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Analysis of Influencing Factors of Magnetic Flux Leakage Testing Metal Tank Bottom Based on Finite Element Method

Longgang Li, Rui Duan, Wen Liu, Yaning Zhang
In this paper, the magnetic flux leakage testing equipment of military metal oil tank is taken as the research object, and a finite element model is established by numerical simulation. The impact of the defect depth, liftoff value and plate curvature on magnetic flux leakage was calculated. The results...
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Finite Element Simulation of Welding of Large Components Based on Inherent Strain and Thermo Elastic Plasticity

Yuanbin Fang, Xuemei Zong, Can Wang
Based on inherent strain theory, it predicts and optimizes welding deformation of movable arm by means of welding numerical simulation. At the same time, based on thermal elastic-plastic theory, it predicts stress distribution, and finite element model is verified correctly by experiments. The results...

Essence of Beauty Debate Considering F.M. Dostoyevsky

Sergei Nizhnikov
The article is dedicated to the debate on the essence of beauty through the prism of the evolution from the ideas of Fyodor Dostoyevsky about beauty in a broad historical-philosophical context (Plato, Kant, Schelling, Vl. Solovyov, N. Berdyaev, V. Zenkovsky). The author of the article distinguishes and...

Analysis on the Construction of Core Framework of Construction Management Base of Art Training Specialty in Colleges and Universities

Jiang Nan
It is the fountain to improve the teaching effect of art and design specialty, to cultivate students 'ability of innovation and practice, and to develop students' potential and thought of art. However, the current college art design professional training room base is not complete, this paper will piano...
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An Improved Ant Colony Optimization for Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Problem

Lei WANG, Jingcao CAI, Zhihu LIU, Chaomin LUO
This paper deals with the flexible job shop scheduling problem (FJSP) with the objective of minimizing the makespan. An improved ant colony optimization was proposed to avoid falling into the local optimum and time consuming exist in the basic ant colony optimization (ACO). Computational results show...
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Characterizing Dynamic Pressure in Cycling with Muscle Activation

Shunhua Luo, Jianping Wang, Hui Shi, Yang Yang
Abstract. Dynamic pressure plays an important role in the cyclists’ performance and comfort. To qualitatively analyze dynamic pressure of male lower limb with compression cycling shorts in continuous cycling motion, a novel approach was developed to characterize dynamic pressure. Four pressure measurement...
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The Influence of Coupling Misalignment on Dynamic Characteristics of Helical Gear System

Jian Xu, Feiyun Cong, Shuiguang Tong, Yi Zhou
The shaft misalignment usually causes the severe vibration of rotating machine. In this paper, a three-dimensional dynamic model of a coupled gear–rotor system is developed to simulate this phenomenon. The numerical simulation of the dynamic characteristics is performed to analyze the effects of both...
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A Study on Formation of Rural Architectural Space Image Based on the Physical Environment

Changyou Wu, Xiaojun Zhang, Yan Chen
Rural architectural space image presents in the physical environment such as spatial form, characteristics of modeling, material texture, color and functional layout. Combining the examples presented in the physical environment, this paper summarizes the formation modes of rural architectural space image,...

On Improving the Identification of the CPC for University Students Communists

Xinwei Li, Quanwei Zhai
Abstract: Student Communists are the precious resources of CPC, so it is quite significant to improve the identification of theirs toward the CPC. Based on the previous research done by Bao Gongmin, Professor from Zhejiang University, this thesis proposes three approaches to improve students’ identification...
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Soft-sensing and Error Analysis of Air Flow

Li Jian, Zhang Bin-wen
To measure air flow in the power plant, regression models are set up with variables according to mechanical analysis and data mining technique, and the results are verified by goodness of fit, F-test and deviance. It is proved that the results using multi-sensor data fusion is more reliable and accurate...
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The Design of DSP controller based DC Servo Motor Control System

Haiyan Hu, Hong Gu, Chunguang Li, Xiaowei Cai, Juan Li
The servo control technique is one of the key technologies in the field of control like robots. In order to meet the demands of servo control for robots, a DSP based DC servo motor control system was developed. Firstly, this paper promoted the design of controller and analyzed the overall structure and...
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Conception of an SNS App for EFL learning in China Based on a Questionnaire Survey

Jun Ge, Caiping Xiong, Yue Zhang
SNSs have been widely used in EFL (English as a Foreign Language) learning world-wide. In China, QQ, a very popular SNS, has also been widely used for EFL learning. However, there are some problems regarding the use of QQ in this field. This paper presents a study which tried to find out those problems...
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Investigation on the Energy Model with Finite Element Method in High Speed Cutting

Lei Wan, Dazhong Wang
This work focused on the energy model of the machining which can be used to predict the energy variation with finite element method. The energy model is validated with the finite element method using the finite element software ABAQUS. The distributions of the stress, strain and temperature as well as...
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The Detection Performance of Sensor on Corrosion Electric Field of Ships

Fuyu Chen, Dingguo Li, Cong Chen, Yamin Feng
The corrosion of related electric field is an important exposure source of warships in sea water, the spread distance of low frequency part can be several kilometers in the sea water, which has a promising application prospects in aspects of remote detection and development of underwater weapon fuze....
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Knowledge Discovery of Prescription for Spleen Deficiency Syndrome Base on Attribute Partial Ordered Structure Diagram

Hui Meng, Wenxue Hong, Cunfang Zheng, Fengjie Fan, Jialin Song
In recent years, the application of knowledge discovery method to the field of the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) gains more attention to researchers. It is necessary to have a visual mining for hidden knowledge in the massive and complicated data of prescription, which embody important knowledge...
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A Design of Network Office System Based on ASP

Enhai Qiu, Jing Rao
As the widespread using of Internet and the development of Internet technology, Network office automation system has been applied in more and more companies. Network office automation system can not only improve the efficiency, it can also maximize and simplify resource sharing process at the same time....
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Design of Frequency Characteristic Test Instrument Based on USB

Zhengling Wu, Nannan Zhang
Aiming at the issues of high cost, large size, high maintenance cost for traditional frequency characteristic test instrument, this paper introduces a design process of frequency characteristic test instrument based on USB2.0. The whole system took single clip microcomputer as the control core, and the...
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Cooperative Sensing Decision Rules over Imperfect Reporting Channels

Nian Xia, Chu-Sing Yang
Cognitive Radio (CR) is proposed to solve the spectrum scarcity problem caused by the explosive growth of wireless devices and the fixed spectrum allocation policy. Spectrum Sensing is a fundamental method in CR. Cooperative Spectrum Sensing (CSS) can effectively improve detection accuracy. Numerous...

Study on Universities' Innovative Practice Education Approaches under Political Education Perspective

Junpeng Huang
The mode promotion of education reform and construction has become an important direction and content of the current and future reform and development of higher education over the long term, this paper proposes the education should not only cultivates people, but also cultivates innovative practices...
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VTI Media qP-wave Equation Using ONAD Method

Xiaochun Ge, Rong Huang, Guojie Song
The qP-wave equation is one of extremely important question in seismic exploration, seismology, and so on. However, its poor stability, the traditional finite difference scheme for qP-wave equation modeling suffer instability easily and numerical dispersion seriously. This paper propose a novel difference...

A superficial research on the phenomenon of campus violence and the standard of law prevention in China

Qiong Huang
Near a period of time, the more appeared different degree of campus violence cases, the nerve of the teachers and students on campus safety, parents, the community in a state of tension, destroyed the normal order of the campus, to the whole society caused great harassment and uneasy. In this paper,...

The Analysis of Bank Mobile Payment Project's Schedule Management Based on Improved Critical Chain Method

Cheng Peng, Liang Song
Bank's mobile payment project schedule management is a crucial part in project management. It is not only related with the development cost of the project but also affects the cost of benefit in the late stage of the project. It is a crucial guarantee to grasp the first opportunity of the market. The...
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Synthesis of Attapulgite Colloid Nanoparticles and its Application on Castor Silk Fibers

Yan Liu, Xiao-Liang Gao, Shu-Dong Wang
In order to develop the multifunctional performance of castor silk, it was finished by attapulgite(ATP) colloid nanoparticles. The structure and antibacterial properties of the castor silk fibers before and after finished were characterized by means of scanning electron microscope (SEM) and antibacterial...

Research on the Relationship between Internal Control and Financial Performance--Social Responsibility as the Intermediary Variable

Xian Wang, Shi-Ping Guan
This paper chooses the related data of the listed companies from 2011 to 2015 as the research sample and social responsibility as intermediary variable, and analyzes the relationship between internal control and financial performance. The results shows: there is a significant positive correlation between...

Mechanism of information model development for company brand assessment within marketing strategy

Galina Astratova, Evgenii Sinicin, Elena Toporkova, Ludmila Frishberg, Irina Karabanova
Intellectual property is one of the main components of a marketing strategy in the assessment of a brand value.
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A Plant-wide Case for Control System Study in Teaching of Process Control Engineering

Lingjian Ye, Hongwei Guan
In the process control engineering course, control methods are often introduced separately, which lacks an efficient way to deliver knowledge of control integration through case studies. In this paper, we introduce a plant-wide benchmark platform, the Tennessee Eastman (TE) process, for the teaching...

In the "Web" of Problems and Opportunities of Modern Multimedia Methods in Russia's Humanitarian Education

Irina Ponizovkina, Elena Agibalova
The article presents relevant issues and opportunities of modern multimedia education at university. It focuses on the analysis of the impact that innovative methods and methodology implemented in the educational sphere have on the nature and quality of young experts' social-humanitarian training. The...
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Empowerment of Health Volunteer through the Training using Module of Health Volunteer Guidance: Children under Five Years Health Problem during Disaster

Suprajitno Suprajitno, Sri Mugianti
Balita (children under five years) susceptible to health problems during the evacuation at disaster. Health professional personnel have more duties and responsibilities during a disaster; so that health volunteer can be empowered to identify children under five years old health problems. The goal was...
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Effectiveness of Mahkota Dewa Fruit Extract ((Phaleria Macrocarpa (Scheff.) Boerl)) With Various Concentration of Methanol Solutions on Aedes Aegypti Larva Mortality

Farindira Vesti Rahmasari, Aferita Sari
Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) is a disease that is commonly found in Indonesia.The method to control Aedes aegypti is mostly done by using a chemical insecticide, despite its have some side effects. Recent studies have shown that larvacides from plant extracts are safe for the environment. This research's...
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Dialect Investigation and Postgraduate Dialectology Course Teaching

Shiliang Lyu, Fucheng Wan
This paper takes Northwest Minzu University postgraduate teaching dialect as the research object. According to the actual situation in the teaching process, starting from the actual situation of teaching and puts forward some suggestions on the postgraduate dialectology teaching. It is believed that...
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Continuous-Time Mean-Variance Portfolio Selection Problem with Ho-Lee Stochastic Interest Rates

Chuangwei Lin, Li Zeng
This paper investigates a continuous-time mean-variance portfolio selection problem with Ho-Lee stochastic interest rates. Compared with the mean-variance model with deterministic interest rate, a verification theorem without the classical Lipschitz and growth conditions is required to solve our portfolio...

Marketing Research for Motorola Company

PingJun Lu, XiaoWen Huang
Considering about the rising market of global communication, Motorola is stumbling through a hard time in recent years and is still going downhill. Facing this problem, it is quite important to find why the company market share continually decrease What causes the poor performance It is necessary to...

Problems While Preparing E-Materials for Blended Learning Environments: A Case Study

Ismail Ozler
In this study, lecturers from various universities who utilize the blended learning environments in their courses and prepare distance education materials for this aim are interviewed and the problems they experience while preparing such materials are analyzed. Higher education institutions are evaluated...
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Interactions of Porphyrin-Acridine Hybrids to DNA Duplexes and Quadruplex: In Silico Study

Hubbi Nashrullah Muhammad, Sophi Damayanti, Daryono H. Tjahjono
The binding modes of cationic porphyrin hybrids to DNA has been studied in a previous study. In the present research, cationic porphyrin-acridine hybrids bearing meso-substituted pyridine, imidazole, and pyrazole rings were investigated for their interaction with DNA. AutoDock Vina was used to dock 11...

Discussion on Cultivation of Students' Innovative Ability During a Graduation Thesis of an Undergraduate

Gan Zhao
On how to cultivate students' innovating ability during a graduation thesis of an undergraduate, it is thought here that consulting and tidying up references to select a proper thesis, protocoling experiments and designing experimental methods scientifically, doing experiments accurately,and summarizing...

Analysis of strengthening the practical teaching reform for higher vocational accounting posts

Chunrong Zhao
in recent years, with the rapid development of the times and economic modernization, the demand of modernized talent market for talent gradually tends to the comprehensive quality talent combining operation type with skill type, then the current college talent training has put forward new goals. For...
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Remote Estimation of Leaf Water Content Using Spectral Index Derived From Hyperspectral Data

Chengfang Zhang, Zhiyuan Pan, Heng Dong, Fangjian He, Xingbang Hu
Monitoring crop water content by remote sensing has been an important problem for agricultural drought monitoring and water resources management. The triangular water vegetation index is affected by canopy structure parameters, such as leaf area index. To improve this, we used the method of ratio index...
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Research on the Risk Evaluation Model and Application of Coal Logistics Supply Chain Network

Lieying Zhao, Xifu Wang, Hongsheng Sun
This paper identifies the risk factors of coal logistics supply chain network, and it has established 15 qualitative and quantitative risk evaluation index systems of coal logistics supply chain network. At the same time, it uses genetic algorithm to optimize the weight and threshold of BP neural network,...

Research on image preprocessing and segmentation of medical image

Li Huafeng, Zhang Yuan
this paper presents a medical image preprocessing based on an adaptive window and the segmentation algorithm of medical image based on support vector machine, using the segmentation algorithm may be the same target which is divided into a plurality of adjacent segments. According to the pattern recognition...
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Use of Automation in Sensor Readout ASIC Chip Characterization to Improve Test Yield, Coverage and Man-Hour Reduction

Noor Shelida Salleh, Siti Noor Harun, Tan Kong Yew
An approach for efficient sensor readout ASIC chip characterization is presented in this paper. Use of automation results in better test yield and coverage, in addition to man-hour reduction. In order to perform this, the hardware setup has been integrated based on laboratory bench instrumentation. All...
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Melamine Medicated by Gastric Acid to Cyanuric Acid Lead to Kidney Damage and its Repair

Zheng Qi, Miao Yu, Guosong Xin, Yubin Ji
This study focused on the melamine-cyanuric acid crystals formation by melamine does alone, and to explore the resource of cyanuric acid and kidney failure repair.
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Application of Organic Carbon Sources in Preparing a Core-shell Structure

M. Zhou, H. Lin, L.Z. Qin, H. Hong, Q. Li
To synthesize a core-shell structure for preparing nano-sized WC powder, four kinds of organics were adopted as carbon sources and their carbonization characteristics were investigated. The results showed that organic type severely affected the structure and quality of the product. Using starch as carbon...
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Studies on the Determination of Formaldehyde in Squid and Bummalo

Xuan Zhang, Xiaosheng Shen, Yun Hua Hui, Cong Kong, Yuan Wang, Bing Feng, Youqiong Cai, Dongmei Huang
The paper tends to study the determination of formaldehyde in squid and bummalo by HPLC. The calibration curve in the 0.5-50.0 µg/mL range was obtained and correlation coefficient was 0.9993. The detection limit was 5 mg/kg. Endogenous formaldehyde in bummalo and squid as well as the change rule of formaldehyde...

Revelation of Subprime Crisis on China's Financial System Reform and Innovation

Xin Gao, Tao Wu
Since the global financial crisis caused by loan from the United States in 2008, countries all over the world have begun to think about their own financial institution. As a developing country, the pressing issue that the reform and innovation of Chinese financial system involves is to actively explore...
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The Role of Currency Swaps on the Internationalization of RMB

Dong Tan
The people's Bank of China has signed a series of currency swap agreements with many countries and regions. This paper review the practice of people's bank of China currency swap, and then analysis the role of currency swaps on the internationalization of RMB, and give some suggestions on the future...

Studying and Implementing about the Grading Teaching

Yunxiao Zu, Weihai Li, Bin Hou, Ning Li, Jie Liu, Yong Zhang, Yi Zhang, Li Wang
The grading teaching is studied and implemented in the professional basic courses. The grading method and teaching method are different according to different aims. Based on the purpose of decreasing the failed rate and developing students’ ability, some aspects about the grading teaching are investigated,...
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Research on university data statistics service platform based on data warehouse

Jinlian He
Through the analysis of the whole structure and data warehouse modeling, the data warehouse star structure is used to analyze the data model, and the key technology of ETL is analyzed.
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Design of PZT Power Supply for Micro-nano Positioning Platform Based on DSP

Lina Hao, Xinchao Zhang, Ruimin Cao
PZT is the key actuator to high precision micro-nano positioning platform. Based on high large space density precision micro-nano positioning platform, we use DSP and four roads 16-bit DAC, high order low pass filter, the voltage amplifier circuit, power amplifier circuit, high voltage stabilizing circuit...
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Arsenic BCR Three-Step Sequential Extraction and Microbial Community's Response Research in Soil Polluted by Steel-Smelting with Depth

Li-Kun Li, Ling-Chen Kang, Li-Jun Lu, Lei Zhang, Gai-Feng Xue
Five soil samples in different depths of a site in the close vicinity of a Wuhan iron and steel factory (Core 1) were collected. One uncontaminated soil profile (Core 2) was taken for reference purpose. The soil arsenic content and speciation vertical distribution patterns were analyzed by inductively...