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Persuasive Directive Speech Acts in Nusantara Culture Banner and Implications for Indonesian Language Learning

Khaafidhatul Kalaamiyah, Berlianing Megarizkiand, Marista Bela Octaviana, Harun Joko Prayitno, Duwi Saputro, Tenny Murtiningsih, Fathul Zannah, Nani Solihati, Abdul Halim Ali
One of the information received by students is culture. Introduction to culture can be conveyed through banners with the theme of Indonesian culture. A poster or banner certainly has an implied meaning in a sentence on the poster or banner. The method used in this research is descriptive qualitative....

The Development of Storytelling Learning Using BAHARI DONG Method at AL-YA’LU Superior Elementary School, Malang City, East Java

Endang Supadminingsih, Nurhayati Nurhayati
Fairy tale was a literary work that entertained children and provided positive benefits for them. Almost every child was very happy to listen to the parents or teachers who were telling stories. However, very few students were ready to tell a story when they asked with the excuse of being embarrassed...
Conference Abstract


Francesco Tosello, Andrea Guala*, Dario Leone, Carlo Camporeale, Giulia Bruno, Luca Ridolfi, Franco Veglio, Alberto Milan
Pages: 21 - 21
Increased blood pressure represents a major cardiovascular risk factor for western populations. Usually blood pressure is measured peripherally, but current evidence suggested that central blood pressure better predicts cardiovascular events. However, central blood pressure measurement is not feasible...
Proceedings Article

A Comparison of Two Different Tuning Methods of PID Controller for Evaluation of the Dynamics Performance Deodorizing Column of the Crude Palm Oil

Renanto Handogo, Kevin, Juwari Purwo Sutikno, Vincentius Lukas Aria, Annasit Mualim
Deodorizer column is one of the most important units of operation in the palm oil refining process. The column itself consists of tray column at bottom half and packed column at top half. To get an optimum composition of the bottom product and FFA recovery, a good controlling system needs to be installed....
Conference Abstract


Louise Marais*, Jianping Dai, Eric Allaire, Mustapha Zidi
Pages: 21 - 21
Setting up new strategies to prevent the growth and fatal rupture of aneurysms remains a challenge. The rat xenograft model of abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) has been used to develop gene and cell therapies with the aim of countering the expansion of the diseased arterial wall. It is of primary importance...

The Effects of the Social Context on Pre-Decisional Processes of Protective Action in Beijing Communities

Tiezhong Liu, Hubo Zhang, Xiaowei Li, Huiru Li
Pages: 21 - 30
This paper examined the effects of the social context (media communication, face-to-face communication, and friend and kinship network) on pre decisional processes of individual protective action. A two-stage survey was carried out aimed at residents in Beijing communities in half a year, and then the...

An Efficient Structure for LKH Key Tree on Secure Multicast Communications

Naoshi Sakamoto
Pages: 21 - 30
In order to communicate in cipher over IP multicast, each of joining and leaving participants causes renewing keys. Moreover, the number of renewed keys depends on the key management system. LKH, one of the key management systems, uses a tree structure to manage keys to share with participants. Every...

Review of Research on Credit Risk Management for Rural Credit Cooperatives

Xin Song, Li Li, Lei Xiao
Pages: 21 - 26
With the rapid development of rural micro-credit, whether the "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" problems have been effectively solved, whether the credit risk has been effectively controlled, these have become the focus of our attention to the rural economic environment. The main content of this...

Non-coordinate case of graded differential algebra with ternary differential

Nadezda Bazunova
Pages: 21 - 26
In this article, we generalize a construction of graded q-differential algebra with ternary differential satisfying the property d3 = 0 and q-Leibniz rule on the non-coordinate case, that is on the case where the differentials of generators of underlying algebra do not coincide with generators of bimodule...

The Heun Equation and the Calogero-Moser-Sutherland System III: The Finite-Gap Property and the Monodromy

Kouichi Takemura
Pages: 21 - 46
A new approach to the finite-gap property for the Heun equation is constructed. The relationship between the finite-dimensional invariant space and the spectral curve is clarified. The monodromies are calculated and are expressed as hyperelliptic integrals. Applications to the spectral problem for the...

On Integrability of Differential Constraints Arising from the Singularity Analysis

S. Yu. Sakovich
Pages: 21 - 25
Integrability of differential constraints arising from the singularity analysis of two (1+1)-dimensional second-order evolution equations is studied. Two nonlinear ordnary differential equations are obtained in this way, which are integrable by quadrtures in spite of very complicated branching of their...

Geometry Tutoring Supported by an Intelligent Drawing Interface and Automatic Problem Solving

Hyung Joon Kook
Pages: 21 - 27
In a scientific domain, learning comprises studying a finite set of principles of the domain and applying them to solve a wide variety of problems. Therefore an intelligent tutoring system in a scientific domain is required to possess an adequate methodology to deal with this principle. We suggest a...

Risk Indviduality in Crisis Planning: the Case of Gender in Amercan Agriculture

Dana L.K. Hoag, Catherine Keske, Rebecca Goldbach
Pages: 21 - 28
Crisis response can be improved by accounting for differences in risk perception. We confirm that gender individuality can be an important divider by using a case study of agricultural producers. Women were more risk averse and less confident. However, we found less difference than studies have found...

How Crises Model the Modern World

Patrick Lagadec, Benjamin Topper
Pages: 21 - 33
Crises are our new reality. “Black swans” are increasingly becoming the norm; our systems, environments, contexts are structurally prone to crises. Doing more of the same will not be the appropriate way to deal with modern crises: a paradigm shift is needed, based on a more accurate understanding of...

Management Model of Traditional Village-based Tourism Objects in the Perspective of Tourism Law

Anak Agung Gede Ngurah Jaya Agung
This study examines and analyzes existing regulatory instruments regarding the management model for traditional village-based tourism objects from the perspective of tourism law. The method used in this research is normative legal. This conceptualizes law as the thing in which t is written and contained...

Design of University Graduation Project Management System Based on Micro Service Architecture

Qing Li, Yongxiao Liu, Wendou Wu
Based on the concept of microservice, the study integrates MyBatis+Spring Boot framework, and uses Ajax technology and MySql database technology to develop the graduation design (thesis) management system. It has realized the information management of 14 core links, such as project declaration, topic...
Proceedings Article

Evaluation of Soil Characteristics on Coffee Land in Sinjai Regency, South Sulawesi

A. Assa, Jamilah Jamilah, A. Pratama, R. Wahyudi, Mamang, A.N. Amalia, D. Indriana
The soil chemical properties were important factors influencing growth, productivity, quality, and coffee flavour. The research aimed to evaluate the soil characteristics of coffee land at different growing altitudes in Sinjai Regency, South Sulawesi. The soil samples were collected in June 2019, within...

The Role of Citizens Education in Forming The Character of Global Citizens

Amar Ma’ruf, Marzuki Marzuki
This study aims to find the character values of global citizens in civic education. This study uses a descriptive qualitative approach. There are two sources of data used in this study, namely primary data and secondary data. Primary data is obtained from respondents who are selected based on the intended...
Proceedings Article

Evaluation of Antiemetic Drugs Use in Chemotherapy Breast Cancer Patients at Dr. Pirngadi Medan Hospital

Eva Sartika Dasopang, Fenny Hasanah, Desy Natalia Siahaan, Jamilah Nasution
Breast cancer is excessive cell proliferation that attacks the breast tissue. Breast cancer is a problem that requires serious attention, especially for women. Breast cancer is currently the first cause of death in women in the world. Nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy is one of the side effects...
Proceedings Article

Smart Feature Selection for Fault Detection in the MEMS Sensor Production Process Using Machine Learning Methods

Itilekha Podder, Tamas Fischl, Udo Bub
Micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) manufacturing is a highly complex process consisting of several hundred steps. The real-time data captured during those process control steps results in a huge data base. Analysis of that enormous amount of data in real-time with high sample rate during production...

Analysis of (r,Q) and (s,S) Spare Parts Ordering Strategy under Maximum Inventory Constraints

Ou Qi, Lei Zhang, Jiuchao Li
Aiming at the limited maximum inventory in actual storage, the advantages and disadvantages of (R, q) and (s, s) spare parts ordering strategies are analyzed. Through the storage cost modeling, the optimal cost parameters of the two strategies are determined. Under the condition of cost optimal parameter...

Development of Campus Potential-Based Integration Education Tourism Model

Agus Budiman, Achmad Hufad, Purnomo Purnomo
This study discusses the development of the integration education tourism model as an effort to foster an entrepreneurial spirit through empowering student associations at the Faculty of Art and Design Education, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia. The purpose of this paper is to report the results of...

The Implementation of School Policies Learning from Home During Covid 19 Pandemic at Preschool and Primary School in Duri Indonesia

Elise Muryanti, Indra Jaya, Mona Eka Wati, Maria Magdalena Zagoto, Gumpanat Boriboon
This research investigated the implementations of school policies in providing excellent services to students during the hardship pandemic of Corona Virus at The Islamic Kindergarten and Primary school in Duri Indonesia. This research is a case study that investigated both Preschool and the primary school...

Research on Accounting Reform and Accounting Information Quality

Ou Liu, Haiwen Long
In this paper, the reform of joint-stock company accounting system, for example, from the target accounting reform, the use of accounting information market reaction, respectively, from the concept of information and measurement Viewpoint, the quality of accounting information for quantitative research...
Proceedings Article

Cure-Dependent Viscoelastic Analysis on the Residual Stresses and Distortion Created in Composite Corner during Curing

Jiang-Tao Zhang, Yun-Dong Shang, Mei Zhang, Li-Sheng Liu, Peng-Cheng Zhai, Shu-Xin Li
A cure-dependent viscoelastic constitutive model is simply derived, and verified by comparing the results predicted by the derived model with the theoretic solution of a rod model and the standard ABAQUS elastic solution of a three-dimensional (3D) cross-ply laminate [0/90]s. A 3D simulation of an AS4/3501-6...

How to Improve the Passing Rate of English for Self-taught Examination

Caiyan Jiang
In the process of continuous development and improvement of economic globalization and informatization in social life, English, as an international language, increasingly shows a pivotal position in various countries and national information, culture, science and technology exchanges. Learning English...
Proceedings Article

Software Productivity Estimation by Regression and Na‹ve-Bayes Classifier-An Empirical Research

Jun Wu, Sisi Gao
Software cost estimation is now a big concern in software engineering. Although many measurement-based analytical approaches have been proposed, some are focused on producing point estimates rather than interval predictions. The objective of this paper is to investigate the software productivity using...
Proceedings Article

Informational Modeling the Intelligence of Buildings

Andrey Volkov, Pavel Chelyshkov, Artem Sedov, Anna Doroshenko, Denis Lysenko
Abstract.In this article considered the principle of process definition measurement of engineering systems when evaluating buildings intelligence. Suggested method provides objective nature of estimates based solely on quantitative indicators of energy resources consumption. Intelligence coefficient...
Proceedings Article

Study on Front Axle of a Dump Truck with Assisted Electric Drive Based on HyperWorks

Zhixue Tong, Yinan Lin
In view of the traditional rear wheel drive mining equipment has such problems as lack of climbing perfor-mance and skid in harsh environments, a front axle drive scheme is proposed. That increases the driving force of the overloading uphill and the braking force of the overloading downhill of the dump...
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A novel Parameter Estimation method based on FRFT in Bistatic MIMO Radar System

Li Li
We study the problem of parameter estimation in in wideband bistatic MIMO radar system. Firstly, we propose a novel algorithm to estimate Doppler stretch and time delay in fractional Fourier transform (FRFT) domain. Secondly, we also construct two sub-array models based on the peaks of fractional Fourier...
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DHT-based IM/DD optical OFDM system for power data transmission

Honghao Zhao, Jun Liu, Kai Liang, Yanping Zhang, Dan Yi, Changqing Zhong, Shuang Liu
For achieve fast and reliable power data transmission, we propose a novel Intensity Modulation and Direct Detection (IM/DD) optical Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) system. In this system, we utilize Discrete Hartley Transform (DHT) instead of Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) which is...

Study On The Construction Of University Library Information Commons In Network Environment

Maoli Xu
Library 3.0 is a new concept about improving the traditional library's service. The study of Information Commons in library 3.0 environment has lots of meaning, which make the library service theory transfer from "resource or technology is central" to "the user is central". This is the trend of library's...
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Comparative Study on Risk Assessment System of New Chemical Materials of China and European Union

Lang Huang, Chao Wu
In order to enrich the risk assessment system of new chemical materials of China, a comparative study on risk assessment system of new materials of China and EU was made. Firstly, the comparative study steps were put forward based on the paradigm system of comparative safety science. Then, the development...
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Study on the Construction of the Discipline Construction Theory System of the Local Philology in University Library

Jingmei Zhang
The discipline construction of the Local Philology in university library is a long-term systematic project,and its theoretical system can be constructed from three aspects of macro,meso and micro levels.The macro level of the Local Philology discipline construction includes: determining the subject construction...

Research on Effective Teaching Strategies in Flipped Classroom

Jing Chang
As a new teaching mode of information technology, the flipped classroom provides a new way for the reform of classroom teaching in Colleges and universities. The study of this paper shows that the flipped classroom is conducive to creating a harmonious learning atmosphere, inducing and maintaining learning...
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Simulation Studies on the Non-uniform Temperature of Steel Members by the Solar Radiations

Jingfang Li, Xiaofei Jin, Xiaoye Li, Hongliang Qian, You Chen
The thermodynamic analysis of long-span structure can be very complicated with the numerous members and high-degree indeterminate. In this paper, a typical spatial grid model with 4.5 x 4.5 meters plane is simulated, through the numerical simulation study on grid temperature field by solar radiation...
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Is Intersubjectivity Feasible in Poetics

Yongquan Wang
Poetics is characterized by intersubjectivity in writing and aesthetics. The paper analyzes the organism of intersubjectivity, pinpointing to its otherness, intuition and self-evidence, which explain the essential law of poetics. Based on the combination of intersubjectivity and poetics, it elaborates...
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Pedagogy for Professional Learning

Iain Doherty
Professional learning is defined as formal or informal learning that leads to the knowledge, skills and personal attributes necessary to carry out professional duties. This paper critically reflects on the peda-gogical approach underlying an eLearn-ing Certificate Course. The aim of the course was to...
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Fault Injection for SCADE Models

Xiaolin Shen, Shaoyin Wang, Daqing Wang, Xiaoping Xue
A fault injection method based on SCADE was designed in this paper, which can simulate hardware failure in the form of software fault. Injecting faults into SCADE models brings forward fault tolerance testing to development phase avoiding the cost of changing fault-tolerant design by modifying the code....
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Study on the Valuation of Livestock Production in the Typical Farming-Pastroral Area on the Tibetan Plateau

Weiwei Yang, Zhandui Luorong
The authors selected a typical farming-pastoral village. They interviewed herders and farmers who engage in range-based animal husbandry to gain an understanding and formulate an analysis of the market and non-market value of livestock products, and evaluated the contribution of the livestock products...
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e-learning Paradigm for Teaching Enhancement

Devendra Bhavzar, Mrunalini Badnakhe
E-learning is the interaction between a learner who strives to acquire knowledge or skills by instruction, or study with a remote knowledge source, one that is physically separated from the learner. E-learning referring to learning via the internet has become a major phenomenon in recent years. But many...
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Neural network method applying in acid fracturing choosing well of Zanarol Oil field

Zhenyu Liu, Jinbao He, Wei Wang, Huzhen Wang
In this article, the neural network method is applied to optimize repeated acidizing fracturing Wells. In order to obtain accurate prediction results reverse passing through error and adjust the weights of each layer are adopt. This method applied in Zanarol oil field has got a good effect.
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Suggestions on Perfecting Index Systems of Building a Well-off Society in an All-round Way

Jian Lv, Li Yi
The index systems are not only the tools to evaluate existing practice results, but also the guides to the future development direction and development way of practical activities. The 18th CPC National Congress in 2012 put forward “ensuring to achieve great goals of building a well-off society in an...
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An Exploration of the Integration of General English and ESP Teaching from the Perspective of International Cooperation— A case study of 2+2 program of international business faculty, BNUZ

Bei Ju
The current trend of educational internationalization not only demands the good command of general English but also the sophisticated application of relevant ESP to meet the requirements of specialized knowledge and career development. This paper is based on the content of College English course and...

Study on Public Service for Border Minority areas in China: Taking Hekou County as An Example

Han Quanfang, Huang Xiaolong
Borderland as a particular area of social public services is the material, cultural and psychological bases of stable frontier minority areas. In this paper a case study on Hekou County border ethnic autonomous county in Yunnan province, China, deeply analysis of public services in frontier minority...
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GreenMind - An Architecture and Realization for Energy Smart Buildings

Faris Nizamic, Tuan Anh Nguyen, Alexander Lazovik, Marco Aiello
Existing buildings are responsible for more than 40% of the world’s total primary energy consumption. Current building management systems fail to reduce unnecessary energy consumption and preserve user comfort at the same time mainly because they are unable to cope with dynamic changes caused by user’s...
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Cloud service for development of virtual interactive environments

Valeriya Gribova, Leonid Fedorischev
The article presents main ideas, the architecture, and information and software components of the software system for development and maintenance of virtual interactive environments. The aim of the new approach is to simplify the process of creating this kind of software and to involve in the process...
Proceedings Article

Automated Education: Tendency for Scientific Approaches Convergence

Victor Uglev, Dmitry Sukhinin
In this paper we discussing the possibility of the complex use of advances in area of pedagogic, psychology, neuroscience and informatics for the creation of teaching and learned systems of new generation. It is shown that the theoretical basis of automated education people (educational systems and program-mathematical...