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The study of carbon monoxide placenta blood hemoglobin oxygenation

Chen Chen, Xiang Wang, Pei Wang, Donglai Qi
With the great progress of hemoglobin-based blood substitutes, however, they all have a same problem that is hard to get effective stable structure of hemoglobin. The hemoglobin can be oxidized into met hemoglobin in the process of purification, lead to the loss of the function of carrying and transporting...
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Research on the Gap Flow Simulation of Debris Removal Process for Small Hole EDM Machining with Ti Alloy

Wenchao Zhang, Yu Liu, Shengfang Zhang, Fujian Ma, Puyong Wang, Changgang Yan
In EDM, especially in small holes EDM machining, there will be a lot of debris produced which is difficult to remove from narrow gap. If the debris can’t be removed in time, it will affect the machining accuracy and efficiency, and sometimes even unable to complete the processing. In this paper, the...
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Blind Doppler Rate Estimation for PSK Signal

Xin Cai, Xiang Wang, Zhi-Tao Huang, Feng-Hua Wang
We propose a novel blind Doppler rate estimator for phase shift keying (PSK) transmissions. The issue may arise in mobile radio links when the received signal experiences non-negligible time-varying Doppler distortion, as in low earth-orbit satellite systems and terrestrial mobile cellular radio systems....
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MPPT Algorithm Based on the Perturbation and Observation with Variable Metric

Yishuang Hu, Zimu Zhang, Dong Zhao, Yue Deng, Jingyi Lu
The output of photovoltaic array under uniform light is nonlinear with single peaks. Among the MPPT strategies, The P&O Maximum Power Point Tracking algorithm is mostly used, due to its ease of implementation. However, its main drawbacks are the waste of energy in steady conditions, when the working...
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Hybrid laser information improved PSO-RBPF algorithm

Haibo Lin, Jingjing Ke, Yi Zhang
To solve the estimator’s inconsistency in calculating the proposal distribution and the particles degeneracy phenomenon of the Rao-Blackwellized particle filter (RBPF), an improved method of RBPF based on fusing Precision laser pre-observation information particle swarm optimization (PSO) is proposed...
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Latest Developments of Nanoparticles Surface Modification

Lixia Peng
Latest surface modification methods of nanoparticles are researched in this article. The mechanism, characteristics and process of surface physical modification methods of nanoparticles such as surfactant and surface deposition are analyzed. The characteristics, mechanism and chemical reaction process...
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Automobile Engine Block Machining Line Simulation

Fuping Li, Zheng Wang, Zhifeng Liu
In this paper, using the production system simulation software Plant Simulation to model and simulate an automobile engine block machining line, and then analysis the simulation data. Experimental data shows that the production line program has a strong production capacity and good economic, which can...
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Inertia mobile mechanism research based on ADAMS

Jiajia Chen, Qingming Wang, Jiachen Ju
In this paper, a new design of a mechanical device based on inertial force is presented. The theoretical analysis and some kinetics equations are established. The dynamic characteristics of mechanical device are greatly influenced by the coefficient of friction during the moving process. Relatively low...
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Study on Term Weight Calculation Based on Information Gain and Entropy

Ying Hong, Chao Lv
This paper first analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of TF-IDF, which is a traditional algorithm of term weight calculation. Then to overcome the disadvantages of the algorithm, this paper proposes a new method of term weight calculation based on information gain and information entropy, which...
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Design of a Vibration Monitoring System for the Hoisting Machine in Ship Locks

Panpan Zhang, Haibo Li
Water transportation are becoming more and more important in the transportation area. The ship lock is one of the most significant facilities in the inland water transportation. In this paper, different kinds of hoisting machines for the ship lock gate were introduced. Characteristics of the connecting...
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Design of laser detection instrument of a certain type of missile

Yuanjia Cao, Guangjun Yu, Xiwei Guo
This paper introduces a laser detection instrument for calibration the optical axis parallelism between laser transmitter with small field of periscope optical aiming mirror, and also it can measure laser transmitter power and view spot diameter of the main, minor zoom field and fixed foci small field...
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Characteristics Analysis of Aging Composite Insulators

Yue Cao, Zhibo Zhang, Xuan Chen, Ming Chi, Chuanmin Chen, Ke Du, Jing Zhang
Composite insulators have been widely used for transmission line, which have been noted for the aging problem with the increase of the installed number and service time. Characteristics analysis of aging composite insulators were analyzed using attenuated total reflect ion infrared spectroscopy (ATR-FTIR)...
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Effects of Ce on Extrusion Alloy Phase and Mechanical Properties of ZM21 Magnesium Alloy

Quan Li, Weibo Zhu, Aimin Jiang, Bin Zeng
In this paper, the effects of Ce addition on extrusion alloy phase and mechanical properties of extruded ZM21 magnesium alloy were investigated by the use of XRD, SEM and tensile test at room temperature et al. Analysis of the cerium magnesium alloy extrusion of ZM21 influence of alloy phase and mechanical...
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Research on EPDM Matrix Nonlinear Insulation Composites

Changming Li, Qinglang Chen, Chunpeng Yin, Baozhong Han
In order to develop non-linear material used for the reinforced insulation in HVDC cable accessory, non-linear EPDM composites were fabricated by adding conductive nano fillers to improve the conductivity characteristic of EPDM. The conductivity and the DC breakdown strength of composites were tested...
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Optical system design for micro star sensor

Tuo Zheng, Haiyang Quan
Star sensor is an important part of the attitude control of a space vehicle. The advantages and disadvantages of the optical system determine the accuracy of the whole star sensor system. In order to adapt to the development of China's space needs, a star sensor optical system was designed by a domestic...
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Flexible Arm Optimal Design of Pipe Robot Expanding Brake Structure

Han Ni, Yulian Chang, Sheng Gao
Structure parameters of Flexible arm in expanding brake of pipe robot are important, which are used to effect the expanding force. Pseudo-rigid-body model is often adopted for size optimization. The relationship between stress distortion and structure parameters are analyzed by virtual principle. The...
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Effect of Explosive Properties on the Energy Distribution of Blasting Seismic Waves in Carbonate Rocks

Ming-shou Zhong, Quan-min Xie, Tao Guo, Ying Liu, Hao-quan Liu
This template explains and demonstrates how to prepare your camera-ready paper for Trans Tech Publications. The best is to read these instructions and follow the outline of this text. Please make the page settings of your word processor to A4 format (21 x 29,7 cm or 8 x 11 inches); with the margins:...
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Reconstruction of missing data in social network Based on Affinity Propagation

Rongxin Liu, Qun Liu
With the appearance of data explosion, important data in incomplete network could be missed caused by some factors. To address the problem, we present a reconstruction framework based on Hawkes process with self-exciting and TAP (Topical affinity propagation) to effectively and efficiently reconstruct...
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The Application of Wavelet Transform in Real-time Data Compression of Power System

Jia Wu, Dan Su, Wei Song, Rui Yang, ShengPeng Ji, Xianhui Li, Anmeng Wang
For power system real-time data capacity is large, and the actual storage space is limited. This paper proposes a real-time data compression method based on wavelet transform. This method compress and decompress real-time data in power system through compactly supported orthonormal wavelet. The results...
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A realization of load balancing based on distributed real-time database isomerism cluster

Jia Wu, Dan Su, Huanyuan Li, Lei Yan, Xianhui Li, ShengPeng Ji, Jingbo Li
This paper briefly introduced the technical features of real-time database and distributed database. This paper also introduced real-time database platform based on CORBA component technology, and real-time database isomerism cluster which is the core part of real-time database platform. Based on the...
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Research on real-time data processing technology for Internet of things

Jia Wu, Dan Su, Chao Liu, Bing Lv, ShengPeng Ji, Xianhui Li, Gang Li
In the age of internet of things, the storage and real-time processing requirements of massive amounts of real-time data generated by sensors, so that the traditional database or data processing architecture has been unable to deal with. Analyzing the processing characteristics of the real-time data...
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A text classification model constructed by Latent Dirichlet Allocation and Deep Learning

Yu Liu, Zhengping Jin
In this paper, we proposed a mixed model of text classification constructed by latent dirichlet allocation and deep learning. The model present that a text will be represent as a vector computing by latent dirichlet allocation algorithm, and this vector is probabilistic vector of corresponding topic...
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A comparison about the paddy fields applicability of two water stress index model by infrared automatic monitoring the canopy temperature of rice

Mingchao Gao, Shijie Gao, Xiaohui Li, Jiping Gao, Jihong Li, Wenzhong Zhang, Yingshan Dong
The canopy temperatures of rice were observed by the infrared temperature measuring equipment under different irrigation conditions in this experiment, and also it applied the CWSI empirical model and theoretical model to measure whether the crop were suffered from water stress or not. Meanwhile, in...
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Cause Gastrointestinal Motility Dysfunction and Its Mechanism

Hui-feng JinG
Previous studies have shown that: the incidence of a wide range of gastrointestinal motility disorders, high frequency, have seriously affected the recovery of athletes training and after training. This article from a variety of factors that affect gastrointestinal function point of view, its comprehensive...
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Fabrication and photocatalytic properties of porous crystalline titanium dioxide film co-doped with Fe and Si by PEO

Miao Wang, Weixin Ren, Xiaoling Zhang, Linzhong Zhu, Jun Zhao, Shujin Shi, Qianqian Liu, Shuang Guo, Yunlong Wang
Porous photocatalytic titania film co-doped with Fe and Si was fabricated on carbon steel substrate by plasma electrolytic oxidation (PEO). The microstructure of the film was investigated and the photocatalytic activity of the film was tested by measuring the photodegradation rate of the organic methylene...
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Effects of laser treating on surface morphology of MAO coating on AZ91 magnesium alloy

Yunlong Wang, Linzhong Zhu, Yang Sheng, Caiyan Chen, Zhicheng Liu, Weixing Ren, Guohao Cheng
Micro arc oxidation (MAO) coating was first fabricated on AZ91 biomedical magnesium alloy and followed by surface laser treating. Effects of laser treating on surface characteristics of MAO coating were studied. The results indicated that after surface laser treating, the micro pores on MAO coating surface...
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Evaluation Indexes Design for Sustainability of the Intelligent Systems Based on the Differential Equation

ChaoXi Zhang
Our paper provide select human health, food security, equitable sustainable development, local environmental quality, and energy access, livelihoods, community vulnerability, and access to clean water as indexes to evaluate whether a country is sustainable. With the research of the Intelligent Systems...
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A Review of Topologies, Controls, and Applications of Multilevel Inverter

Zheng Lu, Honglin Ouyang, Muxuan Xiao
Multilevel inverter has the advancements of high output voltage, high output power, output voltage waveform being similar to sinusoidal wave, small variety rate and little EMI. Due to these features, multilevel inverter has wide application prospect in comprehensive treatment of power quality, traction,...
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Semi-Automatic Packaging Systems

Tianyi Zhang
The system is set up mainly for "Online shop" and other entrepreneurs in the early stage, lack of manpower with heavy workload problem. Design a mechanical device can be used to personalize a variety of packaging materials, the size of goods. By simply provide a power source, simple manual work to complete...
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A Background Modeling Approach Based on Visual Background Extractor

Taotao Liu, Lin Qi, Guichi Liu
Moving objects detection is an important research content in computer vision field and it plays a very important role in many vision applications such as smart video surveillance, intelligent transportation, and human-computer interaction, traffic control, activity recognition, object tracking and behavior...
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Research on Performance Degradation Modeling for Machine Gun’s Barrel Based on FOAGRNN

Yanfeng Cao, Cheng Xu
A method to establish performance degradation model for barrel based on general regression neural network with fruit fly optimization algorithm (FOAGRNN) was proposed. It took the muzzle velocity reduction as performance degradation feature with the increase in the number of shooting ammunition quantity...
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Video In The Shadow Of An Object To Determine When And Where Of The Video

Qianwen An
Shadows of the sun position techniques can determine the place and date of the video. First, use Matlab to extract video files, extract n pictures at such intervals, after reading the picture get n sets of the shadow length l changes with time t. Known date from capture date calculate solar declination,...
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A Design of M-LVDS Transmitter IP

Yi Shi, Yuan-fu Zhao, Su-ge Yue, Qiang Bian, Yan-tu Mo
Multipoint low voltage differential signaling (M-LVDS) [1], who’s electrical parameters meet the requirements of ANSI/TIA/EIA-899 standard, is a widely used technology in multipoint interconnection. Through the study of the standard, the wide-swing current mirror technology was proposed to satisfy the...
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Study of Failure Analysis of Power Transistors

Jiaoying Huang, Sicong Hu, Cheng Gao, Xiangfen Wang
This paper present a process of failure analysis which, to some extent, can demonstrate a variety of failure process in regard to power transistors. General failure analysis process will be introduced at the beginning of this article. The test objects are power transistors which were found to be the...
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Failure Analysis of Au-Al Wire Bonding to MOSFETs

Jiaoying Huang, Can Cui, Cheng Gao, Yuanyuan Xiong
The gold and aluminum (Au-Al) wire bonding is used to realize interconnection for semiconductor devices. But, sometimes, the failure of Au-Al bond wire exists. In this paper, the failure influence factors of Au-Al bonding to Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistors (MOSFETs) were discussed....
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Research on DNA Computing Methods of Optimization Problems on Weighted Graph

Jieyu Liu
The paper researched the DNA computing method of classical optimization problems on weighted graph, improved the method of Weight-coding that belongs to the original model of DNA, raised some new methods of DNA encoding and DNA computing. Generally speaking, through the Relative length graph design that...
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Simulation of 1.0 m CMOS Baseline Process at AEMD of Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Didi Ma, Xiaodong Wang, Yun Shen, Xiulan Cheng
A standard 1.0 m CMOS process are developed at AEMD (Center for Advanced Electronic Materials and Devices), which is a public platform about advanced micro-nano fabrication. The process supports 1.0 m twin well technology, with double poly-Si, double metal, and defines the standard process modules in...
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Field test research for optimization design under condition of complex Soil Stratum

Bing Hui, Yan Liu, Li Zhang, Huimin Wang, Gang Han, Hao Duan, Zhangjian Yu, Wenjun Zhang
It is highly important to choose suitable of the foundation in underground engineering. With the engineering, the foundation is made of gravelly soil, which distributed discontinuity and had bad uniformity. Drilling method, dynamic sounding method and deep plate loading test were applied, combined with...
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Study on the Application of Microcomputer Remote Control Technology in Unattended Substation

XiA Tian
Aiming at the limitation of the traditional substation in the control and management, computer remote control technology was used to ensure the personnel on duty in the remote control center can obtain monitoring information of unmanned attended substation to realize the substation intelligent management...
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Fast face recognition based on KDDA and SRC

Jun-ying Gan, Chao Pen, Cheng-yun Liu, Shan-lu Li
Recently, the sparse representation-based classification (SRC) is getting more and more attention in many fields, such as pattern classification, which has been successfully applied to face recognition. However, the essence of SRC, within face recognition, is to use the linear combination in the same...
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Fuzzy Set Based Web Opinion Text Clustering Algorithm

Hongxin Wan, Yun Peng
With the development of social media, people like to express their views on the Web. Because people express their views casually, which makes the opinion text contain a lot of uncertain and unstructured contents, and it is difficult to cluster the text by normal classification methods. An algorithm of...
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Opinion Text Features Finding and Evaluation Algorithm Based on Rough Set

Hongxin Wan, Yun Peng
Follow the development of Internet, more and more opinion texts are written on social media web by people, and it is very difficult to find the features in these texts because of the texts scale. We propose an algorithm to find features from key words by words reduction method, which considers the correlation...
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Mini-batch Quasi-Newton optimization for Large Scale Linear Support Vector Regression

Xin Xie, Chao Chen, Zhijian Chen
Linear support vector regression (SVR) is a popular machine learning algorithm. However, as the amount of data increases, the learning procedure of SVR becomes time consuming. In this paper, we propose a mini-batch quasi-Newton optimization algorithm to speed up the training process of linear SVR. The...
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Research on Earning Warning of Railway Freight Based on Support Vector Regression (SVR)

Lingyan Cheng, Shiwei He, Weichuan Yin
The traditional railway freight early warning adopted independent indicator thresholds discrimination. But it would lead to inaccurate results warnings, it may alarms when abnormal events occur instead of early warning. This paper proposes a railway freight early warning model, which apply support vector...
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Dis-Dyn Crawler:A Distributed Crawler for Dynamic Web Page

Jianfu Cai, Hua Zhang
Nowadays, it has became a widespread approach for achieving rich information in modern web applications using AJAX ,which cause two serious problems for web crawler. One is the incomplete information getting from web page due to the inability to parse dynamic web page. Another is the efficiency of the...
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Analysis of Blended-mode DoS Attack

Xin Yang Ou, Hua Zhang
Most techniques of DoS attack are single-model, which have the disadvantages of low attack efficiency and weak adaptability. This paper presents a blended-mode DoS attack mode and we focus on the analysis of the efficiency of this mode. In this mode, we combine different DoS attack modes to attack the...
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The Design of IP Core for Configurable LCD Controller of MIPI Interface Based on NIOS II

Wei Dong Wang, Jing Wang
With the LCD controller of MIPI interface widely used in portable embedded systems, this paper combines MIPI technology and Altera's NIOS II soft core processor and completes the design of IP core for the LCD controller of MIPI interface in FPGA. The IP core can be implemented image display with different...
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Cloud Computing Real-time Task Scheduling Optimization Based on Genetic Algorithm and the Perception of Resources

Jian Dong, Su-Juan Qin
Current real-time task scheduling algorithm only focus on the user tasks’ real-time demand, and these algorithms are not flexible enough to adapt for real-time change in heterogeneous systems. In this paper, by means of the characteristics of global optimization searching of genetic algorithm, from the...
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Analysis On the Ultra-low Power Integrated Circuit Technology

Meidong Lin, Zhiping Wen, Lei Chen
The technology has been integrated into the nanometer scale, the challenges posed by the increasingly obvious power, has gradually become a major problem restricting the development of integrated circuits, as well as the preparation of the core issues and design of integrated circuits exist. Low-power...
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Effect of shot blasting on Aerial Aluminum Conductor corrosion behavior

Kai Guo, Xiaoming Wang, Zhiling Yu, Xingeng Li, Zengwu Yue, Min Fu, Xuegang Wang, Fengjie Yan, Qiang Luo
Aerial aluminum conductor (ACSR) as the primary overhead lines products, has been running in the field for a long time. The inevitable corrosion will be affected by heavy pollution environment. Salt spray is acknowledged as the natural environment in most demanding of corrosion, which can make the wire...