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GÁBOR, A. A Note on the Appearance of Self-Dual Yang-Mills Fields in Integrable Hierarchies
GAETA, Giuseppe Asymptotic symmetries of difference equations on a lattice
GAETA, Giuseppe Asymptotic Scaling in a Model Class of Anomalous Reaction-Diffusion Equations
GAETA, Giuseppe Dimension Increase and Splitting for Poincaré-Dulac Normal Forms
GAETA, Giuseppe A Variational Principle for Volume-Preserving Dynamics
GAETA, Giuseppe The Poincaré­Nekhoroshev Map
GAETA, Giuseppe Solitons in Yakushevich-like models of DNA dynamics with improved intrapair potential
GAETA, Giuseppe Solitons in a double pendulums chain model, and DNA roto-torsional dynamics
GAETA, Giuseppe Solitary waves in helicoidal models of DNA dynamics
GAFIYCHUK, Vasyl V Replicator - Mutator Evolutionary Dynamics
GAFIYCHUK, Vasyl V Replicator Dynamics and Mathematical Description of Multi-Agent Interaction in Complex Systems
GAIDA, Roman Symmetries of the Fokker-Type Relativistic Mechanics in Various Forms of Dynamics
GALLOT, L. A Note on the Third Family of N = 2 Supersymmetric KdV Hierarchies
GAN, Ugurhan MU Painlevé Test and Higher Order Differential Equations
GANDARIAS, M L New Symmetry Reductions for some Ordinary Differential Equations
Gandarias, M. L. Nonclassical Potential System Approach for a Nonlinear Diffusion Equation
Gandarias, M. L. Symmetry Analysis and Solutions for a Generalization of a Family of BBM Equations
GANDARIAS, M.L. Classical and Nonclassical Symmetries of a Generalized Boussinesq Equation
GANDARIAS, M.L. Similarity Reductions for a Nonlinear Diffusion Equation
GARCIA, I A Integrability and Explicit Solutions in Some Bianchi Cosmological Dynamical Systems
GARCIA-FUERTES, W Irreducible Characters and Clebsch-Gordan Series for the Exceptional Algebra E6: An Approach through the Quantum Calogero-Sutherland Model
GARGOUBI, H Symmetries of Modules of Differential Operators
GARGOUBI, H Algebra gl(lambda) Inside the Algebra of Differential Operators on the Real Line
GAVRILIK, A.M. Multiparameter Deformations of the Algebra gln in Terms of Anyonic Oscillators
GAZIZOV, Rafail K. Lie Algebras of Approximate Symmetries
GEGENHASI, Pfaffianization of the q-difference version of the two-dimensional Toda lattice equation
GEGENHASI, On an integrable differential-difference equation with a source
GENG, Xianguo The Generalized Version of Dressing Method with Applications to AKNS Equations
GÉRARD, Patrick The Cauchy Problem for the Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation on a Compact Manifold
Gerdjikov, V. S. Fordy-Kulish model and spinor Bose-Einstein condensate
GERDJIKOV, Vladimir S On Reductions and Real Hamiltonian Forms of Affine Toda Field Theories
GERDT, V.P. Lie Algebras and Superalgebras Defined by a Finite Number of Relations: Computer Analysis
GÉRONIMI, C First Integrals and Parametric Solutions for Equations Integrable Through Lie Symmetries
GHOSH, Sasanka Soliton Solutions of the N = 2 Supersymmetric KP Equation
GIELERAK, Roman Statistical mechanics of a Class of Anyonic Systems. The Rigorous Approach
GILL, T.L. Symmetry Classification for a Coupled Nonlinear Schrödinger Equations
GILL, Tepper L. Proper-Time Formulation of Classical Electrodynamics
GILL, Tepper L. Proper-Time Relativistic Dynamics and the Fushchych-Shtelen Transformation
GILSON, Claire R The Relation between a 2D Lotka-Volterra equation and a 2D Toda Lattice
GLADKOFF, S The Numerical Study of the Solution of the 4 0 Model
GLEBOV, Sergei The Stimulated Scattering of Solitons on a Resonance
Gliklikh, Yuri E. A two-point boundary value problem on a Lorentz manifold arising in A. Poltorak's concept of reference frame
GOLDIN, Gerald A. Gauge Transformations for a Family of Nonlinear Schrödinger Equations
GOLDIN, Gerald A. Nonlinear Schrödinger Equations and the Separation Property
GOLDSTEIN, P P On Vortex Solutions and Links between the Weierstrass System and the Complex Sine-Gordon Equations
GOLENIA, Jolanta The Structure of Gelfand-Levitan-Marchenko Type Equations for Delsarte Transmutation Operators of Linear Multi-Dimensional Differential Operators and Operator Pencils. Part 2
GOLENIA, Jolanta The Structure of Gelfand-Levitan-Marhenko Type Equations for Delsarte Transmutation Operators of Linear Multidimensional Differential Operators and Operator Pencils. Part 1.
GOLUBCHIK, I Z Factorization of the Loop Algebras and Compatible Lie Brackets
GOLUBCHIK, I.Z. Generalized Operator Yang-Baxter Equations, Integrable ODEs and Nonassociative Algebras
GOLUBOWSKA, Barbara Action-Angle Analysis of Some Geometric Models of Internal Degrees of Freedom
GOMEZ-ULLATE, David Periods of the Goldfish Many-Body Problem
Gomez-Ullate, David Asymptotically isochronous systems
GONCHAR, Nikolai Theory of Economic Equilibrium
GONZALEZ-LOPEZ, A A Haldane­Shastry Spin Chain of BCN Type in a Constant Magnetic Field
Gonzalez-Lopez, A. Partially Solvable Spin Chains and QES Spin Models
GOODALL, R Generalised Symmetries and the Ermakov-Lewis Invariant
GORDOA, P R Non-isospectral lattice hierarchies in 2 + 1 dimensions and generalized discrete Painlevé hierarchies
GORDOA, P.R. Unified approach to Miura, Bäcklund and Darboux Transformations for Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations
GORDOA, P.R. The Singular Manifold Method: Darboux Transformations and Nonclassical Symmetries
GORELIK, Maria The Kac Construction of the Centre of U(g) for Lie Superalgebras
GOUJVINA, Galina The Classification of the Bifurcations Emerging in the case of an Integrable Hamiltonian System with Two Degrees of Freedom when an Isoenergetic Surface is Non-Compact
Govinder, K S Integrability analysis of the Emden-Fowler equation
GOVINDER, Keshlan S Provenance of Type II hidden symmetries from nonlinear partial differential equations
Govinder, Keshlan S. On the Origins of Symmetries of Partial Differential Equations: the Example of the Korteweg-de Vries Equation
Gracio, Clara Symbolic Dynamics and Chaotic Synchronization in Coupled Duffing Oscillators
GRAFFI, Sandro On a Class of Non Self-Adjoint Quantum Nonlinear Oscillators with Real Spectrum
GRAGERT, P.K.H. Solutions of WDVV Equations in Seiberg-Witten Theory from Root Systems
Grahovski, G G Fordy-Kulish model and spinor Bose-Einstein condensate
GRAHOVSKI, Georgi G On Reductions and Real Hamiltonian Forms of Affine Toda Field Theories
Grahovski, Georgi G. On the Caudrey-Beals-Coifman System and the Gauge Group Action
GRAMMATICOS, B Reductions of Integrable Lattices
GRAMMATICOS, B A Unified Description of the Asymmetric q-PV and d-PIV Equations and their Schlesinger Transformations
GRAMMATICOS, B. The Extension of Integrable Mappings to Non-Commuting Variables
Grammaticos, B. Contiguity relations for discrete and ultradiscrete Painleve equations
GRAMUSHNJAK, Tatjana Description of a Class of 2-Groups
GRAVA, T Asymptotic Solutions of the Whitham Equations
GREBENEV, V N A Chorin-Type Formula for Solutions to a Closure Model for the von K´arm´an­Howarth Equation 1
GREBENEV, V N Invariant Sets and Explicit Solutions to a Third-Order Model for the Shearless Stratified Turbulent Flow
GREBENEV, V N Approximate Lie symmetries of the Navier-Stokes equations
GREBENEV, V.N. Lie algebra methods for the applications to the statistical theory of turbulence
GRÉBERT, Benoît KAM Theorem for the Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation
Grecu, Alexandru Tudor Solitary Waves in a Madelung Fluid Description of Derivative NLS Equations
GRECU, D Beyond Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation Approximation for an Anharmonic Chain with Harmonic Long Range Interactions
Grecu, Dan Solitary Waves in a Madelung Fluid Description of Derivative NLS Equations
GRISHKOV, A N On a construction of self-dual gauge fields in seven dimensions
GRISHKOV, A.N. Lie algebra methods for the applications to the statistical theory of turbulence
GROMAK, Valery I On the Transformations of the Sixth Painlevé Equation
GROSSE, Harald Regularization and Renormalization of Quantum Field Theories on Noncommutative Spaces
GROSSET, Marie-Pierre Bernoulli Numbers and Solitons
GROVES, M D Steady Water Waves
GROZMAN, P Link Invariants and Lie Superalgebras
GROZMAN, Pavel The Shapovalov Determinant for the Poisson Superalgebras
GROZMAN, Pavel On Bilinear Invariant Differential Operators Acting on Tensor Fields on the Symplectic Manifold
GRUJIC, Zoran The Derivative Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation in Analytic Classes
GRUNBAUM, F Alberto Orthogonal matrix polynomials satisfying first order differential equations: a collection of instructive examples
GRUNDLAND, A M On Conditionally Invariant Solutions of Magnetohydrodynamic Equations. Multiple Waves.
GRUNDLAND, A M On Vortex Solutions and Links between the Weierstrass System and the Complex Sine-Gordon Equations
GRUNDLAND, A M On CP 1 and CP 2 Maps and Weierstrass Representations for Surfaces Immersed into Multi-Dimensional Euclidean Spaces
GRUNDLAND, A M Solutions of the Generalized Weierstrass Representation in Four-Dimensional Euclidean Space
GRUNDLAND, A M On Complete Integrability of the Generalized Weierstrass System
GRUNDLAND, A. M. On Certain Classes of Solutions of the Weierstrass-Enneper System Inducing Constant Mean Curvature Surfaces
GRUNDLAND, A.M. Riemann Invariants and Rank-k Solutions of Hyperbolic Systems
GRUNDLAND, A.M. Links Between Different Analytic Descriptions of Constant Mean Curvature Surfaces
GUDKOVA, E V Finite reductions of the two dimensional Toda chain
Guerrero, J Quantum Integrability of the Dynamics on a Group Manifold
GUHA, Partha Vect(S1) Action on Pseudodifferential Symbols on S1 and (Noncommutative) Hydrodynamic Type Systems
GUHA, Partha Applications of Nambu Mechanics to Systems of Hydrodynamical Type II
GUHA, Partha Moyal Deformation of 2D Euler Equation and Discretization
GUHA, Partha Volume Preserving Multidimensional Integrable Systems and Nambu­Poisson Geometry
GUHA, Partha Quest for Universal Integrable Models
Guha, Partha Euler-Poincaré Formalism of (Two Component) Degasperis-Procesi and Holm-Staley type Systems
Guha, Partha Solutions of some second order ODEs by the extended Prelle-Singer method and symmetries