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Correction to “Proceedings of the 2022 International Conference on Creative Industry and Knowledge Economy (CIKE 2022)”

The publisher regrets that the volume number was wrongly allocated during the production process. The issue has been corrected with correct volume number (Current Volume Number - 651; Correct Volume Number - 214). The publisher would like to apologize for any inconvenience caused. DOI of original article:...

The Feasibility Study of Issuing Carbon Coins from the Perspective of Currency Attributes

Feiyue Xu
The increasing greenhouse gas emissions have made environmental problems increasingly acute, and a low-carbon economy has become an inevitable requirement for social development. In recent years, some scholars have proposed the concept and role of carbon currencies from the perspective of international...

Correction to “Proceedings of the 7th Sriwijaya Economics, Accounting, and Business Conference (SEABC 2021)”

The publisher regrets that the volume number was wrongly allocated during the production process. The issue has been corrected with correct volume number (Current Volume Number - 647; Correct Volume Number - 210). The publisher would like to apologize for any inconvenience caused. DOI of original article:...
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[WITHDRAWN] Small Amplitude Hunting Instability of High-speed Train Diagnosis Method Based on Modified Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition, Shannon Entropy and Least Square Support Vector Machine

Yunguang Ye, Jing Ning
To monitor the state of small hunting instability for the train at a high speed, aiming at the problem of mode splitting of ensemble empirical mode decomposition (EEMD), a new methodology which combines modified ensemble empirical mode decomposition (MEEMD), Shannon entropy feature and least squares...
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Electrochemical deposition of ZnCO2O4 nanosheets on Ni foam for supercapacitor applications

Bingjun Guo, Haicheng Xuan, Yangyang Hao, Yuekui Xu
This study describe the method of electrochemical deposition to create ZnCO2O4 supported on nickel foam for capacitor applications. Using scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and other electrochemical methods to of sample materials demonstrates the nanostructure and chemical performance of substances grown...
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Prediction in sustainable development capacity of water resources

Yu Guo
In accordance with the variation, this paper divides the indexes for sustainable development of water resources into five categories. And the appropriate forecasting methods to predict the direction of the data in future is given, to lay the foundation for further study of changes in sustainable development...
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Reliability Assessment of Wind Power Growth Planetary Gear Train Based on Dynamics

Chunguang Wang, Shuai Yue
From the reliability point of view, the main failure modes of load-split wind power growth planetary gear train are determined by failure mode and effect analysis method. The engineering practice and typical stress and intensity distribution are considered, the probability distribution of random variables...
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The rotor fault prediction based on support vector regression and phase space reconstruction

Xiao Han
Support vector regression (SVR) is a popular machine learning method that develops these years and has been widely used in the prediction field. But the input feature vectors largely affect the accuracy of the forecast er-ror, so the feature vector choice has been the hot issues of attention and research...
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Research on Sample Dataset Balance Method of SVM Based on GA

Xiao Han
SVM was widely used in fault diagnosis, and achieved good results. However, the unbalance between normal sample datasets and fault sample datasets made it very difficult to establish a proper diagnosis model. For ac-tual diagnosis, the normal samples are usually more than the fault ones, and it will...
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The solution to water shortage in Ukraine based on Multi-objective programming model

Bo Dong
Proposing solution to clean water shortage is of great importance to all citizens of the world. In this paper, we do a research on water conditions of Ukraine, which indicates that a perfect intervention plan for solving the problem of water shortage is needed. We provide the solution on the two aspects,...
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Path Planning for Robot Based on Improved Artificial Potential Field

Guoqing Qiu, Ting Niu, Qianqian Kou, Cheng Liu
Aiming at the disadvantages of the traditional artificial potential field method, target is not reachable and the robot is easy to fall into local minimum point, the paper proposes an improved potential field function of arti-ficial potential field, a formula factor is added to the repulsive force field...
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Micro-video Data-Acquisition System Design

Zhengzheng Liu, Hai Ji, Sanxing Cao
In recent years, more and more studies about micro-video emerged with the increasingly rapid development of micro-video. This Micro-video Data-Acquisition System gives a method that how to obtain the structured da-ta and the unstructured data of the micro video, and the system has got data of micro-video...
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Study on Water Conservancy and Hydropower Engineering Risk Analysis

Tianxiao Nan
The water conservancy and hydropower engineering is built to make full use of the amazing power of water, while there exist variety kinds of risks in the process of the system building and operation. Based on the anal-ysis of the definition and structure of water conservancy and hydropower engineering,...
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Membrane Separation Technology for Wastewater Treatment and its Study Progress and Development Trend

Jianwen Gao
This paper introduced the definition and characteristic of membrane separates technology. Stated several con-ditional methods such as micro filtration, reverse osmosis, ultra filtration, nanofiltration, electro dialysis, liquid membrane, etc. Prospected the development of membrane separation technology.
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Thermodynamic Studies on Simultaneous Desulfurization and Denitrification by Chlorine-based Composite

Yunyang Wang
This paper studied the reaction mechanism and got the overall reaction equation based on the experimental study and the analysis results of desulfurization and denitrification by chlorine-based composite. And studied the chemical and thermodynamic properties of simultaneous desulfurization and denitrification...
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The Development and Research of the Thermal Material

Biyao Yuan
The year 2016 has witnessed the booming of the thermal material in the field of clothing. Scientists are trying to explore three prime means to make the idea that materials themselves can spontaneously produce heat and warm into reality, including hydrophilic material, solar-energy storage material and...
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The study of phenolics content in the emblica fruit wine

Minjie Li, Ya Xiong
Emblic fruit wine rich in alcohol, phenolics. This experiment adopts the reverse high performance liquid chro-matography (HPLC) method for emblic leafflower fruit wine representative of phenolics gallic acid, quercetin content determination of study; And the emblic leafflower fruit forint phenol method...
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Hydrogen sulfide gas drilling site online spectra monitor Feasibility Study

Guoliang Li, Mingzhu Chen, Mengjie Gao
Through the hydrogen sulfide and other common small molecular gas near infrared absorption spectrum analy-sis, propose that analyzing spectral absorption peak at a wavelength of hydrogen sulfide 1.578um neighbor-hood undisturbed common gases and water vapor from small molecules, which can be used for...
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The Application of Post-Stack Geostatistics Inversion in the Prediction of Narrow Channel Sand Body

Jianhua Huang
Aiming at the big difficulty in predicting the inner front narrow channel sand body, by the example of P group reservoir of the G oilfield, we have discussed the application of post-stack geostatistics inversion in the prediction of narrow channel sand body. During the process of application, combing...
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Study on Synthesis and Properties of Multi-amine Imidazoline as Asphalt Emulsifier

Xiangjun Kong, Chengduo Qian, Yan Lin, Weiyu Fan
Two kinds of multi-amine imidazoline E1 and E2 are synthetized as asphalt emulsifier by the long-chain organ-ic acids and polyethylene polyamine. The purpose of adjusting the mixing time of asphalt emulsion and aggre-gate can be achieved by controlling the head group number of hydrophilic group. The...
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Storage stability and its relationship with microstructure of SBS modified de-oiled asphalt

Ming Liang, Shisong Ren, Weiyu Fan, Xue Xin
SBS modified hard asphalt was prepared by de-oiled asphalt and radial SBS at 170 by high speed mixer. The samples were evaluated by conventional properties and fluorescence microscopy. Conventional properties showed that SBS drastically improve the high temperature stability and low temperature crack...
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Analysis of several ferroelectric materials

Donghui Wang
Nowadays, ferroelectricity materials are widely used. Many researchers have put effort into it to make further exploratory. This template explains and demonstrates several ferroelectricity materials. It includes piezoelectric materials, BaTiO3 ceramics and multi-material iron. We take their nature and...
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Study on Joint Driving Characteristics for Powered Exoskeleton Based on All-Joints Driving Model

Mingkui Zhang, Wenming Cheng, Fang Liu, Huaixian Li
In order to study the changing characteristics of the driving torque, the driving power and the driving energy of all joints for the powered exoskeleton in the squat stance, multi-rigid-body system dynamics model of the powered exoskeleton was established based on the somatic structure characteristics...
Proceedings Article

Transmission-type Window of HFCVD Diamond Film for Microfocus X-ray Tube

Lei Zheng, Huarong Liu, Junting Wang
Operating the microfocus X-ray source at high power is required to achieve high temporal resolution. Howev-er, the thermal loading of the anode focal spot is a limiting factor in determining the maximum power of an x-ray tube. In this paper, a transmission window based on polycrystalline diamond, for...
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Modeling and kinematic simulation of the telescopic sleeve anti-swing device based on Adams depend on crane rotating

Guangdong Han, Haiquan Chen, Wenhua Li, Shanghai Wang
For offshore crane in the operation process, due to the suspension of lifting wire rope belongs to the flexible parts and wind, wave and ocean environment. These cause the load swing. A new type of offshore crane tele-scopic sleeve anti-swing device was proposed. It uses the casing of the rigid constraints...
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Tunnel Robot Obstacle Avoidance Control Based On Ultrasonic and Vision

Xiaorui Hu, Xiaolong Zhou, Xiaoxue Guo, Xinpin Li
Knowing the distance information of the obstacles is good for planning process path for mobile robot. Based on ultrasonic and machine vision range finding principle, we design a mobile robot multi-sensor ranging system, the measurement of 0 ~ 200 cm distance obstacle, measurement error is less than 1%....
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Design of a new Type of Artificial Reef

Shaojie Jiang, Wei Wu, Linglong Zong
Because of over fishing and environmental pollution, global fisheries resources is declined shapely, many natu-ral fisheries were severely damaged. At present, marine ranching construction has been developed rapidly in the coastal countries, and has obtained the good effect. Artificial fish reef is the...
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Research on Path Planning and Obstacle Avoidance for Tunnel Mobile Robot Based on Visual Navigation

Xiaolong Zhou, Xin Wan, Xiaoxue Guo, Xinpin Li
With the development of science and technology, the mobile robot has been widely concerned at home and abroad. Great potential for mobile robot applications. Applications include automatic driving, unknown field exploration, industry and agriculture production automation, dangerous environment no work,...
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Research Progress of the Modified Wood Powder for 3D printing

J.S. Zhang, Y.T. Yang, Z.K. Qin, J.J. Luo, W. Gao, S.L. Wei
3D printing leads to the changes in manufacturing process, and the research and development of 3D printing supplies is considered as the core competitiveness of this technology. In this paper, it reveals the wood pow-der modification by establishing performance index of impulse process model to realize...
Proceedings Article

A Live-working Robot with a Fast Line up And down Function

N.C. Ou, W. Li, L.F. Li, S. Zheng
In this paper, mainly research on a Live-working robot in power transmission line, it composed with Live-working robot unit and operation platform. The operation platform use to support the whole robot line up and down. Under the action of machine, insulation winch and the rope concerted action in order...

[WITHDRAWN]An Analysis of the Relationship between Human and Nature in Moby Dick

Ziwei Jia, Daxin Yang, Meng Wu, Suyu Di, Yuewei Ma
Moby Dick is the masterpiece of Herman Melville, who is a famous American novelist of 19th century. The novel is a bright pearl in American literature history and it is viewed as the pinnacle in the field of the relationship between human and nature writing. Moby Dick is a brilliant work and is interesting...

[WITHDRAWN]Pragmatic Failures by Chinese Learners of English in Intercultural Communication

Daxin Yang, Ziwei Jia, Lejing Zhao, Hua Xue, Hede Gong
With the development of economic globalization, intercultural communication is increasing rapidly in the world. Pragmatic failure usually leads to misunderstandings among different people with various backgrounds. Understanding cultural differences is necessary for successful communication. This thesis...

A Study on Career Planning Guidance for College Students from the Perspective of Enterprises

Ting Zhang
Through the investigations and visits of colleges and universities, students and some representative enterprises, this study analyzes the current situation of the supply and demand condition and career planning guidance of college students. And on the basis of the characteristics of Chinese higher education,...

Some Thoughts on the Japanese Major Education of Chinese Colleges in the Transition Period

Wei Zou
After more than ten years of rapid development, Japanese teaching in China's universities has ushered in the new period of transformation. With the rapid increase of the number of students, teachers and scientific research level, ivory tower education begins to coexist with applied education. Facing...

Research on the Visual Brand Image Design of Visual Culture

Fang Zhao, Lan Luo
In this study, out of the idea of historical development, in the context of the development of visual culture to build brand image design and visual relationship between interpretation and perception of enlightenment Chinese century-old brand image design development brought on this basis. Conclusion...

Evaluation on the Impact Factors of University Students' English proficiency Based on AHP

Jian Yong
To become a qualified international talent, University students must improve their English level. At present, there are so many researches on improving the university students' English level, most of them are about the ranks of teachers, teaching methods, teaching equipment and teaching means, this paper...

Study on the Strategies to Improve English Teachers' Pragmatic Competence

Haosheng Xu, Ru Guo
In this study, we have determined the goal of training content of teacher's ongoing education By defining the concept of pragmatic ability in the context of improving the pragmatic competence of middle school English teachers. Taking the "Request Speech Act" as an example, we drew up the "continuing...

The Influence of the Intangible Cultural Heritage on the Local Novels of Sichuan

Xiaofang Gao
The Sichuan local novel is birth in the soil of rich and generous intangible cultural heritage. The unique performance art ,such as objective, calm and realistic satire art?vivid and unique performance function of "Sichuan" dialect?narrative structure and so on, reveals the influence of regional cultural...

Microteaching Reforming Based on Professional Teaching Method

Jia Tian
Microteaching introduced to China since the 1980s, it has become an effective way to train students teacher professional teaching skills. But with the deepening of education reform, micro-teaching in the implementation process, there have been a lot of problems and contradictions. With the modern concept...

Metaphor and Translation Strategies in News English

Hongjuan Li
Metaphor as a figure of speech a, than simile more vivid and flexible, in News English, metaphor can better express the theme, readers to deepen cognition, to create infection force characteristics of a strong press release to have the help very much. In the translation of metaphors in English News English,...

Research on Management of Scientific Funds in Universities

Jie Li, Chang Liu, Bo Lu
Recently, a series of rules and regulations have been put forward to strengthen the management of scientific research funds in colleges and universities, which arouse strong reactions among the researchers of colleges and universities. The problems which exist in the management of scientific research...

Aesthetic Taste

Minh Quang Nguyen, Tu Quynh Vu
Aesthetic taste shows the human interest in aesthetic and reveals their capacity of mental selection and evaluation in front of aesthetic phenomena. Personal factor in aesthetic taste is represented in the selection and evaluation of objects for perception which are subject to each person's preference....

Research onTujia Sayerhe Dance

Zhenhua Guo, Jun Yang, Meirong Tang
The paper, using the research methods such as literature, field investigation method, logic reasoning method and so, researched Tujia people's Sayerhe dance. The research results shows: This text USES the method of documents and materials The methods of the study of Tujia in the universe and the ho The...

The Development and Reflection on the Traditional Martial Arts Culture

Zhenghong Li, Zhenhua Guo
Martial arts is an outstanding spiritual creation through the historical choice. As a kind of cultural form, it contains the rich cultural connotations. In this paper, using the research methods of literature, logic reasoning and so on, the interpretation of the traditional martial arts culture has been...

Protection and Development of Hainan Li Dance under the Background of Cultural Power

Xiaoqin Ouyuang, Jiafa Wang
Hainan Li dance is one of the important resources in our national dance culture treasure-house and is also the art with the most national features in Li aesthetic culture. This paper focuses on the analysis of Li dance features, and discusses the way to protect and develop Hainan Li dance under the time...

A Research on Indicators of Selecting Partner of Supply Chain in Construction Industry

Chenhua Cui
Partner of SC in construction industry has been discussed in the industry for many years,In this paper, I thoroughly research the problem on " a construction enterprise how to can select the best?the most effective partner in its ownSC",through comparison?research and reading relative literatures I build...

Research on the International Brand Strategy of Agricultural Products

Ningning Yan
The current market competition has from the pure product competition to brand competition, brand competition from domestic to international. However, the road of the agricultural products brand international has been a lot of confusion and misconceptions. This paper discusses meaning and necessity about...

Discuss on the Cultivation of Students' Ability in Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

Chunfeng Jiang
With the continuous development of China's economic social, all kinds of innovative talents are getting more and more attention and favor by the society. Students as a large number of talents about to enter to the society have received higher education, whose thoughts are with a higher layer of sublimation,...

Study on the Reconsidering and Countermeasures for Deepening Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Universities

Yulan Zhao
Even though China is now strongly encouraging the innovation and entrepreneurship education in universities, it is not dominant which only makes up for the demerits of career development education and is temporary policies to drive employment based on entrepreneurship without reaching a high level and...

Reform & Practice on the Diversification of the Examination Mode of Applied Undergraduate Education

Changyu Li, Guixia Ma
According to our school's training target for basic industry base of applied talents, our school has set up a mode which is in accordance with the school talent training target and diversified tests of social needs. Meanwhile, our school has achieved the goal to cultivate students' ability to apply for...