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The preparation of core-shell structural ZnO@4A nano-materials

Dong Feng, Zhiyi Li, Jiejing Nong, Wenbo Zhao
Core-shell structural material has received much attention, this materials are different from the symbiotic synthesized two phase molecular sieve, but has ordered core-shell structure which retains the composition characteristics of the molecular sieve and has a variety of active center and dual channel...
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Deceptive jamming method for countering ISAR based on electromagnetic scattering property

Ning Tai, Chao Wang, Nai-Chang Yuan, Li-Guo Liu, Long Xiong
A frequency domain deceptive jamming method is proposed against ISAR based on the electromagnetic property. The RCS of a 3-D vessel model is computed to build up the target template. The template is used to modulate the intercepted radar signal in frequency domain. Containing the electromagnetic scattering...
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Control System Modeling And Solving For The Multi-objective Level Balance

Jinlin Huang, Keliang Zhou, Chen Wang
During the production process of metal hydrometallurgical based on the Multi-objective Level Balance Control System, advantages such as ensure the production, improve production efficiency, reduce the cost can be made if the level can self-balancing. This paper around the problem of the level balance...

Text Mining of Network Public Opinion Based on Link Template

Tianzhi Wang
Collecting information is the basis of network public opinion analysis, judgment and developing countermeasure. How to improve the efficiency and accuracy of retrieval is an important problem. This paper expounds the selection of search words from the forms of synonym, antonym, hypernym and hyponym,...
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Multi-sensor Formation Targets Template Matching Tracking Algorithm

Haipeng Wang, Shuyi Jia, Ziling Wang
Aiming to solve the track refined tracking problem of the formation targets with the multi-sensor detections, based on the relative invariant of the actual positions of the formation targets in each detection period, a new algorithm named multi-sensor formation targets template matching tracking algorithm...

A Grey Relational Analysis of the Influence Factors of Tourism Industry in Guangdong Province

Tong Yu, Chunshang Wu
This article launched grey system theory to analyze the tourism industry in Guangdong Province from 2005 to 2014, which indicated that the regional economy development level is the most influencing factors of Guangdong tourism industry. The article proposed policies and suggestions for the rapid growth...
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Design and Implementation of University Performance Management System based on Cloud Computing Technology

Kechao Wang, Ruijie Zhu, Zongfu Jia, Xiangmin Ren
In recent years, colleges and universities around the world have begun to pay more and more attention to the performance appraisal. Therefore, A scientific, reasonable and universal performance management system has a far-reaching impact and significance on improving teachers' performance and achieving...
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Edge Detection Based on Improved Sobel Operator

Chao-Chao Zhang, Jian-Dong Fang
Sobel algorithm is an important method of image edge detection. Comparing the Sobel operator with several other edge detection operators used frequently and making a further study on the classical Sobel operator, the advantages of Sobel operator are its fast detection speed, meanwhile , it has an effect...

Effect of Corporate Governance Mechanism on the Quality Financial Reporting (Evidence in Indonesia and Singapore)

Lies Zulfiati, Angga Pratama Putra
This electronic document is a “live” template and already define This study aimed to analyze the influence of corporate governance mechanisms (by proxy of the board of directors and independent board, audit committee, the quality of KAP big 4, specialization auditors, and corporate governance country...
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Kinect's Opisthenar Vein Image Acquisition Method

Lian Zhang, Zixiang Gao, Yongxiu Zhou
Although the current opisthenar vein image acquisition is less demanding, but practical applications often require special equipment, this paper describes a theme based on Microsoft Kinect sensors opisthenar vein acquisition. Using Microsoft's Kinect sensor to collect the opisthenar vein image, introducing...

Development of Interactive Learning Media “Lectora Inspire” for Balaghah Learning

Hanik Mahliatussikah
The world of education must follow the development of technology because learners live in the era of technology. “Lectora inspire” is a software designed as a medium of presentation, website creation, interactive e-learning, and making learning media programs. This research aims to develop learning media...

The Practicality of Training Models Based on Knowledge Management System

Kasman Rukun, Gunawan Ali, Asrul Huda, Dedy Irfan, Muhammad Ihsan
The developing training models that meet the needs of teachers is an attempt to improve skills and professionalism. This article discusses the usefulness of the computer network knowledge management system skills training model for high school computer science teachers to develop their professional skills....
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Study on the Application of Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors

Rongrong Wang
As a sensor with excellent performance, many kinds of sensors, such as uniform fiber Bragg grating and chirped fiber Bragg grating, have more applications. Through the principle of fiber Bragg grating internal writing, interference side writing, phase template writing and other manufacturing techniques,...
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Target Characteristic Fusion Recognition Based on D-Sevidence Theory

Xinjun Tai, Jianrong Lu, Dongsheng Zhang
D-S evidence theory is an important target fusion recognition in the characteristic fusion level. With a strong theoretical basis, this method can deal with not only the uncertainty caused by random but also the ambiguity caused by uncertainty. In this article, after the RCS (radar cross section) and...
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Synthesis and Characterization of Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Caffeine Using Acrylamide as Monomer

Saeful Amin, Shelma Az Zahra, Dang Soni
Objectives: Molecularly Imprinted Polymer (MIP) is a selective polymer that can bind target molecules, is made with a ratio 1:4:20 (mmol) between caffeine, acrylamide, and ethylene glycol dimethacrylate. The ratio will form a polymer that will be released again so that it can selectively recapture the...
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Research on 3D Parametric Modeling Technology of Template Parts Based

Bei Chen, Yan Cao, Jiang Du, Miaomiao Zhang
With the object to improve the design efficiency and quality of general parts through the research and analysis of parametric modeling hierarchy, the parametric modeling technology is summarized. This method can be used to build reusable templates part based on CATIA, the research results of this paper...
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Parameters Calibration of CT System Based On Geometric Model and Inverse Radon Transform

Huang Hongliang, Tang Weiyu, Yang Juntao, Wang Lidong
CT technology can make use of the penetrability of X-ray to obtain the internal information of the object without damaging the shape and structure of the sample. Therefore, it has a wide range of applications in the fields of industry, non-destructive testing and medical imaging. However, in the installation...

Intellectual Capital Influence on Financial Performance Banking

Ono Tarsono, Ayuni Fauziyah, Faris Faruqi
This aims study is to test whether the influence of intellectual capital to the financial performance of banking listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI). Independent variable in this research is intellectual capital measured using VAICTM and dependent variable is the financial performance of banking...
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Developing Format of Clinical Pathway Using Nursing Diagnosis Based on Indonesian Nursing Diagnosis Standart (Standar Diagnosis Keperawatan Indonesia: SDKI)

Sartika Wulandari, Nursalam Nursalam, Eka Mishbahatul M. Has
Clinical Pathway is an integrated service planning concept that summarizes each step are given to patients according to the standard of service, the standard of nursing care, and other health personnel service standards, based on evidence with results that can be measured and within a certain period...
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Synthesis of Zn2SnO4 using activated carbon as template and its flame retardant application in flexible poly (vinyl chloride)

Jianzhong Xu, Xiaojie Feng, Lingzhi Chen
Flame retardant Zn2SnO4 were prepared through the method of precursor calcinations with SnCl4, Zn(NO3)2 and NaOH as raw materials and activated carbon as template. Zn2SnO4 as flame-retardants and smoke suppressants for flexible poly (vinyl chloride) were characterized by the limiting oxygen index test(LOI),...
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Training Digital Literation by Digital Book Format Electronic Publisher Themes of Climate for Junior High School Students

Siti hidayati, Siti Nurul Hidayati, Siska Vernanda, I W Dasna, Munzil Munzil, S Wonoraharjo
This electronic document is a “live” template and already This study aims to train the digital literacy of seventh-grade junior high school students with electronic books in electronic publisher format. The book used in this study has been validated previously included in the category of very feasible....
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Efficient Removal of Cr(VI) from Aqueous Solution Using Polypyrrole/Rectorite Composites

Yaolei Xu, Jinyi Chen, Xiaofeng Wang, Peiling Yu
Cr(VI) is considered to be a toxic contaminant in water sources because of its risk to human health. In this study, Polypyrrole/rectorite (PPy/REC) clay composites were prepared via in situ polymerization. SEM, FTIR and XRD analysis provided information of the morphology and structure of the PPy/REC...

Strategies for Avoiding Business, Failure of Local Franchise

Yessy Artanti, Nindria Untarini, Mr Sanaji
This study aims to implement the entrepreneurial marketing and adversity intelligence on business performance of local franchise. The criteria of selecting respondents are domestic franchiser companies local in the field of food and beverages service which are included in the AFI Association of Franchise...

A Frequency Statistics Research of Phoneme and Phoneme Constitutions in Hefei Dialect

Yonghong Li
This template explains and demonstrates how to prepare your camera-ready paper for Trans Tech Publications. The best is to read these instructions and follow the outline of this text. Please make the page settings of your word processor to A4 format (21 x 29, 7 cm or 8 x 11 inches), with the margins:...
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Design of Maintenance Training of some Equipment Hydraulic System in Semi-physical Simulation

Weian Gao, Xiaohu Chen, Chunjiang Yao
This template explains and demonstrates how to prepare your camera-ready paper for Trans Tech Publications. The best is to read these instructions and follow the outline of this text. Please make the page settings of your word processor to A4 format (21 x 29,7 cm or 8 x 11 inches); with the margins:...
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Cloud-based Assisted Decision Making Scheme for Electric Power Dispatch System

Bingquan Zhu, Zhongming Xiang, Qifeng Xu, Yajie Tang, Cuiyang Wang, Jian Tang
Cloud computing is one of the key enablers for modern electric power dispatch systems, in which many assisted decision making applications are involved. This work focuses on one important decision making scenario, i.e., providing suggested actions for alarming signals from electric component in both...
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Studies on Configuration of NPP’s DCS HMI Simulation

Geyan Deng, Jichao Yin
The characteristics of DCS level two are complex function and large amounts of data. They seriously affect system’s performance. Using a fully open configuration software to simulate the ADACS system configuration is a challenge. How to design and choose the configuration scheme to meet the requirements...
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Design and Analysis of On-line Casting Surface Defect Detection System

Jing ZHANG, Zhong-De SHAN, Fei ZHANG, Ai-Ling ZOU
In order to solve the problem of surface defects on line detection in the production of cast iron castings, this paper describe an on-line detection system for casting surface defects based on PMAC motion control card, moreover,it analyzes the factors affecting the acquisition of high quality images,...
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Study on the kinetic and thermodynamic behaviors of adsorption ciprofloxacin on porous carbon

Pengwei Huo, Chongyang Liu, Chunhong Ma
The porous carbon materials were prepared by the following processes of evaporation induction self-assembly (EISA), thermal polymerization process and calcination step at high temperature with the nano-zinc oxide as a hard template and phenol resin as carbon source. The adsorption performance was investigated...
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Research on Algorithm of MOOC Automatic Rolling System Based on Big Data Analysis

Yong Luo, Xuchong Liu, Wei Zhao, Xiao Xiao
At present, the credibility of the MOOC certificate is facing serious questions. Unscientific testing is one of the main reasons. This article analyzes the characteristics of MOOC test results data. Based on the distribution it obeys, an algorithm for automatically generating test papers is constructed....
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Synthesis, characterization and selective adsorption of ordered mesoporous carbon in different pore size distribution

Ying Ding, Jianzhong Zhu, Yang Cao, Shenglu Chen, Chunyan Wang
Ordered mesoporous materials, because of its specific high surface area, a large pore size and uniform pore size distribution, reflects its more obvious advantages in the adsorption. By regulating the pore size distribution of mesoporous carbon, not only can expand the range of selective adsorption of...

Students’ Perception on the Utilization of for Self-Study Materials

Elly Rosalina Susanti, Nunung Suryati, Utari Praba Astuti
Learning and teaching process in online learning setting needs to be more flexible especially in connecting the students with the learning sources resources in order to keep up their independent and self-regulated learning. is a free online learning platform for teachers to create numerous...
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Design and Realization of Hadoop Distributed Platform

Jing Wang, Haibo Luo, Yongtang Zhang
Hadoop provides a reliable shared storage and analysis system to meet the needs of the mass data of Internet users. We have designed the architecture of Hadoop distributed development platform. And under the environment of Ubuntu, the Hadoop distributed development platform is realized. The aim is to...
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Preparation of porous carbon with zinc oxide template

Pengwei Huo, Chongyang Liu, Chunhong Ma
The porous carbon materials were prepared by the following processes of evaporation induction self-assembly (EISA), thermal polymerization process and calcination step at high temperature with the nano-zinc oxide as a hard template and phenol resin as carbon source. The as-prepared porous carbon materials...
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A bitrate clustering recognition algorithm for wireless video transmission

Wen-Juan Shi
The wireless video transmission process, due to the complexity and variability of wireless communication channels, requires the bitrates to be adjusted to match the dynamic wireless channel. An analysis of the video frame quality could be used as an important basis to adjust the wireless video bitrates....
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The Identification of Default Mode Network in Rhesus Macaque Using Resting-State fMRI

Xiao-Wei Fu, Cheng-Zhen Guo, Peng-Cheng Li, Dan-Zhou Yang, Ying Zhang
To investigate Default Mode Network (DMN) in healthy rhesus monkey brain using Resting-State functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (RS-fMRI). Under anesthesia, two healthy rhesus macaques underwent RS-fMRI at 7.0T using equal imaging parameters. The functional images were first spatially normalized to...
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Automatic Registration of Multi-Projector on Parameterized Surface in Two-Dimensionality

Shuaihe Zhao, Shuling Dai
Multi-projector, large scale displays are used in scientific visualization, virtual reality, and other visually intensive applications. A number of camera based techniques have been proposed to register the geometry of planar displays in two-dimensionality and non-planar displays in one-dimensionality....
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Hybrid Approach to Optimize the Cluster Flying Orbit for Fractionated Spacecraft Based on PSO-SQP Algorithm

Shenghui Wan, Junling Song, Jian Chen, Min Hu
This template This paper investigates the optimal cluster flight orbit design issue for the fractionated spacecraft according to three main goals: keeping the cluster as stable as possible, preventing the collisions within the cluster, maintaining the inter-satellite distance within the maximum region....

Comparison of the method used for extraction chloramphenicol from its Molecularly Imprinted Polymer (MIP) using chloroform as porogen

Maria Monica Sianita, Ni Nyoman Tri Puspaningsih, Miratul Khazanah, Gaden Supriyanto
The synthesized of chloramphenicol – MIP (molecularly imprinted polymer) has been developed in many ways and many purposes. The purpose of this research was to compare the methods used for extracting chloramphenicol from its molecularly imprinted polymer (MIP) by calculating the percent of extraction...
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Analysis of the Workflow Management System of Student Work

Yanping Chen, Bo Lin
Through design and analysis, the student management system, the use of workflow technology. Workflow is a specific job into several tasks and task execution, string together through a series of specific rules and procedures, in order to achieve the work flow of information, standardization and automation....

Implementation of Inclusive Kindergartens in Indonesia: Benefits and Challenges

Suhendri, Norimune Kawai, Ediyanto, Rita Nurunnisa, Sri Maryanah
Inclusive education is the government’s effort in providing the right to a decent education for children who have various capabilities not only for regular students but also for students with special needs. The adjustment is aimed at bringing and maintaining a friendly environment and appreciating diversity....
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Research on Safety Risk Assessment of Construction of Large Formwork Based on Fuzzy Bayesian Network

Yijing Peng
In view of the fact that the existing large template construction accidents are complicated, combined with the project examples, we have established the risk evaluation index system of the tall template construction, and identified the dangerous sources during the construction of the tall template.In...
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Research on CT System Parameter Calibration and Imaging

Bing-Lan WU, Fang-Yun CAI, Xiao YAN, Yan-Zhou LI, Qing-Jie LI, Xiao-Yue ZHOU
The calibration of CT system parameters is of great significance to the research of CT imaging technology. In this paper, the parameters of CT system are calibrated with the help of the received information of geometry, and the corresponding mathematical model is established by using Iradon transform...
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The Research of Visual Classification for LAMOST Low Quality Spectra

Lipeng Bi, Jingchang Pan, Cong Liu, Guozhou Ge
Massive sky survey data are produced by the LAMOST large-scale survey project. However, the low quality spectra still accounted for about half of total LAMOST observed data at present. For these low quality spectra, spectral classification can not only use of computer technology, but also be combined...

A study of the impact of the electronic devices on undergraduates’ academic achievements

Chulv Sun
This template focuses mainly on the impact on undergraduate’s academic achievement after they use the electronic gadgets, and on evaluating the academic achievements or getting benefits through using the electronic devices. This research will help undergraduates to aware and use the electronic devices...
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Template-Free Hydrothermal Synthesis of Nanorod (RuTi)O2 Composite Cathode for Hydrogen Evolution in Alkali Solution

Kun Xiong, Lin Zhou, Xianming Zhang, Xiaoshu Lv, Guangming Jiang
A novel nanorod (RuTi)O2 composite cathode has been prepared via a facile and controllable approach. X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), and linear scanning voltammetry (LSV) were used to scrutinize the electrodes and the electrochemical performance. The results reveal that the...
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Interrogative Sentence Generation and Dialogue Management in Intelligent Tutoring System

Zhixiang Zhang, Xiongwei Shang
Intelligent tutoring is a hot field in the study of information-based teaching. This paper proposed a series of methods for building ITS in training of operational regulation domain. To make the dialog between system and users more intelligent, a frame-based knowledge representation is proposed, and...

Construction of the sub-level website of a newly established college Cite Shang Luo Academy as an example

Bin Li
According to the two website construction in newly built undergraduate universities lack of autonomy, based on the ASP web site on the basis of understanding, from the Shangluo College School of art website template construction, namely: the whole frame set, site before and after the set, image database...
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Synthesis and Photocatalytic Activity of Ag3VO4 NPs Decorated PAN Nanofibers

Jin-Pyo Lee, Prem Singh Saud, Mira Park, Hak-Yong Kim
This report presents synthesis of well-dispersed Ag3VO4 nanoparticles@polyacrylonitrile (PAN) nanofibers by an easily controlled, template-free method as a photo-catalyst for the degradation of methylene blue. Their structural, optical, and photocatalytic properties have been studied by X-ray diffraction,...

Widya Pustaka: A Tool for Teaching Preparation

Yani Widyani, Mervin Hutabarat, Rido Ramadan, Yomanovian
This paper describes the proposed software product, an application tool for teaching preparation, called Widya Pustaka. It includes planning the teaching activity and composing the teaching materials into a package ready to deliver to the students in class. The lesson plan will be built using a standardized...