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Operations Practices and Government Policies Towards SMEs Performances

Abang Hamizam Abang Mohar, Ida Izumi Abdollah, Jati Kasuma Ali, Ummi Farhani Firdaus
Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) represent an important sector in the development of the national economy. Despite such importance, Malaysian SMEs are still behind in terms of their contribution to the nation’s GDP as compared to other nations. This has not been in tandem with the pace of the overall...

Implementation of the Team Quiz Model in Natural and Social Sciences (IPAS) Learning to Improve Student Learning Outcomes

Andi Dewi Riang Tati, Ahmad Syawaluddin, Faidah Yusuf, Hartoto Hartoto
This research was conducted based on the problem of low student learning outcomes. The aim of this research is to improve student learning outcomes by implementing the Team Quiz learning model. This research uses a qualitative approach, and the type of research is classroom action research, which is...

The Expression of Hate Motive on Social Media: Perspective of the Malaysian

Noramira Fatehah Azman, Norena Abdul Karim Zamri
“Muslims are terrorist”, is one of example of hate speech that occur in cyberworld. Hate speech, also known as malicious expression, is the use of insulting, hostile, or contemptuous words intended towards certain religious practises or groups who share a collective identity, such as sex identification,...

The Practice of Polygamy Between Black and White Movements in the Perspective of Islam

Rico Setyo Nugroho, Musa Asy’arie, Chusniatun, Hakimuddin Salim
Polygamy is considered a divine law of Allah that is believed to carry numerous benefits and has been a long-standing tradition dating back to pre-Islamic times. However, for some women, the issue of polygamy is challenging to accept. This study aims to describe the two prevalent patterns of polygamous...
Proceedings Article

Investigation on the Permafrost Degradation and Carbon Budget in Mongolian Grassland Ecosystems

Qinxue Wang, Tomohiro Okadera, Tadanobu Nakayama, Tonghua Wu, Ochirbat Batkhishig, Masataka Watanabe
Driven by global warming, permafrost degradation has significant implications for the global climate system, especially in its potential to alter the carbon budget and biodiversity of terrestrial ecosystems. This study seeks to clarify the nexus between permafrost degradation and carbon budget dynamics...

Legal Standing of Parent and Subsidiary Companies of Indonesian Subsidiary State-Owned Enterprises

Ulil Afwa, Fathya Neysa Oktavia
The formation of State-Owned Enterprise Holding (BUMN) is a strategic plan to organize the BUMN’s management structure and its subsidiaries, aiming to optimize BUMN performance and create a more competitive business environment in Indonesia. However, as this holdingization increases, legal consequences...
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Supportive Care Needs of Jordanian Women Undergoing Breast Cancer Treatments

Raya Yousef Al-Husban, Rogia Salaam Maabreh
Living with breast cancer and experiencing a wide range of issues necessitates supportive care (SC). SC provides the necessary services for those affected by cancer to meet their physical, psychological, informational, practical, and spiritual needs. Therefore, this study’s objectives were to identify...

The Relationship between Endorsers’ Message Context, Credibility and Brand Loyalty among Young Generations’ Fashion Consumers

Muhamad Izzuddin Zainudin, Eng Shei Wei, Miza Izwanis Mangsor
The development of social media platforms as a promotional platform and its advancement have become one of the major challenges for the marketers in the present marketing ecology. It is more prevalent in a fast-moving industry such as the fashion industry. The nature of the business that focuses more...

Batik Kawung as Key Visual for the Graduation Ceremony of the UMN

Ahmad Arief Adiwijaya
Pattern design that serves as key visual has an essential role to captivate audience’s eyes and becoming a design identity that can display a strong message in many creative projects. In Indonesia, especially in the region of Central Java and Jogjakarta, there are multiple traditional Batik pattern designs...

Digital Logistics as Institution for Improving Coordination of Flow Processes in Transport and Logistics System of the Smart City

Gleb Savin, Victor Katochkov, Valeria Grishina
In today’s world, in the context of digitalization, resources are diverted from traditional economic mechanisms, while information and communication technologies give impetus to new development institutions, which ensure transition to a new technological mode of economic development in the situation...
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Chloe Park*, Therese Tillin, Robert Stewart, Nish Chaturvedi, Alun Hughes
Pages: 17 - 17
Background: Mid-life cardiovascular risk factors may be detrimental to cognitive function in later life; however results are inconsistent. We investigated the impact of mid-life blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol and obesity on cognitive function. Methods: In a community based sample aged 49.6±6years:...

Corporate Governance Crisis Caused by Lack of Business Ethics

Organizational Behavior Analysis of LIBOR Scandal

Haoran Xu
Firstly, based on the fraud of Barclays Bank in the LIBOR manipulation incident, this paper analyzes the role of behavioral and psychological factors such as morality, the principle of reciprocity, conformity and obedience to authority in misconduct. Secondly, it analyzes the internal culture of commercial...
Conference Abstract


Katarzyna Stolarz-Skrzypek*, Joanna Platek, Halina Mrowiec, Stanislaw Walas, Wiktoria Wojciechowska, Lukasz Klima, Szczepan Zapotoczny, Kalina Kawecka-Jaszcz, Danuta Czarnecka
Pages: 17 - 17
Copper participates in the redox mechanisms and is a cofactor of enzymes responsible for appropriate structure of elastic fibres. The aim of the study was to assess the relationship between plasma copper as well as ceruloplasmin concentrations and carotid-femoral pulse wave velocity (cfPWV). The study...

A Note on a Characterization of Gompertz-Verhulst Distribution

M. Ahsanullah, M. Shakil, B.M. Golam Kibria
Pages: 17 - 26
Characterization of a probability distribution plays an important role in probability and statistics. This paper considers a new characterization of Gompertz-Verhulst distribution. It is hoped that the findings of the paper will be useful for researchers in different fields of applied sciences.

Intelligent mechanisms in E. coli in processing carbon sources

Zhongyuan Tian, Hiroshi Matsuno
Pages: 17 - 21
E. coli is “wise” enough to take suitable responding time, and suitable responding behaviors, when facing different kinds and intensities of stimulations. In a network of glycogen metabolism, a shorter time stimuli result in the post translation level reactions for quicker response, and a longer time...

Medical Image Analysis of Brain X-ray CT Images By Deep GMDH-Type Neural Network

Tadashi Kondo, Junji Ueno, Shoichiro Takao
Pages: 17 - 23
The deep Group Method of Data Handling (GMDH)-type neural network is applied to the medical image analysis of brain X-ray CT image. In this algorithm, the deep neural network architectures which have many hidden layers and fit the complexity of the nonlinear systems, are automatically organized using...

Postural Sway Response to Local Vibratory Stimulation in Young, Middle-aged and Elderly People in Standing Position

Ayaka Yamada, Eishi Nakamura, Noritaka Sato, Yoshifumi Morita, Tadashi Ito, Yoshihito Sakai, Kazunori Yamazaki
Pages: 17 - 21
We investigated the postural sway in response to local vibratory stimulation applied to young, middle-aged and elderly people in the standing position. For this purpose we developed a variable-frequency vibratory stimulation device and measured the postural sway using a gravicorder. As a result, when...

Support Vector Machines with Manifold Learning and Probabilistic Space Projection for Tourist Expenditure Analysis

Xin Xu, Rob Law, Tao Wu
Pages: 17 - 26
The significant economic contributions of the tourism industry in recent years impose an unprecedented force for data mining and machine learning methods to analyze tourism data. The intrinsic problems of raw data in tourism are largely related to the complexity, noise and nonlinearity in the data that...

A Review of the Modern Higher Foreign Language Education in Sichuan from Sichuan Chinese and Western School

Luhua Gan
Taking Sichuan Chinese and Western School as an example, this paper discusses the development of higher foreign language education in modern Sichuan. Through the verification of historical documents, the paper analyzes the background and influence of the establishment of the Sichuan Chinese and Western...

Performance Comparison of Algorithms in Cake Cutting Game

Yensheng Ma, Shiyu Liu
In recent years, games have become a hot field with great commercial value. And artificial intelligence in games became a important part of game design. In order to develop a sophisticated and efficient game AI, the algorithm implemented in the AI will play a role that cannot be ignored. Man-machine...

Reconstruction from Models of Political Education for Beginners to Improve Political Literation: Learning from the Jambore Democracy Student Program

Al Rafni, Suryanef Suryanef, Azwar Ananda, Nurman. S
Jamboree democracy students is one of the programs from the Commission Electoral General (KPU) Padang in educating the students to understand the election and learning democracy in general. The program is attractive because that combines the activities of Political Education with the scouting activities....

18th Century Wooden Churches of Povazhye: Traditions and Local Peculiarities

Olga Zinina
The article deals with insufficiently explored wooden church monuments of the 18th century in the Shenkursky uyezd of the Arkhangelsk province. Methodology is based on studying archival historical sources, conducting field surveys and historical-architectural analysis of shapes, as well as comparison...

A note on minimization of rational surfaces obtained from birational dynamical systems

A. S. Carstea, T. Takenawa
Pages: 17 - 33
In many cases rational surfaces obtained by desingularization of birational dynamical systems are not relatively minimal. We propose a method to obtain coordinates of relatively minimal rational surfaces by using blowing down structure. We apply this method to the study of various integrable or linearizable...
Proceedings Article

Spectrum of Unicyclic Graph

Budi Rahadjeng, Dwi Nur Yunianti, Raden Sulaiman, Agung Lukito
Let G be a simple graph with n vertices and let A(G) be the (0, 1)-adjacency matrix of G. The characteristic polynomial of the graph G with respect to the adjacency matrix A(G), denoted by χ(G, λ) is a determinant of (λI − A(G)), where I is the identity matrix. Suppose that λ1 ≥ λ2 ≥ ⋯ ≥ λn are the adjacency...

Brief Analysis of Chinese Traditional Quadrangle’s Architectural Feature and Cultural Connotation

Yang Yu, Chenxu Li
Quadrangle, with a long-lasting development course in China, contains abundant cultural connotations. As indicated by China’s existing data, early in two thousand years ago, China’s Quadrangle emerged and was used as the residence of the wealthy and the imperial aristocracy. Its interior decorations...

The Roadmap Evaluation and Development Strategy of SME’s Thematic

Rosida P. Adam, Husnah Husnah, Yulianti Kalaba
The purpose of this research is to evaluate the Roadmap for the implementation of the Thematic SMI development program which has been ongoing from 2017 to 2021. From the results of this evaluation, a SWOT analysis was carried out to obtain a strategic model for the Thematic SMI development in the City...

Management of Creative Early Childhood Education Environment in Increasing Golden Age Creativity

Dadan Suryana, Rahma Tika, Eka Kusuma Wardani
A learning environment that is intentionally designed to stimulate children to behave creatively will usually stimulate children to think creatively. In achieving a higher quality education, education management is needed in order to be able to mobilize the potential that exists in education. Among them...

Customer Loyalty of Traditional Market the Role of In-Store Logistics, Store Image and Satisfaction

Moh Farid Najib
The main purpose of this study was to analyse the effect of in-store logistics on store image, customer satisfaction, and loyalty in the context of the Indonesian traditional market. The proposed model also points to examine the relationship between in-store logistics, stock images, satisfaction, and...
Proceedings Article

Microstructure and Wear Behavior of in situ TiB2/2024 Composite Fabricated by Spray Deposition Technique

Peng-He Hu, Peng Deng, Shan-Qi Han, Wei Zhou, Lei Zhang
In situ 4.9wt.%TiB2/2024 composite has been successfully prepared by displacement reaction and spray deposition technique, and its microstructure and wear behavior were investigated. Experimental results have shown that in situ TiB2 particles uniformly distributed in the matrix, and the grain size of...

Sameness and Otherness of Views of the Composer and the Performer on Music Interpretation On Controversy between I. Stravinsky and A. Cortot

Olga Yakoupova
The article reviews the problems of interpretation in music, the role of performer and the extent of his autonomy in reading musical pieces.

Study on the Strategy of Logistics Management Talent Development in Shandong Province

Jinhua Li, Ping Wang, Xiuli Tan
High-quality logistics management personnel is an important factor in the development of modern logistics. In recent years, as the rapid development of the economy and the logistics industry in Shandong Province, the provincial government attaches great importance to development of the logistics management...
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Information Construction in Guangxi Xijiang River Based on SWOT Quantitative Analysis

Chunyang Ji, Yun Deng
This paper used SWOT quantitative analysis to figure out the SWOT strength of the construction of the "golden waterway" logistics information, and to construct the "golden waterway" logistics information strategy SWOT quadrilateral. Finally, the paper will provide a new thought for logistics information...
Proceedings Article

Ultrasonography-Guided Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy for the Treatment of Kidney Stone

Hongyan Li, Hai Li, Yuanyuan Xing
We examined the surgical outcomes of minimally invasive percutaneous nephrolithotomy (MPCNL) in complicating urolithiasis.10 patients were hospitalized for MPNCL due to upper tract urolithiasis. Calyx puncture was performed in the prone position under ultrasonographic guidance. The renal access route...

Analysis on Current Situation and Countermeasures of P2P Network Lending Development in Our Country

Xiaoyan Fu
In recent years, with rapid development of network information technology, as a kind of new type internet financial model, P2P network lending develops very fast in our country. The existence and development of it not only expand investment channel of private capital, but also relieve the difficulty...

Research on Regional Logistics Industry Development Strategy Based on System Dynamics: Take Changzhou as a Case

Zhi-Qing Zhang, Lang Yu, Wen-Hao Xie
As an important part of regional economy, regional logistics is useful to improve the regional scale of production and processing, plays a crucial role in the areas of economic and social benefits, and promotes the competitiveness of enterprises and the regional economy. Based on the analysis of constituent...
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Logistics Distribution System Based on Internet of Things

Xiaohan Li, Jialiang He
This product that can provide distribution services and improve the utilization rate of freight resources. Its construction goal is to use high-tech means to achieve intelligent logistics as the core, greatly accelerating the circulation speed of the goods in the logistics process, reducing manual operation...
Proceedings Article

User-defined Business Process Based On Web Modeler

Yuanchun Xu, Lin Mei, Zhengying Li
A novel approach to achieving user-defined business process based on web modeler is proposed and experimentally demonstrated. The modeler which is based on AngularJS providing MVC design pattern and mainly composed by stencil set, canvas, gives us an opportunity to encapsulate the common elements of...

A Brief Discussion on Construction of Information Commons and Subject Service Innovation

Maoli Xu
Subject service is one of the breakthrough points for university libraries to meet the requirements of information environment in the new era and information commons is one of the most important approaches for such innovation of service for those libraries. With further development of the subject service,...
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3D laser scanning technology in the application of modeling in mining subsidence area

Xiaoping Zhao, Jian Zhang, Wenlong Liu
By means of 3 d laser scanning technology has rapidity, non-contact, high density, high precision features, such as the mining subsidence area on the station point cloud data registration, denoising, model building, such as pretreatment, can get real and effective information and visualization expression...
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Optimization Method of Hybrid Energy Storage Capacity of Wind Farm

Kedong Zhu, Fei Mei, Chenyu Zhang
The hybrid energy storage is used to stabilize the wind fluctuations for intermittent generation and random of distributed generation system in DC micro network. The power of wind farm is analyzed by Fast Fourier transform (FFT) while the minimum hybrid energy storage compensation capacity is obtained...
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Low Rank Tensor Completion via Partial Sum Minimization of Singular Values

Feng Zhang, Jianjun Wang, Jia Jing
In this paper, we investigate the low-rank tensor completion problem, in which we wish to estimate missing values of tensors from incomplete samples its entries. In real world, the low-rank tensor can be seen everywhere and the exact rank of it is often known. Based on the fact that singular values before...
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Evaluation of Energy Efficiency with a Viewpoint to Urban Sustainable Development

Gao Yujie, Wang Zhuoyu, Yin Yanhong
This paper proposes a quantitative method to evaluate the energy efficiency of individual consumption behaviors. Energy consumption is determined by consumption of three kinds of goods: composite goods, car trips and mass transit trips. A model is developed to estimate the individual daily consumption...
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Biological Industrial Policy of Japan and Republic of Korea

Guijie Li, Qiang Wang
This essay analyzes the history and status quo of biological-industry policies in Japan and Republic of Korea. The Japanese government propels the development of biological industry by optimizing development strategies, increasing investment, promoting the combination of government, industry and schools,...
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A Research on High Availability Mechanism of Virtual Machine Based on Ceph

Xiaolin Yi, Jie Sun, Fan Zheng, Deyue Peng
In the computer world, virtualization technology has immersed into the IT world of all levels. The use of the virtual machine increases the utilization rate of physical host resources greatly increased, but how to ensure the high-efficiency and reliable operation of the virtual machine remains an open...
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Easy and pleasant learning concept in optical design

Ilya Mimorov, Vladimir Vasiliev, Irina Livshits, Roman Anitropov
This is important to understand and take into account when creating new educational programs. ICT plays an important role in this process because current generation is already accustomed to use it in everyday life. "Written" lectures, tutorials and books are much less popular than internet resources....
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Cycle Analysis of Profits to the Majority and Minority Shareholders of Listed Companies based on the Symbiosis Theory

Hongwu Wang, Songling Yang, Xin Li, Jing Li, Jiayi Fu
Symbiosis is not only a biometric identification mechanism, but also a method of social science management. Symbiosis theory and other biometric theories are widely applied in social and economic researches. The paper research cycle of profits to the majority and minority shareholders in publicly listed...
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Fabrication of the polymer surface-relief diffusers by using the extrusion roller embossing process

Xiaowei Wang, Yongqiang Zhang, Xiaoxu Wang
This paper an innovative and effective extrusion roller embossing process, which enables the rapid fabrication of surface-relief polymer diffusers. The metallic roller mould bearing the microstructures is fabricated using the chemical corrosion method. During the extrusion roller embossing process, the...

Chinese and Foreign Cooperation in Tertiary Education Management in Central regions of China Difficulties and Developments

Daoxun Wang
Chinese and foreign cooperation in running tertiary education institutions in the central regions of China has the characteristics of short development time, limited expansion and little practical experience. It is highly subject to the constraints of the overall level of education, and therefore still...

Research on Fault of Distribution Network based on Structure Matrix

Cao Ying
This paper analyzes the existing matrix algorithm and the advantages and disadvantages of fault location in distribution network, integrated several fault location algorithm based on matrix structure, and proposed an improved matrix algorithm. Improved algorithm overcomes the judgment of peripheral fault...

Analysis of the Announced Basel III Reforms

Hongye Gao
Basel III was created to solve the problems that assume the responsibility for the global financial crisis. This paper is to explore the repercussions of Basel III for the banking industry by the study of the three pillars of Basel III including minimum capital requirement, banking supervisory management...