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How Physics can help in understanding Cardiac Rhythms Predicting & Control of complex oscillatory behavior

Shiuan Ni Liang, Le Duy Manh, Wei Yin Chiang, Pik Yin Lai, C. K. Chan
We discuss our recent theoretical and experimental work in cardiac systems. The first is about the rhythmic variation as the cardiac myocyte cell culture synchronized, and how it can be explained in terms of the frequency enhancement phenomenon in coupled excitable systems. Another work concerns the...

Reflection on Chinese Cultural Industry Business Model Innovation Utilizing the Zhao Benshan Model

Yu Liao
The cultural industry offers consumers entertainment products or services against a background of economic globalization. In the rapidly changing business environment, it is extremely important to maintain the survival and development of cultural industry through the application of business models. This...

Evaluation Model Analysis of Sports Instrument Influences on Class drill

Xueqiang Zhu
This research, based on Abraham Harold Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and the healthy definition of “WHO”, analyzes relevant value indicates such as the fitness value, metal health value, entertainment value, the value of education, ornamental value and social value to grab a rough understanding that hand...
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Research on Failure Mode and Ductility of Waste Fiber Recycled Concrete Columns under Small Eccentricity

Jing-Hai ZHOU, Hong WANG, Ze LI
This paper studies small eccentric compression test of eight waste fiber recycled concrete columns with recycled coarse aggregate replacement ratio, waste fiber length, and waste fiber incorporation as parameters. The test is carried out on the failure mode and ductility of the waste fiber recycled concrete...
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Smart Home Wireless Power Control Design Based On Internet of Things

XinYi Qi, Mindan Bai
In view of the current intelligence lives in complex structure, such as the high cost of weakness, use of switch power supply and single chip design a wireless intelligent household system. It will control instructions through wireless remote control by way of the wireless controller sent to the module,...

Research on the Main Research Topic Teaching Model for Environment Art Design Major

Ding Liwei
The cultivating objectives of the Environment Art Design Major are the application competence of social practice and designing ability for environment design. The expert teaching models are confronting with the new challenges for many years and the original teaching model cannot suit for the requirements...

Computing Literacy as a Foundation for Digital Learning

A.Z.R Langi
Computing literacy is fundamental in future learning, as human learns to have smart living in a society and environment where computing is pervasive. As we are approaching a singularity point where the intelligence of computing entities exceeds that of humans, we need to transform ourselves to have favorable...

Investigation and Thinking on the Middle-elementary School Teachers-training with Case-study

Hong-Guang Ha, Xiao-Ping Xiang
To have a proper probe into the current situation of teachers training in Ankang, with the help of the theories of pedagogy in teaching, we made a research into the training process and had the statistics in the training. When the detailed analyses are done, we put forward the new ideas and some strategies...
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Molecular Docking and Molecular Dynamics Simulation of the Interaction of Cationic Imidazolium Porphyrin-Anthraquinone and Hsp90

Muhammad Arba, Rahmana Emran Kartasasmita, Daryono H. Tjahjono
Hsp90 is involved in the progressiveness of cancer cell through the activation of oncogenic client proteins, including Her2/ErbB2, Akt, Raf-1, and hTERT. Thus, targeting Hsp90 is considered as one of promising strategy in anti-cancer drug development. In the search of new potential Hsp90 inhibitors,...
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The Visualization Research of User Observation and Quantitative Information

Xin Zhang, Hai Fang, Fei Hu
User observation is a significant method for user research. Researchers collect information by field observation. Information collecting and analysis to information observed effects structure analyzing and innovative design of products directly. It visualizes the research results, eliminates interference...

Fresh Agri-Food Supply Chain Retailers and Suppliers Price Game

Qian Tong, Xiaoxi Tong, Yuanyuan Li
In the supply chain of fresh agricultural foods and food safety, participants for each activity are making their efforts to obtain the maximize benefits, and every interests owners are playing the maximizing benefit Game. As the main parts in the supply chain, suppliers provide their Optimal order quantity...

Study on the Computer Aided English Instruction from the Learning Perspective of Constructivism

Lei Liu
Constructivism, one of the core development modes of teaching, receives certain external environment support and is extensively accepted and applied in the computer aidedEnglish instruction under the premises of rapid development of computer technology and constant innovation of college English instruction...
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3D Simulation Model of Lunar Crater Based on Single CCD Image

Junlin Wang, Jiaqi Li, Binbing Liu, Zhankai Li, Xiaolin Tian
The paper gives an algorithm to simulate the crater topography from a single Charge Couple Device image. Refer to the Oren-Nayar reflectance model, several parameters of the lunar crater and constraint conditions have been added to this new algorithm, also the small craters have been enhanced in the...
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Effects of Stack Position on the Optimum Performance of a Thermo-acoustics Refrigeration System using ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) Stack Material

Ida Bagus, Wisnu Hendradjit
In this paper, the optimum thermo-acoustic stack position was investigated. Two types of parallel-plate stacks made of celluloid negative film and ABS materials were selected and investigation was carried out over three working frequencies. The ABS stack revealed that the farther of the stack position...
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A Comparative Diagnosis Approach on Transformer’s Insulating Oil

Ming-Jong Lin
The immersed oil power transformer is so vital equipment in power system that maintenance-engineers take more cautious on transformer’s insulating oil as the criterion of maintenance. The dissolved gas analysis (DGA) is known for an effective technique to detect transformer’s incipient faults. In this...

The Contribution of the Vocational Teachers’ Professional Competence toward Vocational High Schools’ Performance

Abdul Haris Setiawan
This research aims to determine the contribution of the vocational teachers’ professional competence toward the Vocational High Schools’ performance. This research is ex-post facto. Statistically, based on the data and analysis techniques, this research is descriptive quantitative. The population was...
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Design of Security Monitoring System for Geological Data Library of Hainan Province

Min Sun, Binwen Huang
Geological Data Library is an important component of Land and Environmental Resources Department of Hainan Province, which is responsible for the collection and management of Hainan province's regional geological data, such as geological survey data, solid mineral geology data, petroleum geology data,...
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An Adaptive Approach for Optical Recognition of Inter-Point Hindi Devanagari Braille and its Transcription to Text

T. Shreekanth, V. Udayashankara
Optical Braille Character Recognition (OBR) system is in great need inorder to restore the old Braille documents to make them available for the large section of visually impaired people. The recognition of the double sided Braille dots is a challenging task due to the overlapping of the front side dots...
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The Start-up Mode Test of SBR Process for Pickle Wastewater Treatment

Xiang He, Jinxiang Fu, Xuejiao Feng, Zhaoxian Dang
Salted wastewater with high salt properties, the salinity range at about 6%, its treatment processing is difficult .This experiment studies the start time and treatment effect of SBR process in different ways (stage cultivation ,full cultivation).The experimental study shows that: with the use of 2-stage...
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Orthogonal test optimization Coix chinensis Tod. polysaccharide leaching process conditions

Yong-guang Bi, Yu-min Li
Based on preliminary studies to optimize the ultrasonic extraction of polysaccharides Coix chinensis Tod. conditions using orthogonal test method, the test results showed that: In order to obtain a higher extraction rate, optimization of process parameters for each factor A3B3C2D1, namely ultrasonic...
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Analysis on the Energy Consumption and Carbon Emission of Jiangxi’s Tourism Industry Using the Extended Kaya Identity

Junsong Jia, Xiu Zhou, Xinping Zhong
Firstly, we divide the energy consumption (EC) and carbon emission (CE) of Jiangxi’s tourism industry into three groups and account them respectively. Then, we analyze the drivers of the total CE (Tc) by using the Arithmetic Mean Decomposition Index (AMDI) method based on the Kaya identity. Results show...
Proceedings Article

Research on Lean manufacturing Process Management of Electric Locomotive

Ziqin Ma, Chen Peng, Yanan Chen, Tong Wang, Pengfei Zhao, Li Sun, Qiang Cheng, Jiang Wei
From the perspective of lean production, this article multi-angle analysis of all-round enterprise potential problems of process management, which include processing, testing, logistics and assembly. It also provides some specific solutions to solve these problems from some aspects, such as shorten work...

On the ability to Improve Business Marketing Strategy

Hou Jin
Enterprise marketing capabilities constitute the core competitiveness of the important part. In practice, companies tend to focus on the performance perspective of corporate marketing capabilities, while ignoring the marketing resources and their ability to take advantage of the ability to influence...

Establishment and Research on the Model of the Company's Financial Risk Warning Based on Principal Component Analysis and Logistic Regression

JingJing Fu
In this paper, we use the modern management theory to build a corporate financial risk early warning indicator system, while using the statistical method of principal component analysis and logistic regression analysis. Through the empirical research on listed companies' financial crisis situation, we...
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Combustion Analysis and Operation Adjustment of Thermal Power Unit

Jun Li, Weiwei Li
The characteristics of main low nitrogen combustion technologies are to be introduced. By analysis of unit’s typical outfire accident after low nitrogen combustion transformation, proposed some targeted solutions to optimize operation of the thermal power unit, such as adjustment of the air distribution,...
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Capacity of MIMO Laser Optical (VLC) Wireless Networks

Siming Yang, Peng Xue, Bicheng Li, Xianfeng Wang, Haicheng Liu
In wireless communication systems, the laser optics wireless communication systems becomes more and more popular, such as the visual light communication (VLC) system. In this paper, we have analyzed the capacity of MIMO VLC communication system using Shannon Capacity in general, and provide necessary...
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Silicon detector for the Saline Soil Degree in ETM Image

Tao Chi, Bingchun Li
A silicon photoconductor apparatus having improved efficiency in infrared radiation detection by sandblasting the reflective surface of the apparatus and thereby creating a near-infinite number of reflecting angles and a corresponding multiplication of quantum energy yield. This article describes its...
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Synthesis of Ultrafine Copper Oxide Powder with Plasma-dynamic Method in the Coaxial Magneto-plasma Accelerator

Golyanskaya Evgeniya, Kruchkova Maria, Sivkov Aleksandr
One of the most promising trends in modern physics is the high-temperature superconductivity. Analysis of high-temperature superconductors revealed that almost all of them are complex copper-based oxides. Studies have shown the possibility of using them for the synthesis of coaxial magneto accelerator....

The 1999 education reform: An analysis of the Reform implementation and impact on Arts Education in Poland

Renata Ochoa daderska
The aim of this paper is to present the process and impact of the education reform of 1999 in the curricula and ways of implementation of this reform at pre-school institutions, primary schools, lower secondary schools (gimnazja) and upper secondary schools (post-gymnasium schools) taking into account...
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Fine-grained Service Side Access Control Model for Web Application

Zhijun Liang, Hua Zhang, Zhonghua Zhao
In the paper of SCUTA, to the more and more complicated network environment and the w3c’s Same-Origin Policy’s vulnerability, the author designs a new web access control model. It eases the difficulty of web policy’s configuration and reduces the potential vulnerabilities. However, because of the inflexible...

Individual Charity in China

Pan Zhijia, Yuan Haiqing, Zhu Shouzeng
Charity in China stems from the development of economy in both national and personal aspects. Celebrities’ enthusiasm in charity evokes public participation. Considering the similarities and also the differences between China and some other countries which has relatively sophisticated charitable systems,...
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Subpixel Edge Localization Based on the Bresenham Algorithm

Weifang Sun, Binqiang Chen, Qi Luo
Precise subpixel edge localization is significant for photogrammetry. In this paper; a new subpixel edge localization and interpolation of still image based on the Bresenham algorithm is proposed. Parameters fitting method is adopted to acquire the subpixel image brim point. After the localization; contiguous...
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A Study on the Performance Test of Weight Sensor System for Agent Monitoring of Gaseous Extinguishing System

SungHo Hong, MoonSoo Choi, DongSuk Kim, JiHyun Kwark, GoSeop Roh
This paper presents a study on the performance test for newly developed weight sensor system for agent monitoring of gaseous extinguishing system. The weight sensor system consists of weight sensor, LCD display, main board, power unit and so on. The performance test is configured to be able to accurately...
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A new Bayesian classification algorithm based on attribute reduction

Hongmei Nie, Jiaqing Zhou
Naive Bayesian classifier is a simple and efficient classification method. However, the assumption of the independence of its attributes is difficult to be satisfied, which influences the classification performance. In this paper, a new classification algorithm is proposed, which is based on the attribute...
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Singularity Analysis of a three translational degrees of freedom Parallel Mechanism

Binjiu Yang, Xiu Qin
The singularity of a new 3-DOF parallel mechanism was analyzed. The position equation of the mechanism was gotten by the inverse kinematics solution. The velocity equation of the machine was gotten by the derivation of the position equation, and then got the Jacobian matrix, and the singularity conditions...
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A small UAV deviation control roll research

Tianxiang Hu
This paper according to the small UAV structure characteristics, the taxiing control structure and control law design are studied and proposed front wheel and rudder deviation control scheme and control structure, analysis, including the front landing gear, pavement condition, brake system, wind and...
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Study on Quality of Hot Mix Plant Recycling Mixture under Influence of RAP Performance

Ping Wu
To explore the variation of hot mix plant recycling mixture design parameters and quality under the influence of RAP performance, represent index and factor level of RAP performance were determined, the variation of mix proportion design parameters was comprehensively analysised under different indexes...
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Comparison of the Influence of Amino Trimethylene Phosphonic Acid and Sodium Gluconate on the Performance of Concrete

Xingdong Lv, Beixing Li, Yan Shi, Huaquan Yang
Comparison of the influence of amino trimethylene phosphonic acid (ATMP) and sodium gluconate (SG) on the performance of concrete are investigated in this paper. The comparison of the effects of ATMP and SG on concrete setting time at 20°C or 35°C, concrete slump loss, concrete compressive strength and...
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The Preliminary Research of Guojuanyan Debris Flow Characteristics and Prevention Measures Post-Earthquake

Shun Yang, Hai Huang, Huali Pan, Jiankang Liu
Sichuan Basin come into rainy season entirely in the early July, 2013, Dujiangyan city of Wenchuan strong earthquake district encountered a hundred-year rainstorm process, which raised numerous Secondary Mountain hazards as collapse, landslide and debris flow etc. Generally, high frequency of debris...
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Research Advance in the Use of Catalysts for Sludge Pyrolysis

Yang Xu, Guori Dong, Fang Chen, Hongyong Li, Jibin Wang
In recent years, the discharge amount of all kinds of sewage is increasingly increased, and therefore the handling problem of sewage sludge, an inevitable product of sewage treatment, has drawn more and more attention. As a new type of sludge treatment technology, the production technology of bio-oil...
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Design and Application of Strain Brushless Torque Sensor

Jiaming Zhang, Gong Chen, Wenrui Wang, Hao Sun
The torque monitoring of high-speed rotary shaft is often unsuccessful because of sensor installation, reliability, accuracy and other practical issues, so high-speed rotary shaft torque monitoring has become an urgent need. The brushless torque sensor is developed based on strain measurement, which...
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Influence of Grounding Material’s Property on the Impulse Grounding Resistance of Grounding Grids

Leishi Xiao, Qian Li, Huizhong Xue
The conductor material properties such as resistivity and relative permeability have great influence on impulse grounding resistance of grounding grids in regular dimensions. The intensity of the influence is also different under different soil conditions. By building a 1:1 grounding model and using...
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Design Research of Machine Frame on Three Dimensional Models

Zhanjun Liu
The present paper takes some machine frames as the object of study, three dimensional model is based on the CATIA software, the model and the hypothesized assembly are carried by the CATIA software. It is firstly introduced the aviation manufacture project development by proposed new request, the CATIA...

Liberalism or Technological Modernization

Andrei Blinov
Under scrutiny is the problem of the Russian economy’s innovation and technological potential and its potential effect on global economic crisis. This work exposes the source of the Russian economy's demoralization and economic collapse, asserting that Russia’s present situation is impeding the development...
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Sustainable Consumption from the Perspective of Environmental Ethics

Shao-hua Zhou, Ping Fang
Consumption is extremely important for our society and it is the foundation of human existence and development. It is not only an economic issue but also an important ethical issue. Nowadays there are some unhealthy phenomenon occurs in the consumption areas. Food waste, a prominent issue, is harmful...

Thoughts and Suggestions on Undergraduates Innovations Experiment Project

Jinjin Liang, Xiaoqun Sun, Jiangang Wang, Haojiang Cai
Scientific research and implementing ability are the fundamental methods for cultivating talents. Undergraduates participate in the research and practice are the fundamental principle of teaching. Undergraduates innovations experiment project follows the principle of interest driven, independent practice,...
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Analysis of Graduation Thesis Information Based on Decision Tree

Mengyi Li, Jiuru Dai, Zhigang Zhang
In order to improve the quality of graduation thesis, many colleges and universities carried out reforms on the thesis work according to their own actual situation. Through data mining method, this paper explores the main factors affecting the result of graduation thesis, and then classifies and predicts...
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Local Shape Similarity Retrieval of Mechanical Parts

Jiale Wang, Yin Jun
A scale-invariant shape feature is proposed. The shape feature is extracted on gray voxel models by a SIFT-like algorithm to describe the local shape information of 3D models. Shape feature vectors are constructed by a BoF method. A distance function that supports the part-in-whole matching is employed...

The Bologna Process in Higher Education of Belarus

Larysa Sliapniova, Alexander Tsyganov
Belarus joined the Bologna process in spring 2015, which called for the need to converge higher education systems of Belarus and countries of the European Higher Education Area. Higher Education systems in different countries are brought to standard in several ways. The member states of the Bologna process...
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Heat Load Forecasting of District Heating System Based on Numerical Weather Prediction Model

Hongying Yang, Shuanglong Jin, Shuanglei Feng, Bo Wang, Fei Zhang, Jianfeng Che
This paper reports an application of Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) in the heat load forecasting field. The NWP is applied to obtain the correlated weather parameters of the heat load, and then the properly structured Artificial Neural Network (ANN) model is designed to perform the prediction. Satisfactory...