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Research on Power System Fault Diagnosis Based on Bayesian Networks

Guofeng Yang, Qingming Xiao, Hong Ouyang, Jiakui Zhao, Tingshun Li, Jing Zhou
Aiming at the incompleteness and uncertainty of information existing in power system fault diagnosis, a new fault diagnosis approach based on Bayesian network is proposed in this paper. Through the Bayesian network of structure learning and parameter learning, a power system fault diagnosis model based...
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Numerical Algorithm of Two Mixed Finite Element Schemes for A Fourth-Order Diffusion Equation

Jinfeng Wang, Hong Li, Yang Liu
Two numerical algorithms based on H1-Galerkin mixed finite element (GMFE) methods are presented and analyzed for a fourth-order diffusion equation. By introducing three variables with two different ways, the two first-order system of four equations are formulated. The semi-discrete optimal error estimates...
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A Service-Oriented Communication Architecture of Graphics Asset Management System

Zi-jian Wang
Database technology is of great variety, structure diversity, solving data integration and exchanges sharing of the heterogeneous database system have became the important problem in all fields. Because of XML is the very important data exchange technology to realize data exchange and transmission ability,...

Rationing and Motivation System for Workers of Production Crew on the Example of the Tubular Mill Workers

Y N Markova, S U Matalasov, A V Ershov
Despite high rates of market model economy development in Russia, elements of planned system keep the relevance to this day. So, the production organization of the successful enterprises of the Ural region and the country in general, often includes the adapted techniques of 20, 30 and 50 years old. One...
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The Design And Implementation Of USB Mass Storage And CCID Composite Device

Wei Zhang, Jinnan Zhang, Yang’an Zhang, Bin Lu
USB disk and UKEY are common applications of USB Mass Storage and CCID protocol and used widely in our daily life, but they are always deployed on different kinds of devices such as USB disk and UKEY. A potential application that integrates the functions of these two protocols into one device is discovered...
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Combining Forecast of Electricity Price with Adaptive Weights Selected by SOM Clustering

Yi Feng
This paper proposes an efficient method of combining modelling to forecast day-ahead electricity price. The basic idea of this method is to develop a robust technique to select the proper combining weights of individual models according to their historical performance on similar circumstances. Firstly...
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An application of LDPC code for wireless coherent-light commutation in atmospheric channel

Ning Hao, Yang’an Zhang, Jinnan Zhang, Minglun Zhang, Xueguang Yuan
Low Density Parity Check code is more and more taken seriously in high-speed transmission. In this article we represent a LDPC coder and decoder which based on IEEE802.16e and realize the coder and decoder with Virtex-5 FPGA. By using Matlab to make an off-line system simulation, we analyzed and compared...

Specifics of the Key Competences Contours for the Industrial Enterprises

E Y Kuznetsova, O O Podoliak, T Albasha
The modern approaches of Russian and foreign authors to the formation and development of key competencies and extensive foreign experience in the application of this approach in industrial enterprises are studied. Direct application of foreign experience at Russian enterprises does not seem appropriate,...
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A Heart Sound Segmentation Method Based on Cyclostationary Envelope

Ting Li, Tianshuang Qiu, Hong Tang
Segmentation is generally an important prior process to automatic analysis of heart sounds. The proposed algorithm achieved this in separated cycles. First, the cyclostationary envelopes of heart sound signals are calculated. Second, a threshold is chosen to separate S1 and S2. The segmentation is automatic,...

Methodical Aspects of Pricing for New Industrial Production

O O Podoliak, T E Dashkova, T A Mineeva
In modern conditions of economic and technological development enterprises have to update their products constantly (to modernize existing products and to develop completely new). Therefore, the problem of the new products pricing becomes relevant and urgent. The article considers the dynamics of production...
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Attention Region Latent SVM for Image Classification

Shengan Zhou, Peng Liang, Jiangwei Qin
This paper presents a new method for image classification based on image saliency region. The proposed attention region latent SVM (ARLSVM) is highly distinctive by training in a weakly-supervised manner which without requiring objects position or bounding boxes in training images. We use a latent SVM...
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Construction of E-government System Framework Based on the Information Resource Sharing

Ying Lu
Due to the implementation of information technology and the various e-government new businesses, e-government system has generated a lot of valuable information resources as well as a large amount of redundant information. Information sharing can save the cost of information collection, and the collected...
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Robust Memory Gradient Blind Equalization Algorithm Based on Error Sign Decision

Fangfang HAN, Guoqiang XU
As CMA blind equalization algorithm based on stochastic gradient descend method has slow convergence rate and big steady state residual error, a robust memory gradient blind equalization algorithm based on error sign decision was proposed. Compared with stochastic gradient algorithm, memory gradient...

Tourist Flow Forecasting Approach

I N Ostapenko, R S Usenko
This article discusses the issues of using methods of analyzing and forecasting seasonal time series to model the tourist flow as one of the most significant parameters of tourism operations. The authors considered reasonability of using the Holt-Winters approach to model time series, estimated model’s...
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Semantic Query and Reasoning System based on Domain Ontology

Wan Li Song, Li Xian Ni
To solve the problems such as isolation of information, poor sharing and reusability, difficulty of finding resources and providing personalized information service, a solution method of ontology-based query and reasoning was introduced. According to the method a function module and working process of...
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Research on Method of Random Error Separation Based on Wavelet Transform and Frequency bands Character

a new method of random error separation based on wavelet transform and the frequency bands character of measurement data is proposed. Approximates the random error with the detail components of the wavelet decomposition, determines the optimal decomposition level on the frequency intervals between the...

Spatial Differentiation of Prices for Vegetables in Russia: The Impact of Foreign Markets

A V Stupnikova
The work examines the influence of foreign markets on the spatial differentiation of vegetable prices in Russia using the example of regional tomato markets. To this end, a comparative assessment was made of the spatial differentiation levels of tomato prices calculated before the introduction of the...
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Local Mean Decomposition Combined with SVD and Application in Telemetry Vibration Signal Processing

Zhenxing LI, Weixiao DAI
To suppress the noise effect on the performance of local mean decomposition (LMD) in signal processing, a new method combined with singular value decomposition (SVD) denosing was proposed in this work. SVD is applied to denoise the observed signal, and then the signal decompose to series product functions...
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Improved K-means Algorithm Based on the Clustering Reliability Analysis

Hong Zhang, Hong Yu, Ying Li, Baofang Hu
Clustering analysis is the basic of data mining, and K-means algorithm is the simplest clustering algorithm. However, traditional K-means algorithm has many defects-instable K value determinations, non-universal applicable SSE etc. Consequently, we introduced an improved K-means algorithm basing on the...

Analysis of the Impact of Strategic Alliances on Relations with Stakeholders

A A Gresko, E N Likhosherst, K S Solodukhin
The paper proposes a fuzzy model for the choice of strategies for interaction with stakeholders of an organization, participating in a strategic alliance. It is assumed that the entry of an organization into a strategic alliance leads to changes in its relationship with stakeholders. This, in turn, leads...
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Heterogeneous Data Exchange Technology Based on XML

Jia-hua Zhao
Database technology is of great variety, structure diversity, solving data integration and exchanges sharing of the heterogeneous database system have became the important problem in all fields. Because of XML is the very important data exchange technology to realize data exchange and transmission ability,...
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Multiple giant clusters in percolation of random networks

Yang Zhang, Binghui Guo, Zhiming Zheng
Classical percolation processes on random networks always have only one giant cluster after the transition. Recently, percolation with multiple giant clusters has been observed and attracted much attention. In this paper, we show three simple but different models which would lead to multiple giant clusters....
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A New Method of Multi-Scale Receptive Fields Learning

Shaorong Feng
Deep learning architecture has been applied in computer vision to learn features in an unsupervised manner. Thousands of features can be achieved in such manner. Furthermore, in some modified architectures, multi-scale features which contain middle layer features and output layer features, can connect...
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Research on the Joint Detection of TD-SCDMA

Haiyang Fu, Qun Wang, Xiangdong Jia, Kai Liu
Joint detection (JD) is a core technology of TD-SCDMA system. Only many mathematical models of JD have been proposed and discussed in many references, but there is no a physical model of JD for application. So the concept of JD is not clear. The concept of JD is made clearer by its principle and algorithm...

Logistics Transfer to Marketing Activity Outsourcing: Setting Project Objectives Through Key Performance Indicators

O S Kraynova
The article presents project task of outsourcing merchandising as a marketing activity of a customer enterprise within the framework of a logistics system. Based on the analysis of working scenarios and comparison of existing schemes for services provision by full-time employees under conditions of staff...
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Design andImplementation of Enterprise the Reimbursement Management System Based on SSH Architecture

Guijun Liu, Chunshan Yang
It is based on c/s and b/s mode for traditional enterprise claims management system, system level architecture is unclear, invasive, and reusability lower defects, and increases the workload and complexity of management. In view of this, uses the MVC pattern and the SSH technology, build tiered architecture,...

Equity Capital Maintenance as the Cash Flow Net Assets of an Organisation for a More Accurate Assessment of Its Financial Sustainability

O G Zhitlukhin, AE Jafarova
The article considers the problem of the creation of an equity capital in an organisation as a net asset, and the influence of financial tools and unfunded items on it. A number of items are identified that are included in stock capital and connected with financial instruments and re-evaluation of capital...
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The Storage Protection of Block Device in Android

Zhao-Wei Wang, Quan-Xin Zhang, Lei Long, Zi-Jing Cheng, Yu-An Tan
Data protection technology based on operation redirection has not been implemented in Android operating system. To achieve the goal of operation redirection, the research of Android storage subsystem needs to be done. By modifying the block device driver and rebuilding the kernel, all block device I/O...
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Adaptive Driving Speed Guiding to Avoid Red Traffic Lights

Lushen Cai, Guobao Ning
This paper proposed an Adaptive Driving Speed Guiding (ADSG) concept, which can assist drivers to avoid red traffic lights and thus improve the driving efficiency. The functional workflow of ADSG is defined and a smartphone based system composition is designed. In order to figure out a legal, feasible...
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Design of a Wireless Sensor Network node based on STM32

Yu-jia SUN, Xiao-ming WANG, Fang-xiu JIA, Ji-yan YU
The characteristics and the design factors of wireless sensor network node are talked in this article. According to the design factors of wireless sensor network, this article will mainly point out the design of wireless sensor nodes based a Cortex-M3 Microcontroller STM32F103RE chip. And the wireless...

Initiatives for Promotion of Public Non-Financial Reporting Based on the Concept of Sustainable Development to the Business Community of Russia

T N Popova, Yu K Dyachenko, A V Brizitskaya, E S Denisova
In present paper the problem of attitude of business consciousness of the International and Russian business communities in the field of the public non-financial reporting are studied. The foreign business community follows the basic principles and goals of the sustainable development, publishing a non-financial...
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Small shortwave whip antenna broadband research

Li Yin, Zhi-Gang Zhang, Jin-Peng Zhu
It is designed a pair of 5 m whip antenna for antenna arrays, the integrated use of a centralized method of loading and top loading, which is reducing the sensitivity of the antenna impedance versus frequency and using the moment method and genetic algorithm to load the network number so that the location...
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Circuit design and system error analysis based on MR / GPS combination measuring projectile roll angle

Peng CAO, Xiao-ming WANG, Fang-xiu JIA, You-long WU
In the control process of trajectory correction projectile, a real-time accurate measurement of projectile roll angle information is required. Geomagnetic and GPS measurement principle is applied for the establishment of the projectile measured roll angle combinations mathematical calculation model,...

Regional Service Potential as a Factor of Attractiveness of Rural Settlements

V N Dyachenko, V V Lazareva
The article is devoted to the urgent problem of regional development - the assessment of how the level of the service potential’s development of different level administrative centers influence the attractiveness of rural settlements. The prevailing downward trend in the population of rural settlements...
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Research of SOA-based Data Exchange Platform

Qian-zhong Zhang
Complexity and versatility of problems encountered in the process in order to improve the traditional data exchange platform, "Proxy + server "loosely coupled mode data exchange platform system, system using a messaging service to solve complex interactive control information in the data exchange process....

Long-Term Planning and Forecasting Problems at Municipal Management Level

N A Fedorova, I Scriabin, M Mordinova
Municipal long-term programs and development strategies for regional municipalities are generated in compliance with a set of program documents of the higher management levels, federal and regional regulatory acts, social&economic growth plans and forecasts. The process of developing long-tern municipal...
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Design and Implementation of an Intelligent System for Seafarers’ “Cargo stowage and securing” Assessment

Qingwu Wang, Weifeng Li, Jian Zhao
Cargo operation is of great importance as far as the Chief Officer’s duties are concerned. “Cargo stowage and securing” is therefore one of the most important assessment courses for seafarers. The traditional assessment is however based on the subjective judgment by the assessors, which makes unfair...
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Emergence of Abstaining in Glauber Opinion Dynamics

Baolong Niu, Wei Wei
We study the evolution of Glauber opinion dynamics with abstaining and tunable threshold on random graphs. The phase diagram shows plentiful features in the space of the two parameters of the model, the threshold and the abstaining probability. It is found that the threshold that limits the agents to...

Actualization of the Confidence Phenomenon in the Hospitality Industry as a Tool to Increase the Economic Efficiency of the Enterprise

I V Barashok, L L Rudenko, A V Topchiy
The purpose of the research is to analyze the degree of guests’ confidence in the hotel enterprises services of Primorskiy Region and to develop recommendations for increasing confidence in their activities based on a strategic approach to the hotel business development. The reviews of staff and guests’...
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Uplink Throughput of Multi-cell Processing with HDAF Cooperation Between Mobiles

Yuxi Liu, Lina Zheng, He Chen, JiaKui Zhao
Joint decoding at base stations combined with cooperative transmission is investigated to improve the uplink throughput of current cellular systems over fading channels. In this paper, we consider amplify-and-forward (AF), decodeand- forward (DF) and hybrid decode-amplify-forward (HDAF) cooperation schemes...
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Display technique of mobile video monitor on android

Yongxin Zhuang, Yang Li
As the popularization of smart mobile device and the convenience it bring, the video monitor platform has changed to mobile client application. This paper develops the video monitor application based on Android. Through the research of traditional display method about network video data, we put forward...

International Activities of Organizations to Support Young Compatriots Abroad

E I Vasilyeva, T E Zerchaninova, N P Mudretsova, A S Nikitina, I S Tarbeeva
The article is devoted to the analysis of the international activities of state and non-profit organizations to support young compatriots abroad. Statistical data are analyzed; data on foreign countries are received. The methodology for analyzing documents has been studied by federal regulatory legal...
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Downlink Performance of Cooperative Distributed Antenna Systems over Nakagami-m Fading Channels in Multi-cell Environment

Yuxi Liu, Lina Zheng, He Chen, JiaKui Zhao
In this paper, we investigate the downlink performance of cooperative distributed antenna systems (DAS) in multicell environment, including ergodic capacity, outage probability, and bit error rate (BER). Blanket transmission, all distributed antenna modules (DAMs) in one cell are utilized to transmit...
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Shape Control Learning Algorithm for Neural Networks

Daiyuan Zhang
A new kind of shape control learning algorithm (SCLA) for training neural networks is proposed. We use the rational cubic spline (with quadratic denominator) to implement a new neural system for shape control, and construct a new kind of artificial neural networks based on given patterns. The shape can...
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Comparative Research of Video Compression Algorithm for Mobile Device

Yang Du, Jia Zhao, ShaSha Fan, Qiang Wang, Fei Guo
The current video transmission based on mobile devices become more and more frequent, in order to meet the requirements of real-time and sharpness, and constraint satisfaction network speed, the video is to be compressed by right compression algorithm before transmission. This paper first introduces...

Internal Audit of Estimated Reserves and Liabilities as a Diagnostic Method for Corporate Risks

N A Kazakova, E B Shuvalova, S S Chikurova
Under the conditions of international economic and political instability, corporate risks exacerbate. Reserve funds and resources in the businesses on the basis of estimated reserves and liabilities are one of the risk management tools, that in their turn have quite a high level of variability as they...
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Network Video Transmission Quality Assurance Algorithm Based On Congestion Control

Honggao Zhu, Qi Feng
Time delay and packet loss rate during the network video transmission are the two important factors in network video transmission quality. The purpose of congestion control is to reduce the bad impact of network video transmission quality caused by time delay and packet loss rate. This paper proposed...

Opportunity Costs, Leadership, and Cooperation in Strategic Alliances

I S Kukaev, C JF Candido, A M Makarov
This paper presents a model of behaviour in strategic alliances, the iterated assurance game model with an exit option. From the literature review and the derived model, several hypotheses are proposed and then tested using Wilcoxon rank sum tests. Data was collected from self-administered questionnaires...
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A Video Bit Rate Control Algorithm Based on Weighted Estimate of Image Brightness Difference

Honggao Zhu, Qi Feng
Rate control is the core issue to realize video encoder, and it is also one of the key factors determining the quality of video code system. Given the MAD (Mean Absolute Difference) prediction and the drawback of bit rate control in the BU (Basic Unit) layer, improvements are put forward on the basis...
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Technology of UWB Communication System Synchronization Capture

Yangyang Zhou, Xusheng Xie
UWB is a high data transfer rate , high-performance , low-cost , low-power short-range wireless communications technology data transmission but it is narrow in the use of non-sinusoidal pulse high-speed transmission of data , but also faced with many problems. Based on the characteristics of UWB communications...