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Review on exit of entrepreneurial members

Ye Dongxiu
With the development and growth of the enterprise,the environment for companies is changing.The ability of the entrepreneurial members may not meet the development of the companies. Therefore, entrepreneurial members are not static, but dynamic.On the basis of the existing research, this paper collates...

Research on the Dispositional Optimism and Mental Resilience of Rural Primary School Teachers in the Naxi Area

Changqing Li
To do research on the dispositional optimism category and mental resilience of rural primary school teachers in the Naxi Area, a questionnaire survey was conducted against 4,193 rural primary school teachers by the means of dispositional optimism scale and mental resilience scale. For rural primary school...

Study on the Traditional Health-keeping Mechanism of Shuttlecock Circumferential Kicking for the Physical Balance of the Elderly

Rui Yang
In recent years, falls of the elderly are common, people's demand for health is becoming more and more obvious. Shuttlecock Circumferential Kick, a traditional national sport, is becoming more and more popular in the market. It has become the background of this study to explore the mechanism of Shuttlecock...

Indigeneous Public Administration: Public Administration Viewed from Local Wisdom Perspective

Jumiati Jumiati, Boni Saputra
Global transformation is always demands a good governance system and one of the functions that must be run is public administration's system. The impact of powerful globalization streams, should be anticipated as well as possible. Public Administration with the developed values ​​of western modernity,...

An evaluation of the performance of senior high school history teachers in the Dompu region

Hen Ardiansyah, Aman
The purpose of this research is to know: (1) the performance of senior high school history teachers in Dompu region, (2) The performance of senior high school history teachers in Dompu region in learning implementation, and (3) the performance of senior high school history teachers Dompu region and evaluation...

Reflective Learning for Sustainable Development

We experience continuous changes from time to time. This process will result in new challenges and problems which in turn can threaten the sustainability of life. For our life to be sustainable, we must have a critical spirit and the ability to make a decision to undergo changes which are more humane....

Adaptive Structuration Process In The Education Of Indonesian Migrant Workers’ Children (Case study in 9th Grade of Junior High School in CLC Kundasang, CLC Ribu Bonus, and Sekolah Indonesia Kota Kinabalu Sabah Malaysia)

Asrobudi Asrobudi
The lack of education for Indonesian Migrant Workers’ (TKI) children is becoming a concern. There are some barriers which can interfere the children with having higher education, such as the illegal status of their parents and the weak coordination between the agent and the agency. The study aims to...

The Implementation of Blended Learning in Early Childhood Education Teacher’s Training

Arlina, Ihat Hatimah, M. Handi Gunawan
This study reports the implementation of blended learning applied in early childhood education teachers training in PP-PAUD dan Dikmas Jawa Barat, Indonesia. Operationally, there are two approaches concerning the implementation of blended learning, they are conventional approach and online approach....
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Design Method and Example of a Simple Educational Robot

Tongxing Jin, Wei Xie, Jiachen Ma, Kuangzheng Ye
Nowadays educational robots have begun to walk into campuses and households, changing the traditional way of teaching and learning. There are many physical or virtual robot education platforms on the market now, whose perfect systems and mature hardware or software not only reduced the difficulty of...

The Development of the Academic Supervision Model Basic School Supervisor

Erpidawati Erpidawati, Nurhizrah Gistituati, Sufyarma Marsidin, Yahya Yahya
The objectives of the study are preliminary study of the competence of primary school supervisor supervision, urgency model of supervisory academic supervision competency of elementary school that is important to do in order to improve the quality and professional of elementary school supervisor. Elementary...

Antecedents Of Copability And Its Effect On Learning Organization (An Empirical Study At a Life Insurance Company)

Lily Sudhartio, Anton Wachidin Widjaja, Sun Yi
This research is focused on the role of copability (cope-ability), namely the ability to cope with internal problems, on the development or the transformation of organizations into learning organizations. Building learning organizations, researchers usually link organizational adaptability and the dynamic...
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A Software-Defined Traffic Differential Protection Mechanism of Power Grid Communication Networks

Chuan Liu, Xin Xu, Jing Tao, Shidong Liu
With the rapid growth of various kinds of services demands, the traditional power network architecture has faced many problems and challenges. The software defined network (SDN) architecture has the advantages of flexibility, programmability and centralized control, which can be applied to power grid...
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Information System Planning for Emerging Start-Up Company: A Case from Software House

Rayinda Pramuditya Soesanto, Wawan Tripiawan, Afrin Fauzya Rizana, Amelia Kurniawati, Fadillah Ramadhan
The use of IS believed to bring positive impact on the productivity and competitiveness of the organization. Most organizations in all sectors of industries, commerce, and government become fundamentally dependent on the use of information system especially startup companies. Start-up companies are considered...
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Desulfurization of Liquid Hydrocarbon Fuels Applying Adsorption Method

Albina I. Leontyeva, Nina N. Balobaeva, Maria Yu. Subocheva, Khazaal Hameed Khazaal Al Fadhli, Ehsan Hashim Mohammed Alaameri
The article is devoted to the study of an adsorption method for desulfurization of oil products during their processing, purification from admixtures of sulfur-containing compounds by adsorption on the surface of the sorbent material. The article presents the results of experimental studies of properties...

Subjectivity of Women in the Work of Seno Gumira Adjidarma Drupadi (A reconstruction)

Ratih Ika Wijayanti, Suma Riella Rusdiarti
This paper discusses the reconstruction of Drupadi's character as a strategy to present the subjectivity of women in the novel Drupadi by Seno Gumira Adjidarma. Drupadi is the retelling or the renewal of the epic Mahabharata which focuses on Drupadi as the female character in the story. As the representation...

Differentiated Instruction: An alternative learning approach for all learners in inclusive setting

Ana Lisdiana, Achmad Hufad, Didi Tarsidi, Imas D. Aprilia
The presence of diverse learners in an inclusive setting requires teachers to re-examine the teaching and learning practices that have been applied so far. The homogeneity of learners has been replaced by a wide variety, but in many contexts teachers seem to have not adapted the learning methods to follow...

System of values of Russian social advertising

Tatyana Valentinovna Anisimova, Svetlana Anatolyevna Chubay, Natalya Konstantinovna Prigarina
This article analyzes the composition of the values of Russian social advertising. The authors come to the conclusion that it includes the values that form the basis of argumentation of the affecting speech and determine the selection and the ratio of all the components of the argument, which are the...

ASEAN-China Cooperation Under the Framework of CAFTA

Luyuan Xu, Jianzhong Zhang
This paper holds that China and the three industrial cooperation frameworks under the framework of CAFTA still have the problems of single structure, low investment and weak cohesion. This paper argues that the corresponding optimization can increase the emphasis on promoting bilateral scientific industrial...

Unity of the Conscious Subject in the Space of Socio-Cultural Experience

I.V. Cherepanov
The article deals with the problem of the unity of the conscious subject in the sphere of socio-cultural experience. The existential nature of human existence is analyzed as the basis of the unity of the conscious subject. There is the revealing of the ontological essence of personal centeredness of...

Instrument Requirements for Accuracy of Ionizing Radiation Measurement in Environmental Monitoring

L.K. Orlik, G.S. Zhukova
The problem of radiation contamination makes the control relevant based on monitoring studies of large areas and large masses of the population. The issue of the development of measuring equipment base is relevant. The main quality indicator of radiation monitoring devices are random measurement errors....

Ecological and legal support for the sustainable development of the Russian Federation

E. Vorontsova, A. Vorontsov, T. Balashova
The article is devoted to the analysis of the evolution of ideas of sustainable development in the international and Russian legal doctrine and practice. The aim of the work was to study the process of legal consolidation of the concept of sustainable development in the program documents of the United...

The NU's Youth Among The Radical Movements in Yogyakarta

Mochamad Sodik, B.J Sujibto
This article aims at examining the contestation of identity of the Islamic youth movement, which is represented by the Nahdlatul Ulama’s (NU) youths, in the midst of radical and extremist Islamic movements in Yogyakarta. The NU’s youth movements which are mostly associated with peaceful faces of Islam...

Research on Process Assessment of Ideological and Political Theory Course based on Cloud Class Platform

Yuanyuan Wang
In view of the problems existing in the current traditional assessment model, a process-based assessment model of "dual-subject, three-stage, task-driven" is constructed. Under the background of "Internet + education", through the implementation of the whole process assessment mode of blue ink cloud...

Discussion on Community Policing and Police-citizen Communication Ethics

Jun Lu
The public service nature, the prevention and control of functions, and the basic nature of the region of community policing management determines that police officers should establish good public relations with the community. Good communication between the police and the citizens is the basis for building...

Factors Affecting E-Commerce Adoption and Their Impact on SMEs' Performance: A Case Study of Jabodetabek Region

Ratnaningsih Hidayati, Ririh Kusuma Permatasari, Ashry Noviana Fajry
The development of information technology (IT) has disrupted the world business. E-commerce significantly increases effectiveness and efficiency in trade. This research analyzed organizational support, technology competence, and external environment as factors affecting e-commerce adoption by the Small...
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Discussion on Piezoelectric Power Generation System

Xiaoming Sun
Coal, petroleum and natural gas will still be the basis of economic development for a long time. However, with a rapider consumption speed, these fossil fuels will be exhausted in the near future. In addition, the usage of these fossil fuels can also cause environmental pollution and greenhouse effect....

SWOT Analysis of Rural Tourism Development: Case Study of Kampung Tajur, Purwakarta

Amalia Mustika, Michael Khrisna Aditya
The tourism industry is one of the high-income and at the same time, safe and clean industries for the economy of each country. Development of this industry indicates the political, economic, social, security, cultural and scientific stability of the world countries. Rural tourism is also accounted for...
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Micron poly-L-lactide fibers fabricated by melt direct writing

Huichao Liu, Jingxin Kang, Yong Liu
Through three-dimensional (3D) printing pen methods on the high-voltage electrostatic field with a needle shaped collector, the refined poly-L-lactide (PLA) finished product has been achieved. Through orthogonal experimental methods, We found that optimal conditions at 180?"?, a nozzle-to-needle shaped...
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Multi-link query optimization based on heuristic search in data stream

Zhiming Chen, Fengzhen Wang, Boyang Liu
In the stream processing, the connection operation is one of the very important basic operations, and it plays an important role in real-time data query and mining. According to the existing data stream connection technology and combining with the characteristics of coarse granularity processing unit...
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Research study on target treatment of ultrasound microbubbles with docetaxel on osteosarcoma

Dan Fei, Yang Li, Guoqing Sui
To investigate the therapeutic effect of target treatment on osteosarcoma cells through ultrasound micro bubble imaging with docetaxel. Methods The osteosarcoma model of Sprague-Dawley rats was established by implantation of tissue mass of UMR-106 cell line on the back. The model rats were randomly divided...
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Povidone-Iodine as Subgingival Irrigation in Chronic Periodontitis Treatment

Anh Thi Mai Nguyen, Nhat Dinh Dinh Phan
The objective of this study is to verify the effects of 0.1% povidone-iodine (PVP-I) as subgingival irrigation on chronic periodontitis patients after 4, 6 and 8-week treatment. A clinical trial was conducted on 18 patients from 30 to 65 years old (mean age: 51.1±11.2) with moderate or severe chronic...

Political Economy Of Indonesia Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) Certification System in Riau Province

Dedi Kusuma Habibie
The Indonesian oil palm industry has experienced many dynamics at both global and national levels; the prospect of oil palm business continues to improve every year, as well as the demand for palm oil products that tend to increase, plus various palm derivative products and even palm oil can be made...

Parameter Optimization with Input/Output Data via DE for Adaptive Control System with Neural Network

Taro Takagi, Ikuro Mizumoto
Pages: 19 - 22
In this paper, adaptive control system with neural network (NN) will be designed. At the beginning, parallel feedforward compensator (PFC) will be designed by using one-shot experimental data of controlled system via differential evolution (DE). From the obtained PFC and the ideal almost strictly positive...

Preferential Admission Policy for Ethnic Minorities in Yunnan, China

Dongyuan Deng, Yunqian Gao, Yu Yang
The paper depicted the Preferential Admission Policies (PAPs) in Yunnan, China as a theme in this research project with a purpose of better understanding on Yunnan ethnic minority EFL university students’ perceptions of PAPs after so many years of implementation in certain social and political background...
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Factors Associated With Obesity Among Adolescents in Surakarta City

Dittasari Putriana, Dono Indarto, Adi Magna Patriadi Nuhriawangsa
The prevalence of obesity in children and adolescents in the world has continouosly increased. Some adolescents who lack night sleep tend to consume less plain water and more sweet beverages. Therefore, it will increase energy intake and decrease energy expenditure. This study aimed to analyze the association...

Evaluations of Immersion Teaching Strategies in TEFL

Zheng Wang
Immersion teaching strategies has gained increasing popularity in foreign language education in China. There is evidence that teachers and students find that immersion teaching strategies provides opportunities for comprehensible output and integrated language teaching. This article discusses the implementation...

The Research Demonstration and Transformation of the Marxist Theory of Contemporary China

Dong Shen
These three research demonstration were restricted by the triple positioning of Marxist theory with ideology, theoretical system, social practice, it is reflecting a mutual independent and decisively separating status in the research, which will affect the development deepening of academic research and...

Multimodal Branding of Indonesian Online Promotional Discourse in Hospitality Industries

Diah Kristina
This study aims to look closelyat the branding values and semantic ties of the Indonesian online promotional discourse of hospitality industry and eventually to recognize their generic patterns, social implications and interface verbally and visually. 15 online promotional texts of flight, hotel, and...

The Development of Organic Farming by Sri Kuncoro Farmer Group in Pokoh Kidul, Wonogiri

Afriyanti, Sri Sukaryani, Ali Mursyid Wahyu Mulyono, Joko Setyo Basuki, Rizal Hari Sanubari
Pokoh Kidul village is one of the agricultural centers in Wonogiri. Rapid agricultural development in Pokoh Kidul village has made the village a potential area for an organic farming center. This is supported by the abundance of underutilized agricultural waste. The organic farming system was developed...

Graduate Students, Postgraduate Studies and Thesis Defense: Success/Failure Factors

Nadezhda Bagdasaryan, Tatyana Balueva, Olga Krupa
In this paper, the authors attempted to answer the question about the reasons for the unsatisfactory state of learning outcomes in graduate school. A multidimensional typology of graduate students was carried out (using the example of Dubna State University) using cluster analysis with preliminary factor...

Legal Implication the Constitutional Court's Decision Number 67/PUU-X/2013 on Creditor Concurrent's Rights in Bankruptcy Case

Shokib Mahendra, Adi Sulistiyono, Emmy Latifah
The implication of the Constitutional Court Decision Number 67 / PUU-XI / 2013 is very interesting to study, it is because of after the decision, the repayment of workers’ payment in the case of bankruptcy of a company must take precedence over other creditors. On the one hand, the decision provides...

Effectiveness of Content-Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) Toward Students' English Competence

Made Sumartana, Wayan Sadiyani, Rai Jaya Widanta, Dana Ardika, Raka Sitawati, Ketut Suciani
This research was aimed at investigating effectiveness of CLIL to improve students' English for Mechanical Engineering (EME) competence. EME is designed for mechanical engineering students who learn English as a supporting subject. Two groups of semester two Mechanical Engineering student who had same...
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Assessment of the Health of the Younger Generation of the Population of the Aral Sea Region

Sh.K. Bakhtiyarova, B.I. Zhaksymov, U.N. Kapysheva
Data were obtained on the somatic health of schoolchildren in Kyzylorda (100 people) and rural schools - Syrdariya district (71 people) and Zhalagash district (114 people) located in the central part of the Aral Sea region. The weight, height, lung capacity, blood pressure, and heart rate were determined...

Research and Practice on Comprehensive Reform of Applied Undergraduate Electronic Information Specialty in Normal Universities under the Background of Transition

Along Yu, Hongbing Sun
The electronic information specialty occupies a very important position in normal colleges and universities at all levels in the country. However, based on the characteristics of normal colleges themselves, the main task of normal colleges and universities was to train teachers at all levels. The training...
Research Article

Treatment of White Coat HYpertension in the Very Elderly Trial (HYVET 2) - Feasibility of a Randomized Controlled Trial (Study Protocol)

Michael Okorie, Khalid Ali, Stephen Bremner, Nigel Beckett, Stephen Jackson, Richard Quirk, Colin McAlister, Nicky Perry, John Potter, Christopher Bulpitt, Chakravarthi Rajkumar
Pages: 19 - 25
The results of HYpertension in the Very Elderly Trial (HYVET) were crucial in providing evidence of benefit of the treatment of hypertension in those 80 years or older. Following a subsequent sub study analysis of the HYVET data there is a suggestion that 50% of patients in the main study had White Coat...

Research on the Innovation of propaganda and ideological work of College students in higher Vocational Colleges

Ting Guan
in order to cultivate the correct ideas of higher vocational college students and cultivate their good social practice ability and social responsibility, higher vocational colleges carry out propaganda and ideological work on the basis of the policy and policy work concept of the Party and relying on...
Research Article

Pulse pressure measured at the level of the femoral artery, but not at the level of the aorta, carotid and brachial arteries, is associated with the incidence of coronary heart disease events in a population with a high prevalence of type 2 diabetes and impaired glucose metabolism – The Hoorn study

A.D. Protogerou, T.T. van Sloten, R.M.A. Henry, J.M. Dekker, Giel Nijpels, C.D.A. Stehouwer
Pages: 19 - 26
Introduction: Central (aortic or carotid) pulse pressure (PP) is more strongly associated with local organ damage and possibly mortality than brachial PP. Aim: To investigate for the first time the association of femoral (f) PP with all-cause mortality, and incident cardiovascular disease (CVD), coronary...

What does ‘local language’ mean in the context of Indonesia?

Hywel Coleman
This paper has the modest aim of exploring and problematising the ways in which the terms bahasa daerah and local language are used. It does this at two levels: the societal and the individual. This brief discussion has examined some elements of the terminology employed at the societal and individual...