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Experimental Study on Fluid Flow in Porous Media by MRI Technique

Jing-Nan Zhang, Qin-Feng Di, Feng Ye, Shuai Hua, Hui-Juan Chen, Chun-Yuan Gu
Core flood experiment is commonly used to study the fluid seepage law in porous media for enhanced oil recovery, but the characteristics of fluid flow are hard to be visually described. In this paper, an advanced visual displacement system was developed and optimized to observe the shapes of flow front...
Proceedings Article

Analysis on risk factors of power grid planning under the background of electric power system reform in China-An Interpretative Structural Modeling

Na Li, Han Shu, Jie Jiao, Chao Ma, Tao Qin
With the deepening of China's electric power system reform, the environment of power grid planning will be more complex. In this paper, the risk factors that may affect the power grid planning are identified by the Delphi method from three aspects: the generation side, the transmission and distribution...
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Research on the correlation between ocean energy policy and other policies

Wan-Jun Wang, Jia-Cheng Hao, Yong-Qiang Zhu, Rui-Hua Xia
Ocean energy is a kind of clean and renewable energy source. In recent years, the development of ocean energy has become more and more important. With the development of ocean energy, our country has formulated some ocean energy policies. Similar to other areas of development, the ocean energy policy...
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Preparation and Antibacterial Properties of Silver Nanoparticles

Zhencai Qu, Yan Zhang, Shiwei Liu, Weisheng Song
The nano silver powder was prepared by liquid phase reduction of silver nitrate solution with ascorbic acid (C6H8O6) as the reducing agent and polyethylene glycol 200 as the dispersant. Through a L9(34) orthogonal project, the optimum process conditions were determined as follows: the concentration of...

Developing Students' Reading Comprehension Skill through Reciprocal Teaching Strategy

Diana Oktavia, Dina Fitriana
Using strategy is beneficial to make reading easier, more effective, and more comprehensible. Dealing with the notion that students must be independent in reading brings up the inquiry of what strategy helps to develop reading comprehension skill. Through a quasi-experimental study involving test before...
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A Practical 3D Measuring System of Parts Based on Laser Sensor

Shengfeng Fang, Caihong Su, Zhiye Pan
This paper had designed a 3D measuring system with low cost and high-precision. The 2D laser displacement sensor is the core component, and the Labview graphical programming software is the main software platform. PLC and stepping motor drives high-precision guides rail movement. Combining software and...

The Research Significance of Newly-supplemented Characters from Bamboo Manuscripts Deposited in Shanghai Museum

Xinwei Xu, Shujuan Zhang
At present, Characters Collection in Chu Area (called CWZB in later content) is not only just an important ancient writing dictionary, but also a high-level academic bookmaking because of its appropriate stylistic rules and layout,abundant contents and easiness to use. However, any academic achievements...

Current Trends in Software Project Management

Pradip Peter Dey, Mohammad Amin, Bhaskar Raj Sinha, Shatha Jawad, Laith Al Any, Hassan Badkoobehi
Complexity of software project management has been increasing rapidly in recent years. Project management strategies are evolving in order to address the complexity problems. A persistent struggle is to find an adequate balance between conflicting factors such as providing freedom and flexibility to...
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Flow Graph Network Based Non-redundant Correlative Educational Rules Discovered

Bo Liu, Changqin Huang, Xiuyu Lin
A correlative rule expresses a relationship between two correlative events happening one after another. These rules are potentially useful for analyzing correlative data, ranging from purchase histories, web logs and program execution traces. In this work, we investigate and propose a syntactic characterization...
Proceedings Article

Review and Discussion on Standards for Shore-to-Ship Power Supply System

Juxiang He, Xin Li, Hongsheng Xu, Jinda Zhu, Pan Dai, Heli Chu
Shore-to-ship power supply system has become core technology dealing with shipping environmental pollution. However, the lack of systemic technical standards of it has brought great challenges. This paper proposes standards system for shore-to-ship power supply system, which based on analyzing the trend...

Creativepreneurship Spirit For Students As Prospective Advertisers

Mr Pujiyanto, Robby Hidayat, Mr Sumarwahyudi
This study was based on a self-evaluation of Visual Communication Design Study Program in the State University of Malang in whichlately the students prefer to take working thesis (skripsi kekaryaan) rather than assessment thesis. Most of the students who took the working thesis usually only made a product,...

Analysis of Inflation Determination in Indonesia, 2001-2015

T. Citra Nisa Farza, Mrs Fitrawaty, M. Yusuf Harahap
The achievement of a low inflation target is a big agenda that is currently being carried by Bank Indonesia. This target is certainly not apart from the Central Bank's monetary policy strategy that implements Inflation Targeting (IT). This research aims to analyze the effect of the money supply, BI Rate,...

Research on Moral Hazard and Control Methods of Civil Servants in New Era

Xuefeng Lv
China has entered a new era of socialism with various risks. Among them, the moral risk of Chinese civil servants is particularly prominent. It has seriously affected the image of our government, and even shaken the people's trust in our party and government. Therefore, in the way of building a well-off...
Proceedings Article

Salivary Characteristics in Children Aged 2 Years Old And Under with Severe Early Childhood Caries (SECC)

Ameta Primasari, Essie Octiara, Nevi Yanti, Muhammad Isra Reskitama
Severe Early Childhood Caries (SECC) is progressive tooth decay with multifactorial etiology, which one of them is saliva. Salivary flow, pH, salivary buffer capacity are critical factors for developmental regulation and regression of the caries process. It is mandatory to comprehend the salivary characteristics...

Training Mode of Logistics Talents Based on Internet Era in Application Colleges and Universities

Shufan Zhu, Rongyan Zhu, Xiaofen Zhou
With Internet platform and information communication technology having poured into traditional logistics industry, it is becoming more and more important to train logistics management talents to adapt to transformation and upgrading of logistics enterprises. This paper presents Training mode of logistics...

Computer Based Learning Media With Metacognitive Strategy : Improve Student's Learning Outcomes In Indonesian Food Processing Lesson

Mafisa Restami, Luthfiyah Nurlaela, Agus Budi Santosa
This study aimed to determine feasibility of computer-based learning with metacognitive strategy, learning implementation, learning outcomes, and students' responses. Method used was development of 4-D model with intact-group comparison research design on students in Vocational High School in Surabaya,...

Revitalization of Learning Chemistry Based on Malay Culture to Establish the Education Character in Kepulauan Riau Province

Nancy Willian
Conventional learning makes students tend to be passive in the classroom. On the other hand, the Malay society culture which is the identity and the characteristics of Kepulauan Riau Province is necessary to be integrated into teaching chemistry to achieve the aspired character education leading towards...

Research on Teaching Reform of Japanese Pronunciation Based on Voice Visualization Software— Taking Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute as an Example

Yu Wu, Danyu Wu
With the teaching concept upgrading and teaching technologies development, the quality and quantity of Japanese teaching have been remarkably improved in in recent years in colleges and universities. The voice visualization software can make up for the deficiency of traditional pronunciation teaching...
Proceedings Article

The Construction of Trust in Public Governance Based on the Perspective of Cooperative Governance

Jian Min, Chen Lian
In the risky society, social contradictions and conflicts have been showing up endlessly. "Trust" as an important social capital is facing with huge damage. The contemporary social cross boundary risk characteristics ask for more governance and make access to a relationship of cooperation. This paper...
Proceedings Article

The Price Forecast Model of China-made Large Aircraft Based on Partial Least Squares Regression

Pei Fang, Lu Wang, Shuhua Mao
This article adopts partial least squares regression method to forecast the price of domestic (China-made) large aircraft C919. With analysis of the pricing background and the relationship between performance index and price of foreign aircraft, we build preliminary model. And comparing with other modeling...
Proceedings Article

Positive or Negative Emotions: The Speaker’s Choice

Zhanfang Li
This paper explores how speakers use address terms metaphorically to express their emotions. A co-variation scale of emotion and meaning is constructed and the metaphorical realization of address terms are revealed: speakers may express the positive emotions by choosing negative address terms, or express...

Environmental projects as a pillar economic growth

Marija Todorović
The paper presents the significance of environmental projects for economic growth and society. The paper deals with the basic characteristics of environmental projects and project management based on systematic literature review, and presents the current state of project management for environment...

The Development of History Learning Media Based on Local Age in Increasing Students 'Understanding on Local History Lectures

Bahri, Tati Misna, Andi
This study aims to determine the application of local history learning media based on local wisdom. The method used in this research is Research and Development. This research step is preceded by preliminary research with a descriptive qualitative approach with observation; interview and document review...
Proceedings Article

Risk Entropy Model of Public Security Video Surveillance System

Wei Dou, Hongzhou Zhang, Xingtao Zhao, Zhiguo Du, Peiyue Li
From the point of view of the demand of public security application for video information application, this paper compares the characteristics of traditional video surveillance system with that of urban public security video surveillance system, analyses the factors affecting the effectiveness evaluation...

Effects of the Technology Development, Socioeconomic Status, Career Information, and Learning Process on the Career Aspiration of Vocational High School Students

Ari Dwi Nur Indriawan Musyono, Soenarto
This study aims to investigate: (1) the effect of the technology development on the career aspiration of vocational high school (VHS) students in Kebumen Regency, (2) the effect of the socio-economic status on their career aspiration, (3) the effect of the career information on their career inspiration,...

Manual Techniques for Coffee Brewing as an Alternative Learning for Students with Hearing Impairment

Rila Muspita, Elsa Efrina, Arisul Mahdi, Reno Fernandes
Childre with hearing impairment are still marginalized in the business world and cannot even establish their own businesses. These challenges are closely related with the lack of assistance and training from the universities and/or academia. Regarding this situation, the authors as academia will contribute...

Histopathology of Kidney In Mice (Mus musculus L) Indicated By Pre-Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 (Pre-Type 2 DM) With a variation of Yeast Treatment

Rudiana Agustini, Erlix Rakhmad Purnama, Agus Widodo
A kidney is an organ that has many roles to survive. This organ can be damaged by type 2 diabetes mellitus which is marked by high glucose in the blood. Histological studies of kidney tissue in mice (Mus musculus L.) shown by type 2 pre-Diabetes Mellitus with variations in yeast treatment have been carried...

Satisfaction Evaluation of Wudang Mountain’s Smart Tourism Construction

Ran Su, Bingke Zhu*, Yang Zou
With the development of information technology and smart city, smart tourism has become a compulsory option for tourists. This work firstly analyzed the construction of Wudang Mountain’s smart tourism and constructed an evaluation index system of smart tourism satisfaction, including 5 first-level indicators...

Problems of the Development of Personnel and Human Potential in New Russia: Direct Threats and Risks

Yu. Astakhov, I. Konev, I. Nadutkina, M. Lugovskaya, S. Kompaniec
In the current context of XXI century the immediate challenge in activities of state and local governments, the business community is training and retraining of specialists engaged in representative (legislative), executive and administrative authorities (in territorial subject of the Russian Federation...

Effect of Internet Banking on E-Commerce

Dedi Sulistiyo Soegoto, Agil Fauzan Ilhamuddin, Putri Amirah
Currently, e-commerce is a new trend in the world of buying and selling that unites sellers and buyers who are very far away but can still trade safely and quickly also certainly easier with internet banking. The purpose of this study is to analyze how internet banking can significantly influence the...

The Importance of Positive Organization in the Industrial Era 4.0

A.Z. Tayibnapis, L.E. Wuryaningsih, R.G. Tayibnapis
The increasingly sophisticated and digital life makes it more difficult for the business world to compete in the market. It requires breakthroughs to remain in a psychologically healthy condition and optimal performance, including building a positive organization so that that employee engagement can...

Ineffectiveness of Religious Education as Character Education in Islamic Higher Education

Asep Dudi Suhardini, Kama Abdul Hakam, Asep Herry Hernawan
Character development in higher education is carried out, among others, through lectures on Islamic Education. This Islamic Education course, based on the characteristics of the material, is a subject that is full of value and has the potential to be the spearhead of character education. The implication...

The Usage of Artificial Intelligence in Strategic Decision Making in Terms of Fourth Industrial Revolution

Alexey V. Chernov, Victoria A. Chernova, Tatiana V. Komarova
The total digitalization of the economy and society will inevitably lead to significant changes in the system of management of the organization, including strategy management. The use of artificial intelligence systems and robotics carries with it both tremendous opportunities and threats of the disappearance...

The Effectiveness of Android-Based Interactive Physics Mobile Learning Media to Improve Students’ Psychomotor and Self-Efficacy

Suparno, Sukardiyono, Tiara Kusuma Ardiyati, Beatrix Elvi Dasilva
This study aims to find out know the effectiveness of learning using android-based IPMLM to improve psychomotor and self-efficacy of high school students. The research design uses Pretest-Posttest Control Group Design. The research subjects were 185 students of Class X MIPA from SMA N 1 Pakem, SMAN 2...

Exploration and Mapping Utilization of Bitter Melon (Momordica Charantia L.) and Its Culinary

Ummi Rohajatien, Wiwik Wahyuni, Aly Imron
Bitter melon and its culinary in Indonesia was known as vegetable and traditionally is also used as phlegm decay, febrifuge and appetite. The aim of the research was to identify bitter melon utilization as well as culinary processing as case study of great Malang area. The research was conducted using...

Implementation of Strengthening Religious Character Education at Elementary School Qur’ani Al- Ikhlash Rappang Sidenreng Rappang Regency

Jumiati, Lababa
This research aim to description: 1) how profile elementary school Qur’ani Al- Ikhlash Rappang (Sidenreg Rappang Regency), and 2) reinforcement of Implementation religious character education of reliat elementary school Qur’ani Al- Ikhlas Rappang (Sidenreng Rappang Regency). This research it was descriptive...

Sentiment Analysis of Chinese Commodity Reviews Based on Deep Learning

Zifan Zhang
Recent development of the Internet led to the emergence of product reviews with strong emotions on the e-commerce shopping platform. These reviews have become the main channel for people to know about the products. Sentiment analysis, a branch of natural language processing (NLP), is used to evaluate...

Modern Educational Philosophies

Akdel Parhusip
A Christian school, to be truly Christian, must be established on the foundation of God Himself, the Creator, who has made Himself known through an authoritative and trustworthy Bible, and of Jesus Christ, His Son, the Savior of the world. Within this framework, how-ever, Christian schools differ from...

Fundamental Financial Information as a Signal of Company Value

Ahmad Syifaudin, Yusuf Yusuf, Roni Mulyatno, Benny Dhevyanto
The information contained in the financial statements is a means to communicate company performance. Good company performance will be responded positively by investors in the capital market, so that the company’s stock price will increase. This research examines some fundamental factors in a company...

Technology as a Means to Socialize Teacher’s Rights as Professional Educator in Central Java

Maryanto, Toebagus Galang Windi Pratama, Ika Menarianti
Legal protection as mandated by Law No. 14 of 2005 concerning Teachers and Lecturers have not been able to protect teachers because when teachers are faced with Law No. 23 of 2002 concerning the Protection of Children as amended by Law No. 35 of 2014. Teachers who carry out “certain” actions in carrying...

Study on Effectiveness of Classroom Interaction

Xiufeng Zhang, Hui Gao
The classroom interaction is an efficient way to improve the efficiency of classroom learning. Besides the increase in the amount of classroom interaction, the quality of it also requires the attention, which will decide the effectiveness of classroom interaction. The improvement and insurance of classroom...

Developing Speaking Skill Through Debating: Undergraduate EFL Students’ Perception

Syamdianita, Amedea Cathriona Maharia
The main focus for students to learn English is to be able to use English in oral communication. However, the problems of students who do not have enough good capability in English is because the students feel too shy to speak or afraid of making mistakes. Moreover, the students might also struggle with...

Transforming Entrepreneurship Factors and Technologies in the Digital Economy

Mikhail Makarov, Elena Ivleva, Nina Shashina, Emiliya Shashina
The goal of transforming the factors and technologies of economic growth is determined by the growth of gross domestic product. The development of the economic system as the limits of research has the problem of resource constraints (factors). It determines the particular importance of decisions related...

Using Neural Network Mathematical Models to Solve Pedagogical Problems

M.V. Lapenok, O.M. Patrusheva, S.A. Hudyakova
This article describes the process of creating neural network mathematical models to solve such pedagogical problems as predicting the results of project activities of schoolchildren and developing recommendations for selecting a perspective project task; predicting student attendance based on their...

Biomimetic Analog Silicon Synaptic Circuit with Tunable Reversal Potential

Ashish Gautam, Takashi Kohno
Pages: 22 - 26
Experimental results of a biomimetic silicon synaptic circuit capable of generating both excitatory and inhibitory postsynaptic currents are presented. The generated synaptic current takes into account its first-order dependence on the instantaneous value of the postsynaptic membrane potential, with...

SMEs: ‘Non’- Corporate Social Responsibility

Sri Yunan Budiarsi, Sri Hartini
The purpose of this study is to find out whether micro, small, and medium enterprises (SMEs) can be the subject to perform social responsibility and not only become an object of big companies to do their own CSR. Through a qualitative approach and using case studies as the method, The researcher found...

Politeness Strategies in Directive Speech Acts in a Short Movie “Mind Your Language”

Masitoh Oktavia, Warsono Warsono, L.B Dwi Anggani, Abdurrachman Faridi
The objective of the research is to recognize kind of politeness strategies, in directive speech acts in the short movie “Mind Your Language”. The method used in this research is a descriptive method using a qualitative approach that focuses on pragmatics. The data source is a script of “Mind Your Language”...

Efforts to Preserve Macapat by Mantradisi Art Group in Yogyakarta

Brigitta Puspa Juwita, Kusnadi
This study aims to find out and describe efforts to preserve the Macapat art by the Mantradisi group, and know the benefits experienced by the Mantradisi group after the group was formed. This qualitative research used a phenomenological approach and there were two sources of data, namely primary and...

Changes of Poor Family Behavior Through Family Development Session

Suradi, Nyi R Irmayani, Habibullah, Sugiyanto, Badrun Susantyo, Benecdiktus Mujiyadi, Togiaratua Nainggolan
Poverty reduction has become a priority for government of the Republic of Indonesia in the last decade. One among poverty reduction programs based on family called Program Keluarga Harapan (PKH). PKH is a conditional cash transfer (CCT) program for poor families. PKH has addressed to cut off poverty...

Video Games as Motivators of English Vocabulary Acquisition and Reading

Audrey Ningtyas, Sonya P. Suganda
The current generation of students is keen on playing video games across platforms such as smartphones, personal computers, or other devices. Teachers could take advantage of their enthusiasm for gaming by integrating learning with games played in the classroom or at home. Most students in Indonesia...