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Conference Abstract


Martin Schultz*, Justin Davies, Eric Stöhr
Pages: 8 - 8
Background: Hypertensive heart disease is characterised by raised left ventricular (LV) mass, a consequence of load-altered ventricular-arterial coupling. Prior to gains in LV mass, early functional changes in ventricular-arterial coupling must occur, however, these are difficult to detect from conventional...

Development of STEM Animation Learning Media with Feedback to Facilitate Students’ Critical Thinking Ability on Global Warming Materials

Fitria Lafifa, Parno Parno, Erti Hamimi, A M. Setiawan
Critical thinking skills are needed to face the 21st century. PISA 2018 data shows that students’ critical thinking skills are still low. The Earth is experiencing an increase in temperature so it requires a solution to overcome it. STEM animation learning media with feedback can increase student reality...
Conference Abstract


Martin Schultz*, Petr Otahal, Dean Picone, James Sharman
Pages: 8 - 8
Background: Exaggerated exercise blood pressure (EEBP) independently predicts cardiovascular (CV) events and mortality, but reasons underlying this increased CV risk are unclear. The association between an EEBP and incident hypertension (as a potential underlying risk factor) has been reported, but there...

The Effect of Flipped Learning to Improve the Reading Comprehension of College Students of Elementary School Teacher Study Program on Pandemic Covid-19

Puji Hariati, Nurul Husnah Harahap, Mery Silalahi
Technology advances have brought significant changes in the teaching and learning practices of foreign languages in Indonesia, especially in learning English. Teaching or delivery of subject matter that should be done by lecturers in the classroom can now be done outside the classroom because of technology....

Syntatic Accuracy: EFL Learners in using Modals and Modality in Sikola Virtual Learning

Ainun Fatimah, Rezky Ramadhani, Andi Inayah Soraya
This purpose of this research is to determine modal and modality that used by students in particularly at level of syntactic then to reveal the percentage of students’ accuracy in answering modals and modality questions by using Sikola vitual learning as an online learning media in Covid-19 pandemic...
Proceedings Article

Rethinking on Implementation of Sport Policy in West Java, Indonesia: A Scoping Study Systematic Literature

Sandi Arisma Cipta Perdana Ilsya, Amung Ma’mun, Nuryadi, Marisa Noviyanti Fajrah Ilsya, Agus Gumilar
Sport policy in West Java is currently based on Regional Regulation Number 1 of 2015 concerning the Implementation of Sports which is a derivative of the Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 3 of 2005 concerning the National Sports System. In these regulations, in general, sports are divided into...

Forecasting the Economic Security Level of Murmansk Oblast as a Coastal Arctic Region

Roman V. Badylevich
The article is devoted to the study of the potential impact of key factors that form long-term and medium-term scenarios of development of the coastal Arctic region on the level of economic security of the Murmansk Oblast. We highlight the specifics of implementation of medium- and long-term forecasting...

Revealing of Gender and Child Responsive Kampong Program on Enhancing the Community’s Quality of Life

Anindya Putri Tamara, Santy Paulla Dewi
Gender mainstreaming provides a new perspective to address various issues related to gender. The Surakarta City Government initiated the Gender and Children Responsive Kampong Program in 2019 in RW 08 Mojosongo Sub-district, Jebres District and RW 15 Tipes Sub-district, Serengan District, Surakarta City....
Proceedings Article

Pinch Based Approach Graphical Targeting for Multi Period of Carbon Capture Storage and Utilization

Annasit Mualim, Juwari Purwo Sutikno, Ali Altway, Renanto Handogo
Carbon capture and storage (CCS) plays an important role in mitigating carbon dioxide emissions from industrial sources. The main issue in implementing CCS is its economy due to the high investment and operating costs. To overcome the economic issue, the carbon capture and utilization (CCU) provides...
Conference Abstract


Benyu Jiang*, Jing Wang, Tim Spector, Phil Philip J. Chowienczyk
Pages: 8 - 8
Background: Arterial calcification may lead to regional variation in distension imposing stresses on the arterial wall that predispose to plaque rupture. The objective of this study was to use a novel speckle tracking method to investigate regional motion of the carotid wall and to determine whether...

The Exponentiated Kumaraswamy Inverse Weibull Distribution with Application in Survival Analysis

J.A. Rodrigues, A.P.C.M. Silva, G.G. Hamedani
Pages: 8 - 24
In this paper, a new distribution called the exponentiated Kumaraswamy inverse Weibull is proposed. This dis- tribution includes as special cases the inverse exponential, inverseWeibull, inverse Rayleigh and exponentiated inverse Weibull distributions. We study the main properties of this distribution,...

Correctors for Some Nonlinear Monotone Operators

Johan Byström
Pages: 8 - 30
In this paper we study homogenization of quasi-linear partial differential equations of the form -div (a (x, x/h, Duh)) = fh on with Dirichlet boundary conditions. Here the sequence (h) tends to 0 as h and the map a (x, y, ) is periodic in y, monotone in and satisfies suitable continuity conditions....

Classical and Nonclassical Symmetries of a Generalized Boussinesq Equation

M.L. Gandarias, M.S. Bruzon
Pages: 8 - 12
We apply the Lie-group formalism and the nonclassical method due to Bluman and Cole to deduce symmetries of the generalized Boussinesq equation, which has the classical Boussinesq equation as an special case. We study the class of functions f(u) for which this equation admit either the classical or the...

An invariant p-adic q-integral associated with q-Euler numbers and polynomials

Ismail Naci Cangül, Veli Kurt, Yilmaz Simsek, Hong Kyung Pak, Seog-Hoon Rim
Pages: 8 - 14
The purpose of this paper is to consider q-Euler numbers and polynomials which are q-extensions of ordinary Euler numbers and polynomials by the computations of the p-adic q-integrals due to T. Kim, cf. [1, 3, 6, 12], and to derive the "complete sums for q-Euler polynomials" which are evaluated by using...

Fuzzy Specification in Real Estate Market Decision Making

Victoria Lopez, Matilde Santos, Javier Montero
Pages: 8 - 20
In this paper we present a software tool designed as a decision aid system for all actors being involved when buying or selling real state, client and realtor, where a main objective for the commercial is to concentrate the client preferences into few alternatives. Since the required previous analysis...

Implementing Task-based Approach: A Solution for Teaching English Speaking Skills

Nguyen Dinh Nhu Ha, Nguyen Loc, Tran Tuyen
Teaching English speaking skills is a challenge for teachers in non-native English speaking countries. In reality, language learners often neglect to join English-speaking activities. Moreover, they tend to focus on grammar, not meaning. To deal with this problem, English teachers can take advantage...

Pedagogical Conditions for the Language Competence Development in Officers of the System of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Process of Continuous and Distance Learning

Iryna Trubavina, Volodymyr Liutyi, Liudmyla Nepipenko, Svitlana Boiko
The course taken by Ukraine for European integration, NATO membership and cooperation with employees of the world security institutions in today’s environment requires the language competence development in officers of the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the process of distance learning....

Cultural Identity in Jean Kwok’s Novel Searching for Sylvie Lee

Almas Aprilia Damayanti, Lily Tjahjandari
Searching for Sylvie Lee written by Jean Kwok portrayed a life of Chinese immigrants in America. Sylvie Lee as the main character has the role to experience cultural identity and cultural dislocation since she moved from the Netherlands to the United States of America when she was young without knowing...

The Effect of Telegram Application in Japanese Language Distance Learning During Covid-19 Pandemic

Adhellayani, Linna Meilia Rasiban
The use of social media or mobile communication application for learning has attracted many researchers across the globe as they are inevitable in digital era. However, the use of Telegram seems to be overlooked in the hustle and bustle of research. Therefore, the aims of present study was to investigate...

Management Strategy of Online Radio: Post COVID-19 Pandemic

Corry Novrica AP Sinaga, Nurhasanah Nasution, Elvita Yenni
This paper aims to determine the strategy for managing online radio after the COVID-19 pandemic. As a stand-alone online radio, not a collaboration streaming radio with conventional media, Move online radio has a broadcast format similar to radio on FM channels. Broadcasts news programs, talk shows,...

Native Language Interference in the Process of Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language

Katarina Jalova
In this article, we deal with the problem of native language interference in the process of teaching Russian as a foreign language. In the theoretical part, we define the concept of the interlingual interference with an emphasis on various areas of language in which it occurs. In the analytical-interpretative...

Application Research and Analysis of Management Accounting in Enterprise Strategy Based on FAHP Model

Xuan Deng
On the basis of summarizing the previous research directions and results of management accounting, and referring to some literature, this paper designs an index system for the application research of management accounting in enterprise strategy, which includes the first-level evaluation indexes, including...

Probing-Prompting Learning with Product Assessment to Improve Student Mathematics Learning Outcomes

Himmatul Ulya, Haryanto
This study aims to: (1) describe the implementation of probing-prompting learning with product assessment; and (2) testing the effectiveness of probing-prompting learning with product assessments to improve student learning outcomes. Subjects in the study amounted to 35 students. This research uses an...

Mobile Applications on Hospital Services for Public Sector

Safuan Safuan, Akbar Samodratama
This study aims to determine the digital innovations developed by the hospital for ease of service to outpatients at the general hospital in the Majalengka area of Indonesia, by using the RSM Mobile application of the Majalengka Regional Hospital available on Android and iOS. The researchers use the...
Proceedings Article

Application of Intelligent Technologies for Control of Generator Sets in Power Supply Systems for Non-Traction Consumers

Yuri Bulatov, Andrey Kryukov, Konstantin Suslov, Pio Lombardi, Przemysław Komarnicki
One of the key features of the current transition of the electric power industry to the smart grid technological platform is a large-scale application of distributed generation (DG) plants. The efficient operation of such plants is not possible without the development of new approaches to the control...

Learners’ Perception Towards Online Classroom Environment during Pandemic of COVID-19, TPACK in EFL Context

Puji Astuti Amalia, Minarni Adham, Maulita, Sektalonir Bhakti
The pandemic of COVID-19 has changed many aspects of life across the globe including in Indonesia. In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 the president of Indonesia announced national distancing rule and encouraged citizen to work and study at home. Universities have changed the learning system into...

Development of Contextual Teaching and Learning (CTL) based Teaching Materials to Train Students’ Representation Ability

Ahmad Ridwan, Yusuf Hartono, Jeri Araiku
The purpose of this research is to produce teaching materials based on Contextual Teaching and learning (CTL) to train students’ representational skills that are valid, practical, effective and to train students’ representation skills at SMA Negeri 3 Martapura. The subjects of this study were students...
Proceedings Article

Determining Optimal Solutions in Learning Outcome Using One to One Fixed Method

Elis Ratna Wulan, Dindin Jamaluddin, Wildan Noor Ramadhan
General assignment problems include n tasks that must be assigned to m workers where each worker has different competencies in completing each task. This research discusses the problem of solving minimization case assignments using a new method, namely the One-to-One Fixed Method. Completion of the One-to-One...

Conceptual Framework of Smart Banjar: A Synergize of The Micro-enterprise, Microfinance, and The Banjar Institution

I Dewa Made Adi Baskara Joni, Shamsul Anuar Mokhtar, Bazilah A. Talip
The Banjar government system in Bali is believed to preserve the tradition and culture of the Balinese people. The Banjar has existed since the 10th-11th centuries. Affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic, Bali’s economy in quarter 1 of 2020 experienced negative growth of -1.14%. Transactions that occur to...

Sustainable Design Strategy of Expo 2020 DuBai

Lin Mo, Chen Lin, Hao Hu
Sustainable development is the common goal of mankind. The World Expo brings together the world’s most cutting-edge science and technology and ideas. This article aims to introduce the ongoing sustainable development design strategy of the Dubai Expo site and pavilions for the current architectural design...
Proceedings Article

Fast implementation of city optimal path

Xiaoyong Xu, Jiquan Zhou
This paper gives a detailed analysis of the existing city shortest path algorithm[1], aiming at the high time complexity and can not represent the real situation of the problem of the existing city shortest path selection algorithm, and bases on the idea of Dijkstra algorithm, puts forwarda fast algorithm...
Proceedings Article

Adaptive Iteration Stopping Criterion for AMSS Equations

Changle Li, Gangfeng Liu, Jie Zhao
When AMSS (Affine Morphological Scale Space) operator is applied in image filtering, the scale parameter has great impact on the filtering results. In order to determine the parameters more precisely, this paper analyzed affine invariance properties and classical invariance properties of AMSS operator...

Teaching Ethics Courses in the System of Higher Education in Russia: Problems and Prospects

Vladimir Tsvyk, Irina Tsvyk
The article discusses the ethical and moral education of students in modern Russian high schools. The necessity of strengthening the educational component of the higher education system is noted. To solve the problem, we propose a more active incorporation of the ethical component into training which...

Research on the Problems and Countermeasures of Social Stability Risk Assessment in China

Xiao-Min Wang, Miao-Ran Li
With the public interest and demand has been more and more diversified the traditional model of maintaining social stability has got into great troubles. Social stability risk assessment can reduce the occurrence of group events and maintain social harmony and stability. However, there are many problems...
Proceedings Article

Design of Robust Internal Model Control for Multivariate Descriptor Systems Based on Time-scale Transformation

Beiyan Jiang, Meiying Jiang, Yuming Zhang, Xinghan Du, Yan Huang, Wu Cai
This paper deals with a design problem of robust internal model control (IMC) for multivariate descriptor linear systems with more inputs than outputs, which establishes a possible way to design and analyze descriptor systems. The main idea of the method is that the given system is first decomposed into...

An IoT-based Occupational Safety Management System in Cold Storage Facilities

Y.P. Tsang, K.L. Choy, T.C. Poon, G.T.S. Ho, C.H Wu, H.Y. Lam, P.S. Koo, H.Y. Ho
In the contemporary strategy of cold chain logistics, cold storage plays an important role to keep the inventory under the extreme environmental conditions. As the demand of cold storage services is growing rapidly nowadays, attention paid on occupational safety of warehouse workers is increasing under...
Proceedings Article

Research on Grouping Strategy of Virtual Learning Community Based on the Fuzzy C-means Clustering

Yan Cheng, Jianhua Xie, Weisheng Xu
Virtual learning community, as a new model of network education, is widely used in the process of learning. But this kind of way is not gradually satisfying people's needs for more intelligent and personalized. Teaching strategy in virtual learning community is an important research direction of intelligent...
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Solutions for a Class of the higherDiophantine equation

Yin xia Ran
We studied the Diophantine equation x2+4n=y9. By using the elementary method and algebaic number theroy, we obtain the following concusions: (i) Let X be an odd number, one necessary condition which the equation has integer solutions is that 28n-1/3 contains some square factors. (ii) Let X be an even...
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Locative Inversion and Temporal Aspect Marker –guo in Mandarin

Lu Lu, Hongming Zhang
This paper is to examine the relationship between locative inversion and temporal aspect markers –guo in Mandarin. Guo cannot be ignored or easily be considered the same as the perfective marker –le without thinking its experiential features, and such feature can prove the syntactic function of preposed...
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An Intertextual Perspective of Chinese Dream and American Dream

Yingjie Guo, Qing Zhao
To have an intertextual perspective of Chinese Dream and American Dream, the paper employs Julia Kristeva’s concept of intertextuality and probes into their corresponding historical backgrounds for the consideration of their cultural roots and unique developments. Obviously, the two dreams are deeply...
Proceedings Article

Exploring The Use of Digital Games for Teaching and Learning

Wan Mohd Nazmee Wan Zainon, Abdullah Zawawi
Whether we like it or not, digital gaming and social networking are already wide-spread activities in our culture. More and more homes are now equipped with video-game consoles, computers, tablets or smart phones. The main purpose of this paper is to present an outcome of a preliminary studies done in...
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A Wavelet Based Algorithm without a Priori Knowledge of Noise Level for Gross Errors Detection

Paolo Mercorelli
This paper deals with Gross Error Detection using a signal-based approach and proposes an algorithm to be applied in industrial processes. The developed algorithm is used in some industrial software platforms to detect sensor outliers. A validation of this algorithm through computer simulations is shown....

Art Rehabilitation of Disabled People in Russian Federation

Alexander Yakoupov
Disabled people can also have their distinctive lives. In spite of their disabilities, many of them are firm in spirit and alway hold the hope for life. Art, as an life-saving straw, stirred up their hope for love. In Russia, the art rehabilitation of disabled people has been on the rise, thus provoked...

Study on the Employment Service in China’s Resource-exhausted Cities

Ge Shaolin, Han Quanfang
The employment issues in resource-exhausted cities are social issues faced by various countries in the world in the process of industrialization, and improving the level of employment service is the key for solving the unemployment problem in resource-exhausted cities. This paper adopts the comparative...
Proceedings Article

A Comparative Study on Multi-goals of Farm Hotel Operators between China and Australia

Xiuhong Wang
Different social backgrounds and developmental stages in tourism industry resulted in disparities in multi-goals of farm hotel operators between China and Australia. The multi-goals of farm hotel operators were analyzed from such aspects as start-up goals, formal business goals and family-related goals....
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Research on the Key Technology of Massive Vector Graphic Displaying

Jun Wu, Dan Xu
The paper introduces a new method which can load TOPO elements more quickly. After analyzing the problem of the old TOPO component, this paper gives the solution containing method of data loading management and display control. The realization is presented at the end of the paper.

Decentralization and Vertical Control in China’s Government Controlled Firms

Yanfeng Jiang
China’s government controlled firms face two conflict tasks: For one thing, government should credibly delegate efficiency to firms to make them competitive. For the other, the government also needs to control the firms to achieve their political goals. We suggest one way in which the China’s government...

The Development of Mathematics Instruction Using Color Chips at Elementary School Based on Lesson Study

Fitrani Dwina, Riry Sriningsih
This research aims to develop the mathematics instruction using color chips at elementary school based on Lesson Study. This research was conducted at fifth grade of State Elementary School 23, Padang Timur. The development is adapted from Plomp's model. There are three phases of the development: preliminary...
Proceedings Article

Standardization Efficiency Variability Index Model of Supply Logistics Systems for Automobile Parts

Huishu Piao, Jing Wang, Xia Li, Jinfeng Chen
For effectively measuring logistics standardization effect to promote the logistics standardization, it was proposed that logistics standards system and two kinds of "push" and "pull" logistics standardization modes based on supply logistics system architecture of automobile parts. Based on defining...

Cooperatives Governance Structure in China: A New Analytical Framework

Bin Wu
The cooperatives governance structure has always been the research priorities in the field of cooperative economics, but so far the issue is still considered as "gray box" or even as "black box". Most of the recent researches focused on the internal governance structure of cooperatives, or take the governance...