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Application Research of Data Mining in Grades Analysis and Course Correlation Analysis

Shaorong Feng
Concerning the shortcomings of C4.5 algorithm, we put forward an improved one. This approach can improve the efficiency to generate the decision trees by reducing the computation complexity of information gain ratio. By applying the improved C4.5 decision tree algorithm to course grades analysis and...
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Wind Speed Forecasting Using LSSVM Model Based On a Novel Optimization Algorithm

Yang Bai, Jianyan Tian, Fang Wang, Wei Gao, Shengqiang Yang, Xiaoyang Liu
Wind speed forecasting has significant influence on wind energy development. In the paper, a least square support vector machine with a novel optimization algorithm was used to improve the performances of wind speed forecasting model. Coupled simulated annealing (CSA) and simplex algorithm were combined...

Intentional Specificity of the Emotive Hortative Statements

Alina Yu. Maslova
The article identifies the causative mechanisms of interaction between the hortative and emotive meanings, as well as specificity of the explicit and implicit implementation of intentional meanings on communicative level and semantic-pragmatic level that make up the content plane of the emotive and hortative...
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A Study of Energy Recovery System during Braking for Electric Vehicle

Lin Zheng, Zhanqun Shi, Yuegang Luo, Jing Kang
The braking energy recovery system of electric vehicle is worthy to be further discussed due to the improvement of both the energy efficiency and the endurance capacity. In this paper, the structural and the principle of the energy regenerative system for electric vehicles are discussed. The comparisons...
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Research on the open teaching of College English based on network technology

PinJing Tian
With the continuous development of information technology and network technology, using modern information technology to assist in the traditional form of teaching is becoming more and more important. In this paper, the in view of the problems existing in the current college English teaching, which makes...
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Enhancement of subsurface resistivity distribution mapping using MTEM dense reverse source array: A case study of Anambra basin, Nigeria.

Fayemi Olalekan, Qingyun Di, Ruo Wang, Ajala Adewole A., Omisore Busayo O.
In this study, we presented a new multi transient electromagnetic (MTEM) data acquisition array to solve the challenges observed in using the conventional data acquisition setup in MTEM survey over complex geology. This involves the use of double transmitter dipoles and the recording of both the forward...

The professional development problems for young teacher in local universities

Changping Wang, Chunbo Wei, Jianbo Wang, Pengxia Zhang
The author found that local universities existing the professional development Problems for young teacher as follows:(1)Young teachers career planning and positioning are not clear;(2) Young teachers are lack of professional independent development consciousness;(3)Young teachers’scientific research...

Increase the organization's crisis prevention costs and enhance the image of the organization

Xue Lei, Yinlin Wang
This template explains and demonstrates how to prepare your camera-ready manuscript for publisher. The best is to read these instructions and follow the outline of this text. Please make the page settings of your word processor to A4 format (21 x 29,7 cm or 8 x 11 inches); with the margins: bottom 1.5...

Teaching Technology as Assisted Language Learning (TALL) Subject: How Does It Work?

Technology as Assisted Language Learning (TALL) subject with code ING-349 is a subject with 2 credits at the English Department of Bengkulu University and the subject is offered to students at the fifth semester. This compulsory subject is designed to help students with some applicable technologies which...

Sensory and Physical Characteristic of Gluten-Free Nastar Cookies

Andian Ari Anggraeni, Titin Hera Widi Handayani
This research was performed to assess the sensory and physical characteristics of gluten-free nastar cookies. Nastar cookies are popular cookies in Indonesia, usually made from wheat flour. Recently it has been a challenge to substitute wheat flour with locally-grown-crop flour. Composite flour based...

New Strategies and Measures for College Engineering Education under the Framework of Professional Engineering Accreditation

Guoqing Yu, Jing Lv, Shuanghua Cao
Engineering accreditation is an important foundation for building international mutual recognition of engineering education and engineer qualification. This paper introduces the engineering accreditation and the Washington Accord at first. Then, according to the professional evaluation practice for some...

The Application of Mind Mapping Learning Model to Improve the Students' Learning Outcomes and Liveliness

Allan Saputro, Mr Basori, Cucuk Budiyanto
The objective of this research is to improve the students' learning outcomes and liveliness through the application of Mind Mapping model in learning web programming. The problems in this research are the existence of a class that still uses the conventional methods, and the value of the students' learning...
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Photonic jets for micro-etching

Andri Abdurrochman, Sylvain Lecler, Frédéric Mermet, Joël Fontaine, Bernard Tumbelaka
Photonic jet is a localized sub-wavelength beam generated at the shadow-side surfaces of microscale dielectric cylinders or spheres, when they are illuminated by an electromagnetic wave. We demonstrate the potential of the photonic jets for micro-etching using a nanosecond Near-IR laser (l=1064 nm) that...

The Carrier Study of College Students’ Ideological and Political Education in 4G Context

Wang Zhanxia
Under mobile media environment, college students’ ideological and political education is currently facing the opportunities and challenges. The use of 4G technologies has been popular among college students, and 4G technologies have begun promoted. With a wireless network escalating the university campus,...

The Choice of Teaching Contents and Course Arrangement of Universities TESL in Our Country

Yuan Xu Yan
With the popularization of the teaching of English as a second language teaching model, many universities have set up the TESL course of teaching. Based on the introduction of the current situation of implementation in university TESL teaching of our country, in view of the teaching inefficiency, students...
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Research on image mosaictechnique based on Contourlet transform

Li Li, Jun bo Chen, Jin Cheng
The image after image mosaic apply in not demanding occasions case, This paper presents the splicing method based on Contourlet transform.Through the feature extraction, feature matching, ranking is obtainedafter image stitching.The experimental results show that this method improves the quality of image...
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Development of Data Integrity Testing Tool for Mission-Critical Systems

Bup-Ki Min, Yong Jun Park, Yongjin Seo, Hyeon Soo Kim
Mission-critical systems are hard real-time systems that collect large amounts of information from diverse sensors for mission performance. For perfect performance of missions of systems, data should not be omitted or spoiled. To this end, data integrity in the systems should be ensured. Therefore, along...
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Trajectory Planning for Reentry Maneuverable Ballistic Missiles

Yu Xie, Liang Pan, Tianbao Yuan
A trajectory planning scheme is proposed to satisfy the requirements of maneuver and terminal guidance constraints in the reentry flight for ballistic missiles. The reentry interface circle with the target point as its center is determined according to the range of the reentry phase. Then, a reference...
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Existence of Solution to Generalized Multivalued Vector Variational-like Inequalities

Di Wu, Lu Shen, Yali Zhao
In this paper, we consider a generalized multivalued vector variational-like inequality and obtain some existence results. some special cases are also discussed.

Some Discussion on China's animation industry profit model

Hongqi Chen, Li Zhigang Li Zhigang
With the advent of large number of domestic anime, China's animation industry has reached an unprecedented degree of prosperity, but may not realize is unclear animation industry in our country there is still a lack of profitability, lack of innovation, industry chain imperfect . From our current major...
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Designing of a study game of the mathematics probability in middle school based on Unity3D

Li Wang
The emergence of educational games has greatly changed the students' learning style, so that students can combine learning and entertainment, so as to improve the learning interest and efficiency. The article uses 3ds Max as the model design tool to build three-dimensional game scene and props, takes...
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Applied Undergraduate English Teaching based on the Analytic Hierarchy Process

Xin Yuan
This paper attempts to establish a teacher evaluation object, student evaluation of College English teaching quality evaluation system, details the steps analytic hierarchy process, gives the right of each index indicator system for scientific and objective evaluation of English classroom teaching quality...
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Influence of Support arrangement on Box girder structure of Span curved bridge with high piers

Long Zhang
The bending-torsional coupling effect of a curved bridge is so obvious. To explore the effect of the curvature radius to a curved bridge, the WuJiaWan Bay Bridge is taken as an object of analysis. The bridge is made up of high piers and long-span continuous ridge frame. The relationship of a whole curved...
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Formic Acid Oxidation Catalytic Properties of Pd Nanoclusters Prepared by Physical Vapor Deposition

Cheng-Wei Lin, Qing Luo, Meng Lei, Lai-Sen Wang, Dong-Liang Peng
A series of narrow size distribution nanocluster-assembled Pd films with ultraclean surfaces have been synthesized by plasma-gas-condensation cluster deposition system at different substrate temperatures. The electrocatalytic oxidation of formic acid on nanoclusters-assembled Pd film were studied. Cyclic...

Profitability Measurement and Analysis in Estonian Business Practice

Maret Branten, Jaan Alver
The paper considers whether and how Estonian companies use and analyze the profitability measures. On the one hand, profitability measures should be a central component of the management control systems, but on the other hand, they should be linked to the wealth measurement objective. In this context,...

Islamic and Conventional Banks Stability: A Comparative Analysis

Teguh Santoso, Irlan Rum, Kinanti Z Patria
This paper will attempt to measure the financial stability for Islamic and conventional banks and compare the result of finansial stability between two kinds of banks. In this study, financial stability will be measured using z-scores. The data sample used in this study include 4 Indonesian Islamic bank...

The Effect of Corporate Tax Governance, Audit Quality and Tax Exposure on Audit Fee for Companies Enlisted in Indonesia Stock Exchange

R. Nelly Nur Apandi, Sidharta Utama, Hilda Rosieta
an important issue in the audit process is closely related to the amount of fees set out in an audit engagement. One of the determinants of audit fees based on the characteristics of the audited is related to the corporate governance. The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of corporate...
Proceedings Article

Analysis of the algorithm of the dual spectrum feature extraction of communication radio station

Wenle Yuan, Xuanmin Lu, Wensheng Luo, Jinjie Cao
In order to study the characteristics of double spectrum radio signals, based on higher order statistics and the double spectrum definition and properties, using two kinds of direct and indirect bispectrum feature extraction algorithm, and two kinds of radio signal bispectrum estimation is simulated....

Evaluation on Financing Collaboration in Improving the Quality of Primary Education

Bambang Ismanto
Financing is one of the resources investment in education. Basic education is one of the regency responsibilities or city governments in the regional autonomy. This study aimed to analyze the budget collaboration of Government, Local Government and Commun
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Flow Simulation Based Energy Efficient Clustering in Wireless Sensor Network

Yi Jiang
The paper introduces a flow simulation based clustering algorithm for wireless sensor network. The algorithm is fully decentralized. The proposed algorithm is inspired by simulating flow in the network. The algorithm clusters the nodes that are at distance of at most k hops from the cluster head while...

Plato's Educational Paradigm Shift: From Authority to Dialectic

Jeffrey Dirk Wilson
Homer's Iliad and Odyssey were the educational textbooks of the Greeks which Plato sought to replace with his own work, the Republic. It was not merely that Plato wanted to replace older work with his own, rather his aim was to replace the mode of education from one of memorizing and quoting an ancient...
Proceedings Article

Automatically extracting contours of cross-sections from 3D point clouds of tunnel

Zihao Wang, Qiuping Lan, Ermin Wang
For 3-d laser scanning point clouds of an expressway tunnel, a method of automatically extracting complete contours of cross-sections from them is proposed. By taking advantage of abundant normal vectors embedded in point clouds, this method can accurately compute the central axis of the tunnel and build...
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Wireless Indoor Positioning Algorithm Based on PCA

H.L. Li, W. Quan, G. Ji, Z.H. Qian
The use ofWLAN (Wireless Local Area Networks)for indoor localization is an important content in the field of mobile Internet, usually based on the Received Signal Strength(RSS) and the fingerprinting algorithms. Due to the characteristics of the RSS, environmental factors have great influence on the...
Proceedings Article

A Hybrid TD-AD Algorithm Based Electromagnetic Spectrum Assignment Method

L. Guo, T. Liang, A.W. Sun, Y.J. Zhang
The object of spectrum assignment is to build its own ordered spectrum environment and maintain uninterruptedly spectrum resource control. In this article, we build a mathematical model and put forward the hybrid TD (table dispatching method) and the AD (auxiliary decision method) algorithm. The results...
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A Weighted APIT Localization Algorithm based on Vector Similarity

Li He, Zhiwei Kang
To reduce incorrect decisions of PIT test (Point-In-Triangulation Test) and localization error of APIT algorithm, a weighted APIT algorithm is proposed based on vector similarity. Firstly, for better distance precision, the estimated distances between nodes computed from RSSI attenuation model are corrected...
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Research about Renewable Materials in Indoor Decorate Engineering

Wei Liang, Longxia Zhen
Modern society is highly productive society, as well as high consumption. How to limit resources constantly in the process of consumption, as far as possible to save resources, efficient used multiple times, maximum the value of resources This is a worth further discussing issue for every field in modern...
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Analysis of Measured Data and Its Effect on Active Sonar Working Depth in the Yellow Sea

He Zhan, Rijie Yang
Based on the WOD13 data of the Yellow Sea, we analyze the sound speed profile and sound transmission loss of some position in it, and summarize its variation regulation. Utilizing the Bellhop model, we calculate the detect range of active sonar at different working depths, pick up the optimal working...

The Effect of Trust to Users To Use Go-Pay And Grab-Pay As Payment Method

Andi Nurul Istiyana, Dien Triana
Nowadays, online transportation has become a viable option for taking people to where they want to go. The various conveniences you get from online transportation, as well as ease of payment, compared to conventional modes of transport. One payment method offered is with the use of a mobile application,...

Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Health Education on Menopause Symptoms and Knowledge and Attitude in Terms of Menopause

Tugce Koyuncu, Alaettin Unsal, Didem Arslantas
Pages: 8 - 12
This study was carried out to evaluate the effectiveness of health education on menopausal symptoms, knowledge, and attitudes about menopause. To evaluate the efficacy of a training program, information about menopausal symptoms, knowledge, and attitude toward menopause was collected before and after...

Building Student Soft Skill Ability through Cooperative Learning

Nugraha Nugraha, Imas Purnamasari
The purpose of this study was examined the effect of cooperative learning model on the improvement of student soft skills, the influence of school type on the improvement of student soft skills, and the effect of learning outcomes on the improvement of student soft skills. The research was done through...

Pancasila Clinic Development In The Village Community

Mr. Masrukhi, Margi Wahono, Mr. Tijan, AT Sugeng Priyanto
Rural communities are people who are vulnerable to the effects of globalization. Their limited access to information from the outside community often results in shock over the values order among them. In turn, understanding, appreciation, and implementation of Pancasila in their daily lives can gradually...

Diversity Index of Academic Community Ecosystem by Co-authorship Analysis with Granger Causality

Rui Wang
Compared to individual-level analysis, community-level analysis provides a new perspective to inspect network structure. It focuses on modeling the evolving relationships between communities. Intuitively, community-level analysis is a generalization of individual-level analysis. It reflects a macroscopic...
Proceedings Article

Intellectualization of Transport and Logistics Infrastructure Agents Network Interaction through Adaptive Information and Communication Technologies Introduction

Marina Bolodurina, Anastasia Mishurova
The aetiology of the Russian Federation transport and logistics infrastructure development heterogeneity is caused by the following factors: many of elements of the system, territorial distribution, nonlocal effects exist. The article describes a methodological approach to assessing the existing potential...

A Large Solitary Fibrous Tumor of the Pleura Associated with Massive Pleural Effusion: A Case Report and Review of the Literature

Hussein Ahmed Lateef, Mutaz I.K. Fakhry Al-Khateeb
Pages: 8 - 11
Solitary fibrous tumor of the pleura (SFTP) is one of those rare thoracic tumors, especially large tumors occupying most of the thoracic cavity. We report a case of a 45-year-old female who presented with progressive shortness of breath, cough, and palpitation with minimal exertion. The patient was diagnosed...

The Ecosytem Thematic Teaching Using Problem Based Learning Model to Enhance Student’s Critical Thinking Skill

Anik Twiningsih, Sajidan, Riyadi
The ecosystem is a lesson that studies the interrelationships between the living and the environment both biotic components and abiotic interplay. Students are required to understand the interaction between living things and life form a unity, order and material characteristics of a complex ecosystem,...
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Signal Coding in Physical Layer Separation for RFID Tag Collision

Yi Li, Haifeng Wu, Yu Zeng
In an ultra-high-frequency (UHF) radio frequency identification (RFID) system, direct separation for tag collision on a physical layer can improve the efficiency of the tag identification. Many coding methods can be adopted in the RFID system. Different codes have different link frequencies and have...

A Visualization Analysis of the Research Status Quo of High-Tech Industry Research Based on Mapping Knowledge Domains

Ji-Chang Zhang, Luan Jiang, Lin-Yi Guo
This paper regarded the 12385 related to high technology industry 's research literatures which were from Web of Science database during the 2008-2017 as the research object, using bibliometrics method, based on citespace to analyze high technology industry research from the keywords, co-citation analysis,...

Study of the Value of Yogyakarta Batik Character and Its Implementation in Learning Batik in Vocational School

Retnowati. Dedy, Dedy Sartono, Trie Hartiti Retnowati.
Identify the study of character values in the meaning of Yogyakarta batik motifs and describe the implementation of character values through the Yogyakarta batik vocational school. This type of research is qualitative research and Research and Development (R and D). The subject of the product trial was...

The Ketupat Eating Tradition on Lebaran Ketupat Day in Java

M. Ma'ruf Misbah
This article discusses an anthropological study of the cultural power contained in the ketupat eating tradition (ketupat is a food name) among many Javanese Muslim families on the Lebaran Ketupat day, held annually at 8 Shawwal, the tenth month in the Hijri calendar. This study aims to identify the cultural...

Correlation of Lecturers’ personality and Students’ Motivation in Learning Reading Courses at English Language Universitas Negeri Padang

Leni Marlina, Delvi Wahyuni, Fitrawati Fitrawati
This paper discusses the results of research on empirical descriptions related to three points in Reading courses at English Department Universitas Negeri Padang (UNP). The three points studied consist of (1) the personality of the lecturer in the learning process of Reading courses based on the student's...