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Relationship Between Forgiveness, Triadic Forgiveness Dimensions, and Resilience in Javanese Emerging Adults

Amalia Rahmandani, Dian Veronika Sakti Kaloeti, Salma Salma, Hastaning Sakti, Suparno Suparno
This study explores the relationship between general forgiveness, the triad of forgiveness dimensions (i.e., forgiveness of self, others, and situations), and resilience in emerging adult Javanese undergraduate students. The study included 405 subjects (MAge = 18.50; SDAge = 0.600; male = 25.2%; female...

Responsive Protective Parenting (RPP) In Indonesia Mapping Analysis on Curriculum Parenting Program for Early Childhood Development

Fitriana Herarti, Syifa Andina
ChildFund’s RPP programming in under-resourced communities aims to empower parents and other primary caregivers with the knowledge and practical skills they need to give children a strong start in life. This program is implemented in Indonesia since 2017, however, it only covered three aspects: Brain...

Transformation of Industrial Enterprise Management to Support Its Sustainable Development

Evgeniya Eliseeva, Dmitriy Ryakhovsky
Modern management by the company oriented on principles and requirements standards The ISO 9000 series. In present time organization management industrial businesses represents a system of interconnected processes, the purpose of which is sustainable development and upgrade efficiency based on leadership...
Research Article

A Note on the D-trigonometry and the Relevant D-Fourier Expansions

Paolo Emilio Ricci
Pages: 11 - 16
Considering the diamond, i.e. the square inclined at an angle of 45°, it is possible to define the analogues of circular functions and to construct formulas that translate the trigonometric ones. The relative D-trigonometric functions have geometric shapes closely related to the corresponding classical...
Proceedings Article

Computation Simulation of Empty Fruit Bunch Biomass Combustion in a Water-Tube Boiler

Peter Chin Jie Vui, Arshad Adam Salema, Farid Nasir Ani
This study aims to reduce NOx emission by optimizing the secondary air system of the boiler using computational modeling and simulation. The shredded EFB is introduced in the inclined bed with primary air supply from the bottom of the bed. FLUENT Ver. 15.0 computational software is used to simulate the...
Proceedings Article

Evaluation of the Situation of the People Received Service from Equine Facilities Before and During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Ayşe Kocabıyık, Fatih Şahiner, Demet Gökdere, Elif Rabia Şanlı, Musa Yavuz
The covid-19 pandemic influences human social life and their relation to animals. The equine sector is affected by covid-19 pandemic. The aim of this study was to evaluate the general situation of the people receiving service from equine facilities before and during the pandemic. The data were collected...

Credit Fraud as One of the Dimensions in the Banking Crime

In a White-Collar Crime Perspective

Ida Nurhayati, Indianik Aminah
This study aims to describe and understand if fraud on banks could be categorized as a white-collar crime. Fraud in banking is found in the majority of bank workers, who are assisted by third parties. This study employs descriptive qualitative research methods through a formal juridical approach, review...

Educational Tourism: What Strategies Needed to Develop It? (A Case Study of Baobab Safari Resort)

Agoes Tinus Lis Indrianto, Rean Mitasari, Fidela Perlita Hangga
As one of the notable educational tourism destinations, Baobab Safari Resort has attracted huge number of tourists to spend their time being closer with the nature as well as the locals who live surround it. Aside from recreational aspect, the resort offers fruitful benefits in order to give more experiences...
Proceedings Article

Policy Cluster: Affirmative Empowerment and Strengthening of Coastal Community Women Home Industries

Novita Tresiana, Noverman Duadji
Purpose, The failure of policies and development programs for Home Industry (HI) that have been carried out by the local government is due to the implementation of the previous policies which were carried out sporadically, incidentally, not based on the community learning model. Clusterization is an...
Review Article

Overview of the Cardiotoxicity Induced by PD-1/PD-L1 Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor in Critical Care

Ruiting Li, Xiaojing Zou, Huaqing Shu, You Shang
Pages: 11 - 15
The Programmed Cell Death 1 (PD-1)/Programmed Death Ligand 1 (PD-L1) Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors (ICIs), have become a hot spot in the field of cancer research and treatment, and bring new hope to patients with advanced tumors. But, in addition to enhancing the anti-tumor effect of T cells, PD-1/PD-L1...

The Impact of Human Resource Management Implementation in Business Strategy in Creating Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Vip Paramarta, Kosasih, Sri Rochani, Sumaedi Kadarisman, Farida Yuliaty
Today, the market world is becoming more complex, unpredictable, and competitive. Companies, as business actors, require the position of trained and knowledgeable human resources or personnel to adapt to changes in the business climate. The use of human resource management and investment as a form of...

The Importance of Involving the Cultural Background to Handle Covid-19 in Indonesia

Sri Poedjiastoeti, Sri Ratna Suminar
The number of people exposed to Covid-19 on a national scale is still high and it began to growing attention from the scientific community. The spread of Covid-19 is difficult to stop from countries around the world. Indonesia, which territory is so vast and has diverse cultures, must be comprehensively...

The Influence of Teacher’s Attitude in Resource Allocation

Yushu Chen
With the guidance of the state to the main body in the planned economy era, the allocation policy has been changed, and the teaching team has been well implemented. According to the market demand, many regions have adopted emergency policies such as the use of teaching industry, recruitment of teaching...

Herding Behavior Detection: Bullish and Bearish Cases

Tomy Koputra, Putu Anom Mahadwartha
This study aims to examine the presence of herding behavior on the Indonesian stock exchange (BEI), especially in the infrastructure, utilities, and transportation sectors. Daily data has been gathered for analysis from the 2013-2017 period, and this period was chosen to capture the extreme market movement,...
Proceedings Article

Development of Interactive Media for the Basic Techniques of Multimedia-Based Badminton Games

Luh Putu Tuti Ariani, Ni Wayan Marti
This study focused to produce interactive media for the basic techniques of multimedia-based badminton games. This research is a development research using the PPE development method. Design and Development research can be on front-end analysis Planning, Production, and Evaluation. The initial stage...

The Effect of Philosophy Understanding on Corona Virus Diseases (COVID-19) Prevention Awareness of Physics Education Students

Ahmad Syukri, Sukarno
This research aims to answer the question of how the influence of understanding philosophy on awareness of prevention of Corona Virus Diseases (COVID-19)? The approach used in this research is quantitative with the data collection method is a survey. The respondents used in this study were 80 students...

Pursuit and Redemption: A Myth-Archetypal Interpretation of the Ferryman

Meng Qiao, Tan Jing
The Ferryman is a novel of spiritual salvation that integrates myth and reality. It centers on Dylan’s journey of soul searching and returning, and portrays how ordinary little people get out of the spiritual dilemma and reshape themselves through the pursuit of spiritual home and the test of soul. The...
Proceedings Article

Solar Tracking Using Extended Mean Shift Based Color Histogram

Asepta Surya Wardhana, Astrie Kusuma Dewi
Nowadays, there are many solar tracking applications using photodiode sensors and Solar Position Algorithm. This tracking depends on the power of light and natural conditions. Inaccurate sun tracking causes the heat concentration to become weak and miss focus on heat-receiving objects. We developed a...

Stanisław Moniuszko: The Works in Context of Russian Contacts — 15 Songs to Words by Russian Poets

Olga Sobakina
The works by Moniuszko always found warm response in Russia; Dargomyzhsky, Glinka, Cui, Serov contributed to the promotion of him. Moniuszko’s visits to St. Petersburg took place in 1842, 1849, 1856 and 1870. Not getting a job in St. Petersburg, Moniuszko, however, managed to get permission from the...

Competence of Vocational Teachers in the Use of Technology in the New Normal Era

Nizwardi Jalinus, Sukardi, Syahril, Syaiful Haq, Rizky Ema Wulansari
The Covid-19 pandemic presents new challenges to education, especially vocational education. Learning activity could not be done face-to-face, but online learning is an alternative. The regulations governing online learning are of common concern because in vocational education there is not only theoretical...

Policy Formulation Concerning Accelerate Development of Electric Motor Vehicles

Dyah Trihandini
The number of countries that have developed in terms of technology encourages the acceleration of innovation in the field of transportation. The development of innovation and technology in the vehicle sector creates an environmentally friendly electric-fueled vehicle. Electric vehicles can save the Earth’s...

Student Difficulties in Learning Mathematics Based on Learning Styles

Nirmala Dewi, Ahmad Talib, Nurwati Djam’an
This study aims to determine the description of the difficulties of visual, auditory, and kinesthetic students in learning mathematics on the subject of linear equations in the eighth grade of MTs DDI Walimpong, Soppeng Regency. This research is a case study with a qualitative approach. There are 3 students...

Analysis of Science Process Skills for Senior High School Students in Banjarmasin

Arief Ertha Kusuma, Rusmansyah
Science teachers who know the level of students ‘science process skills will easily design good learning in order to improve students’ knowledge and skills. This study aims to describe the level of science process skills of high school students in Banjarmasin City. The science process skill level of...
Conference Abstract


Kunihiko Aizawa*, Francesco Casanova, Dave Mawson, Salim Elyas, Damilola Adingupu, Kim Gooding, David Strain, Angela Shore, Phillip Gates
Pages: 11 - 12
Grey scale median of the common carotid artery intima-media complex (IM-GSM) characterizes the composition of the arterial wall and low IM-GSM reflects more generalized atherosclerotic vulnerability. However, it is unclear whether the presence of DM itself affects IM-GSM, similar to that observed with...

Distribution and Spreading of the Underwater Archaeological Sites in the Selayar Waters

Andi Jusdi, Rosmawati Rosmawati, Andi Muhammad Ahkmar, Abdullah Abdullah, Yadi Mulyadi, Khadijah Thahir Muda
Selayar Islands Regency of South Sulawesi Province has 10.369 Km2 wide (including land and sea). It has a strategic location between the west and the east of the archipelago. It shows that the waters are a shipping lane now and back then. The evidence of shipping activities in the past was proved by...

Australian Chinese and Hong Kong Chinese: How Do They Differ in Primary Control and Secondary Control?

Lai Ching-han Lufanna
This study investigated whether the relative use of primary and secondary control varies as a function of cultural difference. It is posited that people who are under the influence of Asian, collectivist culture will be oriented toward secondary control than primary control, but vice versa for those...

Implementation of Technical Guidance on the Results of Indonesian Madrasah Competency Assessment 2021

Husniyatus Salamah Zainiyati, Imam Suyitno
This study aims to describe the implementation of technical guidance (imtek) as the results of the AKMI 2021, the challenges during the implementation of technical guidance, and alternative solutions for the improvement. This study used qualitative approach with the data were collected through interviews,...
Conference Abstract


Bernhard Hametner*, Matthias Hillebrand, Ghazaleh Nouri, Stephanie Parragh, Jelena Köster, Kai Mortensen, Achim Schwarz, Yskert von Kodolitsch, Siegfried Wassertheurer
Pages: 11 - 11
Introduction: Patients with Marfan syndrome may suffer from a variety of symptoms, including changes of the cardiovascular system. The aim of this study was to perform ambulatory 24 hour blood pressure and pulse wave measurements in a group of Marfan patients and a group of healthy controls and to analyse...
Proceedings Article

Association Between Physical Activity and Sleep Quality in Students of Tarumanagara Medical University

David Christian, Susy Olivia Lontoh
The Sleep is a physiological process so that living things can perform optimally in their daily activities. The high prevalence of lack of physical activity in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic also coincided with the high prevalence of poor sleep quality. This study aims to determine the relationship...

Use of Abbreviations in Social Media Accounts of Public Officials and Their Impact on Communication Effectiveness

Frisca Dilla, Agustina
This research aims to describe the type of abbreviation and the process of forming abbreviations used by public officials in their personal social media accounts. This research is qualitative in nature because the data taken are in the form of words or sentences contained in the tweets of 10 national-level...
Conference Abstract


Gemma Currie*, Joanne Flynn, Morten Lindhardt, Harald Mischak, Peter Rossing, Christian Delles
Pages: 11 - 11
Background: Diabetic nephropathy (DN) is associated with cardiovascular disease. Microalbuminuria (MA), its traditional hallmark, reflects both renal and generalised vascular damage. We previously established a urinary proteomic classifier (CKD273) for early DN prediction that correlates with other biomarkers...

Formation of an Environmental Monitoring System as a Tool for Managing the State of Water Bodies

Rustam Gakaev
In recent decades, there has been an increase in anthropogenic impact on the environment due to the large-scale human impact on the biosphere. The priority directions of activity of the state and society are preservation of the environment and improvement of its quality. Environmental protection measures...

The Effect of CSR Disclosure on Financial Performance Listed on the Kompas 100 Index 2018-2020

Muhammad Erwin Althaf, Zulian Dalimunthe
The goal of this study is to see how Corporate Social Responsibility affects financial performance. Sales and marketing charges are used as the intervening variable. The companies in this study are those that are listed on the Kompas 100 Index for the 2018-2020 period. The sample data was collected using...

The COVID-19 Pandemic Has Stimulated Modernization of the Urboecodiagnostics

V. V. Chernaya, B. I. Kochurov, O. V. Bakovetckaya, E. I. Mishnina, R. M. Voronin
The aims of our researches is to identify priority directions of the world’s cities emerging from the post-Covid crisis based on an assessment of the Russian cities environment quality before the COVID-19 pandemic. The analysis of the Russian cities ecological sustainability by the beginning of the pandemic...
Conference Abstract


Igor Posokhov
Pages: 11 - 11
Background: Recently, prof Anatoly N Rogoza proposed a new vascular index calculated from one-channel volume sphygmography of brachial artery, Rogoza’s Index or Rogoza Index. It may be useful as a new indicator of asymptomatic vascular damage associated with cardiovascular risk in patients with hypertension. Objective:...

Civil Society and Civil Islam Implementation on Inter-religious Tolerance in Indonesia: A Phenomenological Study

Twin Yoshua R. Destyanto, Rikardo P. Sianipar, Andreas E. Nugroho, Twin Hosea W. Kristyanto
Civil society become a social concept that is able to help Indonesian people for living in harmony in the midst of diversity. Civil society in Indonesia upholds the synergy of democratic freedom and the use of law as a means of control and monitoring in social aspects. Later, the term civil Islam emerged,...

Code generation for accurate array redistribution on automatic distributed-memory parallelization

Bo Zhao, Rui Ding, Lin Han, Jinlong Xu
Pages: 11 - 25
Code generation belongs to the backend of parallelizing compiler, and is for generating efficient computation and communication code for the target parallel computing system. Traditional research resolve array redistribution mainly by generating communication code that each processor sends all data defined...

The Influence of Alias and References Escape on Java Program Analysis

Shengbo Chen, Dashen Sun, Huaikou Miao
Pages: 11 - 20
The alias and references escape are often used in Java programs. They bring much convenience to the developers, but, at the same time, they also give adverse affects on the data flow and control flow of program during program analysis. Therefore, when analyzing Java programs, we must take the alias and...

The Effect of Information Technology Capability and Quality of Management Accounting Information with Technological Uncertainty as Moderating Variable

Eliada Herwiyanti
Pages: 11 - 17
This study aims to determine the effect of information technology capability and quality of management accounting information with technological uncertainty as moderating variable. Data were collected from respondent represented by accounting managers from the companies that listed in Indonesia Stock...

Extraction of Text Regions from Complex Background in Document Images by Multilevel Clustering

Hoai Nam Vu, Tuan Anh Tran, Na In Seop, Soo Hyung Kim
Pages: 11 - 21
Textual data plays an important role in a number of applications such as image database indexing, document understanding, and image-based web searching. The target of automatic real-life text extracting in document images without character recognition module is to identify image regions that contain...

The Matrix Kadomtsev­Petviashvili Equation as a Source of Integrable Nonlinear Equations

Attilio Maccari
Pages: 11 - 20
A new integrable class of Davey­Stewartson type systems of nonlinear partial diffrential equations (NPDEs) in 2+1 dimensions is derived from the matrix Kadomtsev­ Petviashvili equation by means of an asymptotically exact nonlinear reduction method based on Fourier expansion and spatio-temporal rescaling....

Characterizations of Certain Recently Introduced Distributions

G.G. Hamedani
Pages: 11 - 20
Various characterizations of the Beta Weibull Geometric distribution of Bidram et al. (2011), the New Generalized Exponential distribution of Bidram et al. (2012), and the Gamma Exponentiated Weibull distribution of Pinho et al. (2012) are presented. These characterizations are based on: (i) a simple...

Research on Beyond Meat’s Profitability Problems and Strategies

Man Chen, Yingyue Wang
With the rapid growth of the global population, there must be suggestions on the world’s food security. Artificial meat may become a potential substitute for conventional meat. Despite the increasing demand in the worldwide range and the mass injection of venture capital, the industry faces a shortage...

Why Does Marxism Work from the Centenary of the Founding of the Party

Ying Ding, Ningfang Yang
In the centenary of the founding of the Party, from the perspective of the Communist Party of China, thinking about why Marxism “works” is conducive to understanding that the Communist Party of China is a believer, implementer and innovator of Marxism. Under the leadership and dissemination of the Communist...

The Construction of College Teachers’ Image Under the Studio Teaching Model

Zhonghao Hu, Yifan Chen
Under the new educational model of the studio, college teachers are faced with a huge challenge. This challenge is not only a test of professional ability, but also a reconstruction of the teacher’s own image in the face of the transformation of the teacher-student relationship. College teachers not...

Critical Discourse Analysis of the Academic Discussion on Internationalization of Higher Education

Saule Anafiova
The current paper applies the Critical Discourse Analysis in order to analyse the academic discussion on higher education internationalization at the Symposium Trends in International Higher Education and Regionalism at the Waseda University in 2008. The aim of the current paper is to uncover hidden...

Moral and Character Rehabilitation of Drug’s Victims Through Moral-Spiritual Approach as an Effort to Build a Charactered Citizens

Ahmad Qudsi, Suwarma Al Muchtar, Prayoga Bestari
The Surface problem of this research is the dangerous impact of the drug. The impact of drug use is not only limited to physical damage but also causes moral damage and the character of the drug victim. The morals and character of the Indonesian nation should have been passed on to adolescents but because...

Research on Bio-amplifier for ECG Recording

Qingjun Zhu
The emergence and functions of biological amplifiers not only enrich the medical equipment market, but more importantly, it provides more treatment opportunities for patients and medical staff. Biological amplifiers have been widely used in electrocardiogram (ECG) medical equipment. Doctors have obtained...

Regional Government Communication Strategy Dissemination of Covid-19 Policy Information (Preventive Communication Policy Model to Overcome Covid-19 as a Wicked Problem)

Supriadi, Andi Alimuddin Unde, Muh. Akbar
This study aims to obtain information on how the Regional Government’s Communication Strategy for the dissemination of covid-19 policy information in Polewali Mandar Regency. The method used in this research is descriptive qualitative with a case study approach. The results of the communication research...

How to Think Like an Artisan

Riva Tomasowa, Himasari Hanan, Aswin Indraprastha
Studies about designers have been carried out on subjects with a formal educational background to investigate ideas and design activities. On the other hand, the design thinking of an unselfconscious artisan has not received much attention, even though its design has a unique approach. This research...