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A Summary of Content-Based Image Retrieval Methods

Zhongmin Li, Haochen Wu
This paper mainly focuses on the content-based image search system. First introduces the research status of CBIR in China and abroad, and then proposes and illustrates two key problems affecting the accuracy of the system, summarizes commonly used methods to solve these two problems.
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A Weighted Filtering Algorithm Based on Virtual Center Of Sub-window

Dehai Shen, Jian Hou, E Xu, Longchang Zhang, Qi Yan
In order to remove the mixed noise in an image, proposed a new weighted filtering algorithm. The algorithm used 5x5 filtering window, divided the window into sixteen 2x2 sub-windows, took these median pixel of every sub-window as their virtual center, then calculated the weights of these virtual center...
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The modal analysis of crack fault gear based on FEM

Ye Sun, Xiao Feng, Fenglong Yin, Silin Chen, Dan Yang
The finite element analysis model of the crack fault gear with different crack depth is established by the modeling method, and the modal analysis is carried out by the finite element analysis method. In the modal analysis, the results show that the crack will have a certain effect on the stiffness of...
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Image-based Fast 3D Reconstruction

Jianjun Xia, Fei Wang, Xiaocui Zheng
Image-based 3D reconstruction has many applications, but the reconstruction process is really time-consuming. In this paper, we have discussed several existing methods which can speed up the reconstruction, but many of them have their own limitations. After the analysis of image-based 3D reconstruction...
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Design and Test of Grain Moisture Online Measuring System Based on Floating Ground Capacitance

Zhiwei Mai, Changyou Li, Biying Wang
A new type of capacitive grain moisture on line measuring device was designed based on the measuring principle of non-contact parallel plate floating capacitor, which was suitable to continuous dryer under severe environment. The static batching measurement was used to improve the repeated accuracy of...
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Coordinated control of H Bridge Power Conversion System for Photovoltaic integration

Jian Sun, Qiang Wang
According to the requirement of grid connected photovoltaic power station and analysis of the topology structure and features of H bridge power conversion system(HB-PCS), a coordinated control method was presented in this paper. The method set current reference of HB-PCS to compensate reactive and active...
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Optimization design of downsize engine structure based on dynamic knock excitation

Bo Yang, Wenrui Wang, Zhiyong Li
The small size of the city vehicle gasoline engine is the key point of the current energy saving and emission reduction. The application of multi stage turbocharger technology has become a research hotspot, which leads to a higher compression ratio, the average effective pressure in the combustion chamber...
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Performance Analysis of Built-in Load Switch in Intelligent Electric Meters

Li Ding, Li Li, Fan Li, Wenjia Cai
It is found that some operating faults of the intelligent electric meters are caused by the performance of the built-in load switches. In order to determine the characteristics of the built-in load switches, the performance of the switches are tested and analyzed. The factors, including the complicate...
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Research on Zero-crossing Operation Scheme of Single-phase Fee Control Smart Meter

Wenwen Li, Ruiming Yuan, Zhengzhou Du, Guanna Lu, Dezhi Xiong, Zhenyu Jiang, Yanguo Lv
Arc ablation is directly related to the arc energy, which is proportional to the arc current and arc voltage. Existing fee control scheme of smart meter is that when power consumers delay the payment of electrical bills, the load switches trip; and when power consumers recharge successfully, the load...
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Research on the Degree of Confidence of the Commodity Based on Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation

Mingshan Xie, Yanfang Deng
In order to enhance the accuracy of precision marketing of goods and improve the precision of the intelligent search engine, we build the confidence model of commodity by means of using the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method, to calculate the commercial confidence, which can be used as the foundation...
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Home damage estimation after disasters using crowdsourcing ideas and Convolutional Neural Networks

Zhanghua Li, Kun Tian, Fushan Wang, Xiaocui Zheng, Fei Wang
Recently, natural disasters like earthquake, flooding, and landslides evoke our intensive awareness. The first priority to be concerned is the home status left by people, because from which can we largely estimate the damage level of the catastrophe and manage the rescue action better. However, to investigate...
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3D Magnetostatic Field Computation Based on Hybrid Mesh Integral Equation Method

Wubing Zhu, Wenchun Zhao, Jinwu Zhuang, Shengdao Liu
Accurate magnetostatic field computation for complex 3D ferromagnetic objects can be widely used to solve various engineering problems, while mesh quality is a key factor that can greatly affect the calculation precision. For complex shaped 3D objects, their mesh quality can be improved greatly by using...
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Process and Quality Control of Load Switch (External Circuit Breaker) for Electricity Meters

Baoliang Zhang, Yang Xue, Penghe Zhang, Yinghui Xu, Fuli Yang, Zhengzhou Dou, Dezhi Xiong
At present, the national grid invested heavily to carry out the construction of smart grid. As a key component of smart grid construction, electricity meter is developed gradually from the traditional intelligent electric energy meter, which is an important intelligent terminal in the smart grid. The...
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Embedded Voice Announcement Ultrasonic Distance Meter and University Lab Teaching Reformation

Yu Zhang, Xinyu Jin, Huizhong Li
A voice announcement ultrasonic distance meter with temperature compensation based on embedded MCU has been designed. This distance meter project has been introduced into the electronic design lab course teaching in Zhejiang University. Some teaching method reformation measures have been taken, which...
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Research on Evaluation Emulsify Ability for Polyphenols in Vegetable Oils

Liqin Jiang
The emulsification properties and emulsion stability of polyphenols on vegetable oils were investigated. Vegetable oil is always processed into foods existing as emulsions. In this study the author used edible oil-in-water emulsions stabilized by soya protein isolate (SPI) to investigate the differences...
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Immobilization of lactase on modified magnetic chitosan microspheres

Qian Fang, Shujuan Jiang, Yang Yang, Yanfeng Tuo, Guangqing Mu
The immobilization of lactase is a more attractive approach to overcome the disadvantage of the free lactase. In the presented work magnetic Fe304 fluid was synthesized by chemical coprecipitation and its surface was modified with sodium oleate. Then the liquid paraffin was used as dispersant and glutaraldehyde...

(paper withdrawn) Signaling Theory Embedded in the Throughput Model to Examine the Governance of How External Auditors Rely on Internal Audit Function

Waymond Rodgers, Ibrahim Albawwat
This study examines the governance of how external auditors (EAs) rely on internal audit function (IAF) from a new perspective. We use Signaling Theory embedded in a Throughput Model to trace the sub-processes of different stages of the reliance decision. We consider the last revision made to the International...

The Analysis of Indicators of Long-Term Prosperity Companies from Automotive Based on Predictive Finance Indicators

Hana Scholleová
Automotive industry in the Czech Republic is important and highly monitored. The reason for this is mainly the fact that the automotive industry contributes significantly to the formation of GDP, according to Ministry of Industry and Trade (MIT, 2015) 15% long-term profit is made in the automotive sector....

The Use of the Square of Opposition in Accountant's Professional Judgement

Viatcheslav Y. Sokolov
This paper reviews the possibility of using the methods of formal logic in the professional judgements taken by accountants, and in accounting regulations as a special type of professional judgements made on behalf of the entire accounting community. It contemplates the possibility and the process of...

Financial Performance of Czech Sugar Refineries: Case Study Testing the Post-Crisis Period 2010-2013

Jiří Strouhal, Petra Štamfestová
The main purpose of this paper is to evaluate and compare a financial performance of Czech sugar refineries within a period 2010-2013. Due to the availability of financial statements for the requested periods were analysed following public limited companies - Cukrovar Vrb tky, Tereos TTD, Litovelsk ...

Accounting Fraud and Accounting Standards: The Case of Toshiba's Fraudulent Accounting

Daisuke Suzuki, Junpei Yamada
This study addresses the case of Toshiba's fraudulent accounting in 2015 and examines its implications for setting accounting standards while considering the linkage between theory and practice. If this case is not an isolated case, then what is the problem with the existing accounting standards? The...

Perception of Management Accounting and Controlling by Polish Authors in Publications in 1990-2016

Anna Szychta, Justyna Dobroszek
Accounting addressed to support the management has been developed in enterprises in Poland on a wider scale since the 1990s, i.e. since the restoration of the market-based economic system after a half-a-century break. The paper aims to identify the perception of the nature and scope of management accounting...

Application of Benford's Law for Fraud Detection in Financial Statements: Theoretical Review

Mihkel Tammaru, Lehte Alver
External auditors' ability to detect profit manipulations in the financial statements is limited. Non conformity with Benford's law gives indication of the risk that a data set contains fraud, but it does not give information which items are manipulated. Knowing profit and other financial targets set...

Conception and Periodisation of Fraud Models: Theoretical Review

Maria Vassiljev, Lehte Alver
The issue of fraud is topical in every country and for every type of organization, regardless of the continent or the part of the world. Getting involved into a fraud scandal, the future reputation becomes doubtful from the potential investors' and customers' point of view. Many authors have discussed...

From Craft to Institution: Institutional Analysis and the Medieval Accounting History

Olga Volkova
This paper investigates if accounting evolved as a result of the interaction of special economic, cultural and political institutions which prevailed in Medieval Italy. A two-step approach is implemented by the Historical and Comparative Institutional Analysis. First we investigate the features of above...

Factors of Possible Risk Prediction for Financial Statement Falsification in Banking Sector of Russian Federation

Genrietta Soboleva, Sofya Soboleva, Dina Lvova
It is known that the financial statements are the subject of falsification. Risk assessment of possible falsification is a complex and urgent problem, which concerns a large number of scientific studies that use in modeling a variety of information contained in the financial statements. This paper presents...

[WITHDRAWN]On Development of Tourist Resources of Ancient Villages and Towns in Fuzhou, Jiangxi Province

Wenping Xiong
Fuzhou City in Jiangxi Province boasts rich tourist resources of ancient villages and towns of high level and in large number, but such an advantage is yet to be transferred into the advantage in tourist economy. Starting with analyzing the features of tourist resources of ancient villages and towns...

Analysis on the Preference Scale of Inbound Tourism Market in Fujian

Tong Yu
Based on the data of inbound tourism in Fujian from 2006 to 2015, we analyze the preference scale of the inbound tourist market in Fujian. The research results show that the most important inbound tourist market in Fujian is the United States, Singapore and Malaysia, the difference of the preference...

Measure and Manage the Dynamic risk of Commodity Futures Market Based on CAViaR

Zeng-yu Fu, Hu-wei Wen
Under the background of OBOR strategic, commodities futures market of China meet new opportunity. It benefits the internationalization of China's futures market and enhances the commodity pricing power that we can management the market risk. By taking the typical industrial and agricultural commodities...

The Application of Microwave Technology in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Yunshen Zhang
Microwave can promote the chemical reaction, which has great influence on the chemical reaction process. It has been widely concerned by its unique advantages. Microwave technology can be used in organic synthesis, material synthesis, sample analysis, waste water treatment and other fields, the technology...

Study on Integrative Development of Regional Tourism of Nanchang-Fuzhou

Wenping Xiong
This paper analyzes the problems existing in promotion of integrative development of Nanchang-Fuzhou based on the advantage conditions of exploring tourism integration of Nanchang- Fuzhou and proposes countermeasures for integrative development of Nanchang-Fuzhou.

New Application Technology University under the Background of the Development Trend of Private Colleges University-Enterprise Cooperation-- take a University in Shanghai Example

Yuanjun Sun
With the deepening of China's reform and opening up and the continuous improvement of people's living standard, people more and more high to the requirement of education. According to China's medium and long-term education development request, under the background of new situation and new application...

Problems and Countermeasures Research on Development of Fuzhou's Cultural Tourism Resources

Wenping Xiong
Culture is the soul of tourism. As a famous "hometown of gifted scholars", Fuzhou has cultivated a galaxy of eminent persons in history and abundant cultural tourism resources. It can make people rich and protect the ecology to build the cultural tourism industry into a pillar industry of Fuzhou. On...

Research Status and Working Mechanism of the Concrete Expanded-Plates Pile under Horizontal Load

Yongmei Qian, Yuhui Zhang, Jie Wang, Ruozhu Wang
The concrete expanded-plate pile (the CEP pile) has special construction of the pile body, which makes the pile have higher bearing capacity by addition of bearing extruded-expanded-plate. By research it is shown that there are many factors to affect the bearing capacity of the single pile of the CEP...

Study on Mixing Technology of Buton Rock Asphalt Modified HMA

Qingqing Lu
Buton Rock Asphalt, as a natural asphalt modifier, can be easily dissolved in matrix bitumen, which improves high temperature performance water stability performance and anti-aging performance of asphalt mixture greatly, and lead to the simple production process and easy promotion. However dry mixing...

Analysis of the influence of shield construction on the surrounding ground surface settlement

Bing Li, Fengying Ji
Based on the background of a double line shield tunnel in Shenyang metro, the construction process of double line shield is simulated by using the finite element analysis software of GTS Midas. The change course of ground surface settlement during construction and the influence of the physical and mechanical...

Engineering practices of deodorization for odor in urban sewage treatment plants in China

Jiancheng Liang, Guanwen Cheng, Haopin Feng
As to the publishing of "13th Five-Year" Environmental Planning whose core is improving the quality of the environment. So the deodorization of odor in urban sewage treatment plants has become an important part of their comprehensive upgrading and transformation in China. It can be seen that the technology...

Numerical Method of Elastodynamic Equation with Curvilinear grid

Liquan Wang, Donghua Chen
For the cross sectional profile of axisymmetric body with curve, the numerical solution of elastodynamic equation is difficult in cylindrical coordinates. In order to realize the dynamic simulation of axisymmetric body with curve cross section, based on the Lax-Wendroff differential theory, a numerical...

The Corrected Calculation for the Sediment Discharge Based on the Copula Function

Xue Wang, Yu Li
Some problems including complex calculation methods and parameter calibration difficulties exist in the current corrected calculation of the sediment discharge. A new method based on the copula function was proposed in this paper to solve them. The results show that the proposed method can improve the...

The Small Town Endowment Plan in The Coordinated Development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei View:Shunping County in Hebei Province Example

Shuai Li, Hongwei Li
In the face of ageing population and coordinated development strategy of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region endowment development of small town exists the following problems: endowment mode single, existing polarization between regions, low level of endowment services, inadequate...

BIM-Based Employment Guarantee mode for Migrant Workers in Chinese Construction Industry

Pengcheng Pan, Xiaojie Peng, Wei He
Based on information sharing idea, BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology had been widely used in construction industry. Employment Guarantee for Migrant Workers is hot topic in Chinese construction industry. There were few articles focus on using BIM to solve the Employment Guarantee problem....

Analysis Causes of and Solutions for Urban Water Logging in Shijiazhuang

Qiangqiang Li, Hongwei Li
Urban water logging has caused loss of life, injuries of personnel, and economic loss in many large and medium sized cities in recent years. This paper, to provide more solutions for urban waterlogging prevention and control in China, takes Shijiazhuang as its research object; concludes the causes of...

Freight Information Matching Based on Quantum Evolutionary Algorithm

Xiangwei Mu, Yan Chen, Haixia Zhao
In order to improve the efficiency of freight vehicle and cargo matching, a mathematical model was established, which describes target and the related constraints, and quantum evolutionary algorithm was proposed to solve this matching problem. In the experiment, improved quantum evolutionary algorithm...

Control Strategy Research and Application Based on the Impact Analysis of PFC to AGC

Jun Li, Suhong Chen, Hui Zhang, Xun Zhang, Chaofeng Wu
With the rapid development of ultra-high voltage grid and interconnections of regional power network, it brings adverse influence on frequency control of the power system. The stability of power grid frequency mainly depends on primary frequency compensation (PFC) and automatic power generation control...

An Open-Source Solution of Business Intelligence in China Railway Passenger Transportation Decision Support

Jianxiong Wang, Nan Wang
An Open-Source solution based on Pentaho is described in this paper for constructing railway passenger transport marketing assistant decision system as alternative of commercial software, solving the problem of being lack of user custom properties, which will save project costs, and has good expansibility.Furthermore,...

Research on Fault Diagnosis Method of Aircraft Engine on Basis of Data Classification Prediction

Jiangwei Hao, Bin Lu
.In this article, we introduced the classification and prediction algorithm of data mining into aircraft engine fault diagnosis, then analysis and compare the Random Forest algorithm and Neural Network algorithm.The simulation of these algorithms and experimental results show that the two methods have...

A Study on the Importance of Setting up Finance Courses in School of Economics and Management

Wenbin Xu, Jing Sun
Recent year, school of economics and management or school of business in many universities discuss in-depth about the necessity and importance of setting up finance courses. Especially for non-economics majors in school of economics and management or school of business, whether finance courses should...

The Rebelling Character on Sister Carrie from Theodore Dreiser

Yan Liu
At the end of the nineteenth century comes a generation of Naturalism writers whose ideas and consciousness focus on the workings of the universe and the society's disorders, and they also like to have the harsher insight into the reality, especially the distinctive rebelling traits on Sister Carrie...

The Research and Practice of Electrical Engineering and Its Automation Professional Course System for the View of Macroengineering

Xin Yao, Zailin Yao
With the progress of The Times, thought the increasing numbers of colleges and universities attach great importance to the cultivation of talents, the essential issue of many colleges and universities is how to orientedly cultivate practical personnel according to the social requisition. This is also...

The Exploration of "3T" Mode in the Application Ability Training of MCU

Mudan Zhou
MCU application capability is an important skill that applied undergraduate of electronic information college students must master. This paper explores the feasibility and effectiveness of "3T"mode for the cultivation of applied talents, with application-oriented personnel training as the goal and effective...