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Tianrui Li, Pawan Lingras, Yuefeng Li, Joseph Herbert
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Mobile Agent Migration Strategy using Itinerary Graph and Neural Network

Nripesh Chauhan, Manjeet Singh
Mobile agents (MA) needs to migrate to several host to accomplish its task .Migration strategy is responsible for planning out an optimal migration path ,which ensures mobile agent to complete its task correctly and efficiently at the minimum cost .This paper describe the strategy adopted by a mobile...
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Performance analysis of DYMO and Bellman Ad hoc Routing Protocol for various Battery models in MANET using Qualnet

It is a challenge area in the field of ad hoc networks to support prioritized routing for time sensitive applications, such as multimedia communications, IP telephony and interactive games. However the existing protocols did not consider the special battery discharging behavior of wireless devices. The...
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Performence Comparison of DSDV, AODV and DSR for Mobile Ad HOC Network by Varying Network Size

Priyanka Jangir, Saurabh Mishra
Mobile Ad Hoc network (MANET) is a collection of mobile nodes connected through a wireless link resulting in formation of temporary network without any assistance from existing infrastructure or any kind of centralized administration. The performance of an Ad Hoc network depends on the kind of routing...
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VHDL Implementation of a prototype switching system

Prashant Rai, Anuj Kumar Sharma, Gaurav Verma, Varun Kumar Kakar
Switching system implies data transmission between two communicating entities. This transmission can be either via trunks or it can be completely wireless, technically termed as Telephone Switching and Mobile switching, respectively. We report the implementation of a switching system using very high...
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Electricity Generation through Road Ribs using law of Electromagnetic Induction

Parul Bisht, Rajni Rawat
Recognizing the importance of developing renewable energy resources, the Highways Agency commissioned a preliminary scoping study in 2001 to explore available methods and assess the possibility of renewable energy generation being exploited within the highway network. Among the various means of transportation,...
Proceedings Article

Adaptive License Plate Detection

Pramod U. Chavan, Parag Kulkarni, Amit Khandebharad, Dattatray Khope
License plate detection process can be divided in two parts 1] plate extraction, 2] character segmentation. License plate detection relies on illumination conditions, background and mainly on camera resolution. There is absence of any common standard to compare various algorithms for a LPD system, because...
Proceedings Article

Ventricular Premature Beat Detection in ECG using Correlation Techniques

Shahanaz Ayub, J. P. Saini
Correlation techniques are used to find whether the electrocardiogram (ECG) is normal or abnormal. These correlation techniques could be further used to detect the type of abnormality present in the abnormal ECG. Reference ECG signals could be stored for all type of abnormalities and the test ECG signal...
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Comparative analysis of Microstrip Patch Antenna using different substrate and observe effect of changing parameter at 5.4 GHz

Brajlata Chauhan, Sandip Vijay, S.C. Gupta
In this paper, an attempt has been made to design Edge Feed Microstrip , VSWR, phase chactersrtics and observed effect of different parameter by hanging height for all substrate in terms of return losses. The matching act as high radiator for low dielectric and low radiator for high dielectric
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Analysis of LMS Algorithm in Wavelet Domain

Pankaj Goel, Sonam Rai, Mahesh Chandra, V.K. Gupta
In this paper Time Domain Least Mean Square (LMS) algorithm and Wavelet Transform Domain Least Mean Square (WDLMS) algorithm with Daubechies wavelets are used to minimize the undesired noise from speech signals. The performance of this algorithm using different Daubechies wavelets db1, db5 and db10 are...
Proceedings Article

A Novel Static Clustering Scheme for Energy-efficient Routing in Wireless Sensor Network

Rakesh Kumar Saini, Sandip Vijay
Low-Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy (LEACH) is one of the most popular distributed cluster-based routing protocols in wireless sensor networks. Clustering algorithm of the LEACH is simple but offers no guarantee about even distribution of cluster heads over the network. LEACH doesn’t ensure even...
Proceedings Article

Analyzing Impact of TDMA MAC Framing Structure on Network Throughput for Tactical MANET Waveforms

Bhupendra Suman, LC Mangal, SC Sharma
With the advancement of networking technology it is anticipated to have Internet like functionality in tactical network. However, unlike commercial network the tactical networks operate under severe environment and resources constraints. Moreover, the MANET architecture and shared resources of wireless...
Proceedings Article

Revisit Technology Acceptance Model for Internet Banking (Case Study: Public Banking in Indonesia)

Sevenpri Candra
In nowadays business, online service in Internet Banking is a major concern for managing customer relationship but on the other side, there are several challenges that should be faced by banks when they implement this technology. By using the technology acceptance model, this research was conducted through...


P. Basarab-Horwath, M. Euler, N. Euler, P. G. L. Leach
Pages: v - v


Some remarks on materials with memory: heat conduction and viscoelasticity

Sandra Carillo
Pages: i - iii