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Educational Values of Indonesian Character Education in Sharia Maqasid Perspective

Duski Ibrahim
To improve the quality of education in various aspects, the Indonesia has formulated 18 significant character values that must be guided in the implementation of the teaching and learning process. Those values are actually in accordance with Islamic teachings, especially with the approach or in the perspective...
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Characteristics, Nutritional Status, and Blood Sugar Levels of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus with Mediteranian Diet

Endry Septiadi, Iis Inayati Rakhmat, Dewi Ratih Handayani, Reza Fadhil Nugraha, M. Arasy Faradina, Nur Muhamad Rohman, Muhammad Akmal Rais
Type 2 diabetes mellitus (Type 2 DM) is a metabolic disease due to disorders of the pancreas in producing insulin. Poor diet can cause abnormal blood sugar levels. The Mediterranean diet is a diet that is recommended for people with type 2 DM because it contains unsaturated fatty acids (MUFA and PUFA),...

The Role of Education in Sustaining Environmental Sustainability at Rural Region in Yogyakarta

Kartika Nuringsih, Nuryasman M. N.
Supporting sustainable development is required the role of education to encourage people toward sustainability in the future. For this reason, the goal of the study is to investigate the relation of environmental education toward environmental attitude and environmental citizenship behavior (ECBs) who...

Tourism Industry Partnerships: Partnership Opportunities for MSMEs and Large Business in Palembang City

Meitolo Hulu, Reagan Brian, Dilla Pratiyudha, Daniel Sihombing, Elang Kusumo
The era of globalization demands product innovation and competitiveness, followed by HR capabilities and digital marketing. This is an obstacle to the development of MSMEs that are competitive and support the community’s economy. Micro, Small and Medium enterprises and large businesses in the tourism...

Development of Mind Mapping as Media for Student Career Planning

Case Study at SMKN – 2 Godean, Yogyakarta

Albertus Hengka Nove, Edi Purwanta
This study aimed at developing appropriate and effective mind mapping media for students’ career planning. The type of research used is Research and Development utilizing ADDIE design. The samples of this study were 10 students of tenth grade SMKN – 2 Godean, Yogyakarta with certain considerations (purposive...

Development of Chinese Digital Teaching Material for 10th-Grade Topic Self-Introduction Based on Flipbook

Aiga Ventivani, Lukluk Ul, Octi Rjeky M., Dyna Mellania
This development research aims to develop Chinese digital teaching material for 10th-grade topic 个人 信息 [gèrén xìnxī] (self-introduction) based on flipbook. The research method in this development is the Research and Development (R & D) method using the DDD-E model. Following the development model...

Implicit Self-esteem Project

Hong Rui Yang Cheng
One of the essential stages in life for the development of identity is early adulthood. Do gender and socioeconomic status affect the development of implicit self-esteem in adolescents? It is necessary to perform this study among teenagers because positive self-esteem becomes essential during this stage...

Correlation of Increasing Public Health Status with the Use of Electric Vehicles

Nita Ariani Safitri
Climate change that occurs is caused by global warming. The impacts of climate change can be direct and indirect and can be felt by all countries in the world. Climate change can have an impact on changes in human health due to uncontrolled pollution. Efforts are needed to overcome health problems due...
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Culture of Diet and Utilization of Health Services on Stunting Cases in Children Aged 2-5 Years in Bangkalan East Java

Novita Eka Kusuma Wardani, Ani Media Harumi, Asih Media Yuniarti
Stunting is the most common problem in developing countries, including Indonesia. The problem of stunting is a new issue that harms nutritional problems in Indonesia because it affects the physical and functional aspects of the child’s body and increases the child’s morbidity, even the stunting incident...

Creative Economy Product Brand Registration for Economic Improvement in West Java

Josefhin Mareta
The development of the creative economy has not in line with public awareness to protect the work that has been produced by registering the rights to a trademark. The commercialization of brand-certified creativeness economy products expects to boost the added value and income of product owners. Protect...
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A Mathematical Statistics Analysis on Structural Deleveraging and Corporate Risk-Taking—Based on Data of China’s Non-financial Enterprises

Juan Wang
Affected by deleveraging policies, bank loans and business credit vary widely among enterprises with distinctive characteristics. The fluctuating deleverage ratio affects enterprises’ investment behaviors, which in turn influences their risktaking. This paper takes 2012-2019 listed companies as research...

Does the Information System Audit Syllabus Fit the Industry’s Needs?

Practitioners and Academic Perceptions

R. Nelly Nur Apandi, Alfira Sofia, Hanifa Zulhaimi
The successful absorption of graduates in practical work will depend on the curriculum design offered by the study program. Developing a course syllabus that suits industry needs is an important aspect that must be considered. This study aimed at seeing differences in perceptions regarding the level...

Singkretism in the Sea Tribe Community in the Riau Archipelago

Marisa Elsera, Rini Afriani, Emmy Solina
There are two concepts of religion in the worldview: world religion and local religion. The world religion paradigm dominates society, so the representation of local religion will always look primitive and strange. Local religions will always be illustrated with backwardness and world religions that...
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Antagonistic Test of Dark Septate Endophyte (DSE) Against Colletotrichum gloeosporioides on Chili Plantation (Capsicum annuum)

Krisna Suzana, Apriwi Zulfitri, Muhammad Ilyas, Titik Kartika, Ikhsan Guswenrivo
Dark Septate Endophyte (DSE) is an endophytic fungus with dark, septate hyphae and has the potential as a biocontrol agent in controlling pathogenic fungi in plants. The purpose of this study was to determine the antagonism of DSE fungi isolated from chili roots against Colletotrichum gloeosporioides...

Online-Based English Vocabulary Learning Model in the New Normal Era

Haryanto Atmowardoyo, Geminastiti Sakkir
This article is part of the research results entitled “Online-based Student English Learning Model in Facing Curriculum Changes in the New Normal Period.” This research was conducted to see and identify the vocabulary learning model. English-based online for students. Descriptive qualitative research...

The Development of Indo-European Languages in Cultural and Historical Processes: A Case Study of Indo-Iranian Languages

Jiaqi Liu
The linguistic and civilizational processes in Asia were driven more by war, colonization and religion. This paper explains the development process of Indo-Iranian language family from the perspective of cultural and historical development, focuses on the analysis of the role of the progress of ideology...

The Influence of Locus of Control and Need for Achievement on Digital Business Transformation and Mediation of Digital Literacy

(Survey on Micro and Small Business in East Java)

Anggito Abimanyu, Kusdi Raharjo, Tri Wulida Afrianty
Micro and small business actors in Indonesia have an important role in economic growth in Indonesia. So that these business actors need to be developed for their business because they see their contribution to the country of Indonesia is very large. Therefore, this study uses LOC and NFA variables to...

Interrelation of Internationalization and Firm Financial Performance in the Manufacturing Sector

Josephine Aurelia Winoto, Deddy Marciano, Liliana Inggrit Wijaya
This study examines the interrelation of internationalization and firm performance among manufacturing sectors in Indonesia for the years 2021–2021. This is basic research with a quantitative approach using data panels on E-Views 10. The research used 20 companies that fulfill the terms of the period...

Contrastive Analysis of Profanity Expressions in Japanese and Indonesian Languages on Twitter

Anisya Yulinda Sari, Nuria Haristiani
This study compares the use of profanity expressions in Japanese and Indonesian languages on the Twitter social media platform by examining profanity expression forms based on six categories, namely genital terms, excretory terms, animal terms, anatomical terms, imbecilic terms, and general terms, as...

Linguistic Challenges in Solving Mathematics Word Problems: A Case of EFL University Students

Namirah Fatmanissa, Maria N. R. Novianti
One of the biggest challenges English as Foreign Language (EFL) learners face in solving Mathematics word problems at the English college level is understanding the information presented through that language. This study aimed to investigate the importance of language in Mathematics word problems tests...
Conference Abstract


Veronica Onete*, Ronald Henry, Miranda Schram, Jacqueline Dekker, Giel Nijpels, Coen Stehouwer
Pages: 16 - 17
Introduction: Arterial remodeling is an adaptive phenomenon aimed at maintaining circumferential wall stress (CWS) within operating limits. It is characterized by widening of the inter-adventitial diameter (IAD) and increases in intima-media thickness (IMT). This process is maladaptive when CWS increases...

Spill The Tea Phenomenon in Social Media as a Medium of Revictimization of Sexual Violence

Ajeng Ratna Komala, Tresna Rahayu, Giskha Oktaviani Khairun Nisa, Siti Nurbayani K
To intensify a gender-fair society and be free from sexual violence is the goal of every nation in the world, moreover, it’s one of the agendas accommodating in sustainable development goals od SDGs as a global agreement. The States are obliged to ensure that no one is being left behind or suffers from...
Proceedings Article

Accelerate the Construction of Low-Carbon Smart Logistics System Under the Global Carbon Reduction Goal

Huiwen Gao, Xinbo Ni
At present, climate warming, the shortage of oil resources and the decline of air quality are prominent problems in the world. In order to better protect the environment, governments have vigorously advocated the realization of low-carbon and sustainable development. The main purpose of this paper is...

Hate Speaking and Hoax as Challenges to Democracy in the Digital Era

Najwa Syifa Radzakani, Yudho Taruno Muryanto, Muhamad Alief Hidayat
Indonesia as a democratic country must open up the widest possible opportunities in an effort to realize the freedom of expression, especially in the current digital era it is felt that there are still many deviations in the name of freedom of expression, even in this case there are still regulations...

Review on Changes in the Prevalence of Children with Developmental Disorders in Japan and the Importance of Grasping the Actual Situation in Mongolia

Nomura Kenji, Yokoyama Kana, Kaneko Hitoshi, Dandii Odgerel, Nagata Masako
Children with developmental disorders, including Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), have been the cause of growing concerns in many countries and regions over the past several decades. Such children are considered examples of children who require educational...

Research on the Application of Energy Planning in Prefectures and Cities Under the New Situation of Energy Transition

Xiaofeng Duan, Qun Zhang, Yan Li, Decheng Wang, Jiawei Zhou
The energy Internet era has revealed the inevitability of energy in the social and economic development of clean, efficient and intelligent transformation, and has accelerated the transformation and upgrading of the social industrial structure. In order to give a planning application research on the...

Ecological Implications and Chinese Construction in the Manuscripts of the Philosophy of Economics in 1844

Runhan Wang, Xiaoshen Cai
Out of concern for the fate of mankind and reflection on the actual situation, Marx established the perspective of the objectivity relationship between man and nature on the basis of the value position of the dual issues of anthropological ecology, and created his own unique ecological thought. The 1844...

Belief Adjustment Model of Digital Investors to Stocks Liquidity at IDX

With Moderation Digital Reference

Niken Savitri Primasari, Mohammad Ghofirin
This research objective is to studied whether this sustainability reporting factor can be stimulated by a belief adjustment model with digital references available to investors in choosing stocks on the Indonesia Stock Exchange, which is marked by an increase in the issuer's share price, especially...

The Phonological and Morphological Variations of the Egyptian Dialect in the Song El-Melouk

Moh Zawawi, Siti Zulfa Hidayatul Maula, Chairani Soleha, Abdul Wahab Nafan
This study aims to analyze the phonological and morphological variations in the song El-Melouk by Ahmed Saad in collaboration with 3enba and Double Zukh. This type of research is qualitative research. Data collection techniques used in this study consisted of reading, listening, and note-taking techniques....

The Urgency of Digital Services in Realizing Law Conscious Villages

Yenny Aman Serah, Resmaya Agnesia Mutiara Sirait, Klara Dawi, Rahmad Satria, Setyo Utomo
Community legal consciousness is closely related to the achievement of village consciousness indicators. Realizing a law-conscious village is an effort that encourages people to act or behave according to the law that can be supported by digital-based service media. This study aims to provide the availability...

Analysis of Corpus Research Articles on Indonesian Idioms Based on Animal Names

Kadek Bagus Rusmana, I Putu Kelvin Meiadiaksa Permana, Gerdarus Kevin Sebastian Darsana
This study aims to find out the use, connotative meaning, and types of Indonesian idioms based on animal names. The data in this study were taken from Indonesian-language articles contained in news articles, short stories, and opinions on the internet. This research resulted in three major findings....

Description of Local Wisdom Culture “Waja Sampai Kaputing” in Palm Oil Companies in Banjarmasin

Dahniar, Dewi Prihatini, Markus Apriono, Siti Komariyah
This article aims to explain the description of organizational culture based on local values. The values of local wisdom of Banjarmasin culture called Waja Sampai Kaputing which function as social glue that unite the organization by providing appropriate standards for employees of oil palm companies....

Seoul Hallyu Trip by Traveloka: Special Interest Tourism Packages for MZ Generation

Vanesia Amelia Sebayang, Asmyta Surbakti
Special interest tourism (SIT) is a reflection of tourism diversity consumption patterns that fit the MZ (millennial-Z) generation. As it is known, the Indonesian MZ generation lives in a fandom culture era as a result of the massive development of the Korean cultural wave (Hallyu) that spread through...

An Analysis of the Technical Efficiency of Cameroonian Public Universities

R. Nguemkap Kouamo, G. Tchoffo Tameko
The objective of this research is to evaluate the technical efficiency of Cameroon’s 8 public universities (i.e., their ability to use a minimum of resources to produce a maximum of results). The data used come from the National Institute of Statistics (INS) and cover the period from 2013 to 2018. Based...

Smart Water Tanks as a Drought Early Warning System

Adhy Kurniawan, Galih Setyawan, Pratama Tirza Surya Sembada, Tegar Abieza
The availability of water is difficult to measure accurately, causing delays in water supply for the community, so a monitoring tool is needed that can provide accurate and real-time information to measure water availability so that clean water can be distributed to areas that need it on time. The digital...

Credit Default Prediction Based on Multivariate Regression

Yingzi Sun, Lirui Yang, Ruonan Zhao
Credit default is a wide-spread credit derivative instrument. As it becomes more and more popular, an appropriate supervision system has to be established. In this paper, a multiple factor regression models are constructed in order to investigate the feasibility for credit default prediction based on...
Proceedings Article

Comparison of Logistic Regression and Decision Tree Models for Mental Health Estimation of Employees

Muyun Li
Mental health accompanies every human being inevitably and has great significance in helping people address life stress and realize their abilities. However, mental health is also a double-edged sword, which mental health issues can hinder people from carrying out daily activities normally and keeping...

Implementation of ERP Accounting Process Based on Odoo Using Quick Start Method at XYZ Company

M. Revivo Andrea Vadsya, Wahjoe Witjaksono, Warih Puspitasari
XYZ Company is a subsidiary of ABC Tbk, operating in the property sector. The accounting unit is a crucial part of XYZ Company and is responsible for financial management. The challenges faced by the accounting unit include the lack of an interconnected system linking various units, resulting in the...

Academic Resilience of Madurese Students at Universitas PGRI Adi Buana Surabaya

Jahju Hartanti, Prayogo Prayogo, Adi Winarno
Following the pandemic, students’ academic adaptability in several kinds of study programmes deteriorated. As a result, student academic achievement throughout many lectures decreased. The objective of this study was to identify the characteristics of academic resilience among Madura students studying...

AI Video Editor: A Conceptual Review in Generative Arts

Imran Othman
This paper presents a conceptual review of AI Video Editors in generative arts. With the exponential growth of video content on various platforms, the need for efficient video editing tools has become crucial. Traditional video editing processes often require significant human effort and time. However,...
Proceedings Article

Applying of Blended Learning in Realizing Independent Learning in the 21st Century

The purpose of writing this article is the application of blended learning methods in realizing independent learning in the 21st-century era by paying attention to the principles, components and settings of blended learning. Blended Learning is learning that combines the application of direct learning...

Linking EFL Students' Writing Anxiety to Writing Performance

Kurniasih, Eko Suhartoyo, Ganjar Setyo Widodo, Irham
Writing anxiety refers to negative emotions when students are situated in writing activities. Studies have found that negative feelings may hinder students from performing well. Seeing the negative influence of anxiety on performance, this study examines the correlation between writing anxiety and students'...

How Maritime Connectivity and Crude Oil Price Determine Capital Structure of Maritime Industry in Indonesia

Nur Huda Salasa Majid, Imo Gandakusuma
Maritime industries dominate the world’s trade transportation mode because more than 90% of international trade volume is transported by sea. Indonesia as the biggest maritime country in the world has a big contribution to international trade volume. Investment decisions are very important for the sustainability...

Starting a Business-Intention of Higher Education Students in Southern India

K. Ganesh Kumar, D. P. Sudhagar
Internal and external stakeholders in Higher Education have been actively pushing entrepreneurship as a profitable career choice among students since the adoption of the National Innovation and Startup Policy and the implementation of the National Education Policy 2020 throughout the Nation. There is...

The effect of working in an institution far from their place of residence on teachers’ burnout levels

Şenay Sezgin Nartgün, Alper Özocak
This study investigated the relationship between the professional burnout levels of teachers who live in a different district from the district in which they work. A mixed research method was used, with a quantitative data collection tool (the Maslach Burnout Scale-Educator Form) used in the first stage...
Conference Abstract


Stefano Omboni*, Igor N. Posokhov, Gianfranco Parati, Anatoli Rogoza, Alberto Avolio, Ernesto Cardona Muñoz, Lorenzo Ghiadoni, Vladimir Gorbunov, Elena Grigoricheva, Alexandra Konradi, Viktoria Korneva, Yulia Kotovskaya, Natalya Kulikova, Maria Lorenza Muiesan, Giuseppe Mulè, Iana Orlova, Carmine Savoia, Giuseppe Schillaci, Parounak Zelveian, Elena Zheleznyak
Pages: 16 - 16
Background: Ambulatory (A) blood pressure (BP), central BP and pulse wave velocity (PWV) are parameters recommended by hypertension guidelines for estimating BP control and vascular impairment. Recent advances in technology made available devices allowing combined non-invasive estimation of these parameters...

The Role of Religions on Politics, Economics, and Social Class in the Society: A Phenomenological Study

Twin Hosea W. Kristyanto, Rikardo P. Sianipar, Andreas E. Nugroho, Twin Twin Yoshua R. Destyanto
Living in society could not be separated from religion. The fact that religions can create the culture of a nation shows that religions possess an influence that cannot be ignored. Besides, there are also social conflicts that occurred due to religious matters. Those religious conflicts have raised scepticism...
Conference Abstract


Fangfei Wei*, Nadja E.A. Drummen, Lutgarde Thijs, Lotte Jacobs, Marjo H.J. Knapen, Thibaut Petit, Wenyi Yang, Zhenyu Zhang, Yumei Gu, Tatiana Kuznetsova, Peter Verhamme, Pieter Evenepoel, Cees Vermeer, Jan A. Staessen
Pages: 16 - 16
Background: Carboxylation of matrix Gla protein (MGP), a vitamin K dependent process, activates the protein to a powerful inhibitor of arterial calcification. Circulating dephosphorylated and uncarboxylated MGP (dp-ucMGP) and total uncarboxylated MGP (t-ucMGP) are associated with macrovascular disease....
Proceedings Article

A Perspective to Combat Covid-19 Disease: Manufacturing and Formulating Inhalable Pharmaceuticals

Amilia Firman Kurniawansyah, Agung Kridoyono
Since its break out in 2019, the Covid - 19 pandemic has affected many aspects of life. The viral disease even endangers human civilization due to the highly virulent and fatality of its effect. The virus has been known to disturb human pulmonary system through cytokine storm occurrence. The pulmonary...

Banking Balance Sheet Channel of Systemic Risk

Vincent B.Y. Gan
Pages: 16 - 30
The role of the banking balance sheet as the source and transmitter of systemic risk is explored. We find that the key balance sheet channels of systemic risk are; (i) bank capital structure choice, (ii) interconnectedness and interdependencies among firms, (iii) correlations of asset composition and...