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Parameter Estimation of Exponential Distribution

Jing Zhao, Gang Wu, Chao Zhao, Haitao Wang, Xinyu Cao, Fan Zhang
In this paper a new parameter estimation method is given in view of another common situation of exponential distribution (stipulate monitor time, in each monitor time observing the number of expired sample, namely do not observe exact time). The properties of this estimate is also discussed. Simulation...

Research on Multi-Model of Computer Organization for System Capability

Li Huang, Wei Hu, Kai Zhang, Jianhua LU
This paper studies the lack of systematic, teaching content and the obsolete teaching mode of the principle of computer composition in most colleges and universities in China. Proposed system-oriented teaching methods and modes. This paper expounds the teaching goal of cultivating system competence based...

On the Diversified Teaching Management Pattern of the Pharmacology for Undergraduates

Yuqin Zhao, Yin Chen, Kunlai Sun, Bin Wang, Youle Qu
As the modern instructional ideas and concepts are upgrading and the teaching model of pharmacy is changing, classroom education should follow the student-centered concept that is teacher-oriented and emphasizes both knowledge and capacity, as well as the experimental and theoretical teaching. Besides,...

Language and Values: Angkot and Bus Language Decoration in Ranah Minangkabau

David Reeve
Visitors to West Sumatra are immediately charmed and struck by the passenger vans (angkot) in the city of Padang and the buses of the province of West Sumatra because of their extensive decorations, a combination of words and phrases together with symbols and pictures. These are mobile works of art and...
Proceedings Article

Juana River Flood Mapping

Zahir Elfares Wasim, Pradipta Nandi Wardhana
Juana River is a river in Indonesia having high vulnerability degree toward flood occurrence. The major factors causing flood in Juana River are river slope having value of 0,00001 and narrowing river channel. Therefore, the river experiences discharge capacity reduction. Juana River flood mapping is...

The Gap Analysis of Public Servqual (Case Study of Bus Rapid Transit’s Customer on Makassar)

Harry Yulianto, Syarief Dienan Yahya
Public transportation such as Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) was an alternative solution in reducing traffic congestion in major cities of Indonesia. Trans Mamminasata BRT was one of the urban transportation as part of the government program to provide mass transit for the people of Makassar. An aims of this...

Relevance of the Implementation of Conservation Pillars on Operational Performance of Companies and Institutions

Moch Faizal Rachmadi
At this time, environmental changes are increasingly happening. Various natural and environmental problems come and go and certainly have an impact in the future. These problems make the world of work think about how to maintain the environment so that it remains sustainable because it cannot be denied...
Proceedings Article

Experimental Research on On-line Monitoring and Compensation Algorithm of 3D Printing Based on Machine Vision

Zeng Lianghua, Zou Xinfeng
With the coming of the era of intelligence, machine vision and machine learning has become a research hotspot in recent years[1]. As an advanced manufacturing technology at present, 3D printing has been maturely applied in aerospace, bio-medicine and other fields[2]. However, a defect such as extruder...
Proceedings Article

A comparative analysis of the dynamics of carbohydrate metabolism in ski-racers during training with alternating middle altitude hypoxia/normoxia and normoxia

Anastasia Bakhareva, Alexander Isaev, Albert Aminov, Artem Reiter
The purpose of the article is to analyze the dynamics of indicators of carbohydrate metabolism at rest in ski-racers with different training programs. Materials and methods: 17 male ski-racers aged 18–23 years participated in the study. The first group (1) consisted of cross-country skiers with training...

Drug Supply Chain Reform and Corruption Prevention at Margono Soekarjo Hospital, Purwokerto- Indonesia

Hardi Warsono, Herbasuki
Drug procurement is a hotbed of corruption and collusion from several related parties. The phenomenon of collaborating crime in the procurement of drugs in this hospital is seen in the practice of collusion in the planning, procurement and use of drugs. There is a conflict of interest between several...

The conduction of comparative analysis of the Arctic population’s major categories’ quality of life

Angelina Vashchuk, Viktor Titov, Iurii Guzov, Evgenii Abakumov
The authors of the present study provide a comparative analysis of the quality of life within the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation. The analysis of the people’s quality of life was based on the study of cultural, social and economic indicators and was held in accordance with the specifics of the...
Research Article

Could BMP-2 and BMP-7 be biomarkers of coronary artery disease? A pilot clinical study

Saeed Nazemi, Atefeh Rezapour, Seyed Mohammad Hasan Moallem, Mohammad Afshar, Sepideh Elyasi, Elham Hashemi, Sheyda Golmohammadzadeh, Azadeh Zaerzadeh, Vahid Jomezadeh, Amir Hooshang Mohammadpour
Pages: 14 - 19
Background: Coronary artery calcification (CAC) is utilized as an important tool for the global risk assessment of cardiovascular events in individuals with intermediate risk. BMP-2 is a powerful inducer of bone formation and exposure to BMP-2 in the arteries leads to the loss of vascular smooth muscle...
Research Article

Viscoelastic mechanical measurement of the healthy and atherosclerotic human coronary arteries using DIC technique

Alireza Karimi, Ahmad Shojaei, Reza Razaghi
Pages: 14 - 21
Purpose: Atherosclerotic is a specific form of vascular disease showed to be in charge of the 30% of mortalities in the United States alone. Many studies so far have been reported on the linear and nonlinear mechanical properties of the human and animal coronary arteries. However, the Quasilinear Viscoelastic...

The Influence of Interdependent Culture on Knowledge Management Orientation

Siti Rodiah, Zul Azmi, Intan Diane Binangkit
Knowledge management orientation consisting of existing knowledge (organizational memory), knowledge sharing (knowledge sharing), combining new knowledge with existing knowledge (knowledge absorption), and receiving new knowledge (knowledge receptivity) are important tools and resources for companies...
Review Article

Vascular smooth muscle cell phenotypic modulation and the extracellular matrix

Maryam Heidari, Craig A. Mandato, Stephanie Lehoux
Pages: 14 - 18
Intervascular stents provide clinical benefits in preventing occlusive coronary artery disease after angioplasty, but intimal hyperplasia and restenosis after stent implantation remains an unresolved problem. Vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMCs), the main component of medial layer of arteries, play an...

Criminal Liability Against Maladministration By Civil Service Application In Land Procurement For Public Facilities

I Made Sepud
This paper examines the legal protection for the civil apparatus who committed maladministration in the process of land acquisition for the construction of public facilities and describes criminal liability to the state civil apparatus in the commission of maladministration in the land procurement for...

2013 Curriculum Authentic Assessment Study in Madana Dun Ya Banjarmasin Extraordinary School

Ms Fathimatuzzahra, Mr Utomo, Mr Jiyanta
Authentic assessment is one of the changes in the 2013 curriculum. In this assessment, the competencies of students assessed include attitudes, knowledge, and skills. An authentic assessment must be carried out by all education providers, including special education providers who provide services for...

Research on Rural Economic Development Based on Data Mining

Xiaoya Ma, Zhipeng Li, Xiang Xie
The development of rural e-commerce and rural tourism has provided new ideas for the reform of rural economic construction. The rapid expansion of rural e-commerce represented by Taobao Village shows people the enormous potential of the rural e-commerce market. While e-commerce has changed the structure...

Practical Issues of ERP-systems’ Implementation-Russian Case

Kolganova Elena, Kolganov Aleksandr
ERP-systems have already become an integral part of many businesses. But still companies-clients in most cases consider that ERP-system itself can solve all the organization problems. This does not correspond to reality. The purpose of this article is to prove that without thorough preparation taken...

The History of the First Siberian Art Societies Development (1905-1932)

Liliya Stroy
Using the archival documents and historical media the article reconstructs the history of the 20th century Siberian art societies and analyses their influence on the cultural life of the region. Such processes as generating the art language, organizing art education and exhibitions promoted uniting the...

Profile Analysis of Students' Problem Solving Ability in Learning Biology in Surakarta State High School

Fatima Harahap Cahaya, Ashadi Ashadi, Puguh Karyanto
This study was aimed to analyze the problem solving ability of high school students in biology learning. The method used was descriptive-quantitative. Data collection techniques used was problem solving essay test. The subjects were high school students grade XI in Surakarta which are divided into A...

Using Learning Trajectory Real Function Based on Realistic Mathematics Education to Increase High Order Thinking Skills of The Students’ at SMAN 10 Padang

Arnellis, Ahmad Fauzan, I Made Arnawa
This research aim are to produce Learning Trajectories of material in real function based Realistic Mathematics Education and to describes the potential impact of its use in learning mathematics toward students at SMA 10 Padang on High Order Thinking Skills. The method is design research, which three...

Study on the Influence of Bank of Russia on the Banking Sector Liquidity

Morozko Nina, Morozko Natalia, Didenko Valentina
An attempt was made to assess trends in the development of liquidity of the banking sector in the context of the needs of the national economy based on an analysis of the evolution of the banking system. The paper reveals the content of liquidity of the banking sector and the formation of the legislative...

Discussion on Some Features of Innovative System of Professional Training

Ivleva Marina, Bagramyants Nonna, Ivlev Vitaly
A picture of the modern condition of domestic professional education that is in progress of reformation and showing some certain contradictions is presented. The contradictions and difficulties of education process in high school are listed. The ways of active search and update of the modern domestic...

Employee’s Perspective of Public Information Disclosure Policy in the Provincial Government Of Banten

Rina Yulianti
Each person needs information according to his level, whether related to his place of work, or for other needs. Information is no longer as something that is only seen and serves as an information that can be used as a tool to increase knowledge, but more than that, information works a lot in human life...
Proceedings Article

Optimization of Student Interest Selection Using Artificial Neural Network and Rete Network

M. Syahrul Munir, Eva Y Puspaningrum, Dimas Eko Wicaksono
The need for a prospective student to know the interest of the field of study at the college according to his intelligence becomes one of the complex problems. The selection of the right field of study makes the prospective students more enthusiastic to attend college and graduate on time. Therefore...

Symbiosis Principle: The Basic Principles of the Community of Common Destiny

Qianqian Yang
From traditional human geography, consanguinity, out of the political community, to the transformation of modern community is in essence the individual mutual ties changed, namely by dominated by emotion, clan, beliefs, social relations to benefit or value pursuit of social relations, the nature harmonious...

Assessment Instruments Development of Islamic Values in Experiment with Natural Pectin as a Corrosion Inhibitor

Cucu Zenab Subarkah, Muhammad Minan Chusni, Asri Nuansa Qolbi, Mahmud Mahmud
Experimental activities should be complemented by an assessment instrument that requires learners in addition to scientific thinking can also develop values. This study aims to develop an assessment instrument of Islamic values on the experimental use of pektin from lemon peel as a corrosion inhibitor....
Proceedings Article

Application of Plastic wood material in the Artistic Modeling Design of Conservation Landscape

Xing Sun
In this paper, the new use of new materials for conservation landscape, especially wood plastic composites, is used as a starting point. The principles and strategies for the application of new materials in contemporary urban landscape are analyzed, and the artistic modeling design and example of plastic...

Dropout from Higher Education in Colombia: A Peer Effects Approach

Carlos Andres Rocha-Ruiz, Adriana Carolina Silva Arias, Jaime Andres Sarmiento Espinel
Higher education dropout in Colombia has been an issue. One of each three students has not continued their undergrad studies. It is relevant to analyze associated factors with dropout in Colombian higher education. This study could be useful to analyze and mitigate this social problem. Literature about...

Response of Vegetation to Extreme Climate Events Change in Typical Steppe in Inner Mongolia

Lina Lina, Jiquan Zhang, Risu Na, Zhijun Tong, Yinshan Yinshan
extreme climate change, typical steppe, Inner Mongolia, correlation analysis

The Contemporary Linguistic Personality in the Public InfoSphere

O. Gaibaryan, G. Myasischev
The article deals with the behavior of the linguistic personality in the modern information space. The main directions of pragmatic study are determined. A review of the interaction of linguistic personality and information flow in the communicative field is given. In the article we show how the modern...

Comparative Analysis of United States Agency and Representative Council of Indonesia

Agus Trilaksana, Mr Artono, Thomas Nugroho Aji
The People's Consultative Assembly is a representative institution in the democratic country of Indonesia. The People's Consultative Assembly in accordance with the 1945 Constitution result of Amendment I of 2000 consists of members of the People's Representatives Council and Members of the Regional...
Proceedings Article

Profile of The Indonesian Essential Oil from Melaleuca cajuputi

Sutrisno Sutrisno, Rini Retnosari, Henie Poerwandar Asmaningrum
The chemical composition of three cajuput essential oils of Melaleuca cajuputi (M. cajuputi) from different area in Indonesia were analyzed using gas chromatography–mass spectrometry to determine the similarities and differences among their volatile chemical compositions. These cajuput oils come from...
Proceedings Article

In silico Cytotoxicity of Taxol-like Weighted Compounds Contained in Sea Cucumber Using PLANTS against Protein of Human Kinesin-8

Broto Santoso
East Indonesia has abundant natural resources, one of which is sea cucumber. This organism has anticancer activity but it has not been explored further. Based on the database of Traditional Chinese Pharmacology System, it has 586 compounds. Thirty-seven of these compounds have molecular weight similar...
Proceedings Article

Sex Determination of Skull Based on Fuzzy Decision Tree

Wen Yang, Xiamixiding Reziwanguli, Jiachen Xu, Piao Wang, Jiabei Hu, Xiaoning Liu
The skeleton plays an important role in sex determination in forensic anthropology. The skull bone is considered as the second best after the pelvic bone in sex determination due to its better retention of morphological features. Different populations have varying skeletal characteristics, making population...

Research on the Cultivation of “Vision & Insight” among Chinese Animation Talents

Mengmeng Zhang
In the context of the globalization of China's animation industry, due to its commercialization operation and market-oriented operation, comprehensive animation talents are most welcome. Animation talents need to highlight their “vision & insight” from the perspective of technical, artistic and spiritual...
Proceedings Article

An Improved Design of Pressure Relay Based on Optical Switch

Shan Chen, Jun-Chun Ma, Feng Li, Xiao-Guang Yao, Da-Zhi Cao
This paper proposed one kind of improved design of pressure relay based on optical switch aiming at the problem with pressure relay, for example as large switching value, large deviation of set point, low repeatability, etc. Firstly, the structure and principium of pressure relay was analyzed, also the...
Proceedings Article

Experimental study of modified raw soil block bending strength

Zhiqiang Li, Guoqing Wang, Sen Yang
Single factor test was applied to study on the engineering properties of modified raw soil, by which the reasonable range of grass, cement, quick lime, and fly ash were determined. The effects of various factors on the bending strength of modified raw soil were studied by orthogonal test method, and...

Study on Land Resources and Land Law Related System

Jin Jin
With the development of the world economy and the growth of the population, the scarcity of land resources is becoming the focus of the whole world. And the legal protection of land resources and the legal adjustment of the legal relationship between lands have become one of the issues that the national...
Proceedings Article

Unified Entropy in Self-organizing Feature Maps Neural Network

Chunyang Zhu
Pattern Recognition is a very urgent research area in intelligent information processing and computer intelligent perception, such as computer vision, content-based retrieval, image-processing, etc. In general, the research on pattern recognition is carried out partial separately as feature extraction,...
Proceedings Article

A Study on the Current Agricultural Land Transfer Information Platform

Xin Chu
Under the promotion of relevant policies in the country, China's agricultural land transfer appears to accelerating development situation. Along with the rural information infrastructure gradually improved with increasingly using of big data, cloud computing technology in the field of agriculture, the...
Proceedings Article


Suharto Abdul Majid, Charles An, Mohammad Iqbal Firdaus
This research aims to analyze the influence of market attractiveness and resource capabilities against the primacy of the airlines in Indonesia. The unit of analysis in this research is the national airline company in Indonesia with the unit of observation is the leadership of the national aviation company....

Integrating Local Wisdom Values in Elementary School to Strengthen Students' Caring Character

Amaliyah Ulfah
"Strengthening students' character is highly relevant to overcome moral crisis in this country. Moral crisis that occurs today is very worrying because it is not only done by adults but also by children. Examples of character aberrations lately are bullying, violence, and sexual harassment among children....

The Implementation Of Sustainable Development Goals To Stop Marital Rape In Indonesia

Natasya Fila Rais
This study provides a general overview on marital rape, from definition, reasons why such act is conducted, types of cases, and actions that can be taken to stop marital rape. This paper also explains how marital rape cases that happen in Indonesia affects the country's moves in implementing the Sustainable...

In-depth Analysis of the Function of College Students' Educational and Aid Work under the Vision of "Precision Poverty Alleviation"

Yuming Zhang
In the new period, it is necessary to pay more attention to physical and mental health of university students and combine the financial support with the spirit support, continuously excavate the fund system's educational function, to explore the path of supporting the system and provide a full support...
Proceedings Article

The Importance of Oocyte and Sperm Cryopreservation of Indonesian Genetic Resources of Local Sheep and Goat

Gatot Ciptadi, Muh. Nur Ihsan, Sri Rahayu
Animal breeding, genetic and reproduction are facing challenges with more powerful and useful methods for creating new breeds, genetic change and improvement. In the near future, the frozen cells of sperms and oocyte of local breed and animals have a potential to trade at a national, regional and international...

Second Language Interactional Competence in Classroom Discursive Practices

Dian Misesani, Lies Amin Lestari
The purpose of this study is to identify the forms of discursive practices that make evident to the demonstration of second language interactional competence, and describing the manners of second language interactional competence shiwed by participants employment of linguistic and interactional resources...
Proceedings Article

A Probe into the Key Parameter Monitor of V2G System on Electric Vehicle Based on Wireless Power Transmission Technology

Wangcheng Zhu, Zhenchao Xie, Xinshu Wan
As it is both significant and practical to study how the bidirectional wireless power transmission system can be applied to the monitor control of electric vehicle under V2G environment, this paper analyzes how the bidirectional wireless power transmission system works, based on which, probes into the...
Proceedings Article

Application of System Dynamics and WCCI in Water Resources Evaluation: Taking Pakistan as an Example

Hong Fang
The theme of World Water Day in 2015 is water and sustainable development, which arouse our great attention to clean water scarcity. There are two models in this paper. Model one is the application of system dynamics in water resources. Aimed at the dynamic nature, the main factors of level, rate and...