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LAHNO, H.O. Symmetry Reduction for Equation 2u + (u2 1 + u2 2 + u2 3)1/2 u0 = 0
LAHNO, Halyna The Symmetry Reduction of Nonlinear Equations of the Type u + F(u, u1)u0 = 0 to Ordinary Differential Equations
LAHNO, Victor Conformally Invariant Ansätze for the Maxwell Field
LAHNO, Victor On Poincaré-Invariant Reduction and Exact Solutions of the Yang-Mills Equations
LAHNO, Victor Symmetry Reduction and Exact Solutions of the Yang-Mills Equations
LAHNO, Victor On Linear and Non-Linear Representations of the Generalized Poincaré Groups in the Class of Lie Vector Fields
LAKSHMANAN, M Extended Prelle-Singer Method and Integrability/Solvability of a Class of Nonlinear nth Order Ordinary Differential Equations
LAKSHMANAN, M. Explode-Decay Dromions in the Non-Isospectral Davey-Stewartson I (DSI) Equation
LAKSHMANAN, M. Lie Symmetries, Kac-Moody-Virasoro Algebras and Integrability of Certain (2+1)-Dimensional Nonlinear Evolution Equations
LAKSHMANAN, M. Invariance Analysis of the (2+1) Dimensional Long Dispersive Wave Equation
LAKSHMANAN, M. Lie Symmetries, Infinite-Dimensional Lie Algebras and Similarity Reductions of Certain (2+1)-Dimensional Nonlinear Evolution Equations
LANDSMAN, N.P. Representations of the Infinite Unitary Group from Constrained Quantization
LANGE, O L de Amplitude-Dependent Oscillations in Gases
LANGMANN, Edwin Gauge Theory Approach Towards an Explicit Solution of the (Classical) Elliptic Calogero-Moser System
LARSSON, Daniel On Some Almost Quadratic Algebras Coming from Twisted Derivations
LARSSON, Daniel Burchnall-Chaundy Theory for q-Difference Operators and q-Deformed Heisenberg Algebras
LAVAGNO, A Nonlinear Gauge Transformation for a Quantum System Obeying an Exclusion-Inclusion Principle
LEACH, P G L Properties of the Dominant Behaviour of Quadratic Systems
LEACH, P G L Jacobi's Last Multiplier and the Complete Symmetry Group of the Ermakov-Pinney Equation
LEACH, P G L Generalised Symmetries and the Ermakov-Lewis Invariant
LEACH, P G L Some Group Theoretical Aspects of Nonlinear Quantal Oscillators
LEACH, P G L The Lie Algebra sl(2, R) and so-called Kepler-Ermakov Systems
LEACH, P G L Generalisations of the Laplace­Runge­Lenz Vector
LEACH, P G L Jacobi's Last Multiplier and the Complete Symmetry Group of the Euler­Poinsot System
LEACH, P G L Symmetries and Integrating Factors
LEACH, P G L The Economy of Complete Symmetry Groups for Linear Higher Dimensional Systems
LEACH, P G L Symmetry, Singularities and Integrability in Complex Dynamics V: Complete Symmetry Groups of Certain Relativistic Spherically Symmetric Systems
LEACH, P G L First Integrals and Parametric Solutions for Equations Integrable Through Lie Symmetries
LEACH, P G L Symmetry, Singularities and Integrability in Complex Dynamics III: Approximate Symmetries and Invariants
Leach, P G L Book Review by P G L Leach
Leach, P G L Integrability analysis of the Emden-Fowler equation
Leach, P. G. L. A Note on the Integrability of a Class of Nonlinear Ordinary Differential Equations
LEACH, P.G.L. Nonlocal Symmetries and the Complete Symmetry Group of 1 + 1 Evolution Equations
LEACH, P.G.L. Symmetry, Singularities and Integrability in Complex Dynamics I: The Reduction Problem
Leach, P.G.L. Singularity Analysis and Integrability of a Simplified Multistrain Model for the Transmission of Tuberculosis and Dengue Fever
LEACH, Peter The Riccati and Ermakov-Pinney hierarchies
LEACH, PGL Symmetry Reductions of a Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman Equation Arising in Financial Mathematics
LEACH, PGL Analytic Behaviour of Competition among Three Species
LEACH, PGL Competing Species: Integrability and Stability
LEACH, PGL Noetherian first integrals
LÉANDRE, R. Stochastic Cohomology of the Frame Bundle of the Loop Space
Léandre, Rémi Fedosov Quantization in White Noise Analysis
LEBLOND, Hervé Higher Order Terms in Multiscale Expansions: A Linearized KdV Hierarchy
LEBLOND, Hervé Mixed Perturbative Expansion: the Validity of a Model for the Cascading
LECHTENFELD, O A Note on Fermionic Flows of the N=(1|1) Supersymmetric Toda Lattice Hierarchy
LECHTENFELD, O. Hidden N = (2|2) Supersymmetry of the N = (1|1) Supersymmetric Toda Lattice Hierarchy
LECHTENFELD, O. Real Forms of the Complex Twisted N=2 Supersymmetric Toda Chain Hierarchy in Real N=1 and Twisted N=2 Superspaces
LEE, Jyh-Hao Exact Solutions of DNLS and Derivative Reaction-Diffuson Systems
LEE, Jyh-Hao Self-Dual Chern­Simons Solitons and Quantum Potential
LEE, Jyh-Hao Soliton Resonances, Black Holes and Madelung Fluid
LEE, Long On a Completely Integrable Numerical Scheme for a Nonlinear Shallow-Water Wave Equation
LEE, Min Ho The Krichever Map and Automorphic Line Bundles
LEE, Min Ho Tau Functions Associated to Pseudodifferential Operators of Several Variables
LEE, Yen-Ching Exact Solutions of DNLS and Derivative Reaction-Diffuson Systems
LEGARÉ, M. Lie Superalgebra Valued Self-Dual Yang-Mills Fields and Symmetry Reduction
LEGARÉ, M. Symmetry Reductions of the Lax Pair of the Four-Dimensional Euclidean Self-Dual Yang-Mills Equations
LEHENKYJ, Victor I. Point Symmetries of Controlled Systems and Their Applications
LEIBOV, Oleg Reduction and Exact Solutions of the Monge-Ampere Equation
LEITES, D Link Invariants and Lie Superalgebras
LEITES, D On Einstein Equations on Manifolds and Supermanifolds
LEITES, Dimitry The Shapovalov Determinant for the Poisson Superalgebras
LEITES, Dimitry How to Superize Liouville Equation
LEITES, Dimitry Manin-Olshansky Triples for Lie Superalgebras
LEMMER, R L Symmetry, Singularities and Integrability in Complex Dynamics III: Approximate Symmetries and Invariants
LENELLS, Jonatan Traveling Wave Solutions of the Camassa-Holm and Korteweg-de Vries Equations
LENELLS, Jonatan A Variational Approach to the Stability of Periodic Peakons
LENELLS, Jonatan On the Inverse Scattering Approach to the Camassa-Holm Equation
LENELLS, Jonatan The Scattering Approach for the Camassa­Holm equation
LEO, Roberto DE Solitons in a double pendulums chain model, and DNA roto-torsional dynamics
LEUR, Johan VAN DE Matrix Integrals and the Geometry of Spinors
LEVI, D Integrability Conditions for n and t Dependent Dynamical Lattice Equations
LEVI, D The Discrete Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation and its Lie Symmetry Reductions
LEVI, Decio Asymptotic symmetries of difference equations on a lattice
LEVI, Decio Multiscale Analysis of Discrete Nonlinear Evolution Equations: The Reduction of the dNLS
Levi, Decio Multiscale Expansion and Integrability Properties of the Lattice Potential KdV Equation
LEVIANT, V.M. A Dynamical Mapping Method in Nonrelativistic Models of Quantum Field Theory
LEYKIN, D.V. Classical Poisson Structure for a Hierarchy of One­Dimensional Particle Systems Separable in Parabolic Coordinates
LEYKIN, Dmitry Hyperelliptic Addition Law
LEYVRAZ, F On a new technique to manufacture isochronous Hamiltonian systems: classical and quantal treatments
LEYVRAZ, Francois Rigorous Results in the Scaling Theory of Irreversible Aggregation Kinetics
LEZNOV, A N Fine Structure of the Discrete Transformation for Multicomponent Integrable Systems
LEZNOV, A N UV Manifold and Integrable Systems in Spaces of Arbitrary Dimension
LEZNOV, A. Geometrical symmetries of the Universal equation
LEZNOV, A.N. Exactly Integrable Systems Connected to Semisimple Algebras of Second Rank A2, B2, C2, G2
LEZNOV, A.N. Discrete Symmetry and Its Use to Find Multi-Soliton Solutions of the Equations of Anisotropic Heisenberg Ferromagnets
LEZNOV, A.N. General Solution of the Universal Equation in n-Dimensional Space
LEZNOV, A.N. Resolving of discrete transformation chains and multisoliton solution of the 3-wave problem
LI, Chun-Xia On a special two-dimensional lattice by Blaszak and Szum: pfaffianization and molecule solutions
LI, Chun-Xia An Integrable Coupled Toda Equation And Its Related Equation Via Hirota's Bilinear Approach
LI, Xiuxian Rota-Baxter operators on pre-Lie algebras
LI, Yi A Hamiltonian Structure and Linear Stability of Solitary Waves of the Green-Naghdi Equations
LI, Yishen Some Water Wave Equations and Integrability
LI, Zhibin A Nonlinear Transformation of the Dispersive Long Wave Equations in (2+1) Dimensions and its Applications
LI, Zhongding A Finite Dimensional Completely Integrable System Associated with the WKI- and Heisenberg Hierarchies
LIAO, Sen-Ben Nonlinear Renormalization Group Flow and Optimization
LIEFVENDAHL, Mattias Bounds for the Threshold Amplitude for Plane Couette Flow
LIIVAPUU, O Geometric approach to BRST-symmetry and ZN-generalization of superconnection
LILLO, S DE A Two-Phase Free Boundary Problem for the Nonlinear Heat Equation
LILLO, S DE On a One-Phase Stefan Problem in Nonlinear Conduction
LILLO, S DE Inhomogeneous Burgers Lattices
LIN, Chien-Chih Exact Solutions of DNLS and Derivative Reaction-Diffuson Systems
LIN, Runliang On the Lax pairs of the continuous and discrete sixth Painlevé equations
Lin, Runliang A new extended q-deformed KP hierarchy
LINDESAY, James Proper-Time Relativistic Dynamics and the Fushchych-Shtelen Transformation
LIPNIACKI, Tomasz Torsional Travelling Waves in DNA
LIU, Hailiang Wave Breaking in a Class of Nonlocal Dispersive Wave Equations
LIU, Q P A supersymmetric second modified KdV equation
Liu, Xiaojun A new extended q-deformed KP hierarchy
LOGINOV, E K On a construction of self-dual gauge fields in seven dimensions
LOPATIN, Alexey K. Symmetry in Nonlinear Mechanics: Averaging and Normalization Procedures, New Problems and Algorithms
Lopez-Ruiz, F F Quantum Integrability of the Dynamics on a Group Manifold
Lopez-Ruiz, F. F. Coupling Nonlinear Sigma-Matter to Yang-Mills Fields: Symmetry Breaking Patterns
LOU, SEN-YUE Eigenvectors of the recursion operator and a symmetry structure for the coupled KdV hierarchy
LOUBET, Enrique Note on the evolution of compactly supported initial data under the Camassa-Holm flow
LOUBET, Enrique About the Explicit Characterization of Hamiltonians of the Camassa-Holm Hierarchy
LU, Baoqun A Method for Obtaining Darboux Transformations
Ludu, Andrei Fiber Bundle Description of Flow and Nonlinear Hydrodynamics on Circles
LUKKASSEN, Dag On Weak Convergence of Locally Periodic Functions
LUNDMARK, Hans A New Class of Integrable Newton Systems
Lundmark, Hans Continuous and Discontinuous Piecewise Linear Solutions of the Linearly Forced Inviscid Burgers Equation
LYYJYNEN, Hannu Viewing the Efficiency of Chaos Control