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Development of the platform for Marine Early Warning Products Service based on Online ArcGIS

Yixin Huang, Yonghua Sun, Hao Wu, Cankun Yang
The Clue of this paper is the data of marine environmental early warning service platform, and our research basis includes data classification, database index table, structure design and data consistence. The normalized data which is realized by ETL is ported in automatic drawing template, and use the...
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Object Tracking and Behavior Recognition Based on Gray Prediction

Fang Zhang
For existing problems in visual tracking and behavior recognition, we propose a novel method to track and recognize based on gray prediction in this paper. We firstly use the background subtraction method to detect moving target and use cross entropy method to process image binaryzation. After that,...
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A Algorithm for Static Gesture recognition Using combination of object features

Hong Duan, Yang Luo
Proposed a static gesture recognition method for identifying characteristics of the object in combination. With the feature vector composed of five features, such as the number of fingers, gesture outline convex defect characteristics, the length and area of contour and Hu matrix, we adopted the template-matching...

Curriculum Teaching Reform of Advanced Mathematics in Application-Oriented Universities—with Nanchang Institute of Science & Technology as an Example

Yunxuan Xiong
This paper, among the first, analyzes the curriculum teaching reform of Advanced Mathematics in application-oriented universities. Based on its actual situation, this paper establishes a new mathematical knowledge module to better serve for the follow-up professional courses, thus improving the quality...
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Recent Advances in synthesis and Application of Hierarchical Zeolite

Zhuoqi Yang
Constructing hierarchical Zeolite is an important method to enhance accessibility of molecular sieves and the research hotspot in catalytic field. A great number of synthetic methods for adjusting the pore structure of hierarchical molecular sieves were developed. The synthetic researches on hierarchical...

The Role of Organizational Culture as Moderating Variable in the Influence of Person-Organization Fit and Job Characteristics on Performance

B.S. Priyono, K Indrianingrum, A Murdiyanto, E.M Afriana
This study is aimed to analyze the role of organizational culture as moderating variable in the influence of person-organization fit and job characteristics on employee performance. A survey was conducted on civil servants working for a government institution. The population in this study is 138 employees....
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Development and Application of a Concrete Apparent Beautifying Agent

Ju-xiang Xing, Long Xiong, Xing Li
The exquisite appearance of concrete components not only reflects the management level of construction units and the overall quality of operators, but also transmits the reliability of the inherent quality of the whole project and the aesthetic feeling of art.. The new demoulding agent prepared in this...
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The Realization of the Design and Processing of Ladies' Shoes Pictures on Web

Zhi-Liang Xia, Qi-Ming Tian
This thesis take pictures for the products and processed the pictures that need to be uploaded, combine the relative features of Josiny ladies' shoes and the requests for the commodity display pictures that come up on by TMALL, make the product template that is up to the requests of TMALL and the display...
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The Design of Facial expression recognition system based on the LabVIEW and MATLAB mixed programming

Ju Wang, Mei Hong, Chun-yan Nie
It has a very important role that emotion to coordinate the relationship between people in the numerous and complicated social life. Expression is the most important characteristics of emotion, it is indispensable means of information communication and emotional communication in interpersonal communication....

Performance Evaluation of New Ranking Function Methods with Current Ranking Functions Using VAM and MM-VAM

Muhtarulloh Fahrudin, Atia Nuraini
This paper discusses the optimal solution for specific types of optimization problems called fuzzy transportation problems using pentagonal fuzzy numbers. Cost value, supply, and the demand for fuzzy transport issues are taken as fuzzy numbers pentagonal. Pentagonal fuzzy numbers are converted to crisp...
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The Research of Chinese Name Entity Disambiguation Based On Word Sense Disambiguation

Gang Wang
Named Entity Disambiguation (NED) refers to the processing of determining the real entity concept of a given name with some necessary context. This paper introduces a calculation model of the NED based on the word sense disambiguation in order to solve the problem of Chinese name disambiguation which...

Innovative Teaching Reform of Embedded System Course —Taking Robot Project as Teaching Template

Xiangjin Zeng, Dunbo Cai, Tao Lu
According to the characteristics and requirements of the embedded industry, this paper explores the innovative teaching mode of embedded system course, which improves the teaching quality and students' interest in learning by designing the teaching content and adopting the project of robot platform.
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A Review of Vision-Based Vehicle Detection and Tracking Techniques for Intelligent Vehicle

Mengxin Li, Xiangqian Tian, Ying Zhang, Ke Xu, Dai Zheng
Vision-based vehicle detection and tracking techniques is of great importance to reduce vehicle collision accidents and increase the driving safety on road. This paper presents a comprehensive review of latest techniques for vehicle detection and tracking. In hypothesis generation of vehicles, motion-based,...

Talent Cultivation Mode on Accountancy and Bilingual Teaching Reform of Accounting Education

Dan-qing Pan
China released its 13th five-plan on education to deepen reform and promote the modernization of education, which is pursuit of transforming China from “Made in China” to “Created in China”. The application oriented colleges play the significant role in implementing the objective. This template explains...

The Test Method of Smart Substation Configuration Description File Based on Business Rules

Yanjun Li, Xiliang Ding, Rongrong Zhan, Xiurong Gao
Smart substation is an intelligent substation which adopts advanced, reliable and ecofriendly techniques. It can finish the basic functions of collection, measure, protection and test automatically, meanwhile, advanced capabilities like automatic control, intelligent adjustment and online decision analysis...
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Improved TLD Target Algorithm Based On Feature Fusion

Wenjun Dai, Tianqing Chang, Kuifeng Su, QuanDong Wang
A modified TLD tracking algorithm based on fusion of color model and ORB feature is proposed for the poor tracking performance of TLD algorithm for rotating target. The algorithm uses a feature fusion tracking algorithm instead of the optical flow method in the TLD tracking module, updating target tracking...
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Design of Music Spectrum Display Based on STC12C5A60S2

Lihui Sun, Jun Yu
Most of audio players on the market use the hardware filter or DSP chip to process spectrum, the use of the techniques on the one hand requires high hardware costs, on the other hand, software and hardware implementations is more complex. In order to overcome the shortcomings, a spectrum display using...
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Photochromic Resins for Secondary Printing in Additive Manufacturing

Fei Wang, Fu-Ke Wang
This template explains and demonstrates how to prepare your camera-ready manuscript for publisher. The best is to read these instructions and follow the outline of this text. Please make the page settings of your word processor to A4 format (21 x 29,7 cm or 8 x 11 inches); with the margins: bottom 1.5...
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The Feature Description and Identification Method of Radar Signal Based on Kernel Density Estimation

Fei YE, Xin Wang, Xingrong Gao, Jun Luo
Along with the development of modern radar technology, the radar signal system is more and more complicated. This makes the description way of the existing radar signal feature cannot effectively express and analysis it's characteristic. Therefore, in this kind of situation, a description method of radar...
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Self-assembly of 3D Graphene and Its Superior Adsorption Ability for Heavy Oil

Bo Zhou, Yan Wu, Yao-Qun Huang, Shu Wang, Guo-An Zha
Three-dimensional graphene (3DG) samples were prepared using template-free solvent- thermal synthesis route with graphene oxide (GO) as a precursor. With the GO concentration (CGO) increasing gradually from 4 mg/mL to 10 mg/mL, the morphology of the 3DG evolves from nanoparticle to 3DG monolith material....
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A Newly Improved Canny Algorithm of Image Edge Detection

Xiang Wu, Weibo Yu, Xiaotong Liu, Keping Liu
A new adaptive Canny operator is proposed which aims at the effect of image edge areas when traditional Canny operator under Gaussian smooth and the shortcomings of threshold level need to be pre-set. Firstly, the adaptive median filtering is adopted to process image; Secondly, this paper adds the gradient...

Research on the Evolution of Sports Industry Structure in Developed Countries

Sanying Peng
As the most developed countries in the world, the Structure of Sports Industry in the United States, Japan, Britain and other developed countries is unique in terms of market mechanisms, financial support, mindset, industrial policy support and innovation ability. Through literature review, expert interview...

Research and Application of Color in Hui Style Architecture

Yankao He
Hui style architecture is one of the most important traditional architecture schools in China, which has a long history and unique regional characteristics. Among them, the color of the Hui style architecture has a profound cultural deposits and unique style. The formation of the Hui style architectural...
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DNA Barcode of Black Capped White Eye Zosterops atricapilla (Aves: Zosteropidae) From Bengkulu Indonesia Based on Mitochondrial DNA COI Gene

Jarulis, Ahmat Fakhri Utama, Sipriyadi, Santi Nurul Kamilah
The study aims to determine the genetic character of Black-capped white-eye (Zosterops articapilla) using the mtDNA COI gene. Blood sample was collected from bird market in Bengkulu city and its DNA genome isolation and purification following the Protocols of Dneasy® Blood and Tissue Kit Cat no 69504...
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Manganese Oxide/Mesoporous Carbon Spherical Composite:Study on Its Enhanced Catalytic and Electrochemical Performance

Zuosong Sun, Shaodian Shen, Dongsen Mao, Guanzhong Lu
Manganese oxide/mesoporous carbon (MnO2/MCs) spherical composites were prepared by hydrothermal method. The resorcinol and potassium permanganate were used as carbon source and manganese source,respectively. The morphology and pore character of the carbon materials were investigated by scanning electron...
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An analysis of the influence of design parameters on the resonant frequency of PCB coil

Xiuwei Wang, Yanping Cong, Haokun Chi
With the development of science and technology, the application of implantable biomedical electronic devices which play an important role in biological research and medical diagnostics becomes increasingly popular[1]. For the implantable electronic equipments, long-term, stable and secure power supply...
Proceedings Article

Genetic Variation of Black Capped White Eye Zosterops atricapilla (Aves: Zosteropidae) Based on Mitochondrial DNA Cytochrome B Gene

Deby Permana, Jarulis, Sipriyadi, Santi Nurul Kamilah
The purpose of this research was to explore the genetic variation of Black Capped White eye Zosterops articapilla using the mitochondrial DNA cytochrome b gene. The blood sample was collected via pectoral vein of bird from Panorama markets, Bengkulu city. DNA genome were isolated and purified from the...
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Target Tracking And Energy Optimization Based On Dynamic Clusters Mechanism In WSN

Qun Zhuang, Zibo He
In order to reduce the entire network sensor node energy consumption, this text gives an algorithm to track the target effectively and to reduce the energy using the uniform speed and variable speed motion target tracking in Wireless sensor networks as the background. In addition, in order to ensure...
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The Application of Factor Analysis in Construction Project Post-evaluation

Haiyan ZHANG
Project after the authenticity of the evaluation results to a large extent depends on the rationality of the evaluation method, this article in view of the construction project post-evaluation of current method is a systematic research, and put forward the factor analysis method used in the construction...
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Method of TCM Prescription Recognition Based on Template Matching Algorithm

Hanqing Zhao, Jie Luo, Caifeng Liu, Xinxia Lei, Zhiguo Wang
Objective: To explore a method to identify classical recipes of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) from clinical prescriptions of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Methods: By using the template matching algorithm in the field of image processing, this paper designs a kind of computer algorithm for...
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Comparison of extraction efficiency of three nanofibers for four heavy metals in aqueous solution

Xiongwei Liu, Jianjun Deng, Jinghui Fan, Lanlan Wei, Xuejun Kang
A new conductive polymer nanofiber was prepared by electrospinning of the polymer solution and in situ synthesis. The electrospun polystyrene (PS) fibers were employed as template for the in situ surface polymerization of poly 3, 4-ethylenedioxythiophene (PEDOT). Electrospun nanofibers were utilized as...
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Pattern recognition of electric vehicle charging and discharging based on the closeness degree

Xi Chen
In the process of the intelligent network informatization, automation, and intelligent constantly improving, the requirements of power system for the transparency of the demand side are also getting higher and higher. Real-time and accurate load equipment identification for planning, load forecasting...

Format, Design and Content of Curriculum Vitae in a Developing Country

Sri Hapsari Wijayanti, Endang Sulistyaningsih
One important factor needed to be considered by the applicant is how to package CV as a self-presentation. CV was used the recruiter as an initial selection in hiring employees. This study aims to describe how the format, design, and content of CVs in the Indonesian context as one of developing countries....
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Directional Wettability of Butterfly Wing and Biomimetic Preparation of Superhydrophobic Polymer Film by Soft Lithography

Yan Fang, Gang Sun, Dandan Jin, Jing Wang, Yongfang Hou, Fei Dong
The micro-morphology, superhydrophobicity, adhesive property and chemical composition of the butterfly wing surface were investigated by a scanning electron microscope (SEM), a contact angle (CA) meter and a Fourier transform infrared spectrometer (FT-IR). The wetting mechanism of the butterfly wing...
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Fabrication of Polymer Film with Low Adhesion and High Hydrophobicity Using Locust Wing as a Bio-template

Yan Fang, Gang Sun, Jing Wang, Yan Zhang, Dandan Jin, Luming Bai
The special wettability and micro/nano-structure of locust wing were investigated by a video-based contact angle (CA) meter and a scanning electron microscope (SEM). The wetting mechanism was discussed from the perspective of biological coupling. Locust wings were used as biomimetic templates to fabricate...

Analytical Reading as an Effective Model for Enhancing Critical Thinking

Yonghong Gao
This paper studies the analytical reading model aimed at enhancing critical thinking in English Reading class. The study introduces an approach that teachers can take, and uses a text from Extensive Reading 4 as an example to illustrate how to read the text analytically by employing Richard Paul’s template...
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Synthesis and characterization of hierarchical mesoporous NaY zeolite templated with a novel multi-headed quaternary ammonium salt surfactant

Jialin Yu, Dong Xu
An approach for the synthesis of hierarchical mesoporous zeolite NaY, templated with Bis [2-hydroxy-3-(dodecyldimethylammonio) propyl]-diethylammonium Trichloride, is reported. The results show that the meseoporous zeolite NaY possesses both micro and mesopore system, and the mesopore size distributed...
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Chiral Separation of R,S Clopidogrel with Monolithic Molecularly Imprinted Polymers

Zhiwei Li, Yanling Gao, Jin Xia, Qingguo He
A monolithic column of molecularly imprinted polymer was prepared by an in situ polymerization method with a compound clopidogrel as the template. The molecular recognition capabilities of the prepared monolithic MIP were evaluated by separating the enantiomers. The characteristics of the column and...
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Tendency of Restaurant Reviews Mining Model Combining FP-Tree Algorithm

Qixiang Wang, Chen Li, Guanyang He, Xinyi Xu, Jing Li
A restaurant review tendentious mining method that combines FP-Tree algorithm is presented to dig and identify high-frequency noun pairs in reviews associated with services, the environment, food, to name just a few, by mining association rules. A feature word dictionary is established and Training the...
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Research of Detection Algorithm about Rectangular Degree of Metal Parts Based on Halcon

Xin Liu, Ying Mu, Hongbin Wang
A new approach of the rectangular degree detection of the metal parts is proposed. Our design is based on Halcon, a machine vision software, which includes key processing steps shuch as the edge contour extraction, image matching, and defect detection and so on. First, the edge is extracted according...
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Research on Sub Pixel Roundness Detection Technology Based on B-spline Lifting Wavelet

Yanping Gong, Zhigang Huang
In order to realize roundness detection of rotary type parts in industrial field without interruption machining process, an image measurement method was proposed in this paper. Using adaptive threshold, the image edge can be determined by calculating modulus maximum in gradient direction in different...
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Bio-Mechanically Active Ceramic-Polymeric Hybrid Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering

Aversa Raffaella, Sorrentino Roberto, Apicella Antonio
The research develops and tests new hybrid biomimetic materials that work as mechanically stimulating "scaffolds" to promote early regeneration in implanted bone healing phases. A biomimetic nanostructured osteo-conductive material coated apparatus is presented. A bio-inspired approach to materials and...

Garment Single-piece Flow Production Based on Template Sewing Technique

Jishu Zhang, Peiguo Wang
Lean and Agile Manufacturing has been a hot issue in garment manufacturing in China nowadays. In this paper, a new garment manufacturing mode was presented named as garment single-piece flow production based on template sewing technique. The differences between garment single piece flow production codes...
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A Visual Navigation Control Method of Substation Inspection Robot

Liqiang ZHONG, Shaosheng FAN, Shaohai ZHANG, Di YANG
According to the real condition of the substation inspection robot provided a vision-based navigation control method for substation inspection robot can be run in the complex road environment, with strong anti-interference, implementation of simple, good stability and high precision in this paper. In...

Analysis of Problems and Causes in the Design and Application of Classroom Teaching Courseware in Medical Colleges and Universities

Jian Huang, Dongling Liang
This paper analyzes the problems existing in the teaching courseware of higher medical education in China. From the perspective of the process of teaching application, there are mainly six problems: First, there is confusion between subject and object in classroom teaching; second, there is no fine processing...

Primary School Teachers’ Attitude to the New Ukrainian School Reform

Inna Khyzhniak, Iryna Viktorenko
The paper reveals the results of implementing the New Ukrainian School reform by analysing teachers’ attitude to transformation processes in the national education system, as well as motives that influence their professional activities. Having analysed a great number of scientific works and monitoring...
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A Planar Metrology Method Based on Image Sequence

Hui Zeng, Baoqing Zhang, Zhichun Mu, Xiuqing Wang
This paper presents a novel planar metrology method based on image sequence. Compared with the planar metrology method based on single image, the proposed method can enlarge the measuring range effectively. The main reference planar template and the auxiliary reference planar template are used to achieve...
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Acute Dysbaric Disorders: A Case Series in The Hyperbaric Center in Lombok 2016-2020

Eustachius Hagni Wardoyo, Devi RM Tarigan
This study aimed to describe acute dysbaric disorder (ADD) in the hyperbaric center in Lombok during 2016-2020. All types of ADD diagnosis which attend to Diving Health and Hyperbaric center Mataram General Hospital (DHM) 2016-2020 were included in the study. Secondary data of Medical Record then analyzed:...
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Visual Customization Reporting System for Power Grid Dispatching based on Parsing Template

Zhouyang Hu, Xiaochen Lai, Jianjian Shen, He Jiang
Aiming at the problem that the power network dispatching management system has the problems such as poor report expansibility, diverse data sources and complex functions, a visual customization scheme for power generation dispatching report is proposed. Based on the parsing template, using data interface...
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Synthesis of Patterned AlN Nanoarray and its Photoluminance Property Investigation

Ming-zhe Hu, Zhi-wei Zeng, Yue Yin, Deng-hui Ji
Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) method is employed in the present paper to grow patterned Aluminium nitride (AlN) nanowire array. The AlN nanoarray is grown on Si substrate through patterned polystyrene spheres (PS) colloid template. The microstructure of AlN nanoarray is investigated by SEM, XRD and...