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Needs Analysis of Materials Development in a Postgraduate Course for Cultural Arts Education

Indar Sabri, Setyo Yanuartuti
This study aims to identify the need for the development of teaching materials for Creativity Education in the creativity education course of the UNESA postgraduate cultural arts education study program. The collection of research data was carried out using student questionnaire sheets. The results showed...

The Making of Cinematic Company Profile of Cultural Arts Education Study Program as Information Media and Promotion Strategy

Setyo Yanuartuti, Nengah Mariasa, Indar Sabri
A company profile is one of the most efficient ways for an institution or company to convey comprehensive information about the institution. Cultural Arts Education study program at Postgraduate UNESA, generates a company profile with cinematic features that are engaging to the audience since there is...

Product Quality and Advertisement Effects on Purchasing Decision Considering to Brand Image

Hapsari Shinta Citra Puspita Dewi, Jun Surjanti, Sri Setyo Iriani
This study aims to examine the effect of product quality and advertisement on customer’s purchasing decision considering to brand image as an intervening variable for dines and restaurants having negative-connoted names in Surabaya. It was qualitative research conducted into two stages; first was by...

Kinetic Sand and the Coordination of Eye and Hand for Children in Gorontalo

Velly Sena Edila Abdul, Pupung Puspa Ardini, Setyo Utoyo
This study aims to determine the data of playing kinetic media on the coordination ability of children’s eye and hand movements. This research is quantitative research with experimental methods. It uses a research design of one group pretest-posttest that is giving a test before and after being given...

The Role of University in Empowerment of Clean Living for Anticipating the Spread of Covid-19 at East Java

Sri Setyo Iriani, Janet Trineke Manoy, Vega Candra Dinata, Irfa Ronaboyd
Various efforts have been made by people around the world to anticipating the spread of the Coronavirus Diseas 19 (Covid-19) which is now considered very dangerous and deadly in a very fast time. The Indonesian government has made prevention by conducting social distacing to PSBB (large-scale social...

Performance Optimization of Village- Owned Enterprises Through Business Management Training

Sri Setyo Iriani, Anik Lestari Andjarwati, Sanaji, Zainur Rahman
Government regulations in improving the community welfare at the rural level are pursued by various strategies, one of which is through the establishment of Village-Owned Enterprises in each village. In the beginning of Village-Owned Enterprises (VOE) management by optimizing from village funds disbursed...

The Meaning of Creativity Message in Xu Bing’s Work: Square Word Calligraphy (Ferdinand De Saussure Semiotics Analysis)

Nadya Claresta Wijaya, Lusia Savitri Setyo Utami
Exhibition is an activity to present works of art from various artists. In an exhibition, an artist aims to communicate the work that has been made so that it can be enjoyed and appreciated by the public. MACAN Museum is a place for contemporary artists to display their works. XU BING is a contemporary...
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Analysis of College Students’ Misconception on Geometrical Optics

Setyo Admoko, Titin Sunarti, Mukhayyarotin Niswati Rodliyatul Jauhariyah, Suliyanah Suliyanah, Nadi Suprapto
This research aims to analyze college students’ misconception on optical concept. Participants were 36 college students of sixth semester from one intact class. College students’ misconception of geometrical optics were measured by a three-tier misconception test. From the data collected we were determined...

The Effect of Addiction of Watching Korean Drama Series on Imitation Behavior of Adolescents

Fransisca Fortunata, Lusia Savitri Setyo Utami
Korean culture is one of the most popular cultures in Indonesia. This phenomenon is called the Korean Wave or Hallyu as a specific impact of Korean culture products, for example, Korean drama. Korean dramas’ popularity raises a sense of addiction to Indonesian audiences, especially teenage Korean fans...
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Evaluation of Gamal Leaves (Gliricidia Sepium) as Anthelmintic Forages Against Gastrointestinal Nematodes in Sheep

Dyah H. Sawitri, April H. Wardhana, Farlin Nefho, Eko Setyo Purwanto, Eny Martindah, Wisri Puastuti
Several studies have demonstrated that ruminant-fed forages containing bioactive anthelmintics (tannins, alkaloids, and flavonoids) can be used to suppress nematode worms. The objective of this study was to examine any potential direct anthelmintic effects of G.sepium leaves containing Plant Secondary...

Marketing Public Relations Strategy in Developing Atourin’s Brand Awareness (A Study Through Virtual Tour Events During COVID-19 Pandemic)

Veronica Veronica, Lusia Savitri Setyo Utami
Atourin is a technology Start-Up company engaged in the tourism sector. As a Start-Up company, they need to increase public brand awareness of Atourin. One of the events that Atourin is doing during the pandemic is a virtual tour. The purpose of this study was to explain Atourin’s Marketing Public Relations...

Art as the Medium for Cultural Preservation Across Cultures

Hasprina Resmaniar Boru Mangoensong, Setyo Yanuartuti
Humans have their own unique way to adapt with nature. Rural people place themselves as a part of nature. However modern people place themselves as a different entity from nature and tend to dominate nature, so natural resources exploitation is inevitable. This purpose of this article is to find a concept...
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Cross-Generation Agrarian Conflict in Indonesia’s Palm Land

Andi Setyo Pambudi, Bambang Pramujo
Conflict on land issues occurred in many countries, including Indonesia. According to the National Land Agency, in 2015, the number of agrarian conflicts in Indonesia increased by around 60% from 2014. Palm plantations contribute to the highest problems of agrarian conflict. Ironically, during the bureaucratic...
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The Effectiveness of Covid-19 Vaccination in Indonesian Population: A Case-Control Study Protocol

Sri Idaiani, Nurhayati Nurhayati, Delima Delima, Harimat Hendarwan, Lucie Widowati, Ingan U. Tarigan, Nurfi Afriansyah, Sundari Wirasmi, Diah Yunitawati, Setyo Adiningsih, Hadjar Siswantoro, Tince A. Jovina, Yenni Risniati, Rossa Avrina, Armaji K. Syarif, Nita Prihartini, Narendro Arifia, Yusi D. Nurcahyani, Evi I. Natalia, Made D. Susilawati, Jarir A. Thobari
It is essential to prove a vaccination program's effectiveness before initiating such a program to the entire population. Accordingly, the government of Indonesia has conducted research at the beginning of the COVID-19 vaccination program. The general objective of the current study was to assess...

Dancing as an Expressive Media in the Middle of Pandemic

Setyo Yanuartuti, Warih Handayaningrum
The decrease of body immunity has occurred in everyone due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which requires people to study, work, pray and do lots of activities at home. Dancing is a medium of expression that can be used to restore immunity for choreographers. The purpose of this paper is to examine the choreographers’...
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Effectiveness of CoronaVac Vaccine in Health Workers in Indonesia: A Case-Control Study

Delima Delima, Nurhayati Nurhayati, Sri Idaiani, Harimat Hendarwan, Lucie Widowati, Ingan Ukur Tarigan, Nurfi Afriansyah, Sundari Wirasmi, Diah Yunitawati, Setyo Adiningsih, Hadjar Siswantoro, Tince A. Jovina, Yenni Risniati, Rossa Avrina, Armaji K. Syarif, Nita Prihartini, Narendro Arifia, Yusi D. Nurcahyani, Evi I. Natalia, Made D. Susilawati, Devi Anisiska, Mawari Edy, Timor Utama
Despite various platforms, vaccines are expected to be an essential effort to control COVID-19. Phase 3 clinical trials for CoronaVac, one of the inactivated virus vaccines, in Indonesia showed a promising efficacy of 65.3%. This study aimed to assess CoronaVac effectiveness in health workers against...

The Knowledge and Attitude of Universitas Muhammadiyah Magelang Pharmacy Students on National Health Programs–a Descriptive Study

Prasojo Pribadi, Rayi Citra Ayu Pangestuti, Heni Lutfiyati, Elmiawati Latifah, Setyo Budi Santoso
The important role of pharmacists in the community in disseminating the National Health Programs is as an effort to educate healthy lifestyles to the community. This paper aims to assessing the knowledge and attitude of Universitas Muhammadiyah Magelang pharmacy students on National Health Programs....

The Role of Sensing Capability in Enhancing Small Business Performance

Lasmy, Tirta Nugraha Mursitama, Asnan Furinto, Setyo Hari Wijanto
Entrepreneurship has a significant role in a country’s economy. Entrepreneurs such as Indonesia SMEs have a workforce absorption of up to 116.6 million people or 97.02% in 2017, reaching 64 million units in 2018, able to contribute more than large-scale businesses to Indonesia’s GDP amounted to 61.07%...

Formation of Tokopedia Image Perceptions in Public (Study On BTS Fans, ARMY)

Limar Tina, Lusia Savitri Setyo Utami
Nowadays, the evolution of technology has become a bridge that is being used for the company to grow a good perspective on customers. This study aims to determine the formation of a positive image perception of BTS fans towards tokopedia companies by appointing BTS as a brand ambassador. The approach...

Fandom and Voluntary “ARMY”: Case Study on BTS Fans in Indonesia

Lusia Savitri Setyo Utami, Septia Winduwati
BTS is one of idol boyband from South Korea. They are now known as a global idol after receiving their first Billboard Music Awards in 2017. BTS has a fandom named ARMY, which stands for Adorable Representative M.C for Youth. BTS fans are one of the influential fandoms among other K-Pop fandoms. Their...

The Agility of Micro Travel Influencer in Labuan Bajo Tourism Promotional Communication

Diah Ayu Candraningrum, Riris Loisa, Lusia Savitri Setyo Utami, Lydia Irena
De-escalation occurred in the number of domestic and foreign tourist arrivals during this new normal. The pandemic that gave rise to social restriction policies had a negative impact on the country’s tourism sector, including Labuan Bajo which is a super-priority tourist destination. A significant decrease...
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Preference and Consumer Behavior Agrotourism on Campus UPN “Veteran” East Java

Setyo Parsudi, Juli Santoso, Mubarokah Mubarokah, Gyska Indah Harya
Development of agrotourism in unirversities are still rare in Indonesia, including in East Java, especially in Surabaya. National Development University "Veteran" (UPN "Veteran") East Java, especially the Faculty of Agriculture is one of the universities in Surabaya that plans to develop agro-tourism...

Barongan: Heritage of Traditions on the Java Coast and Their Symbolic Interactions

Riris Setyo Sundari, Tjetjep Rohendi Rohidi, Suminto A. Sayuti, Hartono
Barongan is a traditional art from Central Java. Barongan that carries mythological animals, lives and develops in the Central Java region, including on the north coast. So, it’s important to study about Barongan Performance. The objectives of this researchy are: (1) to analyze the process of Barongan...

EFL Teachers’ Perception of the Effectiveness of ICT-ELT Integration During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Yeni Fitri, Nur Hidayanto Pancoro Setyo Putro
The transformation from face-to-face teaching to online teaching in this COVID-19 pandemic makes teachers have no excuse to integrate ICT in their teaching. Thus, ICT becomes the most important tool in educational setting currently. However, only 10% is known about how EFL teachers perceived the effectiveness...
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Bibliometric Profile of Science Education Research on Argumentation and the Contribution of Indonesia

Setyo Admoko, Mukhayyarotin N. R. J., Eko Hariyono, Madlazim
This study aims to describe the profile of argumentation research in science education and reveal the contributions of researchers from Indonesia based on the Scopus database education. It is used bibliometric analysis. Based on the visualization analysis of the research profile, “science education argumentation”...

E-CRM for Cooperation Service System in Higher Education Setting

Sujarwanto, Khofidotur Rofiah, Sri Setyo Iriani
This study aims to improve the quality of management and cooperation services that are responsive, accountable, and transparent. Based on this background, it is very necessary to have research on improving the quality of collaboration services at Universitas Negeri Surabaya. Therefore, in this study...
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Clustering of COVID-19 Provinces in Indonesia Using Fuzzy Means Cluster Methods

Ria Dhea L. N. Karisma, Tiara Setyo Arinda, Heni Widayani, Ari Kusumastuti
COVID-19 is a contagious virus that has global pandemic. Indonesia has the highest infected cases of COVID-19 in South-East Asia. The aim of the research is classified provinces in Indonesia using Fuzzy Mean Cluster (FCM) based on positive cases, recovery cases, and death cases of COVID-19. The result...
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Bibliometric Analysis of Socio Scientific Issues (SSI) in Physics (2019-2020)

Arika Arika, Suliyanah Suliyanah, Setyo Admoko, Nadi Suprapto, Utama Alan Deta
Socio-Scientific Issues (SSI) is a controversial topic that arises from advances in science and technology (IPTEK). In implementing Socio scientific issue as a learning context, it is necessary to study literature for investigating the selection of social-scientific issues. The aim of this research was...

The Alun-Alun Karimunjawa as Economic Space in the Coastal City as Alun-Alun in the City Center in Java

R Siti Rukayah, Endang Sri Susilo, Dileanis Pringgenies, W Agus Tri Setyo
Karimunjawa Island has the main activities of the population on the utilization of coral reef ecosystems, fisheries, and marine tourism activities. 60% of Karimunjawa people work as fishermen. The great support from the government makes Karimunjawa as one of the tourist destinations of the four-priority...

Evaluating On-going ESP Courses at Two Higher Education Institutions: Students’ Perspectives

Luluk Iswati, Saptin Dwi Setyo Hastuti
As ESP is increasingly applied in many non-English departments of higher education institutions, evaluating the course is pivotal as it gauges to what extent the program is successful to meet learners’ needs and the overall course goals. Hence, this study was set out to evaluate on-going ESP courses...

Gating Analysis on Woodball: in Terms of Biomechanics

Fajar Awang Irawan, Bayu Setyo Utomo, Muchamad Arif Al Ardha
The purpose of this study was to analyze the gating motion of woodball athletes in terms of biomechanics. The method used in this study was descriptive quantitative with a total sample of 8 athletes participating in this study. This study has passed the Ethical Clearance of Universitas Negeri Semarang,...

Reporters as Digital Media Informal Educators

Rino Hayyu Setyo, Hardika
The rapid development of technology must also be accompanied by the mindset of social media users so that there will be harmony in the progress of the times. So that in receiving and disseminating information through technology according to the facts. This study aims to describe the phenomena of hoax...
Proceedings Article

Civil Society Involvement in Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for Eliminating All Forms of Poverty Anywhere

Supriyatiningsih Supriyatiningsih, Ralph Lelle, Arlina Dewi, Sri Sundari, Dianita Sugiyo, Winny Setyo Nugroho
Since Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 1 are launched globally in 2015, the United Nations encourages its member countries to conduct regular and inclusive reviews of progress towards achieving SDGs at the national and sub-national level that reported through the Voluntary National Review (VNR)....

Translation as an Alternative to a Language-Based Vocational Course at the Undergraduate Level

Raden Arief Nugroho, Achmad Basari, Valentina Widya Suryaningtyas, Nina Setyaningsih, Setyo Prasiyanto Cahyono, Anisa Larassati
Linguistics has often been regarded as a theory-based discipline since its development in the 18th century. In the context of education in Indonesia, the authors identify that most of undergraduate level language-based study program takes form as a theoretical course rather than vocational one. If there...

Developing Model of Digital Leadership for the New Normal Age

Setyo Budianto, Ubud Salim, Wahdiyat Moko, Nur Khusniyah
The new normal is a new order created to adapt to the Covid-19 pandemic, a new habit built on adaptation to promote a clean and healthy lifestyle. The pandemic is a real-life example of a volatile-uncertain-complex-ambiguous (VUCA) world. It has resulted in huge changes in leadership and management of...

Competence of Guidance and Counseling Teachers (counselors) of junior and senior high schools in Semarang Regency and Semarang City

Awalya Awalya, Weni Anggraini, Susilawati Susilawati, Imam Setyo Nugroho
The development of technology and information in the modern era has had a major impact on the world of education. The challenges of educators in the future, especially guidance and counseling teachers such as drugs, pornography and others. Therefore, a guidance and counseling teacher in the modern era...
Proceedings Article

Nutrition and Its Impact to Oral Health in Dogs and Cats (Study in Prof. Soeparwi Animal Hospital)

Dyah Kunthi Wirapratiwi, Yuli Santoro, Agung Budi Pramono, Kurnia Kurnia, Anggarda Prasetyo, Guntari Titik Mulyani, Setyo Budhi, Slamet Raharjo, Aryan Morita
Dental plaque has been considered as one of etiology in dental problem. It consists of collection of microorganisms that are formed and firmly attached to the tooth surface and also food deposit. With the mineralization process, dental plaque will transform into dental calculus and lead to periodontal...

Design Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) in Electronic Health Record to Early Detection of Stroke Disease, Diabetes Mellitus and to Prevent Interaction of Drug Content

Feby Erawantini, Arinda Lironika Suryana, Rinda Nurul Karimah, Arief Setyoargo, Nachrul Jinan, Khoirunnisa Afandi, Nugroho Setyo Wibowo, Asmak Afriliana, Raden Roro Lia Chairina
Hospitals must provide the best service to patients. There are include speed in service, on-time, and safe from medical errors. Quality of care depends on quality electronic medical records. Electronic medical records contain social data and patient medical data. The advantages of medical records are...

The Effect of Usefulness, Ease of Use, Credibility, Social Environment and Supporting Facilities on Millennial Generation Interest Using E-Money

Bagaskoro Setyo Hutomo, Muhammad Ramadhan Slamet
This research aims to determine the factor of usefulness,ease ¬of use, credibility, social environment and facilitating condition have effect on millennial generation using e-money. Sample of this research is millennial generation at Batam. Data collection method uses questionnaire. The results of this...

The Big Five Personalities as Antecedents of Nurse Performance

Ugung Dwi Ario Wibowo, Edwin Setyo Andriyanto
This study was aimed at knowing the effect of personality based on dimensions of the big five personality modelof the nurse performance. This included dimensions such as openness to experience, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. The study was a quantitative study using a...

Social Capital or Social Debt in Healthcare?

FX. Sri Sadewo, M. Setyo Pramono, Refti Handini Listyani
For the poor, subsidized health insurance does not fully meet the needs at the time of illness. In a sick condition, let alone be hospitalized, help from the environment around the family becomes important. They struggle to free themselves from illness, so as not to worsen poverty. Through ethnographic...

The Implementation of Genre Based Approach To Teaching Narrative Listening

Setyo Prasiyanto Cahyono
This research examines the implementation of Genre Based Approach in teaching narrative listening as an approach to motivate the students to learn listening. The design of this research used a case study involving a lecturer and 32 of the third semester students who took Advanced Listening at English...

Information Technology Governance Process Capability Level at ABC Company (a State-Owned Enterprise in Indonesia)

Annisa Wicahyani Mutiara, Setyo Hari Wijanto, Firman Anindra
Information technology (IT) at ABC Company plays an important role in supporting the operational functions of all its subsidiaries. Therefore, IT must be well managed to achieve company goals. In this research, the IT governance capability at ABC Company is evaluated using a COBIT 5 framework focusing...

Analysis of Online Learning by Using Usability Testing During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Hendrik Setyo Utomo, Veri Julianto, Ahmad Rusadi Arrahimi
Online learning is defined as learning that takes place without direct or face-to-face interaction between lecturers and students, but rather through the use of the internet. Even if students are at home, lecturers ensure that teaching and learning activities can take place. The solution, lecturers can...

The Dynamic Impact of Rice Production and Harvested Area on Agricultural Product Prices During COVID-19

Lutfi Asnan Qodri, Munawar Ismail, Marlina Ekawaty, Setyo Tri Wahyudi
The Covid-19 pandemic has caused several economic conditions to experience obstacles, especially related to the distribution of rice to the community. Indirectly this can have an impact on the availability of the selling price of rice to the community. The purpose of this article is to analyze the events...

Implementation Model Assure to Utilize Local Wisdom for Learning Science at Pesantren Sabilil Muttaqien Kediri East Java Indonesia

Budi Setyo Margono
The efective mastery learning of Science needs the learning media which is universal in order to fascilitate student with different need, the learning style and the speed of learning. Beside considering the availabililty and the easeness to obtain, as well as the atractiveness for student. Utilizing...
Proceedings Article

Numerical Simulation of Rectangular Vortex Generator in Sweptback Wing Airfoil NACA 0012 with Counter-Rotating Position

Verdhiana Sembodo Putra, Setyo Hariyadi Suranto Putro, Nyaris Pambudiyatno
Airplanes can fly because of the slightly curved shape of the plane’s wings called the airfoil. Airfoil is still used by aircraft today but continues to be designed to get maximum results. The research method used is a simulation analysis method on the NACA 0012 test object with ANSYS-CFD software which...

Musicality Development on the Teaching of Musical Arts to Children of 6 to 9 Years Old

Trisakti, Setyo Yanuarti, Yulisetiana
The teaching and learning process of music arts for children from ages 6 to 9 years old needs a careful strategy in its implementation. A case in a course Accento Music Education Centre Surabaya shows the lack of musicality of children that causes their learning outcomes to be less optimal. In its teaching...

Conditions of Learning Strategies for Speaking and Presenting Skills at SMK

Setyo Eko Wahyu Addin Nugroho, Laili Etika Rahmawati, Miftakhul Huda
The strategy of learning speaking skills in Indonesian subjects with news text material is included in the learning achievement of speaking and presenting elements. The purpose of speaking skills in learning Indonesian is so that students can convey information orally by going through the stages of critical,...
Proceedings Article

Profile of the Sustainable Reserve Food Garden (SRFG) Program in Pacitan Regency, East Java

Titik Wijayanti, Endang Arisoesilaningsih, Yayuk Yuliati, Amin Setyo Leksono
The aims of this study is to describe the profile of the Sustainable Reserve Food Garden (SRFG) program in term of organization, capital, activities, and sustainability, and to analyze the relationship between organizational and capital aspects to the activities and sustainability of the SRFG program...