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The comparison of acceptance and ridha

Yulia Sholichatun
Acceptance is one of the concepts found to impact mental health positively. On the other hand, there are many studies that prove a positive relationship between faith, religion, and spirituality with mental health, quality of life, well-being, or positive outcomes. Acceptance has a similar meaning to...

Does the Heutagogy Approach Have Interconnectivity with Transversal Skill for Prospective Economics, Business and Accounting Teacher? A Literature Review

Kardiyem Kardiyem, Bandi Bandi, Susilaningsih Susilaningsih, Fery Setyowibowo, Leny Noviani
Economics, business, and accounting teacher education faces a skills gap between what is being taught and what is needed in the job market. Transversal skills are a global concern for university graduates entering the complex world of work. The purpose of this literature study is to examine how to build...

If Žižek look awry at The Sleep of Endymion

The Way of Seeing Painting in S/Z

Yuqi Pan, Huachen Xiong
In the post-structuralist text S/Z, Roland Barthes believed that the “real meaning” of Anne-Louis Girodet’s oil painting The Sleep of Endymion was “castration”, and used “castration meaning” to cancel the interpretation of the art. Lacan, however, believes that there is still surplus after castration,...

Environmental Law Enforcement of National Capital Relocation as an Effort to Preserve the Environment

A. Risma, St. Ulfah, Satrih Hasyim, Dwi Handayani
The relocation of the State Capital which was later referred to as Nusantara is one of the government’s agendas that has gone through various considerations and long discussions until it is officially realized. This transfer, which aims to solve problems in all fields, has resulted in various pros and...

Measuring Academic Staff Job Satisfaction in TVET Institutions

Iskandar bin Reduan, Habsah binti Haji Mohamad Sabli, Azrol bin Adenan
Job satisfaction plays an important role in improving performance and quality of work. With high level of job satisfaction, employees will make a significant contribution and are committed towards their employment. Changes in the management of an organization that involve procedures and policies can...
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Hierarchical Model of E-commerce Privacy Protection Based on PPI Model

Zihao Lin
With the rapid development of Internet technology, people pay more attention to the protection of personal privacy in the big data platform to avoid the risk of data leakage while enjoying the Internet. Companies used encrypt databases or traditional inefficient encryption algorithms to protect privacy...

A Review on Agatha Christie’s Detective Fiction

Yuan Wang, Runting Li
Detective fiction has been regarded as something for recreation for a long time [1, 2]. Many people believe that it is merely the subgenre or the lowbrow. However, with time going by, the status of detective fiction is changing gradually. It begins to occupy a vital position in British and American literature....

Positive Effects of Reliable Social Connections and Self-reward in Life on Depression Treatment and Prevention

Haotian Zhu
In previous studies, we can find some simple and effective impetus (such as complete a small goal of even after finish one day, and then taking a small reward) plays a key role in the treatment and prevention of depression. At the same time, reliable social ties can also play a positive role in curing...

Design of Intelligent Art Open Laboratory Management System Based on Internet of Things

Nanling Zhang, Linzhi Zhou
Aiming at the current situation of low management efficiency and information level of art open laboratory, a design concept of intelligent laboratory management system based on the Internet of Things was proposed. The system constructed ZigBee intelligent open laboratory control system through high-performance...
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Initial Study of Two-Blade Propeller Design Parameter

Irawan Malik, Sairul Effendi, Soegeng Witjahjo, Muhammad Taufik
All manufacturing processes begin with design steps of a product. This study aims to design the main parameters of two-blade propellers for fishing vessels using computer-aided design (CAD), Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) and Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) software simulations. Through simulation,...

Big Data and Big Data Analysis in Audit Firms

Thi Phuong Nguyen, My Trinh Bui, Bao Trung Phan
Research purpose: The primary objective of this exploratory research is to comprehensively examine the factors associated with the implementation of big data and the utilization of big data analysis techniques within audit firms situated in Vietnam. This study aims to shed light on the current...

Flipped Classroom Learning Model in Improving Thematic Learning Outcomes of Class V Elementary School Students

Muhammad Amran, Abdul Hafid, Khairunnisa Khairunnisa, Adnan Adnan, Usman Usman
The approach in this research is a descriptive qualitative approach. This type of research is classroom action research (PTK). The aim to be achieved from the results of this research is to describe the application of the Flipped Classroom learning model as being able to improve the learning outcomes...

Commercialism of the Banyu Panguripan Tradition in the Wong Gunung Festival in Pemalang District

Afiliasi Ilafi, Bani Sudardi, Slamet Subiyantoro, Titis Srimuda Pitana
Tradition and society are interrelated things, because tradition is a legacy that has been passed down from generation to generation by previous ancestors. The traditions that exist in society sometimes become crucial when their sacredness shifts into traditions that have entertainment value. This is...
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Applicability of Research on Single-Pile Composite Foundation Load Test for High-Rise Buildings

Liang Zhang, Tiehang Wang, Zaikun Zhao, Jiabin Ruan
Plain concrete pile composite foundations in loess areas predominantly rely on single-pile composite foundation load tests to determine bearing capacity. Despite high-rise buildings’ composite foundations meeting the design criteria for bearing capacity through load testing, they still exhibit considerable...
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Comparison of Deep Reinforcement Learning Algorithms for Trading Strategy

Xiaoyang Jiang
A stock trading strategy refers to a structured approach used to make informed decisions in buying, selling, or holding stocks in financial markets. These strategies play a crucial role in maximizing returns while managing risk. Over the years, trading strategies have transitioned from being expert-driven,...

Research on the Reasons and Countermeasures of Domestic Pulp Price Rising

Honglei Yin
In the second half of 2020, China’s domestic pulp prices began to rise. The main reasons are the appreciation of the RMB, the policy of banning the import of waste paper, the increase in demand for paper products at home and abroad, and currency overspending. The rise in pulp prices has increased the...

Sociosemiotics of Fashion: Theory, Trends, and Communication Tools

Marianna Boero
This paper delves into the language of fashion from a sociosemiotic perspective, exploring how postmodern trends can be expressed and examining the relationship between fashion and social changes. The paper is structured into three parts, each focusing on different aspects of the semiotic analysis of...
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PLC and HMI Application for Fuel Selector Switch on Bi-fuel Vehicles (Gasoline-LPG)

Muhammad Firdaus Jauhari, Rusmini Sri Maryati, Raihan, Saberani, Norhafani, Muhammad Arsyad
This design aims to develop a PLC and HMI application in the scope of automation in the automotive industry. The implementation of the fuel selector switch function was made as a simple project for a control system related to the use of fuel in a bi-fuel SI engine that operates with gasoline or LPG....

Empirical Evaluation on Cloud Computing in Oil and Gas Industries in Bahrain

Zorah Abu Kassim, Buthiana Nabeel Ebrahim Ali Hasan
Cloud computing has gained importance in Bahrain with the introduction of government “Cloud First” policy. This study investigates factors that affect Cloud computing technology adoption in oil and gas industry in Bahrain. Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) is used with Theory of Reason Action (TRA)....
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Assistive Blood Pressure Monitor for Senile Population

M. Prem Kumar, Reddymalli Narender Reddy, S. Deekshitha, D. Srinath Reddy
Diseases are always challenging for human life and quick diagnosis is the best solution to aftermath treatments. Hypertension needs regular blood pressure measurement. Increase in blood pressure levels may lead to heart and other vascular diseases. Complications of untreated high blood pressure (HBP)...

A Proposal of a Conceptual Model for the Development of Adaptive E-Content based on Learning Styles

Ibrahim Adam, Tenku Putri Norishah, Zainudin Bin Siran
The concept of e-learning has evolved over the past decade and the needs of distance learners have changed significantly with the advancement in technology. Therefore, it is crucial for e-learning environments to be advanced and adaptable to accommodate and support the diverse needs of learners. However,...

Optimal Capital Structure Analysis on Aggressive and Moderate Expansion Strategy to Increase Shareholder Value, Case Study on Hospital Industry in Indonesia 2017-2021

Hesty Ratnasari, Brady Rikumahu
After the Covid-19 pandemic, the need for hospital infrastructure has become important. The government encourages the improvement of health facilities by opening foreign and local financing opportunities and opening National Health Insurance (JKN) to meet the basic needs of decent public health. The...
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Wireframe of Mobile Web Applications as Digital Literature in Food Services

Annis Kandriasari, Yeni Yulianti, Sachriani
This study aims to assess the feasibility of the initial design of a mobile web application as digital literacy in the arrangement and service of dishes. The research method used is R&D (Research and Development) using a 4-D development model (Define, Design, Develop, Disseminate). Data analysis...

Does Grip Strength, Performance, and Hand-Eye Coordination Affect Tennis Drive Skills?

Djoko Nugroho, M. Furqon Hidayatullah, Muchsin Doewes, Sapta Kunta Purnama
Tennis research shows that stroke technique, which accounts for over 67% of attack success, is followed by serving and defending, which each account for 31%. It is imperative to synchronize the physical component components through training methods that are appropriate for the conditions of a particularly...

Design and Implementation of Music Appreciation Teaching System Based on Server Mode

Lulu Sun, Fei Ren
With the rapid development of computer technology and network technology, digital music has also undergone great changes, and all kinds of music assistance education software has begun to come into people’s attention. Based on B/S technology, music appreciation education system and education environment...

Corporate Social Responsibility Perception and Happiness of Employees: Evidence from Disney Resort in China

Meng-Ying Tsai, Wan-Chi Hsu, En-Tong Wang
In recent years, many scholars have discussed good corporate culture, such as corporate social responsibility. The study investigates the relationship between employee perceptions of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and happiness in China’s Resort industry. Four types of corporate social responsibilities...

Exploring the Pedagogical Significance of Tengger Communal Values in Educational Settings

Sri Wahyuni, Ari Ambarwati, Frida Siswiyanti, Isah Cahyani, Suyadi Suyadi, Zulkifli bin Osman
The main objective of this study is to find the value of Tengger’s shared values and its integration model in learning in schools. This research uses a qualitative approach to understand a social situation, events, roles, interactions, and groups to find the value of Tengger’s commoning that will be...

Enhancing Student Motivation and Engagement in Business Statistics Via Instructional Technology

Alawi A. Al-Saggaf
Today, Information and communication technologies have exponential growth in our daily life, where access to vast amounts of information is now available with ease. Today’s generation of students has grown up with these technologies. To create an effective interactive classroom that meets the needs of...

The impact of peer-induced fairness concerns on competitive manufacturers’ optimal decisions under C&T regulation

Jiayu Meng
As major economies around the world have proposed their carbon neutrality targets in recent years, governments and companies have gradually increased their focus on decarbonization. Cap-and-trade (C&T) regulation is widely regarded as an effective mechanism for reducing carbon emissions. This paper...
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Research on the application key technology of AR technology in power simulation training

Chao Wen, Xiaobo Qiu, Yifeng Zhao, Jiaheng Zou, Qi Zheng, Xiao Liang, Xiaoyu Zhang
AR virtual simulation technology is a comprehensive technology that integrates into multiple disciplines. It uses special intelligent equipment and computers as tools to dynamically analyze actual assumptions with the help of system models. Combining virtual simulation technology with power skills training...

Education Qualifications and Teaching Experience on the 21st Century TPACK Level of English Language Teachers

Hidayu Shafie, Faizah Abd Majid, Wan Nurul Elia Haslee Sharil
Technology plays a vital role in educational institutions today. Educators are required to integrate technology in their teaching and learning sessions and teach their students 21st-century skills simultaneously, on top of teaching the subject matters. Hence, 21st-century TPACK was introduced as a framework...

The Impact of the Covid Pandemic on China’s Real Estate Market

Jiaxuan Li
With the outburst of pandemic, the global economy is under influence, especially China’s economy with its strict pandemic policies. An important section, real estate section, is impacted significantly. China’s real estate market holds a paramount role in China’s economy with its multiple utilities and...
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Research on the Design of College English Blended Teaching Model Based on Big Data

Xiaoyu Gu
Under the background of today’s big data era, the traditional college English teaching model has been unable to meet actual needs. It is a general trend to create a college English blended teaching model based on big data technology. To this end, the paper builds a college English blended teaching model...

Nurturing of Application-oriented Foreign Language Talents in Local Tertiary Education in China: An Outcome-based Perspective

Haiyan Wang
In response to the transformation of higher education in China, some local universities put forward new requirements for applied education. Lately, a widespread dispute arose regarding the training of talented individuals in the field of foreign languages. The focal point is whether the training should...
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Research on Influencing Factors of College Evaluation Results Based on Machine Learning Model

Guorui Zhao, Tingting Tian, Qiwen Li, Shuosa Zeng
This paper introduces the machine learning model into the research of determining the factors on college evaluations. Taking the “double-high colleges” of the Ministry of Education as a research case, compared with support vector machines, decision trees and other models, Lasso-Logistic can more efficiently...

Does artificial intelligence have the potential to improve total factor energy efficiency? — Empirical evidence from 30 Chinese provinces

Chenyang Li
As the level of AI technology improves, AI technology plays an important role in responding to energy. The article empirically investigates the impact of AI technology on total factor energy efficiency (TFEE) in China using provincial panel data from 2010 to 2019. The finding shows that artificial intelligence...

Trends in regional differences in information technology infrastructure for secondary education in China

Shuhan Li
China is currently in the era of education informatization 2.0, which has significant implications for the country's economic and social development. During the previous era, education informatization 1.0, the focus was on constructing and investing in informatization infrastructure. However, due...

Explore the Aging of the Population and its Impact on Technological Innovation

Liujuan Chen, Jiale Tan, Peng Luo, Zongliang Hu
The results of the seventh national population census show that the aging of the population in China has significantly accelerated, leading to a decrease in the proportion of working-age population, and thus affecting China’s scientific and technological innovation. With the continuous and complex changes...
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Detection of Sugar Apple (Annona squamosa L.) Ripeness Based on Physical and Chemical Properties Using the K-Nearest Neighbor (k-NN) and Random Forest Algorithm

Murad, Joko Sumarsono, Sukmawaty, Amni Aulia, Syahroni Hidayat
West Nusa Tenggara is one of the very high sugar apples producing regions every year. Post-harvest handling of sugar apples or srikaya fruits presents several challenges, one of which is judging the quality of the fruit by its ripeness. A lot of research has been done on fruit classification using one...

Fostering Student Success through Planning in ODL

Sefora Alice Mkuzangwe
Increased enrolments and opening opportunities for access met with the requisite success outcomes have presented challenges in higher education. Such challenges are established in the quality and standards of teaching, learning, and student assessments. Institutional effectiveness in the delivery of...

Research on the Evaluation of Regional Logistics Capacity of Gansu Province Under the “The Belt and Road” Initiative Based on Gray Correlation Analysis

Li Wang, Zhili Wang, Changxi Ma
Gansu Province is a key construction area on “The Silk Road Economic Belt” established by Chinese “The Belt and Road” initiative. In order to evaluate the level of regional logistics capability in Gansu Province, this paper proposes a regional logistics capacity evaluation method based on the gray correlation...

Research and Application of High-efficiency Multifunctional Salt Reducing Appliances for Chronic Diseases

Xiujuan Liu, Tianliang Cui, Jiannan Zhang
Chifeng is a multi-ethnic city, and different ethnic minority areas have different special salt intake habits. The special salt intake habits in ethnic minority areas are an important factor affecting the prevalence of hypertension. In response to this problem, four salt reduction appliances have been...

Research and Exploration of Legal Service Issues in the Free Trade Zone Based on the Principle of Development Foundation

Luyan Xie
Focusing on the purpose of services trade liberalization, this paper first analyzes tourism service trade under the GATS framework and the status of international tourism service trade in China, and introduces and analyzes the experience practices of countries or regions with high degree of tourism service...

The Existence of Inheritance in Indonesia against Customary Inheritance Law and Islamic Inheritance Law

Agnes Listya Adeline, Mella Ismelina Farma Rahayu
In this study, the author describes the implementation of heritage law in Indonesia as 3 (three) legal frameworks that are heavily influenced by it, namely civil heritage law, Islamic heritage law and cultural heritage law. During the colonial period, the colonial government of the Dutch East Indies...

The Effect of Fintech Payment, Lifestyle, and Financial Knowledge of Financial Management Behavior on Students of the University of Bengkulu

Aten Apriani, Intan Zoraya, Chairil Afandy
The research aims to determine whether fintech payments, lifestyle, and financial knowledge influence the financial management behavior on students of the University of Bengkulu. This type of research is a causal study using quantitative research methods and proportionate stratified random Sampling....

Appraisal Theory Approach to the Translation of Judgment on Gender Trouble in Pasung Jiwa

Ambhita Dhyaningrum, M. R. Nababan, Riyadi Santosa, Djatmika Djatmika
The phenomenon of gender trouble is real in our society. Despite the rules in religion or norms and culture, the repression shown by society to groups of people who experience gender trouble is not something that can be justified. However, a society that has been infested with prejudice results in judgment...
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The Difference in Knowledge, Attitude, and Skills of Mothers in the Practice of Complementary Feeding for Stunted Toddlers Aged 6–24 Months in Urban and Rural Areas in Bangkalan Regency

Ani Intiyati, Inne Soesanti, Imam Sarwo Edi, Riezky Faisal Nugroho, Luluk Widarti
Stunting, characterized by impaired linear growth due to chronic malnutrition or recurrent infections, is prevalent in both urban (31.5%) and rural (40.0%) areas from 2010 to 2018. In 2013, rural areas had a 42.1% prevalence, while urban areas had 32.5%. This study aims to assess differences in knowledge,...

The Implication and System Construction of Intelligent Sports Service System in Colleges and Universities

Dehong Zeng, Zeng Zhou
Intelligent sports is a hot topic in current academic research. This article analyzes the connotation of intelligent sports services through research methods such as literature review, mathematical statistics, and logical induction, including the public service system, the integrated transformation of...
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An Empirical Study on Work Autonomy and Sense of Work Meaning of New Generation Employees Based on JD-C Model

Jinming Jiang, Zhengdong Li
Based on the JD-C model, this study uses Stata and Mplus structural equation models to perform multi-factor fitting analysis of the sense of meaning of work, and tests its relationship with work autonomy through Bootstrap test and Sobel test. Studies have shown that work flexibility acts on the sense...

Post-Epidemic Economic Risk Prevention and Public Management Suggestions Based on Supply Chain Analysis Model

Linglan Fu, Jinlong Su
This paper analyzes the main problems and difficulties faced by the economy of Fujian province after the epidemic, and probes into the effective countermeasures to accelerate the improvement of Fujian province’s economy through many fields investigations inside and outside Fujian province. Team is the...