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Research on Spatial-temporal Pattern of Coupling and Coordinated Development of Urban Highway Traffic and Tourism Economy in Anhui Province

Yanmei Deng, Yabo Li, Yuyan Huo, Yuxi Fan, Song Chen
Based on the data of transportation and tourism economic development in Anhui province from 2010 to 2019, this paper introduces the coupling coordination degree model for analysis. The results show that there is a coupling relationship between urban traffic and tourism economy in different cities of...

Analysis of How to Improve Students’ Learning Efficiency by Using Students’ Sense of Gain and Happiness

Yilin Su
It is universally acknowledged that students’ learning efficiency and their learning motivation have been inextricably intertwined. Without appropriate learning motivation, it is difficult to maintain students’ long-term learning efficiency. Learning motivation, which refers to the incentive tendency...

Research on Virtual Brand Community from the Perspective of Relationship

Take Magic Awakening Mobile Game as an Example

Yuxin Du, Xiaodi Yang
With the development of the Internet, more and more brand merchants use the online virtual brand community model for marketing. Consumers have transformed from a single passive object to an aggregated community group, releasing huge energy. There are many mediating factors in the transition from community...
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An Adaptive Level Damped Algorithm based on PINS for Ship

Pei Yu, GongLiu Yang
The inertial navigation system error caused by sea current and log error greatly oscillates. In order to evaluate the effectiveness of damping attitude, the vehicle’s movement should be detected in real-time. For this reason, a novel adaptive level damped algorithm was presented in this paper. According...

Providing Conditions for Functioning of Small Business of the Republic of Crimea

Yu P Maidanevich, I N Dyshlovoy, N N Grigor
The article states that small business is a part of the developed market system. Small business in the Republic of Crimea is the important sector of the region’s economy requiring comprehensive support and development. In this case to increase the level of entrepreneurial activity, the Ministry of Economic...

Institutional Investor and Firm Financialization: Evidence from China

Chen Li, Shuai Tang, Xiaoxiao Zhang
This paper explores the role of institutional investors from a perspective of firm financialization by selecting listed companies in the Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange as a sample for the study. We find that institutional investor ownership can reduce firm financialization. This...

Based on the Concert of “Two Mountains theory”, the Development Mode and Path of Ecological Sports Tourism in Southwest China are Analyzed

Zhu Meixiu, Liu jian
The “Two Mountains Theory” firmly establishes and implements the concept of green ecological development, which is an extremely important political theoretical basis and practical guidance for China’s ecological and material civilization and national green ecological development in the new era. Ecotourism...
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High-accuracy Modeling of Ship Deformation Based on Inertial Measuring Method

Er-kai Yuan, Gong-liu Yang
High-accuracy modeling is the key problem of ship deformation measurement based on inertial measuring method. This paper is to find a high-accuracy modeling method based on the ship deformation data measured by optical devices. According to different modeling methods, mathematical models are designed...

A Diagnostic Question Analysis Model based on a Modified Item Response Theory

Haonan Gao
Digital technologies are being more widely used in education, allowing students all around the world to access individualized, high-quality educational resources. This paper analyzes a massive amounts of data derived from students’ interactions with these diagnostic questions can help us more accurately...

Innovative Research on the Blending Learning Mode of Econometrics Global and Regional Impacts of RMB Internationalization

Qian Yu
China has seen exponential development within the first twenty years of the twenty-first century, making it the second largest global economy. Together with this growth, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) has put in place various strategies to help it grow its economic muscle as well as international...

The Influence of the Globalisation Factor on Premiums in Merger and Acquisition Deals of Electric Power Companies

I I Prosvirina, A V Sterkhov
The article proposes a method for assessing the influence of globalisation on premiums in merger and acquisition (M&A) deals of electric power companies. The independent variable in the research is a relative premium value, i.e., an excess of the amount paid in a deal (in view of the share) over the...
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Construction of Army Equipment Support Transformation Demonstration System Based on Integration

Zhan-biao Zhao, Hui-qi Zhang, Chun-liang Chen, Ou Qi
to accelerate the construction of army equipment support, the concept of army equipment support transformation demonstration system is put up and the theory of demonstration system is concluded. By analyzing the equipment support transformation, the connotation is discussed and the transformation frame...

Marketing Strategies of Short Beauty Videos on Douyin

Qi Bao, Xiaoke Ran
Since the development of the short video industry, many vertical domains have been formed, and short beauty videos are one of the most important fields. Relying on their professional knowledge and approachable expression, many self-media bloggers focusing on creating short beauty videos have achieved...

The Impact of Internet Finance on the Systemic Risk of China’s Listed Commercial Banks

Hanyang Liu
To explore the impact of Internet Finance on the systemic risk of listed commercial banks and maintain the stable development of the macro-financial market, this paper analysis the theoretical mechanism of Internet Finance and systemic risk of commercial banks and selects 16 listed commercial banks in...

Knowledge Dissemination Model Based on Graph Neural Network

Wei-ming Liu
Explore the application of GCN model to the prediction of knowledge transmission model. Teaching abstract into neural network, neural network model parameters education meaning, the model in the frequency domain space, design different convolution kernels, finally by GCN model of common teaching model,...
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An Evaluation Model to Human Factors in Information Systems based on Consistent Quantification of Index and Evaluation Equilibrating

Jianguo Shen, Zhiyong Shi, Jiao Wang, Yuan Zhao
In this paper, a comprehensive evaluation model to human factors is presented for information systems. The model can be used in the evaluation that the number of evaluation expert for every evaluated object or target is different. By introducing the concept of Gini coefficients, the coordinated and balance...

Potential to Mitigate Social Inequality Through Individuals Taxation Reform

I R Akhmadullin, A V Safina, L Z Fatkhullina
The paper provides a calculation-based analysis of the real Russian citizen’s fiscal burden, since the flat scale, which is one of the lowest in the world, does not fully reflect the facts on the ground. In the context of the multiple gap between the poor and the wealthy segments of the population, the...

Industrial Heritage Tourism Sustainable Development

A Case Study of the Anning City, Yunnan Province

Keyi. Zhao
With the implementation of the supply side structural reform policy and the integration of the state-own iron and steel enterprise, residents in the Anning city, face a new round of unemployment test. And one of the effective means to solve the unemployment problem is to develop service industry, especially...
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The Design and Realization of Wireless Sensor Network Gateway Node

Zhixiang Yuan, Jinxiang Cheng
this paper presents the design and realization of wireless sensor network gateway nodes based on s3c2410 Processor. And introduced the design of gateway hardware and software. Also introduced the implementation method of software. A new data transmit protocol was designed to eliminate the differences...

The Negative Transfer Confronted by Chinese English Learners: from the Perspective of Linguistics and Culture

Xinyi Liu, Runfei Yan
In previous studies, much literature has demonstrated from different perspectives that the first language (L1) has certain effects on the second language (L2). Such effects are called negative transfer in second language acquisition (SLA). This study focuses on two types of negative transfer that could...

Research on Countermeasures of Urban and Rural Sports Facilities Planning and Promotion in Lingchuan County in Guangxi Province

Zhong Haofan, Huang Jing
Regarding the background of special planning of urban and rural sports facilities, it is found that the number and quality of public sports facilities in Lingchuan county need to be improved after analyzing the relevant status,where has insufficient main sports park and the national fitness center. There...

Knowledge-Based Development of Russian Regions and Growing Inequality

D G Kochergin, E E Zhernov, V A Logachev
The article contains an analysis of the Russian knowledge-based economy at the meso-economic (regional) level in the period from 2005 to 2015. Authors assess the main parameters of the development of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, including the regional innovation system and the...

Conception of Staff Training in Manufacturing Enterprises Based on Knowledge Management

Xu Kang, Du Lihong, Zhang Hong
Many manufacturing companies are often faced with such a problem: staff training is carried out every year. “Teacher and apprentice help” pair up every year, why can’t the apprentices become teachers? Many employees speak well, why are they at a loss when they encounter practical problems? Why does the...
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The Network Security Management Problem of Library

Li Zhao, Yun Zi
The application and development of computer network system bring a great convenience for library management and readers. At the same time, the security of computer network system in library is faced with all kinds of threats. How to guarantee the security of library computer network system has become...

The Study of the “Size Effect” on the Market Efficiency and the Market Anomalies in NASDAQ

Siling Pan, Congrui Yin, Yu Ai, Zhiheng Li
Since the Efficient Market Hypothesis was proposed by Eugene Fama in 1970, it has been continuously challenged by various market anomalies and financial empirical evidence in the U.S. stock market. Inspired by the reserve effect, the momentum effect and the effect size discovered by De Bondt and Thaler,...

The Necessary Analysis and Path Exploration of the Ideological and Political Construction of Military Physical Education under the Circumstance of Education for Morality and War

Xiao-nan WU, Xiao-hong MA, Xiao-li ZHANG
Taking “education for morality and war” as the fundamental starting point, this essay analyzed the historical inevitability of ideological and political construction of military physical education curriculum from three aspects. It conceived the development path of military physical education curriculum...
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Simulation of Vehicle’s Frontal Crash with Dummy inside

Yuanpeng Liu
The complete Finite Element Model of vehicle with dummy inside is established. Through analyzing structure deformation and acceleration of the vehicle, the rule of energy absorption and dissipation is obtained, the dummy’s respond and the collision capability criteria of the head, chest and thigh are...

The Analytical Significance of the Information-Semantic Approach to Study of the Communicative Nature of Music in the Framework of Cultural (Social) Anthropology

A B Kayak
The article presents the methodology of information and semantic analysis of the processes of intercultural interaction of the peoples of the world in the space of music. In the 21st century, information theory and information approach to art, including musical art, get deeper elaboration, become more...

Viewing the Enlightenment of Civilization through Cannibalism in Early Eighteenth-Century British Literature

Yiyao Sun
Cannibalism is a taboo for humans in both cultural and medicinal history of Western civilizations. The rapidly growing British Empire developed various strategies to deal with the stigma of cannibalism and moral guilt within. In the early eighteenth century, cannibalistic events were present in the works...
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Self-adaptive Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm with Mutation Operation based on K-means

Xue-mei Wang, Yi-zhuo Guo, Gui-jun Liu
Adaptive Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm with mutation operation based on K-means is proposed in this paper, this algorithm Combined the local searching optimization ability of K-means with the gobal searching optimization ability of Particle Swarm Optimization, the algorithm self-adaptively adjusted...

How to Shape the Brand Magnetic Field? The Generative Logic of Consumption Resonance

Taking IKEA as an Example

Yiyun Gu, Shaopeng Jin, Keying Wang
The competition in the home furnishing market is becoming increasingly fierce. Excessive production leads to the necessity for enterprises to shift their focus from furniture manufacturing to consumers, and appropriate marketing strategies are needed to occupy the consumer market. People’s income has...

Effects of Plateau Pika Population Characteristics on the Ecosystem of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and Recommendations for Prevention and Control

Ruiqi Peng
The Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, known as the “third pole of the earth” and the “roof of the world”, has a high and cold climate and a sensitive ecological environment. Plateau pika (scientific name Ochotona curzoniae) is widely distributed in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau region and plays an important role in...

Research on the Development Strategy of Heyuan City’s Homestay Industry under the Background of Rural Revitalization

Siduo FENG
This article is based on the development status of Heyuan B&Bs. It discusses the development of Heyuan B&Bs and tourists’ demand in all aspects, and deeply analyzes the problems existing in the B&B industry.Although the homestay industry is developing rapidly under the current economic model...

Cost Estimation Methods of the Company Brand

O V Astafeva, E V Astafyev, V V Biryukova
Brand value is necessary for management of any company as it allows to distribute the resources of an enterprise effectively. Relationships at the level of brands help market players to save time for establishing direct partnership, formation of the developed communications network contributing to “transparent”...
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Chao Yang, Bing Yao, Hongyu Wang, Xiang'en Chen, Sihua Yang
Building up graph models to simulate scale-free networks is an important method since graphs have been used in researching scale-free networks and communication networks, such as graph colorings can be used for distinguishing objects of communication and information networks. In this paper we determine...

Analysis of U.S. Consumption-related Industry Based on Fama-French Model Under COVID-19

Yang Cao, Baozhen Ouyang, Mingji Xi, Runze Yu
Many researchers have contributed much to asset pricing theory and continuously try to find the best model to capture stock average return. The CAPM model and Fama-French 3-factor model, Fama-French 5-factor model is another way to capture the return rates and their changes. At the beginning of 2020,...

Research on Development Mode and Path of Eco-sports Tourism in Southwest China under the Concept of “Two Mountains Theory”

Tao Xuesheng, Liu Jian
Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets. Since the 18th CPC National Congress, China has always adhered to the concept of “two mountains theory”, comprehensively promoted the sustainable development of green economy and the construction of ecological civilization, and provided fundamental...

Comparative Study of Mutual Investment Funds and Other Collective Investment Tools

E S Nedorezova, O S Evseev, I A Lunin
Collective investment is a type of investment whereby the monetary resources of individual investors are pooled together and managed by a professional fund manager for the purpose of their subsequent profitable allocation. As a collective investment tool, mutual investment funds are a relatively new...
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Bit and Power Allocation Algorithm for OFDM UWB Systems

Haiyan Li
Ultra-wide-band (UWB) is a promising short-range indoor wireless communication technology for large communication capacity, high transmission rate, low power consumption, etc. Multi-band orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing ultra-wide-band (MB-OFDM UWB) system can achieve much higher anti-noise...

The Link Between Abuse and Depression

Ziyu Yang
Depression is a ubiquitous basic; in the world, the incidence of depression is very high. More and more scholars are interested in the research of depression. So, studying the causes of depression is very important for life and research. There have been many detailed studies on the diagnosis of depression....

The Influence of Chinese and Foreign Sports Culture Differences and Atmosphere on Their Domestic Sports Industry

Yuan Li
The generality of sports culture itself makes it one of the global cultural contents. As the current worldwide physical symbol, sports culture can make different people understand the meaning of it directly and achieve the purpose of effective communication. With the help of modern communication media,...
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The Rrsearch of Permanent Magnet Sealing Technology in Vertical Hot Galvanized Pot

Jing Li, Hongyan Zhao, Sen Liu
In order to solve the confinement problem of liquid metal, permanent magnet sealing is discussed in this paper, and its principle is introduced. Based on calculations, some helpful conclusions are made, which are important for research on hot dip galvanizing process without sink roll.

The Optimization of the Mechanism of State Regulation of the Local Housing Market of the Subject of Russian Federation Under Budget Constraints

N Lubsanova
The article presents a methodological approach to improving the mechanism of state regulation of the local housing market based on optimizing the allocation of budgetary resources in accordance with the effectiveness of the tools. To obtain the optimal distribution structure of budgetary funds in accordance...

Know More, Suffer More

Analysis of the Big Data Discriminatory Price

Jiayi Kang, Chenlei Shen, Yuchen Yue
Big data discriminatory price (BDDP) is a kind of misuse of data, where the platform “sets” the user up from the very beginning of the service contract with the user, actively taking the user's surplus for its own benefit in all aspects of information collection, analysis, and utilization. In recent...

Marketing Strategies of Chinese Cosmetic Brands in Local Market

A Case Study of Florasis

Lan Yang, Wendi Meng, Yating Li
The beauty market in China has a broad prospect with a growing market share. Among new brands rooted in China, Florasis witnessed a rapid increase in sales relying on the Chinese traditional culture. Therefore, it is of great importance to look into the ways Florasis has made this success through marketing...

Exploring the Sustainable Development Models of Cultural Heritage in Major International Countries

Yuting He, Luo Shu, Jiankang Zhang
Sustainable development is the way to protect, inherit and utilize cultural heritage. This paper explores the sustainable development model of cultural heritage through a logical review and case study of the sustainable development practices of cultural heritage in four major international countries:...
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A Prediction Model for Electromagnetic Radiation of Multi- system Base Station

Jie Yang, Lei Wang, Xianli Li, Jie Wu, Yongjin Chao, Cunzhen Pan
In order to understand the distribution feature of the electromagnetic radiation in nearby regions around the Multi-system mobile communication base stations, a theoretical prediction model of electromagnetic radiation at multi-system base station is proposed, based on the distribution characteristic...

Three Factors Leading to the Poor English Oral Performance of Chinese Teenage English Learners

Zeyu Li, Ziyi Zhao
Around the world, people use English as the general purpose language. In China, most students will learn English through primary school, junior high, and high school. The standard of mastering a language is how the learners can precisely and accurately use it. Daily communication (speaking), on the other...

Digitalization as a New Stage in the Formation of Economic Relations

A U Mentsiev, M S-U Khaliev, E R Guzueva, A U Mentsiev, M Z Ashakhanova
From barter system trading, to paper currency and now to digital economy, the global economy has come a long way. With enhanced technology, the digitization has spurred the communication between people. People can interact with each other, and thus, the effect is quickly observed in the economy. The...

Research on the Development Path of Cultural and Tourism Integration in Traditional Villages

A Case Study of Tongle Lisu Traditional Village in Weixi County

Liping Wang
Cultural and tourism integration is an important means to stimulate the cultural revival of traditional villages and promote the development of local economy. With the development of rural tourism, some traditional villages have built a platform for the preliminary integration of culture and tourism...