putri Aditya
The learning process in any field is always based on measurable methods and systems, both in practical education and theoretical. This study raises the imagination of imagery in the artistic world, namely learning Prawira Watang dance at the Department of Dance, Indonesian Institute of the Art Surakarta....

Experiential Learning Methods to Improve Young Children’s Science Process Skills During Covid-19 Pandemic

Heni Nafiqoh, Ghina Wulansuci
The research objective was to determine the effect of experiential learning methods on early childhood science process skills in the Covid-19 Era. This research is a pre-experimental design using one group pre-test & post-test design. This data collection technique uses observation, interviews, and...

Barriers and Solutions in Online Learning During the Covid-19 Pandemic, Indonesian Language Education Students at the Riau Islamic University

Rian Azmul Fauzi, Yasnur Asri
This study aims to determine the obstacles and solutions in online learning during the Covid-19 pandemic in UIR Indonesian Language Education study program students. The research method used a survey method of one hundred and sixty-five respondents. Based on the data, it was found that in general the...

Assessment of the Demographic Policy Effectiveness in the Republic of Dagestan

Pirmagomed Abdulmanapov
The components of the decline in the Republic of Dagestan’s birth rate over the last five-year period are determined, and their contributions to the formation of negative trends are determined. In the Republic of Dagestan conditions, since 2014, a birth rate decreased in all age groups of women, due...
Proceedings Article

Antioxidant and Antibacterial Activity from Three Different Solvents of Nephelium ramboutan-ake Leaves Crude Extract

Agmi Sinta Putri, Whicliffe Fiernaleonardo Pasedan, Irawan Wijaya Kusuma, Harlinda Kuspradini
Nephelium ramboutan-ake, is a species of Sapindaceae family, locally named Maritam from Kalimantan. However, there is limited information about the potency of this plant. The present study’s objective was to carry out the antioxidant and antibacterial activity of N. ramboutan-ake leaf extract by three...

Analysis of the Ratio of Teachers, Staff, and Students as an Effort to Accelerate Quality Improvement of Primary Schools

Ahmad Nurabadi, Ibrahim Bafadal, Endah Tri Priyatni, Juharyanto
The objectives of this study were to: (1) describe the number of teachers; and (2) describe the number of staff, in order to accelerate school quality improvement. This study uses a quantitative approach. The place of this research is an elementary school in Nganjuk district, East Java, Indonesia. The...

Investigation and Analysis on the Educational Needs of Parents Having School-Aged Children With Cerebral Palsy and Autism

Jufen Yu, Dandan Dai, Mingsheng Qing
Objective: it is to understand the status and influencing factors of educational needs of parents having school-aged children with cerebral palsy and autism. Method: a questionnaire survey was conducted on the parental education needs of parents of 202 school-aged children with cerebral palsy and autism...

Web-Based Animation for 8th Grade Science Student on Human Blood Circulation

Widi Sarinastiti, Dwi Susanto, Elmanita Dewi Kirana
During the Covid 19 pandemic, education around the world has turned to online learning. It takes teacher creativity in delivering learning material to be attractive so that it motivates students to learn independently. With online learning, biology class 8 chapter, Human Blood Circulation put it on the...
Proceedings Article

Research on Online Evaluation of Consumer Purchase Intention Based on Data Analysis

Caifen Xiang
Based on real market research, the impact of online evaluation of cross-border e-commerce on online purchase intention was analyzed. Twelve questions are listed from four aspects, namely, basic problems, consumers’ purchase status on cross-border e-commerce platforms, the importance attached to online...
Proceedings Article

Developing Early Detection Questionnaire for Diabetes Mellitus Disease Type 2 Based on the Diet

Septa Katmawanti, Novita Dwi Mugiarti, Hartati Eko Wardani
Diabetes Mellitus disease is one of the Non- Transmissible Diseases (NTD) with rising amount of sufferer. The lifestyle in food consumption or diet, the lifestyle in selecting the place to eat, and the type of food consumed are some of the triggers of diabetes mellitus. This development research aims...

On the Coupled Dispersionless-type Equations and the Short Pulse-type Equations

Juan Hu, Jia-Liang Ji, Guo-Fu Yu
Pages: 14 - 26
In this paper, we study the correspondence between the Coupled Dispersionless (CD)-type equations and the Short Pulse (SP)-type equations. From the real and complex modified CD equations, we construct the real and complex Modified Short Pulse (mSP) equations geometrically and algebraically. From the...

Parents’ Perceptions of Children with Disabilities

Ahsan Romadlon Junaidi, Dimas Arif Dewantoro
Parents ‘perceptions of children with disabilities determine parents’ acceptance of children with disabilities and the quality of care provided. This study aims to describe parents ‘perceptions of children with disabilities, and to examine whether there are differences in parental perceptions of children...

Post COVID-19 - Individual Impact and Global Economy Recovery Predicament

Haoyu Zhao
2020 has not been started as expected. We lost our treasured hero, Kobe Bryant, Australia has also suffered from natural disasters, but the worst is when the virus called the COVID-19 came to life and a global pandemic started since the beginning of the year. The virus was at first a blind spot to us,...

Meaning and Usage Analysis of Japanese Onomatopoeia in Japanese Light Novel

Afiana Qanita, Dewi Kusrini, Dedi Sutedi
This study aims to analyse meaning and usage the onomatopoeia that appears in the light novel. The data came from the Japanese light novel Saiunkoku Monogatari volume 16, published in 2008. This novel was used considering the high frequency of onomatopoeic occurrences compared to anime and manga. A descriptive...

Video-Based Android Application Development as an Educational Facility for E-Journal Users at the Library of Universitas Negeri Malang

Chamdi Fajar, Moh. Safii, Kusubakti Andajani
According to the data, there was a decrease access of e-journal by the academics of higher education institutions in Indonesia. Universitas Negeri Malang (UM) Library as a college library also had a few internal problems of students in terms of library e-journal service user education. This problem can...

Enhancing Critical Thinking Skills of Biology Education Students Using Online Formative Assessment

Yenny Anwar, Djunaidah Zen, Safira Permata
The study of online application of formative assessment in general biology courses aims to improve critical thinking skills of biology education students. This research subject is biology education students in the first semester. This research is preliminary studies that uses e formative assessment as...

Students’ Voices on the Teaching of Higher Order Thinking Skills Through WhatsApp-mediated EFL Online Discussion

Amrin Hasibuan, Sri Setyarini, Pupung Purnawarman
There has been a significant rise in the use of social media as platforms for online teaching and learning during the Covid-19 pandemic. WhatsApp as one of learning platforms used by many institutions has given a high contribution in supporting the success of the online learning. The aim of this study...

The Effect of Van Hiele Learning Model Based Geogebra on Students’ Spatial Ability

Widyah Noviana, Windia Hadi
This research aimed to discover the effect of Model Van Hiele Based Geogebra on Students’ Spatial Ability. The population of this research is all Students at University Muhammadiyah of Prof. DR. HAMKA. The sample in this research are students’ of the second semester of the mathematics education study...

Analysis of the Model of Assistance for Children Who Are Dealing with Law in the Child Protection Institution (LPA) in Bima City

Z Zuhrah, Muhammad Asad Imaduddin, Husnatul Mahmudah, J Juhriati, M. Amin
This study aims to analyze the model of mentoring for children in conflict with the law carried out by LPA in Bima city. Researchers want to map out the model of mentoring for children so that in the long term it can be disseminated and become good practices that can be adopted by other regions or other...

Generation of Cell-Like Images Using Euclidean Distance from Edge

Toru Hiraoka, Kohei Maeda
Pages: 14 - 17
A non-photorealistic rendering method has been proposed to generate cell-like images in which cell-like patterns are represented in photographic images. Cell-like patterns are automatically generated by the change of density of photographic images. However, cell-like patterns are irregularly arranged....

Identity Crisis: Leather Carving Art in the Hyperrealist Era Through Jean Baudrillard’s Perspective

Abdul Muntolib, Susilo Pradoko, I Ketut Sunarya
Identity crisis occurs because humans receive perceptions or pressures that raise doubts about their character. The issue in leather carving art is marked by low awareness of the local culture significance in creating carved products. This occurs because of a hyperrealist phenomenon in society, which...

Digital Marketer’s Capability in Handling Marketing Products and Services on Instagram

Yusuf Hamdan, Anne Ratnasari, Aning Sofyan, Yenni Yuniati
Digital marketing is an important effort in selling products or services in this digital era and this new technology world. Digital marketers’ duties are not only growing brand awareness and increasing product sales, but also being an option in obtaining feedback on products released to the market. Therefore,...

Spatial Differentiation of Border Areas of the Central Black Earth Region in Metropolisation Processes

Nadezhda Chugunova, Tatyana Polyakova, D. Morkovskaya, Anastasiya Narozhnaya, Nataliya Kuharuk
Spatial socio-economic and ekistical differentiation of the Russian regions will never lose its relevance due to their vast territories, significant differences in settlement systems, and socio-economic activities of their entities. The differences are clearly manifested in the border areas. A feature...