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Application of Time-varying Acceleration Coefficients PSO to Face Pose Estimation

Yudong Zhang, Shuihua Wang, Genlin JI
This study focuses on the problem of human face pose estimation based on single image. Traditional methods for 2D-3D feature based pose estimation problem require two inputs, and they cannot work well due to lack of correspondences of input images. We transfer the problem into an optimization problem...

The Development of Spring Encyclopedia in Klaten as Social Studies Learning Media for Middle and Islamic Middle School students

Asna Nur Rachma, Puspita Indra Wardhani
The research and development were carried out at Islamic Middle school 5 Klaten. The school has never used the surrounding environment as a learning resource and has not had a learning media such as an encyclopedia for social studies learning activities in the classroom. The research and development...
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Research on Moving Target Tracking and Information Filtering in Complex Building Environment

Xiangyi Bu
An algorithm of target tracking based on information filteringBook and particle filter is proposed in this paper. Accurate foreground region through the fusion of neighbour-information is segmented and features of foreground are extract to build an initial template for particle filter. The experimental...
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The Morphology of Nano-MgO Particles Induced by Attapulgite

Pan Meiling, Li Zhou, Wang Yihong
In this paper, a new way to prepare controlled nano- MgO with different morphology facilely by using modified attapulgite as hard template was found. The morphology details were investigated by scanning electron microscopy (SEM). It was found that the morphology of nano-MgO particles was induced by the...
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Research on the Implementation Technology of Generic Codec for Web Application Testing

Yongpo Liu, Ping Li, Shuangmei Liu, Ji Wu
This paper presents the design of generic codec for testing Web application. Codec is a necessary part of TTCN-3 test system which transfers from TTCN-3 template data and SUT (the system under test) input data, and from SUT output data to TTCN-3 template data. The generic codec needs to transform TTCN-3...
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Research on Gesture Recognition Technology of Data Glove Based on Joint Algorithm

Shuran Yin, Jun Yang, Yukun Qu, Wenjun Liu, Yunfei Guo, Hongtao Liu, Dapeng Wei
A gesture recognition system were fabricated with distributed sensor networks as the core component, and could be wore in the hands. This data glove could detect the posture of fingers using the FLEX2.2 bending sensors and STM32 series single chip. Furthermore, we adopted a gesture recognition joint...
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Design of Distance Education Business for Wireless Broadcasting Networks

Shimin Liu, Lingjun Yang, Sanxing Cao
With the rapid development of Internet,the system of Radio Film and Television has faced a grave challenge,Over The Top(OTT) TV emerges as the times required. So in this paper,a platform of distance education based on Browser/Server is designed.Apache +PHP + MySQL are used in this platform,and Ueditor...

A Student Centered Method for Teaching Professional Paper Writing

L. Paul Mantha, Zi-qi Liu, Dan-dan Wang
Publish or Perish has arrived in China and for students it is more imperative than ever that they learn how to design their own projects and present their research. This paper presents a student centered project based method for teaching professional paper writing. In this course students will conduct...

How peers influence Children's Smoking Behavior

Andi Tenri Awaru, Mappeaty Nyorong, Muhammad Rahmat
Smoking is a risky behavior that is increasingly popular among young people. Smoking behavior is influenced by many factors, one of which is the role of peers. This study aims to identify the role of peers in primary school children smoking behavior. This research uses qualitative method with phenomenology...

A Fusion of ECG Signal Identification Method

Huan Zhang, Lanxiang Chong, Dan Guo
In order to accurately obtain the identification information, in the basis of various biometric identification technology comparative study , using a higher safety and reliability of ecg signal identification technology. This paper studies the method of ecg signal identification technology, first using...

Sports Reform Research based on Promoting the Physical Health of Students of Local Colleges and Universities

Songwei Wu, Kai Zhou
To promote the physical health level of college students comprehensively is the key for improving the sports education quality in colleges and universities, as well as the starting point of our education. There are lots of research articles about it, but the study of local colleges and universities sports...
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Preparation of Porous Hydroxyapatite Bodies Using Bamboo and Rattan Templates

Ahmad Fadli, Komalasari, Feblil Huda, Zultinar, Toni Ardi, Agung Prabowo, Deska
Hydroxyapatite (HA) has been widely used as bone graft in form of porous HA/scaffold. This research has a purpose to fabricate HA scaffold by using different biotemplates and determine which biotemplate will give well pore structure on produced HA scaffold. First, HA scaffold obtained used bamboo template....

Research on Synthesis and Properties of 1,2,3-triazoles Compounds

Qin Ziping
This electronic document is a “live” template. The various components of your paper [title, text, heads, etc.] are already defined on the style sheet, as illustrated by the portions given in this document. 1,2,3- triazoles compounds is important N- heterocyclic compounds, in recent years has been widely...

Architecture for Living:

Do We Design Architecture for Humans?

Diah Asih Purwaningrum, Amalinda Savirani
Since Bruce Archer and Nigel Cross proposed a new culture of ‘Design with a capital D’ in the 1980s to stand alongside the previously established cultures of science and the humanities, the development of design has been profound. However, the recent rapid expansion of construction and technology has...
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Research on low sub-surface damage detection of hard brittle optics materials

Dasen Wang, Fengming Nie, Ning Pei, Guangping Zhang
This paper is a low sub-surface damage detection method for hard and brittle optical materials. The method is based on the preparation of the test instrument and the detection of the surface damage of the sample to obtain the Brewster's angle of the sample to be tested and further utilize the Brewer...
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Visual Abnormalities Detecting based on Similarity Matching

Liuchuan Yu, Erjing Zhou, Baomin Xu, Shuangyuan Yu
Abnormalities detecting is one important application in the field of image processing and pattern recognition. It can alleviate human workload and improve productivity that employing computer graphic image theory and image processing technology analyzes and matches images in order to detect the abnormal...
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Synthesis and Characterization of Ln(OH)3 (Ln = La, Eu, Sm) Nanorods via a convenient hydrothermal approach

Bin Deng, Haiying Huang, Ruijin Yu
In this paper, Rare earth (La, Eu, Sm) hydroxide nanorods have been prepared by facile hydrothermal treatment of the corresponding bulk oxide powders. The obtained samples were characterized in detail by scanning electron microscopy (SEM), X-ray powder diffraction (XRD) and transmission electron microscopy...
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An Autonomous Aesthetics-driven Photographing Instructor with Personality Prediction

Chin-Shyurng Fahn, Meng-Luen Wu
In this paper, an autonomous aesthetics-driven photographing instructor system is proposed, which gives instructions to help camera users to take good images. There are two kinds of instructions: image composition and personality feature enhancement. As for composition, a salient region is used to match...
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Parameter Calibration of CT System

Yurui Peng
In this paper, we use the known template to calibrate the parameters of the two-dimensional CT system. The calibration of CT system includes three aspects: the location of the center of the system in the square pallet, the distance between the detector units, and the 180 directions of the X-ray used...
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Challenging the Profiles of a Digital Library: A Survey on Empowering Creators to Increase Creativity Regarding an International Interdisciplinary Conference

Dwi Astuti Wahyu Nurhayati
This paper examines the EFL presenters’ perception of viewing using digital library profiles on empowering creative presenters to an international conference. The data was collected for 4 months, starting from compiling three times surveys in October 2018 up to January 2019 in some conferences presenters....
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The Relationship between Superhydrophobicity, Self-Cleaning Performance and Microstructure of Moth Wing

Gang Sun, Yan Fang
The microstructure and superhydrophobicity of the moth wing surfaces were investigated by a scanning electron microscope (SEM), an atomic force microscope (AFM) and a contact angle (CA) meter. The relationship between superhydrophobicity, self-cleaning performance and microstructural characteristic was...
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A Simple Manner of Dynamic Gesture Recognition Based on Kinect

Fenggang Li, Xiangfei Jiang, Xiaobo Xia
The paper develops a simple method of dynamic gesture recognition based on the Kinect which is a new sensor from Microsoft in the environment of VS2010 combining Kinect for Windows SDK v1.8. Kinect sensors can track human bodies within their effective scope in real-time and obtain the depth of the corresponding...

Increase the organization's crisis prevention costs and enhance the image of the organization

Xue Lei, Yinlin Wang
This template explains and demonstrates how to prepare your camera-ready manuscript for publisher. The best is to read these instructions and follow the outline of this text. Please make the page settings of your word processor to A4 format (21 x 29,7 cm or 8 x 11 inches); with the margins: bottom 1.5...
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Research on Safety Management of Tall Template Support System Based on BIM

Dongsheng Yu, Jintuan Zhang
In order to improve the security and stability of tall template support system during the construction, the paper apply BIM to the safety management of tall template support system. Put forward to design method, arrange construction scheme, constructionÿtechnologyÿdisclosure,dynamicÿprogressÿcontrol,...
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An Adaptive Approach for Optical Recognition of Inter-Point Hindi Devanagari Braille and its Transcription to Text

T. Shreekanth, V. Udayashankara
Optical Braille Character Recognition (OBR) system is in great need inorder to restore the old Braille documents to make them available for the large section of visually impaired people. The recognition of the double sided Braille dots is a challenging task due to the overlapping of the front side dots...
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Finite element analysis of the pre-stressed concrete box-girder bridge with corrugated steel webs

Shuqin Li
This template explains and demonstrates how to prepare your camera-ready manuscript for publisher. The best is to read these instructions and follow the outline of this text. Please make the page settings of your word processor to A4 format (21 x 29,7 cm or 8 x 11 inches); with the margins: bottom 1.5...
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Implementation of a Mobile Application for Field Data Collection

Gang Qin, Can Chen, Haijing Fu
With the development of information technology, the working style and live style of people change a lot. Intelligent mobile terminals running Android system become popular in recent years. They are portable and powerful. Field data collection is an important job for researchers and personnel of nature...
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Analysis of several ferroelectric materials

Donghui Wang
Nowadays, ferroelectricity materials are widely used. Many researchers have put effort into it to make further exploratory. This template explains and demonstrates several ferroelectricity materials. It includes piezoelectric materials, BaTiO3 ceramics and multi-material iron. We take their nature and...
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Water/methanol Repellency and Preparation of Biomimetic Silver Film on Butterfly Wing

Yan Fang, Gang Sun, Wanxing Wang, Jingshi Yin
The hydrophobicity and oleophobicity (methanol repellency) of butterfly wing surfaces were measured by a video-based contact angle (CA) meter. The multi-dimensional microstructure of the wing surfaces was characterized by a scanning electron microscope (SEM) and an atomic force microscope (AFM). The...
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Complex Wettability and Coupling Mechanism of Locust Wing

Yan Fang, Gang Sun, Wanxing Wang, Jingshi Yin
The complex wettability, chemical composition and microstructure of locust wing surface were investigated by a video-based contact angle (CA) meter, a Fourier transform infrared spectrometer (FT-IR) and a scanning electron microscope (SEM). The wetting mechanism was discussed from the perspective of...
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The Role of Multiple-dimensional Microstructure in the Low Adhesion and Superhydrophobicity on the Wing of Tiger Moth (Arctiidae)

Yan Fang, Gang Sun, Wanxing Wang, Jingshi Yin
The micro-morphology of the moth wing surface was characterized by a scanning electron microscope (SEM). The contact angle (CA) and sliding angle (SA) of water droplet on the wing were measured by an optical CA meter. The wetting mechanism was discussed from the perspective of biological coupling. The...
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Small digital recognition in gravel aggregate production scenario

Ling Li, Kai Liu, Fei Cheng, Long Li
The production process of aggregate industrial is monitored by the identification of the digital. In the video, the digital character whose size is less than 12 15(The width of the digital image is 12 pixels, and the height is 15 pixels.) is defined as the small digital. The recognition effect is evaluated...
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Study on defect spot recognition method in metal soldering based on intelligent artificial vision

Zhaoyu Wu
During the process of defect spot recognition among metal solder joint, if the defect spot is responsible characteristic within small region, the traditional identification method of metal solder joint defect spot is based on sparse representation, unable to express details of characteristics in small...
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The Design of Facial expression recognition system based on the LabVIEW and MATLAB mixed programming

Ju Wang, C. Hong Mei, Chunyan Nie
It has a very important role that emotion to coordinate the relationship between people in the numerous and complicated social life. Expression is the most important characteristics of emotion, it is indispensable means of information communication and emotional communication in interpersonal communication....
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Label Propagation Algorithm for Haplotype Assembly Problem

Yuying Zhao, Jinshan Li
This template explains Haplotype assembly problem is one of the most important problems in molecular biology and life sciences. Computationally, the key work for this problem is to divide the aligned sequence fragments into two disjoint clusters and then to reconstruct the corresponding haplotypes from...
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Effect of Explosive Properties on the Energy Distribution of Blasting Seismic Waves in Carbonate Rocks

Ming-shou Zhong, Quan-min Xie, Tao Guo, Ying Liu, Hao-quan Liu
This template explains and demonstrates how to prepare your camera-ready paper for Trans Tech Publications. The best is to read these instructions and follow the outline of this text. Please make the page settings of your word processor to A4 format (21 x 29,7 cm or 8 x 11 inches); with the margins:...
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Research on the SAR Image Target Tracking Algorithm Based on Sparse Representation and Dictionary Learning

Wenzhun Huang, Xinxin Xie
In this paper, we conduct research on the SAR image target tracking algorithm based on the sparse representation and dictionary learning. The key technology of target tracking is to target can be extracted from the image detection, and to establish corresponding relationship with tracked target. Search...
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Efficient Surface Interpolation with Occlusion Detection

Boubakeur Boufama, Houman Rastgar, Saida Bouakaz
In this paper we present a novel dense matching algorithm that relies on sparse stereo data in order to build a dense disparity map. The algorithm uses a recursive updating scheme to estimate the dense stereo data using various interpolation techniques. The major problem of classical template matching...